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The McRib is Back
Date of Scene: 15 December 2022
Location: Xavier's School Front Yard
Synopsis: The Xaviers School team is sent on the epic quest of 'Recover the McRib' before it goes extinct again! Which reminds me, have you ever heard the conspiracy theory that the McRib only ever comes back as a distraction from some sort of event happening at the same time? Like 'Oh, just give the fat plebbs their McRib again, that'll shut them up for awhile!'. But yeah, anyway, this was fun and everyone in it is a peach, a damn peach, I say!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Tabitha Smith, Iara Dos Santos, Wade Wilson, Noriko Ashida

Rogue has posed:
What with news spreading throughout the Mansion that the McRib was back on McDonald's menu, there was a rush of fat kids coming to the faculty demanding that they put whatever HAD been planned for dinner in the fridge, and instead go to the famous (infamous?) world-wide restaurant chain to acquire dinner for everyone instead.

Thus... Rogue is laying on her horn out in the driveway.

The sun has already gone down, it's a few minutes to six, and the whole house is hungry and getting anxious. Or, at least the fat kids are.

"Uh huh..." Rogue is saying to herself behind the driver's seat with music blaring inside the vehicle around her. The heater vents are blasting out heat to warm up the interior of the black leather clad car. "Twenty piece nuggies, a Sprite, and honey dippin' sauce. You got it, Professah."

Charles was inside her head telling her what to get him, apparently, while on her lap are a bunch of notes from all the other kids that had requests.

"Come on!" Rogue shouts out the window to anyone else who was actually going along with her on the ride. Her engine roars as she honks the horn two more quick times!

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers only came along at the last minute but, of course, has already perched himself in the front seat behind the driver, standing up and gripping the rail as if he were the assigned security guard overlooking a pack of ruffians fresh from juvenile delinquency. Which, to be fair, wasn't entirely inaccurate. It's mostly just a few bad apples. They know who they are.

"Take your seats in an orderly fashion, please. No jostling, no pushing, anybody who gets too rowdy can come sit up front with me and have a talk about ethical dilemmas and respectful behavior. I have short philosophical treaties and I'm not afraid to use them."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean is here!

Whether she's precisely an enthusiast of the McRib or otherwise, it's a nice excuse to take a little road trip around Salem Center. It is chilly, these days, and so she comes out with her green parka with its faux-furred collar all fluffed up around her cheeks, gray leggins peaking out beneath and some nice warm boots, also fuzzy-topped. Its a look. A very basic look! She approaches the vehicle, grinning as Scott mounts up as lookout, while she quite casually opens the door across from her and pops in the passenger side. Headmistress gets shotgun by tradition! Or speed. Whichever!

"Why bother even taking specific orders?" she wonders, maybe overhearing a little of the mental back-and-forth. "Just get a pile of everything. We're feeding the horde."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Conniseur of junk food, or at least having spent too much time with a state of living that consisted of literal garbage and as a result cheap takeout was finne dining. Tabby knows full well that the McRib is serious business.

Old jeans, workboots, beat up woolen hoodie in pink. Belts, collars, and wrist coffs all in pink. "So we taking your car so we can conveniently say we didn't have the space to feed the whole school? I mean logistically the Van would do the trick!" she points out and chuckles.

"You're gonna make me hold all the stuff and keep it warm aren't ya's." she can see the downside in being a pyro slash plasma kinetic.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
    Iara bolts OVER the fence in pure shark mode as she races the... admittedly much slower fat kids as she shouts "SHOTGUN!" before sliding across the hood of Rogue's car like she's in the dukes of hazzard. Today she's wearing a pair of black short shorts with JUICY written across the ass and a... well... it's a shirt, or it used to be. Let's say it's been... modified.

     Iara seems to have taken a white T-shirt, your standard hanes variety you can buy in bulk, and cut the neck with a pair of scissors to open it up and show plenty of... collarbone, them cut the bottom so her midriff is 100% showing with a jagged, uneven, intentionally ragged bottom edge to it, and she's written "MCRIB" across the front with a thick box sharpie. It looks like something you'd wear to a concert if you really wanted to get the band's attention, not to a McDonald's, especially as she appears to be taking the time honored X-Men tradition of not wearing a bra beneath the thick opaque cotton.

     Opening the passenger side door she is taken aback to find Jean already in the shotgun seat, blinking, and then quickly trying to cram into the back seat with Scott and Tabitha, taking the final seat in the car and pushing Tabitha into the middle seat and up against Scott with a triangular toothed grin, barely fitting in the back with the others. They're honestly lucky Scott's so skinny.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has a dark green camo doo-rag tied around the top of her head as a hat, and her aviator sunglasses are resting up on her forehead, since the sun has been down for 30 minutes or so. WEaring her own psuede jacket with a white fuzzy collar, she looks over to those who are cramming in, and just grins at them. "You know how people are, even the Professah." She says to Jean. "If we go get a bunch, and don't bring back precisely everywhthin' then there's gonna be hell t'pay."

