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Violent Police Chase in Metropolis
Date of Scene: 25 February 2020
Location: Midtown - New Troy
Synopsis: Starlabs shipment gets hijacked. Some hero types step in to help. Harley blows it up with a bazooka. Hijinks ensue. Facebook is mentioned. Mister J is mentioned.. Oops?!
Cast of Characters: Achilles, Michael Hannigan, Cole Cassidy, Harley Quinn, Samuel Morgan

Achilles has posed:
    One might say it's just another day in Metropolis. Ever since Superman died, criminals have grown a bit more bold. Maybe not -more- bold, but they stopped hiding in their basements and praying the Man of Steel doesn't X-Ray Vision them down there.
    Today, a shipment on its way to Star Labs was attacked. The truck transporting some unknown material was hijacked by armed assailants who have been leading police on a running chase. The problem is, these assailants have ballistic armor and assault weapons. So they are shrugging off small arms fire and firing back from atop or inside of the back of the transport vehicle they have taken.
    The chase comes on down the Avenue of Tomorrow, forcing bystanders to leap out of the way as the vehicle roars up onto the sidewalk and sideswipes a large business office building. I mean come on, it's afternoon, and there are -some- cars in the street moving too slow for the criminals.
    As of yet, nobody knows their real objective, -or- where they are intending to get to. But they -are- dangerous in the extreme!

Michael Hannigan has posed:
While it may be mid-afternoon, Mike is still in a state he is commonly in. Exhaustion. Most of it likely his fault with the constant traveling between home and various gigs. He was back in Metropolis for yet another meeting regarding the Sea Wolf shoot. He was even shown a bit of the initial schedule. And now he's walking the sidewalk, sipping on a nice cup of coffee.

But reasons for being here aside, it's easy to say that encountering vehicles on the sidewalk are not to be expected. There is a commotion for sure going on the adjacent street and there are sirens. But, come on what ar-

A glimpse of movement causes for Mike to pause stepping around the corner. Allowing for the gust of the passing car to whisp about him. Eyes widening, the musician turns his head to look in the direction of the fleeing vehicle, "The f-?!"

Cole Cassidy has posed:
You know despite all his insistance that he's not a hero, Cackler always seems to find himself in situations like these. Of course, if these guys think that whatever they're ripping off from STAR labs is valuable, then the hyena thinks so too.

While he's normally based out of Gotham, he's been wandering around other cities to find various folks that have been hiding from him. An interesting collection of folks, none the less. He was just finishing dealing with one when the sound of police sirens got his attention. Well he's gotta get in on that.

A bystander nearby with a motorcycle is perfect, as he shoves the guy off of the bike, revs the engine, and takes off after the cops. He's going to need to pass them to get to the truck. And then deal with the guys on the truck...And then he can figure out how to get it away from the cops himself, but that's future Cackler's problem.

Harley Quinn has posed:
This aint really Harley's usual stomping grounds, so it can be forgiven that not a lot of people recognize the Clown Princess immediately. Sliding through the crowd of onlookers, "Excuse me.. Paron me.." Gently trying to urge people from her path with the palm of her hand brushing along the backs of shoulders. "I SAID MOVE MOTHER FUCKERS! Gawd.. It's like ya all wanna get hit by tha' car'er somethin'." Harley Quinn, with her freshly bleached hair worn up in a pair of multi-colored pig-tails, is wearing clothing that is not appropriate for the later winter months.

A pair of black/red checkered shorts that end about midway of her thighs, a pair of knee high leather boots... a crop top of matching color, and a black leather jacket with enough spikes an' chains to nerd rage any 80s punk rocker.

Also an RPG.

Which she slides up onto her shoulder, squinting one heavily made up eye through the aimming rectical at the approaching vehicle, "Dunndunndunnduuunt dunn dunnt... Hey, y'all may wanna get from behind me huh? This thing has a bitch'uf uh blast back..." People scatter, Harley grins over her shoulder. "Oh /now/ yer payin' attention."

"Scuse me." Turning back to the truck, she steps out infront of it with the RPG up on her shoulder, ready to fire.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    There are some things that have come as a surprise in his newfound life. Among those is the realisation that food need not be bland, most of the world doesn't have a strict schedule to keep, and it was perfectly permissible to travel a bit to just... go see stuff. See stuff! For no reason except you want to look at it! Madness...

