1337/The Girl in Shipment

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The Girl in Shipment
Date of Scene: 24 April 2020
Location: Queens
Synopsis: After a most leet battle with Whirlwind, Porcupine, Trapster and Stilt-Man where they attempted to hijack a mysterious SHIELD convoy, Spider-Man, Ironheart, and Mockingbird are able to capture the villains...but cannot stop a mysterious android from activating and then escaping the situation. Mysteriously, the convoy is a complete enigma, even to SHIELD, despite being a SHIELD convoy.
Cast of Characters: Gothic Lolita, Peter Parker, Riri Williams, Bobbi Morse

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    It's another day in Queens, with traffic making its way through the area as normal. With La Guardia relatively nearby, there's a good amount of traffic coming and going to the airport, in fact, winding through the streets in the area, as people drive around, bright yellow taxis mixing with the occasional police unit or more official vehicles.

    A pair of semi trucks blend in, as intended. Neither is marked with very noticeable symbols on them, just a more generic 'CR Shipping'. They do stand out in that they look newer, and their windows are tinted, making it harder to see those driving as the rumble along.

    However, there are those who DO know...and one of them steps out an alley at one end of the block, dressed in an armored suit covered with quills as he holds out a hand in a fist, the other touching a control on his belt. With a *FFFTFFFTFFFT* a flurry of the quills fire into the wheels of a lumbering U-Haul truck as it starts to cross the next intersection, the vehicle squealing to a stop in a shower of spark, turning sideways as it topples over with a crash, several cars narrowly missing it by turning hard, as other cars spin out trying to avoid an accident...and almost immediatley, one side of the road is in gridlock.

    On the other, a whirling green tornado drops off a nearby roof, and simply barrels right into the cars at the previous intersection, knocking them skidding out of control as more crashes and accidents occur, though no cars are flipped. They're simply knocked into each other to block the way back.

    Finally, from another roof halfway down, a shining metal figure moves up to the edge of the rooft...then a leg extends down until it touches the street as the armored man takes a step, his next leg coming down on top of the front semi as its forced to break, before he retracts the firts leg, already reaching for a manhole-sized device on his back as he sets it on the top of the truck's cab, before taking another stilt-drive leap to the second and doing the same there as the second truck tries to back up and finds its way blocks by the accident.

Peter Parker has posed:
Aw, man, ANOTHER convoy? It's a THURSDAY, isn't it?

Here he is, fresh off stopping an international smuggler with a ninja in Hero Mode (he's STILL going to call her the Combat Maid in his head) and now, just trying to get back to Forest Hills, it's a noisy attack on a pair of trucks that look too new to be standard delivery trucks.

Two of them he knows by sight. Stilt Man? Really? Oh, well. and the other...oh, man. The Snark rises in him just LOOKING at him.

So, as he stage-dives with web-shooters at the ready, he channels Moe Howard's finest voice, "HEY, PORCUPINE!"

Riri Williams has posed:
     The city always looks amazing from above. AISHA was running smooth, and the taps into the city's traffic cam network, emergency responder comms, TCAS... Basically, if there was a potential way to find people to help, Riri's AI had a tap in it. That is, except the more secure SHIELD stuff. Causing problems for Tony was a bad idea. But in the meantime, she was free to just listen to music and sightsee-

A harsh buzz interrupts the teen's album, information flashing over hud as AISHA's voice sounds in her ear. "<HiJacking detected. Two probable suits of power armor, one powered individual. Intercept?>" "Yes. Give me manual control on final approach." "<Understood. Prepare for G force in Three... Two... one.>" The armor breaks into a snap roll and arcs off on a new course, accelerating like a bat out of hell. Riri grits her teeth, black tugging at the edges of her vision, concentrating on the artifical horizon in her HUD. She did NOT want to barf in the helmet, and AISHA's piloting was... efficient. "<Commencing deceleration.>" Thrust cuts for a moment, the armor flipping into a bit more of an upright position, arms coming up, and the repulsors flare again to bring her back down to a SOMEWHAT sane speed as she arcs toward the accident scene. "<Intercept disengaged. Good luck.>" The HUD turns from amber to the red of combat mode, targeting brackets highlighting the three combatants, and Ironheart comes in for a superhero landing. Not the Mark II that had had a showing at the Stark Expo, but the nearly seven foot tall Mark I, battleship grey and utilitarian. Green brackets and a symbol indicate that Spidey's on Porcupine, so...

