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Pseudo Science in Action
Date of Scene: 04 November 2022
Location: A random Gotham City warehouse after the Joker's Gauntlet event.
Synopsis: Because we're the three best friends, that anyone could have! that anyone could have!
Cast of Characters: Barbara Gordon, Harley Quinn

Barbara Gordon has posed:
The door to the upper level area swings open again and Babs re-enters the room. She sweeps over to the table and takes her mask off once more. All the monitors are on in the room, and it's emptied out, save for the Reporter and the Clownette making their way up behind the caped redhead.

Babs turns around, her face fully visible to both Harley and April. She's comfortable around April? This means she's vetted her.

April strides in and looks around the room. "No Batman." She says softly. "I caught a glimpse of him earlier... I was hoping to get to see him." She shows a small smile to Babs who looks around, then looks back to April.

"Yeah, he isn't the lingering type."

"None of the best men are." April counters with a smirk before moving toward the table and pulling a chair out. "Harley, come have a seat?" She asks her friend with a smile. "We gotta... admit something to you."

Babs steps over to the computers to flip the screens off so the show of the Birds helping the 'actors' up isn't being shown anymore.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley is still being a busy bee around April. Making sure she is ok. Checking her face where the Joker hit her and making a lot of worried questions about whether it hurts or not. And even asking if she is having an uncomfortable, unhealthy need to start laughing hysterically... Look, she's been around the Joker for a long time to know how that villain acts!

And she had fought against him tonight. And won. That was something..

"Hope you lock him deep down on Arkham Asylum.." She mutters, baby blue eyes up and finding Babs looking at them without mask. Then a look to April. Then a look to Babs. Was she expecting them to be the SAME person? Well, not anymore if that was the case.

"Oh, hey.." a smile. "Don't think I had ever seen ya without your mask on. Looking good, red.." she looks back at April and then shakes her head at her comment about men, "That's why you gotta go foh the girls, babe." a saucy wink and then ....

Something they want to tell her? Okay. She sits down, not yet noticing the whole apparatus in the room.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Of course the yellow jacketed April just stands there all fidgety as she watches Harley take a seat, her eyes darting to Babs, and then back. The two of them really do look a lot alike when in a room together like this. One of the major differences being the tone of hair, and their eye colors not matching of course!

April smirks at the women comment from Harley. "Yeah, we'll see about that..." She quietly says back before she starts to pace a bit, struggling with just throwing it out there.

Babs watches April, then Harley, then April, and steps around the table to walk toward them, her cape flowing gently behind her, the dark gold lining of it brushing across her armored form as she walks. "Harley." Babs says. "That wasn't the Joker. That wasn't even"

"We were testing you!" April interjects finally, uncrossing her arms again as she pulls another chair out to sit down on the edge of it, and summarily blocking Babs from walking any closer, cutting her off from Harley. April's blue eyes stare back at Harley.s "We were worried about you." She continues. "About how you put yourself in dangerous places, but you keep ... buckling... under the pressure of that psychopath when he's near. But tonight? YOu didn't buckle. You thought it was him and you overcame it. You kick his ass." April says as she displays a light grin for her friend then.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley is leaning forward on her seat, looking between them, brows quirked up. Perhaps a bit curious about what it's all about. Is this about Barbara joining their OnlyFans channel? She can't tell! Or maybe it's a forbidden secret! Maybe they are sisters and ---

That wasn't the Joker.

She blinks. Then blinks again. A look between them. "Heh?" another glance around that room. The set-up, the cameras. Why would the Joker's thugs have this kind of set-up here and ...

"You tricked me?" another blink, "What about all the other Bats? Huntress and uh .., that other kid and ..., the other kid I think I once sold a Sirens cap to and...." she doesn't seem too sure on how to react to it to start with. Betrayal? It's true that she had bucked under pressure when faced with the Joker. They had both witnessed it.

"You .., you tricked me?" She blinks again. Where will Harley bend towards? Accepting it? Feeling hurt? Knowing Harley it surely won't be a neutral response!

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs just lingers over April's shoulder. She does put one gloved hand on to the back of the chair that the Reporter now occupies. She's yielded the floor to April for this one, for now.

"We tricked you, but we did it because we wanted you to prove something to yourself!" She says, emphasizing that last point. She reaches out to put her left hand on Harley's right knee, giving is a squeeze. "We wanted you to see that there's nothing you can't overcome if you believe in yourself... Even him." She says in a more serious tone of her squeaky feminine voice.

"It's true, Harley." Babs chimes in with her more melodic tone of voice. "The reason I've brought you in on the Birds is because of how strong you are. How capable you are. How much butt you can kick if we trigger the right sparkplugs in you."

And April then chimes in over Babs... maybe they ARE twins. "We tricked you, and we're jerks. But we did it so you could see that you don't have to run from him, that we'll be here to back you up. The other Birds, and Bats too. That's why they were down there also, because they believe in you too."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Sparkplugs. Yes, Harley has a few. And she kicks ass sure. And why is she focusing on all the wrong parts of what they are saying instead of the RIGHT ones?! Because she's Harley, that's why. Not that she isn't listening. Oh, she is. Her eyes go from one, to the other, then back. Taking it all in.

She nods at the part about them being jerks, yes she does. "You .., you really did all this.." she looks at all the stuff around the room again. Is she hurt? And if so is it at them, or herself? She knows they are telling the truth after all. She can be a downright liability where it comes to the Joker. And not only him...

