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The Forge is becoming popular!
Date of Scene: 01 November 2022
Location: The Forge
Synopsis: People come to visit the forge. Superman shows up with an odd blade for Colborn to examine.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Colborn, Clark Kent, Kora Ikassis, Ikaris, Caleb Dykstra

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is currently there over at the forge. Having a.. Request for a present for an assistant's child for a party, and being told over that the girl (whom she's never met) is rather into fantasy.. Emma's gone to do the first thing where mood takes her. Namely to get the girl a huge sword.
    Emma goes to enter in and glance about, looking around the forge that someone in the club had recommended.

Colborn has posed:
    The Forge has a front and a back section. When things are slow, Colborn tends to work in the back. And when it's slow and his 'apprentice' is present, then he spends time teaching her methods or simply observing her putting her newly acquired skills to use at the forge. Tonight is no different. With Colborn observing while Kora works the forge. "Excellent." he says, "You seem to have a good billet there."

    And as the bell rings up front. He lifts his head and turns to peer towards the front. "Well, maybe set that aside and come greet a new customer with me?" he asks with a smile to Kora before he turns and heads towards the front room to greet Emma, "Welcome to The Forge." he says.

Clark Kent has posed:
    Movement outside the shop resolves itself into a well-built man opening the door. It's Halloween, and the real one would surely have no reason to be visiting a blacksmith, so one could easily be forgiven for taking the iconic red and blue costume as exactly that - a costume.

    That said, there's a certain presence about him, and anyone who watches the news will probably realize that this is the actual Man of Steel. Given the location, that nickname seems appropriate. He's also carrying a sheathed sword in one hand, which is completely unlike him.

    Looking around, he spots the proprietor and heads in his direction. However, given the manners ingrained in his psyche by his foster parents, he waits patiently since Emma was here before him. Truth be told, he's looking over a few of the crafted items with interest. He may not use weapons, but that doesn't mean they aren't interesting to him.

Kora Ikassis has posed:
School break at an end, the young Themysciran is back from an island stay; the noise and bustle of New York is still jarring for her. But the Forge is a refuge of sorts, besides being a paying job. The Forge strikes her as being from another age, an age she can relate to - a slower time that allows a person to be in harmony with their surroundings.

First day back at her first job and the shop is hopping with people. Unusual people at that. Kora lets the man in a super hero costume walk past her without stopping him. Though she greets him, "Welcome to the Forge. If I can help you...

Oddly, the man's face is familiar. Perhaps, it was from an Embassy party.

The young woman, dressed in black jeans and a Themyscira Arts Center t-shirt, turns her attention to the woman that had walked in, "May I help you with anything?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Now that man gets her attention. THe one entering.. One might think it's just a costume, after all. But that chin, that spit curl.. Some things are a little too close to real that they must be real. Emma's been with some very skilled shapeshifters.. But it's the mannerisms and the charisma that can't be aped even by the most skilled.
    "Why greetings. It looks like we have the most eclectic group here tonight in this business." She would offer politely over to Colborn over for a moment. "Is uppose you're having a good business this evening. I do hope that we're worthy of your paraphenalia."

Colborn has posed:
    Lifting his brows, Colborn smiles at the spate of business coming in. He actually steps back and gestures for Kora to take over. After all, her job is customer service. Plus... you know, why not multi-task?

    To the man in the red cape, Colborn turns his attention and lifts a brow. "I am guessing that you would like that weapon examined to some degree?" he asks.

Ikaris has posed:
A bird flies in the sky.

Ikaris soars throug hthe heavens, dressed in what amounts as casual clothing: A black trench coat with a dark polo shirt and blue jeans. He slowly descends through an alley where he lands firmly on his feet. Queens...hm. Quaint. Yet, he approaches the Forge.

An Eternal is there, after all.

He moves to open the door, taking a quick look around the place, noticing multiple people present. He gives a friendly smile and a light wave. "Hi."

Caleb Dykstra has posed:
A blacksmith? This Caleb just had to see.

Being Halloween, he did have an excuse to get out of Gotham - not ot mention his 'boss' hadn't called for him - for a while and just be... A young man of his age, really.

He's not really dressed as anything, although the young girl he's with is: she's dressed in black, with a black cape, black mask and even a bat logo on the shirt she's wearing. Isn't she just adorable?