Stilt-Man and Whirlwind would find targeting lasers dancing on their chests, the pair staring down Ironheart's palm repulsors. <"Either of you want to surrender now and save us all the trouble?"> ...Riri has to ask. And it does save on her budget. Micro-missiles aren't cheap.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    The devices attached to the cabs do their work, cutting holes in the top, then spewing gas inside, which disables the drivers nicely as only one manages to get out the door before passing out, having partially got a pistol out of its holster before it drops to the ground beside her. At that point, another man, this one in a purple and gold costumed man riding a floating disc shoots out the opposite alley as Trapster makes for the trucks, firing what looks like...a caulking gun?

    Porcupine hears Spiderman coming as he yells, looking up. "Oh, hell." is the first thing the quill-covered villain says, before scrabblign for the controls on his suit as he taps another button, a pair of cannister falling out of the back of his suit and exploding into clouds of smoke as he tries to dive to the side and evade! Because a Spiderman landing on you kinda can spoil your day. "It's the webhead!"

    Meanwhile, Stilt-Man blinks as Ironheart comes out of nowhere and promptly throws his hands in the air! "Whoa, let's not get crazy now!" he stammers as he stumbles back a bit!

    Whirlwind, on the other hand, counters by grabbing a newspaper machine and spins, his body turning into a tornado as it comes hurtling at Ironheart at high speed! "Eat this, you punk!"

    As smoke rapidly spreads over the trucks, Trapster snaps. "Keep them busy!" AS he starts spraying down the back truck making a vaguely rectangular outline with the high-tech caulking gun...which promptly flares to life a moment later as the chemicals in the mixture meet the air, bursting into bright lines that begin melting through the truck trailer.

Peter Parker has posed:
Smoke isn't great, but he can handle smoke.
Spider-Man lands on the street where Porcupine USED to be, but his Spider-Sense tells him where the danger is. He has to do something about those quills. He sends those at him, it'll be like hugging a hand grenade. He takes a chance, knowing which direction Porcy is in, then fires both web-shooters in a wide net. If he can't immobilize the guy, he can still try to take away his modus operandi.

Riri Williams has posed:
     Smoke? Ironheart laughs at smoke. Well, not literally, that'd be weird. The obscured parts of her vision drop into neon green wireframe and particularly dense objects identified as targets in red, her visor smoothly switching over to ultrasound mapping and millimeter wave radar. <"Disengage your suit while I deal with your buddies, Stilt-Man."> AISHA's scan of Whirlwind's armor comes back with the optimum power level, Riri confirms, and unleashes a repulsor bolt at the man in question, another aimed at the newspaper machine to knock it aside. Which just leaves Trapster... "AISHA, Tango Three, Dazzle. He can enjoy a flickering low power laser light in his face. Not enough to do any damage, but enough to annoy the CRAP out of him.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    It's reeeeally hard to get too far when someone is dropping on you from above, Porcupine finds, even as he disappears into the smoke, as the spray of webbing smacks into him and glues him to a car partly as he sweats, struggling as he tries to reach for his belt, then finds the right button, a blade snapping out of his costume vambrace that he uses to cut at the webbing holding him in place, swearing. He can't really get his firing arm up...so he just goes for another button as a pair of tear gas grenades fire out of his costume's back this time arcing up and coming down around him to explode into yellow clouds as the civilians in the area start to scream and run in all directions, many commuters abandoning their cards.

    The newspaper machine explodes as the repulsor blast hits, bits of Daily Bugle exploding like confetti in all directions as Whirlwind takes the second repulsor blast with a grunt as he goes promptly spinning off course like a deranged pinball, slamming into another car then smashing into a building before he rebounds, Trapster diving for cover as he goes straight through the weakened side of the truck with tremendous *CRASH* and out the other side before slamming to a halt on a BMW with a crash...thankfully abandoned as he gets his bearing, pushing himself up. "Ugh..."

    Trapster covers his goggled eyes as the lasers play over them staggering back, then grring as he grabs for his belt, pulling a disc free and pressing a button on the top before sending it spinning towards Ironheart. "Suck it!" The disc...changes course in midair as it starts to home rapidly in on Riri.