Rogue looks around the interior of the car then at those who pile in. "Okay. Well, we'll see who is keepin' what warm'."

She drops her sunglasses down over her eyes even if it is dark outside, then revs the engine again. "Lets get this pony show on the road, shall we?"

She jams the gear shift, slams the gas and sends her car fish tailing around a corner of the rocky driveway, casting up rocks in her wake, and sending them down the long main drive toward the front gate that is already open waiting for them.

IT's reckless, very reckless, Jean and Scott might even frown at the display of wild driving...

But soon the Dodge Charger is bounding out on to the waving-winding road that is Greymalkin Lane, trees lining it on either side!

"So, who here has even had a damn McRib before anyway?" Rogue asks to everyone within the vehicle over the 80s rock ballad she has blaring on her radio.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers is a master of side-eye, of course, his massive red glasses disguising the movements of his actual eyes. Unless, of course, it was Jean. Jean always knew when he was looking at her. And he knew that she knew. That he was looking. Which he was.

Focus, Summers.

Rogue's driving gives him enough distraction as it is, grasping at the safety pole in the front as his lanky frame swings around it, a foot dangling for a moment over the hollow of the stairwell before he finds his footing again.

"Jehosephat, woman!" he says. Of course, he did that sort of thing sometimes as a pilot, but he didn't have a pile of pimple-lubricated teen gluttons ready for the trougha when he took his plane out for a spin. He was a responsible daredevil.

"McRibs are disgusting! None of you should eat any of this! Except the fries, if you've never had the fries, you at least have to try the fries. This is still America, dammit."

Jean Grey has posed:
Iara gets a very mild, friendly, 'What did you expect?' sort of look as she opens the door and finds her would-be place occupied. "Kids in the back!" she then declares with more abrupt volume, thumbing behind her with a grin. Sometimes she enjoys playing up the whole Designated Mom thing.

Is Rogue dad in this calculus?

"Sure," she agrees with the other woman's precautionary strategy for the whole thing. Definitely no one wants to leave Charles missing nuggies. He gets cranky! "Either way, we're probably gonna end up jamming their whole production line up. Maybe I oughta call before you get there..." Doesn't that kind of ruin the fun of shouting orders into a microphone that's too far away by a good two feet and listening to some distorted voice trying but failing to ask if you want to make that a meal?

Regardless of this bit of planning, she's wholly unprepared for the speed and gusto with which Rogue begins the the trip, catching her as she's still trying to get her seatbelt on and flattening her back into the seat. "Hey, this isn't the Blackbird!"

... probably for the best. Rogue landing a stealth jet in the McDs parking lot is not out of the realm of imagination.

"I don't think I've had one since college," she offers, after a momentary consideration. "Used to eat all kind of junk back then, since there wasn't a lot of time to cook or anything and eating out in the city was kinda stupid expensive." Then she looks back at Scott. "Pff, you have to get one. Its ribs." Or rib-shaped pressed processed meat-like product. "That's double macho American."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
With herself being squeezed between a Shark and a Cyclops, Tabby suddenly feels both too big and pretty small at the same time. "Standard shotgon rules include priorities that bypass calling shotgun Iara." the blonde points out.

While certain senior members of the faculty might have some concerns about Rogue's launch of the chosen ride. Tabitha, being as much a hedonistic, risk taking, southern girl herself. New York kills accents dead hence the lack of a drawl like Anna-Marie out of the Appalachian. The Virginian lets out a loud 'WOOOOOOOO!" as the vehicle peels off.

The Quest begins.

"So Scott! The McRib is awesome. I had one way back before I ever boomed my first boom! Dad and Stepmom treated it like fancy restaurant. Well, he wore a nice shirt with no beer stains at least." Rare happy family memory. It was also over a decade ago. "The barbecue sauce is what nails it!" she adds. "Almost had one when I was on the streets but was denied by cruelty and false promises" she adds.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     "Tabby's right!" Iara barks over at Scott with her big mouth almost spitting over Tabitha's head, bracing her knee against Jean's seat to keep her steady as she buckles her seat belt well after Rogue has started driving, "I've had them before, they HAVE McDonalds in Brazil, ya know! I'd used to get a McRib after a full day of surfing for a hearty meal, I don't know what they put in that thing but when you're on a beach orphan's budget splurging your reales on a McRib is proof God loves us, even with all the sentinels and whatever else he's thrown our way. Just a little bit of light and hope in the world..."