"Now, Sheila...", the young man sorta whispers, "We're just gonna have a look around, okay?" To which the girl nods, smiling some.

And, as soon as the young man turns his head, there she goes, holding the bucket, "Treat now, villains, or face the wrath of the Bat!" saying to the nearest people, which makes the brother deadpan. He sighs, and shakes his head at her. And she just smiles mischeiviously at him.

Kora Ikassis has posed:
Surprise registers on the young woman's face as yet -another- person walks into the shop.

"Welcome to the Forge. The Forge Master is currently busy but I can help you until he can see you." She gestures to the back of the shop where there is a door and a current of hot air, carrying the tang of heated metal.

Kora's mouth opens in an unuttered word, she works through her confusion. The Embassy staff had prepared her for this novel holiday and treat giving, so she had come prepared.

Holding up a cat-shaped chocolate to the young girl, she says with a grin, "We are not villains but wish you a merry day of treats!"

Clark Kent has posed:
    Superman was about to take Kora up on her offer of assistance when Colborn addresses him. He nods and steps forward, "That would be correct, yes. I'm trying to see if it is actually what it appears to be or just a replica."

    He offers the sword hilt first to Colborn so the man can take and examine it. "It has already been dusted for fingerprints, so no worries on that score."

    The sword is about 20 inches long, in the shape of a classic Roman gladius. The metal however, is not the correct iron for it to be an original. With Kora working at the shop, it is possible that Colborn may have seen a weapon made of this material, or Kora may look at it and recognize what it is.

    Themyscirian steel.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would lgance over at it thoughtfully, "Interesting." She would speak over in distraction while she would turn over to the Amazon. And then gives her full attention over to the blade, and the man carrying it. Her knowledge of weapons is rather limited to having done fencing. This is clearly much more involved than foil and epee.
    Ikaris.. Now that's a face she definitely knows, even if they haven't met in person. She would go to speak, idly over. "So how fares the little Sprite? I do hope that she's been keeping herself distracted lately. Hopefully nothing too catastrophic."

Colborn has posed:
    Inclining his head, Colborn glances to the blade in Clark's hands. His eyes narrow as he nods to the man's words. He reaches for the blade, and then inclines his head as he studies it for a few moments. He uses his eyes, but also his sense for metal. I mean it's how he works it for REAL.

    Aft a few moments of that, he does cast his eyes to Kora before looking back to Clark, "What is it that you wish to know about this? When it was forged? Who made it?" he inclines his head, "Or what it is really made from? I can tell you that this -is- a special steel that oe normally cannot find on the market."

    What he doesn't say is that once he knows its molecular structure, he could... given time, energy and effort, reproduce the material through manipulation of the very metal at that same molecular level.

    As Ikaris enters, his eyes flicker the man's way, and he lifts a corner of his mouth in a smirk. But then he looks towards Emma and Kora.

    "Kora." he says, "I believe this blade was forged from a metal that you are familiar with. One that only your extended family works with." he says before looking to Emma. "We are not usually this busy, so please forgive a lack of attention focused upon everyone. I would be happy to discuss and requests you might have ma'am, in time."

    And then to the black clad girl and her escort, "And the same for you sir. I will be happy to help anyone who needs it. I might just need to focus on one at a time."

Ikaris has posed:
Ikaris raises a brow at Emma.

"I see you know Sprite." He seems vaguely amused. "She's doing well. Active for the first time in..." He chuckles. "Well." He won't give a hint into just how old the Eternals are. But well, they're Eternal. "I'll have to talk to her about her catastrophic ways, but hopefully she hasn't been too much trouble for you." He smiles.

He turns his eyes to Colborn. "Colborn." He greets him, his eyes shifting to the sword. "Hmm...fine craftsmanship. Reminds me of older days." He approaches, tilting his head. Though he turns his eyes to the woman who had addressed him.

"It's alright. I'm just looking."

Kora Ikassis has posed:
"I think that the Batman would approve." Chocolate deposited in the bucket, Kora excuses herself from the pair, "I will be right back. Please have a look at our cases while you wait. These are all examples of the forge master's work."

She makes an open-handed sweep of her hand to the glass cases lit from above where weapons are displayed. After an appraising look at the other two customers. Kora turns on her heel, intricately woven-braid swinging down the middle of her back swaying as she walks back into the forge.

