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Grand Opening
Date of Scene: 13 January 2023
Location: Gotham City - The Narrows - Montes Memorial Stadium
Synopsis: Ninjas attack but the Stadium opens anyway and everyone loves Dazzler's performance.
Cast of Characters: Roberto da Costa, Talia al Ghul, Raven Darkholme, Alison Blaire, T'Challa, Samuel Guthrie, Tabitha Smith, Stephanie Brown, Marie-Ange Colbert, Dick Grayson, Austin Reese, Douglas Ramsey

Roberto da Costa has posed:
It's a mild day in January, a warm spell between two cold snaps or maybe a favor from a friend you just can't be certain. It seems everyone has gotten out to take advantage of the situation and enjoy the mild weather. The stadium is open and there is a carnival with rides outside the structure in the newly minted parking areas surrounding the stadium.

    Inside the structure small booths have been set-up selling food, games, trinkets and artisanal items. There are also two smaller soccer fields set up for an invitational youth tournament. Teams from across Jersey and Delaware have been invited, including teams from Metropolis. This has also been the site of several exhibition games where members of the professional team have run 3 on 3 drills, with Roberto always happy to jump in when they are down a man. He is having the time of his life.

    Between that Roberto has been walking around interacting with the crowd and generally making his security team antsy.

     It's a good turnout, there is funnel cake and sausage sandwhiches and fun games to win stuffed animals or beer steins or whatever. There is a large stage at one end where local bands have been playing, getting better as the day goes one and building towards Dazzler's big show this evening, okay it's January like 4:30 when it gets dark. Between sets DJs have been playing music and keeping up the energy levels. There are even tours of the new stadium being given, a chance see what all the hub-bub is about and hopefully sell season tickets to the faithful.

Talia al Ghul has posed:
One of those here for turnout is a Ms. Al Ghul. She's wearing a sweater over emblazoned with the tag of the cross-town team, the Rogues. She has her hands over in her pockets, wearing a cheap set of Wal-Mart jeans and a baseball cap with an old, faded sigil of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Her hair is mussed, and there's light smudges on ehr face that makes her look rather like a nobody and someone of Gotham just struggling to get by as she goes along.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique was antsy. Why it was that Roberto was choosing to be out walking around, she had no idea, but she had her team located throughout the building, and even some mingling with the crowd to look like normal people enjoying the event.

As for the cobalt mutant, she was making no attempts to conceal who she was or what she was. Pure blue skin beneath her tailored white suit, flaming red hair pulled up into a bun on the back of her head, and sensible shoes on her feet for a change. No obvious weapons visible, but did she really need them to be? Her job today, keep close to Roberto and keep him alive.

Alison Blaire has posed:
Alison is also here, as a favor to Berto.

While she has a concert later, a few songs anyways, she's pressing the flash with some of the people who have turned out to the grand opening. Shaking hands, taking pictures, signing autographs. The kind of thing that people get all excited for... Dressed in a sequenced denim jacket over a white tank-top, she's wearing flare leg jeans sinched with a studded belt and equally blingy boots. Her hair is flared, harkoning back to the 80s, with tressles dangling to frame her face.

And some killer makeup.

Sans security team because, really, who messes with celebrities?

Don't answer that.

T'Challa has posed:
Sitting in his embassy T'Challa does his daily work which is currently striking down yet another request for shared information with Wakanda. They will never get it, but they were outsiders so T'Challa could not blame them directly. He sighed a bit, as he looked at the next report in his in box. He quietly read it, and a smile crossed his face as he re-read it again. He hired well here, as they had find a small soccor game, but this game had a specific exhange student in it. One of his people from Wakanda was her, and because they were so far from home she was alone. T'Chala could not let this stand, as he rises calling for his Car he removes the light coat from the closet leaving immediately.

So outside a limousine approaches though it only has four windows on each side. As it stops the back door opens and out comes T'Challa wearing a sleak black suit with a purple armless jacket over it with complex designs embroidered into it. He straightens his shirt and closes the door putting a small pair of sunglasses on as he enters the building. T'Challa the king was here, because all of his people were important, even a little one that was far away from home.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie is here with his friend. He is glad to see his friend having some fun and getting his mind off some things that have been going on of late. Sam would take moments away to play a game or such, and now he is walking back up, with a container of some fried carny food, and three bottled drinks. He holds one out towards Roberto to take one, and offers the other to Mystique "You can still watch him while having a soda." He offers with a smile, expecting her to do the whole I am working thing.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
She should have known kind of known that when Roberto said Football, he meant the Soccer version. Well maybe she did and she's just an agent provocateur. Hence why Tabitha is at the stadium opening with her New Mutant friends, mostlky to offer Roberto moral support. But dressed in a Washingtone Commanders mini jersey. Or at least a cropped tee that looks like the jersey. The white version at least. The rest is just red jeans, white spiky leather belt, collar, and wrist cuffs and white chucks.

Hair in a ponytail and cateye glasses on her nose she grins as she wanders about.

Because only Tabby could find it amusing to turn up to soccer games in the wrong colors and even the wrong sport. In New Jersey.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown walks in on Dick Grayson's arm. She's wearing a sweatshirt with the logo of the new Gotham team, and waving around one hand as she talks, almost like the blond girl were Italian. "I'm not saying that funnel cakes are the absolute best carnival food," she says to Dick with a wave, and then has to pause in thought. "Well, I mean they are. Clearly. Though fried twinkies and other fried stuff like that has at least a claim. But what I am saying is that we need funnel cake."

Stephanie shines a hopeful smile over at Dick, batting her blue eyes for him extravagantly to make it clear just how much she's begging. She grins and leans her head against his shoulder for a moment. "It's going to be great getting to see Roberto again. His mom has kept me up on things. I guess the family business had some issues he's had to help out with."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie-Ange Colbert was present; she'd be lying if she said she knew too much about Football -- or Soccer, as the Americans called it, but she didn't mind taking the opportunity to learn. Besides; this was Roberto's show and, with all the things that were surrounding him lately? Being too far away didn't seem like the best of ideas, even if she didn't have her cards to rely on. She was more than the images of the arcana printed on fine cardstock, wasn't she?

