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Savage Land: Hail Lemuria!
Date of Scene: 04 January 2023
Location: Southern Lake - Forest
Synopsis: Luxury living at a fantasy castle, where the Queen is missing. Surely the literally moustache-twirling Uncle Regent had nothing to do with it. Still, mostly everyone decides to be polite and not try and murder him, and instead take up his polite offer to go fight some flying lizard people on his behalf. Very generous. Well, he does give them a boat! Next time: on a boat.
Cast of Characters: Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Rahne Sinclair, Tabitha Smith, Marie-Ange Colbert, Ororo Munroe, Rogue, Negasonic

Jean Grey has posed:
Last Time on X-Men:

It has been a journey! In pursuit of Tanya Anderssen (herself the dubiously-claimed 'bride of Sauron'), the group journeys toward the distant lair of the Aerians, a tribe of bird people who were seeemingly responsible for an attack on her camp. To get there, the friendly Fall People took them on several canoes on a long jungle river cruise, descended a waterfall, and tracked across the vast plains below. Along the way, they've encountered men and beasts... and beast-men (although most of them were women, it turned out). And all the while, they've struggled with what seems like an increasingly noticable, if not always consistent, block on their powers. The Fall People warned them that this was the will of some local god. Perhaps a less than satisfying explanation, but the only one they have for now.


After a few days journey (and some good old camp-outs under the stars along the way), they've followed the river course to the shore of an inland sea. Prominent at the mouth of the river is a great towering castle, something seemingly out of a fairy tale book, with high spires and towers. It's people, too, have such an appearance: seemingly human, lacking the beast-traits of their neighbors, dressed in archaic styles, loosely-belted tunics with armored breastplates, greaves, and open helmets worn over top, capped with colorful crests.

One might wonder how their manner of dress is obvious at such a distance. Well, of course, there is ready explanation: a patrol, fast approaching the wandering X-Men. They are mounted on tall, lanky ostrich-like dinosaurs, the resplendant feathers of the scaled beasts adding to the colorful banners and coats of arms worn by their riders. "Hail! Who goes there?" They bear shields and lances with streaming pennants, but are polite about not pointing them anywhere threatening.

This time, for once, there are no immediate misunderstandings, no need for violent dominance displays. Though watchful guardians, the patrol seems civil (even chivalrous), declaring themselves as knights of Lemuria. Jean, in a cheeky moment, announces them as 'knights of Xavier' in turn, the 'X' on some of their uniforms their sigil. She means it as a joke, but the result is curious: "Truly so? Then the seer spoke true: a band of wandering warriors and wizards, posssessed of beauty and prowess alike! Come, then! We will escort you. For the Kingdom... and indeed her Majesty, have great need of you."

A little strange. But who's gonna say no to a Royal invitation?

Emma Frost has posed:
The team from Xavier's has spread out and come in the two caneos and with the limitations on powers, while spread out had likely taken some time to rendezous again. At the mention of 'Knights of Lemuria' Emma can only contort her face over in a privat elook of amusement. The 'lost continent' could very much qualify for such a thing in the Savage Land.

As to what, exactly, these representatives were.. Well.. They seemed more the kin of fae and from Otherworld than of something merely of the Savage Land. Of something made purely artifiical. She would speak quietly along telepathically over to one of those with them. A girl that held at least some fluency in magic.

"Marie-Ange, are these things of.." Nature or of magic, likely? Her words soft and spoken rather than telepathic. If only as she wasn't sure she could get the message that far with everything going on and her exhaustion.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Still slightly messed up from her recent fights (yes plural) Rahne is looking less 'knight' and more 'scout'. Which is fair, it really would be the best use of her abilities. She sniffs the air as she passes by people, but overall allows herself to be led. Frankly if she can get through a day without being bitten by something she'll count herself lucky.

Mosquitos don't count. If they did she'd have lost ten bajillion times over already.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The benefits of all her pouches attached to the yellow belt slung around her hips. First aid kit included a sling. Handy since her arm is still pretty much a wreck over the course of the treck through the savege lands.

This also gives everyone the joys of listening to Tabby grumble and whine. Mostly at herself. She ran out of ibuprofen the night before.

The group of knights meeting them, even Tabby has to chuckle as Jean proves she's not so above it all and calls the X-Men Knights.

"Yay, we are like totally blessed with all that." she agrees and nods her head. Somethings really do help with some of the duller pains. Having egos stroked being one of those things. Thougyh she does keep her eyes open.

"So like, wanna take bets we end up jousting cuase like the king is probably dodgy if not our green chicken?" she asks a bit more hushed to all her friends.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Huzzah, the calvary has arrived! While Marie might not generally consider herself anyone's backup, the French seer is ready to serve in whatever capacity she's needed. For the moment, she's sticking close to Emma, using small, quick steps to keep pace. "I am uncertain, Madame Frost." she replies softly, bowing her head slightly. While there is a definite magical edge to her abilities -- the amount of training and practice she's had there, other than with her ability to divine the future, is negligible. The 'royal welcome' is enough to get Marie to shrink back a little, but she'll press forward regardless... if only in hopes of getting away from the hordes of insects.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
After the trek, arduous for some - by turns romantic and daunting. The group seems to have wandered into a European romance, complete with castle turrets and pennants flying. Ororo finds nothing inherently attractive about what looks like a pseudo-medieval setting complete with armored knights though she considers the dinosaur mounts charming.

The answer to Jean's intended quip intrigues her enough for her to step up to their leader's side and ask the assembled knights: "Is our coming a legend among your people or something recently forecasted by your seer?"