     She seems to get misty eyed for a second, and then says "And just... when they take it away and you didn't realize how good you had it, it's just... it really puts into perspective how you've gotta fight for your way of life every day, y'know? What we do here, as the X-Men, that's so people can have a McRib. A universal goodness that everyone deserves..."

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers almost points a finger at Jean, but thinks twice about it. Pedantry isn't appreciated, he remembers, much as it is sometimes his impulse. He's working on it. "Fine, you win, I will have one."

He leans forward softly, pitched more so the adults who are listening can hear, "But now any kid who doesn't want to do it has cover in case somebody keeps trying to make them eat one. And I can use it as an excuse to intervene if they don't stop."

"And nobody gets in the playplace. We're not paying for any broken see saws today!"

Rogue has posed:
While everyone is chatting, Rogue is driving them down Greymalkin Lane, swinging the car right and left on the winding road. At least it's well paved and maintained though!

When they reach the highway, Rogue slows down and merges on to it. She glances over at Jean. "You might wanna call ahead. Up to you though, but with as much as we're orderin we might wanna go inside too an' avoid the drive through."

Rogue lays on the gas again, and her green and black Dodge Charger roars up behind a semi-truck and trailer. She waits for a few cars to pass by on the other lane, and then pulls around the big ass truck, and guns it! The engine roars.

"Sounds just like the Bird!" Rogue says with a laugh in the dark cab of the car, her troll doll hanging from the rear view mirror waving back and forth along with all those Mardi-Gras beaded necklaces she has hung up there too.

"Damn right the McRib is American. But, the fries are pretty darn good too."

She glances over at Jean to her right. "You were livin' off McDonald's while also modelin'?" She asks, then glances back to Scott. "Scott, did you know Jean was a model? Like underwear model?" She asks him, for reasons.

Then more gas is applied and the Dodge goes even FASTER down the highway toward Salem Center!

Jean Grey has posed:
Oh, despite the fact Jean posed that idea as a hypothetical or a question, she is already getting her phone out, no 'maybe' about it. She doesn't actually call: they have an app now, like they do for everything! She just waits until Rogue gets them out on the road so the car isn't zigging and zagging every second and making her miss where she's poking. Tap, tap, press-and-hooooold.

Hopefully no one put sensible limits on the quantities you can input, because she's just got her finger on the little plus sign next to the item, and keeps it there...

She looks up from this very complicated task to make a funny face at Rogue. "I lived on whatever! You know, its the city, you just kinda get whatever you see nearby that's cheap. Gotta love those dollar pizza slices." This is not the stereotype 'life of salad' but then again, mutants! "Or if you up late studying, it's not like everywhere is 24-7." But Mc-y Ds is! "And I actually really like their coffee. Way cheaper than Starbucks."

She does not otherwise speak up to correct any of the details of Rogue's scandalous tale! Instead, she looks back at Iara, maybe for the first time noticing the shirt. "I think we have a true believer here."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
With arms squished in and elbows pinned betwixt two larget mutants. Tabby's arms only have so much room. It does get her air drum to the oldies playing on the stereo. Being able to see how fast the car is going just keeps a manic look of glee on the blonde.

Somehow she is not telepathically urging the Southern Belle to floor it!

"With the fries, what you want is to go get a heap of them, then get KFC gravy." she explains her idea. "Some spray cheese to go on the fries, then gravy over that. Lazy Poutine. I bet Logan is somehow somewhere, crying inside." she adds and giggles.

The Jean modelling years ago thing gets a grin. "Who needs pictures when the real thing is riding shotgun." she tries to nudge Iara and Scott. "I never could remember if you ever got to work with Betsy Jean." she hmms and tries recollection. "And yes, Iara Jean looks as fantastic in a swimsuit and stuff as any of us do." she points out sagely.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara nods, saying "Right!?" up at Jean, "And if you weren't born into money - no offense to Warren or Professor X - you gotta appreciate what you can get at the price you can get it. Huh, actually, that's another life lesson the McRib could teach us about our fight for mutant rights and acceptance and all that..."

     She then looks over at Tabitha as she talks about Jean in a swimsuit... and grins, saying "Hey, when summer rolls around again I will gladly compete with you lot in an X-Swimsuit contest..." There's a particular punch to the way she says "Compete" that sounds violent.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes catch sight of Jean going ham on that plus button in the McD's app. She grins at the show of it. "They're gonna think we're just kids f'ing with them." She squietly says before her full focus goes back on the road ahead.

