13330/Sam's Chicken Brings All The Girls To The Yard

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Sam's Chicken Brings All The Girls To The Yard
Date of Scene: 10 November 2022
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: Sam's fried chicken, Remy's gumbo, and Roberto's Brazilian takeout bring all the mutants to the yard. Er, kitchen.
Cast of Characters: Samuel Guthrie, Rahne Sinclair, Noriko Ashida, Kitty Pryde, Roberto da Costa, Remy LeBeau, Rhona Lauren, Negasonic, James Proudstar

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie has decided he wanted a bit of down home cooking, the only problem with that is here he has to do it, and in even bigger batches than back home, as it always draws a crowd. So Sam is in the kitchen wearing an apron that says "Sweet Dreams are made of" and has a picture of swiss cheese. He has a large pot on the stove where he was cooking taters, and the smell of biscuits baking is in the air, but the main smell is that of fried chicken. Sam has prepared a few chickens, first few pieces are coming out of the frying pan now. "Ok, that looks right," He says to himself and sets them on a rack to drain any excess grease away and puts some more pieces in the pans.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair is RIGHT in the way, too. She didn't mean to be, but she curls up anywhere she happens to be when she gets tired, and making food with a 110-lb redhead sleeping on the counter is a bit of a challenge. Especially since she looks so cute, with her head resting on her folded hands and a toppled ladle resting against her ear.

She snores, but she does it so softly it's hard to identify as such.

Someone could put a few more things for her to 'hold' but that might be rude.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
It's a good thing Noriko has been hitting the stores in Weschester hard.  She's intimately familiar with how much food goes missing around the holidays as they approach this time of year.  As soon as she saw people being lured by the savory siren scent of Sam's cooking, Noriko appeared, now, here.  Her eyes dart toward the sleeping Rahne.  "Was she supposed to be helping?"  A few hair nets get tossed over the sleeping form as if they appeared from nowhere and without much care.  The speedster blips over to inspect how things are being cooked, but doesn't say anything.  There's an air of curiosity in her little spurts of movement, graciously coming to stops so that others can see her as she observes in 'real time'.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde heads down the stairs from her room, Lockheed flapping about overhead to keep himself aloft as Kitty doesn't quite move at gliding speed for him to stay aloft otherwise. "A bowl of Crunch Berries sounds fabulous," Kitty is saying to Lockheed as she reaches the ground floor and starts down the hall towards the kitchen.

That's when Lockheed gets a whiff of the fried chicken. He flaps excitedly, doing a bunch of circles that are so tight his nose is practically touching his tail. "What is it?" Kitty says as he flaps off towards the kitchen.

Kitty quickens her step, and by the time she's nearing the door, that fabulous aroma is starting to reach her as well. "Sam, are you making chicken!?" she calls while still a few feet from the doorway, stepping through it to see what's what, while Lockheed flies about the kitchen and comes to hover, flapping above Sam.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa is dressed in a tailored suit, wearing sunglasses and carrying two enormous takeout bags, the quality kind, paper with wire handles and a special connector. The bags are from Alesandro's, the highly rated Brazilian restaurant in downtown Salem Center, the one that people come up from the city to go to and the one that his Mother funded when she found out Roberto would be spending his formative years in some village hamlet in upstate New York.
    Anyway, Berto has a bag in each hand and his ear buds in as he walks into the kitchen, a large blue cylinder under one arm and he is talking on the phone as he walks, "No, no, looks like everything is on track. Yes, we are expecting arrival by the end of the week, just a little delay for the storm but we can have it in place and the moorings sunk before the holiday." Berto places the bags on the counter finding some open space. It's a collection of Brazilian dishes. Yes, we should be celebrating before Christmas, if everything goes to plan." He nods, then says, Yes, that's the timing." Remembering he's on the phone and the other person can't see the nod. "Thank you, I will keep you up to date... Papa." Berto sighs and then manages a smile, "Was it Sam's night to cook? That actually smells good." He walks over and gives the taller man a pat on the back as he also takes in the ongoing operation, "Have this down to a science, you thinking of giving Kenny's a run for their money? Rahne? No, she just stays as close to the bacon as caninely possible."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Make way, make way, les enfants," Cajun accent thick as can be can be heard just beyond the door to the kitchen, before a certain thief in a long coat barges through with an arm full of paper-back groceries, "C'mon, cher, make some space, hein?"

He finds some real estate on the counter, regardless of what might already have been there, and brushes it clear with one arm before putting his bags down on it. Reaching into the bag, he produces a bag of flour and a bottle of vegetable oil. He sniffs the air a little, glancing towards Sam and the gathering Nouveaux Mutants.

"You know, dey fry de chicken 'cuz it taste bad ot'erwise. It's ... how you say it ... nourriture pour les pauvres. Tasty, though. But you gotta eat like de rich, non?"

Fetching a large pot from under the counter, he upends some of the flour and a splash of the oil without aid of measuring tools. Dropping it with a clatter onto the stove top, he begins to heat and stir it with an egg-beater.

