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Salem Center Oktoberfest
Date of Scene: 04 October 2022
Location: Apple Park: Salem Center
Synopsis: Oktoberfest at Salem Center is full of beer and food, and there's even a fight.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Tabitha Smith, Rogue, Peter Parker, Rahne Sinclair, Betsy Braddock, Colleen Wing, Ororo Munroe, Gwen Stacy, Jean Grey, Henry McCoy, Scott Summers, Noriko Ashida, Alison Blaire

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Salem Center's annual Oktoberfest is head in Apple Park. Enormous tents are set up with ample seating beneath. Others cover dance floors where polka dancing is the norm, though a few other types of music are also represented.

Beer is to be had everywhere. Each tent has long bars, with women going about carrying mugs of beer large and small, while wearing the traditional dirndl dresses that are synonymous for many with Oktoberfest. The crowds themselves are a mix of normal clothing and lederhosen on men and dirndls or other fraulein dresses on women.

The scents of delicious food are everywhere as Salem Center's German descended population bring a bit of the famous festival to life in Westchester County. Tables are also set up outdoors, as the weather is quite nice, especially while the sun is currently still up.

The food include plates of wurst and sausages, sauerkraut, a variety of meats served on sticks for carrying around while touring the area. All sorts of pastries are on hand, potato salads, and about every other German dish that one can think of.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
October is one of those months where you can effectively get away with getting into costume twice. Of course the costume to wear at the start of the month. Oktoberfest kinda demands something a bit more germanic.

So for Tabby that's not too difficult. Frilly little pleated miniskirt in red with lacy ruffles at the hem tickling thighs. A corseted little bustier ofer a low cut peasant blouse to make that cleavage pop in white oif the black leather.

Of course being Tabby she still adds some of her own flair, red spiky leather collar and matching wrist cuffs. Red chucks on her feet and red framed ray bans on her nose help make the environment more easily navigatable.

Handy since she's rocking an almost comically oversized beer mug in one arm, and a mustard covered pretzel in the other. The secret to surviving any binge drinking. Adding food to your booze!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue knows nothing about this celebration. Absolutely nothing. But Kitty had brought her a 'outfit' for it, and the Belle had played along. "I suppose I can serve some drinks. I dunno if I wanna get shlotzed on a Tuesday..." She had said while still in her room getting ready...

Now, out and about this evening, the Belle is in one of the Fraulein dresses, a white blouse that bares shoulders, with a red and black bodice overtop of that, going up to hook arounjd behind her neckline. She's got a long dress on and some clunky shoes, along with some ribbons in her loose two-toned hair, and tied around her upper and forearms, leaving the ribbons to flow in the wind as Rogue takes two big mugs of frothy drink toward some who ordered it.

Is she serving people here this evening? It would seem so!

Peter Parker has posed:
"...and I am telling you, the cream puffs are _amazing_ if you haven't had them." Peter Parker is walking hand in hand with Gwen Stacy, his gaze casually drifting over the various vendors' stalls when it is not stealing glances back at the girl at his side. He is dressed for the weather - a pair of jeans and a Led Zeppelin t-shirt, with a camera hanging around a strap around his neck.

"There is this one cream puff guy, I am not sure if he is here, but the cream to puff ratio is out of this world. I don't know how he get so much cream into such a light pastry, but it's just an incredible amount of goodness packed into a tightly shaped puff of majesty." His gaze drifts to the side as he looks at her, and he gives her hand a bit of a squeeze to match the broad smile that comes across his face.

He leans over and whispers briefly into her ear as they continue along, and then his gaze drifts back over the crowd. He takes a deep breath, and then sighs, simply enjoying the peaceful autumn air in New York. A brisk change from the hectic and befouled air of Queens, to say the least.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
A tuft of red stands at the edge of the festivities, almost an invitation to draw her in. Uncertainty how to begin freckles her face almost as much as her own, and the littlest New Mutant wrings her fingers with an obvious wish for help.

She wishes she'd been invited, or had been told what the procedures are. The videos she downloaded were all confusing, and her mixed success with figuring out the whole deal made her only the more nervous.

Still, she's wearing her good kilt and a peasant shirt, her heart on her sleeve as well as in the stratosphere for beats per minute. She watches yet another group go by, having fun, and looks out of place. Maybe, maybe she can find a friend.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Oh no, Betsy and Ororo couldn't get to the school bus down to Salem Center in time. But fear not, gentle readers; the other wards of the Xavier Institute carpooling down to Oktoberfest get treated to the view of Betsy's Aston Martin Vantage blowing past the rest of the convoy, going just roughly twice over the speed limit. With the top down and the girls' hair blowing in the wind, there's as much chance of catching them as trying to grab a stray breeze.

Bets parks the car in a private garage that can accommodate the sports car, and heads down to the Salem Center proper for Oktoberfest. Betsy's dirndl looks entirely custom, including a soft rose dress with white sleeves and bodice, asymmetrical aubergine apron, and patent leather mary janes with a heel no server would be caught dead in.

Betsy transfers her headscarf to her neck, tying the gauzy material off in a neat rose just over her left collarbone, and pauses just outside the gates to check that her outfit is all put together. Naturally her makeup is on point, a little lighter application of colors that match her outfit and the clutch in her hand. Aside from a gold bracelet and her matching diamond pendant earrings, she's dressed light.

"How's it from the back, 'Ro?" she asks, twisting this way and that in the mirror.

Colleen Wing has posed:
There was an appointed place to meet up which Colleen was trying to decipher. No, she is not dressed up for the event besides having an empty stomach and a strong desire for bratwurst. Just jeans and a white hoodie which she managed to get back from Elektra.

Her eyes roam about from tent to tent and she peeks inside. Eventually the temptation is beyond ignoring and she buys herself an oversized stein of beer to continue her search for Kitty. Eventually though she spies her and waves then makes her way through the crowd.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Arriving in style! Xavier's version of the 'dynamic duo' has a touch of flair as speed limits are ignored for such an august gathering. The wind in the hair does indeed get the better of even Ororo, and the french braids that attempt to hold the white hair all but gives up its herculean task. She can be seen leaning back in the seat, not a bit concerned or worried about Betsy's inclinations for speed, and instead, sports a smile that speaks to her enjoyment!

Once arriving, the leggy mutant steps out and settles her own skirts; she, too, has dressed for the occasion, with the eidelweiss in prominent view embroidered upon her dress-skirts.

"Looks fine-- oh, hold on." Ororo steps behind her friend and settles a collar down, finishing with a flat hand to make sure all is in place. "Perfect. Come on. Let's see who is here, and watch our usual suspects and miscreants." That, of course, is said with the greatest amount of affection, as evidenced by her smile.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
" ... the cream puffs..?" Insert skeptical Gwen look as the blonde walks hand-in-hand with Peter, "How many years exactly have you been coming to these celebrations?" she laughs then, a cintillating laugh out of the co-ed.

"Fine, fine. You convinced one. Let us hunt for this .., cream puff guy." Operation: Find Cream Puff Guy is a go apparently. "I will admit, this is fun. Seems you got scott free of karaoke.." she tells Parker, ".. for today at least." uh-oh. Dreadful. Peter would have to sing sometime soooon.

Bit of a color comes to Gwen's cheeks after the whisper and she grins back to Peter, "Right back at you."

At least she's followed the tradition of the place by coming dressed to the occasion. Dress with a short skirt, college stockings that go above her knee. Black shoes. The works!

Jean Grey has posed:
"I keep telling you, it's called a dirndl." Jean had tried explaining this to Rogue many times, as they got ready earlier. But still: 'Fraulein dress with a white blouse and yadda yadda yadda...'

They is a key operating word here. Jean also owns one of these dresses, as it happens: it was a gift from Emma, from a mission she'd been on in ACTUAL GERMANY, dealing with the Hellfire Club INTERNATIONAL. Regardless of the origins, given the circumstances, it only seems appropriate that she take it out for a spin. Suitably enough, it's crimson red. Otherwise, it's a similar general outline to the other woman's, except, SOMEHOW, possibly lower cut. Again: Emma got it for her.

She's also down enjoying the fair, 'working' around one of the beer stands. Local events like this are supported by the community, so of course Xavier's is a big part of it. Which means they have a stand to run! "OK, one brat, 2 beers... Phew." She reaches up to swipe her forehead before checking back on Rogue. "How are you on orders?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde arrives at the festivities on the bus. She's wearing a blue dirndl that once she's off the bus and away from the kids, she takes the straps over her shoulders and lowers them down to her arms like a proper fraulein outfit worn by a 21 year old. Rather than being in the normal pony tail, Kitty's hair is in a pair of braids that hang down on either side of her head. She has on stockings, with slender legs showing at the top between that and the skirt of her dress. https://i.pinimg.com/736x/cf/48/16/cf4816424cd4e5f3d8a6103b405e4520.jpg

She pulls out her phone and sends off a text to her friends, letting them know they've arrived and where she's heading, to help everyone meet up. Stowing it away, she heads forward. There's Colleen across the way, Kitty goes up on her toes to add an extra inch or two of height as she waves over at her Asian friend.

As Kitty heads into the festivities, she spots a perplexed looking Rahne standing there. Kitty approaches her, slipping an arm about Rahne's shoulders. "Glad you made it, you look great," Kitty says with a bright smile. "So this is all about eating, drinking, and making merry. Enjoying the end of summer and the start of fall," she says to her Scottish friend.

"Come on, you need to meet Colleen. She's a good friend who has a dojo in Chinatown. Met her while I was shopping in a market there for a birthday present for Shan," Kitty says. "She helped me pick out a lantern with colors that were appropriate for a birthday present," she says. If Rahne lets her lead, Kitty heads over to join Colleen. Spotting others she knows in the crowd, Kitty waves to them too, but greets Colleen first. "Glad you made it," she says, moving to give Colleen a quick hug. "Ever done one of these before? We've got a bunch of people supposed to be here."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue appears back at the Xaviers beer booth, and leans over on the counter with her forearms crossed together. She grins at the person that Jean is serving, then looks over at the redhead in her red dress. "I think I'm all up to snuff, or... whatever the terminology is." She states. "Ya know, I worked for a summer at that Car Hop, you'd think this would be like slippin' on a old glove again, but it's a lot different in these damn shoes, and not roller skates, plus the inability t'fly my ass around a bit." She says while swaying happily a bit on the edge of the booth.

Rogue's green eyes look over then when she spots a few familiar faces, she raises her right hand up to wave at Kitty and Rahne, Storm and Betsy, before she looks back toward Jean's place.

"Anyone need anythin? Got more orders for me to clog around for ya, Lil Red Ridin' Hood?" She asks the Headmistress with a big grin.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
A redhead is spotted and Tabby grins. "Hey Highland Lady!" the blonde greets with a big ol smile on her features. Then there's a brief crossing of her eyes and a scrunching of her brow. "Crap, did I?" she pulls a phone from somewhere.