...wasn't she?

Of course, when it was mentioned to her, the French girl was told it was a Football Stadium; she's tried hard to acclimatize to her country of choice that her first thought was the American brand, not Futbol. So she dressed accordingly, wearing a blue football jersey, jeans, a pair of white sneakers and a ballcap and sunglasses complete the look. She's definitely sticking with the New Mutants delegation, hands kept in her pockets and eyes scanning the stadium as best she can.

"This place... it is tres magnifique." She comments, half to herself. Roberto definitely went all-out!

Dick Grayson has posed:
    Dick chuckles at Steph's discussion about funnel cake and other things fried. "Have you had fried watermelon? It's well... It's not good, actually. The fried craze may have finally gone too far."

    He's also dressed casually, the same symbol on his shirt as on Steph's. Must support the home team, after all. Despite his amusement at the discussion at the fried food discussion, he too is carrying a decent portion of funnel cake as well. and taking bites as they go.

Austin Reese has posed:
No way was Austin going to turn down the kinda food that the trucks down at the event were selling. He'd gotten there early, and had been wandering from truck to truck, sampling all the different meals on offer. He was wearing a brand new hoodie with the team's logo emblazoned on the front, and a baseball hat as well.

He spotted Dick and Stephanie as he turned around from one of the food tents with a pair of corndogs in his hand, "Oh hey. Good to see some familiar faces out here. How's the funnel cake? I haven't gotten to that yet."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa smiles and looks at Tabby's cothing choice, raising his eyebrows and then laughs and shrugs, "Glad everyone could make it." He takes the soda and fried food, he slips an arm around the blue one casually, "Come on Mystique, it's a fun day. What could- " He touches his ear, "Who just showed up? Here? King T'challa? Why-" He curse in Portuguese, "Who has eyes on the team from Gotham Academy? and why didn't I think to invite the man." He shakes his head, and a short jog later, they are arriving at the Team's game, watching and cheering for the home team, the team with the Wakandan soccer prodigy on it. Roberto sidles up to the King, smiling easily, "Your majesty, so glad you could make it. My name is Roberto Da Costa, the organizer of this event. They are doing quite well and Stella has scored three times. She seems to be accepted by her peers. I am sorry, that with her parents not being in the country we did not think to reach out to your directly. Please stay for the concert I am sure it will be everything you're hoping. These are my friends Sam, Tabitha and Marie and my head of security, Mystique." Again Roberto slips his arm around the cobalt blue mutant.

    A barker nearby calls out to Dick and Stephanie, "Hey Champ! Win the girl a prize! Come on, three tries for a five bucks!" He is standing in front of a ring toss style game.

     Alison seems safe, he attire, sunglasses and casual clothes seem to be keeping everyone off the scent, until a Dazzler superfan spies her. (No not Steph, another one.) They blink and come rushing up, "Ms. Blaire, Ms. Blaire, can I take a selfie with you, I am such a huge fan!" He is a 15 year old boy here with his older brother and the brother's friends. The kids is dressed with the sort of style put togetherness that preclude certain life choices. He smiles up at her like puppy.

Talia al Ghul has posed:
Walking around over and looking about, she would go to watch around and listen. Going to hum to herself while the music would be going to setup. She would sigh, and hum to herself.. "It's time to start the fires.. It's time to light the lights. It's time to get things started.." Ah well. One couldn't have everything along at one of these sceanrios. That would make this much funner. And none of the local thugs would -dare- to start something over with the most supremely evil entity of all, would they?
    She goes tow atch at security for a moment, mapping it out in her head befor efolding her arms in her pockets while going to look for something interesting. Moving to grab an overpriced hot dog at a vendor, then over at a place selling beer. Fourty dollars a can? Cheap.

Alison Blaire has posed:
Alison is equipped and ready for super fans, "Hey! Of course you can." Kneeling down beside the 15 year old, resting her hand on his shoulder and leaning in close enough that his brother, or his brothers friend, can easily get the picture. "If you post it on twitter, I'll even respond to it." Because she's active on social media.

She holds up two fingers, a little line of light running betwixt them. "Alright you lil rapscallion, I need to get ready for the concert." She ruffles his hair as she backs up, "Good ol whipper snappers. Love kids, kids are great. I can't wait to have a ton of them." She does not like kids. She only likes those kids parents money.

That's not true, it's a joke.

Almost concert time.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique offers Roberto a smile at the mention of a fun day, before saying, "A great deal of fun... for you." The smile broadens and turns a little mischievous as she wiggles her brows. There was no missing his arm slipping around her, and for now with one brow lifted, she would permit it. "I promise to have fun later, you can join me."

And then Roberto is distracted by the arrival of the King of Wakanda, the report coming through on her ear comm nearly the same moment it did on his. Jogging with him she redistributes the security team with just a few words into her comm. It was then that she spotted a well known face among the crowds and a whole new set of orders were set out.

Talia al Ghul. This changed how many members of the security team would remain watching Roberto, as the cobalt mutant orders several off the man of the hour and onto the known element of mischief.

While this is happening the introductions to the King are being made, and Berto's arm is once again around her. The smile never left her face, the act of 'everything is fine' pure perfection. As she is introduced to the King, he is offered a slight bow of respect for who he is, his position and what he's done for the world as a whole.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown makes a face at the mention of fried watermelon after consider what it might taste like. "Ok, I was going to say," she finally says with a laugh as Dick Grayson admits it isn't that good. "Though there usually isn't anything that isn't kind of good at a place like this," she admits.

Austin's approach and calling out to them pulls her attention over to the the young man. "Hey Austin," she says in a cheery voice. "If you didn't get word, we've got a box for the actual game itself. Welcome to come watch the game there. For once it wasn't one of Dick's connections. I know the owner and his mother. My -one- chance to name drop," the coed says with a warm laugh.