"De roux's de best part ... "

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will reach over and nudge Rahne as people start bringing bags of stuff in. "Hey firetop, wakey wakey, we need the counter space." He tells her. He is gentle with her at least, and looking over towards where Kitty called out "And the fixing." He offers in answer. Next to Berto, he adds "Yea, take it you thought it was your night?" He asks his friend. To Noriko, he says "If you want to help you can drain the taters and start mashing them for me." He offers seeing she seems curious about things, and Sam was taught when he was young, you come into the kitchen while cooking is being done your put to work. Then as Remy comes in, he smirks a bit and says "Hey I even got a special dredge set up for you." He motions towards a separate flour and spice mixture that is a lot more red than the others.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko ends up looking through Berto's sacks he brought in once his back is turned, but it's Remy's arrival with actual supplies that makes her stop and take notice.  Bringing their own supplies?  Noriko shifts her weight from one foot to the other, letting her hip pop out a little as she appreciates this moment by not saying something snarky.

In fact, "Hey Rem," Noriko offers with a courteous up-nod to his additions (of self, food, and spices!)

The speedster doesn't wait on gravity to drain the taters.  She just grips them one at a time and shakes them off, sending droplets flying at high speed before mashing them into the masher instead of the masher into them.  It seems to work just as well unless one counts the woodchipper-esque casualties of velocity.

"Okay is that good?"

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Well, someone did say bacon.

Rahne stirs, Sam's gentle prodding making her whine a little. Then she sits up, still on the counter but taking much less space. Her bottom is smol compared to her entire torso. Hands pressed to the countertop on both sides of her, she sits there a moment, eyes still closed, and kind of leans to one side a bit.

Then she seems to notice the hairnets, her fingers of one hand becoming tangled as hairnets tend to do when you have nails. She looks like she's gonna tip over if she stays like that, not entirely certain that she's fully awake yet.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
If this were an anime, Kitty's pupils would turn into red hearts as she sees that people are cooking, or preparing to. "Not that I don't appreciate Captain Crunch for his fine contributions to sailing and breakfast, but what you all are working on looks a whole lot better," she comments.

Lockheed seems to agree. He lands on Sam's shoulder if he's not shooed away, where he can watch more closely. Or lean down Sam isn't looking to snatch up a piece. If it's fresh out of the fryer he won't care. Heck, a bath in the fryer is something he wouldn't say no to in terms of the heat setting.

Kitty moves over nearer. "Happy to help," she says. Though she may be a disaster when it comes to cooking on her own, she's right solid at kitchen prep under a watchful eye.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"If it's all de same, Boulet de Canon, Remy gonna take your pre-emptin' wit' a bit 'a salt," the Cajun offers with a smirk of his own, "You let me set up my own t'ing, an' I promise not to go pokin' about in your poulette."

Back to stirring his roux, he shifts his head to let his dark glasses slide down the bridge of his nose. Black-red eyes visible, he winks and offers: "'ey, blood-bag." He then puts his front teeth down over his lower lip to mime having sharp, deadly fangs!

And so he continues to brown the roux.

Rhona Lauren has posed:
From the double doors that lead outside, one opens and the 17 year old British youth Rhona strides inside. She joined the school this past summer as a new Junior, and is mostly known for keeping around the Horse stables, having joined the equestrian club already too. She's wearing a dark green jacket, blue jeans and a dark shirt beneath it as she steps inside and sees a bunch of people already within. She's carrying a handful of glasses that she picked up off the tables outside.

"Don't mind me..." The young Briton says as she takes the glasses toward the sink to set them there. "Thought I'd just bring these inside..." She smiles toward those she makes eye contact with though and is quick to step out of the way once more.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa slips a box of Brigadeiro to Kitty with a wink. Brigadeiro is Brazil's version of the chocolate truffle, they have a whole strawberry in the middle. Berto rolls his eyes, "That is the thing with this place. They have you cooking and teaching the moment you walk in the door. I have a business to run... you want to see the plans for the new stadium?" He taps the tube under his arm. Then reaches out to catch Rahne before she can tip too far, "Come on, Menina, let's get you down to a safe height." He smiles and shakes his head at Sam. "Obrigado, for keeping on top of things, though it seems it was not issue if I cooked or not." He winks, "If you think the rich have the monopoly on good food you have not been to the streets of Rio, Remy. The street food is some of the best in the country. He nods to the boxes now spread out on the counter, "Feel free to try some, or I can put it in the fridge for later? Maybe after a late night flight." Roberto turns to come face to face with Kitty as she's walking over to the cook area, he stops for a heartbeat before gallantly stepping aside, "Kate, I found these. They have your name on them." He hands her a smart fob, with the LexMotors insignia on it. He has the sort of banal expression which signals trouble more than a wicked grin would. He even shrugs.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Remy and says "Na, Ah ment, Ah got some dredge to make you some spicy chicken, maybe not quite Nashville, but Ah know some folks prefer some hot chicken over normal." He does give a wing up in sacrifice to the dragon on his shoulder. "Ok, well, Ah could use a couple onions chopped if your looking for more to do, and the eggs in the sink need peeled" He says of the boiled eggs in the sink. "And food can be good from most any place, as long as it is made with care." He does not add love, no need to get that sappy.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie comes in, dressed for spite. Well in this case dressed like she is always dressed. Which is spitefully. Her hands shoved deep into her jackets pockets as she peers at the inhabitants of the kitchen from the doorway.

    It smells delicious so far. Not that she wants to admit it too fast or openly. She just half glares around the kitchen and heads to the fridge, a grumbled complaint about so many people being in here and in her way as she goes deep for one of her energy drinks. It has her name markered on it. For some reason the other students leave it the hell alone too, probably because they don't want to get caught holding a drink with her name on it by her right.