There's a hidden trick to being able to store all kinds of things in tigh clothes that Tabby learned as a thief. The same tricks that can be used to somehow always have the hem of the skir be long enough to keep her from being arrested.

Tabby's outfit probably comes close to a dirndl but it's mostly cobbled together from stuff in her wardrobe.

Phone in hand it beeps with a guitar riff from some eighties hair metal band. "Wow. So I kinda left my invite in drafts and forgot to hit send. And Kity still beat me too it!" she says with an aplohetically dorky hrin aimed at the Scots girl while their other friends all turn up like Ororo and Betsy. One of which, Kitty slips a hug around Rahne.

Of course when everyone starts turning up Tabby just rolls her eyes and sighs as she gets used to the others managing to look more authentically FAB than her.

"I wear more working at Harry's." she adds with a mug held snappoint at Rogue. Minus the snap because spilling beer is a punishable crime.

Colleen Wing has posed:
Colleen is relieved to see Kitty. This is a busy place filled with people eager to get drunk and without friends what fun is that? Returning the hug to Kitty she says, "Nope. I've heard of it but it's not really a thing I've been to. There's nothing quite like this in the city itself and nothing like this in Japan."

She falls in step with Kitty and offers Rahne a wave of greeting. "Hi. I'm Colleen. I think I'm going to be saying that a lot today meeting all of Kitty's friends."

Peter Parker has posed:
"So, I've actually covered these things for the Bugle for years, although not this one, so..." Peter shrugs. "I don't really know who is here, it's more of a hope than anything else." He turns to beam a smile at Gwen. "But regardless of who else is here, this is already the best one I've ever been to."

He laughs softly at the karaoke reference. "I mean, the day isn't over yet. You could still see me lip syncing to Danke Schoen if you get enough beers in me." How many beers is that? Probably a lot. But given where they are? A tiny percentage.

Peter's gaze continues to sweep over the scene, taking in vendors and performers and patrons alike. He narrows his gaze briefly as he spots Kitty off in the distance, as if trying to determine if she is one of the performers or the fellow Wonder Woman fan he ran into once. He shrugs, ultimately, not quite able to decide just yet, before leaning over towards Gwen. "Did you want anything other than dessert? I'm sure the sausages are good, too. Or bratwurst. Or the reubens. I'm sure the reubens are good..." Another grin. "Or we can skip the food and head straight to do some dancing?"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy twists one last time to make her skirt flare, fingers interlaced in front of her thighs, and kicks a foot up behind her and blows her reflection a kiss. There's a flash of a pleased smile on her face before Betsy's more stoic mien reasserts itself, and she links arms with Ororo to head towards the entrance. She pays the fee for them both with a crisp bill from her clutch.

Once they're past the entrance Betsy digs some mirrored aviators out of her clutch, and sends a mental pulse out into the area that announces her presence to her friends as clearly as fanfare. Fingers lift and wriggle at Kitty and Rogue, and she flashes a hint of a smile at Tabitha before putting her sunglasses on.

"All right, where do we start? I cannot watch you eat pretzels sober," she warns Ororo. "So let us score a stiff drink for me first." She looks around the festival. "Think anyone here has my brand of vodka?" she ventures hopefully.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Finally, someone who can make Kitty look tall. The redhead she's escorting looks overwhelmed, and swallows as she's drawn in. "'sokay," she insists to Kitty even though her body is clearly denying any such thing.

She sees Tabs, and gives what looks like a forced smile. She's trying to give a thumbs-up as well when Colleen is suddenly there, and the instantaneous twitch reaction says volumes about her history.

Eyes stupendously wide, she glances from Colleen to Kitty, then back. And bravely offers her right hand, held out. "Rhain," she breathes. It has this odd lilt to it, proclaiming her Scotch heritage as much as the kilt. "Ah be honoured, miss Wing. T' meet ye, ah mean." Oh god I can't do anything right.

A passing already-drunk group of revelers makes her head turn, following them with astonishment. She has so many questions!

Jean Grey has posed:
"I think we're just about caught up on that first big rush of orders... but I guess we gotta get something for all these fine folks. Hey one, hey all! What are you having?" At the last, Jean turns toward some of the approaching crowd, both her recognizable Xaviers colleagues and a few others who are making their way in. "Ororo! Betsy! Come have a beer! We've got the biggest... mugs aaround!"

Oh boy.

After that bit of barking, she turns back and grins at Rogue. "Its funny you say that. My first thought, when I was going through my closet and found this thing, was that I could use it for Halloween. Grab a hooded cloak and a picnic basket it's basically done. And then you coulda been the Big Bad Wolf and we'd have another group costume. But now I've already worn it..." A fact about Jean: she takes Halloween very seriously! "So I gotta figure something else out."

Then again, she's hunting for potential customers, this time spotting Peter and Gwen. "Ooh, look at these two. Aren't they adorable? Hrm. I think I know the guy from somewhere... Photographer or something. HEY! Get your beer here! We've got pretezels too! Potato pancakes! Cheese noodles! Or maybe buy your lady a big sausage, she'll love it!"

There is no guarantee Jean hasn't been dipping into her own supply here, with control of the beer supply!

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo laughs at Betsy's antics and shakes her head with no little affectionate amusement. It's expected, of course, but it never ceases to make her laugh. "You look amazing. Now, come on.." she encourages.

With linked arms, the ladies step in light pace to the entry, and before Ororo can pull out money, Betsy does so. That gains a brief frown from her companion, and she murmurs, "Firsts are on me."

Blue eyes search the gathering, and it's easy to spot her friends and charges from the gathering from the more normal residents of the area. Ororo is probably a sight, dressed in German traditional, but she does manage to make it her own. Besides, no one would dare laugh.. right?

"I see.." she begins, and instead of finishing, a light wave is given to those immediately seen before she addresses her friend again. "No, I don't think vodka is around. I'm sure we can find something that might be suitable, however. And pretzels at this time of year seem to be much better than at any other time. I don't know what it is."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Arriving in his own time, is Henry. He's dressed to celebrate - traditional lederhosen in tan, a cream long-sleeved shirt and a jaunty hat to match! He's all smiles as he hears the music and smells the delicious aromas. Taking in a deep breath, the Beast glances around for those he expects to find here. Spotting more than a few, he initially heads towards where Kitty is. He's even trotting along to the beat of the ooompa-pa music!

"Guten Abend Freunde! Wie gefallt Ihnen das Oktoberfest?" Henry offer over, all too happy to practice his Deutsch. "Have libations been ordered? Food? Songs requested of the bands?"

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Really? I thought JJJ was all like.." and she clears her throat to make the best Gwen-impersonation of J Jonah Jameson she can. "Get me those Spiderman pictures, Parker! And forget the bratwursts!" big blue eyes rightfully amused but she at least nails JJJ's grumpy expression. To an extent. There's no mustache to really sell the look.

"Those reubens though, they look decadent enough that I may just get one and ..." She is looking over when she spots a familiar face. Well, familiar to Ghost Spider so she is just about to raise a hand and smile to Colleen when she catches herself. Ah right, that was Ghost Spider meeting her. She whispers to Peter. "Remember when I told you I couldn't throw a punch ..., well, I went to the best dojo in town a year ago or so." she nodding towards where Colleen is with the rest of them.

That Peter then speaks of dancing? Without needing a few beers on top? "Mr. Parker, you had my curiosity but now you have my attention. Dancing it is." it's settled. Or at least semi-settled. "After a beer.." because Jean did call to them after all!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shoots a glance over to Tabitha, and gives her a little smile. "Yeah, Harry's should put in place a dress code like this. They don't do enough themed events there, Harry's too grumpy, me thinks..." She notes before adjusting her stare toward Kitty and Rahne. "Hey you two, lookin' good, Sugahs." She tells them both before sweeping herself around to the back of the booth to join Jean back there. "Big bad wolf, huh?" She asks with a little grin. "Kitty told me not t'wear anythin that requires face makeup or masks. Said it's too hard t'drink then. I can't even imagine how much blue paint I ate last year..."

A couple more beer mugs are picked up and filled up as Rogue sets them down on the counter then, and looks around for potential customers. "Who wants their whistle wetted? Come'n get'em, we got'em cold, frothy, and ready to bubble the back'a your ticklish throats!" She shouts to all passer-bys now, her hands on her hips and a little bounce given as she bends at the knees and shoots back up for style points... or something!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gives Betsy a joyous mental greeting back, assuming Betsy is listening after sending out her own. <<You made it! And you look fabs!>>. Tabitha is given a wave by Kitty when they meet eyes.

As Rahne and Colleen make their introductions, Kitty says, "Rahne's awesome. This is her first Oktoberfest too, I believe," she says. "So lets go get some beers? We've got people working one of the spots over here," she says, motioning towards where Rogue and Jean are serving up the mugs of beer, big and small.

As Kitty's leading the others over to the bar, Henry McCoy comes and joins them. He gets a joyous hug from Kitty as well. "Colleen, this is the eminent Doctor Henry McCoy. I've had the good fortune of having him as an instructor before," she says. "Hank, this is Colleen Wing, a good friend of mine," she tells him. "Come on, we're just getting drinks now. Jean and Rogue are over here."

As Kitty walks up to the bar, she spots Peter and Gwen there. Her eyebrows go up just slightly in surprise, as both faces are familiar to her. Before she says anything to them though, she slips an arm around Rogue's waist when an opportunity presents itself. "We have a bunch of thirsty of people. I think we need the big mugs," she says to her friend and former roomie.

After, Kitty looks over to Peter and Gwen and gives them a both a little finger wiggle of greeting along with a warm smile. She's not even sure if Gwen is going to remember her. Though Peter seems more likely to.

Peter Parker has posed:
There is definitely a laugh from Peter as he spots Gwen's near faux pas. "Yeah, can't say I haven't caught myself just before doing that before, too." He chuckles, and then Jean is calling over towards them. He smiles in her direction, and then nods towards Gwen. "Let's swing by their booth. I think that..." He thinks for a moment. "I think I recognize her from that time I was at the spaceport and met Wonder Woman." And a bunch of X-Men. And some aliens. And all kinds of people. But Diana had smiled at Peter. And somehow it became 'that time he met Wonder Woman'. Boys.

He gives Gwen a little bit of a hip check as they head over to the Xavier stand. "Beer, maybe some sausage, a pretzel or two, and then sure, we can do some dancin', Dancin, DANCIN'!" He _tries_ to pull off a Michael Jackson, but really, who can do that other than Michael Jackson?

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The hugs and stuff Kitty provides to Rahne are added to by the blonde in the makeshirt dirndl. Colleen getting a smille and greeting as well. "Tabby! Did we meet already. I feel like we met already? But this will not be my first beer." it's huge and Tabby has already had one before hand?

