13603/Seeking Sentinels

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Seeking Sentinels
Date of Scene: 19 December 2022
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: A team exercise in the Danger Room against Sentinels.
Cast of Characters: Monet St. Croix, Tabitha Smith, James Proudstar, Douglas Ramsey

Monet St. Croix has posed:
With the encounter of the older, bulky model Sentinel that had gotten in a melee wit the team in a military bunker, a rotation of training exercises were setup against some of the hevier models. A few members of the team were present, perhaps some students as well. Standing along the simulator floor was a massive old style Sentinel. Eight meters tall. Reinforced servos and limbs. A larger chestpiece and armor plating.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The blessed danger room. Where the residents of the Xavier institute and the X-Men come to train. Or often in Tabitha's case when she needs it. Do a massive amount of blasting and wear herself out.

Safer for everyone when she's drained. In several ways.

So with Sentinels being the order of the day once more Tabby is back and in one of her own custom uniforms. The pink and yellow one with the bomb bursts in either direction brteaking the lines of pink on the soutside and yellow down center. Cat eye glasses on her nose in red frames and yellow lenses.

Staring up at the simulation. "These the ones that adapt to powers? Or just standard giant robot?" she calls out and hmms before grinning at her team mates. "And how close to accurate these gonna be?" she asks.

Often the people running the sims like to throw curve balls.

James Proudstar has posed:
James stands by, his hand rubbing his chin as he considers the old style of sentinel. His long black hair is currently braided and hanging down between his shoulders. He's wearing a black tank top which adheres to his intimidating torso like a second-skin. A matching pair of black canvas pants and boots adorn his lower half. He presently sans warrior paint.

Juggling one of his vibranium knives, he considers his options with the large hulking robot. He glances toward Tabitha and nods, "Good questions. Definitely affects our choice of battle tactic. If they are non-adaptive, I'll play shield for this fight."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug is usually in the booth programming Danger Room scenarios, or trouble-shooting. When one of the world's most complex and advnced Adaptive Artificial Intelligences has a problem... yeah. Yeeeeeeeeeeah. But tonight he's out of the booth and into the pit.

"Either way," He says, "...I'm thinking I might end up as a crepe." He's got one of his black and yellow uniforms with the contractor's pants - lots of pockets, sturdy work boots - on.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The monitor flashes, revealing details over on the Sentinel as the display is updated. One that can adapt to powers and neutralize them. Heavier weaponry and targeting computers than older models. Modular internals so that it could swap out more weapon types depending on the targets.

Whether or not this was what the 'newer' models could do, someone had gone with 'worst possible scenario' and come up with something laong these lines.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's the read out on the display and Tabby hmms. For a girl that Doug and Jimmy know can be notoriously flighty, they also know what she actually takes Sentinels as serious business. Doug and Tabby were on Genosha, during the genocide instigated by Brainiac.

Tabby had a bad time. Doug had way worse.

And James being the blonde's last boyfriend had seen many a nightmare waking the girl up when they were co-habitating.

"Well Douglas, they're like, still robots. You could try like talking them out of their racist ways?" Tabby suggests, it sounds like she's half joking though.

"If they're adaptive. Then I gotta find a way round that. Jimmy-Jamma. Hell with shields, you the blunt object. That's not something that gets much adapting." she points out.

She might actually be a weak link here.

James Proudstar has posed:
James glances toward the monitor and frowns in further consideration. Grunting, he glances toward the others, "Well, guess maybe I should be on the attack in this encounter after all."

Looking in Doug's direction, he squints. "Is there a scenario where you could potentially reprogram one of these things if we can created the right opportunity for you?"

Shifting his gaze toward Tabitha and nods in agreement, "Maybe you should try collateral damage. See if you can get an advantage in the terrain, maybe collapse a structure down on top of it."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"I could try to verbally reprogram it-" Doug confirms, "But these adaptives... I suspect its artificial intelligence is structured to prevent that kind of malicious data input from an audiovisual source."

He looks over - and up - at James, and then he cracks his knuckles. "But they can't adapt to everything at once. If you pulled it in too many directions at once, you might slow its adaptation response, and create a weakness I can exploit."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The program is on pause as the group plans how to go on the attack. They have a general reading of the Sentinel - armored power core on the chest as always, significantly reinforced, a large number o finternal weapons.. Among other things layers of ceramic plating to help deaden shocks, ballistics, and kinetic damage. A mix of micro-processors, chips, and old style vacuum tubes as backups.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's hmmms as she look about the place. And then at the sentinel. "Honestly. I can probably bring the damn thing down by collapsing a building. But you know. I'd get yelled at later for collateral. Well, I'd get chewed out. I can handle being chewed out!" Tabitha considers and looks for good spots.

