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Yule Be Sorry
Date of Scene: 21 December 2022
Location: Candle, Booke and Belle
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Nettie Crowe, Michael Hannigan, Tynan Ireton, Gabby Kinney, Lydia Dietrich, Patience Alperen

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    Christmas is a-coming, the geese are getting fat. Put a little penny in the old man's hat. If you don't have a penny, a ha'penny will do, if you don't have a ha'penny, then God Bless You.

    The Candle's retail area, the shop where one Nettie Crowe deals in advice and tea, with the occasional colorful commentary from a curmudgeonly crow. MOst don't realize that the small woman behind the counter who spins tales of traveling through Southeast Asia before the Great War is perfectly serious, and fewer realize she's advising the Justice League in magical matters.

    So tonight, she seems perfectly engaged with a book on-hand. Not one of her bound-in-the-skin-of-a-theif books, no.

    It's a boddice-ripper romantic fiction piece with a jacked, dark-haired, square-jawed guy on the front and a woman who is mysteriously losing bits of her clothing! They appear to be on the high seas.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
As Nettie reads her book the sound of the door opening signals the entrance of a possible customer. While most likely not the man on Nettie's book cover, Mike does check a few of the items on the list. Dark hair? Yep. Jacked? ...Well he's more fit. Square Jawed?


Ok fine. He checks off one item on the list, maybe two you're factoring the SeaWolf miniseries on Netflix.

Either way the long haired musician comes in, the wind tunnel effect of the buildings causing for the locks to flutter a bit, just like in page 32 wh-


Mike makes his way over to the counter meant for selling tea. In his hand, he holds a broken hair band. "Any chance you have a spare hairband, Nettie?"

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    "Good evenin' Michael." NEttie greets the young man who makes his way into the shoppe. She doesn't look up from the passage she's reading, and she gives a wry little smile of her pale lips, pulling a hairtie from her wrist and offering it to Mike.

    "Always, Duckie. They don't make them like they used to, do they?" she questions, drawing her unnaturally blue eyes up to Michael as the musician's hair flutters romantically about him, making her lips quirk up.

    "As long as you don't mind borrowing off an old lady."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Its not long before a motorcycle pulls up. A young woman steps off the bike. Nettie already knows who it is, just by the way the woman walks up to the door. The woman pauses at the door, and knocks on the door as she waits for permission. She thinks she's still on the naughty list, though was allowed for the birthday party.

    Either way, Ty shakes her head a little bit as she stretches out, waiting to be allowed in. Rumors have it that the woman has been doing some work on the supernatural merc-ing side. Apparently its a very.....lonely field of work. The woman does double check her charms to make sure their off, and that she doesn't have any actives on her. That and that she has a Ka-Bar hidden behind her back...Damn Crab Legs.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
The door closes, blocking off the current of air that was playing with Mike locks. Gravity being the serious sort does the rest, allowing for most of the hair to fall downwards save for the curls borne from the whispy chaos of before.

After Nettie confirms she has a spare, Mike flashes the shop keeper a smile as he steps over to take the offered hair tie. The age comment gets a bit of a chuckle. "I'm sure I wouldn't but I'd have to run into one to find out for sure."

Hearing the knock upon the door, Mike turns his head to look over that way. He looks back to Nettie, "How are the holiday shoppers treating you?"

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    "Come in, Ty, it's practically a second home for you dear." Nettie calls out to the arriving merc, though her eyes are set on the door a moment, narrowing as she hands over the hairtie.

    "Ooh. Dunno if you're full a' cheek or not on that one, boyo." Nettie gives a wry grin to Michael, and she shrugs.

    "Eh. Helped a lady pick out something for her daughter's girlfriend, who's a Wiccan. Neat little thing that is, seeing it so accepted." she gives a small grin.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty nods her head as she walks in. She takes a deep breath as she looks around, smelling all the different teas. She nods her head fo Micheal as she moves over to the side. She can wait a bit. The young merc moves to some of the more expensive charms and sets. She's gotten better at knowing whats good, and whats for those who are pretending to do magic. Ty takes a moment to also go over to the books, and looks for some new runic tomes.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
As Nettie tries to determine the level of intent to the comment. The performer's smile widens. "Well, in the end I guess the important question is how does the comment make you feel?"

Sliding the hairband on to his own wrist, he reaches his arms up to try and gather up the hair together. "That does seem like an interesting gift idea though. Most people I know tend to favor gift cards."

