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Date of Scene: 22 April 2020
Location: Lobby - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Vic arrives at Titans Tower, meets a couple of new members in Kian and Naomi, and reconnects with old friends Gar and Donna (who, as Terry had promised, has some surprising truths to share)
Cast of Characters: Victor Stone, Kian, Naomi McDuffie, Gar Logan, Donna Troy, Terry O'Neil

Victor Stone has posed:
    With a descending electric hiss, a silvery conversion vehicle stops in the traffic circle before Titans tower.  The driver's door pops open and upward, gull-wing style, and the car does its damnedest not to sway as 400 pounds of metal and man climbs out.  Victor Stone leans back in for a second, pulls a navy duffel off of the passenger seat, and slings it over his shoulder as he straightens back up.  His expression of trepidation is hard to miss—at least on one side of his face—as he looks up at the tower that used to be his home.  Still, he steps away from the car, then absently lifts his free hand.  With a double chirp, the door shuts and the locks engage.  That trick must kill at parties.
    He lopes his way up the path to the tower's entrance, taking the short flight of stairs two at a time.  Eager to get inside?  Eager to get this over with?  Just antsy in general and trying to work off his nerves?  Who can say.  Regardless, when he actually makes it to the door he hesitates.  Just walking in feels weird, but what else is he gonna do?  Knock?  He actually raises his free hand, knuckles out, to do so, before shaking his head at himself and just pushing his way through.  "Dad half paid for the damn building anyway," he mutters to himself.

Kian has posed:
    The fact is, English is going to ruin Kían's brain, and he needs to get away from it periodically.  But, there are only a finite number of times one can usefully go outside for a flight; this time instead, he dives down the open elevator shaft.
    Because elevators themselves are creations of demons.  Seriously, who could get into a box that small?  I mean, that's just ridiculous.
    So on the main floor, a small birdman comes zooming out of the empty shaft and—"Kiái!"  Is it possible to slam on the brakes in mid-air?  Apparently—the birdman did exactly that, and stares at the unfamiliar figure.  "Alarm iss not sound," he says in sibilant, musical English.  "Iss belong here?  I am haf seen you… you… nnh.  Am not haf word.  On com-pu-ter.  Iss was here, before?  I am not know hyu…."
    He does not land, and he does not approach… but neither does he leave back up into the open shaft.

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
    Naomi was not really in the lobby to start with.  She was upstairs, lifting regular sized weights while not powered up.  She was testing something.  It'd take a while but she wondered if maybe she could improve herself and thus improve her super form?  Who knows really.  There's no instruction manual.  She then blinks when she gets a little bee-boop on her communicator.  She stands up slowly and looks at the communicator and tilts her head, "Uh… incomplete?"  She stares for a moment and then shrugs.
    A moment later, there's a flash of light and she's in her armor, rolling a shoulder and then flying out of the exit and to the open elevator shaft.  She drops down, letting herself fall and only trying to catch herself at the end.  The flutter and movement of light around her is bright and definitely is not subtle.  She looks up as she lands and then slow blinks.  Her eyes glow bright for a moment and she sucks in a quick breath before nodding.  "Whoa, hey.  Victor Sto… err I mean Cyborg.  Right?"  She grins and steps forward into the lobby.  "I'm Naomi," she states simply enough.  "Welcome… home I guess?"

Gar Logan has posed:
    A few days away from the Tower, right when the place was getting more populated again?  It might not make sense for Garfield Logan, but then again it could.  A lot has been happening over the last two months, and it can be a little overwhelming.  There was a bunch of emotion and difficult moments where some people didn't seem all that interested, some did, and at least one nearly killed them all.
    So, with the population level of Titans Tower increasing, Beast Boy took a long weekend.  A personal flight to parts unknown, word left that he'd be back in a few days, don't worry, no Terry it's not you, etc.
    Today, he is en route back to the place, gliding easily over the water as an eagle.  There is no hurry… yet.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Up in the gym, Donna's training is interrupted by the quiet but persistent beeping of her T-com, showing the low-level alert of someone entering the tower with incomplete ID.  This isn't terribly unusual the last few days, as the Tower is suddenly full of people and the systems have not yet been fully updated to cope.
    She pulls the T-com from her belt, flips open the clamshell and thumbs the controls with a comfortable familiarity, muscles remembering the instincts of three years ago.  The small screen pops up a display of the lobby cameras, and Donna stares blinking.
    Down in the lobby, the PA comes alive with a foriegn-accented voice Victor hasn't heard in three years.  "Vic.  Holy shit, it's you.  I'll be right down."
    Moments later, clad in her old black and silver armor with sword now sheathed and shield slung over her back, Donna Troy—Troia of the Titans—drops down the empty elevator shaft and strides out into the lobby.  "Vic.  It really is you," she says in tones of smoke and honey.  "That's everyone except Hank, I guess."