"So how about I try for a distraction. See how well the holoemitters and energy dampners can handle some full power. You gonna have to stay fast and on your toes Jimmy. I'm not gonna put you onto another day in the med bay cause of a stray Boom" she states and points up at the mountain of a man.

James Proudstar has posed:
James lets off a low whistle and shakes his head. "What a monster. If it was only up to me, my plan of attack would be to carve my way in. It's moments like these why I keep this knives so close. Someone's blunt impact doesn't have the effect you want."

He frowns, "After you distract it, maybe I could cut an opening in the outer shell, maybe you could slip something inside it Tabby. Blow it from the inside."

"A day of being pampered in med bay might not be the worst outcome." He jokes then nods toward Doug, "Maybe we can reverse the plan, is it possible for you to help Tabby distract it? Slow it down as it tries to defend itself against your... umm... input?"

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug rubs his chin, and then he snaps his fingers. "Got it." He says. "It's not going to be terribly sophisticated, but I can do it. I just hope I don't end up crashing the internet up and down the East Coast. Again. Good idea, James-"

He looks over at Tabitha. "After you, Boom-Boom?"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
As the group goes to ready their plan of attack, the simulation goes to start. For a change of pace, the safeties are on - that might not be a very good sign when it came to how they were expected to do with this.

The Sentinel goes to flicker online, the dreaded intonation <MUTANT SIGNATURES DETECTED. PREPARE FOR TERMINATION> A variety of plasma blasters moving to pop out from along it's frame and going tos tart to blast out at the X-Men with enough power to vaporize main batlte tanks!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The sim starts and with the twelve percent of a plan. Or twelve point five, an eighth. There's something that can be done. So with the deep mechanical voice telling her she should not do what she wants and live. She starts circling around on foot at as fast a pace as she can.

"No! Why don't you prepare for termination? I'm happy being functional!" she yells and lets a volley of bombs grow to beachball size to start swarming under psionic control to try and blast the ground and trip up the sentinel either by taking out the ground, or it's ankle joints.

And see if it gets the things' attention. Making it fall on it's face is way better but she'll take what she can get if it helps her friends manage their part.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
What is a virus, but data that encourages its own maladaptive replication and transmission? You can mess with someone's head the same way - and you could, in theory, do it to a computer like a Sentinel by introducing data from ANY input source, including auditory and visual. Doug reaches into his pocket, and produces a powerful hand flashlight.

He stands up in front of this weapon of Mutant destruction, aims the flashlight at its visual receptors... and begins clicking it on and off. It's a binary code. On is 1, off is 0. And the code is a computer virus made to eat up the Sentinel's RAM. Granted, it has plenty of that - but the virus also works fast. It'd have to devote precious resources to outrace it and purge it from its data banks completely.

James Proudstar has posed:
James brandishes his knives and springs into action. In a series of leaps and rolls, he randomizes his movements to avoid the incoming bolts of plasma.

This is where the beach balls of explosive doom also begin to rain down, and he finds himself peppered with debris, but fortunately, it makes for some reasonably effective obfuscation. At least the sentinel had more to track.

In a split decision to attempt to gain some kind of advantage, he leaps forward and draws upon his power of flight. Still haven't quite gotten the hang of this kind of locomotion, he uses it to allow him to slide just above the ground, gliding underneath and behind the metal monstrosity.

Rather by sheer speed alone or by the added efforts of Doug's flashlight cyber attack, he manages to travel without being pummeled. Coiling his legs beneath him, he leaps into a moonsault flipping onto the back of the sentinel and planting his vibranium knives into it's chassis to secure his position.

He then begans the next phase of his devious plan, perfectly calculated to purpose. He hacks with his knives A LOT, while yelling war cries. Perhaps he'd been spending too much time with Logan.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The detonations of Boom-Boom go to hit over along the Sentinel. It's blasted backwards, over to one knee before it's going to brace itself. It moves to loose a barrage of micro-missiles over at Tabitha, seeing her as the priority threat with the amount of energy she was putting out and the danager that hse could cripple it's systems wsith brute force before it could adapt. It went to blast over at her with enough raw power to level large buildings - sort of like taking Betsy and Emma to fashion week at a Paris botique.

The plan works so far, even as Proudstar goes to leap and launch through the air and starts to rapidly hack into it! Heavy armor plating designed to take blunt force and even blades is rended not only by super strength but by vibranium; something which the machine has no defense against.