    "So what's up with sleepy?" eyeing Rahne try to get it together. Then her attention drifts to Rhona trying to place the teen thoughtfully. Not important enough to have registered yet, hmm. Peer. Something horses maybe. Head tilt.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko fires off a quick salute to Captain Crunch when his name is mentioned.  She knows where he is kept.  Does she see Rahne about to tip over?  Yeah.  She sees a lot of things.  She sees a near miss on someone getting burned by some spurting oil, but Noriko doesn't lift a hand to save Rahne from that mess of hairnets.

"She's falling," Noriko announces quickly without fanfare, like someone commenting on the sky beginning to rain, not bothering to wait and if it works out because in comes Rhona.

The newly formed Xavier'sErrandMakerPerson squints when the dishes are deposited.  "And not wash them?"  And before Rhona can backtrack or even act like she would wash them, the speedster sets them back in the cabinets half way across the room, sparkling clean.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"You puttin' words in Remy's mouth, cher," the Cajun says with a shake of his head at Roberto, turning slightly to hip-check Rhona as she puts the glasses into the sink, "I only let a few people put t'ings in my mouth, an even den' it's by strict invitation."

"Hey dere," he offers to Rhona, "De Jeepers man misses you. You gotta walk 'im again before he die a dat broken ol' heart. Here, you keep stirrin' de roux for Remy, Rhona cher. Slow an' steady, like you flirtin' wit' it. Til it turns brown. Dat's good."

He doesn't really offer Rhona a chance to object, leaving the pot with her and setting about dicing up some onions, celery and bell peppers. He even produces some okra, mixing it into his vegetable hodgepodge.

"Sausage time."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair tries to snuggle against Roberto when he helps her down. She gets in a little snu g in passing, the gentleman being one of the folks she'll always be comfy around. Then she curls up in a corner instead of right in the way.

Weirdly, whenever she does this, she's always wide awake whenever she's actually needed. It's power saving mode or something like that.

Which is how she teleports, sniffing at Remy's pot suddenly as he starts doing sausage. Some things apparently go right past waking-up and create insta-sniffing. "Hi."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde walks over around the cooks, a hand going to Remy's back and giving a little scratch between his shoulder blades as she passes him. "I can definitely cut up onions. Though if I cry it has nothing to do with the Cub's star pitcher leaving in free agency," she comments.

The box of Brazilian treats is passed to her by Roberto and Kitty checks it out. "Oooo," she says with a big smile, and gives Roberto a quick hug. "These look awesome," she comments. Kitty's attention is there when Roberto tells her he found something of hers. She takes the key fob that he hands over, looking at it curiously. "It has my name on-" she says, apparently taking him at face value until her brain clicks into gear enough to consider other meanings for it. She looks up at Roberto, one eyebrow going up as if silently asking him if this is seriously what she thinks it is.

Rhona Lauren has posed:
Rhona steps aside just enough for Nori to blaze in there and clean the glasses off. She's taking her coat off and hanging it up when Remy catches her with that hip bump. It makes her stammer a bit as she looks up at him, and then at what he's doing. "Oh. Uh... Right, sure. I can do that..." The Briton notes as she takes over for him at the stirring. She smiles at what he says. "He's a good dog. I'd be happy to walk him again." She tells the Cajun, blushing a bit at what he says, and how he says it of course too. Hey, she's a impressionable youth, and Remy is pure trouble!

As she's stirring, and smiling, she notes Ellie's arrival and takes a second to wave to Negasonic from the counter area. "Hey." She says in as dispondant of a way as any respectable teenager should.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie sips her energy drink after popping it open with a loud snap noise. She looks away from Rhona to watch Rahne sort of teleport to the smells of Sausage. Then she tilts her head. "Better be careful Cajun."

    Then she looks back to Rhona at the hey and nods, sort of an upnod. She studies her. "What's your name again?" studied disiniterest. It's perfected.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa gives Kitty a hug, and quick cheek peck, "Happy Birthday, Kathryn. I heard you complaining about taking the bus and... well, if it's good enough for Sam. It's good enough for the old team mom." He snickers, "It's the new one, the electric crossover? Vestia? Supposed to have phenomenal gas mileage, very safe, good speed for an electric especially. Even has all wheel drive with pretty good ground clearance for off roading if you need it." He shrugs, "Oh and I got all the tech features, a few are very cutting egde, I am honestly not sure the dealership set them up correctly you might want to check their work." He smiles at this, "Let me know if you need to me to hold a wrench or a flashlight, or yell at the dealer for something."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Ahhh, le Joli Louve," Remy glances up from passing the onion-chopping off to Kitty with a thankful nod, deftly slicing the Andouille sausage as he says it, "You hungry? Just a nip, hein?"

Having browned the first batch of sausage in the pan, he tucks the tip of his cutting knife underneath it carefully. Glancing towards Rahne, he gives her long and pointed eye-contact: "Keep your eye on de birdie, cher ... "

Then he flips the morsel up into the air on a trajectory likely to land in her mouth should she just open up. Otherwise boop on the nose.

"How dat roux lookin', Rhona cher?" Unable to wait for an answer, he cranes his neck over to look in the pan, "Ah! La chose parfaite!"

