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Beating Down the Bar
Date of Scene: 27 September 2022
Location: Noonan's Sleazy Bar
Synopsis: A group of off duty SHIELD Agents, an Avenger, and an Asgardian walk into a bar..
Cast of Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Detective Chimp, Sera, Jessica Drew, Yelena Belova, Karen Starr

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
There are events where groups of bored, or off-duty SHIELD Agents will congregate. A group of off-duty agents is, like a flock of crows, referred to as a murder. Or if a group of ravens, then as an Unkind. So there are, in this run down, seedy Gotham bar a group of agents are spread out over. They may or may not stand out. But a group of terrifying individuals in Gotham probably doesn't stand out to any real degree. Natasha is sitting over in a corner, a drink in her hand,s urveying hte place.

Detective Chimp has posed:
Detective Chimp walked into the seedy bar, and does not get much of a second look. Chimp lives in Gotham, and there is probably not many bars in the city that he not drank most of the regulars under the table on one occasion or another. Tonight seeing a few folks he knows he nods to Natasha and heads to order his beer.

Sera has posed:
It's been a while since Sera has had much contact with SHIELD. When she arrived on Earth they were there to greet her and when New York almost swallowed itself in magic energy she was part of the group that then became the Infinity Watch. There's a small entry in SHIELD databases about the group. Not much is known even for WAND. She was there working side by side with SHIELD when Loki built a snow castle in the middle of New York City too. There were many excellent Frozen jokes.

These aren't the faces of SHIELD she knows and it's purely coincidence that she happens to be in this bar tonight. Wearing a long white gown, her black hair hanging down behind her freely. Besides her Asguardian like physique, clearly capable of throwing down, she otherwise blends in with humanity fairly well. Unless the magic is needed.

A tumbler of whisky on the rocks graces her lips and her eyes roam over the room. She's here to get away from things. Someone accused her of only focusing on New York. What better way to explore more of American than through dingy bars and alcohol. It's not like she and Angela did much different hopping from world to world when they were (much much) younger.

Jessica Drew has posed:
Possibly the most terrifying thing about Jessica is the pending hangover she will have tomorrow. The black-haired agent has three shot glasses turned upside down in front of her and is rising out of her chair in search of a fourth when Chimp walks in.

"Your first drink is on me, Detective," she calls out, none the worse for the wear. It takes a whole lot of medicine to make Jessica think that she is somebody else.

Yelena Belova has posed:
Yelena may or may not be on a personal mission; her outfit of mismatched patterns and prints that all seem to work together somehow, someway isn't really an indication one way or the other. A be-ringed, and leather braceleted hand also holds a glass, but there is very little left within. Blonde hair is back and off her face, settled into a working french-braid. She's leaning forward, forearms on the table that she is sharing with Natasha, the glass cradled between two hands.

"What a shit-hole," is observed softly, complete with a soft whistle. The heavy Russian accent is actually a lilt in terms of her words, "Is this where you pick up boyfriends now, Natasha? I am ashamed, and disappointed."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff goes to raise her glass over to Yelena and then speaks back in Russian to her protege, "No, I just like here as it offers somewhere to hide the bodies, no questions asked. Normally youhave to pay for that kind of service." She would go to take a sip of her own drink, some sort of warped smelling concoction that for whatever reason she favored, even with a sting to it like battery acid.

"I hope that things find all of you well." She would speak to the others present, moving in and out, familiar or not. She goes to casually hold up a hand to get a refill of her drink.

Detective Chimp has posed:
Detective Chimp nods, over to Jessica, and gets a boilermaker. He finds a seat at the bar, near enough to where Jessica was sitting to chat, and looks over to Natasha. "Doing ok." He looks about again and adds "Even odds, he is watching." He says of someone.

Sera has posed:
Yes. It's definitely a shit-hole, but Sera pipes up in its defence. "It can't be all bad. This place has a talking monkey.." she motions to Detective Chimp with her tumbler of whisky. She turns to some random guy near her and asks more softly, "Can all monkeys talk or is that a special thing?" He laughs at the question, then looks a little unsure and moves off to another corner of the bar.

