133/Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

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Little Birdhouse in Your Soul
Date of Scene: 26 February 2020
Location: Medical Ward: Triskelion
Synopsis: Carol and Kian talk, through translator and then mind to mind. Carol is trying to figure out what to do for Kian. They end up flying.
Cast of Characters: Carol Danvers, Kian

Carol Danvers has posed:
    It has been several days since Carol bought Kian in to figure out what to do with the alien teenage bird.  The initial intake, well that was exciting.  It didn't take an expert to realize that Kian was claustrophobic or something similar when they were forced to divert to larger hallways until they got to Medical and then one of the clean rooms off it.
    Thankfully they have the option for a larger clean room.
    Carol seemed unpreturbed by Kian but the SHIELD staff took a good deal of precautions dealing with him.  Scanners.  Sensors.  Masks.  The works.  He could be radioactive or contagious perhaps.
    Carol got mildly scolded for not bringing in the two kids who found him.  To which she commented, "If I brought in everyone that met an alien we wouldn't have any room.  Just be kind to him and figure out if he is dangerous to humans."  She is honestly skeptical he is.
    Once she got him settled in for the meedical and R&D to run tests she was called away to do other things.
    Now in the present well she is stopping back by the Bird's clean room quarters to see how he has been handling it.  Sure the got the reports that he does't seem to have dangerous radiation or contagious pathogens.  «May I come in?»

Kian has posed:
    «Yes, please.»  Kían had been lying down, and looked asleep—but evidently he wasn't.  «You're the only person I can talk to.  Although we did learn that I can touch minds when I physically touch someone.»  He slides off the examination table.  «They've really avoided me since then,» he adds glumly, «except when they decide it's absolutely necessary, and then as little as possible.  Is the mindtouch really that scary to your people?»  There's an incredulous tone, like he were asking, 'Wait, you don't enjoy breathing?'
    Wings held tight against his back, he walks over to the window.  That was a welcome concession—the first examination room was large, but it was totally enclosed, and alien or not, it was obvious the birdman's stress levels were getting dangerously high.  This room at least has the illusion of openness, even though it's obvious how thick and blastproof the window is.  «When can I leave?» he asks, as though the possibility of being tucked away forever isn't even a concept.  He adds quietly, «I… don't know how much longer I can take being inside.»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    «Ah, yeah, I read about that in the reports.»  She steps into the clean room shutting the door behind as she looks around as if checking it out and making sure you are being treated well.  Thoughtful tone as she listens to him talk and ask his questions there.  Poor bird.
    «Humans can't talk mind to mind except in rare cases where someone has a Gift that allows it.  Which means as a species they have been very used to their thoughts and minds being private and they treat it the way someone would sacred… a sanctity of mind….»  She isn't sure how that will all translate.  «They tend to fear things that are different on a good day, but the thought that someone might know all their secrets they only think to themselves makes them very concerned.  So it is touch based then?»
    She walks over to the Bird and the window.  «Well you don't seem dangerous in general, not contagious and no dangerous energy emissions they can detect.  Which means you don't seem like much a threat.  You are very much a wildly alien or powered person who can't speak English and knows nothing or our world.  Where would you go?»

Kian has posed:
    Kían looks up, listening intently.  «That's so… well, alien, I guess.  I'm used to the feel of the minds of my family and friends.  Even the house control systems, as cold an digital as the mindport is.  Here… here it's just so quiet.  I'm not used to that.»  He shivers; feathers fuff out, and smooth back into place.  «It's not touch based, except here, I guess.  I don't know.  I wouldn't need to touch another member of my people to reach their mind.  I suppose people of this world… Téran'is, is it?»  It comes out like TAY-ran-ees.  He shrugs and continues, «I suppose there's a brain part that we have that you don't.  I don't know, I'm not a biologist, my studies were in physics.»
    He puts his hand against the glass: three fingers, one thumb.  «They don't know any more about my Gods'-gift than my own people, then.  Well, that's fine.  I could've told them it's not dangerous.  I don't know much about it, but I know that.»  He turns, and looks up at Carol.  «I really don't know where I'd go or what I'd do.  I suppose I need to learn your language.  I don't know where I'd stay.  My clan isn't on this world, so there's no one to assign me my estate.  Who does that on this world?»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    «Mind port… interesting… and no, Terrans are definitely not used to this or adjusted for mind to mind communications.»  She turns and smiles, watching you with the glass.
    «You definitely do need to learn our language, which probably won't be too easy.  I don't have a translator implant I can give you since mine was built by the Kree, not the Terrans.»  She has no idea if Kian will recognize the name Kree either really.
    «Assign to estates… well, here on Terra the Terrans find their own professions and decide where they want to live once they are adults.  That probably won't full apply to you.  That said… you are a student of physics yes, are you considered an adult in your people?»

