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The Mysterious Red Hood
Date of Scene: 17 February 2020
Location: Sheldon Park - Bleake Island
Synopsis: Red Hood attempts to take over a small Gotham gang, but Wonder Woman, Kitty Pryde, Kaida Connolly, and Deadpool arrive to put the gang down instead.
Cast of Characters: Jason Todd, Diana Prince, Kitty Pryde, Kaida Connolly, Wade Wilson

Jason Todd has posed:
    It's approaching dusk in the city of Gotham, and some would think the public knows what that can mean. Already some people are moving faster, eyes darting to and fro as though seeking out something that has them in a panic. Gunshots, tires screeching, yells that are angry but hardly audible... all of these are common enough throughout the day in the area known as the Cauldron. But at night, when the activity really ramps up, these sounds can even keep the greenest of cops at bay. It's no wonder that people on the street want to clear out. No one wants to be caught in the crossfire of a gang war.

    One man, head covered in a strangely-shaped mask, seems to be the exception. He's calm in stride, hands in his pockets, jacket flapping lightly in time with his movements. Underneath the Red Hood, Jason Todd's eyes are focused and steady, and even though he's been away from Gotham for a spell, his feet find their way without too much issue. He seems to be heading for the warehouses traditionally known to be held by Falcone, Akron Avenue drawing him to it like a magnet. However, he's not aiming for any of the massive warehouses. Not tonight. He knows there's a process to follow, and that process requires him to start small.

    A small warehouse, offset from the street and reached only via alleyway. The young man slips into the alley, then silently pushes into the warehouse proper. The sounds of others moving inside do a good job of covering the small sound of the door clicking shut behind him, and the further sound of handcarts and forklifts do nothing but amplify the echoing speech of the small gang that is shipping illegal weapons in Falcone's backyard.

    "Let's get these guns movin', boys, ain't got all day! Shippin' for Metro in two hours, and boss ain't gonna be happy if we botch this up again."

    Amateurs. All of them. Probably a couple dozen at best count. The warehouse is well light with a flood of white-yellow light, and the various boxes stamped with largely irrelevant names for fake businesses to conceal what they actually are: assault rifles and ammunition. And a not insignificant amount of them. When Jason had happened upon the place earlier in the day, it had not been so lively, though it had been guarded. Perhaps that's why there are so many, perhaps the entirety of the small gang that calls the warehouse home.

    And it seemed they had a contact in Metropolis. None of Jason's concern, clearly, but perhaps someone would be a bit more interested in that fact.

    The red-masked former Robin stalks through the warehouse, making his way across it and counting the thugs. Each of them is toting one of their own rifles, sling haphazardly across their bodies. Truly amateurish. He could likely take them all out silently, and no one would know until their Metropolis contact got suspicious or the rent came due and the landlord came to find a massacre. However, that wouldn't work for Jason. Oh no. So when the first shot from one of his Jericho 941 pistols rings out, and the accompanying scream splits the air, he steps out into the open, holding both guns out and beginning the rather quick process of kneecapping a handful of the struggling thugs. He draws attention in a hurry, raising his hands as guns turn on him. "Calm down, boys, I'm here for business. And you're gonna hear me out, or you're gonna bleed out here." Guns cock, but the leader of this group, a portly man who was acting as the foreman for their movements tonight, holds up a hand. "Who the hell're you supposed to be? You with Falcone?"

    No doubt the loud echoing of his gunshots was enough for supers or anyone else monitoring the area to pick up on, and the rapid silence that would seem to fall outside might be worth investigating!

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana was in Gotham on a personal task to meet up with a street level hero who was operating in the city but was a contact to the Justice League. She'd just wrapped up with him when she was on her way out... the gunshots were picked up by her jet's monitoring systems and they're brought up on the holographic screens to her right. "I see it." Diana replies to the jet's A.I. system.

The jet is manipulated by the Amazon's controls within its cabin and the invisible craft zips through the sky toward where the presumed gun fight is breaking out.