    Stilt-Man draws himself up. "How about instead....EXTEND-O-LEG!" he shoults , aiming his right foot at Riri as it rapidly exstends to full length, trying to kick her into a nearby building!

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man can track the firing arc of the grenades, the Spider-Sense extrapolating their point of entry. Which gives Spidey something to fire at.
As he ducks, he lunges forward, spraying the target with more webbing even as he tries to free himself. "SIDDOWN!" he barks as he comes up with a swing towards Porcupine's head.

Riri Williams has posed:
     Stilt-Man's kick clangs into Riri's armor, the armored teen grabbing the ankle in question as she takes a half step back- And promptly cranks up the taser built into that gauntlet. <"Didn't you learn basic physics in high school-">

"<Incoming Projectile. Intercepting.>" There's a flash and a bang from Riri's shoulder as a micromissile is dispatched, blast radius contained to only about two feet.

WHirlwind's temporarily staggered, Trapster! <"No, You suck it!"> Riri fires another beam at the purple clad villain, sweeping it horizontally to try to slam him into the truck as well.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Porcupine...can't really see Spiderman coming. At least not until even more webbing is sprayed over his free arm, pinning it to the hood of the car as he growls, trying to jerk himself free or at least rub the tips of his quills against the webbing...though then the fist slams solidly into his chin and he's knocked solidly unconscious, slumping against the webbing as he groans.

    Stilt-Man blinks. "Wait, you can'tWAUUUUGHH!" he yelps as his foot is not only stopped, but promptly tasered as he twitchs and jerks as his suit goes out of control, the other leg extending to send him flying through the ground to slam into a building across the way with a grunt and the crack of falling masonry and glass as he topples into a dumpster with a crash.

    The disk from trapster is hit by the repulsor bolt and explodes into...well, it actually looks an awful like a cloud of Spider-Man's webbing as it splatters roughly in Riri's direction. Trapster himself sees the repulsor blast zeros in on him, smacking him flying into the now open side of the truck as there's a crash from inside.

    Whirlwind, meanwhile, gets his second wind, jerking himself free of the remains of the car, his lower body exploding into a swirling tornado as he brings up his arms. "Hey Iron Man wannabe, CATCH!" he growls as twin tornadoes explode from his arms and slam into the open side of the truck.

    FRom the other side of the truck an explosion of high tech equipment goes flying into the air, along with a startled Trapster as he spins end over end through the air. "AHHHHHHH YOU IDIOOOOOOOT!!!"

    Among the equipment now flying through the air: a large cylindrical battery looking thing, some sort of scanner with a dish on it that looks like it's from the 1960s, a large energy cannon of some sort, miscellaneous boxes with SHIELD stencils on it, a large egg-shaped device, and a cylindrical tube that's half glass...with a girl in it. The battery looking thing and tube have already suffered damage from the fight and are sparking and smoking as they sail through the air in a cloud of high-tech missiles aimed roughly 'to whom it may concern' in Ironheart and Spidey's general direction!

Peter Parker has posed:
Well, THAT is something you don't see every day!

The missiles are banging away at his Spider-Sense, telling him to run. Red nodal points of lethal probability, all over the place.

The egg-shaped device, that is something he does not understand. But the tube with the girl...that triggers an automatic protective response.
It is a curse to see yourself in every potential victim.

Spider-Man is already moving as he runs FORWARD instead of AWAY from the missiles. You know, like a SANE person.

Then he jumps. His left arm reaches out and a webline shoots from under his wrist to the "egg" and snatches it out of the air, pulling it towards him. His right arm extends outwards and then he is cradling the container with the girl in it, re-directing its course to the right side, the missiles passing him by. The egg device sockets neatly into his curled left arm, and he lands on his feet, holding both the egg and the girl.

And his photo-drone caught it all.

