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Playing Catch Up
Date of Scene: 06 October 2022
Location: Mercy's Garage
Synopsis: Gabby catches up with Mercy to explain what all has been going in with the JLD. Cookies are obtained.
Cast of Characters: Mercy Thompson, Gabby Kinney

Mercy Thompson has posed:
    It's a typical workweek for Mercy right now. Meaning she has a few cars to work on and is doing her best to manage that shop solo. She really needs to find a good helper, even if it is just for the office side of things when she's working. Right now she's under the back end of a VW Bug her legs sticking out of the bay as she fusses on a pretty simple repair job. Nearing the end of it. Her voice can be heard sometimes as she softly talks to the bolts and bits she works with. It may not really help, but it makes her feel better usually. Sometimes it even seems to be what helps.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The sound of the familiar Honda Trail that coasts up might alert Mercy to Gabby's arrival before she ever sees her. It doesn't take long for the sounds in the shop to lead Gabby over to where she was working a few moments later.

Gabby crouches down to peer beneath the car at Mercy with a grin, one hand lifting to pull her hair away from her face so she doesn't end up looking like the creepy Ring girl. "Hey Mercy," she greets warmly. "Been meaning to stop by but it has been hectic lately. You got time for a break? Or I could just help hand you tools, too. I know ..." She pauses looking at the tool cart. "Most of them."

Mercy Thompson has posed:
    The sounds of tools stop, as Mercy takes a beat. Listening to the engine and running it through her mind before she nods and places the Honda's engine. Then she gets back to work, waiting on the young woman herself. "Hi there Gabby. I've mostly bene working and enjoying the success of my custom build." She looks over and says, "well if you want to talk, I'm almost done here. WE can talk while I work on the paperwork and shoot the owner a message." She shakes her head and says, "If you want to learn I can teach you sometime. But I got three other jobs lined up today and got about five total to get done before the weekend." Seems like she's reattaching parts after having finished replacing something on the classic car. "Something up, or did you just miss my sweets?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"... Yes." Gabby answers simply to the set of questions because let's face it, the answer fit both questions. "Nah don't worry about teaching me. I should probably hit up the old man for that as a bonding experience or something. Besides I have a ton on my plate lately as it is and I don't want to get in the way of your work."

Standing again she steps back so that Mercy has plenty of room to move out if she needs. "Figured I should come update you on the whole JLD situation. I've been trying to catch up with everyone I can, but things keep getting busier and busier."

Mercy Thompson has posed:
    "You could always both come over for that. Unless your 'old man' has a set of tools and a garage." Mercy drops the tool on her tummy as she is done and looks to be sure Gabby is clear. "Coming out," she warns before sliding herself out from under the car on the roller.
    The smiling grease smeared face of Mercy shows up, maybe a bit more tanned then before. Not that it is easy to tell on HER darker skin mind you. "All done. I'll meet you in the office." Sitting up and getting to put the tool away before she grabs a cloth to wipe her hands clean. "So," she says as she nears the door to the office. "What is the situation? Seems like the big bad causing us problems just kind of got bored or something. I noticed my key went poof too." She doesn't sound upset about that really.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney thinks on that a long moment. Logan and Mercy meeting. She blinks a few times, and a single shudder runs through her. "No that's okay I have the horrible feeling you two might hook up or something if you met and eeeugh I don't need that mental image." Another shudder comes, tongue stuck out, before it's fully shaken off. "Nothing against you."

Moving to the office she waits for Mercy, nodding a bit. "Yeah our fearless leaders did one big last push and managed to seal the rift it came in through. Then Jon decided he was going to go explore other dimensions. And Rien and Chas kind of hooked up and ran off together to explore their feelings. They told me right before they left." It's here she pauses with a light clearing of her throat. "So I kind of picked up the peices and started running things. The Velvet Room still had lingering influences of The Rot that you dealt with here so it kind of went up in flames. Hellfire. Aaand then I had to run around trying to find help with leading, and catch up on all the recruits that those three had been keeping an eye on but not reached out to."

