13348/Scientific progress is like a walk in the park

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Scientific progress is like a walk in the park
Date of Scene: 13 November 2022
Location: Bryant Park
Synopsis: Vivian and Valeria take Holly the holographic dog for a walk in the park. They chat about art and science. Then inspiration strikes and more work needs to be done!
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Vivian Vision

Valeria Richards has posed:
There had been much work done on the software side of Valeria's holographic dog project. With hard light emitters in the living areas of Four Freedoms plaza it had been easy to just dial things in.

But now it was time to go portable with the tech. In this case a baseball sized floating drone projecting the shape of a decidedly adorable and derpy Staffordshire Pitbull Terrier in chocolatey brown fur and a happy look on it's mug.

On a leash, it walks ahead of two women, one, a young blonde that a lot of folks would recognise as Valeria Richards. Skintight bluejeans faded to a pale colour, a warm blue sweater on her chest as the weather gradually transitions to the cooler side of things with chuck style leather sneakers with a wedge heel and the family 4 logo where the usual emblem from Converse wouyld have gone. Long hair in a loose pony tail while a pair of glasses on her nose roll a scoll of debug information fed from the drone and her wrist computer working together to give some realtime info on the doggo's apparent good behavior.

Tagging along with her the inspiration for the project while Val hmms and beams at the doggo.

"So far things seem to be going right." she states and mmms as she gives the simulated pooch ear scritches. "Sensors work, hard light response and animation feels right." she halfd squints while also ready rapid fire text scroll.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian is dressed in her usual green and yellow outfit. Cargo pants in canary yellow plus a green sweater. It's at least a winter sweater though! Not that she needs to wrap up warm for the weather or anything of that nature. For todays walk in the park she's a ball and some chew toys. Usually with a holographic dog it'd unrequired, but for a hard light model? Well it's a way of testing functionality and responses. Plus she's got a bag tucked under one arm with a large thermos filled with coffee peeking out of it.

Perhaps she could holographically project a ball? Or virtually throw one. If the hard light systems aren't ready to lift balls yet.

"Thanks for letting me tag along. I have been in need of distraction lately."

Valeria Richards has posed:
The holo pittie even gives Vivian playful boofs and rubs. Val may have had this boi set to 'Sook' mode in acting affectionate. probably for the best when live field testing new software and hardware.

"You and me both. Mom was probably a few hours away from having the HERBIEs all drag me into the shower and make me go outside so I figure might as well do that myself. And also you know helps to do that when you have friends to invite out as well. Present company exampled!" she states and grins.

She had actually dialed in the power for the hard light forcefields to allow for playing fetch safely. There had been more than a few sticks chomped through till the software could calculaate safe bite force. This was something she needed to really get right. Especially for the security functions. No biting arms and stuff off by accident. Double for kids.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision has done a lot of dog related research of her own for Project Sparky, so has thoroughly studied the best ways to carry out belly rubs and ear scritches.

"I would have thought that is something of a family tradition with the Reed family," she teases. "Much in the same way that my Great Aunt and Doctor Pym both need reminding to take care of themselves when working on a big project. Although usually when Janet is trying to drag Nadia somewhere it's more likely to be a foam party than to get a wash...."

Which is a big part of why Viv has the thermos of coffee and a plastic container filled with oatmeal cookies. Healthy and filling, ideal for a treat while out for a walk!

Valeria Richards has posed:
The pooch even manages to earn some fawning and scitching from others passing by. Val had scaled him to be a little bigger than normal for some extra boofheaded ness. More than a few times Val herself in her celebrity famous superhero daughter mode she had to hunker down beside the pooch for a few pictures taken.

Celebrity life as it is, there's probably enough shots taken of Valeria hunching down at heel beside the pooch. She named it 'Holly' for anyone asking. That someone could probably manage a full three dimensional shot of the blonde.

"They also have meds to worry about and chemical imbalances to rebalance with said meds. Nadia at least has Jan to help her with that, as frivolous and fun party gal Jan is she does totally care about all of our well beings, So does Mom. And they do also care about you as well Viv, You're family. We all just happen to also be rediculously prone to introversion and shutting ourselves in labs." she states and giggles at her own expense.

The pooch starts getting more attention from the hawkers and Val swipes a few options on her wrist computer to let the simulated animal pose and do tricks while the women chat. Holly does make for a good distracrion.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"The Herbies do?" Vivian teases. "You'd think you could handle that all yourself. Not that you'd need to if you took better care of yourselves. Speak of which would you like a mug of hot coffee? I have one of those re-usable mugs. Plus sachets of sugar and those little hotel pots of cream if you want them." She nods. "I do know Janet cares about me. She was very supportive when I first started dating."

The synthezoid is, as usual, alert to possible dangers around them both. Scanning for anyone with more than a friendly interest. Making sure no-one takes any inappropriate photos. Scanning for weapons. All the things a responsible young superhero does when out and about in public.

"I've been doing a little more art recently to keep busy. I'm quite pleased with the work, considering it's the first time I drew a total stranger."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"I mean they'd just throw me in there. And bar the door till I'm done showering. Drag me really. We've got one that's always on standby with an extiguisher for Uncle Johnny. I think Uncle Ben set that one up." she states and chuckles at her own expense. She may also be over selling it.

"You're doing art again, that's great! Should have enough work ready you could do a gallery showing! Jan would totally love helping you with that!" she encourages with a smile. "So whom got to be the lucky model this time?" she asks.