Jessica Drew has posed:
The statuesque agent unfolds from her chair and walks slowly over to the bar. There is nothing on-duty about Jess's black jeans, ripped at the knee, or the silk-tee, also black under an oversized-tweed jacket.

She catches Yelena's comment and snorts under her breath, "Natasha, can smell a dive at a hundred paces. I'm not too proud to say I followed her here. And, believe me, you wouldn't take a man home from with you unless you were feeling sorry for yourself."

As she passes the woman in white, "Another escapee, I'm thinking." In a low voice, "Did I ever see you in New York?" Jess had been to the Asgardian Embassy on two occasions in the last year.

Yelena Belova has posed:
Yelena wrinkles her nose and looks around the bar once more, surveying those within, espying some familiar faces. Those, blue eyes linger there just a little longer before moving on. "Is that what that smell is?" She shakes her head somewhat theatrically, her body moving as if she just got a chill, and goes back to attending her drink. One lift and it's gone.

"I never pay for that service." It's a flat statement that may incorporate a great deal of meaning.

Stretching out, which includes picking up booted feet and setting them on an empty chair, Yelena shrugs lightly, though blue eyes go back to the walking, obviously talking chimp. Brows rise, and she continues in a stage whisper, "Monkeys talk? That is so cool."

Jessica's quip regarding potential one-night stands, or.. somesuch, gains a snorted laugh from the blonde. "I do not hate myself that much." There's a pause before, "Leave it to Natasha to find best places for dirty men and disgusting smells."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would smile at Jessica, "Thank you, it's nice to have my talents appreciated. Iw as considering one near the Narrows but they need their bars intact there for a reason, and I couldn't stand to take it away from them." She would go to take another sip over.

"So what brings you here?" She would give a distracted wave over at Sera, that she recognized in passing from a biography file somewhere, but little else. "And it has alcohol." THe bar. Wha telse was really needed.

Natasha would smirk over at that last bit from Yelena. "Why, are we sounding almost al ittle jealous here?"

Karen Starr has posed:
    There is, as it were, the noise of crime. After all, this is Gotham- there is, always, the noise of crime. Screeching tires, in combination with the sound of sirens, come flying down the road just outside of the bar, and then there is an alarming- to normal people, likely not anyone who would be in the bar this time- clatter of a crash.

    A few moments later, through the door of the bar, the scene of an arrest visible behind her, comes striding the blonde form of Power Girl, the actual last person you'd expect to see in Gotham city. Rolling her shoulder slightly, and plucking a bit of the grill of a car from the rim of her boot, Karen wanders her way over to what she surmises is some form of party consisting of... One person that she's met, and a bunch that she hasn't.

    Were it not for Kal telling her to be more social, she probably would've departed, but seeing as she's trying to be a better face for that whole truth, justice, and yadda yadda, she stays. The League has social activities, after all. Bowling night is supposed to be a real gas.

    "Heard a familiar voice, while I was..." Looking to the door for a moment, she looks back at the group. "Handling a thing. Mind if I join in?"

Detective Chimp has posed:
Detective Chimp looks over and says "Chimp, not Monkey, would be like me calling you an Olympian." He tells Sera, for her comment on mislabeling of his species. He seems to know what she is, be it, seen her before, files or recognizing subtle signs, he is the worlds best detective, even if the other Gotham guy claims the title on occasion. "Well if you were looking for a bar in Gotham, that could use a reason to remodel, I can name a few." He nods to Karen while he may not know her personally, they are part of sibling leagues.

Sera has posed:
Sera squints her eyes a moment at Jessica and tilts her head. There's something vaguely familiar about her. "Oh. Hi. I remember you. Two years ago - you were at the Asgardian Embassy." She smiles a moment and lifts up her whisky. "Skol!" She sips more of the whisky.