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    "Ugh. Everyone asks if I have gift cards. I ask 'to what?' and inevitably they want to give me twenty dollars and have someone forget a piece of paper or plastic in a sockdrawer." Nettie gives a sound of tired exhaustion, and waves a hand over her head.

    "And what are you looking for today, Ty? And I do have to thank you for that ridiculous gold tea. That was an experience, dear." she cracks a smile, turning to her student. Former student. Current advisee if needed.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty coughs a little bit as she looks over to Nettie a bit. "I'm looking for some Ulster cycle runes, for a runic combination to create a psuedo gaebolg enchantment. That and maybe some papers on recreating Three Knots.", she tells. Ty seems to be working on some higher tier stuff, but then again, she has been fairly careful about how she does stuff. "Also, I need some more enchanted metals for making charms, and some salt.", she commets.

    "And you're welcome, and it was your birthday so....", she tells. The woman nods her head to Michael. "Hello.", she says to Michael. "Here for personal, business, or work?", she asks.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike's elbows dance in the air as the hair put into its new constraints. Alas, no more romance novel look. Task done, his arms lower. "Emergency Haircare." He responds to Tyan, flicking his ponytail in illustration. "Well that and maybe tea shopping."

He looks over to Nettie, "One of those more common types though. I'm just having trouble finding it in the usual stores for some reason."

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    Nettie gives a wry smile as she looks to Ty.

    "I don't keep that in circulation, poppet. Gaeblog? Really, you're coming into your own, aren't you?" she questions, and then draws out a notepad with one hand as she sets a kettle on to boil with another.

    "Right then, what're you looking for then, Ty?"

    And to Michael she gives a smile and a wink.

    "Depends. Some teas I don't copy on general principle."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    "I've learned that punching banshees in the face is not a very...effective tactic, but its the only trick I got for the speedster types. A gaeblog enchantment would help out, but then again, that was a special artifact that belonged to Cuchuainn...", she states. The woman winces a little bit. "Looking for some enchanted ropes that are preset, but not bonded as well. To do a 3 Knots, I have to set it to its target.", she tells. The woman coughs a little bit.

    "Mystical binding salt. Doing a salt enchantment around my growing reseach library.", she tells. "About 10 stones of earthworked iron. I perfer to use Irish or Scottish if you can find them. It helps with my druid spells.", she says. "And if you got any of Marian's notes, can I borrow them? I'm trying to work on enchanting my gauntlet, but high tech, and magic behaves about as well as I do.", she tells. "Also, how many tomes do you have on Druid magicks?", she asks.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike sighs at the prospect of striking out again. "Chamomile?" He asks, "or Lemon Balm? I'm open to alternatives."

Tynan's observation makes the musician tilt his head. "Huh." He comments, "Punching worked pretty well against ghosts last time I tried it. But then again, I've only tried it on one and he wasn't a Banshee. Just an asshole."

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    "... why are you punching banshees, Ty? They're working undead, they have jobs to do." Nettie seems both amused and horrified at the prospect of punching psychopomp fae/ghostly types, and then she gives an odd look at the idea of enchanted ropes that are preset and not bonded. She misheard the word at first, and her face betrays her own thoughts before she breathes out, and gives a snort.

    "Ten stone of earthworked iron. It'll take time to get over here, but I've got a bloke in Inverness." she states, and then she gives a hum, drawing a couple of draws behind her open. She begins to measure by weight different things.

    "Unfortunately the only thing I've got left is Elizabeth. And you can't have her, she's mine." Nettie warns, and she gives a soft sound.

    "I don't loan out any books by actual druidic sources." she adds.

    Water from the kettle goes into a pot, along with a teaball with the blend that Nettie's mixed.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    "There was one that got corrupted, and had to be dealt with. It was becoming a wraith, and do you want a wraith in a populated area?", she asks Nettie. "I'm still working on how it got corrupted though.", she tells. The woman coughs a little bit.

    "Hmmm, was there a time where you said that magic has no nature outside its user? That how its used is more important?", she asks. "I mean, I know the druids did a lot of...not favorable stuff, but they were some of the best nature spellcasters, and the closest to the fae.", she says. Then the woman closes her mouth quickly, looking at Mike a bit. "Errr, just doing a research paper for school?", she says to Mike.

    "Is it cool to speak about things in front?", she asks. Ty tends to forget certain rules when her mind is working on projects.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike looks to Tynan at her explanation. "The chances for making up excuses sailed away long ago." He points out, "But no worries, I'm not about to go running to the press screaming about this."

