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SciTech Conference
Date of Scene: 27 November 2022
Location: Javits Center
Synopsis: The first annual SciTech conference and convention goes off without anything blowing up. Doom gives a history lesson and there is a visit from a Borg Queen!
Cast of Characters: Priscilla Camilleri, Emma Frost, Felicia Hardy, Audra Meridian, Kitty Pryde, Victor Von Doom, Henry McCoy

Priscilla Camilleri has posed:
The SciTech conference had been a hit this weekend in New York! Which was good because there were a lot of high named sponsors and corporations that had involved themselves. Names like Doom and LexCorp were two of the big ones. LexCorp was there with new architectural material for skyscrapers that clean carbon from the atmosphere. Artios was here as they were one of the main sponsors of the company and their spokeswoman and mainline scientist, Doctor Priscilla Camilleri was there. There are still panels going on today and plenty of chances to mingle with some of the greatest minds in New York.

Maybe even the world!

Doctor Camilleri has finished a panel for Artios and what they are bringing to the table in the New Year. It was well received and she was happy to be sharing in it. People were protesting some of the new technology that was going to be shown, but there was no violence or force used to remove them. They were probably still out there. It was something that Prisiclla was well aware of, but protesting was a vital right that people were allowed to do. She'd stopped just outside the convention hall to see if she had signal to text. Hopefully she did.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is currently mingling around through the panels and the area. The protestors are mostly being ignored. It was at the point that they would split apart to reveal themselves as a set of cloned hybrids, killer robots, aliens, or worst of all network executives here to film events that she would have them be a minimal concern. They're paid no heed, even as Emma wanders around flaying any restrictions on going about with alcohol in hand.

It was good to be very, very, very rich. Even as she marked possible competitors for assimilation, integration, or the occasional neutralizationa nd sabotage for her own personal amusement.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Not running a panel, not playing a well off reporter, not acting like she's a heroine for some obscure group, not even acting like she's an avenger and wearing her cat suit. No, Felicia Hardy made the worst kind of mistake she could have when deciding to crash the SciTech conference, dressed up as a Borg Queen. A laser pointed strapped to the side of her head, hoses and tubes going from metallic appearing pieces of her face and body into each other. A skin tight outfit with lots of pale make up added to make her appear as if she's never seen sunlight. Or most forms of light. Felicia went full out into the Borg aspect.

    "Ummm... Yeah. I lost a bet." She says sourfaced towards the man behind the pretzel cart as she passes over a few bills of cash to pay for her pretzel and turns around to face the crowd once again and lifts the snack to her pale painted lips.

Audra Meridian has posed:
Carbon scrubbing construction materials. Interesting concept. Definitely would be nice if it worked as intended. And can hold up against the stronger winds tall buildings need to attest with.

After the presentation Audra had gone back to simply wandering and parusing the various other displays and panels. She was a tech nerd in general. But she was also here out of professional interests. Got to keep an eye on the new technologies in developement that might be important to analysis and disaster mitigation some day.

Maybe one day it would be her own weather technology on display, but this was not that day.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde has been sitting in on panels and presentations, and going from booth to booth. She's built up a pretty prestigious quantity of giveaways. A mouse pad from here, a badge lanyard from there, bearing the logos of the companies providing them. She has water bottles, pens, highlighters, a stapler that is a play off Office Space, some hand sanitizer, four different stress balls, a case for credit cards to keep them from being scanned in their wallet. Even a phone cover. Which she'll give to someone else, as she makes her own phone covers. Also her own phones.

She spent the longest stretch at the Stark Industries booth, talking at length with pretty much each of the people there. "Nice to meet you, hopefully run into you again soon," she tells the engineer she's talking to, before turning to leave the booth and look around and take stock of where she might want to go next.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
    Dr. Doom, dressed in a white cloak over his armor instead of his normal green denoting his membership to the newly formed Future Foundation, exits his panel room where he just gave a lecture entitled "HOW I BEAT RICHARDS: The importance of a well-rounded approach to problem-solving." A slow, powerful walk amongs a crowd of people with follow-up questions, he raises a hand to silence them, and then raises it to one of his booths here at the conference, entitled "FUTURAMA III: THE FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION.