A snap of her fingers and she points to Jessica. "Jessica. That is your name. You may have forgotten mine. I'm Sera," she states. "I was playing the lute. Very well. Thor cried." It's true, he did. He might deny it now but there were witnesses.

She smiles to Natasha and motions to the whisky in hand. "Escaping, as Jessica says. Also alcohol. And seeing more of the world." Yep. Definitely not from this Earth when she speaks like that. "Is this some night out on the town? or a tavern crawl? Perhaps we might need mead."

She double takes to the Chimp and nods her head. "Ah. Taxonomies are confusing on this world. Did you know people just.. made them up? however they liked? then they wrote it down in fancy words and expect everyone to go along with them. I'm not sure they'd allow me in the Olympics to be honest though."

Jessica Drew has posed:
"Curiosity," she replies wryly with a small smirk twisting her smile, not sure whether the question was directed at her. "And a misplaced desire to see what kind of trouble, this one," she nods at Natasha, "can get into. Lots of places have alcohol," she says looking at her sideways with a look of misgiving.

At the bar, the bartender has a shot of tequila waiting for her. She points to the Detective then to herself, "First ones on me."

Knowing Nat's propensity for trouble, the agent lays a bill to cover everything on the bar.

She raises her glass to Sera, halfway to the table and takes a neighborly sip. Once again settled into her seat, her vivid green eyes slide to look at the Chimp, "What kind of trouble have you been getting into lately?"

Yelena Belova has posed:
With the glass thus emptied, Yelena turns it upside down on the table with a *thump* before looking back at the bar consideringly. To get up and walk over, or to remain seated, momentarily comfortable. It is a Russian's life, however, never to be comfortable, so with a long, exaggerated sigh, she pulls booted feet from the seat and sets them back to the floor. For a single, she allows a disgusted expression to grace her face as she picks up one of her feet and sets it down carefully just an inch away from where it had been.

"Jealous? Pfff. Hardly."

And the chimp speaks.. again! Yelena is intrigued, or at least she appears to be. "That is //so cool//," is whispered again as she rises to pick up that drink at the bar.

Approaching that second group that has made the bar their brief 'home', Yelena smiles briefly, nodding to them all. Taking notice of Jessica's bill, brows rise in askance. They've worked together before, and that look absolutely had a message behind it, 'Expecting trouble?'. She twists around to look at her Sestra, head tilting briefly before the smile turns into a grin. //They're betting on her.//

"I like making up names. Did you know that brain is the only thing that named itself?" How's that for a headscratcher?

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Sera is acknowledged over as Natasha leans back, accepting her reply. "Fair enough. I suppose we're all out ehre as we're bored and looking for something to do." She would laugh over at Sera's query. "And yes. Making things up is very much the way English works. It takes from otehr languages, skewers and appropriate. It's not quite the best one for understanding." She would click her tongue over at Jessica, smiling, "Yes, it's good to have a talent." Wait, is Natasha actually relaxing here and being laid back? That was very much a dangerous sign. "And greetings." She would wave to her fellow Avenger. "Care to join us?" She would chuckle at Yelena. "And yes, go ahead and do that."

Detective Chimp has posed:
Detective Chimp shrugs a bit "Demons, Aliens, Cheating husbands, you know the normal." He says of what he has been up to. He takes his drink and downs it looking over to Jess "Thanks," is giving for the drink and to Yelena. "I am not sure, if that is true, I think maybe the Orange too, cause all things that can see color, call it orange or their word for it."

Jessica Drew has posed:
"Sera, well met! And, if you are looking for trouble you may have found it here. Here's to cheating hearts and taxonomies everywhere!" The last said with a grin to the Chimp.

The half-finished glass is knocked back, followed by a scowl and a muttered, "Why didn't I just buy the bottle?"

"I think I'm ready to drink to talent and spend a good portion of my paycheck." Jess stands up, yet again, wavering ever so slightly on her web but ready for more. She wanders back to the bar, nodding pleasantly to Karen as she passes her.