"There's was like nothing wrong in all that Rahne. You golden hon!" she encourages the girl. "Plus you're Scottish, you can drink Logan under the table." she adds <<Healing factord Rahne!>> comes over a little telepathy and chuckles while adding a hip wiggle and a litle councy half curtsy for Rogue that lets that very low neckline work when aimed at the Belle. "We'd get way more tips but my ass gets slapped enough in jeans." she points out and half grins. "Good with the bad. And I'm amazingly pickier with who I let slap dat booty."

Colleen Wing has posed:
Colleen is happy to offer a hand shake to Henry. "That's a name I've heard before. A pleasure to meet you Henry." She nods to Rahne and lifts up the stein she's already acquired. "I'm already there Kitty." She points to a food stand, "But I am hungry. It's a bit of a trip up from the city to here. Salem. Is this place related to the witch thing?"

She isn't going to wait for the others to join her though. Her stomach is empty and the beer is only compounding the problem. She approaches one of the food stands and waits her turn in the line. When it is her turn she orders a bratwurst with extra onions and ketchup.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy winces at Ororo's declaration, and puts a hand on her belly. "God. The carbs. I'm going to be working today off in the gym all week," she declares, sourly. "It'll be a wonder if this corset still fits in an hour. I might need you to stand on my stomach."

She takes a quick look around and lifts her chin in the direction of the Xavier beer stand. "Well let's go hail the troops, shall we?" she inquires of Ororo with a wry sort of resignated humor, and heads towards the bar where Jean and Rogue are hard at work. They end up behind Peter and Gwen, and Betsy flickers another one of her all-to-brief smiles at Kitty and Tabitha. "Guten Nachmittag," she greets them. "Is there any proper lager to be had, or is it all served cold?" she inquires with a deadpan expression that's impossible to read as either serious or playful.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne'd forgotten about telepathy. She reins in her internal depressive and leans up into Tabby's hug, trust opening her up more than anything in the world ever can. She doesn't talk a lot, this one. But she does glance where directed, toward Jean and Rogue's booth.

Or as she likes to say, 'Best Friends'.

She whispers to Kitty, telling her to go have fun, then does what she does best. She lets folks enjoy themselves, slinking in next to Betsy at the booth. She's not a social aminal. More of a wallflower so far.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"You met Wonder Woman?!" Surprised gasp from Gwen. "And no group selfies for instagram? Shame on you, Peter." but it's clear she's teasing, squeezing his hand as they walk over to the booth.

Those blue eyes take note of those gathered around the booth. Some people are familiar, like Colleen..., others not as much .., but they seem to know each other. And how could one miss someone that stands out so much like Beast does?! It's Kitty that eventually gets her attention with the finger wiggle. It's a familiar kind of wiggle, along with the smile.

"It's been a while.." she tells Kitty, a warm smile going to her lips, surprise registering on her expression, "How about -this- time we exchange phone numbers so we don't lose touch, mmm?", then another pause, "Do you two already know each other?" this to Peter and Kitty.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Those big rubber pre-done masks are pretty easy, even if they're kind of expensive. Can always just pull it up to drink. And if not, well... you could always be the granny instead then!" Jean grins mischieviously, like she'd been waiting with that one for a while. And then, spoken at a quieter tone: "Or maybe the huntsman..."

Since their effort at drawing customers has paid some return in the form of the young Spider-Couple, she meets them with a ready grin. "Hey there you two? What are you having?" Of course, there's going to be people who want beers regardless, especially as Kitty slips back to join them and calls for the big guns, and she quickly moves back to grab pair of clean glasses - big mugs made of heavy, faceted glass - and then moves to the nearby tap to start filling one and then the next. They've got pretzels baking on rotation, so they're nice and warm when they come out, the next batch ready and waiting. "Grab me a couple pretzels for these two?" she asks Rogue and then starts putting together one of the long folded little paper serving trays they use for the saugsages. One gets pulled off the grill, and then piled with toppings and sides, particularly mustard and the required apple sauerkraut.

The beers and sausage she sets out for Gwen and Peter, while waiting on Rogue for the pretzels. However, in the meantime, the young pair gets a wary glance. "Sure you two are old enough to drink?" Somehow, they get pushed forward toward them on the counter anyway...

Which leaves her with Betsy. "The guy they had set up the taps up said he knew the 'right' way for German beer. I think its kind of semi-cold? We have a second one set lower, for folks who want it..."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
"And card them," Ororo sounds drolly. She won't, but she has a reputation to uphold!

A quick nod is given in acknowledgment, and with a casual stroll, she's beside her friend at the approach. It seems that most have the same idea, and the warm smile grows in the gathering. "Hello, everyone." It's meant to encompass all, but there are those that are 'called out', as it were.

"Kitty, leading everyone to the bar?" Tsk.. is given with a laugh. "At least now I'll know where to find everyone." She lays her blue-eyed gaze on each as they approach.

"Henry, you look.. amazing. I couldn't even begin to imagine the outfit unless I saw it. And now that I did?" It can't been unseen!

"Tabby, hello Rahne," she makes a point to learn everyone's name, even if they haven't truly been introduced. It must be her!

A pretzel must be had, if only to pick on Betsy, and at the side, she orders a warm one before slathering it with mustard. It's the way it should be eaten!

Betsy gets an aside once more, "If my standing on you keeps you from over indulging? Feel free to imagine."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue jumps slightly, then looks at Kitty with HUGE EYES. She reaches her right hand up and pinches Kitty's nose. "Honk yourself." She tells the other gal then, with a grin. Her eyes dart down, then up again. "I like your dress." She notes to Kitty before hearing Jean and nodding as she turns away to put her back to the front of the booth. "Mmmm Pretzels." The Belle says as she gathers them up in their own little fancy napkin wraps. One by one, she turns around and offers them to Jean. "The Huntswoman, you say?" She asks, tilting her slim pointed chin up at the redhead. "I like the sound of that... But, alas, you've already worn that outfit." She states with a grin, offering the pretzels over.

Rogue's eyes dart, then, to Betsy. "I'll warm your beer up for you, baby..." The Belle says in a played-up-sultry tone from behind the Xaviers School beer and food booth. She grins widely then, before waving to Hank. "Lookin' sharp, Mistah." The southern gal says. "Rahne? Here..." She reaches for a third pretzel, wraps it up and hands it over. "On me, for you, Sugah Lugah."

Peter Parker has posed:
"She was in the middle of doing something _important_ at the time, Gwen!" Peter laughs. "I'll show you the photos sometime if you haven't seen them. They were pretty amazing." He does not mention how he would have had the world's greatest photo of Diana if he hadn't totally forgotten to snap the shot when she smiled at him. "It was a nice event."

Uh oh, carded! "Uh, yeah, you know...." Then, of course, he is interrupted by Gwen's question as Kitty shows recognition. "Yeah, we do! Hey Kitty." He smiles warmly at her. "She and I got into a fight over a Wonder Woman comic a bit ago. Turns out we're both big fans." He chuckles for a moment, and then looks over at Gwen as the arrangements are made at the stand.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a grin to Betsy as the supermodel laments future gym work. "I do not fear carbs! I embrace it!" she states and tries a super hero pose that should have hands on hest but because she's trying to not drip mustard from her pretzel or spill beer it comes off way more like a kinda bent elbow Peggy Bundy about to trot pose.

"Rahne, you need beer! A sober Scot is only normal if their last name is Summers. At least go get a sausage or something to go with eating Rogue's pretzel. Protein, carbs. Full tummies and friends will help. Plus beer. You'll soon be up dancing on tables and fighting bigger blokes. That does mean dudes right?" she asks curiously and giggles as she takes the umteenth swig of her own beer.

Ororo gets a grin and giggle as she seems to enjoy the idea of teasing Betsy with the enjoyment of baked goods. "Considering how active we all are. Carbohydrates should be embraced like a lover! Maybe not quite eaten sloppily though." she takes some big but pretty careful chomps of her knotted bread thing.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grins over at Ororo Munroe as she and Betsy arrive over at the bar where everyone else has ended up. The woman that was once like a surrogate mother to Kitty, and is still like a big sister, is given a quick sidehug if she allows. "You need to meet my friend Colleen soon as she's back from getting food," Kitty says, pointing out Colleen so Storm will know who to look out for.

Rogue gets a smile back and says, "You look killer. I got you the one with the shortest skirt I could," she says, grinning to her friend.

And then she's turning back to Peter and Gwen as the pretty blond greets her. "Wow, it's been, like two years I think? Yes, I wish we'd exchanged numbers," she says, pulling out her phone to do it right then before they forget.

Kitty's eyes go over to Peter Parker, after noting the couple holding hands. "Yes, we bumped into each other-" she starts to say, when Peter beats her to explaining how they met. Kitty wasn't going to mention it involved a comic book, not knowing if his interest in comics was something Peter hadn't shared with the beautiful blond, and not wanting to hurt his chances if it wasn't something he'd brought up. But apparently it's fine! She chuckles warmly and nods. "He let me buy it," she tells Gwen. "Real gentlemanly."

As the beers come up, Kitty passes one to Rahne then takes her own. "Thanks Jean," she says with a smile to the redhead.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
The fact that Tabitha is right, and Rahne could probably drink nearly everyone here into the dirt, is kind of irrelevant. She isn't imbibing. But she does smile up to Ms Monroe's welcome, and then finds food pressed into her hands. For all the world looking like a little sister to everyone, she sniffs at the pretzel deeply, then closes her eyes.

She takes in the scent, the leftover touch of the ones who made it imbedded within. There is a hint of the spices, and ....

Rahne twitches as Tabby interrupts her investigation with INSANITY, and blinks as if stunned. "Mr Summers is Scottish?" she asks, having not known this til now. Her eyes look around amoment, then she whispers toward Jean, asking if she can drink today?

Then, BEER! It's like Kitty is some kind of beer ninja. "Whut?" she manages, before sniffing this too.    R

Colleen Wing has posed:
Colleen comes back with one hand holding her stein and the other balancing a plate with bratwurst and oversized pretzel. The proper way to do Oktoberfest as far as she can tell judging by the other random people wandering about. "Do we have a place to sit? I'm..."

Her eyes fall upon more people she doesn't know and she dips her head in greeting, "Hi I'm Colleen. My arms are full right now but if you'd like to leave a message my hands will be available later." She spies around the tents for a long table that has enough free spots for all these people that are gathering about Kitty. She is quite the social butterfly.

"How about over there for us to set up a base camp?," she asks the group in general and starts meandering that way if people are amenable to it.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott is working, of course. He smiles as he weaves through the crowd towards the beer stall setup by the group. He's carrying a large cardboard box of solo cups to replace the ones that are running out.; They aren't out YET, but Scott likes to be prepared. Like a boy scout. The handsome man is sporting his red sunglasses, as always. He is dressed up a bit for the event. Simply put, he's wearing nice slacks and a button-up shirt with suspenders. It is fancy without being overly so. It's an event, afterall!