It only takes a matter of moments to arrive before the Jet's auto pilot takes over for the Warrior Princess who moves through the Jet's interior now to the aft of the craft where she commands the hatch to open. She steps out and slips into the night of Gotham!

Diana descends and appears upon the edge of a nearby building. Her dark hair loose about her shoulders, whipping in the cold winter winds. Her senses come to life, scanning for the combat, for the fight, for the sounds of people shouting, anything that will lead her straight to the action in time to assist or end whatever nefarious deeds may be unfolding!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's flight had been diverted from New York due to inclement weather in the area. After circling for awhile the plane was finally redirected to Gotham, of all places. Well, the HyperLoop would provide a rapid trip back up to The City, from where she could catch an Uber back to Westchester.

While she's here though, she might as well eat. Kitty caught a ride, but unfortunately the driver didn't know where, "That little Italian place with the awning out front with white and blue stripes, over on Bleake Island, you know the one with the amazing chicken alfredo" was. And so they are driving around the Island looking. The driver doesn't seem to mind, he's making money by the minute. Kitty's looking out the windows for signs of it as they go from one Italian restaurant to another as found by her phone.

The sound of gunfire draws the attention of both. The driver is starting to speed up, while Kitty says, "Stop here! Let me out. And then get out of here!" The driver stops the car and she hops out throwing her light bag over her shoulder. Glad she shipped her other things separately. Once she's out of the car she listens, gets her bearings, and then heads towards the warehouse that the gunfire is coming from.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Sadly, Kitty's driver was one street over from the Italian place. It was pretty good Chicken Alredo. Not exactly amazing. It was also partially stolen but then people tended not to properly pay attention to a mouse making an order and also they also tended not to give out charity. So, while an old woman demands to speak to a manager about why in the world her chicken alfredo wasn't ready when she arrived, a small mouse girl idly sits on a fire escape to the right of the place with a fresh thing of chicken alfredo.

She idly slurps more of it down only to blink at the sound of gunshots and then in a rather fast blur scarfs down half the tray before looking at the rest and letting out a melancholy sigh, "You were not the best dear alfredo, but you were good." She then uses a napkin to rub her face clean before leaping to the ground, sword drawn.

"Darn Gotha, was told they had SUCH good Alfredo and I come here and it isn't even good and people shoot each other and bah!" She then races off with sword drawn for Jason's location.

Wade Wilson has posed:
Gunfire, you say? Why that's the siren call of a certain red clad hero. Unfairly derided by the media, he lives with a little old lady sometimes and definitely has a dead uncle. Probably more than one. Is it his fault they're dead? He won't say. He just says 'Burglar' whenever you ask. But that may be because you asked him at a McDonald's.

Yes, it's your friendly neighborhood Spid - Wait, wait, I'm being informed it's someone else. Dead...pool? What kind of stupid name is that? Is he a super powered pool full of dead people? Does he play billiards?

This script is crap.

Anyway, Deadpool is here. He's not far away when the gunfire starts, because he is haggling with a street vendor. You'd think the katana and machine gun on his back would be persuasive but nooooooooooooooo. The sound of bullets makes Deadpool cock his head like a corgi hearing jingling keys. "Hold on, Vlad, we have to interrupt our recreation of 'Fiddler on the Roof' for these important messages. There is violence in the air. Sweet, sweet violence. And I must sniff it! To the Deadpoolmobile!"