Victor Stone has posed:
    The appearance of a flying alien creature isn't exactly a first for Vic, but it's been enough years since he has seen anything like it that Kian's appearance completely takes him aback.  He starts, hopping back a step and smooshing his duffel against the door that has barely had time to close behind him.  His free hand comes up, palm out in what would clearly be a peaceable warding gesture if the palm in question didn't contain a gun barrel.  This seems to occur to him almost immediately, and the hand drops to waist level, palm down.
    "Whoa there, buddy.  I'm a friend."  He frowns and takes a deep breath before adding in an undertone, "At least, I think I'm still a friend."  He continues, "I used to live here.  You… did you say you saw me on a computer?"  A crease appears in his brow as he tries to process the being's words.  Naomi's recognition is a welcome bit of backup, even if she does show up armored and crackling with power, so he flicks his chin at her and smiles as she greets him by name.  "Vic, Cyborg, whichever.  Not like a domino mask is going to fool anyone."  He extends his hand to meet hers.  "I guess you're one of those new recruits I heard about?"  He sweeps his eyes to include Kian.  "Both of you, I mean?"
    At about that time Donna makes her own presence known, and when she finally appears in person, his face breaks into a fond grin.  "Damn, it's good to see you again, Donna.  Feels like old times again."  Then his expression cracks slightly, both at his own mixed memories and, of course, the reminder: "Yeah… Hank.  I guess we'll see about Hank."

Kian has posed:
    Kían relaxes a little, but still doesn't land, hovering effortlessly.  "Sy-bor'k," he repeats experimentally, then says, "'Vik' iss easier, yis."  Having come to some sort of a decision, Kían drops lightly to the floor—if he's over five feet tall, it's not by enough to matter.  Besides, it's clear Dóna and Neómi know who this new person is, and they don't look concerned.
    He bows, and his wings spread slightly.  "Kié.  Am Kían.  Am new here, yis."

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
    A smile as she looks to Donna and Naomi nods to her before she looks over at Victor and takes his hand.  She gives it a shake and seems a little bit pleased by this turn of events before she shifts back a bit and tones down the light show.  After a few moments she seems down to nothing but the light coming out of the symbol on her chest.  She then looks to Donna before looking back to Cyborg.
    "Good to meet you, really is.  I was kinda hoping you would show up here."  She then laughs a little and smiles at Kian.  "Kian is cool, he's just new to, well, Earth."  She nods to him and then states, "He's still learning English."  She then slow blinks.  "Hank?"

Gar Logan has posed:
    Sharp eyes pick out something shiny down below.  Being away for a few days and barely checking his phone except to post a few pictures of forests and things from angles only a drone or someone in flight could get—self-timers on cameraphones are great, you know—Gar was not aware of Vic on the way back.  Maybe it was meant to be a surprise?  If so, mission accomplished.
    The eagle soars before gaining speed, beginning to slow as he nears the Tower and the front windows.  "OMG it's Vic!" is all he gets out at first.  Really, he lives here and knows better.  Maybe it's just a bird thing, but there's a moment he forgets the windows are actually windows and not openings to pass through, and the door also closed.
    Those on the inside get a nice look at the green eagle's wingspan as it smacks into the glass and the side of his eagle face presses up against it as well.  Only at the last second did he try to pull up, avoiding going head-first, so after the impact registers, he begins to sliiiiide on down to the ground in an obvious daze.  "Ow…."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna comes to a halt, just staring for a few moments with uncharacteristic uncertainty.  The Titan who hadn't been there for Doomsday had been worrying a lot what her reception would be, but the grin and the words reassure her.
    She crosses the lobby in an eye-blink—not the might-as-well-teleport speed that Wally could never refrain from using, but fast enough to blur—and is standing right in front of him.  She stares up at the tallest Titan, then breaks into a grin.
    The next thing Victor knows, he's being hugged.  "Good to see you too, Vic.  It's been too long."  She pulls away from the hug and looks him over, smirking slightly.  "You look good.  Haven't let yourself go to rust I see.  How are you?  Gods, this is so… Wally came back yesterday.  Cait, Kori, Raven, Nightwing… I don't know how Gar managed this, but he did.  And we have new guys too."
    Donna glances over her shoulder at the other two.  "This is Kian and Naomi.  We also have a Hawkeye and a cat-man called Vorpal.  They are good people."
    She takes another step backwards and shakes her head, slightly disbelieving this is all happening.  "Gar is out of town for a couple of days, he's…" >THUMP< "…back.  Gar!  Stop messing around, Vic's here!"

