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Holodoggos for Everyone.
Date of Scene: 25 October 2022
Location: Valeria's Room - Four Freedoms Plaza
Synopsis: Val and Sue both manage to be at home at the same time. Val demonstrates the holodoggo AI's she's been working on as an offshoot of Project Sparky for Viv. Val might have been up way too late. The threat of no waffles sends her to bed finally! Holofurblankets for extra comfort.
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Susan Richards

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's often periods where most or all of the Fantastic Four are not at home. Recently it had been Valeria's turn to be the one on her own.

But that had changed again and there had been family members coming home.

Luckily the HERBIES still take care of a lot of the housework which leaves the place clean. Val might have been spending the last few well, she might have lost track of time again since the last time she was out.

The young woman in her room, the sound of barks and yips of canines can be heard.

If one poked their head in, they'd see many a dog, mostly in medium to large sizes, labradors, german shepherds, the doofiest looking pitbulls. A few big doggos like mastiffs, great danes, and more enough that it makes walking around a mine field but they all seem to be resting, sitting, laying down, being good doggos.

Sitting at her desk with a tablet is the former temporary lady of the house.

Knee length Levi's jean shorts, a yellow sip up hoodie from Van Dyne's active wear line. Her ever present wrist comuter and Val Suit rings in case of emergencies. Hair up in a ponytail while she works her fingers over a tablet computer, testing a few things it seems. One dog, a husky flickers in and out of visibility while she checks settings.

Seems the young lady has been very industrious. The Husky rearing up on it's hind legs while it barks seems to wave at the girl.

Susan Richards has posed:
    Susan has been burning the midnight oil the closer Halloween approaches. Ghouls and goblins and ghosts aren't scary. Balancing her idea for a charity haunted house event involving the Fantastic Four? That's terrifying. Well, perhaps not terrifying. But certainly time consuming and energy intensive. But not so tiring that Sue's entirely oblivious to the fact her daughter is awake.

    She knocks briefly on Valeria's door and gives a silent ten count before opening the door and slipping in, wrapped in a lush white robe, her golden blonde hair a touch darker, damp and clinging to the nape of her neck. Eyebrows perk /high/ as she takes in the state of Val's room. Or, rather at the number and nature of occupants.

    Lips press into a thoughtful line, mind rushing through a variety of questions, until she sees the husky flicker in and out of visibility. "Oh! Holographic. Well, that explains why the allergen sensors aren't screaming bloody murder." She narrows eyes, lips quirking in a playful grin as she begins to navigate closer to her daughter. "Coming up with Christmas gifts for everyone, are we?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
The benefits of holographic dogs is is the lack of allergens, there's not smell of dog either. The only scenes in the room mostly from Valeria herself, a cup of tea set on a warmning coaster on her desc with a travel lid making sure spills don't happen.

For one of the smartest people on the planet she can get caught up in her work and paying attention top what goes on can sometimes be as much a challenge for anyone more vapid so when her Mom finally announces herself. The girl is up on her feet, and weaving around dogs to give Sue a big welcoming hug! "Didn't know you came back! Everything okay?" she asks and gets kinda distracted again when asked about gift ideas.

"These guys will be the next step in artificial companions. Viv's been working on her own companion sythezoid doggo. I'd put together a bunch of software canine AIs so she could compare code for things like temperament and intellogence levels. I kinda figured that while it's nice to help a friend. We could probably also maybe turn the dog sims to more beneficial purposes. Companions for those that have allergies but need a service animal. Seeing eye, emotional support, all that. Even just as pets." she escplains and gets her nerd ramble on while some of the dogs trot around and boof the womern. Petting them will feel like the real thing thanks to the hard light hologram emitters in the room. Soft warm fur. They even simulate breathing and panting with none of the drool.

The Tablet still in a hand is handed to Sue so she can look over the interface designed to control them.

"I've got most differing types of training for them sorted out, display by breed is handy. So you could get little dogs for sniffer purposes. Security and Law enforcement. I've loaded them into internal sensors to smell and heard and see and stuff, but I've got a few on free floating drone emitters with their own sensors. For walkies. Still a ways from making the tech more affordable for folks not wealthy, but that's just time and work that can happen later. Making cuddly companions safe and fun is the first step." she goes on.

Susan Richards has posed:
Susan laughs, arms spreading, wrapping about her daughter to squeeze her into a warm, easy hug, even as her eyes continue to work around the room, half seeing if Val's added any decorations since her last visit, and half just counting the number of HoloDogs around. She laughs softly and shakes her head as she pulls back from the hug, "Oh, everything is fine! I'm just giving myself a bit of a break... well, not really, but I'm working on things from home. Mostly this big charity thing for Halloween."

She quirks an eyebrow and murmurs, "Oh my! I do need to meet up with Ms. Vision again and see how her artistic endeavors are progressing. And I can see how her dog is coming along!" Eyebrows perk and she chews her lower lip thoughtfully.