"Cups!," he calls out as he sets the box on the bar and glances about at everyone gathered. He whistles softly and smiles, offering a friendly wave to those he knows already. "Wow. Busy, busy. Good work, everyone."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy rolls her eyes with a tolerant smile for Rogue's antics, and facepalms her away (with a safe telekinetic bubble between her hand and Rogue's face!). "Thank you Jeanie, I'll have one of your proper German beers," she requests, and mostly makes it sound like she's not bossing Jean around.

Which she totally is, but aside from a little twitch of her lips, those aviators make it hard to pick up on whether she's feeling mischevious or just being a pain in the ass.

"Carbs, Tabitha darling, are the devil's provender," Betsy asides to the younger woman, and gives the little loop of her neck collar a flickering tug. "It goes straight to your ass. Learn to love protein," she cautions her.

Amythyst eyes cut sideways to Hank and she flashes a genuinely pleased smile at his outfit and his disposition. "Guten tag, mein Herr Doktor. Wie geht es dir?" she says, and drops a little German curtsey with a flicker of her skirts that looks *entirely* too effortless. "Please tell me you're here to help cure the tide of the Yanks drowning their beer in ice," she pleads.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo will absolutely hug Kitty, the one arm making sure no mustard is in the vicinity in order to ruin either of their outfits. "Aiding to the delinquincy once again," is offered affectionately. "Where did my Kitty go?" She is //absolutely// teasing, and when Colleen is pointed out, Ororo nods in quick acknowledgment. She'll be looking for the young lady later, no doubt. For a proper, not quite so crowded hello. Still, as the opportunity is gained, she offers, "I'm Ororo. Nice to meet you.

"Tabby, some of us still like to watch what we eat.. some," and she gives a sly smile in Betsy's direction as she changes victims, "... more than others."

Scott's presence, walking through the crowd is noted, and when she lets Kitty go, that free hand waves in his direction, though her tones drop to a stage whisper, "Scott's working?" A soft whistle sounds, "I wish he'd actually relax and enjoy himself."

Jean Grey has posed:
"You want anything special, 'Roro?" This is Jean's next aggressive saleswoman pivot, as she turns from Betsy to the woman with her. "Maybe the potato pancakes? They're really good. Epsecially with a bit of applesauce on them. Of course you definitely need to try one of the pretzels at least!"

ITs definitely a bit of chaos behind the counter, as Rogue and Jean trade off, moving back and forth past one another in what is kind of tight quarters. Tighter with Kitty briefly back there! But some how, no one ends up covered in beer, despite the occasional playful hip-check!


There's more elegant beer ballet, with the redhead twirling back and forth from the counter and the row of taps, snagging more of the big glasses, and lining them up to fill beneath the taps. "Of course you can, Rahne. And if anyone wants you, can all feel free grab a seat and I'll bring the rest over!" This is actually one of those Oktoberfest specialties, and they might observe it happening elsewhere around the fairground, as similarly-dressed waitresses carry very large platters stacked with beers, even layered on top of each other so they form a kind of beer pyramid. It's a thing! Can Jean do it?

She can if she cheats!

rWhen she comes back with the next round, Kitty has already nabbed one for Rahne, but she gives the girl a grin all the same, and sets Betsy's down for her. "Anyone else need one? We got all the classics! Beer! Pretzels! Saurkraut! Spatzle! Schweinebraten!" It goes on!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko is technically not of drinking age, but when she looked up the funny word on the internet right before blowing a lab computer, she got a flash of another funny word, lederhosen.  So Noriko went to a few shops who all told her to go onto eBay, at which point she rolled her eyes.  Finally, she was put in touch with someone and now, finally, she can blend in...except the costume she ends up with is authentic and more something a young boy who just hit his growth spurt was stuck wearing.  The shorts are a little too short, which basically makes them look normal.  She has one a green checked long sleeve, rolled up to her elbows.  Her hair is...well a speedster's hair will do its own thing.  Last but not least, she's wearing some custom blue kicks.

So she's technically not of drinking age, but, now armed with her 'disguise'/thing to make her blend in, and after grabbing someone's stein on her way in, the speedster mills about at normal speed, blending into the crowd as easily as a Japanese girl wearing lederhosen would...expertly?

Henry McCoy has posed:
Of course, the hug is returned when Kitty embraces Hank. Looking to her friend, he nods. "The pleasure is all mine, Colleen. It's always wonderful to meet Kitty's friends. She's one of the most apt science students I've had." The Beast beams, proud of Kitty's accomplishments. Ever the scholar, is Henry. "Food is readily available here - I think I will be making a stop to order some and a stein." His deep voice rumbles, nodding to both Colleen and Kitty.

As Ororo compliments his outfit, he does a turn - a la a runway model! Ever the fashonista, is Henry. "Thank you Ororo, you look stunning tonight." A wink and a grin to the Storm goddess. A bow then to Rogue. "Thank you, Miss Rogue... you look wonderful!"

His nose twitches. "If you all would excuse me for a scant moment - I've need of food and beer, and my stomach is threatening to rebel, unless I meet with it's demands." A chuckle and he's bounding over to one of the stalls, ready to order up a large plate of hearty wursts, schnitzel and at least one large stein of beer.

The brakes are put on, as he's addressed by Betsy. Turning to offer her a bow, he grins. "Mir geht es auch gut Danke! Wie ist es mit dir? Sie sehen heute Abend strahlend aus." He beams to the woman, then feigns shock. "My dear lady, the only good German beer is served warm."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne, oh dear. She tips back a stein, then pauses to lick her lips. Foamy, she looks like she has a moustache for a moment. Then, she looks at the beer.

I've made my choice.


She snags two more, then snuggles down to sip at them. Three. Of the big steins.

She'll pay for it later. Or Hank will end up pumping her stomach.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Darn it, Ororo! But Gwen to the rescue for she is 21 already! So she grins and asks Jean for a couple of beers. "Make them be on the big mugs too!" someone's living dangerously today. the BIG mugs. Just details that her Spidery constitution might burn through it fast but hey..., got to get that incentive to dance.

"So -that- is why you have that gap between the rest of your Wonder Woman comics.." she grinning at Peter, "He was so devastated when he couldn't complete the collection.." but the wink she gives Kitty is the type that she is just playing around. She makes sure to exchange numbers with Kitty before beers get in the way. "No more being gone for two years now, you hear? How have you been doing though..?" another look around, "I see you have been surrounding yourself with good friends." a smile offered to the ones around Kitty before she looks back at Peter, giving him his BIG mug. "There you go."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Is Cyclops Scottish? Or just Scott. "I unno." Tabby says with a shrug of her shoulders. But he's the soberest Scott I know. cause it's his name!" she states and makes the tone of her voice sound incleasingly playful.

the flick of ner collar's ring gets a giggle at the linntle clink of nail against stainless steel. "I was homeless. Food is food and if I don't carb load it messes with what I can do. Like being super hyper hypoglycemic. I have to eat more so I even have an ass." she reminds tboth Betsy and Ororo between sips of her beer. "I can't rely on just DNA to have half as nice a figure as you lot!" she points out with a look down at herself then over at the senior X-Women and even Rahne and Nori. At least Nori understands the metabolism woes.

Rogue has posed:
At what Kitty had said about her outfit, Rogue had sent a glance down at herself. "Oh, I know, I'm havin' to do everythin in my power t'keep the wind from givin' away more than any'a these people deserve." She states back quietly with a glance around the festive place. Spotting Scott, Rogue waves a hand to wave him down. "Scoooooter. Come get something to eat'n drink." She orders him while stepping out of Jean's way, watching her go by... since of course, Jean is doing far more of the work than Rogue is, naturally. She grins at her as she goes by too, before nodding slowly. "We still gotta figure stuff out though. I feel like somethin' simple this year..." She notes, of costumes.

Stepping forward then again, Rogue starts to fill up some more drinks, she shakes her head at what she overhears. "I'm not drinkin' warm beer, I don't care what scary language people yell at me in neither..." The Belle states while setting glasses of full foamy goodness down for more customers to come and pick up from her. She smiles at some customers, exchanging money for drink, and speaking in French here and there, telling people she's a French exchange student here in faux-Germany.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty flashes a smile to greet Scott as he comes back out to where the rest of them are. "Hey Scott," she says, but then sees Colleen is too far to do the introduction thing just then. It can wait for later. Kitty does give Colleen a hand motion to indicate she'll be there in a second.

Turning back to Gwen, Kitty says, "I'm good. Oh! Actually, you know... we were talking about my father? And... he's ok. He's alive. He couldn't get word to me. But... well, yeah, that was, just about the best thing that could have happened," she says, beaming joyously.

She glances between Gwen and Peter, and the smile she gives seems to be an approving one. "Shall we take a seat?" she suggests, moving over to the seats close by the bar that Colleen has managed to snag. "Oh, Jean, those pancakes sound heavenly. Never had any with applesauce either," she says, pulling out some money to catch them up on their bill.

Kitty takes a seat next to Colleen. "Bunch of friends here, some from school, some I know from elsewhere. Just ran into a couple that I met both of them separately awhile back. Oh, and can introduce you to someone else famous in addition to Doctor McCoy, too," she tells Colleen. Kitty waves over to Betsy when she can to get her attention, inviting the famous model over to meet Colleen.

Scott Summers has posed:
He chuckles softly and nods to Rogue before he helps heft the box over the counter. "Alright, alright. I can take a break. A pint of your finest," he offers whoever is serving. He leans against the bar and turns to glance about. He spots Kitty when she greets him, and he smiles warmly. "Hey, Kitty." Upon seeing the scant costumes many of the women are wearing, he ends up primarily looking down into his stein once it arrives. Do his ears go a little red? Of course they do.

"Soooo, everything's been fine?," he asks, looking for responsibility even now. "...Nothing you need me to do right now?" He brings the beer to his lips for a long pull. He spots Rahne with her three steins and his eyebrows rise. "...Well, that can't be good..."

Peter Parker has posed:
Accepting the BIG MUG, Peter grins around above it. "I hope I can manage it," he says, his fingers not exactly big compared to the mug's size, but somehow his grip seems _really_ secure. "And yeah, it all worked out, in the end." He sends another smile towards Kitty as he takes a long, steady drink from his beer. "It's important to have good friends. I'm glad that we ran into each other, even if it did end up with a comic mishap." He pauses. "Well, a comic _book_ mishap, not a _comedic_ mishap. Those I seem to only have with you," he says, nudging Gwen. "PARKOUR!"

Yeah, maybe it is time for him to eat something to keep his mouth busy. He finally detaches from Gwen's hand to pick up a pretzel, shoving it into his mouth such that when he agrees with Kitty's invitation, it comes out more like "mmmmakky" than an actual word. But he does follow along with her and with Gwen, nodding his head to Colleen as he chews frantically in order to try to make a reasonable introduction.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne looks up at Scott. Then she shuffles backwards, ending up under the table that they're serving from. She fits anywhere! It's like she's fun-sized or something.