Victor Stone has posed:
    Vic dips his head to return Kian's bow, made especially conscious of their height difference when the being finally touches down.  "Nice to meet you, Kian," he answers, doing his best with the unfamiliar accent of the vowels.  His best isn't all that great.  "And you, Naomi," he continues.  His eye brightens a bit as he gives her lightshow a quick scan, even as it's dimming.  You don't see those wavelengths every day.  He smiles and inclines his shoulders when she explains that Kian's from… elsewhere.  "Well, he won't be the first alien I've made friends with."
    Moments later, Donna is on him, and he returns her hug with his free arm, unable to hold back a full-on grin.  Speaking of rust, one of his eyes might even be a little watery.  "It has been too long," he agrees.  "Sorry about making everybody wait… shiny or not, maybe I've gone a little bit rusty upstairs."  Then… BONK.  "Gar, watch where you're going!"  He flicks open a little nozzle at his wrist, sprays some inky lubricant onto the window, and sketches out a little bird silhouette with one finger.  Like at the zoo!  "Better?" he asks.

Kian has posed:
    Kían nods at the introduction—never mind the pronunciation, everyone gets his name wrong and he gets everyone's name wrong in return.  It's a fair trade.
    And Gar's arrival earns a heartfelt wince… there's not anyone on his world who hasn't made that mistake at least once in their lives, or at least one very like it.  Trees, usually… yeah, been there, done that.  "Iss Gar to be oh-kay?" he asks mildly.
    Say what you will, Gar does know how to make an entrance….

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
    A blink and a tilt of her head. Naomi leans over to look at the window and then realizes what everyone is saying and she huhs.  "Does… he do that often?" she asks of the group and kinda of the probably not dead bird.  She then shifts a little and smiles.  "Well, glad to see you are back."  She was kinda bummed when she found out he wasn't here.  At all.  She then shifts her feet a slight bit and sucks in a breath before saying, "Well, now that I know things are cool, I should probably get cleaned up and get back to setting up my room.  I was kinda avoiding that in a way just because of the work."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Technically, it wasn't an entrance just yet.  Gar is still on the other side of the window, and building.  "Oof… did someone get the number of that truck?" the eagle asks, whether they can hear it or not, reaching up to rub at its head with a wing before morphing into the more familiar form of Beast Boy, dressed in his casual attire.  He looks up in a daze, peering at the shape in the window before giving a loose thumbs-up.  "…yeah, pretty sure I won't be doing that again," he mutters, getting up shakily enough that he has to use the door for support just to find his legs.  "Gimme a minute."
    Clearing his throat as he finally enters, he scoffs at Donna.  "Yeah, I can see him.  When did he make a clone of himself?  And dude, I must have texted you like five hundred times!  I wasn't sure any of them were getting through 'cause you never answered.  Did you get a new number?  What if they were all going to someone else?"  Either way, after looking over toward Donna, Kian, and Naomi and waving their ways, he moves to offer up a fist bump to where he thinks Vic is, only he's off by a foot or two.  Eyes must not have cleared up just yet.  "Gimme some, bro."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Vic?  I'm the last person you need to say sorry for making everyone wait," Donna says with a rueful grin.  "I was due back two years ago."  Her face falls a little.  "I should never have left.  I'm sorry Vic.  For not being there."
    Donna takes a couple of steps back to give Gar space to greet Vic, which Gar fails to do in his dazed fashion.  She gently picks him up, turns him around, and puts him down in the right spot for succesful fist-bumps.  "How as your trip, Gar?" she asks as she does this, as if nothing unusual were happening.
    Kian gets an amused smile.  "Gar is made of rubber, don't worry about him."  She pauses thoughtfully, realizing that Kian may well not know what rubber is.  "He's bouncy.  Um.  Yes, he'll be fine."
    "Good luck with your room Naomi.  Come look in the main room when you're done, I suspect we'll be having pizzas."

Victor Stone has posed:
    "Ah, he'll be fine," Vic reassures Kian.  "A window isn't anywhere near the most dangerous thing BB has run into headfirst.  Usually he turns into a rhino first, though."  Then he notices just how far Donna has to course correct Gar for his daps, hefts his duffel, and offers with a touch of concern, "I've got some ACE bandages in here if you need them, though."  He glances over at Naomi and adds, "I'm also on literally everyone's speed dial for moving purposes, so if there's a couch or something you need a hand with, say the word."
    Finally addressing the question of the hour, he leans toward Gar and explains, "I'm sorry I didn't answer, BB.  If I'm being real with you, I just wasn't in a great place."  And that thought earns Donna a glance, as well.  "Nobody blames you.  You know that, right?" he says in an undertone, before straightening up, looking around, and continuing, "Hopefully some familiar faces, and some new ones, can get me out of my funk."  Speaking of familiar faces, though… "Hank is—or was, maybe—a friend of ours."  He glances at Donna with a momentary grimace.  "We didn't part ways the way we might have liked to."