Mercy Thompson has posed:
    "Isn't your father like really old?" Mercy won't pressure Gabby however as she gets up to her true arch enemy in the office. Paperwork! Worse is when Paperwork teams up with Computers! Then it's almost more then she can handle. "No wonder hooking up is on your mind if that's what has happened," Mercy doing some cheap psych 101 from collage on Gabby's earlier reaction being an effect of the JLD dynamics. She starts to write in paper and poke at the computer but it is clear Gabby has most of Mercy's attention.
    "I won't miss the Velvet Room. Felt more like a trap then a refuge in a storm to me. Just glad nobody seems to be caught in it." Looking up at Gabby she asks, "New recruits? You mean beside Sprite?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney lifts a hand to wave dismissively at that. "So was Rien, she was what, in her eighties? Did she look it? Our healing factor locks us in at our prime age or something and we age really, really slowly after that. And as much as I don't like to admit to such things, dad's got this weird animal magnitism about him." Her tongue sticks out again. Though she does have to nod and admit, "Maybe that's why I'm thinking such things."

"And yeah, besides Sprite. Pixie wanted me to meet a friend of hers that's the son of some death god or something. He calls himself a necromancer but says he doesn't focus on raising the dead, only putting them to rest. Also reached out to Zatanna, the Constantines, and Jason Blood who were on the list of 'heavy hitters' that apparently had fallen out with the JLD. Most all of them have agreed to come help if needed. Sara's back from her police stuff so she's the other leader, and I reached out to a retired witch that came out of retirement to help. Nettie Crowe."

"Right now we've started using Nettie's book and tea shop as a place to organize. No astral rooms, but she's got training rooms in the back and stuff."

Mercy Thompson has posed:
    "But it's good to know you're gonna have that to look forward to," Mercy offers about the whole longer lived then a normal human. "I got -no- idea on what my life expectancy is. I'm at least not stuck with a coyote's life cycle, because I'm passed that." Mercy laughs and says, "What you think his animal magnetism will make me stuck to him like a fridge?" Trying to help make Gabby smile a bit more.
    The mention of a necromancer gets Mercy to put on a bit of a poker face some before she realizes that's as much a tell as anything. "I haven't met most of those. Did meet a friend of Chimp's recently. Big guy with real whopper of a right hand." Holding her's up to make a fist. "Had a little ghost trouble in the subways that we all happened to meet upon." Mercy's trouble magnet feature at work. "Who's Sara?" Because the name is news to her. "And what sort of witch," because magic is odd around Mercy. "Does this Nettie work her magic in her book and tea shop? I mean I am all for some tea and love a good book. But if this is a place she does spells or anything, may be best I stay away from it." Mercy doesn't like messing up stuff on accident. Doing it on purpose is fine however.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney snorts a bit at that only to shake her head. "Or vice versus," she remarks of the fridge. "Anyway off that topic." She does at least grin in amusement over the whole thing. It was her fault for bringing it up to begin with. Sometimes her mind tended to wander.

"Oh, that sounds like Red. Nice guy for a demon," Gabby has to admit with a solemn nod. "Sara Pezinni. She was one of the original three before Chas was brought in to help lead. A police officer, and she's got this magical weapon that merged with her called the Witchblade."

The last question has Gabby pause in thought. "I don't know what kind of witch. I know she has a ward on the shop itself, and that she's trained other magic users before. The rooms she has in the back are training spaces for such things. Probably could get a better answer directly from her. Part of why I asked her back was the training situation however. We have so many new members that want to learn how to use what they have, and *I* sure can't help that."