The carnival barker calling out to Dick draws a small smile from Stephanie. "You know these are normally rigged," she whispers. Which is really more a statement of fact that Dick knows. She knows he knows. And knows any amount of rigging is probably going to not be very effect. "Win me something?" She motions to Austin to join them.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"It's not a bad build. For something in Joisey!" Tabby states. New York had blasted any Southern accent out of the Virginia born Trailer park girl. The agreement with Tarot while she works on a very large cup of soda punctuated with a nod and a loud slurping of hert straw.

The local Gothamites, Tabby doesn't know yet but they get smiles when Roberto says a Hello. Dazzler gets finger guns while she's signing autographs and taking selfies.

T'Challa even gets a grin. "S'up you're highness! Dazzler's shows bring everyone out these days." she says playfully to the actual royalty while she works her soda.

Dick Grayson has posed:
    Dick pauses for a moment, then shrugs. "Why not?" Turning and going over to the booth, he pulls a five out of his wallet and passes it across, receiving three rings in return.

    Looking at the rings and then the targets, he goes into what can only be called targeting mode. The experience gained nightly using batarangs on bad guys should serve him well here.

    After a moment he tosses the first ring, followed by the other two in rapid succession, all three settling over the target he was aiming at. Turning to Steph with a smile he tells her, "Your choice, love. Just remember we'll be carrying it around all night."

    Looking over as Austin joins them, he nods and says, "Hey there, looks like quite a grand opening event. Found anything that catches your interest?"

T'Challa has posed:
T'challa was actually near the field when the team came on he had only stopped to pick up a foam finger from some vendor that he had on his hand. As the team passed, he clapped with the others, and shouted out to girl "Show them your spirit!" in Xhosa giving her a smile, and wink to a surprised face as who really expected the king of your people to show up at your soccor game. He was clapping and cheering at the respectable positions as he knew pressure forged diamands so she would do well.

As the game goes on he hears someone approach, and talk to him and it seemed to be the organizer. "It is an important game, I would not miss it." he answers him the accent deep and heavy as he could never lose it even though he now lived in New York full time. He nods to his friends in acceptance glancing only to take the face in to match the name. "I will stay for now Mr. Da Costa, thank you for the invitation." giving him a nod again as Roberto talked a little too fast for T'chala to not want something so it made him suspicious.

To Mystique he continues looking over at her, "I am sure we are all safe under your watch. Thank you for looking over the girls." he turns to watch the game more as the food seemed also a bit mysterious, not to mention the games. No for now he would make sure he watches the person he came here for the whole game to make sure she knew that T'challa was there for her figuring the concert would work itself out.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
The sight of and introduction to the King of Wakanda was something that the French girl wasn't entirely expecting, but the man is not an unpleasant sight. After all, he indulged her in letting her do a reading for him, once. Brought up with good manners, Marie greets the royal with a curtsey that would make Emily Post proud, keeping her head bowed and avoiding direct eye contact as she speaks. "Your Majesty. It is an honor to see you once again.

Roberto, it seems, have friends that run the spectrum -- he's probably well aware. Marie, however, comes up looking a little shellshocked at the... informality shown to the royal presence. She's not one to correct anyone, though.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will nod to T'Challa with a "Your Majesty" His own accent still there after all the years here. He does let Berto do the talking as he is the man of the hour after all. When T'challa looks back to the game, Sam may not be on the security team, but he has the training as both an X-man, and NYPD, so he keeps his eyes peeled for things going on around them, this is Gotham after all.

Austin Reese has posed:
"Oh sweet, yeah I'm down. Should be a blast." He says, as he hears the barker as well, turning his attention, before glancing back over at Dick, "Oh I'm just here for the food. I'll let you do the showing off."

He gives another grin, before taking a big bite out of the corndog he's got on his hand, "I wanna see which one you can get too." He knows Dick could probably get every single one of them, which is why he's curious.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
A gigantic stuffed moose comes trundling by. After a moment it shifts enough to show that Doug is carrying it. He won it at a Skee-Ball game. So many tickets. What's he going to do with that moose? Probably donate it to a charity toy drive. It's a gigantic stuffed moose, and he has no place to put it. "Oof."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
It's going toward evening when Berto takes the stage and the lights come up, the booths are still open and folks are milling about. But his vice comes over the stadium speakers from the stage, "How's everyone doing? It's a good day for a party! Welcome to the new Montes Memorial Stadium. My family has a lot of history in this town and it's good to give back to the people. Thank you all for coming but you didn't come to seem me so let's introduce YOUR GOTHAM KNIGHTS!" The team comes running onto to field and charges the stage. There's a small pyrotechnics display and then Berto calls the name of each of the team members. Letting them come forward and do something have their moment to shine. He steps back and let's this go on. Then when they are all introduced and the applause has started to die down, Berto steps forward again. "Now, the moment most of you are here for." He makes a little joke giving soccer's popularity in the US. "Here she is the one, the only, the girl you love to dance to, the indispensable, intergalatic, illimitable... DAZZLER!" He smiles and and bows his thanks to Alison for doing this on such short notice. Backing away into the wings, he has made sure that Stephanie has a place in the wings to watch the show. (Anyone who wants can be in the wings watching or out in the crowd, up to you.)

Talia al Ghul has posed:
Talia al Ghul would go to fold her arms over as she would watch. Having so far taken a few snacks, as the exhibition starts to start up she would go voer twoards the stage. Waiting to see the inevitable things on fire that accompanied most musical performances in Gotham, and the sort of spectacle and likely slaughter that would ensue. That was what it always did.
    So, large hot dog in hand, she would go to the side to take a lookout position, eyes ranging the field. Well, the performance had started without the speakers being hijacked for some sort of vague death threat.. The security tailing her she tolerates. At some point she'll have bored them for a few hours.

Alison Blaire has posed:
Alison steps up on the stage and reaches out for the microphone with a huge grin on her face, "Thank you to everyone for coming out tonight. I'd like you all to give Berto a round of applause for putting this together and congratulations to the winning sports team. The sportsmanship and positive attitude from both sides was inspirational." She has no idea what even sport this is.