As the others talk, Rogue is just quietly driving, singing along to the music on the radio with a lovely voiced woman shouting 'How do I get you alone??' quite passionately.

Up ahead are the tell-tale golden arches of the location in-question, as it sits right on the corner of the road leading in to Salem Center, so it is the very first thing that you pass by when entering or leaving the town, along with a couple other fast food chains that somehow come off looking more sad, and more depressed, next to McDonald's.

"Here we go...." Rogue says, turning off the highway and pulling down the small sloped driveway in to the parking lot. "Drive through is full. That's good. Means the damn food'll be fresh at least..." The Belle says whilst she swings her car around in to a parking space.

Fwooomp! Brake! Stop!

The yellow and green haired troll doll, surrounded by booby-beads just continues to sway to the motion as the vehicle settles in to place.

"Okay, lets do this." Rogue states, taking her aviators off and dumping them on the dash. She wads up all the notes on her lap from the various kids who scribbled her orders, and stuffs them in to her jacket pocket.

Her door is popped open, and she leans her driver's seat forward to let anyone out her side who wants to get out on said side...

The parking lot is well lit, with the night sky looming above the well illuminated restraunt. There's cars lining the building, and a few small lines of people visible INSIDE the place.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    The tableau that greets the eyes of the X-ers is one of controlled chaos as one can imagine that such a restaurant deals with from day to day. Though there is something about the addition of another agent of such chaos that seems to temper them both, making the result that the setting and the current customer are relatively... subdued.
    For many of the employees are peering warily around their chrome work stations, peering past the hamburger slides and the frying medium, looking beyond the drink machines. All staring at the man in red and black with the swords on his back and the pistols on his hip.
    Who seems to be involved in placing a large order.
    "So." Wade leans, one hip on the counter. "So on top of that. I want _four_ junior Western bacon chee. That's _four_ junior Western bacon chee."
    The young pimply man at the register looks over his shoulder to the man who would be manager, though who now is hiding in his small side office next to the walk in fridge. The two share a moment, then the manager closes his door with a heavy thump. Leaving the poor cash-register attendant to deal.
    He hits a few buttons.
    "I need _four_ large fries. And you best go all Five Guys with that noise. I want to see fries all up in that bag."
    He then proceeds to flip the small spiral notebook in his hand, pointing. "Next up, I want like, all of your McRibs. You heard me. Like all of them. If you have any of that sauce too in the back, put that on up here too. I want to take a bath in the sauce, I know what you're thinking, yes it does wonder for your pores."
    He flips the page again.
    Meanwhile behind him one of the other customers in line says, "Hey buddy, c'mon. Some of us got kids ta feed."
    Without looking Wade comments over his shoulder, "Sir, sir. Your failure to practice proper birth control does not constitute an emergency on my part."
    One of the other customers nudges the one who spoke up, "Shh, the guy's got a gun, man."
    "What? Nah, they got those lil... orange rings on the barrels. He's like... cosplay or some shit."

Jean Grey has posed:
"I'm not handling all the funny special orders," Jean declares as they finally pull up, not long after she ceremonially and with great dramatics hits SEND on her app. "I just put in for as many rib sandwiches as it'd let me," there WAS a limit, apparently. "So they know to get those going. Plus fries and nuggets. They make fries in bulk non-stop anyway, so that should be the easy part. I'll let you go handle all the crazy picky, 'bacon double cheeseburger, hold the bacon, hold the cheese, pickles on the side'-style orders." She ain't got time for that kinda nonsense!

Opening the passenger door, she climbs out and quickly tuggs at the collar of her jacket again. Its chilly, winter is definitely coming now.

As she's walking up toward the entry, she pauses to look down at her phone screen again, frowns, and looks up. The walk-and-type has her lagging behind, so she quickly scurries a few faster steps to catch back up with Rogue. "Some kinda error came up. Something about high demand and some items being unavailable... you don't think they ran out ALREADY, do you?"

So yes, it's possible this poor McDonalds simultaneously got TWO orders for literally all the McRibs.

When they make it inside and find the reason for all of this, she reaches up to rub her face. Her voice lowers. "You know, I bet we could just drive over to Croton and get some there..." Is she trying to AVOID Wade?!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The trip really probably isn't that long, and a speeding car makes it less so. Dodge Chargers are awesome for that. Tabby grinning the whole while like a kid on a rollercoaster.

Parking cause to hell with drive throughs means she'll have to wait for everone else to get out of the car before she can, following behind Iara. There's a brief stumble as she hooks her foot and she hobbles a bit to steady herself.

So graceful.