Kian has posed:
    Kían doesn't say anything about Gar's, uh, landing—again, been there, done that—but there is a definite smirk.  And really, even just based on the birdman's limited understanding of what goes on around here, that's nowhere near registering on the 'dangerous stuff that happens' list.
    He's learning fast.
    He approaches slowly and stops short, not wanting to interfere in the reunion between old friends, and instead stands near Naomi.  "Hyu is very tall," he says obviously, looking up the foot and a half difference between bird and 'borg.  "Iss from rhy'thar?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    For anyone who is paying attention, a car pulls up to the tower parking lot—Terry's trustworthy and rather battered ride.  As he gets out of the car, he is whistling a familiar tune, something something about the bright side of life.  The redhead is dressed a notch higher than usual—button-up shirt, dress slacks, jacket and even sunglasses—it had been A Day at the Planet, and an important interview for Lois meant that he had to be nearby for anything that might be needed at the last minute… and not dress like he had just spent three months lost in the supply cabinet.
    He checks the door to see if it's open and walks into the lobby, his jacket over his right shoulder.
    Always look on the briiightt side of life
    (off key whistling)
    Always look on the—
    The redhead stops at the entrance and lowers his sunglasses over the bridge of his nose.  "There's a party going on and nobody told me?"

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
    A smile over at the others and Naomi enjoys watching the interactions.  She glances carefully at Gar as he is moved, wondering if he'll stay standing.  Tough or not, that was quite the hit.  She knows what it is like to hit a building at speed.  It's unpleasant, even for her.  She then looks over at Kian with a blink, "Not exactly."  She states, "He's...not completely organic?"  She hmms.  "I don't know a word you would know."  She shrugs a little at him.
    "Lets just go with yes."  She then turns away only to blink at the voice and she turns to look back.  "Oh, hey Terry."  She smiles and then waves.  "I'm gonna go get on my room.  You guys have a good one.  Good to meet you, Vic."  She then brightens up, quite literally, and flies back up to the elevator shaft.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Hmm?  Oh."  After the dap that comes from a slightly different direction than he thought, Gar rubs his eyes a few times and things start to clear up again.  "Why?  Am I bleeding?"  There is none.  "Or are you just trying to make me look like some kind of mummy?"
    A moment of seriousness follows as he hears what Vic has to say, a hand rubbing at one of his ears.  "Dude, you don't have to say anything more.  A lot of us went through stuff, some more than others.  I'm just glad people are back and okay with trying again.  I just had to go clear my head for a few days.  There was too much up in here."
    He blinks, then breaks into impromptu song as a wide grin splits his face.
    "Y'all gon' make me lose my mind
    Up in here, up in here
    Y'all gon' make me go all out
    Up in here, up in here
    Y'all gon' make me act a FOOL
    Up in here, up in here
    Y'all gon' make me lose my cool
    Up in here, up in here"
    "Word up! My man Cy-BORG is back in tha' muhfugg'n hizzzz-OUSE!  So, like, stick around a while, okay?  We got Kian here, and he's from out of this world, Naomi's new and Donna's back and a bunch of other people and…."  Is that someone else in the middle of a song?  "Yo, whassup homey?"  Noticing some of the looks he's been getting after… that… he reassures them, "I'm okay guys, really.  I don't think I knocked anything loose up in here."
    He gets that look in his face again, but this time he spares them the repeat of that particular song.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Not from rhy'thar, Kian," Donna explains helpfully.  "From Detroit."  She hasn't spent as much time around the bird-man as the others—you can't blame her for mistaking rhy'thar for a place.
    "I know nobody blames me Vic," Donna says with a slight grimace.  "But perhaps they should.  I left you guys earlier than I needed to.  That thing about being recalled early for training, honestly I just kind of… I let personal things get in the way.  I went early because it was the easy way out rather than actually facing my problems head on like I ought to have.  And because of that you guys faced Doomsday without me."
    Donna takes notice of Terry's arrival, and tenses slightly.  She takes a deep breath and turns back to Vic.
    Donna rests a hand on Gar's shoulder.  "Maybe we should sit him down somewhere while his brains recover."

Victor Stone has posed:
    "Nice meeting you, too, Naomi," Vic answers with a wave.  To Kian, he smirks and explains, "Oh, I just ate my Wheaties."  The avian is sure to get that reference.  After a moment, Vic frowns and admits, "Okay, actually, Dad would have lost his mind if I went anywhere near processed foods growing up.  Just ignore that."
    Then Beast Boy is doing… whatever… THIS is.  "Ohhhhhh kay, buddy."  He reaches out in a vain effort to contain some of the higher bounces of the impromptu performance, lest Gar hit his head again.  "DMX you are not.  You'd have to inhale a whole smokestack to even sound like him.  Which you should not!" he clarifies, in case Beast Boy is addled enough to wonder.
    Oh, and speaking of wonder… Donna's massive blurt gets a blank, frozen look, then Vic's left eye starts to flicker as it gives him the slow-mo replay.  Then he blinks three times as he processes even the slowed-down version.  "Do what now?" he finally responds.  Maybe it's not just one brain that needs to recover.