He's about to say something else when Ellie warns him, and he glances towards her with a broad grin: "It's not a proper gumbo unless twenty percent of it is eaten before it even gets in de pot, cher."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko coughs to hide her smirk at Remy's words, because she doesn't want to grow up.  She herself can be seen down at the stables visiting a pony named Pony and doing work there.

"No clue.  I tossed the hairnets on her but it didn't do anything," Noriko readily admits to Negasonic with a shrug.  "Did you come because of the smell?"  Her eyes flash toward the various obstacles around her and the door as if she expects a stampede.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair 's mouth opens plaintively. A moment later she's chewing, having done her due diligence in tasting the food before any of her friends were put in that position. Now they'll be safe. From poisons. That's it.


A moment after THAT she's leaping past Ellie and Rhona toward Noriko, trying to jam a hairnet down over the girl's entire head! Surprise round advantage! "RAWR!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Lockheed watches that sausage in flight the way someone center court at Wimbledon watches the ball going to the other side of the net. Should Rahne fumble the catch, the little dragon is more than willing to dart down and grab it off the floor. He can easily beat the 5 Second Rule.

Kitty looks up, seeing Rhona and giving her a smile of greeting as she comes and as Negasonic approaches the British teen. "Ellie, Rhona. Rhona, Ellie," she says in introduction. Though that she got out that much with what Roberto has put in her hands is probably amazing on its own.

As he confirms what the key goes to, her eyes just widen. "You-" she says. "I-" she tries again. "Wasn't expecting-" is the third attempt at speech. "Oh my god!" she says, at least making it a complete sentence this time. "Really?" she asks Roberto. "If Bobby Drake put you up to this is a joke I'm phasing both of your wardrobes into the ground," she warns, though she's grinning ear to ear.

Negasonic has posed:
    There is this brief moment when Ellie isn't sure if Rahne is leaping at her or past her. Then once she has judged it is past her, the look in Ellie's eyes is the intrusive thought of tripping Rahne. She doesn't hide it.

    She chooses to not intervene though and let the surprise attack go off as it would. It'll be funnier this way right.

    Regardless her drink is sipped and she looks on towards Kitty and then to Rhona. "Negasonic." she notes flatly at the introduction, looking at rhona when she says it.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over and says "Hey how do you think Ah got a brand new truck last year." He helps confirm that Berto is probably not pulling her leg. He will give the poor underfed dragon another wing. He smirks a bit watching the folks and their antics. He does continue working on the chicken, and then moves to shoo anyone in front of the oven so he can get the biscuits out of it.

Rhona Lauren has posed:
Rhona continues to stir as best as she can. When Remy returns she glances over at him and then down at what she's doing. "I really am not sure..." She says with a bit of nervous edge to her foreign flavored accent. "I mean, I think it's working, but admittedly I've never really done a lot of cooking." She meakly admits before she glances around at the others.

"All of this is going in to making Gumbo?" She asks then. "I've never had Gumbo before..." Then a quick admission is muttered. "Guess this is why I don't really do a lot of cooking. It takes an army."

A look is sent back to Ellie once more then. "I'm Rhona... Though most of the kids are calling me Rhonda. They're convinced my parents entered the name wrong." She says with a smirk before going back to the sink now to actually wash her hands. "This feels like I should've done this before I started stirring...."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"You see, cher," Remy says to Rhona, disgarding the talk of cooking for in favor of something else, "Dis is Negasonic. Her mutant power is she explodes over a large area ... however, she has one singular weakness, you know? If she ever show an emotion other den distain, de wizard gets 'er soul. Very sad."

He offers a grin to Negasonic, flicking another piece of the Andouille sausage in her direction whether she deigns to eat it or simply let it fall on the ground. He's no longer paying much attention to that.

"Cooking is good for you, Rhona cher. An' it doesn't take an army, just gotta keep de many 'ands busy or dey find dere way into de pot."

When she mentions not washing her hands, he simply shrugs. It's probably a good thing he doesn't own a restaurant.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa laughs and shakes his head, at Kate, "No, no, the ice man did not put me up to this." He looks at his phone and frowns, with an annoyed exhalation, "They are still having trouble getting the server to boot up. Apparently the car can runs it's own server rack, that's good right? Well, no one ever get the feature and I did, cause you're you and it is taking the a bit longer to get the thing up and running than they advertised, it should be her tomorrow, But it is real. I would not do that." He Gestures to Sam, "See, I am honest and generous. You deserve it, Kitten." He nods.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko is fast, but she doesn't have eyes in the back of her head.  This is why she has a clown outfit in a small suitcase tucked under her bed.  This is also why she doesn't detect the incoming attack.  Well, and also because there's just so much going on and it smells soooo good and Noriko's stomach growls audibly.  She slumps with a pout right when she's nailed with Rahne's hairnet capture.

There's a slight BUZZ/jolt of electricity that jumps out, betraying that she was indeed gotten by Rahne, even if Noriko stands there with an icy, impenetrable gaze while her staticky hair waves around through the hairnet as if reaching for some unseen balloon.  "Gee.  Thanks Rahne."

Negasonic has posed:
    "Well. Is the spelling a colonizer thing?" maybe that is just what the calls the English. Anyhow Gambit earns another look and a snort at his explanation of her weakness. "Thought it was the devil." she deadpans, then snaps a hand up as long as Rahne doesn't leap from nowhere to eat the tosses piece of sausage and pops it into her mouth, chewing thoughtfully.