As the virus goes to start churning up RAM, the Sentinel goes to try and dislodge Proudstar over with a small flamethrower going out of it's torso to try and hit him at point blank range.. And one of it's hands goes to shift over from the ground where it was on one knee to focus it's primary weapon over at Cypher, charging up..

Tabitha Smith has posed:
One or several good booms deserve another and the Sentinel takes a knee. A whoop at so far it's not at least absorbing the energy. But those missles coming back mean she has to think fast.

This would scare most people that know her. They don't pay her to think.

Instead she reacts and just lets more and more bombs fly to try and catch the projectiles like she was playing that old game Missile Command in the arcade one level up from them.

With James on the thing and Doug flashing the sentinel in a way Tabby would not have. It's a matter of making sure those returning blasts from the missles do not decide the men are suitable targets.

James Proudstar has posed:
James sinks one of his knives deeply into the chassis and uses it for leverage, swinging himself onto the sentinel's shoulder to avoid the heat outputted by the flamethrower, deciding not to rely on his resilience if he didn't need to.

His knee senses detect the distinct humming of the Sentinel's charging weapon. He leaps and lands upon the Sentinel's elbow joint. Driving both knives deep into gaps that allow the robot to have articulation within the limb, he slices and hacks tugging the edge into the servos that stabilize the arm and hopefully throwing it's aim off before it blasts Doug.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Fortunately Doug can see where this is going. By the time it's swinging that gun to aim at him, he's already moving - of course he's not superhumanly fast. But he's also pretty sure that the Sentinel's priorities are going to rank an intense attack from an explosive-throwing mutant and a physical vibranium-wielding powerhouse above little ol' him.

He skedaddles, and goes looking for a new vantage point.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Normally James' attack wouldn't penetrate deep enough. Few beings are as strong as he is, few things can handle cutting as well as the vibranium knives can. Even Wolverine would have trouble slashing off more than surface layers. The combination of those two things? Makes for a very, very effective slashing work. Inch by inch as Proudstar goes to hack and cleave his way in. he has a hole in it now the size of his upper body. Inside of it though.. Parts are starting to reknit within as it goes through a repair cycle and heavy metal blocks try to slide into place to block him off. It goes to take up it's other hand to try and slam into him with a sway to send him flying!

The massive barrage of Boom-Boom is sending it backwarsd, even over on it's knees as it would stumble along, the huge pressure starting to sear, melt armor, block off chunks.. Then, bit by bit, it starts to recover. Where her attacks were blasting off huge chunks of it, now they're doing less and less damage.

For the moment, the Sentinel has two greater threats than Douglas as it tries to come up with an anti-viral program to segregate off what he had put in. Douglas is able tos catter along to find another vantage point as he sees fit

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"If we're going for Boom Inside still, I just need something that looks pretty coductive Warpath!" On the clock now so made up names. Gotta be a pro now. And she is not letting Doug get blasted by a sentinel. Again.

The reduced impact gets a frown. But Tabby was warned about it. At least it's not reacting as fast as it was thanks to that viral payload. Hopefully it doesn't get too willd on the danger room systems. The sentinel is not real after all and it's effectively being software emulated.

That still leaves Tabby needing to keep the robot's attention on her and not James or Doug.

That's where she starts making sure blasts hit the ground and start flicking large chunks of debris. Sometimes having to launch with one blast, then direct with another.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug has gone up a fire escape to the top of a building, and from there he he drops into a crouch as he thinks through next moves. He considers his options - and then he reaches into one of his pockets and pulls out... a sugary, fizzy energy drink. He pops up over the top of the roof, and then he lobs it to James. "Warpath, *catch*!" - sugary, sticky energy drinks and electronics are a bad mix. Ask Doug how he knows that.

James Proudstar has posed:
James continues his vibranium assisted assault but changes his tactics from penetrating deeper into the Sentinel to more doing enough damage to disrupt its regeneration process. He calls out in a booming voice, "Cypher, if you can down the regeneration or misdirection its adaption. Those would be huge helps."

Through tactically application of his flight, he tries to shove the sentinel this way and that as he hacks to throw off it's aim and also hopefully provide BoomBoom the vantage she needs to drop an explosion in the exposed inner workings of the machine.

Time seems to slow down as he hears , "Catch" from Cypher. His brow furrows, he turns his head. As the inner drink gets within range, he grabs it turns it toward the opening and then crushes it to spray its contents within.