    This has left Sam in Metropolis, still technically within the area he's supposed to never leave without notification and permission, and tracking him has always been a bit of an impossibility anyway. He's not planning on disappearing... he just wanted to see the Planet Herowood and maybe get himself a comic or two. It's really all he wants to do. Until, that is, a STAR labs truck comes flying down the street. As before in New York, Sam has to make a diving roll to get his German Shepherd out of the way of the vehicle as it plows over the sidewalk. That... that is not cool. A moment later the police bowl past, and now the former assassin can hear the telltale sound of automatic weaponry, and the popping of smaller caliber handguns. Well then...

    He should really not get involved in this...

    With a sigh, the teenager walks up to a car that has escape the fury of the truck, unlocks it and motions for his dog, Bear, to get in. Climbing in himself, he makes sure his faithful furry companion is properly seated and belted in, before belting himself in as well and starting the engine. No keys required...

    Another car joins the chase.

Achilles has posed:
    So, to detail it out. There's the armored Star Labs transport truck. A motorcycle that is.. under new management, a commandeered civilian automobile, and an RPG laden Loli-cosplayer. Oh, and some dude who just got out of the way at the last moment. That about sum it up?
    Well, there -is- one other entry to the who's who of this particular SNAFU. Having heard the reports earlier, Achilles got dressed appropriately, and had himself inserted up ahead of the chase.
    His timing is interesting, as the vehicle roars down on Bazooka Girl... said bazooka fires, and strikes the truck right in the grill.... Of course, the guys on board weren't caught entirely off guard, and several of them leap off even as the driver -attempts- to run down the girl before she can shoot.
    In the end, the truck flies -over- Harley... just barely clearing her bleached hair as it crashes down behind her... but already armored goons are getting to their feet and aiming weapons around. Four of them right at Harley because.. BAZOOKA!
    The sliding truck stops ... and a few other guys pour out of the back. Dizzy of course. But still alive.
    That is when the weirdness goes up a notch. A man in full on ancient greek Bronze armor and shield with spear and sword and all of that period SCA trappings stuff steps around the truck and says, "My. What a surprising method for stopping the truck. I approve." even as he whips the spear to one side, smacking the haft into one shooter to disarm him, and kicking another in the opposite direction right in the manberries, daddybags... dangling jinglebells. Either way, the guy drops to his knees, vomiting inside his helmet right onto the faceplate. Ugly stuff. But there's still several armed assailants about.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
While Michael lives in New York, he has spent a considerable amount of time in Gotham. So- yes. Even this guy who doesn't rally pay much attention knows the one barking orders is from the Gotham area. Just don't ask him her name. There are limits to the recall when things are out of context.

Mike walks to the other side of the intersecting street, giving Harley plenty of room to operate as he works to down finish his coffee before shifting. All while pondering one important thing.

She's not from around here. Where the hell was she storing that thing before all this went down? Is there a place nearby that has lockers that big?

A piece of truck bounces towards Mike, either passing through him or just missing him. It's hard to tell. Giving a sigh, he walks over to a trashcan to toss the cup in.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley aint gettin' run down by now two bit dime store robbers in someone elses stompin' grounds, tha's fer damn sure. The RPG belches out a massive backblast and lets loose the rocket which hits the ground infront of the approaching transport trucks forward armor plating. The ground is all torn up, but with the added speed of the driver trying to run her down, flips the vehicle end over and sends it sailing over to of her.

THe RPG dangles down off her left shoulder, held in her left hand by the firing lever, she glances up with her wild, manic blue eyes and a slow head turn as it flips a few inches above her. Crazy bitch doesn't even duck. She just keeps chewing her bubble gum. Blowing a massive bubble and popping it noisely as the metal crunches on the otherside. It slides from her, towards Achilles.. whom she's looking at now while goons get their shit together.

"Ya look like a stunt double from Troy." POP... ya know what it is. That noisy gum chewing typical of Jersey? Yeah, she's that girl.

With the rocket spent, Harley tosses the weapon aside and holds her hands up in mock surrender to the guns trained on her, "Hey boys!" Grinning like a loon, which she absolutely is, "I don't think ya got a class F license fer drivin' armored cars, do ya? Yea, I didn't think so..."