"You jerks!" She springs up to her feet suddenly, tears welling at the corners of her eyes. Too much emotion welling up. The good kind? Or the bad kind? "I can't believe you'd do something like this to me.." is her tone one of betrayal?

She bites on her lower lip. "No one ever done anything like this for me.." her tone softening at last. And she smiles. Not that mad smile of Harley Quinn but the one from Harleen, where for a moment she looks like her former self. Before all the trauma.

Tears burst suddenly from her eyes and she walks closer to the two of them to wrap her arms about both April and Babs, crying.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
"Oh god, protect me." April says as she leans back in the chair and seems to be trying to prepare for the worst when she sees how Harley starts to go...

Babs seems far more patient about this, and just watches the changes as they take place. April jumps up to her feet when Harley starts to smile though, and the chair is pushed off to the side, leaving Harley able to embrace her, and push her back in to Babs to embrace them both. Now there is an April sandwich between the three of them, and Babs just puts one arm around the Reporter to pat Harley on the back. "This really was to help you, Harley. I promise." Babs says.

Harley gets a more emotional look from April who hugs back with both of her arms and smiles with tears of her own. "That's right, we did. Because you're our friend and we love you." She tells the woman who has had a hard time of finding people worth trusting in this world.

April holds the hug and even gives Harley a side to side shake before releasing her and putting her hands on Harley's shoulders to stare at her eyes, momentarily biting her bottom lip as she has blue eyes on blue eyes. "You see how good you did with it then?" She asks. "You totally knocked those dudes around down there, just to come and save me." Which gets a little laugh from April.

Babs nods once to that and glances toward the windows to her left. "Those were well trained fighters, and ex-cops, Harley. You did great."

Harley Quinn has posed:
God can't protect you now, April. Or so Harley would say if she was real MAD. But it turns out she isn't. No, she is instead crying against April's shoulder, wetting the fabric with her wet tears full of emotion. Harley has always been a creature of extremes but this time it seems to be a good kind of extreme. Or a good kind of release. She feels like a normal woman for once, with friends that care for her.

She clings against April for a good while longer, her other hand going up to squeeze Barbara's arm. "I love you too.." she says back at them. And right there and then they know they will have a friend for life. She relaxes in April's arms, listening and then ...

"So you are sayin' I was beating the heck out of cops?" Ex-cops, Harley! There's a grin that begins growing on her expression amidst the tears, "I did good with them, didn't I?" somehow that seems to amuse her.

"I don't suppose I can go again ...." She asks of them. But any look at her expression will tell she's just playing with the two of them now.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs and April both smirk at this reaction about the cops from Harley, making them look even more like twins, aside from the very obvious differences. "You might be surprised how many Cops are on board with how Batman, and his associates, fight crime in this city." Babs says in a dry tone of voice as she turns then to walk back toward the windows, keeping Harley and April on her right side as she looks through the windows now to see the cleanup process downstairs is mostly done and most of the people are headed out the back doors now.

April just keeps her eyes on Harley, smiling widely at her. "We know this... wasn't the real thing, like, the actual Joker, but this is just... so you know that... you can beat his ass if you want to. It's there, inside you." She says, poking Harley's stomach like she were the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

April spares a glance toward Babs, and then looks back to Harls. "She reached out to me, some time ago, she was concerned about you. She's a good egg, this Batgirl." The Reporter notes, causing Babs to look over at them both, and still smirk at them.

"Thanks." Babs says dryly, as she walks back to the table then to pick up her cowl and raise it up to put it over her head again. The mask comes down to cover up her pretty features from the mouth up. "You two have a good relationship. I'm glad you found each other." The Batgirl says as she turns to face them then. "I'm here to help you both, if you ever need it."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley pads quietly over to watch the cleanup process going on. It had been .., quite the process to be honest. She was still somewhat bamboozled about it all having been for her. And then she is getting her stomach poked in! But unlike dough boy at least her stomach seems solid. Maybe she took it to heart when April was telling her she needed to work out more! She does like her tv shows a bit too much ...

"We'll see when the real deal comes up.." she sniffles and cleans her eyes from the mess of her ugly crying, her breathing now finally under control and she letting out a sigh. "I know I will have to face him one day.." but not today at least. Or well, not the real one! But it had been a step in the right direction. She was sure of it.

"Yes, she is. I like her. She didn't even hesitate in making me part of the birds." A grin sent Batgirl's way even as she is getting that cowl back on. But then that last comment..

Relationship? "Oh, I am not sure it's that kind of..." A pause out of the clownette. What kind of relationship was it though? She wasn't sure, but one thing she knew for sure is that she loved April. So she wraps one arm around her waist and leans her head against her shoulder sideways, "Are we going for tacos tonight..?", then a peek up at April. "... I got the truck outside.."

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Barbara turns around to face the two of them with her mask back on, and she shows them both a bright smile. "Well." She says then. "Whatever you want to call it, it's nice to see." She says before she walks over to the two of them, and offers them both a pat on the shoulder on her way by, her cape flourishing behind her in the wind. "I'm going to head outside and check on the others. Turn the lights off in here on your way out?" She asks before the door is used again and the caped crusader is down the dark stairwell once more.

April watches Babs go, then looks back to Harley and grins. "Gotham is weird, have I ever told you that before?" She asks before putting her arm around Harley's waist. "Come on, lets go see if we can't find some tacos. I parked near here, but we can take yours... you drove here right?" She then asks as she turns to head for the stairs herself now.