"Excuse me for interrupting." She looks from the caped man to Colborn then to the gladius being held up for examination. "I thought for a moment that was something I'd seen before. But, my mistake." Eyes still fastened on the sword, she takes a step back, preparing to return to the front of the shop.

Clark Kent has posed:
    "Anything you can tell me about it would be useful. It was used in a crime this evening, so anything you can tell me about it could help track down those responsible."

    As Colborn speaks to Kora about the sword, Superman looks over to the young woman with a bit of interest. Had the shop been empty but for the three of them, he would have some questions for her. As it is, his suspicions about her heritage will remain only in his mind for the moment.

    After all, if anyone knows anything about keeping secrets, it's him.

    "Most important would be if it is new or not, and if so, where it comes from. If it's a relic, the person could have gotten it anywhere. If new, I'll have a lead to follow."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would just smile over at Ikaris, "Yes, thank you. She's quite cunning.. Very, very surprising for a girl her age. Much loke she's had such a long time to hone her skills.." Emma goes to play the little back and forth for anothere xchange, then going quiet to look over at the blade and let Kal-El speak.
    "Well, you do have quite the popular establishment this evening. It's a pleasure to patronize it." She would watch over thoughtfully and tap at her chin over then while turning over to the blade.
    "Wouldn't any blade of that condition have come from the embassy? I'd presume what few artifacts there were before contact would have already been taken. So were any reported missing?"

Caleb Dykstra has posed:
"Thank you, kind citizen! The children of Gotham appreciate your donation!", the girl says.

Caleb approaches from behind, resting his hands reassuringly on her shoulders, and mouths a 'thank you' with a nod. He then looks around, back and forth between the wares and the patrons.

But it's Sheila going enthusiastic about the man in red and blue that gets his attention.

"Caleb, look! That's Superman!!"

The young man chuckles, "No, Sheila... That's just a man in a costume."


He lowers himself to even her height. "Sheila... What day is it?" He looks sad that he feels he has to refrain her enthusiasm.

"Halloween", she sorta pouts, not really wanting to accept the fact.

"That's right - the day of fantasy running wild." He smiles, "Besides, how many people have you seen wearing red and blue outside?" He looks at Clark's costume, commenting, "But it is a damn good one, I'll give you that..."

He returns his attention to the store keeper, and the item on the table; without realizing it, he's drawing nearer, curiosity now taking over him. "That's one fine item..."

Colborn has posed:
    Sprite. A girl her age. Hah! If people only knew. Colborn shakes his head minutely at that thought before turning to regard the Gladius once more. He reaches a hand down and rubs an index finger and thumb along either side of the blade while closing his eyes. The feel of the steel. There are people who make that up, and who claim that they can learn things that way.... Colborn actually does that.

    His eyes open then and he inclines his head. "There is very little age to resonate on this blade. If I were forced to make a guess, I would say that it was forged somewhere between nine and fifteen months ago." And he tilts his head the other way before adding, "And oddly, this... as I said.. is not a material that I have worked with previously." That alone should get Ikaris's attention. Perhaps even Kora's. There are damned few materials he has not worked. "But I am certain that it is a recent creation. I would love to know who forged it. If only to help them get past a few flaws in their technique."

Ikaris has posed:
"A crime? Murder, I assume."

Ikaris approaches Clark as he passes the weapon around, turning his eyes to the blade a moment. "You haven't?" Ikaris looks surprised. Of the two craftsmen among the Eternals, only Phastos and Colborn have worked with the most materials and excelled at their craft. With Phastos missing in action, Colborn would have the most to offer about the material.

He turns his eyes to Emma. "You have no idea." Ikaris remarks with a bit of amusement. "Not necessarily. There are many artifacts that have not yet been recovered." He looks at Colborn then. "Is it something rare? Vibranium? Adamantium?"

Kora Ikassis has posed:
Casting a glance behind her at the brother and sister, or so Kora assumes, she returns her attention to the sword.

"A crime, you say?" With a small dip of her head, she asks permission to them both, stepping back to look more closely at the sword.

Colborn's skill at reading metal is a never ending revelation to her so she looks up at him in surprise. The damascening on the blade has a familiar look to her, her eyes narrowing slightly at Colborn's admission to never having worked with the metal before.

"It reminds me of the weapons I've handled before. It," head tilted to one side, "has a look to it."