"Anyways. I owed Berto a favor and he's asked me to come out here and sing a few songs for you guys. We wont get into the particulars of why I owe him a favor, suffice to say that you never get into a game of three card monte with da Costa."

With a nod, a synthetic beat starts. Low, drawing out slowly until it's radiating through the stadium.

"This is Beautiful Dreamer." It's one of her songs from an undisclosed album some years ago and totally canon accurate.

~Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me
Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee
Sounds of the rude world, heard in the day
Lulled by the moonlight have all passed away
Beautiful dreamer, queen of my song
List while I woo thee with soft melody" ~

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
The moose slowly bobs up and down, since Doug still has hold of it and can't put it down, but Dazzler is doing a great performance of an old classic, so you have to at least SWAY to it a little bit, right?

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There are some jokes that just need to be said and sometimes Boom-Boom is the one to do it. Or reference someone else saying it.

"Moosebites can be pretty nasty!" she deadpans to Doug and his date. "A moose once bit my sister." Doug, Sam, and Roberto all know Tabby doesn't have a biological sister.

When the pep rally part of the event kicks off, The pyrotechnics get a chuckle. As does the joke about Berto and card games. The slight of hand in making sure all the cards are the losing color is pretty nifty.

When Ali starts performing, even she happily gets into the grouve and puts those hips to work dancing about. Luckily the soda has a lid, and Tabby moves like she's had some actual training.

T'Challa has posed:
T'challa turns to look at ^Marie, and actually smiles with a nod as the game is still going on at the back-ground. "Please call me T'Challa, just those who are very official call me your Majesty." he gives a light chuckle. He then leans in a bit and whispers, "And I do not cast magic with my eyes. As you may remember" and smiles noticing she had been looking down the whole time and he remembers meeting her before. He could tell she knew the practices of etiquette, but she seemed like a nice young lady so he didn't want to put any undue stress on her.

He looks up as Dazzler is approaching, and takes the time to add to Tabitha, "I am glad she is getting the reconition she deserves, her voice is very." he stops to try to think of the word in english, "harmonic" he adds. "Though I am sure Shuri would be glad to have her perform in Wakanda if she wished to preform to active Royalty." though he falls quiet as the music starts not wanting to interupt the others listening.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie selects a big stuffed animal husky, the plush toy bigger than the actual dog would be. "I'm sure Hazelduck with love him," she tells Dick and Austin. "Or if not, make the most adorable tapping noises as she runs away from him with her little webbed feet," she adds with a laugh.

"I think the concert's starting, shall we head over to our seats?" she suggests. Though not before stopping on the way to get funnel cake! Whether it's one, two or three, depending on how hungry the boys are, Stephanie is going to have one come concert time. Also a big soda.

She settles into the seat, looking around. "That's Roberto over there," she says, pointing out Roberto's seat. "I don't see Nina yet." She leans over nearer to Dick. Austin can hear her too but her voice is pitched low enough no one else will. "Remember the ninjas and the werewolf and the dagger, and the professors we consulted to find them? That was her, the first one we talked to."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Before Berto makes his way onto the stage, the area is given a secured once over to make certain there are no snipers. It might be over kill, but Mystique does not take chances when it comes to security... and this was a big event. The teams, both of them, the people attending the event, Roberto, and now royalty. Any other Head of Security might be losing their sh*t over it, but truthfully... Mystique was in her element.

Once Berto is off the stage, she is right back beside him while listening to both the music and the reports over her comm. Talia was boring the hell out of her security tail, which was perfect because it meant she wasn't doing anything.

Leaning closer to the man with the plan she whispers, "You did good, Berto... everyone seems to be really enjoying themselves."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie is standing around with his friends. He looks over and shakes his head a bit at Doug and his moose. "With some of the people we know I won't put it past that to be Doug's guard moose." He jokes a bit. He does listen to the music and watches things. He keeps looking up towards the field's lights seems someone watched Last Boyscout last night. The problem with the lights on you really can't see anything up there.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"I think I'm going to give him to Berto." Doug says, "I'll put a Hawaiian shirt and a moustache on him, and he'll be Moosegnum, P.I." He continues to work to continue to hang on to the giant stuffy. "Though this is getting tricky, he's physically bigger than I am."

Dick Grayson has posed:
    Dick just chuckles as Steph manages to choose roughly the largest stuffed animal available, knowing at some point he'll be carrying it. At her quiet comment he nods and replies, "I do recall, yes. That was a rather interesting chain of events." That might be one of the larger understatements he's ever made, but they are in public, after all.

As Dazzler begins het set, he turns toward the stage and cheers right along with the others in the crowd, taking a night just to have fun and not stress over crime for a change.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Cue surprise number two as the King requests that she dispense with the formalities. A royal order! "Oh! Oui, you-- I mean of course, T'Challa." she half-stammers out, letting her head lift now and meeting the man's gaze with a gentle smile of her own. Definitely more reserved outside the walls of the Club, where she had to force herself to be a bit more of a showman.

Then it's time for the concert and Marie will happily make her way into the wings; crowds are not necessarily her forte, and odds are that's where her friends would be anyways. Roberto's speech gets eager applause from Marie, and then she quiets down to hear Dazzler's performance. She's heard some of the mutant's music before, but actually seeing her, live on stage and in her element? That just had a different *feel* to it. It was an opportunity not to be missed, and she's certainly been enjoying it.

Of course, then she overhears Doug talking and there's a glance and a giggle in his direction as she pictures the modifications he talks about making to the plushie. "If you need, Douglas, I can assist you in carrying Monsieur Moosegnum to your vehicle." she offers. Someone's definitely in a good mood today.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa daps Sam and waves at Steph, before standing next to his blue mutant protector. He smiles at Mystique, "Thank you, Mystique. Could not have done it without your security team to hold things down." Roberto slips his arms around her resting his head on her shoulder casually, listening to the music, "We do make a good team." Roberto does raise his eyebrows at Doug and the moose, "You get me, Moosegum, PI. I approve."