At about this moment, he's clocked by the sentinel's other arm. Seeing stars, he's hurled through the air.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
It's a shove and a hit as the Sentinel, which is focusing most of it's power into holding itself upright agaisnt the blasts from Boom-Boom while it adapted to try and get into a more effective position to counterattack and presumes that James does not have good leverage, is able to almost lfip it down and over. On top of the blasts from Boom-Boom, which are getting less and less effective with each detonation, it's at least keeping the thing off balance even before it can rise up. Tabitha's adaptation to use her blasts to 'skip' debris off it isn't very effective agaisnt ceramic reinforced armor.. But it does the job.

And then Cypher is going to throw the sweet, sweet sugar drink down the hole. And of course the arm starts to seize up and over, spasming and twitching. Where it's now open and vulnerable for Tabitha to take a crippling shot on it even as Proudstar is flung away.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Teamwork makes the dream work!

There's the shorting of circuits and the working at getting armor cut away.

This lets Tabby get her chance.

Blunt force and stabby knives will only get so far.

The opening made gets Tabby rushing in herself. The thing is big enough she'll need to climb while Warpath is not in a position to give her a boost up. A help down later maybe. "Get yourself clear boys. It's time to hit the music! It's time to hit the lights!" she actually sings.

Clambering up, she reaches for that opening and just starts channeling plasma energy in. Using any conductive parts to flood the inside of the robot with all that volitile explody goodness.

Boom-Booms gotta BOOM!

But at least she has enough sense to not blow anything till she can start getting away. And make sure the others are out of the way as well.

There's usually shrapnel.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    Doug watches all of this, and when he watches Boom-Boom drop that plasmoid into the Sentinel's open cavity, he ducks below the lip of the rooftop edge, and holds his breath. Hrrrrrrrrrrf*gasp*!

James Proudstar has posed:
James craters against a wall and lands upon the ground in the traditional heroic kneel. He shakes his head clear processing a high pitch whine. Blinking away blurry vision, he notices Boom-Boom making her ascent.

Planting his legs, he kicks off a sprint and rushes ahead. The somewhat mysterious power of flight once more lends itself to the one known as Warpath, a heritage that comes from Thunderbird.

He sails through the air and scoops up the fleeing demolitionist. Cradling her in his arms, he ascends and then lands beside Cypher. Shielding both of them with his body, he awaits the final BOOM.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The hole has gone deep enough. THe dampening field that the Sentinel was generating that was lessening hte power of Tabitha's plasma bombs had been neutralized, at least temporarily over by the sugary drink that had been thrown in. The ceramic plating had been lightened by the thrown rocks, and the large hole torn in it over by Proudstar that it hadn't had the minutes to plate over and only partially work around, repair systems slowed by the virus and it's constant damage.

That's when the boom had hit it. Enough of the detonation not being scattered over the armor, the blast going in through vulnerable spots, detonating within the SEntinel, blowing out a huge chunk of it and leaving it like a smashed Battle Bot from a runin with a grenade.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    When the invulnerable mutant geets in front of you, you get him as much in front of you as possible. Doug gets Warpath as much in front of him as possible, when that Sentinel explodes. He blinks, twice - and then he peeps up over the edge of the roof at where the Sentinel was. "I think we got it."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The blast is pretty loud. But Tabby's got enough control over that so it's not going to leave Warpath's ears ringing. For long anyway. But under him, she and Doug are at least safe and the sentinel is busted.

When she peeks out from Apache provided cover she grins. "One day, I'm going to have one of those things walking topless before it falls like in that old Robocop Movie before they all sucked!" she states some wishful thinking.

"So at least that one is down. They ain't gonna be so mean to do Horde Mode with this right. Non adaptive sentinels maybe. These things. Hell no!"

James Proudstar has posed:
James stands up once shield duty is complete. Glancing over the roof, he nods his approval. "Maybe next time we just strap you to my chest, I cut, you plant the boom, and then we sail off to the next one."

Eyeing Cypher, he grins. "Good job. You kept your cool and the 'sugar bomb' was a good idea. Makes me wonder if we should come up with some kind of 'anti-robo regen grenade'"

Rolling his neck until he gets a satisfying pop, he grunts. "Alright. Next time, I try the whole 'dodging' thing."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"...Maybe some sort of sticky-bomb that interferes with electrical conductivity but would be hard for it to just burn off-" Doug considers that, and then he runs his hand through his hair. "Whew!" He gets up, and then says, "Well. Okay then!"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
now there's a chuckle from whomever is running the simulation. "Good for the warmup. Now.." Now the simulation resets, and now there are five of them. And the disruptor fields on them are indicative that they already have a partial counter to Tabby's powers. This ig going to be fun..