    She washes it down with some energy drink without compliment to the cook. "Honestly I think it improves your look Sparky." to Noriko.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty's gaze swings over to Sam Guthrie as he confirms Roberto's generosity in this area, then back to the Brazilian mutant. "Wow, this is... thank you. I mean you really didn't need to," she tells him, throwing her arms around Roberto's shoulders and giving him a bit loud smack of her lips on his cheek. Then a second for good measure.

She lets him go, looking down at the key fob. "Oh, I'll definitely give the computer a going through. Need to secure it, for one thing," she says, as if of the opinion whatever security it is shipped with will not be enough. Not to her standards, certainly.

"Ok, well you need to be here when it arrives so you can go for the first drive in it," she tells the Brazilian. She gives him another tight hug and then turns to move over to where the onion is waiting, not having chose to slice itself.

Lockheed missed out on the sausage, so he glides over to the counter where the takeout food is. He starts sniffing away at the containers.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne beams! "Y'welcome!" she says, then she turns and jaunts over to the co unter. Where she pulls open one of Roberto's bags, and uses a fork to poke inside. She eyes Ellie, then raises an eyebrow? Want some? You know, apparently from the look and the way she gestures with the fork.

Then she totally pauses, seeing Rhoda for the first time. "Ohai! When did ye get hear?" She nearly trips over the baby dragon nabbing food off the floor, but that's just SOP around here anyway.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Do you want me to call you Chitty Chitty Boom Boom?  Because I will," Noriko says to Negasonic with a brow arched.  "It seems like you want me to call you Chitty Chitty Boom Boom."

One of those delicious delicious bags of restaurant food just...vanishes for about two seconds before it re-appears empty and breezily moving with (the little gust Noriko's brief disappearance made that just so happened to coincide mysteriously with the delicious bag taking a stroll).

Rhona Lauren has posed:
At Remy's explanation of what Nega can do, Rhona gets large eyes and looks over at her. "Oh. I see." She says, hearing the Colonizer part makes her frown a bit, but she's well aware of that side of .. society.

"Right." She says, shutting the water off and stepping back over to the food she was stirring to look at it. She feels its stirred as good as it can be, and steps out of the way over the dragon on the ground... which that is still unique to her to see such a thing, but that's been her experience at this place.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa is kissed and nods, "I will, I knew you would have to check it out and set up for yourself." He smiles at Kitty and nods, then shivers sucking up the slight buzz even as it dissipates, he wiggles his fingers stretching his hands. He walks over and opens a container taking a selection of "Acaraje, like a fritter made from black-eyed peas. Pastel, pastry pockets filled with ground beef or cheese. Empadao, flaky crust pie filled with casseroled chicken and a mix of vegetables. Bolinho de Bacalhau literally means 'little cod ball'. Pao de queijo, cheese bread. And, of course, Picanha, Barbecued meat is a Brazilian specialty. Went with mostly apps tonight." He plate full he settles in to nibble as Sam and Remy work.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
As Roberto opens the container, Lockheed leans over and gets himself one of the pastels. He then trots down the counter to where he won't be in the way to begin scarfing it down.

Kitty glances down towards him. Never quite sure how his digestive system is going to handle new food. He's quite robust in that regard, but certain things have ways of impacting her life after the fact. Like cheesy poofs.

The onions yield to the sharp knife, and Kitty brings them over to Sam and Remy to use as needed. She washes the knife and the cutting board then. She moves over behind Sam where she can talk to him softly, speaking just behind his ear. "Roberto and I ran into Alexis the other day, at the charity event," she comments to him.

Negasonic has posed:
    "I only blow up people that piss me off." is noted to Rhona.

    Then Ellie's attention drifts back to Noriko and she places one hand over her heart. "I am wounded. Deep. Deep to my core." like she genuinely has no care what Noriko decides to do there. "To my core Nori. Truly." she tacks on. There is the faintest smirk though, like Nori got a point for attempting a comeback at least.

    Swinging attention back to Rahne she walks closer now actually curious as to what is being offered up by the woof. "mmmm" eyeing it and then nods. "I'll try some yeah." not like she has ever had food from this sort of fancy brazilian place.


Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Whatever it is that Noriko just scarfed, Rahne hands her bag back to Roberto so he can introduce them to the fare properly.

But first, Ellie is given foods. BECAUSE.

Rahne takes a moment then to lean over and poke at what Sam's doing, fried chicken having grown on her. It's not haggis, but it's good.


Chewing something she's just stolen (the little klepto!) from Sam, she also looks at Kitty's new fob. Then she looks at Roberto and says, "I wan' a bicicle?" with these cute puppy dog eyes?

Roll for persuasion! Go!

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie has taken the last of the chicken up, and is getting the taters Noriko masked and tells her "Thanks." In case he forgot earlier, and moving to separate them into four bowls. At Rahne's antics he chuckles a bit and then hearing Kitty's words he stops what he was doing for a moment, but only pauses for a moment, as he gets the eggs to start peeling them "How was she doing, aint got to stop in and check on her in a bit." He admits.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"CCBB it is," but of course Noriko says it so fast it just sounds like a purposefully stuttered 'CB.'  "Aka double cinnamon bun."  She bears a toothy smile in mutual respect for Ellie's feigned dramatics.