Riri Williams has posed:
Okay... Out of these things, The 'battery' is throwing off some highly unstable energy signatures. Riri drops her hands and points backwards, a flare of repulsors launching her forward in time to intercept the battery, swing it around, and lower it to the ground. A few other items clang off her armor and stagger her, though. Can't catch /everything/. <"Come on, Surrender already! Stilt-Man's down for the count!"> ...Hey, it MIGht work.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    The remaining gear tumbles forward and past the two heroes, adding to the general increase in car insurance for various commuters with a crash of breaking glass and metal. The egg is neatly webbed out of the air and pulled in to be caught like an oversized football, considering it's like the size of a T-rex egg, but manageable. The tube...a bit harder, as it's HEAVY; feels like a good metric ton as it impacts with Spidey, stopping dead but sending him skidding backwards several feet most likely as the back gives under the impact. A panel on the side goes from a yellow color to blinking red as an insistent alarm starts going off from it. <WARNING - stasis compromised. Restore auxilary power. WARNING - stasis compromised. Restore auxilary power.>

    Trapster manages to summon the disk like thing he rode in on midair, landing on it at about waist height with an *oof* that knocks the wind out of him, awkwardly clinging to it as he tries to pull himself up into a crouch on top.
    Ironheart's quick dodge back is enough to send her neatly into where she can catch the sparking battery neatly and lower it to the ground. No boom today. Boom tomorrow? (or in minutes? Who knows!)

    Whirlwind shoots upwards above the traffic, floating midair before he shoots forward at speed at Ironheart, trying to wall check her as he turns into a Tasmanian devil style tornado again. "RAAAAAAAAAH!!"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey lowers both objects with a soft "oof!" He looks at the readout, frowning. This had to be what all the fuss was about. This...girl?
Sort that part out later. Something is going wrong and it had to be fixed...or stabilized...

His gloved hand ran along the tube after he set both items on the ground, checking it over. Auxiliary power...was there a switch to throw, or did something...okay, there has to be some kind of power unit connected to it.

"Ironheart!" He had remembered what to call her. "This thing needs a power source!"

Riri Williams has posed:
     Riri quickly links into Pete's SPider-Comm headset, punching another missile and a pair of repulsor beams at Whirlwind. <<"Switch! You web up Whirlwind, I'll take a last shot at Trapster and bridge the power!">> A quick boost of repulsor thrust and she's over where Spidey was. A stuttering of lower power bolts to harass Trapster, and...

"Aisha, Access panel Sierra Papa Two." One of the plates on the side of Riri's torso lifts, revealing a heavy duty connector port. "Okay, let's see... Good. They used the same power standard." SHe engages the cutover, and power is diverted into the stasis pod.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Trapster is forced to bob and weave to avoid the incoming fire, ducking down low on the disc as he tries to return fire with his pistol, sending a few wild shots back roughly towards Ironheart's direction before he zooms up to get some height, continuing to bob and weave, more interested in avoiding being shot again than getting a clear one himself as he fades back into the smoke.

    Whirlwind is forced to break off his charge as Riri raises her hands, dodging back and to the side to avoid the blasts as one clips him, sending him off course, before he recovers, scraping along the undamaged semi in a shower of sparks, the top part of his body becoming visible again as his helmeted head orients on the two heros. "You two bums are gonna regret messing with our heist." he snarls, shooting forward to grip one of the random shield boxes and spinning around rapidly to send it flying at the two.

    Meanwhile, as Ironheart and Spiderman work at the tube, inside the tube, the girl's eyes suddenly open, glowing redly for a moment before fading back to a dark brown. On her internal HUD, data starts scrolling...

    System rebooting - LW series 1 unit 5 - date unknown. Memory fault. Rerouting to undamaged sectors.

    Warning - Power Reserve at 2% - recharge systems immediately. Combat power not available.

    The girl's head turns slightly to bring Spidey and Ironheart into view, then tags them as Spidey Hero Guy and Heavy Metal Maiden, before the power is restored.

    On the outer tube, the screen flickers, turning back to yellow. <Stasis power restored - reactivate yes/no?>

    Then begins to flicker rapidly as data scrolls. <Reactivation cancelled. Power system reroute to induction systems by external authority.>

    Power starts to drain rapidly from Ironheart's systems!

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey's head pops up. "Uhmmm, hold that thought...!"

He turns and sees the box seeming to float towards him. Time seems to slow as he fires two weblines at the box, then swings it around once, twice, and then the box is hurtling back towards Whirlwind as he hears, "Hope your RETURN POLICY is good!"