She peruses the tablet's settings and information, flipping through almost on auto-pilot as she hums softly, "Hmmm... you know, on a smaller, more localized basis, we could easily set up some public areas with permanent emitters, so even if you can't afford a mobile emitter to walk your dog, you could activate it at the dog park. For anyone needing them for service and support purposes, we could easily work out some sort of subsidized donation program." She narrows her eyes and grins, "And just think, they probably don't destroy tennis balls as thoroughly as the real things do!"

Valeria Richards has posed:
Being the scientist, and goddaughter of one of the pre-eminent mystics on earth, she is, there's enough sceptcism to mean she tends to not worry about holiday festivities and decorations.

That or she forgot.

"Last big thing I went to was Bruce Wayne's birday with Jan. I may need to start looking at costumes. Think I have a few I could bust out. Thank you Viv!" she exclaims. "Here or down at the Club? Figure check so I can decide how much skin is on display. Halloween tends to warrant way too many 'Sexy Thing' costumes." she says with a chuckles while Sue goes though the interface. Most of the settings directed at the Husky she was working on.

"Wouldn't be too hard to set up emitters in public spaces. Dog park would work but for those with allergies, other parks might be an idea. The mobile emitters should handle that though. And hopefully we can bring costs down to match the same for live animals. They should generally just be a substitute. A real dog has as much place in a family's home. But sometimes you need a safe alternative. I don't want these creating a surge in animal abandonment." she worries and and scritches a Mastiff's neck when it boofs and bumps her against her mom.

"At least the idea is less damage. No chewing shoes or furniture. Just the fun stuff, walkies, fetch. You can mimic eating holographic dog food as well but no slob or spills since the bowl disappears when done." It's entirely possible she thought of just about everything a dog could do. Or did and forgot, there's a lot of behaviours that needed to be considered.

Susan Richards has posed:
Susan gasps softly, "Oh my you went with /Jan/?" I'm surprised you two didn't cause chaos that made the news!" She pauses for a long moment, "Okay, that may be a /slight/ exaggeration of Janet's innate level of chaos." But she sounds pretty sure it's /only/ a slight exaggeration. She quirks an eyebrow and snickers softly, "Oh, I was thinking here. Like, an upstanding charity event, you know, the usual hearts and minds and raising money for good causes. I'm sure there will be /some/ sort of Halloween event at the Club, I need to check if Shaw has anything planned."

Val's mother gives a soft little laugh, one hand dropping, fingertips lightly playing about the Mastiff's head as he bumps against her, humming out softly, eyebrows perking. "You've really given this a lot of thought. Maybe we can display some of these good boys at the party. Holographic dogs appearing out of nowhere to 'scare' the kids and the like!" She grins and shakes her head slowly, "Well, I'm sure once we've got a solid baseline of... dog behaviour, you can always do live updates for people to add optional behaviors if someone wants their dog to be able to catch a frisbee or anything else we can think of to have them do, no?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"We were on our best behavior. Even if Jan is still post breakup mode. So we managed to avoid setting Gotham City on fire." Val reassures her mother playfully while the urge to scritch and pet even holographic doggos is strong. They are all adorable and she's still human and young.

"Well if it's here in like the larger spaces we should be fine. Even Jan will probably behave. Invite GIRL and that should help with that." she states and grins.

"If that old song 'Who Let the Dogs Out' plays though we may wanna send Uncle Johnny to the negative zone. He doesn't DJ!" she sort of playfully pleads.

"They probably won't scare anyone. I'd have to mix security training with kid mode to get that. I'd rather not risk that while it's still all in demo stages. Knowing my luck that'll just end up with the doggos bugged and getting mean. Not gonna have that. Cuddles and stuff for now!" she declares.

"Still a good plan though. Everyone gets a holodog for an evening!" she declares.

Susan Richards has posed:
Susan's eyebrow arches in a silent 'We both know Janet's best behavior can still be wild' mask of skepticism. "Oh my, well, we'll have to make sure we help her get all her aggression and fiery passions worked out sometime." She laughs softly, "Oh, I was thinking we'd do the event down in the plaza on street level, make it a bit of a carnival. But don't worry about the details, you just focus on this wonderful project of yours! And yes, I imagine a bunch of adorable holographic dogs that are just... remarkably dog-like will still be a very big hit!" She glances out the window and frowns thoughtfully. "But you, young lady, are going to take a break before sunrise. Mom's orders. Or I'll lock all the waffle recipes out of the HERBIEs."

She snickers and crosses her arms sternly, "Oh, if Johnny causes any trouble, I'll make sure he learns his lesson. I do need to catch up with him now that he's around more often." She sighs and murmurs out, "But for now, I'm going to get some sleep myself. And you'd better too! I'll know if you don't!!"

And then Sue's springing off out of her daughter's room... with only /three/ small detours to pet a few good boys.