The musician watches Nettie prepping tea, curious to what she had brewing. He didn't get a 'Yes' to either of the teas he listed after all...

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    "Michael's knowledgable of such subjects and is a bit of a pain in the arse to the supernatural in Gotham as I've read. Fascinating stuff. Unfortunately I'm allergic to the Gotham Gunk after an incident there in the 1950's regarding a Cobblepot and a Crysler convertible with the Big Fins." Nettie states, leaning back a moment before she sniffs at the teapot, adn then takes out some tea cups.

    Michael gets one that has, perhaps predictably, sheet music on it. It's Jingle Bells. Very festive.

    Tynan would get a Coca-Cola Red cup on a green saucer.

    Both teacups are filled with blue-tinted tea. This tea has lavender and vanilla notes, with an earthy undertone and just a hint of lemon, with a cool mint finish to it.

    "Try this, dear."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The door does it's jingle thing or whatever it does. Maybe Corvax just sqawks about it or something. Gabby comes in carrying a cup of the dreaded 'other' beverage which was decorated in festive red and white bells that didn't ring. Thankfully.

As usual when coming in she takes a few slow breaths to acclaimate to the smell of ALL THE TEA EVER before she flashes a grin over at those here. "Hey. Heard your meeting went well, Nettie. Sorry I couldn't be there, I was in China."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty nods her head a little bit, and sniffs the tea. She takes a light sip of it. "Ah, I see.", she says. The woman stretches out a little bit. "I'm one of Nettie's former students. Mercenary by trade. Been working on several things around the world for a bit. Nettie will tell ya that most of my spells are...very unique. I also work several different styles of magic, though the one I'm best at are the Wild Magicks, which Nettie does not like me using in the shop. Also, you'll know which style of magic I'm performing based on my appearence.", she tells.

    Ty relaxes a little bit. "I'm also a bit of a...combat enchanter in a sense. I'm still learning my runes though, but I have two runic languages to draw from.", she tells. The woman rubs the back of her head though.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"Only when invited." Mike adds in to the comment regarding the Gotham supernatural. See? He reads at least SOME of the memos. "Usually my time there is for more mundane reasons."

When the jingle bell teacup is set down before the musician, he smiles at the choice in design before having a seat. The cup is lifted but before tasting it he uses his hand to waft over some of the steam, taking in the scents and heat as a bit of foreplay to the main event.

The cup is tilted back and he takes a sip. Mike is quiet, taking a moment to get in another sip before setting the cup down. "Similar effects to the ones I was looking for?" He queries.

The door opening again causes for the musician to turn his head. When openly talking about magic in a quasi-public environment, there's need to check on any newcomers after all. "Hey Gabby." He greets.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
    "Meeting? There was a meeting?" Lydia is hot on the heels of Gabby, having spied her come in first to the Belle. She's here for the tea, really. Despite being quite dead, it's one of the few living vices she still enjoys.

    "Good evening, everyone. Happy Chanukah." Lydia is dressed like the vampire she is. A floor length charcoal grey woolen skirt adorns the lower half of her, and a thick, black woolen peacoat up top. Her tightly curled black hair is loose about her, falling down to her shoulders, and as always, there's a field of stars that twinkle in and out of existence that surround her.

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    "The girl's a natural ecclectic with a penchant for the chaotic -- and you're not getting anything from the Druids because it's hard to come by and I don't have very much of it after loaning it out to a halfling who fucked off back to Tir Nan Og with my books after getting me in trouble with his aunt and uncle from Bel Air." Nettie murmurs quietly, "... hope he's all right. Jerk. He owes me a pack."

    And she reaches down, pulling up not one, but two additional teacups. Gabby's is set up, and tea poured for her fellow leader of the Justice League Dark, and she gives a wry smile. "Meeting was very productive, though I don't think he enjoyed my putting a snowball bounty on his cowl. Poor lad."

    "Aye. Lemon balm, chamomile, something relaxing. Butterfly pea flower for the blue and --" she's cut off as she looks up, and Lydia gets a big smile from the old witch. "Mazel tov! Chag sameach my friend! Long time no see!" she calls out, throwing her arms up and over her head, and then she sets a pretty pearlescent blue cup down, and fills it with tea.