Austin Reese has posed:
Austin goes along with Dick and Stephanie into the concert proper. He gives them some space of course, doesn't want to crowd them, but he does listen in to what Steph is telling Dick, tilting his head faintly at the word werewolf. He'll have to ask more later.

When the singing starts, he gets into it. Sure it's not usually his type of music, but damn if the energy at a live concert doesn't always get the heart pumping!

Talia al Ghul has posed:
Well, the king is here. Bastet save them. Not bothering to go anywhere, Talia goes to rest over against one of the stands then to go to move up to get a better view. She goes to hmm over and look over the side as she would tap her arms over to the tune.
    IT seems fairly relaxed, almost benevolent. No major interruptions. No hostage takings. No Gentleman Ghost coming up and challenging anyone to a disco dance off for the fate of the world.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The reports of the moving moose hadn't really worried Mystique overly much, until the moose did in fact start moving toward Roberto. She didn't miss the arm around her waist again, nor the head on her shoulder, but this was neither the time nor the place to ask questions about it.

"I've been working security, in one form or another, for a very long time," she states, eyes on the moose and then she hears the one carrying the thing speak and realizes there is no threat. So she adds, "You make it easier in that you actually listen to me Berto, keep that up."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug continues to shift the gigantic moose from arm to arm. "I sometimes forget just how good I am at Skee-Ball. I would appreciate the help, Marie-Ange. He's not super heavy, but carrying him around his very awkward." He offers her Mr. Moosegnum's front end, and then he looks up at Dazzler. "Seems like a shame to step out mid-set, though..." He shrugs at Roberto, and says, "We got under one another's skin for years, I'd rather use that talent for good than for evil. It took us long enough to become actual friends, why not make up for lost time?"

Alison Blaire has posed:
Dazzler finishes up her first song and grabs a guitar someone set up on the edge of the stage while she was in her previous preformance. "Hah, I see some of you are familiar with that one." Fixing the microphone into the stand so she can go hands free infront of it, gently leading into her second set.

"So this song is a little jokey, a hidden track on my next album maybe, but some of you that follow me on twitter have heard me working on it in the studio. It's call, follow the moose."

~Follow the moose, doot do-do-do,
follow the moose..

He's gotten free, he's on the loose,
follow the moose.
He's running wild, out for a cruise.
Follow the moose..
He's left you behind, your in his doost..."

She stops playing a second and tilts her head, with a very tight smile. As if she's not entirely proud of having said that.

Then resumes,

~"Follow the moose,
Tag along on his caboose."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown grins at Austin and Dick, slipping her arm about the latter's waist. But only after she's made it through the funnel cake and dusted off the powdered sugar that ended up on her hands, jeans, shirt. Really, you can't prevent it.

"There she is," Stephanie says, pointing to the woman near Roberto. Pulling out her phone, Stephanie taps out a message. Nina da Costa pulls out her phone and checks it, then looks around, finally spotting the blond girl waving vigorously. She laughs and waves back, and nudges Roberto to point out where Stephanie is.

Stephanie replaces her phone in her pocket and starts jamming to the Dazzler song then! She's a fan.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"After the show, then." Marie-Ange agrees, though she does at least take Mr. Moosegnum's front to help make things a little easier on Doug as far as holding the mega stuffie. Plus, holding it sideways should make it a little easier for both of them to watch the concert, and Dazzler's shows are definitely as visually entertaining as they are audially... though when the song about the moose comes up? She squeals cheerfully. She's a follower and has, in fact, heard the bits and pieces of the song posted to social media.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa quietly watches Marie walk away with a smile he knew why she was so polite it was clear, though if she found her inner spirit she could be a force of nature. He shoke his head a bit to listen to the music instead of making wild guesses about others. He did like Dazzars music, but he also had to return soon. For now he just sat and listened quietly thinking about the other things he was going to have to do later, taking the time and the music to plan out things for later.

As T'Challa is thinking about the other things, and listening the thought of a moose will just not get out of his mind, and the whole time, though he doesn't know it, T'Challa has been giving Douglas an intense glare. It wasn't ment for him of course, but just where it fell. Though when he hears it in the song also he smiles a bit and short chuckles as it seems the message had passed around it must be good merchandising. So he quietly falls silent again and listens deciding to sit with a serious look on his face listening intently. He would not ask for nothing, or order as he was quite happy to go without for a while, and just eat a proper dinner when he got back.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Wouldn't Moosgins be better Doug?" the dancing blonde says, having to raise her voice a little. "This is Berto we're taking into consideration. You gonna deny our bro the eyebrow bouncing!?" she asks and looks back over her shoulder, head tilted down so those naturally if slightly darker blonde eyebrows can indeed bounce. It loses some impact when she lacks a mustache. But she's still got hips for days so that kind of makes up for it.

"Marie, you sure you can handle it. Like my donkey, the Great Moose Detective can be a big responsibility. Especially when they want to take a ferarri for a spin." she suggests playfully towards Tarot.

The song about Moose gets a grin. "Look, I did not plant that in her head telepathically. Some things are just serendipity doo dah, dipity day!" she states with a goofy emphatic tone.

"My oh my!"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to the others and just shakes his head he is smiling though. "Hey at least the moose gets the chance to drive the car. Ah still say T.C. does not stand for The Cannonball." HHe jokes a bit.

Austin Reese has posed:
To be honest Austin has no idea what the song is about. Something about moose. Which is a weird plural, he thinks, mid bobbing his head to the beat. At least it has things to rhyme with, he supposes, which makes a good way for the song to keep on, "Is this one of her regular ones?" He asks of Stephanie. He is not, admittedly, a follower of Dazzler's music on the regular.

Dick Grayson has posed:
    Dick grins as Steph fangirls a little over some of the guests here at the event, then turns all his attention to the show. The energy in the crowd is infectious and soon he's bouncing and clapping with the music. This is a much more fun event than the ones he's usually attending as a representative of the Wayne family. Seeing how much Steph is enjoying herself makes him doubly glad they came.

    He leans in to talk into her ear, "You should have told me how much you enjoy concerts, we'll have to hit a few more of them!"

