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Comrade Bear
Date of Scene: 01 November 2022
Location: Financial District
Synopsis: Yelena has to coax a drunken KGBear to go with her off Wall Street.
Cast of Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Yelena Belova

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
It's along the New York Stock Exchange on a busy weekday. Near the famous sculture of a bull that for decades has greeted people coming to and fro the distrct. On this day, something very, very weird is happening.
    Even, perhaps, by the standards of New York. Or perhaps even Gotham>
    There is a huge, huge brown bear that is nearly three meters tall. It has on a very large Soviet style Commissar hat. Near it is a large keg of moonshine level vodka that's the size of a small car. the bear, reeking of it, shakes a claw in the air, "Burgeoius oppressors!" S lurring, with a thick accent.

Yelena Belova has posed:
Believe it or not, Yelena actually got a //call// about this, and from the sound of it, it was more of a 'welfare check' sort of call rather than a 'disruptive bear needs to be put down' sort of call. So, the blonde Widow is on a motorcycle, driving through traffic (literally weaving in and out of cars), her outfit warm enough for the dropping temperatures.

The location isn't hard to find; where else would people be both circling and running away (or towards) an 'event'? Loud growls, roars are interspersed with what one might consider to be Marxist ideals. Yelena pulls up, turns off the engine before pulling off her helmet. Blonde locks are shaken free, and setting the helmet aside with two hands, drops the kickstand with a practiced heel and swings a leg over the back deliberately.

Slowly she comes forward, moving her way through the gathered, making 'shoo' gestures and sounds when people get too close. Once up front, Yelena calls out, "Comrade," and it's very, very easy to discern the accent within even the single word. She continues, still in English, her head shaking, "What are you doing, uncle? Is time to go home."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
The huge bear goes to lumber around very, very loudly. It's big, huge. And smells very much like the back areas of Siberia where the permafrost melts in the summer and has that ennui of peat moss rising up into the air. He goes to slur. "I have come to this site of the capitalist pig-dogs so that I might see the burgeoius oppressors in their natural habitat!" He's slurring over.

The bear raises a claw to shake over at some people leaving the NASDAQ Exchange. "The Proletarial shall rise up against you! And then all shall be equal and under the benevolent umbrella of the United Soviet Socialist Republic.." He's definitely slurring now.

But.. That's gone now. He goes to slurr once more and hiccups, "We shall go back to the glorious USSR.. The Proletariat shall rise up.." He looked very much like he was about to cry.

Yelena Belova has posed:
Yelena scrunches up her nose in the smell. She knows that pungent odor all too well. Just to add a little bit of theatrics, her fingers rise to pinch her nose, complete with that secondary wave as if she can get rid of the smell that way.

"These are all tourists, uncle," is called out once more. The blonde Widow takes a step forward, now away from the crowd to put herself in full view of the Bear. "You are shouting at proletariat. And they cannot understand you while you speak that way."

There is a rumbling behind her, or rather around her, and with a simple raise of her brows and a quick look of warning, things quiet down once more. That allows her to return her attention to the Bear. "Uncle, it is time to go home. I will take you to St Petersburg." Moscow is such a disappointment; dreary and depressing.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
The giant bear goes over to let out a hiccup, "Why did you forsake me, MOther Russia!? Why did you fail us, Comrade Stalin!? We were supposed to follow you and your successors into a golden age of a socialist utopia!" Definitely slurring now over even as Yelena tries to redirect him over. Of the many, many things she has done in her life, having to play wrangler for a giant communist drunken bear was up there on the list of 'unexpected life experiences'.
    the giant commissar's hat on his head seems to dip over then as he goes to let ou ta howl of anguish and mourning for something that had ended nearly a decade before Yelena was born. "Why did you abandon us!"

Yelena Belova has posed:
"Bozhe moi.." is muttered under her breath as the Bear begins once more on his diatribe. "Hey!" Finally, Yelena calls out again in a staccato voice. "Over here, Uncle!" Nothing like raising a voice. Of course, cameras are going off now, videos are being taken of this blonde Russian talking to a drunk bear. Clapping her hands to get his attention, she whistles loudly.

"Here! Now! Listen to me. Is time to go. No bull." Well, he is right next to the big ol' copper bull statue after all. "I will take pictures of your speaking out, and we can put it in Pravda. Now, come."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
The bear looks over and then focuses, "The glorious tales shall be told in the newspaper of the glorious Rodina!" That seems to take him up at least a notch. "I shall take down the bull to showcase the glory of the proletariat to the burgeoius and to the cheers of those whom are stomped down!" He then goes to take a large claw over and with one hand goes to swing over at the bull-sculpture, knocking it off and over to the ground.