Jason Todd has posed:
    Diana Prince, with her sharpened senses as an Amazon, would no doubt be able to pick up on the echoing pained sounds of the Red Hood's now-gimped victims. Or perhaps the booming, if muffled, voice of the foreman making demands of Jason's identity. What she might not hear is the crisp reply from the red-masked man. "Falcone? Ha, you wish. Falcone probably has no idea about your small-time operation here, and if he does, probably ain't concernin' him much. Nah, I'm here on personal business. Lemme break it down for ya." If she does hear that, perhaps she would be able to take it as what it is: the potential outbreak of a gang war in Gotham. What a shock, right? However, the Red Hood seems to be alone, though the foreman doesn't rule out him having backup, scattering his forces to canvas every nook of the warehouse. Suits Jason just fine. He can track them easily enough. "So, you ain't Falcone's. Who you with, then?" The Red Hood offers a chuckle and shrug, then glances to one side, though his mask shows none of it. "I'm my own boss, Boss," he says, before raising one of his guns to the side and, seemingly, taking a blind shot. A thug who had taken a bead on him drops, gasping from a gutshot. "Really? You all even know how to use those damn things? Idiots..."

    Kitty's approach, and Kaida's and Diana's for that matter, are completely unknown to the Red Hood. He didn't set up anything outside, as he thought the most he would draw tonight would be a beat cop or two to send back to headquarters wounded. Little does he know the force converging on him now.

    The foreman glares at him, and starts to gesture, but Jason shakes his head. "Don't do it," he says, "I can take out your entire crew without breakin' a sweat. Lemme make my offer before you go gettin' your men killed, eh?" The foreman is sweating now, as though the boast was getting through. Perhaps the 'blind' shot and the man weezing and trying to cling to life is causing him to question just how skilled the man in front of him is. "I ain't in charge, man, gotta talk to the boss. Make your pitch, though. You got a couple minutes 'fore the boys here light your ass up. I'd hate for the boss to pass on someone of your caliber, though."

    His caliber? If only they knew about the caliber of those now moving in. Lots of those with powers, unlike Jason's peak human skills. Maybe the foreman would open up on him if he knew what was in store. Even if they get away from the Red Hood, could they escape all the others? Who knows.

    "Good man," he says, "Here's my pitch. You all join me, and give me these weapons, or I wipe your gang off the map. Your boss is already dead, by the way. Took him out on my way in tonight." The foreman recoils, and Jason shakes his head. He knows what's coming, and he taps something inside his jacket with the butt of one of his guns the moment the foreman's hand falls. "Lyin' prick! Get 'im boys!"

    There's a bang outside the warehouse, on the fuse box connected to the building no less, and immediately the entire area goes dark. Gunshots, automatic gunfire this time, explodes into the air, bullets ripping through boxes and flesh as screams of pain erupt all around the warehouse. For his part, Jason has night vision. He's already out of the way, unknown to the mooks, and all they're hitting is each other. Might be time for the heroes to come to the rescue! But... what waits in the darkness, really?

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana does hear the voice sand she leaps in to responding to them. Starting across the top of the building she's on she rushes to where the voices are originating from. With a leap down from the building the princess' boots impact with the cold concrete of the dirty Gotham infrastructure. She lands solidly and starts to hoof it the rest of the way to where they can be heard, but she stops when she sees the lights in the building go out... her hands move to her back to unsheath her shield and sword...

A moment later and a very new version of the Kool-Aid man's approach to entering a building comes from the Princess who leaps through a visibly weather-weakened spot on the building, crushing it inward and holding her shield up to shove the debris and filth away onto the floor before her.

With automatic gunfire going off already, Diana rushes toward it and tries to find the first gunman, and that first gunmen she finds firing into the darkness is suddenly collided into from behind, sending him flying forward across the ground after being thoroughly shield based by the Princess!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde rushes towards the warehouse, arms pumping and her bag's strap slung across her body to keep it behind her and out of the way. The sound of conversation is lost on her, but the gunfire that ensues is not.

Kitty phases at the first sound of fire, and stays that way as she approaches to the sound of automatic weapons. "Great. Back in the States an hour. Probably The Punisher with my luck," she mutters to herself as she slows, reaching the warehouse. She sticks her head through the wall to peek inside, but only sees darkness lit by the gunfire.

