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A Hellfire Christmas
Date of Scene: 24 December 2022
Location: Lobby - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: The Hellfire Holiday Party was ... tame? Are they losing their touch, or is this a NEFARIOUS SCHEME?
Cast of Characters: Selene Gallio, Emma Frost, Richard Swift, Logan Howlett, Lydia Dietrich, Knox Kennedy, Koriand'r, Roberto da Costa

Selene Gallio has posed:
The Hellfire club, a place known for mystery and more than a little hedonism has opened its doors to the public. It is the holidays after all, and even the ancient entity known as the Black Queen still likes to party.

Members can go wherever they like, but the main room of the party is in the Lobby. It's been holiday-fied. Garlands ring the room, with wreathes at strategic points throughout. In one of the corners is a massive fir tree, decorated with all kinds of lights and ornaments. (Nothing too expensive, there will be ... mortals here, after all.) Mistletoe is strategicaly deployed throughout the lobby, beware. The staff mingles through the crowd carrying trays of drinks and snacks. All of them are either weairing Santa hats or reindeer antler headbands. No exceptions.

The Black Queen herself is ... wearing more than usual. She's in a strapless black dress that drops to just above her knees with white fur around the bodice and the hem. Her feet are covered by nearly knee high black boots with an appropriately high heel. She caps it all off with a black Santa hat, because of course she does. She's currently in the opposite corner of the room from the tree, doing some variation of running the party and holding court. Selene seems to be in good spirits for the moment. Everyone better hope she stays that way.

Emma Frost has posed:
A wretched hive of scum and villainy. That's anything that Selene is involved in as far as Emma Frost is concerned. But still, it's an event that's over onthe Club's dime, and in public there's only so much her adversary can misbehave without kicking up a fuss. So Emma is here to watch, observe, to indulge over insome of the revelries..

And see what just it is that Shaw's got up his sleeve as of late if the man makes an appearance. But still, alays useful to mingle and pick up information. There are so many here that can leave things unguarded when they go back and forth.

Richard Swift has posed:
The shadows part slightly revealing a very well dressed man. Black tux, bow tie for the occasion, and a top hat if you can believe it. All in black, the man was also carrying a unique cane with a silver hawk on the top. Gliding into the room, the Shade himself arrives at the party.

It was a fine night for a party. Richard Swiftregards the room with a snobbish display of indifference. His dark eyes scan the guests with boredom, barely even taking a moment to let his gaze last on a person for longer than a few seconds. "Hopefully the cuisine is above average, and they can brew a good cup of tea."

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Fuckin' monkey suit itches summin' fierce," Logan growls under his breath at Emma, unable to avoid the rather unseemly act of sniffing the air, "Smells like a buncha rich assholes, too. Metaphorically an' ... ugh, not so metaphorically. What do your fellow libertines get up to in here, anyways?"

The diminutive Canadian, all of five foot three inches, wears a tuxedo. It doesn't fit him perfectly, clinging over-tight around the upper arms and thighs, but it doesn't seem in too much danger of splitting. He tugs at his collar where a black bow-tie adorns his throat, and even though he appears to have shaved he's already sporting a five o'clock shadow.

"Point me to the bar 'fore I choke t' death, Frosty."

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
    Lydia has decided to hobnob with the elite of New York City tonight in order to prepare and promote her new book which is coming out on Christmas Day. Oh, the irony and controversy it'll stir once it drops. It'll be delicious.

    The woman, herself, is dressed all in black, in an embroidered gothic floor length dress, which nicely contrasts with her pale skin. Her tightly curled hair is let loose in a mane that touches her shoulders, and as always there are the field of stars that twinkle in and out of existence that constantly surround her. The only jewelry is a silver Star of David that hangs around her neck.

    She's at the bar when Logan arrives, having ordered a glass of red wine. "Mr. Logan," she greets, giving him a genuine smile. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you. I'm Lydia Dietrich." Lydia's reputation amongst mutants is mostly that of she was the once-fiance of Mystique, the creator of the golem that is on a never-ending patrol of Bushwick, and for her involvement of various charities in the area. Also, to anybody with heightened senses, they would find that she has no heartbeat, and smells faintly of blood and the dead.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance over at Logan, "Mister Logan? Why, we are moving up in the world." She would tease the cranky Canadian . "The bar is open, and hopefully they have enough to actually give you something to relax. They have some things here that are older than you are." She's seen the hard stuff that's kept down in the basement. THey definitely have things whihc are older than Logan, if not as ornery as he is.