Kian has posed:
    "K'ri?"  The pronunciation is very nearly the same, but the translation comes across as a sort of fish, specifically male.  He laughs briefly.  «A fish made your translator?  I wish I'd known, I farm the lake adjoining my estate for them.»  Clearly, he's never heard of the Kree.
    «I can pick up a lot of it from the mind tou… oh.  Right.  That will complicate things, won't it?  And yes, I have had my First Flight, several years ago.  That's the adulthood ritual,» he adds hastily, realizing with a start that she would have no way of knowing that.  «I hadn't really settled on a profession… I was studying at the Imperial University on my world while they were studying me. I expected to be a student for some time before I had to make a final decision.  And the researchers wanted to keep me around to study anyway.  I suppose I was going to be both a student and a subject for the foreseeable future….»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Carol looks amused and notes «Kree,» trying again then saying, «Not a fish,» and after a moment, «They are a militaristic technocratic alien race ruled by a… well they call it a Supreme Intelligence which acts as a god to them now but I think may be an Artificial Intelligence.»
    Small history lesson of the Kree.
    «Adulthood ritual… you are small enough you would easily pass as a teenager.  Physically for the most part mature but still considered a student and not fully holding all the rights of an adult.  What can you get from the mind touch?»

Kian has posed:
    Kían listens, and shakes his head firmly.  «No, I'm sorry, I haven't heard of them.  We haven't had a first contact, at least not directly.  I understand that a few other intelligences are known from their transmissions, but I don't know anything about them myself.  We haven't responded so far as I know.»  Another shrug.
    «And what do you mean, small?  I'm a perfectly average height!  I—»  Suddenly aware of the height difference between himself and Carol, and the giant who was moving trees around on the beach, and the woman who pulled him out of the water… oh.  «Small by your standards,» he says primly.

Carol Danvers has posed:
    «Probably for the best, the Kree have expanded their empire to most of their Galaxy through war with their neighbors.  They have been in a war with the Skrull Empire for hundreds of thousands of cycles now.»  She frowns, unhappy.
    «I am just saying that it makes you look much younger than you may be is all, which may be a good thing, Kian.»  She shrugs a bit «Now what can you learn from the mind touch?»

Kian has posed:
    Nope, that didn't land.  Kían simply cannot process the idea of interplanetary war, especially not for that length of time.  «That's… insane,» is the only sensible thing he can think to say.
    Learning from telepathy, though, that's familiar territory.  «That's how most of our education is done, direct to mind.  The learning programs are part of the estate's control systems.  And language is probably the easiest.  I mean, when we're very small, we're in almost constant mental contact with—»  The birdman falters suddenly, and the next two words come out with obvious emotional difficulty: «—our parents.»  He takes a deep breath to try to steady himself.  It doesn't work.  «S-so we learn our lang-language quickly and easily,» he tries, trailing off unhappily.
    He turns back to the window, takes another couple deep breaths.
    They don't work either.
    «I-I'm never going to see them again, am I?»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Carol nods in agreement.  «I am pretty sure the Kree and Skrull are insane… they are both dedicated to wiping the other side out and conquering them.  I'm honestly not sure if the reasons they think they are fighting are even true or remembered.  Insane.»
    «Maybe we can find you a language teacher that is fine with telepathy….»  She frowns at the trouble he is having, that is really rough.  Poor Bird Kid.  «I honestly don't know for sure.  The fact the Kree database didn't have your people in it… is not a good sign that your home is anywhere near here.  I can and do intend to ask around a bit but as you said your people have remained isolated and haven't reached out to any of the signals or contacts you've picked up on.  That means it may be hard unless you recognize star charts or imagery really well.»
    She thinks a moment, then extends her hand to Kian offering it out.

Kian has posed:
    «For all I know, I'm not even in my original universe, much less galaxy.»  It doesn't sound like Kían was even paying attention—except that he continues, «I can look at your star charts.  I took a couple astronomy electives.  I don't know.  But I can look.  Space is inconveniently large, though.  I don't realistically expect to recognize anything.»
    He turns… and stares at Carol's hand.  «The mindtouch,» he protests, not reaching to take it.  «Your people don't like it.»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    «Well not sure you'll like it but I'm willing to see what has them all so nervous or unnerved, Kian.»  She keeps her hand out there now and shakes it up and down a little.
    <I'll risk it.»  She offers a nod trying to be encouraging.

Kian has posed:
    Kían nods once, and reaches out to take Carol's hand.  The mental contact is immediate—and gentle.  {Let me know if it's uncomfortable,} he 'sends, his mental 'voice' sounding exactly the same as his speaking voice.  He has no way of telling if she can tell, but he keeps himself to listening only for conscious, deliberate thoughts.
    Well, as best he can—he's not trying to send his emotional state, but no doubt she can sense the undercurrent of Kían's uncertainty and fear about his current situation.

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Which is for the best, Carol's mind is messy.  Like someone ransacked whole rooms of her memory and they are sitting there empty and forgotten.  Still the surface is lived in, like only living in your front parlor.
    Okay this is fine, though I have done this before and other mental simulations.  There is some mild anger at that thought but she doesn't try to dredge it up.  She really doesn't like the Kree though.
    How would talking like this help you learn our words?