Kitty pulls her head back just in time to hear a crash as something seems to hit a wall elsewhere on the warehouse. "Oh criminy," she mutters to herself and then walks through the wall inside. She gets her bearings during a flash of gunfire and moves behind some crates, then pauses there to try to tell what is going on and how is shooting at whom.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Darkness?! Ha! That means little to one who is one with the night...sorta. I mean, she just has really good hearing and a sense of smell that rivals, well, a mouse. She isn't really sure who the good guys or the bad guys are though. She saw things just briefly before the lights went out and now she can only make out shadows, noises and scents. Of course, she didn't see any cops in that group so that means everyone here who is shooting is potentially bad. So, she rushes in to try to put a stop to things.

A couple of very unfortunate thugs are likely to be really upset by something. What? They honestly don't know. Her blade slices right for the back of their ankles, if it connects it slices easily through their shoes. Lucky for them, it does no harm whatsoever to their flesh. However, it does feel just like someone or something sliced right through the back of their ankles (and their achilles tendon as well).

The little blur of speed stops on the other side of her path, skidding to a stop and holding her blade out to her side before she sniffs the air, ears twitching and aiming for the next target, zeroing in.

Wade Wilson has posed:
Deadpool teleports into the source of the gunshots, only to find himself in pitch darkness, surrounded by the sounds of fighting.


All the talking makes Wade a good target and he finds himself riddled with bullets, splattering blood everywhere and crumpling into a heap on the ground. He's quiet for approximately 2.5 seconds. But they're a LONG 2.5 seconds.

"Well. That was rude. Now I have to murder a lot of people. I mean, I was going to do that anyway, but now I -need- to do it."

Jason Todd has posed:
    Diana's entrance is a crashing one, and one that allows in a bit more light that immediately draws Jason's attention, and the figure that caused it is one that gives the young man a bit of pause. 'Well...' he thinks to himself, 'Damn.' It wasn't his target, but the presense of a figure like Diana during his emergence might add a bit of legitimacy to his threat. However, she's not the only one showing up, and Jason can see the foreman is panicked in the darkness, unable to see anything going on but seeing a possible escape route if he wants to try and get through Wonder Woman.

    The gunfire is deafening in a confined and filled space such as this, but it's beginning to die down in the realization that blind firing is only getting themselves hurt. There's the groaning of mooks injured and dying all around the place, while the heavy footfalls of the foreman are amplified in the falling silence. What members of the gang remain standing turn toward the only source of light, a dim amount of streetlight streaming in behind the likely-unmistakable figure of Diana Prince. Murmurs and whispers start cropping up, while unbeknownst to any of them, Kitty Pryde is now also in their midst. Jason's eyes turn toward Kitty for a moment, while the rest of the goons focus toward Diana. "Is that--" "No way..." "Thought it'd be the Bat first..."

    They go back into panic mode as two of their number are dropped with screams, falling into boxes and yelling something about their ankles getting cut. Jason turns in that direction, and seems confused to see a very small figure seeming to be responsible. Is that... a mouse? Jason seems a bit shocked, but stays focused. He was hoping not to attract such a large force on his first move, but this might just work out to his advantage. He gives Kaida another look, making sure to keep track of her movements. If she could incapacitate grown men like that, he needed to not lose track of her in the chaos.

    And, as if on cue, Deadpool arrives, and Wade Wilson exudes his own form of chaos like a cologne. He takes the last volley of shots, and in the night vision green Jason can see he's hit. However, he's not dead, and sounds barely fazed by the bullets. The Red Hood narrows his eyes at Wade's declaration, then decides to make his move.