He looks to Riri, then says, "Stick with her. I'll settle THEIR hash." Spider-Man starts towards Whirlwind, waiting to see what the "refund" will do to the villain before he cancel's Whirlie's gig.

Riri Williams has posed:
     Riri winces inside her helmet as orange warning text flashes across her HUD. <<"Spidey, this thing's pulling sgome /heavy/ power. Don't wnat to risk draining the caps with energy weapons, so I'm on missiles only right now if you need help.">> Okay, Shut down nonessential systems, reroute auxiliary power... The soft whine of the arc reactor increases in volume and pitch, the armored teen chewing on her lip as she watches the output curves.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Whirlwind is not expecting that level of reaction speed! He goggles behind his helmet as the box is caugh, spun, and sent straight back him, crumpling as it hits his chest solidly and sends him flying back into the previously undamaged truck of the convoy, smashing through the side and disappearing inside for a moment, before he comes bursting back out, shaking off....what appear to be either laundry or a variety of SHIELD uniforms that were in storage, sending fabric scattering in all direction as he pulls one off where it caught caught on his horn, his lower body still a tornado. "I'll make hash of YOU, webhead!" he growls, going for another box as he tries to hurl it at the oncoming hero.

    Trapster, meanwhile, recovers now that no one is shooting at him, standing up on his floating disc as he snags another disc off his belt, pressing a button on top ot arm it. He COULD help Whirlwind...if the jerk hadn't sent him flying with that earlier blast. And why go after Spidey when he's got a target who's standing still, after all? He draws a hand back then pitches the adhesive grenade underhand towards Ironheart.

    Inside the tube, the girl's HUD keeps scrolling. (Power systems recharging - 4 percent - 6 percent - 8 percent - 10 percent - combat power restored at minimal levels.)

    The flying disc pops up and is tagged as (Big badda boom?) as its detected, before the girl suddenly moves, shifting a bare foot under her hospital style gown to rest it against the metallic middle of the front of the cylinder window, before she kicks out hard.

    There's a *SHRRRAANK* sound as the lid tears free, shooting upwards to smash into the oncoming grenade as it goes off, gooping up the lid as it tumbles away, before she sits up.

    Then turns her attention to Ironheart for a moment, her eyes glowing redly with a technological pattern...looks a lot like a standardized PC 'power' symbol. "Gratitude, mechanized miss." Her long dark hair falls loose around her shoulders as her HUD scrolls, designating Whirlwind and Trapster as (Whirlygig) and (Mr No Dress Sense).

    Currently, the civilians int he area have scattered, though sirens can be heard in the distance. The two trucks are stopped in the middle of the block of course, with a scattering of SHIELD boxes and miscellaneous weird tech scattereed around, mostnotably the sparking mega-battery.

Peter Parker has posed:
Whirlwind is dangerous when he is spinning. He doesn't get dizzy, either. Odd, but he's half-spider, so glass houses and thrones...

So he can let him spin like a top. As he closes in, he fires with both shooters as the webs come, as they usually do, only this time they web Whirlwind to the street. Spidey dodges the box flying in his direction, then closes in as Whirlwind finds himself immobilized.

And then Spider-Man's fist connects with Whirlwind, hard enough to blow HIM down.

Riri Williams has posed:
     Riri's eyes hang open wide as the girl in the tube suddenly tears her way out? ...Well, at least that's the power draw dealt with. AISHA helpfully ejects the connection and re-closes the panel, but Riri keeps gaping. Which honestly doesn't come across as well on the faceplate. <"Uh.... You're welcome?"> ...Yeah, definitely an android. Or at least she's got cybereyes... Trapster should probably be dealt with first though. Toggling both hand repulsors to 'rapid fire', she opens up again on Trapster and his disk. <"If you land now, I won't have to shoot you as much!">

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    A priority emergency alert flashes across Bobbi's smart watch. She was en route back to the Triskelion, so she's pretty close. Her motorbike roars in to action as she starts to weave through the traffic. She makes one near by pass of the mess and then circles back around. Seeing a guy flying up in the air, a stilted man topped over, whirlwind in a battle with spider man. There's the excited part of her brain and the responsible part of her brain.