Kian has posed:
    {I can get the mental feel of the meaning of the sound along with the sound, and match it up with a word in my own language,} Kían explains.  {I can see how the language works from the inside, so to speak.}  He's clearly perfectly comfortable "chatting" mentally; it's just the same as talking, as far as he's concerned.  {Like when I began advanced mathematics, I could be 'shown' how manipulating the figures 'felt' from the perspective of someone who knew how to do it perfectly well.  Maybe that doesn't make sense if you don't have the mind touch to begin with.  I don't know.}.

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Interesting.  So is this helping at all or like how much do you need to chat with someone for it to actually start to sink in and be picked up then?  On Terra learning languages often takes a good deal of time and effort really.
    She is pretty calm and chill, not seeming very worried about Kian at all.
    We have a school for those who are different or have Gifts.  I am thinking of having you enrolled there and just telling them you are a Mutant Terran.

Kian has posed:
    {I think they would figure out pretty quickly that I'm not from this world,} Kían replies with a slight chuckle.  {I would need to see and hear the language in use while in mental contact.  I'm only assuming that it would work with language the way it worked with math and science and all.  I can't think of why it wouldn't.  It worked with formal Akíar'shak, I suppose it would work with… what is your language called?}

Carol Danvers has posed:
    There is a chuckle and amusement now.  Oh, so this isn't helping and I would have to stop using my translator.  She thinks a moment, then says in English while maintaining the contact.
    "The language is called English and it is what the Terrans in this country mostly speak.  There are many languages on this planet and no they do not have universal translators… English though is the most common.
    "Maybe we tell them then the truth, the students are… a lot special I am told so it may be okay.  I don't want to keep you here forever, Kian."

Kian has posed:
    Kían nods, picking up the translation through the mental contact.  "In'g'lis," he repeats.  Well, it's his first try, nowhere to go but up.  {Wait, what?  How do you have multiple languages?  Or did I misunderstand for accents and dialects?  I mean, I know I have a strong Kyshán accent… heh, I suppose you wouldn't know about that, you've never heard Imperial Akiár'shak, you've only heard me.}
    He looks up, a little startled.  {What do you mean, forever?  I thought I was only here to be checked out medically!}  His agitation can be sensed clearly.

Carol Danvers has posed:
    I promised the kid who saved you I would take care of you, don't worry I am not going to let them just lock you up here forever.  I do need to figure out a way that they will agree to though to get you out there and learning English.  Going to mental so there isn't a translation error there.
    Calm concern.
    And not accents.  There are hundreds of distinct languages on this planet.  It hasn't got to the point of one planetary government… you appeared in the most powerful country but it is only one part of a very large planet.  There are not all friendly with each other either.

Kian has posed:
    Kían relaxes.  A little.  {I thought you said you worked for your Imperium… I don't understand.  You have multiple governments?  How does that work?  How can that work?  It… oh.  No mind-gift.  Your people can't coordinate among yourselves,} he muses, and he starts to feel a little sorry for this poor planet, everyone isolate from each other.  That's just sad.
    {If it helps, my needs are very simple.  My Gods'-gift means I don't need to eat or sleep.  All I really need is a place to be, out of everyone's way.}

Carol Danvers has posed:
    She goes back to English to help him.  "This place is SHIELD, we are a global peace keeping and law enforcement agency, overseen by a council from multiple nations.  We are not solely under this nation's jurisdiction.  So we are the closest you get to an Imperium, but there are still multiple goverments and divisions and war here."
    She considers his statement.  "Well, even that has expensives but we can cover housing and… are you opposed to trying to go to the school and meeting Terrans?"

Kian has posed:
    {I don't know,} Kían answers. {I don't know where I am, and for all I know something's going to wear off and poof, I'll be back home.}  He laughs, once, without much humor.  {I mean, for all I know I'm in a coma and imagining all this.  But I don't think my imagination is good enough to come up with something as weird as this….}  He trails off, then looks up with something like chagrin.  {I'm sorry, I didn't mean you're weird.  It's all very weird to me.  I don't know what I want to do.  What I should do.  I just don't know.  I would like to ask one thing, though: is there anyone on this world like me?  With wings?}

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Not that I am aware of, not natural like… actually.  She pauses.  We have had Thanagarians… they are pretty warlike but we have had some of those.  They look a bit like you with wings, aliens.  They were part of an invasion this world repelled a few years ago.
    That is bad if random people think he is a pint sized invader crap.
    I don't know any Terrans even mutants with those kind of wings.  I do know one of the old Titans… a hero who is in Hollywood now… definitely could turn into a bird… and I can fly.  We have many fliers but not people who look like you I'm afraid.
    She looks out the window.  Look, how about we go for a flight, but we have to come back here when we are done until we can figure out how to make sure you learn English and assimilate in case you don't just pop back easy.

Kian has posed:
    Kían brightens immediately.  {Gods, yes please.  I need to get some air under my wings,} he says excitedly, releasing Carol's hand and immediately switching back to speaking.  «Wait, turn into a bird?  That's… I don't know what that is.  That would be interesting to see, at least.»
    The only reason Kían hasn't taken to the air yet is because though large, the room's not really built for it.  Instead, he's fairly jogging for the door.  «Come on, let's fly!»