"I'd like a bottle of the silver, please. This way I don't have to get up between shots." The bartender eyes her and her companions, shrugs and puts a bottle on the bar, naming its price. "A couple more glasses, please." Jess pays, picks it up and threads her way back to her roost.

Karen Starr has posed:
    It only takes a step or two for Karen to make her way to the fringes of the bar, and calmly take a seat for herself. "Don't mind if I do, then." she states to Natasha, before looking towards the tender and calling them over.

    "I'll just have whatever's on tap and a shot of whiskey." she orders, before looking at the others present besides Natasha. "I'm afraid I haven't met most of you, so I guess introductions are in order. I go by Power Girl." she begins, making it somewhat clear- her identity is still somewhat of an unknown outside of that moniker.

    The beer arrives, and Karen plucks up the shot just after it's poured, dropping it into the stein and knocking it back with no hesitation.

Yelena Belova has posed:
//So cool.// No one back home would believe she's talking to a monkey!

Yelena looks at the monkey.. no, chimp, and laughs, "And in English, there is no rhyme. Even 'brain' rhymes with something." She clicks her tongue and continues, "So stuck up."

Setting her attention to the bar, Yelena waits for and eventually receives her drink. There's a moment when she sideeyes the bartender, sniffs the glass and looks back at the bartender before she turns fully back to the countertop and turns the still filled glass upside down onto the bartop. The liquid puddles from underneath the glass, leaving the liquid to pool upon the never-truly clean bartop. "Another one, without additives, please."

Sera has posed:
"The brain is the only thing to name itself..." she peers at Yelena for a moment and then grins happily. "That is delightfully insightful," she lifts up her whisky in cheers to her. "But Chimp. Not Monkey. I will remember this I assure you the mistake shall not be made again."

"What is it you do that puts you in the path of Demons, Aliens, Cheating Husbands as part of the normal?," she wonders aloud. She knows how that ends up being her life. Hanging around Asgardians. Having Angela in her life. Doing bounty hunting work with Harley Quinn. It's a weird mix and it's rather fun. This Earth part of her life (well, technically second time she's lived on Earth) is nothing but excitement with far less danger than when she used to bounty hunt with Angela.

"I'm spending bokbok money. Harls and I did a job at a chicken best of show and earned some nice coin in the process. It was always a cake walk, except some crazy person called Mad Hatter tried to use the moment to get Harley back in to a life of crime. It was a whole thing..."

"Well met Power Girl. I'm Sera of Heven," she says with a small nod of her head. Her then adds a wink to Jessica about 'trouble'. "I would give you all a round of drinks on me but the last time I did that the bartender got very upset. Rightly so, how else are they to make money than to sell the drinks."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would gesture over at Power Girl, "Of course, add her to our tab." Natasha would lean back over at Jessica. "Oh, we're going to be adding a lot more than a bottle tonight. Add it to Stark's tab. This is a business expense." Avengers and SHIELD Agents going out and socializing. Why not?
    Going to finish her own drink right as another one is brought her way, Natasha doesn't bother to correct Yelena that Chimp is not, in fact, a monkey. The girl can find out for herself.
    Sera is given a glance over as she would attempt to read the body language of the other woman for a moment. "Heven?" That was something she was going to have to ask Thor about sometime. Whenever everything with the schisms in the Nine Worlds (or was it ten) would end.

Detective Chimp has posed:
Detective Chimp looks over and says "Detective Chimp, I investigate things, from the little cases that pay the bills, to things more of an occult side of things. I consult for a couple organizations as their go to when things don't make sense in the normal way things should. " His brow raises a bit and he sniffs at Yelena's drink, to see if he picks up anything odd about it.

Jessica Drew has posed:
'Bokbok money' earns a shake of Jess's head and a lifted glass directed at Sera. "It sounds like it was more than chicken feed, too," said straight faced with an air of elaborate innocence.

Leaning back in her chair, she points to the bartender, "Hear that? Our fun is on the Stark Foundation!"

"Well, you came to the right place. Cause we are -all- odd." she declares, her glance landing on Power Girl. "Here's to us!"