Kian has posed:
    Kían stares at Gar, blinks once, and asks in general,  "Iss Gar oh-kay?  Did not un'er's'tan hwat he said.  Iss did hit head too har'd?"
    Donna isn't any clearer.  "An' iss did Dóna hit her head too?  Hwat iss Deet-ro-it?"
    Maybe studying English for a while would be less confusing for once….

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Donna Troy, how dare you.  I had flashcards getting shipped to me."  Terry puts his sunglasses in his pocket and he walks all the way into the lobby.  He stops again as Gar goes into an impromptu performance, and he apparently takes it unfazed.  While the Titans take turns at holding the Confusion Ball, the redhead says, "I'll bring the sodas," he says and then vanishes towards the kitchen.
    When he finally returns, it is witth sodas for everybody EXCEPT KIAN.  Kian gets a nice mango nectar can.
    "Everybody recovered from the shock of revelations?  Refreshments are here."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan flashes Victor a thumbs-up.  "You forget, I could have sounded just like DMX if I wanted to," he's quick to remind.  That is the extent his powers of mimicry can reach.  "Hey, where'd Naomi go?  I missed her."  In the midst of his dazed state and the song he broke into, he just glossed over all of that.  Oops.
    He tells Donna, with her hand helping steady him, "I'm fine now.  I just felt like singing, so I had to sing."  Or rap, but who's keeping score?  Kian gets a quick, "S'up, birb?" but it's Donna he's squinting at for a few extra seconds.
    "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure you just said Troia is your name and not your codename, and your sister is Wonder Woman."  Leave it to him, someone capable of speaking as rapid-fire as she just did, to understand that all without any problems, even in the state he's in.  "Hold up…" he adds, openly staring at her.  "Does that mean you do that truth lasso thing too?  Because if so, I'm always picking 'dare' from now on!"
    Terry gets a blank look for a second, then a can of Soder is accepted, popped open, and guzzled.  The predictable *BRAAAAAAP* isn't long in coming.  "Mmmm, tasty carbs and caffeine…" he Homers, proving what he said earlier by sounding exactly the same.

Donna Troy has posed:
    For a moment, Donna thought she had got away with it.  "It's not funny Terry," she says with a glare.  Then coke comes, and he is forgiven.  Coke is in short supply on Themyscira, and as far as she is concerned it's definitely one area where Man's World has it right.
    Donna nods her head to Vic.  "Yeah.  What Gar said.  The whole Knights of Ilium trained me in their mystic combat arts thing was a story I had to come up with because my mother didn't think it was time to reveal the existence of Themyscira to the world.  I'm sorry Vic.  I hated not being able to tell you.  There is no Knights of Ilium, I'm an Amazon, and Wonder Woman is my sister.  And everyone is invited to come visit the Themysciran embassy some time."
    As she's talking, Donna reaches behind her and unhooks her lasso from her belt.  She pulls a length of it straight between her hands, and it lights up with a brilliant golden glow.  "Diana's lasso is specially enchanted by Hestia herself.  Those who are bound by it cannot ever lie.  Mine is different.  Those who are bound by it are forced to clean their socks.  Come here, Gar!"

Victor Stone has posed:
    "Detroit's the place I grew up, and honestly?  Sometimes it can be hard to tell if Gar's okay," Vic answers, doing his best to keep Kian up to speed.  Aliens, man—always full of questions.  (Fortunately, these are nowhere near as embarrassing as some of the ones Kori managed to come up with back in the day.)  Once Gar manages his epic belch, Cyborg flashes Kian a thumbs-up.  That's enough of an all-good signal to reassure Vic, at least, that Gar is going to be alright.
    Jury's still out on Vic himself.  "Okay, so an actual Amazon, not just a figure of speech like we always knew.  Okay.  But Wonder Woman is your sister?  As in: you and Wonder Woman have the same mom??"  His voice goes from disbelieving to contemplative.  "Okay.  Wonder Woman has a mom.  And her mom is also my friend Donna's mom.  Sorry—Troia.  My friend, whose actual regular normal-ass name is Troia.  Even though Troia sounds like every time you say it, some fantasy trumpets should play.  Troia."  He holds up his hand, and his sonic blaster, tuned way down, emits a little fanfare to demonstrate.

