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Ia Counselling Session One
Date of Scene: 06 December 2022
Location: Rahne's Apt. - College House
Synopsis: A counselling session for Iara goes fairly well.
Cast of Characters: Iara Dos Santos, Rahne Sinclair

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara knocks on the door, and soon that giant shark face is peeking in as she asks "Rahne?" to the other Were-Mutant. "Uh... Are you ready for my um... appointment I guess?"

     Iara's currently dressed in her school uniform, a white blouse with a black tie, black blazer and black pleated skirt, though she seems to have gotten away without the shoes and socks, bare fins stepping into the room. "I was gonna talk with Kitty but she seems busy... I uh... I wanna talk to someone about Remy and how I could've killed him..."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne blinks, the door having only just been opened and already getting right into it. "Hi, Iara..." she says, clearly not sure how to respond. "Le's nae do this in t' hallway." It seems like a suggestion, but she firmly believes in privacy. Her little smile is chagrined and a bit drained, but hopeful.

"Come oan in. I hope m' room's okay, I dinna hae an office." She doesn't really do offices, but that's another conversation entirely.

She sits on her bed, pulling her feet up and wrapping her arms around them. Then waves at seats, bean bag chairs, and the other part of the bed. "You can stand, or pace..." She's clearly seen the worry going on.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara nods, closing the door as she says "Just... I was out for blood that day, with Remy. Since I got here it's been easy. Fly with Warren. Go kill ninjas. Fly with Rogue. Go kill dinosaurs. Blow up a boat full of mutant fungus. It's all been... black and white. So like, when Remy looked like he had turned traitor it just... it just flipped in my brain from X-Man to Enemy. Remy was one of them. One of the purifiers or sentinels or whoever else is out there to kill us and wipe us out. That's what it looked like he did! And I just... Rogue gave me the talk for being so easily duped but I feel bad about it, and after I went to his room and Rogue stopped me Remy left and ran away and I just... I shouldn't have been representative of all us mutants here for that and I was and I fucked up. I fucked up hard, Rahne, I drove Gambit away."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne doesn't ask Iara to sit. She lets things happen at their own pace, eyes wide and thoughtful as they watch Iara share. She's waiting, and she's present.

She doesn't even force Iara to go on, with questions or suggestions. She just nods a little, taking this seriously. But she does look like she'd like to give the shark girl a hug.

"I wish I was thaur," she admits. She'd have been able to help more.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
Iara Dos Santos nods, saying "Yeah, all I know was between me, Rogue and Remy, and of them Rogue looked really disappointed in me and Remy fuckin' left..." She puts a hand to her face as she keeps pacing in a circle, saying "God, all the girls are gonna fuckin' eat me alive for driving away the hottest guy here, and like... I probably wouldn't have succeeded unless he let me, mano can make things explode and blow me backwards if he wanted, but he might've let me, and then where would I be? I'd have murdered one of us based on a stupid lie anyone else would've thought to look into before passing judgement, god damn it..."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
The redheaded girl sighs, pulling her fingers through her hair. She bites her lower lip, then says softly, "Tha's a lot," she admits. "I'm nae gonna fix stuff, but I do hae one question. Well, like twelve really.." Probably more.

"I mean, for now, d'ye want me tae find Remy? See how he's doin?" She thinks it might help, to try and deal with things one level at a time. First, the top level stuff.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
Iara Dos Santos blinks, that shark face looking blank and expressionless like there's not a thought between those eyes before she suddenly says "You can do that!?" as she holds out her palms to the sides like she was about to tackle the wolfgirl, shouting "Yes! Like, absolutely! I need to make sure he's okay, grab him, bring him back, prove it's alright here and people don't hate him or whatever!"

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne blinks, still looking up at Iara. She always will though, the height difference is phenomenal. "Yeah, we hae his phone number," she says, trying to say it kindly. She smiles a little, responding to the positive response. But just a little, before patting the bed next to her.

"Iara, hon, we gotta talk abou' you though. Like, d'ye really think ye'd hae killed him? If ye could, I mean. Should ah be worried? Y' know yourself, so, like, deep in your gut. What d'ye think?"