    "DOOM has said all he needs to say about education and committing yourselves to tasks, now he invites you to gaze upon what is next in store for you. The solutions of Mass-Transit that we shall see soon completed in Latveria, which shall be a model for the rest of the WORLD!" A holo-table and surrounding projection wall take guests through a looping experience of a return to light rails and practical means of urban planning that make neighborhoods pleasant to walk and car dependency a thing of the past.

Henry McCoy has posed:
SCIENCE! Anyone who knew Henry knew that he was bound to be here, no doubt. Dressed in his nicest suit, he had been seen about the exhibits, panels and mingles through out the entire weekend. The happiest nerd, to be sure! Not pinning himself to one specific topic, he sampled a bit of everything as he visited the various talks. He even had made out with quite the swag bag, as one often does in these conventions.

At this moment, however, he was peering about the crowd - his reading glasses perched atop his head as he did. He was looking for someone, another doctor, who he knew was going to be in attendance. Ah! Another familiar face! Kitty is waved to, spying her at the Stark encampment. Even more familiar faces! He waves to the ... Borg(!?) chuckling a bit at the outfit that Felicia had donned. Another wave to Priscilla, a happy grin to the other doctor. His path takes him closer to where she searches for signal. "Evening, Doctor."

Priscilla Camilleri has posed:
Priscilla was indeed looking for signal, but alas, her phone is a bit finicky today. But she enjoys some of the people watching that she does. Making note of the Borg Queen and others that are around. When she sees the flash of blue that waves to her there is a brilliant smile that is flashed at Henry, "Just the person I was about to text." the woman states as she stepped over to where he was and gives a kiss to his cheek.

Once that is done there is another smile, "Have you been through everything yet? I've not gotten much floor time and was going to wander before things started closing this evening." she admits to him. "That is if you didn't already have plans? I don't want to monopolize you." she grins at that.

Emma Frost has posed:
Oh, there's Doom. This place really is getting all the itneresting types. Emma Frost goes to glance about to see where on the floor that the Stark exhibition, and the Future Foundation booths are setup if any. Are they really going to concede everything then? And Emma glances at the Doom booth once more.

She would idly send a telepathic message over to Henry and Kitty <<Anything of any particular attention over on your end here or that we should keep an eye on? LEt me know if you need me to buy a company.>>

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    A wave as she walks past a furry blue man, making her feel much less self conscious, Felicia teases, "You didn't think this was a normal nerd convention too did you?" Towards Henry. But he seems to be awfully busy with meeting and interacting with loads of other people.

    Taking another bite, Felicia's bulky cyberpunkish body horror kind of outfit does scream look at me. As does the tight nature of the unitard she has it all attached to. No idea what she's doing here and what she's going to do for - A glance down at her watch and frowns - ANOTHER FOUR HOURS!?

    Her shoulders slump and Felicia pouts as she sits on a display of some kind, a futuristic home trashcan, and she's quickly shooed away from it by the booth ladies. Who are very cross at the thief for daring to sit.

Audra Meridian has posed:
All these big names. Means the convention has a good turnout. There was someone in a Borg costume... she hadn't realized this was that sort of convention too. Nice, though. Someone in some kind of blue monster suit?

Audra pauses, rubbing the back of her head. "Now I feel kinda under-dressed."

And then Doom is speaking. That man has a presence that is really hard to not take notice of.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The thing is, good hearing is good hearing. Henry does look to Felicia at here comment, giving her a wry grin. "Well, not a science-fiction convention..." He offers, chuckling just a touch. "Careful, you might sit on an exhibit. They tend to blend in around here, with all the new unveiling of technologies." Which, she does. Poor woman!

Then Priscilla approaches and kisses his cheek. There's a blink and a footscuff, the man clearly not expecting that. "I've had a good weekend, and have stopped by most the booths." A little shake of his bag of loot. She's given a hug in return, the man looking about. "I'd be glad to wander with you, I'm certainly not opposed to looking over things again - always new things to see the second time around." Henry grins.

The voice in his head wasn't entirely expected, but it was not unfamiliar. <<Ah, Emma. I'd keep an eye on Victor, though other than that... I think we're doing all right? No other roustabouts to keep track of.>>

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty relays her thoughts via Emma. <<Hey Hank, figured you would be here. Hello Emma. Just getting a look at what places are working on. And getting to meet some coworkers as well. A few interesting things so far.>>

She moves over to the beverage and snack table. Kitty's wearing a grey skirt and a white blouse, and has her hair pulled back in a ponytail. A purse hangs over one shoulder. She selects an orange juice, and is just starting to leave the table when she spots a delicious looking Danish which she gets on a napkin as she begins wandering back through the crowd.