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa stands up a bit straighter when his Mother comes up to him with her phone in her hand. Embarassed might not be the right term but the girl in the audience is proof of the impact his parents can have on his love life. Nina taps his arms, "Stephanie is here you should say hello." Roberto tries not to sigh, "Momma, I waved to her. We talked over the holidays." She frowns, "Waving isn't a proper greeting." Roberto closes his eyes, "Mom, she's with Dick Grayson now, they're engaged." She hrmphs, "I know! You're Father should never have gotten involved." Roberto smiles sadly and looks at her, "No, he shouldn't have but he did." He gives her a hug, "She's happy Mom, Dick's very nice. I'm happy for them. I'm glad you're still friends with her. We've got each others backs but we're moving on, okay?" Nina hugs her Son and nods, "Okay, Beto. But I'm still mad at your Papa." Berto smiles and rubs her shoulder, "I know Momma, I know."

    And that's when the smoke bombs go off. the smoke rolls in as the concert ends and the fireworks start. It really is Pandemonium. Roberto steps onto the stage right into the line of fire, if there were any. But his voice comes over the speakers "Please make your way to the exits, remain calm." He doesn't add that this is Gotham and this happens all the time. That's when another voice breaks in deep and modulated, "We are the Hand! We are staking a claim to this town. You will bear witness to our Greatness! No other outsiders will come before us!" and then the ninjas arrive, in force shredding the tents and doing mass damage, the numbers aren't really in their favor for taking prisoners but they seem intent on making a mess of things and disrupting the festivities. Berto sighs, rubbing his tmeples, "Ninjas? Why is it always Ninjas?"

     Then another voice, his Mother, "Outsiders?! We've been apart of this town for generations! Kick his ass Beto!"

Talia al Ghul has posed:
Talia al Ghul is rather calm for a moment as smoke bombs go off. She goes to hold her hands up and to the sides as they detonate around her. A look is given in the direction of Mystique, then Dick, then Stephanie, in a 'they're not with me' sort of way as she just sighs helplessly for a few moments. She's moving to stay in the smoke. THis isn't something she's getting involved in. WHether it's the Hand, the FOot, the League, or something entirely different.
    Thinking of something, she goes to pull out her cell phone and goes to dial, speaking to it in and out of the smoke, "Yes, I'm at the Knights Stadium and.." Whatever else she's mentioning is cut off over in the smoke, the chaos, the clahsing. But she's definitely on the phone with -someone- ordering -something-.
    Up in one of the press boxes, two elderly looking gentlemen sitting by one another with overly large noses would go, "Guess they really needed to blow this finale." "Yeah, namely blown -off-!" "OHOHOHOHOH!"

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    Doug, still holding Mr. Moosegnum by the back end, watches chaos break out, before he says, "Take three steps to to the right, Marie-Ange, and then stick your foot out when I say." He sidles over, one, two... three steps, and then waits a moment. "...Now."

A ninja comes barreling out of the crowd past the two of them.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The minute Mystique realizes that this woman is Roberto's mother, she is back to one arm's length away, taking reports from security but keeping her eyes on Berto.

When the smoke bombs go off, several things happen at once. First, Mystique is right on Berto like white on rice. He moves to the stage, she moves with him, barking orders into the comm without leaving even an inch between herself and him. She won't stop him from doing what he needs to do, but she also won't let him get hurt.

Second is the barked orders resulting in several mutants in matching uniforms popping into existence around the stadium to create safe zones for guests to get to and avoid the carnage that is about to occur.

Third is the team that was trailing Talia, continuing to watch her movements and report her actions back over the comms, but not moving to stop or block her unless the woman appears to be intent on becoming involved.

Lastly is the appearance of taser wands in Mystique's hands. She'd prefer her guns, she was better with guns, but she hadn't spent decades learning various forms of martial arts for nothing. "It's Gothom, Berto... of course it's ninjas," she responds to his question and gets ready to kick the ass of any ninja that comes toward Berto.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Someone gonna make an honest man outta 'Berto, Mrs da Costa. One day!" Tabby tries to get some heat off the the man with his mother.

Tabby is probably not going to be the one. But then Tabby does look like the exact kind of girl Roberto's mother would disapprove of.

Then the smokebombs and ninja. And the grand standing.

There's a frowny face as Tabby looks around and overt everyone running. The noise of all the panic and fear is a bit much and she starts rubbing her temples. She's trying to telepathically send out a more calming nudge for people o escape calmly nd in order. This is not easy since it is a lot of people nd Tabby is not Emma Frost.

"So, guys, how much insurance is on this place? Asking for a friend?" she ponders to the New Mutants, the Bats that Tabby does not know are Bats, and the King.

The Ninja's get more frowns. "Hey, The Hand!" she yells out. "How about we give you the Finger..." she does at least doublebarreled Boom-Boom Bird with both hands.

This is followed by streams of plasma extending from her fingers and trailing after as many ninjas as she has digits.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa is enjoying himself, until the fireworks, when you have enhanced hearing those loud noises can make 'em ring. Other then that he was quite enjoying the show, he didn't understand what ninja's had to do with it, but then when they started destroying things he actually stood up with a start. He frowned deeply at them as one landed a bit too close as T'Challa reached out with a speed and grace of his namesake grabbing the head of the man, and pulls it down kneeling at the same time to introduce the masked face to the concrete below saying nothing only looking at the man with an intense look of anger. Standing up he pulls a hankerchief out of a pockt of his suit face calm again as he uses it to clean the hand he looks around a bit at the numbers. Turning he heads away from the field toward the direction of the soccor teams that played earlier. He would not let them get hurt, though he tried to keep an eye out for Marie as he is pushing his way through the crowd.