    "If ever there was a reason to celebrate it is that! I like these hopeful holidays, much better than last year!"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney yawns rather wide while approaching the counter where the others are, giving a nod of greeting to all there. Even Ty who she had been on not great terms with the last time they'd run into one another. "Yeah, she met with the big Bat about operating in Gotham when we need to," she explains with a grin cast over her shoulder toward Lydia. "Happy Hanukka! Or what she said." A gesture is given toward Nettie who gives likely a far more accurate well wishing than she does. The tea offered over is taken, her festive coffee cup abandoned, in favor of leaning against the counter. "Hey Mike, hey Ty."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty raises an eyebrow. "I wouldn't call it chao....Ok, I'm full of it. I learned a few spells from a Hell Lord and a Kitsune, as well as Nettie. So...yeah, I draw from mah soul, from natural magicks, and a little prechanted blood magick charms.", the woman admits. She takes a long moment to look at Nettie a moment. "...You did what now? And you keep warning me about the Fae, and you lent a Halfling anything?", she says with a look.

    "Hello, Gabby.", Ty says. She keeps it polite. Ty is staying civil! Mostly cause she has an order in. Ty blinks a little bit as she watches Lydia a bit. She looks at Nettie a second, blinking a bit, and then at the door. Then back at Lydia....She shakes her head, and just thinks, maybe its just an appearence.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike glances away from Gabby as Nettie starts to answer his question but even more familiar voices ringing out makes for a very short attention span. Mike blinks as he sees the newest arrival "Lydia! Hey, haven't seen you in awhile. How're you doing?"

Gabby's summary of the meeting causes for Mike to nod. "Hey, I supernatural when I'm invited to."

Or the event he's at is currently getting robbed.

"But I'm not steering clear from one of my homes when I'm just doing mundane stuff and regular work."

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
    "Nettie!" Lydia floats over to where the woman is sitting and gives her a warm hug. "I should swing by more often." She glances over at Gabby when she explains the meeting and purses her lips. "I thought the standing rule was to let Batman and his team handle it, unless it's world threatening, then we ask him, very politely, to be on his turf. At least that's how //I've// been playing it. The man scares the life out of me, so to speak.'

    She gives Tynan's doubletake a gentle grin. "I'm a mutant," she explains, waving a hand in her stars causing them to whorl and eddy. "It's ectoplasm. I can't stop generating the stuff." She takes a few steps closer and extends a hand out to her, and gives her a winning (if not a little toothy). "Lydia Dietrich: Mutant vampire witch."

    Mike gets a hug, too. "Mmm, good to see you. I've been busy putting the final touches on my book. It should come out before the new year rolls around." She gives the room a genuine grin, "Don't worry, I'll have signed copies for you all."

Patience Alperen has posed:
Patience Alperen opens the shop's door and steps in. She's wearing a warm red turtleneck and jeans with hiking boots. A wool multicolored beanie is pulled down over her hair. Pausing as she enters, she slips the hat off as she sees the gathering. A smile is offered to everyeone and a quiet, "Hello."

A curious glance is given to Lydia, having only heard part of her comments on entering.

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    Nettie had been standing behind the counter, but comes around in order to let Lydia give her a hug. IT would be that only undead could hug Nettie without care about the whole 'visions of death' issue.

    Nettie doesn't seem to mind, she gives Lydia a hug, one armed, and rolls her eyes a moment, giving a wave.

    "It was a formal meeting to introduce m'self. Back when this outfit was getting started, I was kinda showdy, in the back, giving advice to the wee pups. Now-a-days I'm at the forefront giving advice to the wee pups and occasionally taking folks on field trips to make friends with church grim. BY the by, the minister sends his thanks." Nettie gives a wry smile, and she rubs the back of her neck a moment.

    As Patience comes in, Nettie gives her a great smile as well, raising a hand up.

    "Hoi, Patience! Welcome, welcome, c'mon down to the tea bar, we'll set you up with a cuppa."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney points at Lydia with a small nod. "I already work with some people out in Gotham, including Red Robin, so I've got no issue there. However," Gabby gestures with a little twirl of her hand to point toward Nettie, Mike, Lydia, and even Ty, "I'm not expert in most things. Other than a necklace that clues me in to magic being around I'm kind of unaware. Usually. Nettie spoke to him to *get* permission when we have to dip in there." The teacup is raised to take a sip earning a pleased little sigh at the flavor. It was nice, and fragrant. Nettie's teas usually were.