    A single shot rings out over the cries and mutters, and a heavy drop is heard. That would be the foreman, hitting the ground with a bullet in his back. Is he dead? It certainly looks that way. "Now now, I wouldn't go murderin' my men. They're doin' a good enough job of that already to themselves, ya know?" "We ain't yo--" BANG. Red Hood speaks up again. "Ya know, maybe I should let ya kill 'em. Useless sacks... Unless they can take out all the rogue elements in the room, I think that's just what I'm gonna do." There's a humming, before the entire warehouse is awash in a dimmer, softer white light. The backup power is finally coming online, how convenient, and Jason's night vision shuts off. The full scene unfolds: a warehouse full of boxes containing weapons, a dead heavy foreman, and at least a dozen of dead or wounded goons. That leaves about fifteen standing, guns trained in random directions. Deadpool is in the center of attention, with Kitty toward one wall and Diana standing over a goon opposite her. Kaida is nearer Kitty than that, somewhere between the mutant and the Amazon. Jason, for his part, is standing atop a stack of boxes, guns in hand with his arms crossed across his chest. "Now your second is gone too, boys. You follow my orders. So... you've got four targets. Take 'em out."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is standing over the sprawled out form of the thug she'd sent down onto the ground, his rifle laying at the toes of her booted feet. As he spins around to look up at the tall Amazon Warrior, she looks down at him... then down at his automatic weapon...

The Princess raises her right foot and smashes it down upon the gun, crushing it's central housing and severing it into two pieces!

When Deadpool arrives and starts to get peppered with lead, Diana spins around and raises her shield up. She dives out toward Wade to get behind him and cover him from one angle. Though she knows he's already been shot repeated, she's now moving around him at blazing speeds to block and deflect as many rounds of ammunition being fired at him as she can!

So when the lights come on and the others arrive as well, the Princess is in full defensive mode, up until her sword arm lashes out and she throws it at one of the support chains holding up an entire shelf of boxes and shipping crates from falling down over one of the catwalks filled with gunmen!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
That seems to clarify things for Kitty as the light comes on and the guy with the red mask tells people to kill her. Having people try to kill you really does sort things into 'us' and 'them' categories pretty nicely.

Kitty spots Diana Prince in here. If she didn't already feel she was on the right side, with the whole comments about killing her, she'd be doubly assured now. The young woman runs forward, wearing a pair of slacks and a nice shirt towards one of the gunmen. As she does she shouts up at Red Hood, "What, the Capitals let you go because you let in too many goals and now you're taking it out on the rest of us?" It might not be a hockey mask, but close enough.

The man she approaches opens fire on him. He must be a bad shot as it doesn't seem like he hits her. Kitty runs right up to him, side stepping the gun and delivering a few blows to his chest and head that knock him down.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Her blade still out as the lights come on, Kaida looks around at all the men before she blinks and looks at Diana. Wow... She stares for like a full second. For her, that's like an eternity of wide eyed impressed nature before she is once more distracted by Kitty and then she finally looks back to Red HOod and points her sword at him, "Listen here you right git! I don't know who ye be but you picked a fight with the wrong person!" Her brogue is strong as she calls out, surprisingly loud for her size as she keeps her blade trained his direction.

"I'll take ye boys down and then when I'm through with 'em I'm comin' for you next!" And then she is gone. Well, not literaly. She just zips in a sudden blur right for a man on the far side of the group and flips up into the air, aiming to slice right through his hand and potentially his gun, too. She attempts to land on his shoulder and then leap off and aim for the next guy's face and give him a nasty cut. Strangely, anyone watching will see no wounds at all though non-living materials break under her slashes. All the same, anyone cut feels like they were really and truly sliced.

Once she lands though, she's not staying still, already racing along to zip behind some boxes and then out the other side.

Wade Wilson has posed:
Deadpool starts to sit up only to suddenly find himself surrounded by a whirling dervish of Amazonian Princess. And she's protecting him. #swoon #celebritycrush #WonderBoner.

"That's it, get 'em, clowns to the left, jokers to the right, and here I am, stuck in the middle with you! Hold on, hold on, I'm gonna help!"

He reaches into his pants - no peeking! - and pulls out a rather large string of grenades. Where was he hiding them? Only his gynecologist knows.

"Fire in the hole and by that I don't just mean where I was hiding these grenades!" he cries, popping the pins on a couple and throwing them, let's admit it, kind of sloppily out.