    Why not both?, she decides to herself Pistol drawn she rides in to the scene shooting up at what she believes must keep that flying disc stabilised. That one'll be easier to deal with on the ground and may be they'll have trouble taking fire from two different directions. She comes to a skidded stop by the box and takes cover against it with its flashing warning lights. She pulls out her phone, tapping the SHIELD icon to scan its inventory and find out what it needs and if it's heading towards a big bad boom.

    At the same time she taps the comms in her ears, "This is Agent 19 requesting rapid response team to Queens, SHIELD convoy under attack by four assailants. Spiderman and Ironheart are on the scene, over." ~~ the response in her ear comes back ~~ "Acknowledged Agent 19, dispatching rapid response team to your location, paint the scene, over." ~~ she replies, "I've got a ..container here, a battery may be, looks mighty unhappy. It's warning about stasis compromised. Please advise, over."

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Trapster bobs back and forth again as Ironheart starts firing at him, dodging back and forth as he ducks low in a crouch to make himself a smaller target, shooting to the side to try and avoid the fusillade of fire! "Haw, better get a better targeting system girlie..." he says, lining up a shot himself...which is about when Bobby's shot hits him from the direction he wasn't looking, a pop and sparks shooting out of the underside of the disc as it abruptly spins, causing him to grab on for dear life. "AUUUUUGH!" It sends him flying off to land on the top of the rear truck with a solid *THUD* and a groan, before he tries to roll back to his feet as his disc goes on a magical journey of wonder off towards the Bronx, trailing smoke behind it.

    Whirlwind oofs as the webs spray over him....oddly being sprayed by webbing while spinning does not help with stopping it from wrapping you up, his arms getting bound to his sides, but the rapid spin ripping them free from the street before he can be completey webbed down. "Dammit, stop that!" The villain promptly slams his shoulder into the trailer cab, spinning rapidly to try and rip it off him enough he can move again freely!

    Bobbi's arrival certainly makes things more dicey for them as Trapster picks himself up. "Dammit...let's get out of here! There's too much heat!" he shouts to Whirlwind.

    Bobby's query, however....bring up a blank inventory list. As far as SHIELD's computer knows, these were empty trucks. No origination location. No destination listed either.

    The battery continues to spark menacingly! That's probably not good.

    The tube that's still running its alarm about its stasis being compromised (and now a containment breach with its door kicked off) seems less likely to explode, though a petite girl with dark hair is gracefully climbing out of it, dropping barefoot to the pavement as she looks around, then starts padding towards the damaged battery.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Stilt-Man sits up in the dumpster, rubbing his head, then activating his legs to rise up about a story as he tries to figure what's going on. "...uuuuugh...wha?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey comes in low, firing webs at the spinning Whirling, then tagging a motorcycle with, hoping Whirlwind will rreel the bike it and get tangled up. He also begins shotting at various surfaces around, hoping to get something he can stick Whirlie to...

Riri Williams has posed:
     Okay... Target rich environment here. Potential android girl doesn't seem to be a threat. Who seems to be a SHIELD agent is on the scene, investigating things, and when the facial recognition comes back Riri can find out for sure. Stilt-Man... Minimal threat, and he was easy enough to tase the first time. Spidey's got Whirlwind, which leaves... Trapster." <"You assume I"m trying to hit you dead on!"> Riri's repulsors flare in thruster mode again, launching herself in a bounding leap towards the now on foot villain, trying to pull him into a bear-hug and activate the taser function in her gauntlets.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi stares at her scanner in bewildering, "What the hell." She quickly takes in the scene again and sees Stilt-Man trying to extricate himself from the crime; and someone coming out of containment from the supposedly empty trucks. ~~ "Agent 19 elevate comms to level 7 clearance, over." ~~ "Agent 19 confirmed, channel now level 7 clearance, over." ~~ "Inventory for this convey is unregistered and a.. an android just left a stasis container, please advise, over."

    Okay, android girl.. waiting for information from HQ. Stilt-guy though, "Hey daddy long legs, going somewhere?" She gets back on to her bike and spins it in two tight circles before digging the front tire in and flipping off the bike, launching it through momentum at his long legs - they seem like such a terrible design flaw, throwing a motorbike at them seems like a good idea.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    ~~ "Wait one - Agent 19, confirmed, we have no information on any android or cargo for this convoy. The inventory, origin, and destination for the shipment is blank; we have no data on any LMDs or other android systems being transported. The convoy was not classified so much as it doesn't officialy exist. Advise caution." ~~ the SHIELD dispatcher responds after a moment.