Kian has posed:
    Kían… is Lost, with a capital L.  When he's handed his drink, he follows Terry.  "Am need to hear th'rough your min'd," he says quietly, gesturing towards Gar and Donna and Vic.  "Iss make less sense than nor-mal."
    Without thinking, he opens his can and takes a sip… and then looks at Terry, remembering a little too late.  "Um.  Iss not make me s'leep, this?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry notices the blank look from Gar, and then the belch happens.  The redhead then slowly looks over to Donna, Kian and Cyborg, and he comments, "It should have been a clue, though.  The knights of Illium.  Ilium is the Latin name for the Greek Ilion—Troy.  Sneaky Amazon, hiding in plain sight…."  He looks over at Kian, and reaches out to touch him.
    {Donna is telling Victor the secret she couldn't tell her friends before.  She comes from a magical island of immortal women that has lain secret for thousands of years.  Her sister is Wonder Woman, one of the greatest heroes in the world and nine hundred years old or so, but her mother the Queen didn't want Donna to reveal the secret to the outside world, and so Donna had to come up with a story about her background to her friends.  Now that her sister is known to the world and the world knows about the island, she is telling everybody her secret and making an act of contrition even though it wasn't her fault.  The Queen probably didn't want the truth about the island known to the world because she had an idea what would happen once teenage boys found out about an island of immortal women and flooded the internet with bad fanfiction.
    Also, don't worry, I gave you fruit juice, it won't make you sleep.
}  He lets go of Kian's shoulder and reaches for his soda.  "Nice seeing you again, Victor," he says, obviously making Kian wonder if he is the best person to learn about Earth from.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Hey, it's cool.  We've all got our secrets, like the fact my favorite thing to do when I'm alone is…."  Gar catches himself, shaking a finger.  "Ohhh, no.  You almost had me.  I almost told you it was singing songs from Cats in the shower!"
    Another blank look.
    "Damn it.  Uh, yeah.  Anyway, you're an actual, real Amazon?  I guess I can understand why you had to hide that from the rest of us.  I wouldn't have told anybody."
    He totally would have.  Good call, Troia and Wonder Woman and their Queen Mother.  "I bet the Embassy's got a bunch of cool warrior chick stuff like armor and weapon and everything!"  Vic receives a beaming look from the green teen at the fanfare, then he's off in a shot, scaling Terry from leg to shoulders, gripping his hair with little meerkat hands as he stares aghast at Donna.  "No!  Not the socks!  Don't touch me!"

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna can't help laughing at the fanfare as she coils up her lasso with a wink to Gar, and puts it away.  "Don't worry, it's just a regular lasso.  Well, almost.  Not like Diana's.  It can't compel anyone to tell the truth, or wash their socks, or tidy their rooms."
    "Adopted, but yes.  I am the adopted daughter of Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons, who is the mother of Diana, or Wonder Woman.  Until I came to America and met up with you guys, I spent my life on the island of Themyscira.  I am an actual Amazon.  Troia is the name I was given, Donna Troy is the name I called myself when I came here because… well."  She breaks into a grin.  "Otherwise fanfares."
    "It's completely fine calling me Donna though," she adds.  "You guys were calling me that for years.  It feels real.  Either will do.  I'm just sorry I couldn't have told you all the truth in the first place, but I was under strict orders to reveal nothing of my home.  And yes, the embassy has a bunch of 'cool warriorchick' stuff.  Come along soon and I'll show you.  But no, you may not try on Diana's Eagle Armor."

Victor Stone has posed:
    "Plain sight" is a bit of a stretch, but Vic isn't going to argue.  Instead, he gives Terry a nod and a smile, returning the sentiment of his greeting.  "So, I'll be honest, after Terry talked me through things, I was kind of expecting to come here and see the whole place in shambles, maybe even all haunted-looking and gothy from Raven being in a mood," he admits.  "But it seems like you've really got things ticking over well."  He holds up both hands, having set his bag on the floor a while ago.  "I'd say like a well-oiled machine, but that's a Flash-level offense."  His lips perk up into a wry smile.  "I guess what I'm wondering is, what still needs to be done?  How can I help?"
    Meer-Gar gets an amused look.  "Other than a hybrid roomba slash washing machine slash hunter-killer drone, I mean."
    Donna gets a sympathetic look.  "Hey, if anyone can understand getting bossed around by a parent, it's me," he tells her.  "And if you're gonna keep a secret, that's a pretty badass secret to keep.  If I didn't know you wouldn't mess with me like that, I might think you were making it up.  But also, I've seen you fight.  Wonder Woman's sister sounds about right."  He glances down at himself and concludes, "As for the Eagle Armor… pretty sure it's not gonna fit."