Then her hand comes out with some money, putting it onto the tabletop. And she grabs another alcohol, looks around furtively, and pulls back into her little shelter.

Nope, not good at all.

Colleen Wing has posed:
Colleen gives a side nudge to Kitty when she's joined. She says in a low voice to her, "Yeah I was getting that. All your friends seem to be very smart. Talking about DNA, being Doctors." Considering who it is she regularly hangs out with. Sure, one is a lawyer but all of them get in to regular fisticuffs with bad guys.

"You don't need to introduce me to someone famous Kitty...." she says wryly and smirks. The food is calling so she peels of some of the pretzel for consumption. So is the beer. Getting drunk is a famous pass time of the Defenders.

"There's a German brass band moving from tent to tent. I saw them earlier. I expect they'll be here soon. I suppose they must be having a break because I can't hear them at the moment." She got here early and has been hoping to catch up with Kitty since. Now she can finally relax her friend - and these new friends too.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Simple?! Pfft. How long have you known me?" Nope. Jean wants her Halloween spectacle!

And lucky for Scott, he gets his beer delivered by the other of the pair of temporary X-women beer maids, Jean herself. She picks one of the very biggest of the glasses and sets it down for him with a heavy glass CLUNK, grinning as she leans on her side of the counter. "Here you are, slim." He gets a wink! And then she looks sidelong at Rogue and grins. "Listen to him, trying to move in on our little business here. Nope!" Her attention turns back. "We're in charge of this here beer stand, mister. And we've got it under control. So drink your beer, so I can pour you another one, so you can drink THAT one and have some fun." She's evidently of the opinion a bit of social lubrication will help!

Kitty gets a grin. "They're basically latkes, give or take. Really good. Go on, I'll make you a nice plate." Is it special service when she's giving everyone special service? But clearly, Jean's enjoying herself, her role here behind the food counter not THAT much different from how she tends to rein over the Xaviers kitchen during the holidays.

"And how about you Hank? Figure you've got a big order, for a big appetite. What're you having? We've got all the classics." It's almost a challenge, for him to evaluate their food offerings, given that he and Betsy are having their authentic German-off.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
"No thank you, Jean. I have the pretzel," that Ororo is trying desperately not to get in anyone else's hair, it is so coated with the spicy brown mustard! "It is delicious. Still warm!" Chaos reigns at the bar, and the food stands, but after a second though, Storm does take a step to the side to get a potato pancake on a plate, which allows her to set the pretzel down beside it. "Or perhaps I will.."

Food, not beer!

Henry's compliment does gain a slightly theatric curtsy; a strange effect from the weather goddess, but it's all in fun. "Thank you, Hank. Perhaps later, I might convince you to dance?" Of course there is polka music!

Big mugs in Gwen's hand? Ororo eyes the youth; she looks younger than her 21, so brows do rise in askance, though she stops short of asking. There is a level of politeness, and Gwen isn't one of her ducklings. The others, well.. she'll be rounding on them at lights out. Later.

The offer from Colleen to the table possibly set aside to fit at least some of them is answered with a 'thank you' before Ororo looks at Scott. "You are relaxing? I think we should get a picture. No one would believe it." Unless, of course, you know.. telepathic interrogation.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is leaning on the counter when Jean delivers that big huge bangin mug of beer for Scott. She grins at what the redhead says to her, then leans on her left elbow with her right hand going to her hip. "Yeah!" She says back to Scott on the other side of the counter. "This is our booth, Mumford Son. Go get wasted, and get up on stage, give us some'a your best German death metal singin'." She chides the straight-laced-arrow-leader-dude with a big smile, before her eyes dart back over to Jean.

"Well, if we're not goin' simple then ya better think extra big this year. Soemthin' that'll blow the roof off the joint... whatever joint we're at anyway. AND, we gotta have School costumes, and like... other costumes, for when Kitty wants us t'go inta the city..."

Someone steps up with an order, and Rogue gets to it, swaying around behind the counter and gathering up the food and drinks for them!

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy rests a grateful hand on Hank's shoulder and leans on him a beat. "Hank, darling, the day you are disillusioned with your fellow Yanks, you're welcome to rejoin civilized society across the pond," she informs him with a grave tone that's belied by another amused twitch of her lips.

Betsy picks up the beer that Jean slides over-- she sniffs it carefully, then narrows her eyes at Jean in suspicion(!) and sips the beer cautiously. Then more. Then more. Betsy pours most of the stein down her throat in the space of a few heartbeats and sets it back down with a *thud*, upside down.

"Andere, fraulein!" she requests of Jean-- but this time does flash a sincere smile to let Jean know Betsy's genuinely being playful.

Her name is called and Betsy turns to move in Kitty's direction. En route she addresses Tabitha, walking smoothly backwards in her heels while she passes. "This, by the way?" She points at the totality of herself. "This is not DNA. This is four hours a day in the gym. /Carbs/. /Evil/," she reiterates, and smoothly comes to a pivoting stop near Kitty and Colleen.

"We've met a time or two, Katherine," Betsy assures Kitty. She faces Collen with a bit more formality and bows slightly in greeting, palms resting on her thighs. "Konnichiwa, Coleen," she bids the other woman. "<<It is good to see you again. I hope you are well?>>" she inquires in her native Japanese.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde receives the potato pancake and mmms as she leans down and inhales the aroma. "Thanks Jean!" she says warmly. The food waits though as Betsy comes over. "Ah, you've already met then," she says with a smile. "Known Colleen for awhile. A really good friend," she says, slipping her arm about the Asian young woman and smiling over at her.

Kitty turns to her food then, rolling up the pancake for easy eating and getting a bite of it. "Mmmm, that hits the spot. Need something to soak up the beer," she says.

When Rogue goes past carrying mugs and food to people, Kitty moves her fingers to her lips and lets out a soft wolf whistle at her. "Such gams," she says of Rogue's legs, flashing a grin at her friend.

The Jewish girl looks over to check on Rahne and make sure she's doing well. The sight of the multiple beer steins surprises her. But then again, she -is- Scottish.

Henry McCoy has posed:
As Jean asks after the order for Henry, he pauses - tapping a nail against his furry chin. "Perhaps a sample of each?" Hank responds. "You're looking lovely today as well, Jean." A smile. "Yes, one of everything." Hurrah for increased mass and metabolism! Still... he'll likely be running home to work off at least /some/ of those calories. German food is heavy!

As Ororo suggests a dance, he nods to her. "I would be delighted. All too happy to trip the light fantastic with one as light on her feet as you." Flatterer!

"My dearest Betsy, I am, and ever shall be, American born." He offers, with a touch of pride. "That does not mean I cannot enjoy the finer cultures of our forefathers from across the sea." A tip of his hat, and he scoops up his own beer. There's a wave to Scott, a nod to the other man. "Scott! Good to see you out and about!" He calls over.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott grins a bit at Jean when she sets down the big mug. "Thanks. Having a good time, I hope?," the man asks her. He sips at the huge mug before glancing briefly back towards the escaping Rahne. He takes a breath and then turns back towards Jean. He tries to focus on her for now. "I'll take a place of those semi-latkes too, please. Sounds delicious."

He adjusts a suspender on his shoulder and takes another sip of the beer. He smirks when Ororo chimes in, and he shakes his head a bit. "You've clearly never seen me in my room when I've got an 80's movie marathon going. I am the -King- of chillaxing." Oh...oh, Scott.

He laughs softly and shakes his head at Rogue. "I doubt anyone wants me whaling up there. And don't worry, the tent is all yours. Just...trying to keep myself busy. And...Mumford and Sons?" He looks down at his outfit. "...I thought I looked cool." He then smiles and waves to Hank. "You too, Dr."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby somehow manages to finish draining that oversized mug of hers. The pretzel is chomped down and for a moment the girl disappears. Where did she go? Well there's a line for the porta-potties and Tabby might have possibly used her telepathy to cheat and cut in line. That much beer and Tabby while not the smallest woman around. There's a few that might even qualify as smaller than Rahne. Tabby's body can only contain so much liquid even soaked up in pretzels and schitzel.

But she'll be back and on the next leg of her Gemanic Beer Binge.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko may no longer be a student, but she's still employed by the school and her not being a student doesn't change her past with certain teachers like Ororo.  Sure the law may say Noriko is an adult now, but she still can't rent a car.  So when Tabitha spots her in a split tableau as she checks out what's going on with the people she /does/ know, Noriko's eyes widen and she practically disappears...and somehow ends up next to Rahne...under the table.

"Hey," is all she says with her normal lackluster as if this were the most normal place to be.  She doesn't sip that beer that has somehow not spilled a drop.  "Are you not 21 too?"

Colleen Wing has posed:
Colleen smiles as she sees Betsy and she bows a little back to her, finishes swallowing the bratwurst in her mouth and replied, "Yoroshiku onegaishimasu Braddock-san." She nods her head and replies in Japanese. It wouldn't surprise her how many people here can speak her native language but she knew Betsy could <<Pretty good. Dojo is rebuilt, far too many students and too many classes. Sometimes we train outside which is good publicity too>>

Perhaps a discussion about how the Hand is back at it again in both Gotham and New York can wait for later. But they did just stir up the hornets nest - Psylocke will want to know. <<We should talk later - tomorrow perhaps>>.

Colleen nods to Kitty, "Yes Betsy and I go back a ways too." She's being cagey about it which is code for 'it gets complicated'. Not that Kitty isn't well aware of Colleen's troubles.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Body weight matters, when drinking. Rahne has taken enough beer under the table to qualify her as bloated, let alone drunk. So when Rogue peeks underneath to check on her, she's met with a yellow-eyed glare.

Rahne, hugging an empty mug, hiding under the table. With Noriko beside her.

Rahne growls a little, her answer to Nori's question. Growls?

That's never good.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Gwen offers her best, innocent look at Ororo. Big blue doe eyes right at her! It works apparently, even if not for the reasons she expected. But beggars won't be choosers and they have their BIG beers now. It means they are free to go join up with the others and settle down. She grins at Colleen almost as if she was an old friend but then says in a polite manner. "I am Gwen.." a gesture to the mouth-full Peter. "And this is Peter."

A drink from her mug that she now holds with both hands. "First time I come to one of these."

Colleen Wing has posed:
Colleen looks at the odd smile from Gwen and wonders if it's for someone behind her. There's almost something familiar about her. The way she holds herself perhaps. But she shakes her head and shakes off the notions because that face she'd remember. She lifts up her stein to Gwen and Peter.