"Oh, also wanted to mention a possible heavy hitter we can bring in. If you're okay with someone who has not always been on the side of ... uh. Law? In the past." Nettie is given a faint grin. "Avatar of..." She narrows her eyes a bit trying to recall. "..Uh. Cyttorak right, that thing." Her hand rubs over her eyes a few times trying to jog some blood back into her brain somehow. "I've known the guy for years. He's mostly a mercenary but he's helped me out a lot and has offered to help if we need it. So pitching the idea to you, oh fellow leader-type."

Another sip of the tea is taken and she lifts her free hand to wave at Patience.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty pauses a long moment as she looks over at Gabby for a long moment. "....Did you just...say what I thought you said?", she says looking at Gabby. She nods her head towards Lydia, before looking at Gabby more. "...You enlisted....him?", she asks. "Well, umm, yeah, I'm just going to be over here in this side of the store, the Nonstomping area please.", she comments. She takes a deep long breath. "I mean, he doesn't even need magic to do stuff. He can punch reality into whatever he wants...", she says. Ty knows exactly who Gabby is talking about. She is a mercenary after all. Plus she keeps a crapload of Juggernaut cases in case she ever has to face him. Bribing is the best way of dealing with him.

    "I need something stronger to drink then tea now..."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike brow raises to the offer. "Sounds like the New Year is going to start off interesting. What's the title going to be?"

He takes another sip of the tea before looking to Nettie. "...Yes I think this blend would work. Think I could get a week's worth?" That should give the other stores time to restock, right?

Gabby's suggestion and Ty's reaction makes Mike look over to the Avatar talk. "Avatar of what?" Considering the clues all Mike really has to go on is someone who is not always on the side of the law. Which-

Ok let's be honest, Mike's got a very odd mismash of people on his friends list. He's going to need more information than that.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
    Lydia nods at Gabby. "I've worked with Red Robin off and on as well, and I'm still friends with Phoebe, who works in the area. I visit Gotham on a regular basis, though. A couple people from my harem are there, as well as my silversmith." She shrugs. "I figure the Batman and his clan would be okay with that."

    Gabby's mention of the avatar of Cyttorak gets her attention. "Cyttorak... where have I heard that name before...?" She searches her memory, scowling, until she comes up with the answer in an unlikely source. "Oh! The Brotherhood! Yes, Mr. Marko is certainly a heavy hitter, though he does have a penchant for wanton destruction. I'd recommend him as a reserve, if we have them, and not a full member."

    "The Book of Lydia," she answers Mike. "I know it was just a working title, but I never //did// come up with a better name for it."

Patience Alperen has posed:
Patience Alperen smiles to Nettie, "Hello Nettie. Thank you." She walks over to join the group, she doesn't recall meeting Michael or Tynan, but offers them friendly smiles. "Hello. I'm Patience." She then smiles to Gabby and Lydia, "Gabby, Lydia."

As she waits for the mentioned tea, she falls quiet to listen to the flow of conversation. Gotham is a curious place, but not one she's had many dealings with in general. She looks back and forth between the others as they weigh in on the conversation. The mention of Avatars and wanton destruction are curious things to go together, It's not someone she's familiar with so.. more sitting and listening.

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    "Of course, Michael." Nettie states to the rockstar, and she purses her lips a moment.

    "... The Avatar of Cyttorak?" Nettie pauses, and she reaches into her sweater, and pulls out her glasses. These she sets on her nose, and for the briefest moment she looks like a grandmother as she takes a look at her butterfly pea flowers, and she gives a soft hum.

    "I'd stay away from the girl, mind you. Batman has mentioned she's still not in the best place, mentally speaking. Then again... magic tends to mess with your perception of 'best place mentally'." Nettie comments, weighing out the herbs and tea.

    She looks to Tynan, and then she looks to Lydia and Gabby.

    "Well, if you two speak so highly of Mr. Marko, I'll meet with him and see if he has interest. The good thing about being the shadow of the Justice League..." she grabs a paper bag, and begins to fill it. "... we don't have to run our membership by the regular ones. Makes it easy. Pay's lousy though. Not to mention our dental's sub-par."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Cain," Gabby confirms with a nod toward Mike. He knew him after all. It's Ty's response which garners a grin of amusement from her however. "The Juggernaut, yes. And yeah he can have a bit of a temper when he's going, but not as much as people think. Besides," she reasons with another sip of her tea. "He gives great hugs." A little grin of amusement creeps over her at this. Was she teasing Ty? Who knows, Gabby was a hugger after all.