"Watch out for the boom-booms, Tiny Berserker Mouse, and I don't mean Kitty's ta-ta's. OH HI KITTY HOW ARE YOU LONG TIME NO PUNCH."

Jason Todd has posed:
    Jason smirks behind his mask, wondering if the men would feel he was enough of a threat to command them or not. Turns out, the men are like sheep, and with no shepherd but the man in the red hood, they're eager to try and survive no matter who's at the helm. "Y... yeah, you got it New Boss!" one of them shouts, and immediately opens fire on Diana even as her sword knocks out a catwalk that takes out three of his fellows. The fall might not kill them, but the heavy boxes that follow just might. Of course, she might be able to stop that if she were so inclined.

    Jason chuckles lightly as Kitty makes her quip, though he does watch her carefully. Was she dodging those bullets, or was his newly-acquired mook just that bad of a shot. As he drops under Kitty's rain of fists, it doesn't seem to matter all that much, his gun clattering to the ground at her feet as he fails to acquire enough air to remain conscious any longer. "Yeah, whatever lady. It's called runnin' an empire, and ya gotta start somewhere." He's still unsure of exactly what she's capable of, but he has her interest for the moment. She's going to be a threat if he ends up having to fight his way out of here.

    Kaida... well Jason can't say he's ever encountered anything like her, but he doesn't seem too fazed by her threats. Then again, no one can really tell through his mask anyway. "Bring it, pipsqueak. I'm step you out and save myself the bullet." Then she's in motion and he wonders if he can make good on his threat. She's fast, and incredibly so, and just like that another two goons drop. No visible wounds, but he can tell from his perch that she's doing something to them with that sword, and the gun being sliced in half confirms it. He doesn't know exactly what's going on, but he does know enough to keep his guard up. Even if he still looks in control.

    Wade... well, Wade has grenades, and that might actually be bad. However, is he willing to expend the effort to try and save his men from the attack? He leaps away from his current perch, landing on a catwalk a bit further up and taking aim, firing at one of the grenades and letting the other continue its course. Maybe he should at least make a token effort, but only a slight one. "Crazy bastard... you know what kinda munitions are around here?!" he calls, then shrugs. "Not that I really care all that much." Needless to say, those explosions are going to put out at least a few more of his men, though he seems to be in a spot to avoid the worst of it himself. Six men now remain standing, and the weapons crates are starting to look pretty bad as well. Who knows how much the guns are even worth now. The Red Hood sighs a bit, then shakes his head. "So hard to find good help these days..."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana could tell by Deadpool's non-reactions to being shot leading to his ultimate demise that he was some kind of powered person who could tank shots... even if they ruined his costume and surely lead to a lot of trouble having to sew=out those bullet holes or get it completely replaced, seems like a headache really. So the Princess lets the man lead his own destiny and she rushes toward the three men that she'd dropped from the catwalk!

With her sword no longer in hand, Diana reaches for her waist and uncoils her lasso. It unfurls at her side and SHINES GOLDEN BRIGHT in her hands now. She hips it around her body and sweeps it outward with both ends twirling and swirling out to two of the men's ankles to pull them out from beneath the boxes just before they fall.

The Third? She collides into him and sends him flying across the ground while her shield comes up and the box comes down upon her!

Diana crouches down with the heavy box weighing her down - for a moment - before her muscular bare legs lunge her body upward and she sends the box launching upward toward more of the gunmen who will now see a giant heavy crate of illegal(?) weapons coming for their faces and to hit in their places!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty turns and finally spot Wade for the first time. "Wa-" is all she manages to get out before she sees the grenades bouncing, one of them coming in her direction. Kitty grabs hold of the man she just downed, dragging him after her as she heads for the nearest wall. She looks back anxiously at the grenade, counting in her head.

As she nears five, she and the downed gunmen suddenly are gone. Anyone watching at that moment would see them drop into the ground just before any explosion would go off. Those who weren't looking probably think they got caught in the blast.