"And coffee would be awesome!" she adds very accepting of one of the few stimulants she can totally enjoy openly in public.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"At least they're not just turning on the biohazard containment procedures and steaming the lab with you still inside!" Vivian jokes, with a shake of her head. "Oh no I haven't started doing it again. Really I never stopped. I've had a few different models. But I never intended it to be a gallery project and don't have consent from all my models to display it publicly." She tilts her head to one side. "It's never been about other people seeing the work."

She pauses and then adds "To be honest I've only really been doing it for myself..."

She pours a mug of the coffee and then lets Val add her own cream, sugar and pick a cookie to have alongside the beverage. "I hired a mercenary called Miss Winters. She has multiple tails and fox ears. I thought she'd be visually interesting."

Valeria Richards has posed:
The blonde sets her coffee up the rest of the way. There's one taste with it straight from the thermos and a smile in appreciation. Then comes the cream and sugar en masse to get it to Val levels. All the while she scrunches her nose and kinda wiggles her behind at the mention of a wom,an with multiples tails.

"Multiple tails. Like a Kitsune? Japanese legend stuff? Makes my spine itch thinking about how that separation would work." she states and chuckles. "But I bet and I'm guessing she had fox like tails? It would have actually made for some great colouring experience, the blending of tones and flow and grain of fur." she looks over at Holly the Holodog, she might have had some time spent working on colloring and getting fur patterns to look realistic in a three dimensional setting.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"All my art is pencil sketches," Vivian points out with a smile. "No colouring involved but the tails and ears were interesting to draw compared with just regular hair. She wasn't a kitsune. I don't know a lot about her personal details except that she mentioned it being a genetic thing. Like a mutant or metahuman. But that she did know actual kitsunes of the magic variety."

She mentions this as matter of factly as only someone who has been to a magical island filled with mythical creatures can.

"I'll show you the drawing sometime. She chose to life model so it's probably best if I don't project a copy of the drawing out here in the park.."

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's a nod of Val's head and a grin. "Well I know you got the mad skills for it. So if you ever do decide you want to show off. You can totally use the stuff you did of me. Or anything new we do later n down the track." she encourages to the synthezoid.

The pooch keeps on playing. Adding plenty of nuzzles and fawning sounds as ears and tummy and tail all get pets and scritches. Holly not licking anyone, this is something a normal dog can be taught. Val just has it set to not do that because that would require simulating dog slobber. And a dog that doesn't make mess is a future selling point.

Should also let you draw Holly and some of the other canine simulations. Doggo cosplay and posing that will do what you say. Even I get tired staying in a single position after too long." she adds in suggestion.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision beams a smile. "Thanks," she says with a blush. "But I really don't care about strangers seeing anything I've done. It really is just all about my own personal development."

She nods when Val offers to pose again. "I'd be more than happy to draw you again. I enjoy having a mix of models who either are happy to be posed or have their own ideas for poses. It's a good balance of expressing my creative desires and working with the model to come up with something I couldn't make on my own..."

Her brow furrows into a frown. "That'd be very... meta. A synthezoid drawing a simulation manually like a Human would. But a realistic enough holographic simulation would be just as challenging to draw as a real dog so that should work."

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's another nod of her head and Val grins. "Hey, I mean they make little featureless poseable action figures with high articulation for artists to draw poses and stuff. The holodoggo is just an extension of that. And sometimes us models totaly don't mind being posed when it's someone they trust!" Valeria points out further.

It's punctuated by a wink.

There is a few squints at the distance but it's just more checking code and debug issues from the testing of the very popular Holly. It is a clever fake mutt and milks the attention for all it can get. Doing a rearing up begging thing.

"Hey, please don't try to feed my friend. Holly is holographic. The future in hypoallergenic companion animal simulation!" she calls out and then rolls her eyes at Vivian. "Crap, now I gotta write up press releases earlier than I like." she states clearly amused and dismayed at her own dislike of clerical and public relations.

This just after she just spent time posing for every social feed except her own.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"When I was drawing Miss Hardy she was very insistent that I pick her pose," Viv explains. "She said I needed to be confident when expressing myself and that part of that was picking her costume and pose. But then she's a professional model so I guess she is used to working with professionals."

She winks back. "It's fun drawing both types of model. Each has it's own challenges. I think so long as I've got the a model I enjoy working with I'll produce something I'll be happy with."

There's a pause and she adds "I can always write you a PR brief in the blink of an eye. It's far easier for me. I just load up a few templates, then add in the key details, focus test with some iterations of myself and then done. Maybe you could create a toy that's shaped like a dog treat. So people can 'feed' their pets. A lot like how you had to feed the original types of virtual pet."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Felicia is not wrong. Having a clear image of what you want from your subjects and how to gett that image out and set before putting to paper or camera is important. You're the boss. It's a leadership thing." Val explains,

someone about to offer a hotdog to Holly gets a pout. It would just make a mess later on. "I gotta try and better articulate the whole service and companion animal angle for the people with allergies or other reasons a flesh and blood animal can't help. Mom might be able to help with that. You're definitely in the credits for working on it though. And the rest of GIRL since how much work I did there as well as home. Only fair we prop up all our friends." she states and grins as Vivian gives her an idea.

"Secondary power bank in the form of a doggy treat. They can hold it in their 'mouth' connect and recharge if they need it." she states and snappoints to Vivian. "The drone emitter inside has a pretty decent battery life but you never know sometimes. I've programmed the dog to act lazy and tirted as it gets closer to needing a recharge. This can help. Good catch!" she beams and grins. "Between us, that should be easy to design and build, we can prototype like mad in an afternoon. C'mon!"

she's got the SCIENCE mood back and nothing stopping her as she tries to drag Vivian while whistling to get Holly the Holodog following so it can get future treats.