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Negas and Monets
Date of Scene: 28 September 2022
Location: Back Yard
Synopsis: M and Ellie talk. And might actually sort of tolerate one another.
Cast of Characters: Monet St. Croix, Negasonic

Monet St. Croix has posed:
It's a quiet evening over on the back porch. Where purportedly many of the studetns go to smoke to avoid the wrath of Storm hitting them with lightning bolts, if she did such things, for putting her plants at risk.
    Monet is floating along, hovering a few inches in midair while she would be looking over at a thick book in front of her that would be held up with a hand and flipping the pages. It's title faded and in Arabic, though hte pictures on it recognizablek, if fanciful.
    A hundred and one Arabian nights.

Negasonic has posed:
    I mean. It probably wouldn't be a death level lightning bolt right. Just a love tap which would screw up your phone and give you static floof hair. That is both plant safe and not even a taser level of danger. Why risk it though.

    Ellie lets herself out, not to smoke but mostly to get away from the younger crew of students crowding the halls and rec room. She really prefers it when a majority are home in the summer or holiday breaks. It feels so crowded.

    She smirks spotting M and meanders over. "Show off." she sasses.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would glance over at Negasonic, moving to let out a sigh, "Ms. Phimister, I hope that you are well." Depending how comfortable Ellie was or not, calling her by her full last name may or may not be met with a 'not so loud' threat from the hypercharged kinetic explosive girl.
    The book is folded and then shut over and held underneath an arm. "And you are aware that I am in hearing distance, correct?"

Negasonic has posed:
    Her eyes narrow, she knows better than to blast M on the porch though, it would just damage the porch long before hurting M after all.

    "Fucks sake, Ellie if you must, Nega or Negasonic please. I don't need any of the freshmeat thinking they can call me that around here M."

    She cocks her head and nods. "I said it right at you intending you to hear, you are completely showing off."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would consider for a moment. "Then give me a reason to not consider your commentary intended as a showcase of disrespect towards my person without remediation?" Yes, M was threatening her back.
    She is, however, not openly threatening to call her by that. "And I do -not- show off. I merely -am-."

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie actually looks amused. "We've known each other how long M, I am disrespectful to literally everyone by reflex." she eye rolls.

    She blows off the implied threat there and wanders over and plops down into a chair pulling out her phone. "What has you so tense tonight?"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would just smile, "Very well. So should I call you by your first name then? I would presume.. Elsabeth then?" She does, however, drop it in acknowledgement that the other girl does have a point.
    "And merely doing some light reading. Thank you for your concern."

Negasonic has posed:
    "Actually far as I know it is Ellie." she notes and flicks through some screens checking her twitter feed and not pressing it when M moves on to answering her question.

    She tilts her head studying something then fires off a scathing rebuke of some edge lord. Then she moves on to roasting noobkiller76 a bit.

    "What book?"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would glance down at the book in arabic. Old, wtih faded pictures on the cover that would be at least on some level recognizable. "Merely a collection of old stories that I think I had some level of fondness for when I was a child. I was seeing if it still existed."
    By the blank expression on her face, said fondness did not.

Negasonic has posed:
    Sure Ellie would see the blank expression if she was looking up, she is not. She is roasting a gamergater right now on the internet. Her fingers flying as she multitasks to hear the answer.

    "Huh. Didn't strike me as very sentimental M. Did any fondess exist still?" because no she hasn't looked up from her phone yet. "I never had books as a kid that I remember at least. They bonded me when I was six.. I don't really remember my family..."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would nod over at Negasonic for a moment. Considering. THere is a rare moment of sympathy from her. And even rarer.. "I had my parents." But with the flatness of her reply in normal M-Voice they might as well be non-existant as far as she was concerned.

Negasonic has posed:
    If anything the fact she was bonded at six probably explains why she is always so antagonistic and socially maladjusted. Acidic.

    She mmmms at the response about having parents. "Not sure I can picture your parents to be honest. Probably very rich and priviledged." she may be off base and about to start another fight but who knows. "Any siblings?"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would nod at Ellie, "They are." As is she. "I have two younger sisters. Nicole and Claudette." They are the world to her. And the first people that Ellie's likely heard M talk about with -any- sort of actual emotion in her voice that's not casual belittling or mockage.

Negasonic has posed:
    Okay the lack of belittling or mockage actually makes her glance up at her phone and at M with one arched notched eyebrow. She then looks back to her phone. "I wish I knew if I had any family out there on Genosha... I mean I doubt my parents had another kid after I had the x-gene... and I couldn't find records on who my parents even were or what they did to them." she considers.

    "Meh.. siblings would probably be annoying." blowing that whole thought off.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
A slight moment of actual emotion or perhpas even a faint understanding between hte two would be there, dangling preciously.. Then almost instantly fade away back to total normalcy. "Perhaps. Do you particularly care that much?"
    Yup, M gonna M

Negasonic has posed:
    The moment did pass yes.

    She doesn't look up from her phone. "I care about stuff that actually will impact my life M." she keeps tapping on her phone as she talks. "Not sure the point of wasting my time on daydreams or wishes about lives that didn't happen."

    She waves a hand at the house behind her still not looking up. "None of us get happy endings around here. Not really with the world against us."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would lightly nod her head over towards Negasonic a moment later. "Very well. Then if you are so assurant that no matter what direction we go we will fail and that what we pursue shall meet an inevitable demise.. What drives you then to remain here?"

Negasonic has posed:
    "I didn't say we would fail Chuck's dream or mutant kind. Just that none of us today will likely see any happy endings. It also doesn't really pay to be day dreaming of fantasies. Reality is trying to kill us all the time right. Why not focus on making sure that doesn't get us....."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would shrug, a low nod of agreement and conceding the point. By the light changes in her body language, if Ellie was paying attention there would be the admission that yes, M had admitted that she was right.

Negasonic has posed:
    She was looking up from the phone for her gesture towards the house and yeah she got it. Caught it that is. She narrows her eyes a smidge not having expected anyone around here to agree.

    Though if anyone would it would be M. Also probably Logan.

    She looks back down. "So we fight for the future. Hopefully not that sentinel filled one."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would nod with a soft frown, "Yes. Or any of the other potential ones." She had only met those like Hope in passing. But from the things hse had merely -felt- or -imagined-.. Those things that would give ehr nightmares while she slept.
    Unrelated to her brother.
    "With everything that entails."

Negasonic has posed:
    "Oh gods... I only know about the sentinel filled one. Though I suppose there is a plethora of time travels... do we have like a file or wiki somewhere in the basement of potential crappy futures?"

    She twists her phone around and then pulls up the access she has as a junior member of the team. Fuck sake.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would shake her head, "I am unaware of such a database. I would suggest you talk to Doctor McCoy to suggest such a thing or to request access." M is just aware of what has been said by hope.. What bits she's heard of Cable.. And too many other things of nightmares.