"Is she stoned?"  Noriko asks as she points a gauntlet-ed thumb at Rahne right after the girl pops her question and those weaponized puppy eyes.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gets one of the pieces of chicken, putting it on a plate to nibble rather than waiting for the other fixings to be done. She keeps her voice low as she tells Sam, "She looked good. Mentioned she was just getting back into public appearances after the stuff with her father. But... think she's stressed maybe," she tells him.

Lockheed finishes his food and returns, trotting down the counter and hopping up onto Kitty's shoulder as the Jewish girl starts in on the drumstick. "Rhona, Sam's fried chicken is the best. Definitely need to give it a try. He has like... what is it Sam, 30 or 40 siblings at last count," she says, breaking out in a grin at her exaggeration, "And so his mother has definitely had to learn how to keep them fed with good food."

Kitty glances over to Negasonic. "Good stuff," she says of the food, nodding. Lockheed cranes his neck to follow what Negasonic is doing with the food. Because he's caring like that.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa smiles and nods, "You got it Rahney Day." He ruffles her hair affectionately, "No, she's just our lil wolf girl." Berto does look over at Sam and Kitty as Kitty mentions the encounter, "She seemed a little off but stepping back into the social spotlight can be a rough time if you're not old hands like me and Pryde here."He tries a reassuring smile. "Don't embarass the man, I can't bemore than... 20? Let's see, there's the sophomore class and next years crop of incoming students... "

Rhona Lauren has posed:
Rhona finds herself seated sideways on one of the kitchen chairs with her phone in her lap. She looks up from it to Kitty, and then over to Sam. "Fried chicken? That sounds delicious. To be fair though, everything in here sounds delicious right now though." She states with a soft laugh before her eyes drop down to her phone again, and she taps out a text to someone... uh oh, Negasonic... you have phone competition!

Rhona looks up again at Lockheed, and grabs a pretzel off the table out of the bowl. She breaks part of it off and tosses it to the little dragon, before popping the rest in to her mouth to chew on.

Negasonic has posed:
    Rahne gets perhaps the closest to respect for the giving of foods. Because. Nice.

    She retreats a bit with the food she was given before it is all given over to Roberto and roots around, eyeing the smol dragon skeptically. Though Lockheed knows she will share. She always shares with smol dragons. A bit of steak is retrieved and offered to him between two fingers. "Rahne is trying to OD Berto not herself. Lethal dose of adorable."

    The phone does get a brief glance, checking it out.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie does make sure there is a sign out in front of the spicy chicken, and then he is putting cutting up some eggs to go into the taters, and some set aside for deviled eggs. Sam maybe checking to see what sides folks like for thanksgiving. He looks and says "Well there is 10 others that are either in Kentucky, or from there." He says as Paige and Jay are occasionally around here. "Then there is you guys." He motions towards Berto, Rahne and Kitty "So yea twenty might be about right." He says with a smirk. He does make a mental note to check in with Alexis soon.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Pretzel!? Steak!! Lockheed is in love. He happily takes the food from Rhona, catching it and quickly chomping on it. He's a fan of the salt. The steak is taken from Ellie's fingers without nipping them with his beak or with those little up-pointed fangs of his.

Kitty grins as she watches him get the food. "You're going to have a friend for life doing that, Rhona," she says, reaching over to give Lockheed a little scritch on the back of his head. She takes another bite of her chicken and then glances over towards Rahne and Noriko to make sure the pair are getting along ok. She doesn't add anything to Rahne's request for a bike, just gives a grin over to the Scottish lass. "So, Nori, are you going to be around for Thanksgiving at the school this year?" she asks.

Rhona Lauren has posed:
"He's going to get chubby." Rhona says when she sees Rahne offering the dragon food too. With a little smile, she sets her phone down on her lap again and looks to Sam. "That's a lot of family. I only had a single brother, but, he's... yeah. Awkward." She smirks then. "Uh, but yeah, just a couple parents now, and they're a long way away. Not sure if I'm even allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of you...." A glance toward Ellie is given, since she's the 'Colonizer' around here! "I mean, you're celebrating that you beatup my country, right? That's what it's about, isn't it?" She's young, she doesn't know American holidays that well!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Oh.  I must have skipped over that part," which is the closest comment to a thanks sent in Negasonic's direction.  Her explanation seems to make the most sense to the speedster, despite Roberto's offering of an explanation.

The Japanese girl eavesdrops on Sam's conversation of siblings for a moment before Kitty makes her snap back into the moment.  "I don't think there are any special celebrations I have to attend or anything so I should be around."  Truth is, she doesn't want to miss it.  It was once upon a Thanksgiving (or week before one) that she ended up at Xaviers and she still has fond memories.

"Besides, I have to make sure we have enough food."  As for Rahne, Noriko is obviously doing her best to act like the girl doesn't exist, for now.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
The look on her face when Rahne's hair is ruffled is pure annoyance. She was countered in her doe-eyes attack. And it was super effective. But Berto's sweet so he gets a pass, apparently.

Spotting Kitty's smile, she has the grace to blush. Attempt to manipulate big brother, seen and guilt enabled.

So she walks over to Rhoda instead, and looks up at HER. Just that, looking upward at the lady. That's hello in Rahne's world.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over and says "Na, Thanksgiving is the celebration of making it to the harvest, and a good meal and time with family before winter sets in. July 4 is Independence day." He offers to clarify. "And of course your allowed to celebrate with us, we are all friends and family here, even folks who drink hot tea." He says the last bit a bit odd, but accompanied with a bit of a smile.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde nods in agreement with what Sam said, "Yes, it's July 4th that is Treasonous Colonial Day," Kitty informs Rhona with a soft grin. "I went to school at Oxford, so I got a lot of guff on the 4th from my friends there," she says.