"Whatever Germans say that is Cheers. It's a pleasure to meet you Gwen and Peter." She glances at the two of them again with a touch of confusion passing over her face. But, she lets it go and resumes her focus on the bratwurst and beer.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde is making her way through her beer at a good pace, and the effects are even more smiles than normal. There are surly drunks and there are happy drunks. Kitty's definitely the latter kind. More the one who would tell people she loves them than one who would pick a fight.

As Peter and Gwen join them at the table, and then Gwen is occupied with Ororo, Kitty leans over nearer to Peter and whispers, "Nice job." She gives him a quick, approving grin then sits back straight again.

The Jewish girl listens to the Japanese, her expression suggesting she's comprehending it though she doesn't take part in the conversation. The potato pancake awaits and she takes another bite, sighing happily as she eats it. "So Hank, there was some talk of taking that old train and making a haunted house rollercoaster sort of thing. Not really a roller coaster but more like a slow ride through a haunted house, out of it."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy is all gracious and polite on the surface-- even her tone remains that same friendly, civil voice used for greeting acquaintances warmly in public. <<I hear and understand,>> Betsy assures Colleen. <<I'm glad your dojo is successful. And I'll make sure to call on you there, tomorrow,>>" she promises. But even behind those sunglasses, it's impossible to miss the sense that Betsy's making pointed eye contact with Colleen. She understands quite well what Colleen's reticence must imply.

"Pardon us, Kitty, we don't mean to exclude," Betsy tells the slender brunette. "We're just catching up a bit." Betsy looks over her shoulder to see if her second beer has been delivered yet-- or if someone pilfered it!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko just...keeps an eye on Rahne as she sniffs the mug of beer and wrinkles her nose a little. "Is this stuff good? One growl for yes." But before Noriko can wait for an answer, a snippet of her native tongue hits her ears. Her head snaps this way, then that.

"Whatever-I don't care." Noriko pops her head out from under the table to spot Colleen. Her eyes narrow and then she pulls back in all in about a second...kind of a glacial speed for her and enough time for her to be spotted, but she needed to get some of those sound waves to hit her so she could figure out the source. It was a risk.

"Don't worry.  I won't be here long.  This isn't mine.  I'm just holding it to blend in."  Apparently Noriko is nonplused by the growl or is just...well, talking /at/ Rahne.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Wait I gotta figure out two different sets of costumes?!" This is getting out of hand! Except for the part where Jean had three different ones with outfit changes, last time...

Hank's compliment earns him a quick curtsey in her dirndl dress, whether or not that quite translates as a German cultural idiom. "Why that's very kind of you, Hank. And you're looking as handsome as ever." As for his order?

One of everything.

Would Jean expect anything less of a request? "Coming right up, big guy! It'll take me justa sec." More or less everything is either pre-cooked, where it can be, or in the process of cooking where it can't, so there's not a great wait on prep. It's mostly presentation and delivery. She starts assembling the tray, and soon, given the task at hand, calls Rogue for an assist! "Get me a sausage, and another pretzel and..." She's shifted back to the pancake stand, since those do need to be prepared on the spot, the little patties tossed into sizzling oil! Sizzle sizzle. Other items, like some of the long-roasting meat dishes, she just has to go and slice off a piece. So, bit by bit, the mighty plate is assembled. When it's finally presented?

"Here you are. We've got: Roast chicken, Schweinebraten, Schweinshaxe, Wurstl, Kasespatzle, the wonderful Reiberdatschi that lovely Kitty is enjoying, and finally, the pretzels. All topped with plenty of our special apple-flavor sauerkraut, mustard, applesauce, and your other fixings as necessary." She has to pause to take a breath! "And of course, your beer." He gets the warmest tap, for the True Connoisseurs.

It's only when she's handled all her WORK that she can get back to Scott. Hopefully he's made some progress in that beer! "Oh, I'm having a blast. Me and Rogue are knocking it out of the park back here."

Peter Parker has posed:
Following along with Gwen, Peter settles onto a seat at the table with Colleen, soon to be joined by Kitty. He laughs softly and shakes his head at Kitty. "We go way back," he says, by way of explanation, as he finally manages to finish chewing the food. "But, you know recently decided..." He looks over at Gwen, smiling warmly at her. "It's a long story, I suppose, but..." he reaches out to run a hand briefly along her arm, before turning back to Kitty. "A good one, to be sure."

He offers a smile to Colleen as well. "A pleasure to meet you, as well." Then he takes a sip from his beer. Apparently, having learned enough lessons from Gwen, he is letting her do the talking. Safer that way.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's all kinds of commotion going on. Rahne growly under a table. "It's only a problem if she's out of beer!" Tabby yells out while idly swaying to polka music playing to those peeking under the abyss. Elsewhere there's a yell of Hey, watch it!" as a full hand gets slapped and food goes flying.

This results in a foot of oily bratworst managing to land in possibly the safest spot ever.

Tabitha's cleavage.

It'd probably be a problem if she wasn't a pyro plasmakinetic. But the power set comes with heat immunity. Oil stains and grease however still make their mark as Tabby looks down, then up, then rolls her eyes while many a person cheer at the lucky shot.

They won't be getting the sausage back.

Free food is free food

Henry McCoy has posed:
A raise of his drink again to Scott, before Henry tips it back. Warm. German. Beer. Take that, Rogue! He looks quite pleased with the flavor, a bit of foam giving him a white 'stashe. Nothing to be done about that, at the moment. "Jean, you've blessed me with this fine fare - thank you. Do pass along my compliments to the chef?" Frozen, pre-made - he doesn't care. He's hungry! As he nears the table, his other arm laden with plates of food, he looks for a good seat - without trapping those under the table. He hears you, Rhane!

<<Japanese is quite the lovely languag on the ear. Did someone mention a dojo? What style do you teach?>> Henry's Japanese is excellent - he's quite fluent. A smile to Betsy and Colleen, almost apologetic. "Sorry for jumping in... I love linguistics."

Finding a seat (and table space for all that food!), Henry settles in. "I recall the discussion. I am sure there are some methods that can be used for frights and fun along the route, Kitty. Any number of animatronics or even holographic spooks!" He beams, quite excited at the though of a haunted house.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne's eyes narrow. If Nori says one more word, ONE MORE WORD, offers her a dog bone or anything, she's gonna do somethin. Not sure what, but somethin.


Won't be here long, eh? "Damn right ye wonna," she slurs, and then she tackles Nori out from under the table.

Soft were-form gives her speed and agility. Nori's got speed and 'tricity. But Rahne's drunk, and no longer in the mood to be sweet and light.

Fight in front of the Xavier's booth! Down in the dirt, too!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had smirked at Kitty's shouted comment and whistle toward her a few minutes ago, but now, after finishing some conversations, and a bit of flirting she's on her way back to the booth... But, first, she bends her knees and jumps effortlessly up on to one of the tables, now standing tall upon it between the people all facing each other on the long picnic table, the Belle just struts down along it, her wedge heeled boots clicking on the wood as she bends down, again, and again, picking up empties and holding them balanced with grace upon her serving tray.

Scoop. Bend. Scoop. Bend. Strut strut strut. The Belle reaches the far side of the table then, and drops down to the ground again, with a flare of her short skirts around her thighs. She blows a kiss to everyone over her shoulder, then ends up with Jean again.

"One sausage. Comin' right up." She says in a saucy tone of voice, because she can never not be like that.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty gives a wave of her hand towards Betsy and says in Japanese, "Not excluded. The Professor grilled me extra hard in Japanese before my first trip there," she tells the other woman. It'll probably be easy enough for Betsy to read between the lines and deduce the Professor implanted knowledge of Japanese into Kitty's brain for an X-men mission there. Or just pick that fact up from Kitty's thoughts directly.

The excitement that Hank shows for the idea gets a grin from Kitty. She kind of figured he'd probably enjoy it. "I'll stop by and we can make some plans," she says. "Maybe we can get... Jonathan Silvercloud to help with fabricating some of it," she says. Using Forge's real name instead of calling him 'Forge' right there in front of everyone who doesn't know about the school's true nature.

Kitty looks back to Gwen then and says, "So, Gwen, what are you up to these days? Are you in school or working, or what?"

Colleen Wing has posed:
Colleen wraps an arm about Kitty's shoulders and snugs her in a moment. Her eyes fall upon Noriko and she blinks.. then Noriko is hiding again. Well, that's a thing. She smiles a little more as she hears Hank speaking Nihongo. <<"Platitudes are baked in to my culture.">>

The oversized stein is brought back to her lips and she drinks. It's not whisky like at Luke's bar but it's still nice. Who knew she'd run in to so many ninja-types on a trip to Oktoberfest though. "Karate, Jujitsu, Kempo, Kenjutsu... if it's Japanese I'm likely teaching it."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
If Noriko weren't so busy trying to overhear all this Japanese being said, words which are of no consequence to her, if she didn't literally pause as she was spying on Colleen, maybe she'd have seen the were-tackle coming.  She'd definitely be able to do something about it, but the speedster just isn't thinking hey Rahne is going to /tackle/ me.

So when Rahne makes contact there's a sudden burst of buzzy electricity that comes with it.  The glass stein in her gauntlet cracks and shatters before it hits the ground and Noriko scrambles at normal speed.  She tries to reach out and grab Rahne's arm but it's so weird trying to keep this speed and how it's coming so slowly but also fast in a way, as if it is weirding up her orientation.  She starts breathing like a hummingbird and looks to see if Rahne is okay inside the moment after her electric burst all while leaving herself wide open

Jean Grey has posed:
Being that she runs a school, Jean is somewhat familiar with being immersed in an environment of total chaos. Why, there was the Great Food Fight of '16, they lost several good teachers in that one...

Also, now there's beer.

And Rogue's stretching the boundaries of PG-13 runway routine. She may get a liiiiittle distracted, between the woman's return stops to the booth.

Ultimately, her role today is purveyor of tasty treats and liquid refreshment, not disciplinarian, so when there's a sudden POUNCE of Rahne and a subsequent jumbled tumble, she glances after them, watching them bounce along the grassy park ground... but doesn't promptly leap to intervene. Ah! Fall! Such nice weather!

PNo, really, she's not TOTALLY disengaged. "Hey you two! Play nice!" See? She shouts! She's doing something. She can go from beer saleswoman voice to angry teacher voice pretty quick. However, there's no further intervention (other than maybe the surreptitious self-removal of the broken stein), giving them a moment or two to settle whatever disagreement as youngsters are wont to do.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy's brought up short by Hank *and* Kitty both expressing fluency, looking almost a little alarmed. Bloody inconvenient when you're trying to be discreet in public... still, she manages to make it look lile mild surprise rather than momentary alarm, and flashes another here-and-gone smile. "But I will make a point of--" Betsy's head turns to the table a moment before Rahne and Noriko explode out from under it. Much like Jean, Betsy doesn't seem over-concerned with stopping the tussle. She *does* use the cover of it to bring her beer winging over from the tent while no one's looking at her, and takes a few healthy swigs rather than repeating her party trick from before.