Richard doesn't get her attention, moving so silently in the shadows and then musing to himself upon entering. Lydia gets a smile. "Oh, hello." She would gently wiggle her fingers. "I don't think we've met at length. Emma Frost. Charmed."

Richard Swift has posed:
Conveniently ignoring the situation at the bar with the diminuative Canadian and everyone else, Swifts sniffs, shakes his head, and turns back to the area where there were snacks. Pausing for the moment to stare down at what was offered, Swift stops, decides against it, and instead looks for the area with the tea and coffee.

At that moment, a very feminine voice catches his attention. His eyes find Emma Frost speaking to Lydia, and that causes him to pause. Recognition flashes across his face for a brief moment until he buries it.

"Tea. Earl Grey." His eyes finds the attendents, and he says in a cold, deadly voice. "It better be perfect."

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Lydia Dietrich, right?" Logan says to Lydia as she approaches, tugging his collar a little loser and letting his tie hang undone - it lasted all of a minute and a half, "I read yer last book, I dunno if it's got the same chops as the one 'fore that but I thought it was a good read. I'd get ya t' sign it, but it's on the damn tablet thing."

Logan turns back to the bartender just in time to accept his short glass of Fireball (far from refined tastes on his part, it seems) which he nurses in one hand as he leans against the bar and attempts to keep both Emma and Lydia in his line of vision.

"Guess so. It's a long way from Alberta. Emma, this is Lydia Dietrich. Novelist. Lydia, this is Emma Frost - she's got money t' burn and never met a wardrobe she couldn't fill with torture equipment disguised as clothes. She's my date fer the evenin', aren't you, darlin'?"

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
    Lydia's eyes glitter when they meet Emma's, "The pleasure is all mine. How are you faring this fine evening?" She recognizes Emma from the few brief encounters they've shared as well as some not-quite-so legal ops that have been ran by the Brotherhood.

    "I must admit, if I had the figure such as hers, I'd flaunt it, too." She turns to face Logan, "Though I say I'm a bit surprised that you've read my books. I cater to a very niche crowd. I have a new one on its way, something more geared towards the general audience. It'll be released on Christmas Day, just in time to blaspheme everybody's holiday."

Selene Gallio has posed:
The staff at the Hellfire Club is very good. They ensure that everyone is fed and plied with their libations of choice, even if it is tea. When that information trickles back to the Black Queen, she makes a face. She simply does not understand what kind of person would come to a -Hellfire Club party- and -order tea-. She is judging you real hard, Richard.

The fact that Selene is busy handling things and making sure the party goes smoothly keeps her away from the party. And Emma. Which means nothing is currently on fire, and everyone still has their clothes on.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost doesn't have Logan's senses, but she's well aware of the stench of Selene nearby. And she's hopefully not going to have her usual tete a teet with the old witch she has such a hatred for. "A pleasure as well. I'll have to buy some of your books since I'm horribly uncivlizied and haven't read any of them. Do forgive me for being so behind the times."
    Emma knew who Lydia was - at least as the woman that broke Raven's heart. The sum totality of those circumstances.. Were as everything else, complicated.
    "And yes, Logan. Expensive, designer outfits made by Van Dyne are to be adored and not ruined. You seem to know Logan, Ms. Dietrich. . You know why he can't have nice things, correct?" Richard gets a light nod of acknowledgement from Emma that's probably close enough to be mistaken as an invitation to join the group.

Knox Kennedy has posed:
Knox has attended a Hellfire event in the past, though as a member of the staff. Today is a rare opportunity to attend as a guest and potentially case out a few wealthy marks in the process. He arrives wearing a black tuxedo with a charcoal vest. The material of the tuxedo is somewhat off if carefully examined, it touches a little smoother, and lacks the smell of the associated fabrics. It seems to drink in more light then it should appearing somehow blacker.

Running a hand through his short hair, he scans the crowd and then mingles, purplish gaze drinking the particulars of the various attendees. Despite his ill intent post-party for some guests, he's on his best behavior. The Hellfire has a certain reputation for fierce discipline for those who misbehave at an event.

Logan Howlett has posed:
"I'm a lot more niche than folks give me credit for."

Logan winks, taking a long draught from his glass of whisky and downing it in one. He raises an eyebrow at the very professional person behind the bar, waggling the glass in the air before setting it down to be refilled. Emma's talk of fashion and nice things draws out a wolfish grin from the Canadian, extending one hand with the palm out flat in a plaintive gesture.

"Guess I was raised wrong. I see three digits on price tag for a shirt an' I shake my head, four digits an' I start wonderin' just how resistant it is to tearin'."