Kitty takes another bite of her fried chicken, finishing it off. She gives the rest to Lockheed who is more than happy to crunch on the bones. Still to Rhona, Kitty says, "He's got a really high metabolism. When I first realized he stowed away back to Earth with us, he ate an entire big nest of alien eggs. Granted he did flambe them first, but still, that was a lot compared to his size. I think maybe the calories go into making his flames."

Lockheed might know the answer to the question, or comment, but if so he doesn't offer it up. But then he doesn't talk, that most people know of.

Rhona Lauren has posed:
"I was here for the fourth, but I just stayed up in my room." Rhona says with a smirk. "I honestly thought Thanksgiving was like the ... meal you had after the fighting was over... or something." She adds with a quick smirk before her eyes go to Rahne, who gets a small wave from her seated spot on the chair beside the glass table. She offers Rahne a hand. "Hey. Hi. Hello." She greets. "Rhona. Rhonda. Whatever you'd like. Some of the others in the ... uh... video game room downstairs have called me Disco too, on account of my mutation."

Her eyes dart over to Kitty, and the Dragon again. She smiles lightly at the story. "Well, he's pretty cool. I mean, if they had those down at the pet store, ... they'd... uh... make a killing on them? Something like that..."

Negasonic has posed:
    The whole bit about beating up the British gets a blink then she puts it together. "Oh no. This is the holiday when we the Americans celebrate colonizing America.. there is like two.. the other being Colombus day. They are super thankful for surviving a harsh winter and being bailed out by the natives they eventually brutalized I think."

    She also isn't really from America, her take is .. interesting if nothing else.

    "She wants you to ruffle her hair Rhona." is offered sweetly. Danger.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa smiles, "You Americans, descended from Puritans. People so uptight the English through you out." He finishes the plate with a chuckle, "I have a far higher tolerance for adorableness than most." Berto nods, "Can confirm generating fire takes a lot of energy." He smiles at the pet store comment with a sigh, "Don't think I haven't tried to convince Hank and Lock of that financial opportunity, even plushies would sell like hot cakes."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair looks at Rhona's hand. She pauses, about to shake it, when she frowns. And turns her head. She looks around, then takes Rhona's hand quietly. She looks kinda confused.

Rhona Lauren has posed:
Of course this has Rhona looking from Ellie, to Rahne, and then to the awkward hand-taking. "Oh. Uh. Okay. Well." She gives the hand a little shake, then releases it and reaches up. Tentatively, mind you, she ruffles Rahne's hair up some. "And... there... you go. Properly ruffled." She notes with a smile capping off that exchange. "Right. Well, I better grab some food and get up to my room to do my homework." She notes as she stands up and tucks her phone in to her jeans back pocket. "I'll happily dabble in this Thanksgiving celebration though, especially if it's all about enjoying the talents of such fine culinary masters." She says with a smirk as she picks up a plate and gathers some food upon it.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
As soon as Noriko realizes no one is looking at her or expecting a response, she zips over to the food in a timing more in line with her natural rhythm; fast, allowing her electrical systems to flow a little freer.  She's foraging a bit of everything that has been prepared and pauses to check the time, coming back into the same pacing as everyone else.

"It's all about stuffing your face and falling asleep after," Noriko assures Rhona with unabashed, unsolicited enthusiasm when she is gathering some food.  "I highly recommend dabbling."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie makes 4 different bowls of tater salad, one with no pickles or onions, one with both and one with pickles and one with onion. He then is working on deviled eggs, and this one he makes a good many and 6 of them end up on his own plate. "So what is the plan this year?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gets out plates for people, and then goes to the fridge. She starts pulling out fruit juice and soda and milk for people, then gets some glasses out of a cupboard for people to fill with their favorite beverage.

She then goes to get a little bit of everything. Some more of Sam's fried chicken, and some of Remy's gumbo after making sure that it's kosher. Some of Roberto's Brazilian cuisine is placed on her plate, getting a little taste of most everything, and an extra bit of that which she's had before.

Kitty hops up on an empty section of counter, plate on her thighs as she eats. Lockheed noses over and is fed a bite of chicken. "Oh, he'd definitely sell well," Kitty agrees. "Maybe we should write a children's book with him. And give him his own animated series?" she suggests of the dragon, grinning at him.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"For Thanksgiving?  I think it's just like normal right?  Or am I supposed to be doing something for the kids?"  Noriko's eyes flit from Sam toward Kitty with genuine alarm.  She musn't let down the kids.

The speedster suddenly settles down to devour a layer of food on her plate, the wheels behind her eyes turning as she thinks about things she might be able to plan in time before Kitty can even get off a response.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie has moved to the table with his food. He has gathered some of the chicken, tater salad, biscuits,deviled eggs and gumbo, will be trying some of the stuff Berto bought after he has made some more room on his plate. "So what your were talking about when ya come in the stadium Berto?"

James Proudstar has posed:
Big senses and big appetite, the existence of food does not go unnoticed. Ducking in through the entrance, James gives a quick scan of the others assembled. Today, his hair is fixed in a pair of braids which he has been allowing to grow long. Black tank-top and a pair of gray sweat pants indicates he's been making a leisurely day of it.