In reality, Kitty emerges with the mook outside of the warehouse, pulling him out of the ground. He immediately starts gasping for breath. "Yeah, would have told you to hold it, but YOU SHOT AT ME." Kitty hits him in the head and knocks him out, then drags him off somewhere to tie him up for the police.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Coming out, Kaida lets out a surprised sound as the blast from the other grenade sends her flying back and into a wall. She bounces off the wall and hits the ground with her sword in a death grip. She blinks slowly as her ears ring and then she pushes up ever so slowly before she stumbles left and then right before she gains her footing, her ears twitch. She then points her blade out and then stumbles to the left before saying, "Ow..."

She then races over toward Deadpool and points at him, "Warning or not, you're a right git!" She nods her aehd and then she looks around and blinks as things appear to be wrapping up and then she nods a little as things seem to be done, "Well, let that be a lesson to the lot of ya!" She nods and then looks around. She frowns as she spots Red Hood up high and then she points at him, "Oye! Keep your men in check! Now get down here so I can properly hurt ya."

Wade Wilson has posed:
Deadpool puts his hands on his hips and regards the little mouse girl with the appropriate amount of respect. Which is to say, he puts his hands on his cheeks Home Alone style. "Oh my goodness. Heart eyes! You are the darlingest little darling of ferociousness that I ever did see. Who's a murderous little rodent? Who's got a big big knife? Awwwwwwwwwwwww, I could just eat you up, except the last time I ate mouse it gave me SO much gas. More than usual, which, I have to admit to you, is a lot to begin with. The Hindenberg ain't got nothin' on me, sister."

He looks around with a prideful air, "Gosh, glad I could save the day for you guys. Except you, of course, Wonder...Wonder...wow, guys, holy crap, it's Wonder Woman! Really! Right here. She's all...Wondery! I feel giddy as a schoolgirl!"

Jason Todd has posed:
    Diana is fast, strong, and above all, a hero. And so it should be no surprise that she saves the three goons from meeting an untimely end. And her sending the boxes flying helps thin out Red Hood's already thinned ranks by taking out another four of his goons, the boxes sending them flying into the walls. There's also the loud and obnoxious clattering of now-broken guns and the tinkling sound of bullets bouncing off the concrete floor. Red Hood sighs in apparent frustration, but Jason is grinning under the mask.

    Kitty manages to get away, but Jason does seem to think she got caught in the grenade blast, the goon she took with her making his numbers dwindle to just one man remaining. Jenkins. Poor Jenkins. He was a good kid once, but now he's on the wrong side of the law, facing down a new boss, three heroes, and a cache of weapons that he barely knows how to use. The overwhelming input of information causes two things to happen. One, Jenkins wets himself. And two, Jenkins then passes out, leaving Jason alone against Diana Prince, Kaida Connolly, and Wade Wilson. Wonder Woman, a speedy swordswoman mouse, and Deapool.

    He doesn't seem to fancy his odds. "Yeah, like I'm gonna do that, ya rat," he shoots back, before sliding his guns back into his jacket and placing his hand in his pockets. "Fine, guess I botched this one. But you all ain't heard the last of me, ya got that? This is just the start." He looks at his possible targets. One he can hit but can block his shots, one he's not sure he can hit even with his enhanced aim, and one who literally shrugs off bullet wounds. No good targets. But...

    "Time to find a new crew to target. But thanks for the info. Knowing what kinda defense I can expect gives me a new idea on how to take this city over. See ya." He whips his guns back out, opening fire on... all the lights? As darkness descends over the warehouse once more, there's a crashing of a window from near the top of the building, and with the tinkling of glass hitting the catwalk and eventually the floor, the Red Hood is gone, hitting the alley and, without so much as missing a beat, slipping into the night.

    But who was that guy?

Diana Prince has posed:
Wonder Woman is definitely not Batman. She's readily willing to allow the criminals of this world to let themselves get themselves killed... they've made their choices in life and if they die without endangering innocents along the way, she won't lose any sleep over it.