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
    Lydia laughs lightly at Emma's confession. "Oh, don't worry about it. Like I said, my books tend to be rather niche, and usually appeals only to a certain crowd. I'm honestly surprised whenever I meet somebody who's actually read them."

    "I only know Logan by reputation," she says. "I've heard a lot about the man, and I'm glad to have finally met him."

    She nods to him, "I'm much the same way. I prefer to dress simply, for the most part, though I do confess I rather enjoy dressing up when the occasion calls for it."

Richard Swift has posed:
Richard Swift takes the tea from the shaking attendent, tucks his cane under his arm, and sips the tea. With a Spockian eyebrow, the Shade takes his cane, taps his top hat, almost smiles at the shaking woman, and says, "Well done."

Turning back to the room, Swift takes another sip and sighs. "Americans never get it right. She must be British." A step or two further into the room, the Shade feels it.

The Shade's eyes follow the direction of the look, and rest upon Selene's. Tapping his top hat once more in a salute, followed by a respectfully "slight" bow at the waist, Swift acknolwedges her presence as the Queen tonight and respecting that she picked the perfect person to make the tea.

"A true civilization is reflected in the little things." Shade whispers to her. "Especially the tea." Then there was something else.

Emma Frost. Now that was interesting. With a few steps, Swift moves towards the group. "I know he is Logan." Not even looking at him. "The Wolverine. I know not who you are, Ms...?" To Lydia, "But I know who you are Ms. Frost. An honour of course. I am Richard Swift."

Koriand'r has posed:
Into the mix of the crowd comes another, certainly more eyecatching figure. Though it wasn't her attire, the figure-hugging purple dress was modest compared to some of her costumes after all, that drew the eye. It was more likely the fact that Kori was a tall, orange-skinned girl with flaming hair. Tilting her head to the side as she walks through, casting her eyes over the gathering discussions and unfamilier faces.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile, "A pleasure, Mister Swift." She would bow her head to him. "The lady is Ms. Dietrich, whom has shown that she's rather more culturally inclined than the normal resident of the Club.." Emma would fold her fingers togehter while going to watch Richard a little more warily now for some reason.
    "Yes, you'll have to ask him all of those things about his reputation.. Some of it he might even be willing to confirm." Another tease given over to Logan. "And I suppose that it's a sacrifice the rest of us shall have to deal with."
    And Koriand'r coming in. That gets Emma's attention. "You don't see a Tamaranean every day.." Emma would speak with amusement.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan glances up at the fancily-dressed man with the refined accent, though seems to pay it just about as much regard as he is given in turn. Instead, he turns his attention back to the discussion between Emma and Lydia.

"It's a rough reputation, I'll admit, but folks tend to fill in the blanks an' make it worse than it is."

He follows Emma's gaze to Kori's arrival, tilting his head to one side.

"Reckon that's a Van Dyne?" he asks.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
    "Dietrich," Lydia says with a pleasant smile, extending a hand out to Richard. "Lydia Dietrich. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." A laugh escapes her and her smile turns into a grin at Emma. "You flatter me. The things I write... well... they certainly belong to //a// culture."

    Her eyes are instantly drawn towards Kori, and at first she tries to figure out whether or not she's a mutant. Emma answers that question though. "What's a Tamaranian?"

Knox Kennedy has posed:
Knox makes his way to the bar and leans against it, forgoing a stool. When he has the bartender's attention, he orders an old-fashioned. Once the drink is prepared, he salutes the bartender with the glass and then stirs the alcohol with the garnish: a candied orange peel slice.

He gazes briefly lingers upon Kori because she's impossible to miss. All eyes seem to be on her as well. Out of curiosity, he scans the crowd to catch of a sense of the various responses. It seemed mostly like awe. He shrugged to himself, no juicy glares from a nemesis or love-struck fools. Where is the gossip when you want it?

Richard Swift has posed:
Swift acknowledges her magnanimous gesture with a true bow. A rare event indeed. A woman of refinement and intellect. A woman to be respected and not underestimated. He liked her already.

Swift's eyes never left Emma's however, a gesture Logan would appreciate as a warrior and student of martial arts. Standing up straight, Swift tucks his cane under his arm, and takes a moment to look at Lydia with an appraising air. "Ms. Dietrich. Where have I heard that name before? Hmmm."

The Shade pauses, thinking and considering, and takes Lydia's hand in his own. Then, as a true gentlemen, if she allows it, Swift barely touches her hand with his lips in a traditional kiss. His lips were ice cold, and bereft of emotion. "Charmed I am sure."

Standing up straight, Swift watches Knox's and Kori's arrival while sipping his tea.