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara puts both hands on the sides of her head when she hears that news, exclaiming "Nem fodendo!" in brazillian portugese, "You... He... he left his phone number!?" She seems to instantly relax at that, the giant shark woman walking over, letting herself fall into the bed, grabs a pillow, and then screams into it. She sighs as she lets go of the pillow, shaking her head as she says "I'm okay, I'm okay..." as she shakes her head, and she says "I was out for blood, black and white enemy mode, I just... I need to remember not to do that with friends. I mean..." She breathes quickly as she turns around to lay on her back, saying "That sounds STUPID but when I get into combat mode I'm just... I'm done, I'm in the moment, I know what to do and I don't question things, I got killer instincts and I use 'em and I just... I just dunno. I guess I'm just glad things turned out this way so I could learn from it or something... if that doesn't sound too hokey..."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"We have everybody's phone numbers," Rahne says softly. "This is a school." But she doesn't push the point, clearly it was...I mean, it's been handled. Instead she moves on. "Okay, sit down."

That time it sounded like a very strongly worded suggestion.

"We're not. Going. To give up on you. They didn't give up on me, and I have the exact same problem." She looks small, weak. Tiny. Prey. But yet, she's saying this. "When I go full wolf, and I do go full wolf, I'm in the moment. I don't know past or future. That sound familiar at all?"

Also, where's her accent?

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara sits up when Rahne commands her to, those big black glossy eyes blinking at her. She nods a bit at Rahne when she asks if it sounds familiar, and she seems entirely focused on her, sitting perfectly still as the other mutant speaks...

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne sighs, not having expected total compliance. "Relax. Ah can turn th' accent on an off. I been in America for years, people expect me tae sound like a wee bonnie babe." She smiles sheepishly, sharing that secret that nobody else knows.

"Yeah, they're actually pretty good at forgiving folks who can't stop themselves. This place has more of us than you'd think. It's kind of one of the reasons why we're separated. To protect others, from us. Until we can handle it."

She offers her hand, her tiny little hand. "I've been there."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Suddenly Iara winces, as if feeling self-conscious, looking to the side... and when Rahne pours her heart out like that she looks down. Soon, the shark mutant shrinks down to her human form, something she doesn't usually do, her scales turning to brown skin as her clothes become too big for her. She then takes Rahne's hand in hers, shaking it and saying "Thanks." as she smiles, this time with her non-triangular human teeth with a cute, afro-brazillian human face, and curly hair that's probably getting a bit long. "Believe it or not but... this really helped, Rahne. I love being here. I was a little scared I'd fucked up and would get kicked out or something... and while yeah I fucked up, and I gotta learn a lot, it's good to know I'm not alone here. Both as a mutant and with... y'know, someone else who has the same kinda instincts..." She smirks as she looks across the room and then back to Rahne, saying "Y'know they call me the were-shark? I figure I reminded them of you, I guess I just didn't know how much..."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"Aw, thaur be no way I'd leave y' alone," Rahne says as she holds the much smaller hand. Not smaller than hers, just smaller. "Someone who really gets it? They're good at forgivin, but they dinna really know. You an' me, we get it." And there, she looks a bit sad. Like she's sorry that we both have to know how it really feels.

"An...I'm sorry," she says aloud. "Y' be better than y' think, if y' didnae kill in tha' state. Remy was lucky it was you. Some others ha' actually gone through with it."


Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara shakes her head, saying "Rogue stopped me, Rahne. If she hadn't been there... I don't know. I might have. Or I'd have wound up like Bruce." She smirks, and then says "Y'know, the shark from Jaws? Kapow!" as she makes an explosion effect with her fingers on the side of her face. She laughs sadly, but then gives the irish mutant a hug, saying "I get it. And if you ever wanna talk, lemme know."

     She then looks Rahne in the eyes, saying "Just know this. No matter what happens, I'm never gonna be one of those self-hating types. Even if I lose control at some point, I'm never gonna stop loving being a big shark lady. Haha." She then lays back on the bed, sighing as she says "I'm just glad the Xavier institute brought me in. I totes would have been a villain if you guys hadn't picked me up..."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair wishes she could say the same. But she bites her tongue, and smiles. After all, this isn't about her. And she has her own therapy sessions. Every week.

"I'll gie Remy a call. You get some exercise, th' endorphins are awesome an' et's good tae think while ye got those thoughts in ye." That seems to be about it, though she's still willing to listen. If there's more.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara grins, and grows larger again, back into that familiar shark form, saying "We oughta hit the danger room together. We're gonna kill a shitload of bad guys, Rahne, and make the world a better place. Just you wait." as she gives one more really strong, clawed, sandpaper-scaled hug before she stands up, saying "See you in training, werewolf!" as she waves and heads out the door!