The Clownette snortle smirk grin chortles.

"Ya don't wanna know where I was storin' that rocket before all this... It's graffic an' we don't wanna ruin the ESRB ratin' for the Playstation tie in game, huh?" POP.

Cole Cassidy has posed:
Well, looks like this chase isn't going on nearly as long as Cackler expected. In fact it stopped so suddenly that he has no choice but to bail on the bike. He kicks it up as he bails off of it, sending the motorcycle flying into one of the armored guys, landing and rolling an coming back up to his feet, "Harley, what the fuck?!" He yells at the Gotham villainess. Why the hell is she even in Metropolis anyway?

The fully armored guy with the spear gets a glance, but honestly it's Metropolis, so there's a 50/50 chance he's a superhero Cackler's never run into or a guy at a cosplay convention, though he's leaning towards the former when he attacks one of the goons from the truck.

The hyena growls deeply, reaching over to grab one of the still dizzy guards from the back of the truck, and haul him through the air, and through the windshield of one of the cars that has stopped in the middle of the street due to the chaos. Hopefully for the owner's sake they bailed out by now.

Samuel Morgan has posed:


    Behind the wheel of his technically commandeered but in the eyes of the owner probably stolen vehicle, Sam watches the distant explosion come closer and tries to deduce what type of weapon was used. Estimating the weight of the truck, he's going to lean towards Russian manufacture, possibly Czech. At any rate, the situation is now a lot less complicated. He swerves around the police tail with little effort, up shifting and hitting the accelerator as he drives past. Let them get a good look at the plate, it's not registered to him anyway.

    "Bear... stay." He looks to his right to emphasize that order with a raised eyebrow, and the Shepherd lays down, putting his paws over his eyes. Assault rifles... he heard assault rifles, and this car isn't remotely bullet resistant. So, really, there's only one thing for it.

    He floors it and aims for the larger group of goons getting out of the back of the truck, swerves past Harley and Achilles, then turns the wheel hard over and shifting to idle while hitting the brakes. The car goes sideways, scattering goons like ninepins.

    With the engine still idling, Sam gets out of the dented side of the car, dusting himself off and approaching the group he just hit, trying to keep the truck between himself and the rest.

    He's not bullet proof either.

Achilles has posed:
    Moving like a well oiled... Spartan? Greek? Soldier? Whatever it is... Achilles turns and points his shield towards two gunmen as they open up on him... bullets spanging off of the Celestial Bronze. "Ironically enough, I was -at- Troy." he says to Harley as he moves in her direction. He points his spear at the shooters, and then it lengthens to double it's normal six foot length... stabbing one in the arm to make him drop his weapon.
    Other shooters are approaching Harley now, since she has her hands up. But when Cackler speaks up, they stop. "Did he just say.. Harley?" says one shooter. And then the other nods his head, and they all start to slowly back away from her. The armored warrior? Not scary. The half heyena? Less scary. SHIELD agents? Meh. Harley Quinn? Bazooka Girl? TERRIFIED. What?
    Their weapons snap up to their shoulders, ignoring everyone else as six shooters aim at Harley. "Ms. Quinn. Run along now please. We do not want any beef with you or the Joker." they say.
    That's when the police cars roar onto the scene, and two of the shooters wheel about to start peppering the cars with automatic weapons fire. But.. when he fires, it's not just the usual weapon. This one looks odd. It has a STAR logo on the side of it, and when it fires, a particle beam lances out, cleaving the police car in half.
    "Oh, I love this toy!" exclaims the shooter who did that. But then he aims it at another car.. a car that just sideswiped three of his friends..... finger squeezing on the trigger.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
The stubbled, mirrored actor's brows lift up as his unspoken question gets answered in an odd way. He bites his tongue a little to stop the reactive mental image that pops up.

Fortunately the image doesn't last long as he instead gets treated to a view of the goons getting hit by a car. Hmm. Looks like he probably won't have to do a thing but just i-.

Oh hey, Something that cuts things in half. Well. Crap.

Ok maybe he'll pop over in a sec.

He strolls into an alley way to change form.

No peeking, Harley.


Oh yeah! THAT'S her name. Funny how recollection works best when you don't need it. Isn't it?