Inside there's a commotion and Wade trying to go ham on ordering. The blonde's eyes rolling up in her head behiond her usual cateye glasses. "We might wanna try a few. Send the fliers ahead. Those of us with wheels can drive too. Don't stop till we hit the Bronx. Or Conneticut." she suggests.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko has been busy today, but she did manage to catch wind of the McRib trip and called out something sounding like she'll be there that quickly trailed away when she zipped off.  She's wearing some cargo pants to not tip off how weird her physiology is, but she's still wearing a lightweight tight fitting tshirt to accommodate her gauntlets.  She sets a reasonable, more human-like pace when she comes into sight, approaching the group.

Eyes twitch faster than can be seen as Noriko locates Jean and Rogue.  "Did they run out?" she blurts immediately.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara steps out of the car before Tabitha and leads the way, parting the crowd like she would schools of fish in the ocean, though admittedly with less occasional biting. She spots Wade at the front and grins, pushing her way through the crowd that... well, wisely steps away from the giant shark lady, with somebody a little too audibly saying "Freakin' Muties..." under his breath.

     Shark-Girl slaps a hand on Wade's shoulder, saying "Eyyyyyyy! Long time no see! You joining in on the McRib party?" Before he can reply though, they're approached by a bearded fellow in a grey GOTHAM KNIGHTS shirt that just picked up his order, rushing into both of their personal bubble as he says "Oh man, can I get a selfie with you two real quick?" to which Iara grabs Wade by the shoulder, almost picking him up with the squeeze, and she flashes a peace sign with this bystander, Deadpool and herself in the photo. The man quickly motions with his palm up towards them like he means no harm, saying "Thank you! You have no idea, the boys back home would never guess I saw King Shark and Deadshot in a McDonalds!"

     Wade probably catches on quicker, but Iara is flabberghasted and confused by the words, you can almost see the gears turning... until she says "HEY!" long after the man has left, motioning at her midriff as she says "I'M NOT A DUDE! What the hell!?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is walking alongside Jean when Noriko shows up in a blur. This gets a smirk from the Belle who pushes her sunglasses up on to that dark camo doo-rag she's wearing atop her head. "Heya, Speedo." She tells the fast lightning gal.

As they reach the store, Rogue can see Wade inside, that bodysuit either him, or one of his weirdo fans... but once inside, she can tell it is him. His ass is identifiable across-state.

"I'll get as much as I can, see if we do need to hit up that other McDonald's." Rogue says to Jean while she uses her booted toe tip to push a 'WET FLOOR' sign across said floor to position it directly under Wade's form, between his legs, before he can turn around to notice them. She then smiles over to the others, and steps over to one of the other lines to wait for her chance to order, which lucky enough isn't too long a wait as a family is ready to hit the road rather quick for some reason.

With the young woman behind the counter shooting her a smile, Rogue steps up and lays out all the orders in various states of crinkled notes. "Okay, sorry about this advance..." The woman looks on in disbelief... but starts helping with the notes and tapping the register screen to put the orders in.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "Will that be all, sir?" The teen asks of Wade.
    "And a small diet coke." The Mercenary replies.
    "That'll be... seven hundred and fifty seven dollars and eighty seven cents. Please step to the side, sir." There's the beeping of a console and then the sound of a large velcro wallet being opened from which a wad of hundreds, blood-stained of course, are set down. Wade ever so elegantly proceeds to slide two of the hundreds free, wiping them on his shirt and then tucking them back into one of his many many pockets. He then slides the eight remaining hundred dollar bills over to the cashier, "Keep the change, my good man."
    And with that he sliiiides over to the side, his hip holster scraaaaaaping along the countertop until he leans to the side next to the leering statue of Ronald McDonald, then casually tweaks Ronald's nose. "Hah."
    Which is the moment he turns and SUDDENLY IARA!
    He's drawn into a hug and promprly 'skeeeeshed' in the Shark Girl's embrace as he acks and kaff-kaffs unable to speak for a moment while he's hugged. "Signora Akula!" He finally returns the embrace once he's able to breathe, then finally notices the guy with the selfie as he's dropped back down. "What? Hey! I'm not Deadshot. It's Deathstroke! The Terminator? C'mon man."
    He turns back to Iara, "The noive of some people."
    Which is when he spots...
    "ROOG!" Only for his whirling turn to send him toward the Southern Belle as he takes a quick stride and _clatter-clatter_ as the sign goes skittering across the floor and fouling Wade's stride, causing him to stumble into into one of the people in line in front of Rogue, to whom he 'smiles' with a twist of his mask as if to apologize.
    "Couldn't stay away. Could you? I woulda swore the retraining order said 50 yards."