"<<Noriko! Honor demands your victory!>>" she says, projecting her voice firmly. "<<And I have five dollars on you getting the pin,>>" she adds, and looks around to see if anyone nearby is gonna take her up on that action!

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne ends up on top of Noriko, which BETSY clearly didn't see coming! She has her hands on Nori's shoulders, mounted on top, and snarls menacingly. Before hauling off and punching Noriko right across the chops, making the girl likely spit blood.

Is it weird that Noriko's the calm, composed one at the moment? Or is it just me?

Unfortunately Rahne's style is all ferocity and no skill, she's wide open to whatever Nori chooses to do to her. Off-balance and angry.



Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just leaning against the counter and enjoying a fourth of a sausage on the end of a plastic fork. She's just chewing and watching Nori and Rahne do what they do on the grass in front of the Xaviers beer booth.

Jean's here, she can shut them down and erase all the Muggles memories here if needs be.

"Go for a reverse down dog arm lock move." Rogue says, having completely just made that up.

Sausage chew, stares.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's another raucus cheer!

The bratwurst has disappeard and Tabby seems to maybe have swallowed the thing whole. The girl even managing to keep it down while she stuggles. "Thank flark it wasn't a cheese kranski!" she states and uses her beer to wash the drink down.

Of course there's a groan as a foot of intact sausage is not meant to be eaten without the use of that trick people do with their teeth called chewing.

So unlady like!

At least now she can get rid of the oil on her chest with a napkin.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde motions over to Betsy as the woman wants to bet on Noriko. Kitty's not going to let her New Mutant friend go unsupported. She still kind of owes them that for the X-babies comment. "I've got Rahne," she replies to Betsy. "But, um, let's not get anyone arrested either," she says.

She knows sometimes kids need to work things out. Long as it isn't too bad, Kitty lets it play out a little bit longer.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry nods to Colleen, even as he starts in on his schnitzel. MMmmm... German food. He dabs at his mouth after, clearing the foam moustache he had from the beer as well. "I think there are subtle elements of everything in Japanese, truth be told. There is quite a bit of nuance to be found in the language." A smile.

Then there's a crash. Teens rolling out from under the table. Rahne and Noriko in a tussle!

At first it looks like happy rough-housing, but then there's growling and a punch to the face. That's no longer kosher, to Henry.

If Jean's Teacher voice doesn't snap Rahne out of it, perhaps his growly deep voice will get through. "Rahne, enough!"

He looks pained - pained at the clear anger on Rahne's face, and pained that he might have to dislodge himself from his meal!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko wasn't expecting that.  When Rahne looked okay, Nori busied herself looking back at Colleen, who knows her name, yes even with Rahne having her pinned.  Hubris demands that she thought she had more time.  It's easy to be calm when you feel that fast, even if Nori's been letting Rahne get the best of her.

The slam of Rahne's fist wakes something up in Noriko.  Blood spatters her lips, a familiar taste of violence long slumbering.  In a SNAP, Noriko has pulled off her gauntlet and wails a hook into Rahne hard enough to /displace her/.  It doesn't help that it comes with a little ball of stunning level charge either.

"Get off of me and take your period out on someone else."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Henry's words don't penetrate. There's something going on in Rahne, something that has a dark source and a place in her heart. She's got both hands up, ready to bring them down on Noriko's face, when she sees those dark eyes look back up at her.

The light sparking between them is blinding, for a moment, and then Rahne's back hits the ground a metre away. She coughs, trying for breath! She blinks.


Fight seems to be over? Or...is it? What?

She's...giggling. Rahne rolls onto one side, giggling, and then starts laughing with her face in the dirt. She leans up onto one elbow, and gives Noriko a thumbs-up. Laughing like she's gonna pee herself.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Don't encourage them!" Jean chides Rogue, turning her head to give her a suitably admonishing look... while leaning to give her another light hip-check beneath the counter.

Despite the brawl happening in front of them, with the rush of orders finally handled, things are actually comparatively calm for them in the booth. And it really isn't that Jean's blase about this. It's that they've got a whole troop of teachers here, all of them very well qualified to handle the situation. Meanwhile? Jean's been on a long shift and needs a break! So, leaving Rogue briefly to watch the 'kids,' she pivots over to the beer taps and gets to pouring another tall mug-full... this time with no customer in mind. Nope, this one is destination: Jean's mouth. She takes a first sip still near the tap, getting a little of the froth on her lip, before returning to the front of the booth to check on the hopefully non-mortal combat.

Looks like they've got Hank on it, with Betty and Kitty on back up. And conflcit resolution is actually in Kitty's job description!

"I wonder if Xavier ever felt like this with us," she muses. "Probably." And then Rahne is... laughing? "See? Worked itself out." Jean sips her beer. She's so good at her job!

Betsy Braddock has posed:
How did Betsy get all the way from the table with Kitty, Colleen and Hank, to over by the girls? Admittedly she's a little too thrilled with a fight breaking out to take it too seriously at first, but Hank's stentorian voice snaps her into action once blood flies and powers are used.

She's there, then she's *over there*, moving fleetly and near-invisibly (as only a psychic ninja can!), appearing a little abruptly next to Noriko and Rahne and projecting absolute, icy menace around her. Noriko and Rahne are treated up close and personal to the difference between 'I wanna kill that girl' and 'I'm gonna kill you girls'.

Despite Jean's indifference, Betsy intercedes nonetheless. "The next person who raises a hand, I will knock you into a coma so hard that you won't wake up until finals," she informs them in a low and dangerously controlled voice. "Especially using powers in public. Break it up," she says, mostly to Noriko-- because Rahne's having a fit of drunken giggles.

Betsy gives Jean an exasperated look across the gap and makes a face, perfectly agreeing with the redhead's sentiment.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Oh. Her neighbors are fighting. One is on the ground giggling and the other took the gloves off. "Okay, we totally should get more alcohol into Rahne. And as much booze as Noriko's stomach can hold and a glass mug or plastic mug!" she points out as she shows off her own massive mug.

It's a pitcher. Just shaped like a mug. "These women need beer!" she calls out as she casually steps between the fighting girls. Or formerly fighting. This may or may not have been decides.

Tabitha is so not qualified.

Alison Blaire has posed:
Alison Blaire, the Dazzler, has a set up a little stage. It's not some international concert style, but a more intimate, thing to suit the venue. There's a band with her, a young fella on drums, a lady on bass, and another lady on guitar, with Allison carrying one herself as she finally comes through the crowd. Smiling to a few of her friends, waving to someone who recognizes her with a grin.

She hops up the few steps and heads over for the mic.

"Evening everybody. I'm Allison Blaire." One hand half wrapped around the mic, she laughs to herself, "I've always wanted to do that. Anyways. This song's called Fly By." It's a song from one of her earlier albums. Which most certainly did not get played with a band.

The drums lead them in, the band keeps a more melodic tempo, with Ali providing a rythme for herself.

~"It's a cold night out here, but we're stuck inside our room.
It's a friendship and laughter on a rainy afternoon.
It's a broken promise, a kiss, and then a wave.
It's the darkest before the flashing morning lights came.

Fly by, tonight.

We'll tell you stories, promise me.

Fly by, tonight.

Dancing happy melodies..
Want to believe the world's a colorufl array.

Fly by...

Baby dance with me today.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith sways. Them hips don't lie like Shakira's tax records. The girl can't help it. Music and booze.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gets up and walks over to Rahne, reaching down to help her up. Kitty looks up as the music starts. "Oooo, Alison is singing," she says to encourage Rahne back to her feet and over to the table. "I didn't know she was doing this," she says.

Taking a seat again, Kitty looks to make sure Rahne is ok and then focuses on Dazzler's singing. The rest of her potato pancake is eaten as she listens, swaying back and forth a little in time to the music, an arm going around Colleen's shoulders.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just shoots a grin over to Jean before she sets that fork down under the counter and comes back up to go toward the drinks. "Fine..." She says with a sigh before going to make a couple more beers when she sees some people at their table signaling her with some hand gestures.

With the fresh steins picked up, the Belle walks back out behind Jean, moving past her, and giving a glance to the fighters, before she looks to the stage to see Dazzler up there now. "Finally, some non-German music...." She groans softly before going to the two men in those weird suspender outfits to serve them their big drinks and gather up their empties. She's spending some time there chatting them up as Dazzler starts her song, and Rogue whistles loudly, approvingly.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Keen ears. "Yes, he did." Henry comments to Jean, extracting himself from his seat to move over towards Noriko and the giggling Rahne. There's no malice or intimidation, just a regular stroll over towards the site of the scuffle. A nod of thanks to Betsy, her speediness always welcome in situations such as this. His timbre has changed in his voice as well, kneeling down near Nori.

"Are you all right, Norikio? You took a good one unexpectedly." He says, gauging her injuries - trying to make sure they are superficial and not anything to be concerned over.

There's a lift of his nose towards Rahne as Kitty gets her up. "She's got the aroma of a lot of beer on her. She might be over her limit." He says, quietly. No need to get people in trouble! "Rahne, are you all right? Hurt?" He asks, offering a hand to Noriko to help her up if she likes.

Alison's song is not missed, the man tapping his foot - it's good music!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I guess...that tickled?"  Noriko just sort of shrugs back at Rahne's thumbs up.  She'll take it.  When Betsy uses what Noriko perceives as some kind of tone, Nori's already on her feet, not seeing Hank's offer.  Her brow wrinkles into a hard line and her lower lip juts out just slightly.  "What do you think I'm trying to do?!"  For a moment, she's forgotten she's underage at Oktoberfest right in front of a horde of teachers.  "Fuck."  In front of her boss.  "Fuck fuck."  For a moment.

"If I had used my powers in public uselessly she never would have laid a finger on me, but clearly she just needed it," or something.  Noriko can't understand why she instinctually thinks Rahne might need a scuffle like a her needing a run, but she does, and when it comes out, it feels right.  Noriko grumbles sourly.  "Where's the food?  My cover's blown!" she announces to no one even though there is food everywhere.  That's everone's queue to eat now or forever go hungry.

Finally though, her brain hops back to Hank.  He's there, still there.  Oh yeah.  "Yeah I'm just really hungry."  Of course she came for the food.  There's some abrasions, some tumbling with the glass, but Noriko doesn't even notice it and it's nothing serious.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne's helped up. She's not super-fast, but she's got...call it emotional logic. She knows that this has ended on the right note, but also that it has to end. Now. Betsy showing up is the nail in the coffin, and she nods to HER TEACHER.

Then she squeezes Kitt's forearm a moment, saying nothing, and decides..

"Gonna eat somethin. B'fore et's all gone." Which she goes to do, her ears perking up at the sound of music. Not the play, even if it Germany-adjacent.

Sausage. Reminds her of home. But her eyes are on Nori, from time to time. Across the field.