Sera has posed:
Sera dips her head to Natasha at her question. "Heven. The 10th and apparently long forgotten realm. There's no real way to get to it anymore because of Odin fearful of... you know what never mind that, it's a lot of long old history and not relevant anymore. I hope. The point is, we were the ones Odin called upon to hunt down Asgardians who broke the rules."

She smirks a moment. She likes reminding Thor of that bit. And in the eyes of Odin she is accepted as Agardian for her service to Asgard. That and he likely prefers to have the few angels outside of Heven on his side. It's simply nice to belong somewhere too. Earth. Asgard. She's a one of a kind out here but back home? well, she never wants to go back there. Even if there are prophecies.

Yelena Belova has posed:
The bartender tries to not look flustered as he takes the down-turned glass and runs a dirty bar-rag across the top, cleaning up the puddle. Yelena watches the man closely, blue eyes narrowing, following every move that he makes. As he begins to move back and away, the blonde Widow looks around to see if anyone has noticed.

Nope. Except for.. ooooh. Very cool.

Yelena is on the move, then, walking slowly past various and sundry in a slow, casual saunter to end up behind the bar. Complaint rises from those employees that are already there, but she doesn't appear to be too terribly concerned. There is a distinct look of pain that comes across one man's face as she grinds her heel into his foot. Nothing obvious, but most certainly making a point.

"I would like vodka please. You are cutting into your tip."

As the others begin to put their (re)orders in, Yelena is there, looking around for the requested booze. Each time one of the bartenders comes close, there is a sharp elbow in the ribs, or a subtle, understated shot to the knee, forcing the victim to crumple to the floor.

"It is on Stark's tab? Pfft." With that, Yelena takes the bottle of vodka, pulls the stopper and sniffs it before nodding. "Right. This is good.. put this on his tab." Lifting it in the air to make a show, she finds a clean glass to fill for herself.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Ten realms? That's interesting. Something that Jane will most assuredly want to know. But Jane already knows no doubt. The affairs of WAND are something that Natasha tends not to interfere in unless she's being briefed on an assignment. Magic is a dangerous thing, and those whom operate within it's jurisdiction are even moreso, even by the standards of teh senior agent.
    "So, what brings you down to Midgard then for the duration? Are you a member of the Asgardian Embassy?" Angela was a subcontractor for SHIELD, so perhpas the other woman was as well on occasion?
    At Jessica's toast, Natash would go to raise up her own drink as well, grinning. "To oddness." Watching at Yelena darting along she would smile.
    "Yes, Stark's not going to notice a few hundred thousand dollars on his expense account. It's just a rounding error. So we should have no issues." It's Avengers business - going out drinking with allies in the field.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen continues at her boilermaker until it's finished, dropping the stein to the counter and letting out a soft sigh. "Alright then." she states, sliding the stein to the back of the counter with this soft, but accurate, flick of her fingers. "If it's on Tony's tab, then get me another, suddenly blonde bartender."

    She tips her head to Yelena for a moment, before looking over to Sera. "Good to meet you, Sera, of Heven." She offers this small chuckle. "Never heard of that one before, so that checks out. I'm just not sure how you /forget/ a realm under the Asgardian banner. I could see forbidding one to talk about it, but how do you /forget/ one?"

Detective Chimp has posed:
Detective Chimp 's brow raises a bit to Yelena's action but he sips his beer, and will motion towards a bottle of Bourbon, and a bottle of Scotch "Mind handing me those?" He does wonder something and says over to Sera "I would like to chat with you sometime when your not busy and it would not bore the pants off others."

Sera has posed:
Sera knocks back the rest of the whisky and places the tumbler on the bar top. She doesn't quite have the aggressive flair of an Asgardian but she certainly is built well. She folds her arms and grins a moment at Karen's question, "Oh history lesson it is then. Most of this happened well before I was born."