Jean Grey has posed:
"I... don't know, it's suddenly gotten VERY busy in here, but let's just wait and see..." Jean informs Noriko, using the same kind of voice she would if she was talking about an injured teammate fighting to make it out of surgery. The McRib is serious business! "I can't really see them all being so busy out here, though. Down closer to the city, sure, but this is Westchester." There's cows up here! And rich people. Both trend toward some sparse populations. And as far as Tabitha's ideas go? "Connecticut is probably easier..." It's closer than the city, by far Yep, she's got her phone up again, skimming over the map, looking for locations.

However, it seems they won't be getting away unnoticed. So much for that.

She's still not in any rush as he's busy posing with Iara, but Jean can't really abandon Rogue to this, so she stands her ground nearby, only stepping just so far aside so that she doesn't accidentally get bled on while he goes all affectionate. "Hello Wade." Briefly, her head tips over to one side as if looking past him, surveying the truly dismal situation back behind the counter, as the kitchen tries to figure all of this out. "You throwing a McRib party too? Or those all for you?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
With a telekinetic, and a weresark with superhuman strength, carrying is not something Tabby will need to worry about. "There's gotta be like a few doesn't places between here and the city or the first big town in Conetticut. Stamford?" she ponders logistics. "So did that app have like a catering option. Or did we dumb and like just bulk order standard?" Tabby asks to Jean.

How well the crowd reacts to Iara, but being this is Salem Center, most folks should be used to people shaped out of the ordinary.

There's a hand extracting her phone to send a text. It might be getting someone to prep her van. It's not the X-Van, but pretty awesome for a beat up off road '92 Mitsubishi Delica. A wide spread hunt for food. can one McDonalds even do the job alone on the spur of the moment, especially after a big ass order by Wade. "I figured Wade, you'd have been one to Storm the Castle more that jones a McD." she posits and hmms while keeping a thumb ready on the send button of her text message.

There's even a smile as Nori turns up. "Might as well get your order in. These stupid metabolisms of ours. Feel like I gotta pop my pants open and I haven't even eaten, let alone... God damn telepathy." she grumbles at picking up stray unshielded thoughts and feelings.

Full and Starving at the same time is a new one for the blonde.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko mutters something rude in Japanese when she sees Wade handing over so much cash for obviously a big order.  "He's cleaning it out already," she says with a quick little lift of her arms, looking more like an angry stop motion cartoon than a person in the moment.

It's at this time that Noriko takes stock of the others, noticing Tabby and Iara.  "Hey."  She just sort of squints openly at what Tabitha says, trying not to look too starving and invested in this thing she's never had before.

"What was that all about?"  Noriko asks with a flick of her eyes to Iara, referring to the mistaken identity snafu, but not giving anyone any ready context.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara risked it coming here in shark mode, sure, but around Salem Center people usually react to mutants being flamboyantly mutant with mild annoyance than violence and screams, what with them showing up basically all the time. "Nothing." she says to Noriko bitterly, in response to her question. She seems to be in a foul mood after being mistaken for someone else, gritting those shark teeth in a rather open frown, but then looks between Jean, Rogue and Wade, saying "So... Where we at with the order? Are we just packing up Wade's order? He's not gonna eat all of it."

Rogue has posed:
AS luck would have it, depending on whose viewpoint you're coming from, Rogue is bent over when Wade comes over to her. She's leaning over the counter in front of where Jean is standing, and she's reading her notes off to the woman behind the register. The cashier just tells Rogue to push all the notes over to her and she'll deal with them one by one, being a good sport about all of this, which gets a big smile from the Belle.

And that's when Rogue straightens, and looks over to Wade, one hand on her hip, one gloved hand on the counter that she's leaning on now. She looks him up and down.

"Oh, you figured me out, Mistah Wilson." She says, playing up her southern dipped voice quite a lot for his sake. "I've been ever-so-hung-up about not bein' able t'see ya more often... ya see? So when I heard you were up here, flingin' wads'a cash around at McDonald's, why I just had t'get up here lickety-split, t' see it first hand..." Is she flirting with him? Or teasing him?

A smile is shown then over to Jean, and the cashier speaks up.

"That'll be five hundred and sixty three, seventy five." She says in a happy, youthful, sort of way.

Rogue clears her throat, reaches up to brush her gloved knuckles over the back of her nose's tip, and then smoothly slips back behind Jean, so she's the first one in line, and there-by the one who pays.

She bounces her green eyes up to Iara, and Tabitha. "There's an Arbys just down the street. Maybe we can get some'a the dumber kids the Rib sandwich that they offer? Would they even be able to tell the difference?"