Mercy Thompson has posed:
    "Funny. Red is what he told me to call him, but he didn't really smell like a demon. Not like the guy with the car umm... Robbie?" She only met him once. Far as the cop goes she has to ask, "and she's okay with those of us who aren't exactly a normal human?" She knows the world has mutants and all. While how society treats them is just garbage, there always seems to see more then a few that take the word 'supernatural' to mean 'monster' which is a toe step away from 'kill em all' thinking often.
    "Do me a favor then please Gabby? Oh fearless leader. Go ahead and ask what her ward is set to, tell me the name of the shop, and see if she's okay with someone who makes magic freak out coming by. I am not against meeting her, but I'd hate for my weirdness to wreck her stuff." As far as the other topic, "If I can help with training, I'm willing. I am a good tracker, and not bad at teaching people to listen to their senses."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins in amusement at that. "There's different kind of demons so far as I understand it. The one posessing Robbie is a demon in the sense of a damned creature type thing. Red is a high demon, but he was raised in this world by humans. He's choosing his own path. As for Sara, yeah. Part of the reason she stepped down for awhile is because her abilities came to the attention of her superiors and they created some kind of special team to deal with magic stuff and put her in charge because they realize regular laws can't really work against other things sometimes." A pause, before she adds, "That sounds bad I guess, but Sara's good about it."

The question earns a long thought thoughs he has to nod in agreement. "Good point. I'll check that out with her. The shop is the Candle, Booke and Belle out in Manhattan." Another grin comes as well. "I'd love your help with training, too. You've helped me a lot, and I know you helped Cael. There's always going to be those of us that need training in things."

Mercy Thompson has posed:
    Mercy is still working through all the paperwork as they been talking and has to turn her back on Gabby a bit to put some stuff on the wall behind her. Moving some things from 'pending' to 'complete' as she gets ready to pull the next one. "Well I hope we don't run into too many more werewolf problems. But of course I'll help out where I can Gabby. Not sure how much I can, but I will do my part." She stretches a bit and flexes her arm, "I've been taken lessons with the Amazons to help with when nasties show up to kill me. Can't be too careful after all." She leans onto the counter toward Gabby to relax a moment. "I'll not step foot into that shop then for this Nettie's sake until she's sure it will be save. Bad to make a first impression by walking into her shop and making her ward go kabloey or worse turn into a monster magnet instead of a bug zapper."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney crinkles a bit at that in apparent agreement over the sentiment. "Yeah I had someone walk in on my re-enchantment of my claws the other night and nearly ruin it because they were playing a prank with some magic. Tore into them pretty heavy about it," she admits sheepishly. It wasn't often she lost her temper to the point of that.

"Okay, I'll check with Nettie on that, and get back to you. We can always figure out something else as well. Just... I don't want to lose touch either or anything, Mercy. So we'll make something work." Grinning again she bounces on her feet. "I'll let you get back to work for now. I've still got a ton of things to catch up on. No rest for the wicked, right? Or something like that."

Mercy Thompson has posed:
    Mercy reaches under the counter, kind of like one may for a gun. "You know where to find me Gabby. I've heard of this place for people like us in Gotham. Figure I may go take a trip there and check it out as well." She nods her head and looks to the garage, "yeah I should really get back to work. Thanks for stopping by and here." She pulls something out quick and then tosses it fast at Gabby. She knows the girl has reflexes. "Think fast. Something for your troubles." Inside the ziplock baggie is about three peanut butter cookies with a chocolate square on top. "Also, we need plans for Halloween." WIth that Mercy turns to grab a new set of keys and head to the garage. "Now that Mercedes's break is done, I have some breaks to replace on a Mercedes. Funny how that worked out." Playing off her own name

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney reaches up to snag the bag of cookies out of the air without issue and she grins brooadly at the sight of just what it is. "Have I mentioned lately how awesome you are, Mercy?" Grinning ear to ear she nods again. "Yeah there's some places out there. If you run into a girl named Phoebe, she's good people. Friend of mine," she assures, "And not with the JLD."

With that she heads out waving over her shoulder. "Don't work too hard! See ya!"