Kian has posed:
    Kían is slowly coming to the conclusion that no one here is the right person to teach him about Earth, but he doesn't seem to have any other reasonable alternatives.  He reaches over to make contact with Terry again.  {I don't think your explanation helped any,} he 'sends, a little plaintively.  MeerGar scaling Terry?  It kinda says something that the birdman considers that normal by now.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Augh!  Watch the hair, ow!  Settle down, Timon!"  Terry winces.  He reaches up to grab Gar and, should he manage to get a hold of him, deposit him on the sofa.  "I've seen your room.  Your socks have claimed a corner and have formed a hostile civilization.  It's clearly in everybody's interest that a war party be sent."
    There's a slight edge to his voice, but he quickly takes a sip of his soda and it's gone.  As Kian touches him, the redhead pauses and then decides to think better.
    {Donna is apologizing because she had to lie to her friends under her mother's orders in order to protect her family's secret.  She is no longer obligated to do so, so she's apologizing to Victor and her old friends for it.}  He resists the urge to tell the bird that Donna's mother is Supreme Empress Carol Channing because he does have a heart.
    Besides, he can save it for later.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan grips some of that hair just a little tighter when Terry starts going on about the contents of his room and the socks, then he leaps off a shoulder to land atop Kian's instead, holding a wing for extra support.  "Lies, all lies!" he claims, then he gives Vic a snort.  "Don't tempt me with Roombas."
    He listens further to the stuff Donna has to say by way of explaining her deep, dastardly deception, then he brightens visibly.  "I'll bet there's other stuff we can try on!  And you don't know it won't fit, Vic!  By the way, Donna, you are an evil person with that."  The little hand gestures at the lasso.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Vic, if you stretch Diana's armor, she'll kill me."  Donna heads to the bar to get herself a refill of Coke, because after three years of no soda* at all, you just can't get enough.
    "I would be slightly surprised if you never tried on my armor already, Gar."  She flashes him a grin.  "If you did, you wouldn't be the only one.  I mean when I first met the guys there was a lot of interest in my gear, it's not exactly typical superhero garb.  No Terry, don't mention Xena again.  Ever.  Really Gar, don't worry.  It's not Diana's lasso, it has no power to force the truth from your lips."
    Donna gives Gar a wink.  "But then I always know when you're bending the truth anyway, hmm?"
    "Honestly Vic, I'm not sure what you can do other than… join in?  Gar pretty much just got things up and going again, but it's up to us to decide what to do.  My suggestion is that we continue the way he has started.  The new guys are going to need training, and will benefit from our experience.  We can be what we were before, and more.  Nightwing is around but I don't get the impression he intends to take up the reigns of leadership again.  Gar kicked things off, but I don't think he wants the pressure.  Raven is the most senior member of the crew, I guess.  But we need to talk these things over."
    A shadow passes over Donna's features.  "Honestly though, your guess isn't far wrong.  Raven had been haunting the place.  She was in a lot more trouble than people thought, I guess.  Whatever happened to her since I left… her father seems to have slipped in a little and caused her some difficulty.  She's better now though."
    *Footnote: Rumors that the Amazons drink Circe Cola are wide of the mark.

Victor Stone has posed:
    "Tempt you?  Gar, if I send a roomba on a search and rescue mission for your socks, trust me, you'll never see it coming."  This is mostly silly, obviously, but who really knows what Cyborg could accomplish with the most domestic of robots, if he really set his mind to it?  Once again, Vic looks down, this time girdling his hips with his hands.  "I don't know how to break it to you, Beastie, but it's not like I can squeeze into things.  There's not a lot of give to most of me."  He raps on one thigh, producing a demonstrative clank.  He looks at Donna, and the red eye flicks off and on.  Hopefully she recognizes a reassuring wink.
    "I… think I can do training," he ventures.  He's usually pretty good with people, and it takes a lot to freak him out, but it's not as though he ever had issues controlling untamed superpowers like some kids had to deal with.  Still, if that's how he can help, he'll help.  He raises his eyebrows when the topic turns to Raven.  "I hope she is okay… when her dad's being difficult, 'better now' seems… pretty rosy.  I'll be sure to check in when I can."  He reaches over to give Meer-Gar a little skritch between the ears.  "But other than that, I don't mind following in this guy's pawprints for a while."