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "See, I knew it." Wade says as he shakes his head at Rogue, "You gotta get over me, girl. I'm the wind, you'll never catch me." So sad.
    "Jean! And Terbertha!" Wade's attention shifts and his response is a brightness in the masked man's eyelets. His arms go out wide as he goes in for the Jean hug that he is entirely not on proper terms with her to ask for. It's one of those 'please don't burn my mind out my ear' light tap-tap on the back hugs.
    His arms drop, those eyelets give a blink-ba-blink as he looks over his shoulder at Iara, then to Tabitha, then back to the poor set upon register jockey. Then back to Jean.
    "I was... totally bringing them over to your guys' place. Yeah, McRib party. At the Palazzo de'X."
    He leans back, arms folding over his chest. "That's just the kind of guy I am."

Jean Grey has posed:
"I don't know," Jean answers Iara. "My app's still all messed up." She shows her frustration by tapping on it, likely updating a screen or backing out and reloading somemthing. "I'm not even sure if my order went through." She lifts her eyes up to where they have one of those screens tracking order numbers, trying to identify her own.

She seems so distracted by it that she doesn't pay much mind to what Rogue is up to, even her playing up the Southern Belle routine with Wade, right up until she turns around to rope Jean into supplying the cash. "Uh sure." She doesn't actually seem shocked at the amount, or at least, seems to run it through her head as vaguely plausible before objecting. "That just for the random orders?"

Well, it has to be. She'd be paying on the app, so it can't be hers.

Still, her solution to this problem is the solution to all her problems: the school expense account card! It is sleek, black, and has an obscene spending limit, and so she hands it over to the cashier without much more complaint.

She has her arm out when Wade gets around to hugging her. She does not flee! But she does look over, glaring at him lightly. It's not disgust! It's just a very much 'I dont know if I have the energy for this!' kind of vibe, one that leaves her relenting more than enthusiastically accepting. It's something!

However, Wade at least has good news. They don't have to go to Connecticut! "Well, good, at least I can cancel this one." The app order that would-not-be is dismissed, sent back to electronic oblivion.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Not without wrapping it or putting in in cardboard containers like the real deal." Tabitha points out. There's an incredulous look at Wade as he seems just like maybe he got busted and is recanting his intentions with the order.

While half expecting the eyes behind that mask to spend as much time on the women as much as Rogue's behind while she is at the register.

The hugging of jean gets a chuckle too. "I've got a joint in my pocket. You are so not high enougyh for this!" she offers the redhead. amused by her full time X-Boss being hugged by her part-time side X-Boss. "At least your outfit hasn't changed. So restrained!" she seems actually proud of Jean not going dark Phoenix.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko taps her foot as all of the shenanigans play out around her in what feels like slow motion.  She yawns and takes that second to go to the bathroom.  Just a mundane day in the world of a speedster.

Water drips through the air molecules from the faucet as she moves through the bathroom past a girl washing her hands.

Another second passes.  Nori looks up at the sky for any sign of ravens as she stands outside, sucking in a deep breath of cool air.

And finally she's back, checking to see how much time has passed like someone checking in on the commercial break of their favorite cable show.  She sighs with exasperation.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
Iara's no fool. She doesn't buy that this was Wade's plan all along, as much as she likes him... but then leans over to Jean, putting a hand up on the other side of her mouth to almost humorously whisper in an attempt to make sure Wade doesn't hear, "Hey uh, you wanna pop in his head real quick to make sure he hasn't done anything to the sandwiches? Y'know. Just in case. This is feeling a little too easy."

    She then smirks back at Wade, whether he heard her or not, and gives him another squeeze, saying "So why do I remind you of Scrubs? Wouldn't Jubilee be Signora Acula?"

Rogue has posed:
After that fancy black card is handed over, Rogue leans in and gives Jean a peck on the cheek. "Sugah momma." The Belle tells the redhead with a grin before she accepts a stack of drink cups and some carriers for them from the cashier.

She hands one of the stacks off to Tabitha. "Fill these up, with just a variety of the sodas, would ya?" She asks the blonde, since the soda machine is literally like two steps away from where Tabi happens to be standing.

Some of the kitchen staff start to emerge then with trays of bags all organized inside of larger plastic bags typically reserved for the larger meals like this. "McRib orders." One of them announces, while the other walks toward where Jean, and Rogue, are standing. They start setting down bag after bag, upon tray after tray. "Oh my gawd..." Rogue says, as she stands there now beside the counter, just sorting through them and stacking them all together so they can be picked up in clumps all at once, her eyes down, her white bangs flowing around her face as she tries to get this wild order all in... order. "Nori. You wanna start runnin' some'a this back to the school, so we don't have t'have it all sittin' on our laps at once?" She asks, not looking, just assuming Nori is still there...