Jean Grey has posed:
With a beer in one hand, Jean lifts the other to give Betsy an encouraging thumbs up. Good job, you're doing great! Way to adult!


All the fuss is more or less overshadowed when Alison takes the stage, and Jean answers her greeting with a spirited "Woo! Dazzle-em, Dazzler!" Then she turns to look over her shoulder at Rogue again. "What, you don't like polka?" she asks, grinning a bit more widely in amusement. "We should get those guys to put on their hottest accordion dance hit, and go out and give everyone a show." These are the sorts of ideas she starts to have when she drinks.

"Well, that was all on you boys," she calls back at Hank, as they're reminiscing. "I certainly don't remember getting in any brawls!" Physical fights? Maybe not. But there's some selective memory at work here, likely ignoring the times when she might have answered a slightly too-spirited prank from Bobby or Warren with some telepathic reprisal. Who doesn't like to spend a day thinking they're a duck?

An interjection: "Language!" But only after Nori's 3rd 'Fuck.' And yet, her own tone quickly pivots to one more understanding and forgiving. "Come on and have something to eat. What do you like? We've got all kinds of stuff."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy's temper is checked by Hank and Jean making more solicitous approaches to the girls, getting them away from each other and putting food in their hands. It's a good thing, too; Noriko's defiant outburst earns her Betsy's *unqualified* attention.

With the situation abated Betsy wrestles her temper under her control again and heads back to the table she had been at. This time, she *does* do her bar trick again, and downs the remainder of the stein. She walks back over to the bar, reaches around, and sets the mug in front of a random tap and pushes the lever to start pulling her pour without waiting for assistance.

And she side-eyes one of those sausages. Sweet delectable protein...

Alison Blaire has posed:
Alison plays through the chorus, hyping up with the band in a very engaging way. Laughing with them, smiling at some of the younger kids present and even holding the mic out for them to sing the words if they seem to know them. "I really always thought that song should have been a slower ballad." She explains into the mic, brushing her blonde hair back with fingers spreading out from the small pink pic she's holding in her right hand.

"Alright, if you know the words sing along."

She begins another one of her earlier songs. This one a much more up-tempo, "I wish I'd brought a trumbone." She says, laughs, and begins to rapidly plucking the cords.

~"Breaking at the seams, I said I'm breaking at the seams.
Party ended six hours ago and I woke up alone again!
Where did the party go, I swear I left it here..
It plum up and left me standing, lights shining on a-

Dear, tell me you wont leave me..
Tell me you wont go.
Tell me every thing you said a lifetime ago.
Tell me the truth, is this my shirt? Does anybody know..

I think the party left me,
The party she'sa gone..
I'm standing up here staring now
Because all the lights are on!"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby grins with the situation well under control. There's more swaying as Ali belts one out. Now there's shoulders rolling as well. Beer drunk and loud WOO sounds let out.

The query about tasty foods for Nori gets a grin and Tabby can't help herself. "Jubilee isn't here so she has to pick something else." she states and laughs while hiding her lips behind glass. How she managed to not get it upside her head yet is a miracle. But it might have something to di with corsets and tiny skirts.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue returns to the Xavier Beer Booth and sets down the empties she gathered up from the table of drunken German-cosplayers. She then appears beside where Jean is, while her eyes go to the separating fighters, and she shows a light smile. "Good job, ya'll." She notes to Betsy and Hank also.

Dazzler gets some applause from the Belle, who cheers a little before folding her arms under her chest. She grins over at Jean. "With Dazz's lovely music goin'? You wanna save our dance numbah for 'polka'?" She inquires with a dramatic sigh, and a exaggerated shake of her head. "Fiiiine. But ya gotta do that mind thing ya do, in order t'keep our coordination on-par. If we're gonna dance, it has t'blow some minds."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
  Dear, tell me you wont leave me..
  Tell me you wont go.
  Tell me every thing you said a lifetime ago.
  Tell me the truth, is this my shirt? Does anybody know..

Kitty Pryde does indeed know the words, and sings along with Dazzler. As do plenty of other people in the crowd. Given it's Oktoberfest and they are selling beer in steins that are gigantic, it's probably not the most musically pleasing rendition that the crowd gives. But hey, they are having fun, and applaud Dazzler when the song concludes.

Kitty puts her fingers between her lips and gives a loud whistle at the end of the song. She grins and takes another drink from her beer, tipping it back, back back and finding it's empty.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko winces as she's called out on her language.  She mouths a 'Sorry' to Jean, but then her brain zeros right back in on the food.  Remember that sausage you were eyeing Betsy?  Noriko doesn't.  One moment it is there, the next it is DEVOURED like it never existed.  The speedster just licks the tips of her fingers delicately before sliding back on her gauntlet.

"Tabitha Smith.  You're too drunk.  Go home.  Start drinking water."  Noriko sighs and then doesn't really wait to be served.  "If it's okay I just-"  She grabs a plate and piles it up with a little bit of everything, not knowing the names of any of it.  "I've never had any of this stuff, except for sausages."  It's an innocent admission.

As if adding insult to injury, Noriko doesn't even pay Betsy another moment's notice after completely talking back to her.  It's as if Betsy has had no consequence on this young woman's life.  The speedster seems to shift through the moment emotionally rather easily, especially as she's already stuffing her face, effortlessly tapping her foot double time to the music.

Henry McCoy has posed:
A nod and a smile is offered to Noriko, the man motioning to the table he just left. "There is plenty there, help yourself - but the chicken schnitzel is mine." He teases, jovially. There are several plates that he brought over, all laden with a sample of each of the delicacies the Festival has. "There's a napkin to help clean up a bit, too." He whispers to her.

Rahne is given a nod as well. "Lots of water, Rahne. Water." He calls over to her. "And bread." Anything to help fill her stomach with something other than beer. She's tiny!

Listening to the music that Alison brought to stage, he dances his way back to the table - giving a wink to Betsy and Jean. "Verbal spats were quite common, along with a few dustups. We were young and learning to love ourselves." Well, at least he was. Self-image was not great for Henry, after the fur incident.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne hums. She willnae sing. Will NAE.


"Does...anybody...know?" She's only human damnit, and that's a catchy song.

But she really does need water, she hears. And bread. And to calm down, so the chill going down her spine from Betsy will gooo awaaaaay...

Aw, she's starting to feel down. Burnt through the alcohol already? That's a fast metabolissibm. Ism.

Shut up, I'm not drunk you're drunk.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Oh, we can do both!" Jean declares, spinning on Rogue again, this time a little more abruptly, stepping toward her and putting her hands on her dirdnl-framed chest. "Dear, tell me you won't leave me," she croons, expressively if not perfect in melody. "Tellll me you won't gooooo." And, yep. Soon enough, she's reaching for Rogue's hands, sweeping her into some kind of dance right there behind the counter.

It's not like they need to keep working since Betsy is just serving herself, now! I see you!

And not just Betsy. "Sure, go on," she tells Noriko, although it's kind of an in-passing permission as she twirls by, now, very much giving up on the devoted beer & sausage purveyor duties in favor of other entertainments. It's a party, and she's not going to miss out completely!

The food booth lacks in space, however, and also boasts threats to careless drunken dancing like VATS OF HOT OIL, so she soon leads their path out from that cullinary prison into the wider fairground, leaving the Betsys and Norikos of the world to descend and devour what remains.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby being told to go home cause she's drunk gets a pout. More so for the water. "But water isn't beer Nori?" she says. "And like why am I doing what you say now I'm off the clock?" Usually it's cause Tabi is on the chore roster. Plus she has the van.

No she didn't drive. She kind of swayed here. And watched the whole Xavier booth get set up and she just drank cause X-Man prerogative.

She does at least know how to help pending hangover friends and snags food for Rahne. All that grease and doughy carbs. They put lining on your stomach! "Sup, you gonna need all this!. There's actually extras for Nori." Drunken ho she may be, she's the friend that holds your hair back when you're hunched over a toilet bowl.

And the swaying hips never stop. Magic Skirt powers conceal all.

Rogue has posed:
With the dancing starting behind the counter, Rogue is starting to laugh and plays along. The ribbons on her forearms and up just past her elbows are flowing as she moves, and sways to the beat of the music and the pace that Jean sets for them. "Okay. I'll admit it. This thing..." Her eyes cast around as she takes in the sight of the festival around them, then looks back toward Jean. "Has been a lot more fun than I thought it would be when it was first pitched at me this mornin'." She says before they're on their way out from behind the counter of the food stall. "Watch our cash drawer!" She shouts back to Bets, whether the Purple Rain can hear them or not....

Rogue is now following Jean where she may be lead. "Where did Scott go anyway?" She asks on the way toward the dancing area, her short dress (thanks Kitty) flowing wildly around her legs as she tries to keep up with the arguably tipsy redhead!

Alison Blaire has posed:
The drunken attempt to keep the words cohesive certainly doesn't seem to phase Alison because this is, in fact, a song meant to be sung by drunk people! She shouts and hoots when the crowd takes over, turning in circles to strum the guitar while her band continues playing with a jovial sort of energy! "Well now, that sounds like the hidden track on my next album to me." letting the crowd dot he singing until she finally cuts back in.

~"So tell me where that party went
We're suppose to leave together!

It's not every day a party steals away
Under cloudy stormy weather!

Why am I standing all alone?!
The party took an airplane out, away from it flies!
There's something simply stunning when a party starts its lies..

So tell me where the party went?
Does anybody know?
When a party runs away, where the hell does it go...
I've seen that party somewhere else,
But it's nowhere near me,
So help me find it baby!
Wait... it's hiding in the trees!"

She points at one of the trees and gasps!

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Ramen turns in Tabitha's grasp, looking where Alison's dindicated. She blinks away the pain from the sudden turn, then whimpers. Oog.

"Take me home," Rahne says to Tabitha. Which is the sad part of drinking. She's not doin her best tonight, and she's ready to go home and sit under a shower and sulk. Or lay in Tabitha's bed and wake up wondering where she is. One of those things will definitely happen.

She leans down, picking at something on the ground, then looks back up. Her head looks like it's gonna fall off, moving a little bit wrong.


Sorry Alison, doesn't look like she's gonna make it.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The beer is finished. That massive mug shapped pitcher her third so that is a lot of beer. Lots of umlauts should be appearing but she can't see them for the swaying of hips.

At least she's fine with helping Rahne stand and move with the little drunken Scotswoman. Who is actually older than Tabby. "Okay, lets get your cute butt home. I've got water and bacon and eggs." she states and gets all supportive friend. Rahne does feel like ramen leaning against her.

There's an eyeroll at Nori. "See I'm going home!" she is far from pissed off, the opposite in fact. If you trip over on the stairs up, that's probably just us having fallen over and playing it where it lays." she says and starts the hike that is getting Rahne Sinclair into a comfy bed.

It probably is Tabby's but Tabby also has a big old couch for crashing herself on.