"But King Odin faced an alliance of worlds against him for his brutish militaristic conquests. They didn't hold much of a candle to the Asgardian forces but there were diplomatic slipups and the Angels of Heven decided to side against Odin. Fearing all would be lost as our combined armies marched on Asgard he cut Heven's branch from Yggdrasil. Many thousands of years past and we all but faded from Asgardian memory. Barely even a myth..."

Then to Natasha she responds, "I live here. Tis my newest and most wonderful of homes in a brownstone of Brooklyn. I assure you it beats being dead." She nods encouragingly to anyone who might consider death as a good option. "I am a part of the Asgardian embassy yes. Sometimes I am called upon to help them with issues as I am skilled in the mystical arts and my magic is unlike what most are used to."

Magic is a dirty word and several of the patrons of the bar decide to move farther away from this discussion just in case there's soon to be magic involved. "Thor is a very good friend and he has told me sometimes of the Avengers..." she nods to Natasha recognising her finally. "But mostly we talk about other worlds and philosophy while drinking."

Jessica Drew has posed:
Jess tenses momentarily, watching Yelena grind the bartender back into his place with a pleased narrowing of her eyes. She holds up her bottle with one hand and gives her a thumb's up with the other. The new bottle hadn't had the seal broken on it.

Her gaze swings back to the Sera of the Tenth Realm, "They really don't talk about it at all, do they?"

Sera has posed:
Sera shakes her head to Jessica. "No. Odin made it very clear I am not to talk about it while in Asgard. Others have forgotten but he has not. It is a sore topic for him.. and as I am under his banner I am happy to make him feel comfortable with my presence."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
This fascinates Natasha as she listens. Forgetting a world entire? That's a terrifying prospect. And one that she didn't know could happen. In a world that has seen the face of almost everything.. She would keep a frown on her face and tap on her cheek. Definitely the things of nightmares. If Odin could do it once..

Then could he again? Oh yes she would have to have words with Thor on this at some point and put up a priority tag to request an update of Odin's threat profile. "I'm glad that you've made it here over to Midgard and found yourself a proper place here. Brookyn is among the nicer boroughs of the city. Do you primarily stay within it or travel?"

Yelena Belova has posed:
Yelena offers up an extra bottle, complete with seal, and sets it in front of Jessica. "It is on house," is grinned, and taking up her bottle of vodka, she begins to make her way out from around the bar. Not before setting everyone up with their next round, however.

So, with vodka in hand, Yelena uses it to salute and wave to all.

"Is time to go. Things to do, people to see." Why does that sound just a touch ominous, even with the seemingly light lilt to her heavily accented words? She holds her free hand up and points at those remaining behind the bar. "They will be happy to make sure your drinks continue to be of best quality."

And, she's gone.

Sera has posed:
Sera nods to the detective, "Well that'd be an utter delight. I'm a bounty hunter. You're a detective. Together we could ... probably earn some easy money." She nods her head encouragingly.

"It was not an easy journey to Earth and I've made far too many enemies on the way. Then again, few of them would be foolish enough to attack me with Angela also living here. She is a force unto herself. I have been slowly expanding my circle of travel. Behold, for I am here in Gotham the rainiest of East Coast cities."

She wraps her knuckles to the bar top and says, "Barkeep. Another of your fine Glenfiddich if you will," she places down some notes on the counter top for him and he pours her another. "Ta ta named brain," she bids to Yelena.

Jessica Drew has posed:
What the world will soon see despite her mutant ability to withstand toxins is a very drunk spider. With a pleased grin, Jess lines up the second bottle with the first. "So much for brains. It's tequila for me tonight. I'm not mixing tonight."

Jess pours herself another and considers Sera a moment, "He sounds like a tyrant."

Motioning with her glass to Chimp and Sera, "You all would make a good team." She adds with a lift of one shoulder, "Not that anyone asked my opinion. Earth smarts and Asgardian magic."

A phone chimes and Jess fishes it from her pocket. "Unbelievable," she comments aloud, her English accent sharp. "I'm going to have to sober up." She stands up, more or less steadily.
"Behave yourselves. Anyone want some tequila? It is all yours." This last said as she heads for the door.