Then lets out a roar. And a burp. And then a hiccup. "For the revolluutttionnnn.." He slurs. Then goes to take a large swig of the keg.

Yelena Belova has posed:
There are more than enough pictures being taken to document the event, though most of it will undoubtedly show up on Youtube and the like rather than in political newspapers. It'll draw discourse, of course, though probably not quite in the way the bear wants.

Yelena watches impassively as the great multi-ton bull is tossed off its perch and *clongs* onto the ground. Soon enough, she slow claps, her expression a little underwhelmed before stepping forward again to take a hold of a great paw. "Great, Uncle. You have scored one for workers. Now, you do know that workers will repair that which you have broken, yes?" She's ready to lead him away; the vodka can be replaced later. "Come."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
There's a rumble over from the bear over then. "Yes, this shall be a victory for the great soviet empire agaisnt the capitalist oppressors.." Even as he goes to take a large chug over o fthe moonshine vodka keg, handling it with enhanced strength, even for a mutated giant bear. Unfortunately for Yelena, his attention is shifting over towards a McDonalds.

"Oppressor! Your kind have been a scourge to the enslaved working class! For the revolution!" With a slur, then the giant bear, commissar hat on head, keg under clawed arm, is rumbling towards the fast food joint at speeds more akin to an ancient VW overloaded with hippies going uphill on a mountain range.

Yelena Belova has posed:
The words that spill from Yelena's mouth are far, far worse than earlier as her head drops when he sees the McDonald's. There isn't a physical way to move the bear from his target, so passing him, the blonde walks backwards in an attempt to gain his attention by waving her arms and whistling.

"Uncle. That is not way. If you break restaurant, workers will not have job. If they cannot work, they cannot eat. Let us try different way, yes? Come with me," her voice lowers to a mutter to add, "I do not wish to knock you out, because you will not fit on my motorcycle..."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
This sort of logic makes sense over to the bear, drunken stupor that he's in now as he gives a low, mourngul hiccup, "Then how will we tear down the display of the burgeious if we cannot show the proletariat they are eternally abused and subjugated? And display it for.." He seems to have missed the threat of being knockedo ut and sits on his ass.

then takes a huge chug of the vodka-keg over like a baby might a pacifier.


Yelena Belova has posed:
"We will buy billboard space. Or, put on Time Square ticker. Everyone will see. Millions will see." Yelena actually manages to say all that with a straight face. They'll approve that, right? Whomever 'they' are, that is.

Yelena holds out her hand for the keg, fingers wiggling. "And after this, I would like some, Uncle. Come, we have drink, and then plan." She lets out a hint of a sigh, her lips moving in silent prayer. "I am certain we can find good picture of Comrade Stalin. Or.. guy with Afghanistan on head. Comrade Gorbachev."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
There would slowly be a slump over from the bear, "... Yes, yes, so low have we fallen! That we must reduce ourselves to the state of the capitalists to spread the word." He would heave over in another loud shudder, going to take another chug from the vodka keg. That was.. Seriously impressive alcohol tolerance.

But, he's accomodating her so far and starting to shuffle along after her. "You are a.. Good communist, comrade."

Yelena Belova has posed:
Yelena reaches out to touch the thick fur of the Russian bear, to run her fingers through the warm pelt. "No one reads newspapers anymore, Uncle," is said softly. "Let us go home, and you can tell me stories of Russia when you were cub." She's leading, walking with him, talking quietly, and soon enough, the blonde will slowly slide into Russian to ease tensions just a little more. <<I bought samovar, and should be good. Will last us until it is time to go.>>

Definitely a sight, though.. a girl and her bear?

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
The bear slowly goes along after Yelena, "But.. How can they possibly get informationw ithout the glorious, all seeing eye of Pravda to tell them what to see and what to believe? What better way can there be than the printed word?" Going along in Russian, like a performing bear.

Yelena Belova has posed:
<<Do not worry, uncle. People still read and still believe.>> In anything and everything. UFOs, Bigfoot, name it and it has a host of followers. <<Now, all online. I will show you later, I promise.>> Yelena continues in Russian, leading the great Ursus out of the area, and back to Brooklyn, eventually to points EAST. Her hands are in pockets now, and she's procured a scarf to put up and over her head as proof against the chill, and as a nod to the bear's old world. <<You will be fine.>>

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
The giant, drunken Ursus would be lead along as he goes to raise up his keg over in one final toast, "To glorious mother Russiaa and the Rodinnnaaa.." Then he's blinded over and moving to walk along. Then there's a stop to his shuffling over and he can be heard starting to snore.