Kian has posed:
    Despite his reputation for being easily startled, Kían barely reacts when he's invaded by MeerGar, other than to look up with an amused grin.  The little rut'yw that inhabited the trees around his home would do that, so he's kinda used to it.  His own fault, really—he usually kept a few treats in his pocket for them, and he automatically reaches for one… not there, of course.
    He does watch a little uncertainly when this huge man reaches over to scritch Gar… but we are all friends here, right?  "T'rainin', yis.  I am need that a lot," he says, although since Gar is perched upon him, it's pretty clear through the mental link that Kían really has no idea what kind of training they really do around here.  He's thinking search and rescue, disaster recovery—what's a supervillain?  Never heard of such a thing.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry's sunglasses come out of his pocket and snap onto his face.  "I'll leave you to discuss the details," he says, his tone casual.  There is a buzz coming from one of jeans and he frowns, extracting his phone just in time to show the last gasps of the shut-down screen to show, before the device goes dark.  He puts it back into the pocket with a slightly annoyed huff and finishes the last of his soda with one quick drink.  "Hate to sip and go but I'm on assignment in two hours," he says.  For a moment he considers throwing the can towards the nearest waste basket, but is pretty sure he'd miss and then he'd have to do the thing where he retrieves it and does a second attempt resulting in even more embarrasment, so instead he bypasses it by taking the can with him under the pretext he'll recycle it later.
    "I'll be out most of the night and probably tomorrow—but if you need anything just call the Planet and leave me a message with anyone who answers.  Unless it's Gary.  Never leave a message with Gary…."  he gives a general wave and walks out with a brisk pace.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan briefly maintains that mental contact with Kian, but he's not actively trying to do anything with it right now and it's a little different while he's in an animal form.  He points out, "The Roomba wasn't for my room, dude.  It was for me to ride around on.  And… I think we can spare the imagery of you trying to squeeze into something at the embassy.  I'd look a lot better in it anyway," he explains, gesturing with a little meerkat hand against his little meerkat chest.
    The scritch up around the ears sees him opening his eyes again following the pose, then he blinkblinks in some form or another before scurrying back to the floor and returning to normal.  "But, uh, yeah.  Raven was going through some of the worst stuff, and a few of us almost died trying to help her get better again."  Hands go up once more, this time both.  "And I kinda had reasons for trying to get people together again, but trust me.  You don't want me leading anyone.  That's not my style."  Which is his way of saying he'd be awful at it.
    Before Terry can leave, he's a recipient of a little elbow nudge from Gar and a light flick at an ear.  "Be careful, you.  And remember, no getting into dangerous situations without backup, even if you are more special now."  He loudly announces, "Anyway, I'll be upstairs, uh, making sure your room is all set, Vic!  It's the least I can do!"  Say nothing of him having gained access to it for some temporary storage purposes.  Say nothing of it at all.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "I guess there's always patrols and fighting evil too, Vic."  Donna gives him a broad grin.  "You wouldn't resist the opportunity to use that cannon again now would you?  I am serious though.  Making sure there is a new generation of Titans, even better than we were?  It's a wonderful ambition.  But let's not forget today.  The Justice League is almost as broken as we were, but we are back and they are not.  Metropolis needs us.  The world needs us."
    Terry's announcement that he's off on assignment gets a sharp look from Donna, and her eyes flicker momentarily towards Gar before she steps forwards, rests a hand quickly on Terry's shoulder and gives him a smile.  "You have a T-Com now yes, Terry?  Then we can contact you that way if you are needed.  The tower will still be here when your assignment is complete, and so will we."
    Another hand snakes out and finds Gar's shoulder.  "Garfield Mark Logan.  You lead us all back to the tower.  Yours is the wisdom of the heart, and perhaps in that way you are the wisest of us all.  We would all do well to follow that wisdom even if you do not lead us in the field.  When I set out for America I expected to seek you all out one at a time, to try to mend friendships long broken.  When I got here, that was unnecessary because somehow you did all this, you brought us all back together.  Maybe it is because we all knew that nobody can resist your puppy-dog eyes when you turn into an actual puppy."
    Donna gives Gar a huge grin.  "I cannot tell you how proud I am of the man you have become, Gar."  She gives both shoulders a squeeze and lets them go.
    "Vic?  Caitlin rebooted the tower systems, but we could probably use your expertise to get everything up and running smoothly again.  Why don't we go visit the main computer room while Gar undoes whatever damage he perpetrated to your room in our absence?"

Victor Stone has posed:
    Effortlessly hefting his bag again, Vic gives the group an uncertain look, then settles his gaze back on Gar.  "Oh, yeah, I did bring some stuff—I guess you noticed.  I thought if my old room was still open, I could set up here and see what I could do to chip in.  Even if it sounds like most things are on track."
    He smiles over at Donna and answers, "Yeah, it's been a while since I saw any action that wasn't a weapons test some S.T.A.R. tech dreamed up.  Be nice to see what I can still do."  He releases a quick breath, then flashes a grin and flexes the joints in his fingers.  "In the meantime, yeah, let's check out those computers.  Substituting for the Justice League, huh?  No pressure, then."
    As they make their way toward the datacenter, he can be heard asking, "How did I never notice that you even talk like an Amazon? I'm all inspired now."