"Yeah I can bring him around sometime so you guys can meet." With that little tidbit taken care of she stiffles another yawn. "Hey Patience, been awhile. Good to see you."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    "Yes...he's a really good hugger. How do you think his armor got so red?", Ty comments. "I keep stacks of cash around solely to give him to let me not be in the area he's in. I would rather fight Patch in a bad mood, while unarmed, then be near Juggernaut in a good mood.", she tells. Ty is actually very afraid. Enough to actual shake a little bit. "I...got to go. Call me when the stuff comes in, Nettie. I'll pay ya later.", she says, putting the cup down. She backs away slowly, and then heads out the door. Few things rattle Ty....Juggs is one of them. She hops on the bike, and starts it.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
With the added mention of the last name complimented with the first name Mike has the final puzzle piece. "Oh Cain? Yeah he seemed pretty alright the times I've met him. I wouldn't want to be in his path when he's in a hurry but yeah, I could see him being helpful."

Nettie's warning about Phoebe gets a slight frown.

"Do you remember a time when you needed help but your asking fell on deaf ears every time you asked? How it felt? How long it took until you felt like you could ask again?" He lifts up the teacup again, looking to the contents. "If she asks for help. I will answer. Depending on the ask it might be to say 'no' but I'm not going to outright avoid her."

The musician drifts to silence, focusing on finishing the tea before the blend is ready for purchase.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
    Lydia shrugs. "She's made questionable life choices, true, but who here hasn't? I certainly have, and if it wasn't for the JLD, I could have hurt a //lot// more people than I did. If they can give me a second chance, at the very least I can extend that second chance to her, too."

    She nods at Tynan as the woman leaves. "It was nice meeting you, whoever-you-were." She turns back to Nettie. "Who was she?"

Patience Alperen has posed:
Patience Alperen listens along with the conversation. She knows Phoebe so it catches her interst. The warnings are curious as Michael and Lydia speak of her. She speaks quietly, "I realize I walked in on the middle of things and I'm not caught up exactly. But I've met Phoebe. She has helped me several times. I wouldn't hesitate to return the favor if she asked" she says, nodding in agreement with Lydia's comments.

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    "I remember when the person I love got killed by Nazis I attempted to sacrifice the city of Boston to fix the problem, too." Nettie replies a bit cooly to Michael. She goes to the ancient register, and enters in some numbers, pulls the crank, and pops out a receipt, and staples it to the waxed-inside paper bag. "From my understanding -- and correct me if I am wrong, Miss Kinney -- the person in question had the workings on an array that would forcibly rob people of their memories, and that caused quite a stir with the former leadership, leading to a bit of a row. Chas is protective of his wee one, after all." Nettie begins, and she wrinkles her nose, crossing one arm over her chest as she considers.

    "Now, mental magic? Tricky business. If you're not good, you end up ripping more than yourself out of someone's head. Anyone close to her would have huge gaping holes in their memories, or worse, begin to lose their memory entirely. You forget how to feed yourself. How to walk. Eventually you lose muscle memory, and even your heart and lungs forget how to work, and you slowly asphyxiate to death, forgetting how to make your body work." Nettie explains, "Batman is minding her and has asked that there be a little distance until she's more settled, Duckies. I feel like more than a few of the cohort here are minding her as well." she states quietly. "So don't fret.

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    "... also, that was one of my former students. She comes by for supplies, but doesn't have much interest in joining in our team." Nettie explains, motioning to Tynan's exit.

    "She joined with the student who... um..." Nettie pauses, and her cheeks and ears get red. "... I had to ask to leave for reasons related to her health."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney purses her lip tight together as Nettie brings that up. "Yeah," she has to admit as to what the issue was with Phoebe. "The thing is, Chas had been a father to her, too. He made choices that day. Regardless... Because of it, and because of her current 'father figure'," one hand lifts to make the little air quotes gesture. "While I'm not against helping as needed, she needs time to heal, away from things that remind her of what hurt her so much to begin with."

Glancing down to her cup she lets out a sigh. "I was upset at her for that, too. I don't like people making choices for me. Remembering someone is a pretty big choice." Her head shakes though, and she adds, "Regardless, for that reason she's not with the JLD now. Likely won't be. So while I'm okay with friendships existing with her--those can't be erased now--We should drop the subject regarding her and the JLD."

"Oh yeah that was Ty. Gets really cranky, tried to fight me once, it was a tie kind of." Another sip of tea is taken before she sets down the empty cup. "I... really should get some sleep. Thanks for the tea Nettie."