Kitty stops, as it happens, near to Audra. She takes a bite of the Danish and looks over to listen to the exchange Doom is having with some of the other attendees. She lets out a little sigh. "Hope they gave him his own panel, else no one else would get a word in edgewise," she murmurs under her breath. Though Audra will be able to hear it.

Priscilla Camilleri has posed:
Priscilla is not aware of the telepathy or anything else, so she looks like she's pretty happy to be able to get away from directing folks. She gives a bit of an apologetic look when Henry blinks at her kiss to his cheek, "PDA too much?" she asks the big blue guy. "I'll be on my best behavior for the rest of the evening, promise." she grins at that.

"I wanted to see what the floor looked like with everyone milling about. I've seen it empty, but that's kind of boring." the woman muses to that.

Emma Frost has posed:
The comments over from Henry and Kitty get the eqiuvalent of a mental nod back from Emma Frost <<Of course. That goes without saying. LEt me know if you see something you want me to take care of>> Wasn't it nice to be rich enough to spontaneously buy out another corporation if one happened to see something particularly shiny that they wanted?

But, Emma joins in to see just what it is that the reigning Dictator-Monarch of Latveria was going on about. Then to see if LexCorp would have a presentation about the ever so unfortunate accident on their space platform..

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     With Doom's declaration and invitation to take in the Futurama III booth comes a slew of questions by attendees more interested in him than the booth, and who would rather ask him than listen to the audio recordings. "WHAT!?" his booming voice would soon declare over the voices of the crowd before him, "NO, IT IS NOT A REFERENCE TO A CARTOON!" he shouts with righteous indignation, followed by "FUTURAMA TWO WAS AT THE 1964 WORLD'S FAIR! Surely you have heard of it!?" incredulously, and then he does quiet down... slightly, even if he is educating the patrons in a different way, a harsh glare of brown eyes behind the metal mask.

     "Your education system is sorely lacking if you have not at least heard of the 1964 World's Fair, surely you have heard of the Carousel of Progress? Ford's Magic Skyway? Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln!? The advances in robotics and urban planning at the time were legendary!" There is a relative silence before Doom turns suddenly, with a wave of his cape and a glow in his hand, fingers clutching a ball of light as he says, saying "NO! Doom will NOT let this injustice stand! You will all... be EDUCATED!" The ball shoots beams to the holotable and projection display, and instantly the booth changes to depict the 1964-65 World's Fair, and miniature versions of the various booths.

Audra Meridian has posed:
Audra Meridian does overhear the comment near her, and snickers a little at it. "He certainly seems to command that kind of attention around himself, yeah." Especially when he gets upset about something and turns the display into a history lesson of some kind. Snorts softly, shaking her head. "I don't think he realizes how much before most of these people's time those things are..."

Things with the Future Foundation are certainly going to be... interesting.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia gets off the prototrashcan and turns to brush at it with the back of her hand. "Sorry." She mumbles as she looks to the people who were already upset at her, and then, without moving, she places the wrapper her pretzel came with into the trash can. THEN Felicia scoots away with a cacophany of people berating and shouting at her that that's not what it's for.

    Quickly loosing herself in the crowds and shuffling away from a certain display, the Borg Queen takes a selfie or several with surprised and confused nerds and techno gurus. "Yeah, I'm here representing the next big thing in apple gaming." She lies and moves away before explaining that further. That booming voice she hears does cause the thief to grow curious and makes her way towards the world's fair exhibit. "Neat."

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's an apologetic look from Henry to Priscilla. "No, no. You're fine. I am just... I was not expecting that. It's more than fine, I promise. Behave as you would, Priscilla." The man assures, his hand offered to her. "Shall we, then? We can people watch. Do you know who all is in attendance?"