    Whirlwind tries to shoot free but the bike being attached to him, well...physics in action as the web rapidly is wound up and the motorcycle slams into him, knocking him to the ground, followed by multiple webs shooting at hinm to tie him to multiple vehicles nearby as he's wrenched out of his spin, strugglign helplessly as he's held in midair. "RRRRRRGGH!!!" he shouts, trying to jerk free but unable to move now.

    Trapster sees the armor coming at him, his eyes bugging out. "Shit!" He turns to try and jump off the truck but doen't quite get clear before Ironheart tackles him off it, his body twitching as the taser charge bursts into his body, before he goes limp about the time she lands on the other side.

    Stilt-Man...attempts to leg it! (it's in the name). Curse his one (of many) weaknesses of someone sending a motorcycle crashing into his legs, sending him toppling over. "Whoooooaaaaaaaaah!" There's a crash as he topples down...into the next dumpster in line down the alley, the lid slamming shut on his legs as they slowly start to retract. "Ugh..."

    The girl walks over to the battery crouching down by it, then reaching down to pick it up under on arm, before she opens a panel on the side, pulling out a cable, then ripping the fabric of her gown over her stomach before she...plugs it into her belly button, starting to drawn power from it as she sighs. "Ah...much better." She frowns, watching the group dealing with the last of the villains, frowning to herself, mentally tagging Bobbi as (Miss Bombshell with the Bike) then deletes (with the Bike) as it's sent sailing off into Stilt Man. It's unclear who they represent or work with, and she's not in a situation where she is entirely up for a fight...not to mention they seem to have been trying ot help her. Which is to be commended, in her opinion. "Well, bother..." she murmurs, turning her head slightly as she starts calculating vectors."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man's Fist, meet Whirlwind's head. Hello, Head, so nice to meet you, and greeting you so OFTEN...

It takes about four punches before Whirlwind's top is stopped. He turns around to assess the situation, then spots the girl again, as she...plugs a battery unti her belly button. Well, where ELSE would you put it?

Spider-Man fires a webline, but she is gone by the time he lands. He looks around, puzzled, then at the mayhem around him.

"I'm sure as heck not cleaning THIS mess up..." he says tiredly.

Riri Williams has posed:
     Ironheart comes bounding back, and deposits the unconscious Trapster at Spidey's feet. <"Mind webbing him up too? I'm still working on the restraint foam formula you sent me-"> The armored teen tilts her head to one side, listening to something the other two can't hear. <"Crap. Gunfight in progress. I've got to go. Spidey. Agent... Agent." Straightening up again, Ironheart arcs up into the sky on a plume of repulsor thrust and disappears.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi lifts up her phone and takes several pictures of the android girl. ~~ "Uhh.. right thanks, over." She looks at Ironheart as she is addressed and she lifts a hand to wave at her.. but she's gone. "Right.. and hey Spiderman." She grins and shakes her head, "This city." Her eyes turn back to the android and she slowly starts to approach, holding out her hands non-threateningly, "Hello there. My name is Bobbi... don't be alarmed, some of my friends will be turning up any moment to take you back to our place to ask you some questions, Kay?"

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    As she sees Spider-Man leaping back towards her, she gives him a jaunty two fingers salute to her temple. "Thanks for the help, Spider-Samaritan!" she says cheerfully. "And you two ladies who I probably can't stay around to learn your name." She studies Bobbi with eyes that have returned to a brown shade. "Mmmm. I'm sure that they will, but I am unsure if I should be answering any questions until I have oriented myself. Apologies." She digs in her feet...

    Then leaps.

    Sailing up, up, in a good 100 meter leap to land on top of a nearby building with a crunch of impact, then again as she begins bounding from rooftop to rooftop rapidly, disappearing from view after the third leap.

    Which is about the time the Quinjet and SHIELD response force arrives, setting down as armed agents jump out, just as NYPD arrives as well, several police cars pulling up along with an a pair of ambulances to start looking after the people involved in the car accidents that started all of this. At least the remaining equipment will be able to be gathered up, absent the now missing battery she just stole.

    And of course...the mystery of who she was and what was up with this convoy may require a bit of investigation.