Taps card, waits a round.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh, hey Cacky." Harley grins around her tongue poking through her tongue and waves over to the other Gothamite with her usual mixture of enthusiasm and lunacy, "It's Ha'lee.." Even though he said her name, "Mistah J?" Waving him over while popping her gum in her back teeth. It puts her attention on the oncoming car what is borrowed, not stolen, and watches it swerve around her... barely missing clipping her hip, close enough to blow her jacket out from around her exposed mid-drift.

She's not bothering to duck or dive for cover. Mostly because she's fucking nuts, but also because there's a car between her and them now.

They just /had/ to mention Mistah J..

There goes Harley's good mood. "Oh ya don't want any trouble with Puddin' huh?" Her big ass crazy person grin turns into a murderous person frown. "What's yer feelin's on Bud and Lou?" Who?

Her fingers come up, pinky and thumb in the corners of her mouth, and a sharp whistle echoes through the sound of gunfire off Bronze shield. Followed by the HEHEHEHE sound of a pair of massive, cackling (sorry Cackler) Hyenas bounding out of side street towards the gunman holding a gun on Harley. One leaps at his left arm, the other tries to grab hold of his leg, both of them are jerking their heads violently if they get their teeth in.

Provided he goes down, and maybe even if he don't, Harley grabs one of the pair of pistols holstered beneath her arm, leaps up on the hood of Sam's (or some other persons) car and fires round after round down at him between the savaging hyenas, "I changed my facespace relationship status to SINGLE, YA HEAR ME?!" Shouting down at him, snarling viciously, snapping her teeth.. Until the gun clicks.


She'd totally have peeked.

But reasons.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    First assessment? Organised group, semi-professional, well founded and well equipped. Possibly well trained, although the jury is still out on that one. As one of the goons starts to get to his feet, Sam grabs him by the arm, locks up his weapon, twists, pulls and then kicks the goon away from his own rifle. And as soon as he has checked the chamber and hit the selector switch to semi-auto, the teenager sends two shots after that goon, aimed for the knees. Armor is always weaker at joints, after all. He has just enough time to feel the new weapons power up, and sees the first one cut a car in half. Okay... fancy toys. Might want to snag one of...

    His blood runs cold the instant he sees the second weapon aimed at the car he commandeered.

    The car he told Bear to stay put in.

    There is a WEAPON aimed at BEAR.

    A desperate shutdown pulse originates from the technopath, sending a power down command to all technological sources around him that he can't immediately recognise. At the same time, he starts into a run towards that man, the man who has chosen death by threatening Bear. Shots ring out, rapid and discipline rifle fire as the former HYDRA assassin runs to close the distance. Head, torso. Head, torso. Over and over and over, bullets slamming into the armor, aiming to keep the shooter off-balance, hoping for a lucky shot that penetrates.

    The technopath's eyes are glowing a bright blue, making him look like some kind of Terminator in disguise.

Cole Cassidy has posed:
"Oh shit." After hearing the goon mention Joker, Cackler takes a few steps away from Harley. Besides, there's bigger things to worry about than that guy's death warrant he just signed. Like the goon with the particle weapon, "Holy shit, that's cool as hell."

The guy is about to open fire on another car, the one that plowed through his group of fellow goons. Well Cackler can't really allow that, especially when that guy has a totally awesome laser gun that doesn't even require any kind of special ID or biometric unlock to use. I mean how often do you come across untraceable laser guns that are free to use?

The hyena (the one that normally stands on two legs) drops to all fours, and leaps, crossing the distance between himself and the laser goon in one quick motion, rising back up to his full height next to the guy, "Is that what you guys stole? I can see why you hit that shipment. STAR won't miss one of these.."

He is interrupted when Samuel peppers the guy with gunfire, expertly missing the hyena with each shot despite the close proximity, "Hey!" He yells at Sam, snatching up the phaser or whatever the hell it is from the guy in between shots. He turns it on the guy that he snatched it from, and pulls the trigger, only to find it's been shut down, "Son of a bitch."