<<You're working with Stark, Kitty? Congratulations. I'll make sure Tony doesn't run you ragged in the labs.>> He projects to Kitty and Emma. <<Will do, Emma. Thank you for your vigilance.>>

The flashy bolts from Doom have Henry on edge - but the Latverian dictator is simply powering a holotable, not incinerating offending questioners. Looking to Priscilla, he grins. "Where to first? Lead on, please."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty smiles over to Audra at her comments. "I'm Kitty," she says offering her hand over to the other young woman. "Yes, he does. Well with his past," she says, shaking her head and not going deeper into the man whose attack launched the coverage of the Fantastic Four that made them the first superhero rockstars of the modern media age.

Her thoughts are sent back to Emma and Hank. << Yes, Pepper Potts tracked me down after some assistance I provided, and offered me a job there. Which, I was already considering applying. Helps when the boss is willing to let you have a flexible schedule because she knows you're an X-man.>>

Priscilla Camilleri has posed:
Priscilla gives a look towards where Doom is set up and the booming voice worries her as well. Until he's giving those gathered a history lesson. She breathes out a sigh of relief when no one is blasted across the room, "He was one of the riskier sponsors for this." she whispers to Henry. Then she reaches out to give his arm a warm squeeze, "Thank you." she tells him.

The raven haired woman puts them on a course to go see what is going on at the other boothes that are around Dooms.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would mm <<Congratulations on the recruitment. I'm sure that you'll do well there. There any reason you were interested in Stark technologies as opposed to something like the Future Foundation? Or are you looking for something beyond a purely research oriented institute like that?>> A light question going back and forth mentally.

Then her attention is back over on Doom. Faith in the American educational system? He should know better.

Audra Meridian has posed:
"Name's Audra," she responds to the introduction in kind, while watching Doom do his thing. A curious tilt of her head at the 'with his past' comment, but doesn't ask on the matter.

She's been working with the Fantastic Four, she's likely going to find out for herself soon enough.

But her attention mainly goes to her inicidental conversation partner. "So what brings a young lady as yourself to this big gathering of science and nerds?" Note she's saying 'nerd' like an acknowledgement of her own status as such a thing.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     Doom continues his history lesson, moving around the table to the other side as he says "You are lucky I do as I please, and that this is a particular interest of mine, as it should be yours. You see, this fair was highly influenced by one of my favorite historical figures, a man who esteemed to make his own city that he would rule and led the advancement of early robotics like few others. That man's name you have heard before. That man... was Walt Disney."

     Doom then points to the various pavillions, "Here, Ford's Magic Skyway took guests through history, much as I am doing now. The Carousel of Progress showcased the american family through technological progress of the first half of the twentieth century. And here, is my favorite pavillion. Pepsi-cola had a ride designed by Walt Disney and Mary Blair that depicted an army of robotic children singing together, in unison, from all races, cultured and nations. A world of laughter, a world of tears. A world of hope and a world of fears. There's so much that we share... it is time we're aware... this is a small world after all. A dream of a utopia. As all will be. One day, one world, under Doom."

Henry McCoy has posed:
As they walk, Henry's hand moves to rest at the small of Priscilla's back - keeping contact for any number of reasons. There's a nod to her when she explains the presence of the dread Doctor Doom - understanding all too well. Brilliance occurs on either side of good or evil - he was testament to that, and had been the victim to it as well!

There is an amused smile, however, at Doom's irritation at the American school system. That, they can agree on! Still, as he and Priscilla wander closer, they check out the nearby exhibits. "So, did you have a good time at this convention, doctor?" He asks of her.

Priscilla Camilleri has posed:
Priscilla gives a look to Henry and there is a smile to him, "It's been a lot of running back and forth and making sure nothing is on fire for panels and things. I didn't get a lot of downtime." she admits. "But I'm happy the turn out was so good. Maybe this means we'll have another next year." she grins at that.

"I've got tomorrow off since I've put in way too much overtime this weekend with things." she chuckles. "Did you have fun?" she asks him.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Already kind of in the crowd, the thief was taking a peak at Doom's direction and display of conventions past, but chooses to stay as annonymous as she can. Which isn't very.

    Felicia decides to pay up with money instead of dealing with the rest of the convention and makes her way towards the exit and disappears.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     Doom finishes giving his history lesson, a deep sigh coming through the mask but apparently satisfied he got SOMETHING done here as the crowd starts to thin out, the latverian dictator finally making his way to the other booths, silently observing them and the various friends and foes or former foes he recognizes and others he does not. It's hard to tell his expression through the mask, but his demeanor is intense to all, paying careful attention to even the finest details of the various booths.