He sniffs and murmurs, "Gumbo. Fried Chicken.. Annatto, chilli, cumin. Brazilian."

Tossing he braid over his shoulder, he walks over to the counter and snatches a plate. A piece of fried chicken disappearing into his mouth. He stares for a moment, waggles his eyebrows, and then pulls a bare bone from between his lips.

Swallowing he offers a general up-nod to everyone and leans against the counter continuing to munch.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grins as James Proudstar comes in. For people like he and Logan and Hank, they probably always know what's being cooked in the kitchen, particularly when it's something as aromatic as the gumbo or the fried chicken. Just a matter of time if they are in the school to make it there.

"Hey James," she says warmly. She's sitting on a counter, eating from a plate resting on her thighs down by her knees.

"Oh yes, tells us about the stadium, Roberto," Kitty agrees, looking over to him. She tells Noriko, "He's getting a soccer team in Gotham."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa leans against the table with a wide variety of items. He grabs a bottle of fancy sparkling water from the cold beverages and noshes casually. "Oh' right!" Berto grabs the tube dumps out the drawing and unfurls it on the table. It's a three D rendering of a stadium floating on the water. "This is it. The new Soccer stadium for Gotham. It sit in the inner bay. We had it constructed in the caribean and it's beibg towed up the coast." Roberto offers a soft clap to James' analysis.

James Proudstar has posed:
James shovels a large spoon of gumbo into his mouth and chews thoughtfully as he observes the rendering of the stadium. His head tilts as he considers it pensively, not really commenting, mouth only opening to inject more food.

He offers Kitty a side glance and returns the grin briefly before glancing back toward the stadium. After another mouthful of food, he finally asks a question. "Why the Caribbean?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde takes a bite from a fried chicken breast. The white meat is nice and tender and the seasonings are fantastic. "Mmmm. Sam, if you promise to cook for me like this every night, I'll marry you," she tells him before going in for another bite and letting out a happy sigh as she chews it.

She looks at the stadium render, giving a soft, "Oooo." Kitty dabs at her lips with a napkin and then asks Roberto, "So how many games do you think it'll take before you'll kick us out of your luxury box for good?" she teases. "I'm going to go with three."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie hides it well if the comment about marrying hits a sore spot, but he does give her a reply. "Ah think there might be a line of guys who want to ask ya to marry them Kitty, just gotta get the nerve to ask." He looks over to the stadium, and says "So, have you played on the field yet, before ya brought it up?" He asks Berto.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa raises an eyebrow, "You should be on the board. It's constructed in the caribean because of the calmer seas and cheaper labor costs. They've installed a large scale maritime construction facility near Trinidad. It's an area the hurricanes have historically bypassed." Berto smiles at the humor, "That really depends on how good the team is. Maybe a season? Maybe two? There's a large hispanic community in Gotham and I'm hoping they can be our base. Not this field but I did play on one that's in use in Dubai. Played on the pitch, took a tour, lovely space." Berto snorts at the shotgun comment.

James Proudstar has posed:
"Fried Chicken does bring people together. We should just drop buckets of it into war zones. Instant peace." James takes another bite of chicken and follows with a few morsels of Brazilian.

He looks thoughtfully at Kitty. "For your next suitor, if Logan isn't around, I'll hold the shotgun and have the 'talk'

James listens to Roberto carefully and considers, nodding with each point. "Glad that kind of business is making it further down south. Sound plan, nice to see it in execution."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grins over at James Proudstar, and leans over to shoulder bump the huge Apache. Which of course doesn't even cause him to move, just Kitty bounces off him since he outweighs her by about 10 to 1.

Ok, 3 to 1.

She beams a smile over to Sam Guthrie, obviously taking it as a compliment. "Well, no proposals yet," she says. Which if there were any lingering doubts about if that came up with Warren, apparently that is a no. "But I am looking forward to getting to see a game there, Roberto. Sounds like a great venue."

She takes a spoonful of the gumbo and lets out a happy sigh. "James, are you much of a soccer fan?" she asks the Apache.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks amongst his friends, and will smirk a bit, and while he may not have known much about soccer, till he was 16, Berto has made up for any lost time, with telling Sam about it. "So your bringing a team there right, what ya calling them?

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa looks exasperated, "Would you believe a New York women's team took Gotham FC?" He shakes his head, "We got an expansion team. So, It's Arkham FC but there's concern that might attract unwanted attention from Joker or Two-Face or some of that ilk. The other option is" Berto shrugs, "Bats is available but there's some concern about drawing negative attention. The Knights is a classic, the research team uncovered Rigateers as the name for dockworkers and riggers back when the old Gotham dock was in operation. I might have to give Stephanie a call." Berto considers.

James Proudstar has posed:
James chuckles a bit at the shoulder bump. He nods, "I like to follow the San Jose Earthquakes. One of their strikers is Kiowa Apache."

He beams a little proudly, "There's also an old tribal game that involves balancing stones on your toes and then seeing how far you can kick them. Translates well to the sport."

Glancing between Sam and Berto, he listens curiously regarding the team name. He hums, "It's hard to go wrong with Knights. Good imagery."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie nod, and says "And who knows, maybe you can get a couple of the knight heroes to make an appearance when you first order it. Also not a mascot that should get you in trouble either