Achilles has posed:
    "Sorry! I didn't know! I'm not on facebook!" yells another guy as Harley and her pets savage the one that drew their ire! "Um. Wanna grab a cup of coffee?" asks another, hoping to wheedle his way out of trouble.
    Meanwhile, the fight over the particle weapons is good and rock solid. All of the tech in the area stops functioning. Yeah. No more laser guns. In fact, the power cell that looks like an ammo magazine under the rifle that -did- fire... begins to glow like it's on a runaway overcharge. Ever seen Star Trek?
    Either way, Achilles is marching towards the remaining gunmen himself... but as the police start to mass and aim weapons, the gunmen start to realize there really is no escape here. "Not worth the paycheck." mutters one even as the fire from Morgan makes the laser gun guy's day a -lot- worse.
    Then.. that soft whine from the energy cell on the laser gun is echoed by a dozen or so of the same whines coming from the wrecked truck.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
In the alley, the stroll turns into a brisk run, form shifting and condensing into a purplish black collection of feathers, beak, and talons. Errupting from between the two buildings, the Raven's flight pattern loops him upside down but towards the goon that just asked Harley out. Wing extended in rapid flight, enough force is concentrated to that point of contact to clothesline the guy to the ground.

If Ravens are considered messengers in most cultures, then right now this bird was channeling the US Postal Service around Christmas time.

Eh, better late than never.

The bird's flight arcs once more, adjusting its path to go after the apologetic goon next.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Once the gunman is properly gunned down, Bud and Lou yank themselves free and trot away happily. One of them has an arm, the other a leg, both are eatin' good tonight! Harley is standing on the hood of Sam's discar(ded), with the still smoking pistol hanging down at her side. Blue eyes flick up at the soldier what asked if she wants to go get coffee... Upper lip curling slightly into a sneer, "Seriously?"

The barrel raises in his direction, "Bang."

Cus there's a whole lot of dudes with a whole lot of weapons.

"Welp!" The pistol dangles back down at her side, looking around sharply with her pig-tails swaying around her, "Looks like I dun my good deed fer the day!" She hops down still pop-chewing her gum, figuring that the Cops got enough going on to worry about lil'ol her skipping with her hips dramatically switching from side to side towards an alleyway.

"Come!" Patting her legs. Both Hyenas pad after her, yipping happily around their treats.

"Gotta keep, one jump ahead of tha breadline... One swing, ahead of the sward!" Humming the words she doesn't know, "one jump ahead of the lawman.. That's all, it aint no jooooooke!" In the alley, she grabs her mallot and hoists it up on her shoulder, turning to walk backwards, wiggling her fingers at Cackler. "Seeya in tha funny pages, ya big tall drink'uh yip yip yip."

Cole Cassidy has posed:
Once the weapon starts to hum ominously in his hands, Cackler tilts his head at it, a very animalistic maneuver, and then frowns, "Well that sure as hell doesn't sound good." He takes a moment to look around. It looks like all the goons are down, some more down than others. The gun is starting to heat up in his hands, and from the sounds of it, so are all the ones in the truck, "Well shit, seems like STAR still has some bugs to work out on these." He turns back to the truck and hucks the rifle into the back, "Hot potato!"

Once the gun is safely out of his hands, he makes a break for it, running the opposite direction of Harley, though he spots her finger waggle, giving her a mock salute with a couple of fingers, before he jumps a fence, trying to put at much distance, and cover, between himself and that soon to go nuclear truck as he can.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    You do not point guns at Bear.

    As the goon goes down, Sam looks up at Cackler and shrugs. "Guess the toys have a few kinks after all. Shame. Good to see you again." Yup, he's officially creepy. With everyone down or fleeing and being run down by officers who really aren't being paid enough for this kind of nonsense, he takes stock.

    Bear? Safe.
    Goons? Down.
    Weapons? Secured.
    Allies? safe.
    Explosion? Imminent.


    With a sense of calm that may seem unnerving, Sam casually saunters back to the truck and pulls himself into the back, looking at the glowing power cells. Oh well. His eyes narrow for a moment, there is a nod, and he figures out what he did wrong. Yeah, okay STAR labs, that's a clever design, but it has a serious flaw.

    He turns the weapons back /on/, the glow begins to fade, the hum dies down.

    And then all he has to do is explain his presence to police. At least this time he remembered to bring his SHIELD badge, which will make this, hopefully, a lot less painful than the episode in New York.