Wade Wilson has posed:
    In a small high-pitched voice murmured sidelong, Wade says, "~Wow that Wade, he sure is the best.~"
    Then answers in a deeper tone, "_Boy I sure agree_."
    "What? No, it's totally ok, Iara. I was throwing some Russian in there too. I think it was Russian."
    "I'm just. You know, that time of year, gonna give back to my favorite peeps. The X-Peeps." Deadpool spreads his arms wide, "No need to thank me, no really. My pleasure."
    He then casually fakes a yawn and /leeeeans/ on Rogue's shoulder with his arm around her back oh so subtly. "So. You're lookin' at a man that just bought two tubs of BBQ sauce. How's that sound?" His mask's eyebrows waggle.
    Behind him the piles and piles of bags start to grow and grow, and he seems all the more chipper because of it. "Damn, I'm so thoughtful."

Jean Grey has posed:
"I'm SURE its fine," Jean assures Iara. Either she's sure because she trusts Wade as a part of their admittedly strange, eXtended family (get it?)... or she trusts that Wade knows the consequences would be far worse after the fact! No one should mess with what Jean's eating, less she get the idea to expand her menu options...

So yes, all is well and fine, now. Jean beams at the little peck from Rogue, but also extends a touch of that appreciation toward their apparent McSavior. "It was really great of you to do this. And it's been a while since we've seen you around the mansion. Now we just have to..." Looking back, she is no doubt struck by the same sense of dread at the scale of what they've done that Rogue experiences. "I have no idea how we're getting this all back." Normally she'd cheat. But here, that'd mean she'd also have to mindwipe a whole McDonalds, and she's not feeling quite so Xavier-level spicy.

"I guess everyone just grab what you can. Noriko, you can start eating now if you do it on the way." Yep, she's totally willing to engage in a bit of bribery to get their speedster motivated. "Just uh, make sure you're clear out in the parking lot."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
She has a job. Tabby takes the stack of cups, and starts filling them. she'll need a stack of cup holders as well. That will come after as she sets down any and all filled cups. At one point she pauses and walks back behind the counter herself. There she talks with a rather cute short haired tomboy of a brunette with 'Carly' on her name tag. There's a brief thumbing of phones and exchange of numbers.

This also comes with Tabby returning to the drink station and resuming filling cups. It needed refilling on some of the different flavors. Watered down seltzer coke and sprite might start a riot if it's more seltzer than syrup.

That's a lot of soda.

The cupholders are soon going to be needed. <<Jean, how long can you handle multiple small levitations. Asking for a friend!>> she telepathically sends so at least it's not shouted and drowned out by the whole racket of the place.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko is looking over her shoulder at some pasty guy in line who seems to be eyeing her more than the menu.  Distracted, it takes her a moment to respond to Rogue.

"Huh?  Yeah.  I'll be back for more-"  Noriko starts just immediately taking handfuls of bags and walks calmly out of the McDonald's till she's around the corner and can take off.  She knows all the little back roads and paths she can take to avoid being seen by anything by maybe a cow.  It's like she couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara gets to work, putting a ton of bags through her arm before doing the same on her other arm, saying "Uh... Yeah, actually, how are we gonna fit all this in the car? Rogue you got space in your trunk?" before she looks to Tabby, nodding at her as she says "Can you like, hang a couple bags on my teeth? Or is that too risky? Maybe the plastic wouldn't hold, hmm..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is handing off those plastic bags filled with thh folded paper bags, whilst hooking some of them over her forearms too. "Careful with that hand, Gimpy." She warns Wade, feeling his arm around her back edging dangerously lower, but not taking her eyes off of her work here with all the food as the last of it is all brought out by the employees with the trays.

"Trunk is empty, and clean, yep. Good place t'put everything except the drinks, too." She tells Iara over her shoulder before finally Rogue turns around, and shoves some of the food bags at Wade. She flashes him a big smile then. "Put this in my trunk, would ya?" She tells him, obviously being playful with it too.

Then, without further adieu, Rogue starts off toward the doorway with her arms loaded up, and gathering up one of the drink trays on the way out of the restaurant and back toward her awesome as hell Dodge Charger in forest green with black racing stripes, and a troll doll hanging amongst a bunch of booby-beads from the rear-view mirror!

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "Well I got my ride," As Wade looks between them all and he proceeds to point out into the parking lot where there's a white mostly windowless VAN that on the side has in tall angry Futura font letters, 'LUIZ CAMACHO! Freedom-Fighter!'
    "That's how I was going to transport all the yums, though if you're gonna toss stuff in there careful of the bath tub in the back." Which was important for his plans. For. Reasons.
    Though that should surely serve in getting the loot back to the Mansion. For their intended uses. Of course.