Spotting her as she is in a rather uniquie outfit he gives a whistle to get her attention. He knew what he was going to do, but he had to at least check to make sure the others were moving as well. Through the crowd on the outskirts but moving in quickly is a shadown of a person. She is hard to see clearly as she is moving quickly, and silently as soon as the smoke dropped, and god help the ninja's when she got there.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie sees the Ninjas, and while he wants to take off and help he knows where priorities lay. He steps over to Nina, and says "Ma'am, Ah believe it is time to get you to safety." He will move to scoop up, and says "Berto will be fine." He looks to Tabby "Let Berto know taking his Ma out." And with that from back stage there is a roar and an orange glowing man carrying a woman blasts up and out to get of the area, heading towards the Da Costa's home in Gotham.

Dick Grayson has posed:
    As the almost-expected finale to the evening begins, Dick mutters "Crap" while looking around at the crowd. Smoke bombs or not, he's in far too public a place to do anything bat related. He does pull one of those little stun guns out of a pocket, trying to do his best to just look like a rich guy hoping to defend himself and not a crimefighter. It may seem a little strange that he's moving _towards_ the ninjas and not away, but maybe he's just confused.

    The first ninja that he reaches, gets zapped, kicked and punched in that order, dropping to the ground. Another one who saw the handling of his fellow ninja attacks Dick, who somehow manages to evade the ninja's attack as he stumbles about in a random pattern.

    Lucky, isn't he?

    Somehow in the midst of flailing about, the stun gun makes contact with the ninja, and then there are two on the floor near Dick and Steph, twitching slightly due to the stun gun's effects.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"I think so, Tabitha!" Marie giggles, "Monsieur Moosegnum has been very well behaved so far, so I do not believe I have too much to worry about." Although... the suggestion that the plush might want to drive a ferarri? That makes her give the stuffed animal a look, almost wordlessly telling it 'you'd better not!'.

Of course, then it's shortly after that when all Hell breaks loose, and while Marie can't see everything that's going on around her, she can still hear Doug's words -- and the redhead is fantastic when it comes to following instructions. So one, two, three steps to the right (and then a jump to the left! Wait, no, that's the Warp Time.)... and when the command is given? One of those long legs is stuck out accordingly.

Doug's sense of timing was definitely on-point, because not even a moment later that leg is collided with and while she almost loses her balance from the force of the impact, it's a team-up move that definitely sends the ninja sprawling. "Tres bien, Douglas! You lead this dance, I will follow." She doesn't have her cards with her today -- of all days -- so she's going to be a bit limited in what she can do from a heroic aspect. Or so she thinks, at least!

The whistle from T'Challa is also heard, and a pale, slender hand raises up to wave in his direction. "Over here!" she calls out to the King. Fortunately, she's reasonably tall and the red hair tends to stand out.

Austin Reese has posed:
No time for gearing up, but Austin has beaten up ninjas without being suited up before. He's thankfully wearing a hoodie and jeans, so it's not trying to fight in a suit. Again.

He just tackles the first ninja he comes across, laying into him with a shoulder as the two of them crash into one of the food stands. Before the roof of the stand collapses Austin can be seen grabbing something off a counter and swinging it before the canopy obscures him and the ninja from view.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"It's all about timing and interpreting the data," Doug says, before he gives a thoughtful - "Well, that and being able to respond to it-" He looks up and then digs his cell phone out of his pocket, and then he snaps a photo with flash on it just in time to catch another ninja right in the face, blinding him with the glare, before he balls his hand up into a fist and then clips the would-be assassin on the chin, knocking him sprawling. He shakes his hand out, and then says, "Ouch. I'm out of condition. Used to be I could punch a ninja in the face and not even feel it-"

"Well, maybe I'm exagerrating a little bit. Either way, why are these guys even here? Do they not like the Disco Dazzler?!"

Roberto da Costa has posed:
The hand can bring ninjas to a party like no one else and this is what they do, not the best ninjas but here they manage to bring in numbers that make a difference, they are swarming the stadium, forcing patrons to leave, and worst of all they are dropping their totes, also that people might think the stadium is unsafe. The ninjas don't seem to be focusing on any single group but they are everywhere.

    The coaches have done a good job keeping the kids together and getting them towards the exits. The security seems to have the exits covered centering their safe spaces on them. They've even created two strategic evacuation teleport points getting people out of here efficiently. Between that, the explosions of Madame Mcsplode and the actions of the cities true knights the stadium is starting to clear. "I mean she's insired but can we try not to sink her on opening night?" That's when Berto pulls the light around into himself and goes vanta black, targeting ninjas with focused blasts of plasma, working the space, picking them off from the raised platform, the blasts also incinerating the smoke. He does not leap into the air, instead staying close to Mystique and under her watchful eye.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a nod to Sam and there's a brtief blip in some of the heads of those friendly and fighting and not actively blocking telepathy. <<This thing on? Okay mindlink up. Like you, Mrs da Costa safe, Cannonball express exits>>

There are still attempts to take out the blonde bazooka but as soon as a ninja gets close enough a stream of plasma blasts them about like someone hit with a shotgun and a flamethrower.

It's very, very difficult to sneak up on a Telepath. Even a novice like Boom-Boom.

Doug and Marie get a grin, and a sense of encouragement from the Boomie one over the link. <<One of us has probably pissed these guys off. Or at least coming at us to get at someone else. I bet the beef is with Batman, it's his town right? Not like I have a damn nemesis. I think.>> comes the queries and a sense of confusion as she fights. One ninja tries to get all overhead with their sword. This earns a hard kick between the Ninja's legs and then a fresh bomb launching them as they hunch over in pain. "So like Ninja gonna wanna vanish! Anyone in a gi and hood gonna get blasted if they stick around!" she warns aloud.

More and more bombs starting to float up and up over everyone. The pyrotechnicians gonna either be hella jelly, or take the credit for the impending lightshow that should have been Alison's.

Dick Grayson has posed:
    Seeing the ninjas being dealt with pretty well by the others, Dick begins making sure people can get away from where the ninjas are attacking safely, as this is a role he can fill without a costume. He does manage to zip another ninja along the way with a stun gun that seems more effective than most. Probably because he ripped the guts out of it and replaced them with something a bit more high octane.

    Soon most of the civilians are out of the way and Dick is just hanging around near the edge of the area, making sure no ninjas come after the people of Gotham. Seeing the impending boom, he ducks behind one of the food carts, spots Steph, and motions to the exit.