Their little group naturally draws the attention of the other patrons. When the man in the trench coat joins them, she throws Colborn another questioning look, ready to shepherd him to another case, if need be.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would grin at Ikaris with a 'I have exactly the idea' to anyone that looks at her at that very faint moment before it quickly vanishes over. she goes to theorize again. "Wouldn't metal be just as difficult to acquire? Then again if someone has artifacts, they could just melt them down.. Might be easier.>" she would tap over at her chin, pondering. "I presume that there's always things on museum loan outs that turn up vanished in transit. However much mass the blade has could come from several different things. If you don't worry on the exact metallurgical makeup it could be from things like pottery, armor.. Just put in something to reinforce it?" Smithing and forging it clearly not her thing.
    heorizing as to the origins of the metal? Well, she has run a few museum 'donations'..

Clark Kent has posed:
    With his enhanced senses, Superman easily overhears the exchange between Sheila and Caleb. Looking over at the girl, he waits for all attention to be on the sword, then winks at her and silently rises a few inches off the floor, then lands again and turns his attention back to the reason he was here tonight.

    "I see. So I do indeed have something to work with. A pity you can't identify it's origin, but there are some people I can talk to about it when they are around. And as you've done me a favor by examining it, I'd like to return that favor. Should I discover who made it I will stop in and let you know since you seem interested in it. Oh, and is there any charge for the appraisal?"

Colborn has posed:
    Shaking his head, Colborn smirks, "Anyone who brings me a material I have never worked with before has given -me- a gift." And that said, he nods his head to Superman. He doesn't seem to care who the man is. Just that he brought such a blade.

    But then he nods and turns to Emma and then Caleb. "Okay. Forgive me. How can I help each of you again?" he asks. "Everything you see on the shelves here was made with my own two hands. But that will be changing soon. Before much longer, there will be a shelf for works of my newest apprentice." And as he says that, he places a hand just over Kora's shoulder... but pointedly does not -touch- her shoulder. He's learned that the young woman has -excellent- battle reflexes.

Kora Ikassis has posed:
Kora takes a quick breath, nodding quickly several times, the color heightened in her cheeks at Colborn's mention.

"He is very generous and patient with his slow student. Perhaps next year I will have something to present." She deliberately withdraws to behind the counter, eyes moving from customer to customer should they have a question. The sword used in a crime draws her attention more than the caped man holding it.

Caleb Dykstra has posed:
The young girl can't take her eyes off the Superman look-alike, and that comes... Just in the well-timed moment when this look-alike proves he's not so look-alike after all, but /the real thing/! Her eyes see it like a deer sees the impending headlights, and a gasp is held. She smiles to the Man of Steel; she says nothing. To her, it's like the Sun has lit up inside her little heart. This is a moment that's just for her to take in. Is she perhaps... Shedding a tear?

Her brother, on the other hand? Well... He misses it entirely! His heart will remain covered in darkness for a long time, it would seem. Because his attention is on the item, that sword that rests on the table. He also partially heard the conversation, about the age, "So..." He clears his throat, "Sorry, I couldn't help overhear, I'm a bit of an enthusiast myself." He returns his attention. "This is a replica of an ancient blade?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would watch over then and go to cross her arms, "So, it appears that you have a mystery for a melee weapon." She would muse with her lips almost twitching upwards. Whatever sort of amusement that had gone on from meeting Ikaris had quickly been refashioned over towards the weapon. She does, however, remain quiet so to not itnerrupt the questions that Superman was asking.. Or the praise being given to the Amazon.

Clark Kent has posed:
    Superman nods to Caleb's question, "It does seem to be since the good smith here puts it at somewhere around a year old, but even I recognize the design as a Roman gladius. Not exactly the type of weapon many people would make and use in this age. The unknown metal also makes it more interesting, and hopefully will give a clue to where it came from once it can be identified."

    He holds the sheath out for Colborn to slip the sword into, and once that is done he says, "Thank you for your help." Looking around the display portion of the Forge he adds, "You do excellent work, I'll remember to tell my friends about this place."

    He sweeps his gaze over the people in the shop then says, "Have a good night everyone, enjoy what is left of Halloween." He walks to the door and heads out into the night. Anyone watching him will clearly see that once he clears the doorway, he rises into the air and vanishes in an upward direction.