But that being said, if she CAN save some of them from their own failures in life, she often will.

So with the grenades going off she's forced to look for those in trouble from it. Kitty had vanished and the others seem to be taking care of themselves well enough, so Diana is pulling some of the thugs back out of the way of the explosions when the lights start to go out and she can hear the tail end of Jason's speech.

Diana emerges to find him gone. She still holds her lasso and its golden glowing light illuminates the edges of her body and the armor that encases it. "Who was that?" Diana asks the others still present. She knows she can't pursue him and leave those still alive here able to leave and flee, there's far too many still here that need to be here for when the Gotham Police arrive to clean it all up...

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Sliding her sword away, Kaida stares at Deadpool before she slow blinks and tilts her head to the side, "You...aren't completely all there, are ya?" She asks as she places a hand on the pommel of her sword and then looks over to Diana, "And I have no clue who that was. He was makin' quite a racket and there's homeless folks who live around here. Not cool to be firing guns all over." She nods her ead and then she shrugs, "Well, either, I'm going home." She nods her head.

Wade Wilson has posed:
Deadpool covers his head with a hand as some glass from the shot out lights falls on him, before singing in his best Joey from New Kids falsetto, "Please don't go gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!"

Deadpool puts a hand to his chin at Diana's question, "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Zorro? Batmite? Walter White with a fancy new hat? I, for one, am mystified, which is odd because I am, of course, the World's Greatest Detective. You can call me Deadpool. Or your favorite mistake."

Kaida causes him to look down, "All there? Oh no, did I lose a leg again? My uncanny balance often makes me forget," he says, starting to pat his body like he's looking for a wallet, "Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Pecs. Abs. Glutes," he says, turning and thrusting out his buns, "Wenis. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter, that's just the little bitty flap of skin on the point of your elbow. Y'know, the one that looks like male genitalia. Well, mine does anyway."

"So - Wonder Woman springs for sushi? Who wants some spicy tuna?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana reaches where her sword was and she gathers it up and then spins it around to slip it into the sheath on her back. Her eyes look to kaida and then to Deadpool and she... smirks?

"No thank you." She says with regard to sushi. "I do thank you for your help, even if the grenades may have been a bit... over an over-kill." Her non-American accented voice hits all the syllables of each word in uniquely unusual ways. "I am going to be contacting the authorities through the Justice League systems."

The Princess, over 6'0" in her wedge heeled boots, walks toward some of the downed men. Two of them trying to get up. She unfurls the lasso and crouches down beside them and smiles at them.

"You all, can stay and help me keep these criminals in-line until said authorities arrive though." She tells them, though she doesn't expect either will. She... just stares at the two gangsters as they stare back at her. Like a silent challenge to test her if they feel so bold.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Kaida, for her part, is already gone...in a burst of speed and twitchy tail!

Wade Wilson has posed:
Deadpool blinks, "You're going to make them stand in line? That's a little weird. I mean, hey, I'm up for it if you are. Oooh, can we put them in weird poses? That one's beggin' for an I'm a little tea po - oh, he seems to have lost his nose. That one's on me, awright, my bad, my bad. Here, I've got a tissue here somewhere, dude, just...plug up the blood and the boogers and stuff, I'm sure it'll grow back just fine. It's barely noticeable. No one will call you a noseless freak, I promise. Skullface, MAYBE, but never noseless freak."

"Wait, did you say the cops were coming? Oh dear, I think I might have a few outstanding parking tickets. I just lost the check, my desk is in SUCH a jumble. Tax season, don't you know," he says, tugging at his collar. "I think, y'know, you got this, you and Mighty Mouse there, you don't need me. I mean, not for that. You probably need me but we'll have to put our yearning loins aside. Just for now. No, don't say anything. I want to remember you just like this, Princess. Glaring while surrounded by unconscious scumbags. This. *sniff* This will be our moment."

"Anyway, bye!"

And he hits the button on his teleporter and zaps away.