T'Challa has posed:
T'challa is moving towards Marie waving as two Ninja's jump him from behind to grab him, being mixed into the crowd they were able to get close they grab onto him and try to take him down. They do not realise while T'challa may not be the strongest avenger he worked out religiously as his body was his temple compaired to the normal ninja.. well it was little match, as two ninjas go for a ride as he approaches Marie. Stopping when he get close he tosses one down stomping on him with a foot there is a 'Ugh!" sound from the guy but little more. He is reaching for the other one as the ninja is pulling a knife, but T'Challa never gets a chance as a slinder spear hits the ninja in the arm and he tumbles off, and away. T'Challa looks to where the spear came from and nods with a smile though he couldn't see her as she had prob already moved he knew she saw him.

Reaching over to the downed ninja he put a foot on his back pulling the spear out again, and now he was armed. He could summon the suit, but he felt alright without it for now. If it escilated to that point he still had it for a card to play. He looked over at Marie, and Douglas now with a bloddy spear in his hands. Again with his deep accent he asks, "Again with the Moose? I am afaid it is time for both of you to go." he glances back at the ninjas. "We can clean up here, and no-one wants you hurt." he looks back over at where the spear came from then hands the spear to Marie. "I think she would want you to have this.. If you run into problem stab it with the sharp end." and chuckles a bit.

Turning you can see an outfit surrounding him, as it is all black, and strangly panther shapped as now he is sure the others will be okay he is going to return to this fight full boar. How Black Panther fights may seem cruel to some as no-one really gets to see it. One moment your trashing, and the next a human sized panther is ontop of you. While this alone can be rather disturbing spears from deep in the shado fly out covering his back the accuracy uncanny as the two together just clean up anyone foolish to get near them as they take them out as smothly as if they were dancing around them.

Talia al Ghul has posed:
And even as everyone goes to full chaos, a reply comes through over along Talia's cell as she goes to pick it up. There's a puff of smoke behind her, and there's a woman over in a dark gi, a hooded mask covering her face. In one hand is a blade, in the other is a parcel. The blade appears over by Talia's throat, tight enough to almost draw blood. Talia stays completely still.
    "Timely, I appreciate it."
    The woman behind her would sneer, despite the garb and the hood fully obscuring her face. The parcel is handed over grudgingly.
    Talia goes to in turn reach over to with her free hand take out several bills, which would be passed over. Then a small extra set for the woman. The blade is withdrawn.
    "NINJA VANISH!" The woman goes to throw down a smoke bomb and vanishes from the battlefield. Talia goes to take out the parcel, unwrapping it to reveal a large pizza.
    The parcel itself has a cute looking ninja star on it as an emblem and a tagline which reads 'NINJA DELIVERY SERVICE. DELIVERY IN THIRTY MINUTES OR LESS OR WE COMMIT SEPPUKU"

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Even as the cobalt mutant swings into action, taser batons striking true every time, Mystique is using her natural agility and dexterity to avoid being hit and getting in a few kicks that really, just make her feel alive. Having spent the majority of her life in one fight or another, there was something almost addictive about the moments of combat when they actually arrive. She'd never admit it, but she took joy in her work at every level.

Listening to the reports over the comm, she is aware of every action security is taking. Here and there more mutants appear in the swirling purple mist that some might recognize, each arriving exactly where they are needed to support people already there. A well oiled machine couldn't function as well as the security you got from the Brotherhood.

Moving herself to stand right beside Berto, she glances around at the ninjas still coming in then says firmly, "We have this Roberto, it's time for you to go." No other words are needed, he was informed this would happen should Mystique deem it necessary. The second she finishes speaking a portal of pure white appears beside him. It looks like a circle of white solid clouds, but a hand reaches through to take his arm and pull him back through, then the portal disappears.

Over the comm Mystique says, <"Elvis has left the building.">

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
If this was a drawn panel, Doug's eyes would be little black dots. "Wait, wait wait... wait."


"Was this all just a delivery from *Ninja Burger*?"

He shakes his head. "I'm... so confused. Let's just get Thomas Moosegnum to my car. I need to find a moustache I can sew on him and a hawaiian shirt that'll fit him. Where do you need to be dropped off, Tarot? I'm happy to give you a ride. ...It's only a two-seater, but I can make room for a third if somebody squeezes in."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"I... see!" Well. She kind of sees it. She saw it in effect when she was able to practice it herself, and she's seeing some of it as Doug fights off a couple more of the goons. Yes. This is definitely inspiring more martial training in the future -- as, for that matter, is King T'Challa's impressive display! She needed to learn how to defend herself without the use of her cards. Frankly, doing so would probably make her even more effective with them!

"It is for a friend!" she clarifies, hugging the plush moose protectively with one arm. "--and merci beaucoup, yo--T'Challa." she tells the man, taking the spear in her free hand and pointing it in front of herself. "I will remember that advice. Please be careful -- and thank her!" Whoever 'her' is, that is! Because while T'Challa definitely knows, Marie definitely does not.

Then Doug's suggesting the same t hing she was about to -- it's like everyone else can see the future, except for the seer herself! So not fair. "Oui, Douglas, let us be going!" She's sure their allies can clean things up well enough, and frankly, she'd be sad if anything happened to the mighty plushie. To answer the second question? "I have moved back into the Institute, so there would be best if that is no trouble? I do not take much room!" While she's not quite as scrawny as she was when she first came to the states, Marie's always been slim.

<<I do not think it was me, but I suppose I cannot be sure. Be careful, Tabitha!>> she adds. It's probably still a bit jarring to hear the girl's voice without the accent, which doesn't quite carry over through the mental link.

Austin Reese has posed:
There is a moment after Austin pops back up from under the canopy that the candy apple he was whacking the ninja with remains stuck to the ninja's head. Austin takes a moment to look at the stick in his hand, and then flicks the ninja in the face with it, before leaving him slumped over. He brushes himself off, and then goes to look to try to find the group he got seperated from.