Koriand'r has posed:
Impressive enough that Emma has done her homework as she she lists of her species name, the Alien girl giving a little blink before she offers a smile. She moves in, nodding her head to Emma. "There are not many of my species on this planet, but I do my best to make a good impression!" she offers before turning her gaze to Lydia and bowing her head. "I am Koriand'r, of Tamaran. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would lgance at Logan, "The woman or her outfit? I'm sure either could qualify." Emma gives a low deadpan reply over to Logan and then speaks to LYdia, "An alien species. That's Koriand'r, a member of the Titans. Also I believe a model at times if you're wanting to review her work." Emma would bow her head over to Kory.

"Charmed as well, darling. Always a pleasure to meet someone whom does so much for so many others." She would go through the cycle of introductions.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan looks all the way up at Koriand'r as she approaches. The height differential is stark, with the Canadian standing just three inches over five feet and the Tamaranean princess far beyond that. All the same, he's never been one to be bothered when surrounded by taller people. He nods his head and raises his glass in a makeshift salute.

"Nice t' meet ya, princess. Name's Logan."

Richard Swift has posed:
As the party around Logan, Emma and Lydia turn their attention elsewhere, towards Kori and Knot, the Shade moves backwards without making a sound, into the shadows. He was always more comfortable watching, and listening, as he was wont to do. With a final sip from his tea cup, Swift sighs, and considers a second cup.

Selene Gallio has posed:
Selene locks eyes with Richard for an instant. To a creature such as he is, it's blatant. The beautiful woman that the Black Queen is, it's just a shell. A flesh cage of something ancient and terible and powerful. And hungry.

As quickly as it's made known, it's gone. Whatever monstrosity showed itself in her gaze vanishes in an instant as she resumes being the (Black) Queen Bee of the party and blatantly ignoring Emma Frost's presence. Kori's arrival is noted, and she's not sure what to make of it. She -does- send a waiter towards the princess with a tray of hors d'oeuvres. They seem to be very ... mustardy.

Emma Frost has posed:
And there's Selene making herself ever sos ubtly present. Emma Frost's smile goes to acid for a moment as a flicker of awareness of Selene flashes to herself and then simmers as she would smile over at Koriand'r. "You are a rather unique one to come here. So what brings ou to the Club by virtue of reputation?" Plan to deep fry Selene later. Enjoy the alcohol now.

A rather ectlectic group that has come here to the Club in the holiday spirit.

Koriand'r has posed:
Introductions as Princess has Kori tilting her head to the side, a bright smile of her own offered as offers her hand out for a perhaps excessively exuberant shake. "It is a pleasure to meet you Logan," she greets, the difference in height offering no hinderance to her brighter affect. She'd yet to notice the lurking Richard or the subtle Selene...but she does indeed note the snacks that come past. Was it really any surprise when she claimed one for herself?

"I am here on the request of my 'day job'," she offers Emma brightly, pausing to indulge in her snack before continuing. "I was asked to come here as thanks for a donation."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan leans back against the bar, seemingly unwilling to entirely surrender to the high brow of the Club. He'll treat it like any old dive bar he's found himself in over the century plus of life he's led. As Lydia steps away, he looks back towards Emma and follows her gaze towards Selene.

"C'mon, Frosty. Have a good time."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa is attired for the event, his lithe well muscled form wrapped in a silk length of cloth that only hides the most indecent parts of his anatomy. Ensuring he remains decent if only just. He moves easily, confident in his body and in his cloth. His feet wrapped in sandals of roman design that show off his calves. He walks up to the bar, ordering a festive cocktail and settles in to mingle.

Richard Swift has posed:
Gliding back to the location of the great cup of tea, the Shade nods and receives a second cup. Tapping his hat with his cane in respect to the brewer, the Shade then turns back to the room, and sips his cup of Earl Grey.

That was when Swift's eyes lock with Selene's. He can feel it. The hunger. The desire. Strangely enough, the Shade understands it. Reflects it back. He was a being of darkness and shadow, emptiness and cold. A Hunger for something. A desire. This was a woman to not get on her dark side. Shade made a mental note of that. An ally however. That could be arranged.

Kori's arrival was...refreshing. The Shade simply says, "It is a pleasure to meet you Princess Koriand'r. Starfire." How did Richard know that? Well, he was a spymaster. "I am Richard Swift at your service. You have but to ask, of course." A slight bow, and then back into the shadows. Sip.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would dip her head over to Roberto, "Mister Da Costa, a pleasure for you to join us. I hope that things are going well for you." But not too well. He was still a business competitor in the realm of the super rich. "And how fares that tanker you're converting?" That was going to be a money sink - beyond even a normal cruise ship. The back and forth between Richard and Selene is subtle - hard to track and Emma's not directly monitoring the two. Just wary of anything involving Selene.

"Oh? Good for those here to support such a cause. If you don't mind my inquiring as to whom made such a generous thing?" Glancing at Logan. "And I always have a good time. In such spirited company nothenless."

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Well, come look me up when yer done rubbin' elbows," Logan tells Emma, taking another look around the club, "I'm gonna go find somewhere I can smoke."

That said, he steps away from the group and makes his way towards the doors that lead out into the wintery Manhattan streets.

Koriand'r has posed:
A far as secret identities go? Starfire's wasn't exactly the most difficult to work out. Still she turns to Richard as he greets it, still she makes to offer that same handshake and...oh...he was already slinking away. Blinking her bright green gaze, the woman looks back towards Emma before giving a little sheepish shrug of her shoulders. "I uh...was not told. Perhaps they intended to stay unknown?"

Richard Swift has posed:
"Mr Da Costa. A pleasure. I knew your...family. It is good to meet you of course." With that the Shade takes another sip of his tea. "It seems to be a tame party this night. Unfortunately." Swift looks out at the floor. "I do so enjoy people watching. Fascinating."

Watching as Logan leaves, Swift simply turns his attention elsewhere. The Canadian was infamous of course. Now, the real challenge was his teammate. Frost.

Swift does nod to Kori respectfully. He did not want to intrude on her enjoyment of the party.

Emma Frost has posed:
As Logan departs before Emma can get in one final snark, she turns over to Koriand'r, "Well, in that case I do hope that you enjoy the festivities and indulge some. You seem like the most popular one in the room and you're bringing some life to this sort of event." Emma would intone. "I'm sure that the club would quite appreciate the contrast of someone of your.. Exoticness about."

Glancing over at Swift for a few moments. "Something you'd like to say, darling? You seem to be rather distracted by something. Care to share it with the rest of the class?"

Selene Gallio has posed:
Selene, in the terms of the modern youth, runs this bitch. She runs the staff and orbits the room, mingling with everyone who is not in the orbit of Emma Frost, because she -hates- that bitch. She makes the rounds with a glass of wine, playing the gregarious and generous host.

The seething disgust is left for her thoughts and, well, someone here can pick up on it.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa is a being of light, which makes it so ofd that his powers mark him as a living shade but the light seeps from his skin from his very being. His lifeforce is rich and overflows. He smiles amd raises his drink, "Ms. Frost, I am doing well. Taking over for my Father has been hard bit persevere." He smiles easily, "The club? I found some investors people interested in getting into the club scene in Bludhaven. So, it's doing alright made a nice return on my investment." He shrugs. Then turns towards Mr. Swift, "Considering my Father was the white rook before Fisk that is hardly surprising." He raises an eyebrow considering the Englishman, "If you want the tea, you're not doing it right."

Richard Swift has posed:
"Ah my dear Ms. Frost. I am always distracted by the incredible personalities at the party." Swift's voice was cold, unemotional, and was that a hint of sarcasm...or boredom?

"However, I am glad you came to the party tonight. You certainly make it worthwhile to be here." That Emma could tell was the truth. His eyes look back at Selene. Then at Emma. Raises an eyebrow, and turns...

...turning back to Roberto, Swift nods. "Indeed. If you have the secrets to good tea, I am all ears of course. It is one of life's true pleasures."

Emma Frost has posed:
Now there's the life of the party about to start. Emma's eyes turn to be about as accepting as barbed wire on the western front. "Selene, so lovely to see you out and about. I thought in this weather you would have stayed home." THe tone of her voice clear on the 'your little coffin' intent. The playful back and forth and banter is gone as Emma's expression turns to acid before she returns her attention to Richard.

"Lovely to be appreciated. And the point is to simply have the tea be expensive and exotic enough you can't not drink it an dappreciate it."

Richard Swift has posed:
"I would appreciate your assistance in this matter Ms Frost." The Shade puts down his now empty cup. "Mr. Da Costa. We will need to continue this conversation soon." Tapping his top hat he says, "Ms. Koriand'r."

Turning towards the darker area of the room, the Shade pauses. Looks back. "Selene. It was fun. Until next we meet." Then, the shadows enveloped Swift...and he was gone.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa smiles those it doesn't reach his eyes, "It's about the heat and the the secrets. Good evening, Mr. Swift. I'm sure we will. Emma, be nice She's still acclimating.New York is do different, ask Amara."