Rogue has posed:
On the multi-night and day trek there had been a few more encounters with local wildlife, and Rogue had done her thing of fighting them. Throughout it, her clothing got gradually more and more beatup, and on the last night she finally just started to do something about it.

Rip and tear.

These noises came from where she'd sat by the campfire last night. Her leather jacket had been turned in to a satchel for fruit she'd gathered, while the rest of her clothing was turned in to a halter top and short shorts, her boots even were shortened down to her ankles in level, with leather ties wrapped around the top of her feet leaving the yellow material loose and wide around the base of her shins. The remains of that green and gold bodysuit yet keep her decent, but the humid environment of this land had just gotten to her after awhile, and she needed some escape from some of it..

Thus, here and now, as they're greeted by these people, Rogue holds a wooden spear she'd also crafted at some point over the past few days in her left green gloved hand, her wild two-toned hair is tied off of her face by the remains of her black tanktop in a bandana style headdress, whilst her arms, legs and midsection are now bared skin, as dangerous as that may or may not be! Look, sure, but don't touch!

Those who greet them are given a measured look by the Belle, but she just stays quiet and holds her spear, a little green and yellow ribbon from remains of her suit fluttering in the wind beneath the tip of the handmade weapon.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie is, well, dirty, but otherwise seems to be doing pretty okay all things considered. Her suit is pretty well reinforced since the debris from her blasts if she isn't charging with a blast shield can do a number on her. That has served her well against many of the smol sized toothy pests and problems encountered.

    Which absolutely does not mean she is in a good mood abotu it. She is trudging along looking even more surly and perhaps dangerous because of it than usual. Maybe she has been too long without social media and not long enough with dinosaur riding and adventure.
Why does reality have to intrude on fantasy adventures she won't even admit to having.

    "Dibs on jousting if it means I get to ride a dinosaur." she remarks sidelong to Tabby.

Jean Grey has posed:
"I assure you, fair maiden, that our ruler is no sort of fowl, properly colored or otherwise," one of the riders objects, with a sense of snootiness. "However..." and there is some glancing about among the group of them. Rather than completing the thought, he takes advantage of Ororo's question. "I am not well-versed in history, to answer if such stories persist herebefore. However, such a claim was made at court recently, that such a band of outsiders would come."

"In the Queen's time of need," adds one of the others, earning another round of somewhat uneasy glances.

"In any case, you are welcome as guests! We shall escort you to the castle, and you may hear the matter in person."

Thus, the rest of the journey is made with proper escort, which wards off any further harassment by other local tribes. Soon, the open plains become farmland, dotted with idyllic villages. At length, they reach a great outer wall, the citadel proper still distant beyond. Entering the surrounding castle town, they follow a main avenue from gate to gate, and people come out of the woodwork to watch them pass, fascinated by the strange outsiders. There is a sense of awe in them, but also of anxiety -- not caused by the new arrivals, exactly, but perhaps excacerbated by them.

Arriving at the palace, they pass monumental gates and brightly plastered stone walls, and guards standing at alert. There is an inner courtyard, where the dino-mounts are dispensed with, and a further entry beyond, leading to what seems like the great hall. It is majestic to say the least, upholding the fantastic aesthetic in its collection of white marble floors and great columns, hanging tapestries, windows of colored glass, and golden ornamentations. At the focal point is a pair of thrones, every bit as grand...

...and notably empty.

"Ah, are these them? Yes, of course, welcome, welcome." Soon, a man comes along from an archway off behind the thrones. He is noble-garbed, in dark purple but lacking the armor, with a dark goatee. Tabitha may have been on to something... "I am Lord Garmond, the Queen's Regent. I bid you enthusiastic welcome, as word has already traveled, rumor of foreign champions."

Emma Frost has posed:
Her own outfit is in not particularly great shape either, consisting of tied off bits over. Emma is walking along with the rest of the team, eyes glancing around. SHe's using her telepathic abilities as best she can now - of course, they may not be getting much of anything. She's not trying too hard. Using telepathy is disoirenting here and painful. She still has a headache from the last melee.

"And what then are we to call the Queen, her Lady, when we meet her? Or her representatives?" This is all what etiquette and diplomacy is over. Showing proper etiquette and respect. Of course, in the varying states of disarray that thier attire was in that may be somewhat haphazard. But still, the effort had to be made.

She would muse idly to Ororo in passing, and to Marie-Ange, "This is spectactular. Gorgeous. Where would they have gotten the expertise to make something of this scale? There's none that exists in the area for it. Not the personnel nor the expertise." So it came from elsewhere. Which lent itself over to Emma considering 'magic' as the likely precursor.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne isn't important. She doesn't look like much, and she doesn't do much. Which is why she's important right now; Rahne Sinclair is looking at the servants. She's watching carefully for those who are normally ignored, and seeing what she can see. There's a complete undercurrent in most places based on how the least folk are treated. She KNOWS, since she finds herself there so very often.

Today, she's kind of hoping to be treated as a part of the group because they have better toilet facility access and she could really use a bath after all that travel, but if that's not how it pans out then fine. She'll work with her role.

"Fancy," she says softly, eyes all around and nose working hard. She'll see what there is to see.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Right now, most of the group, probably have a decent funk to them. And not in that dancing way. Even Tabby's uniform could do with some time in the laundry. The yellow padding and boots along with that belt all more visibly dirty and scuffed while her leggings look a lot more black than shiny.

Ellie gets a sagacious nod. She would have snappointed. "I know right. I mean, I couldn't ride a horse. Let alone a dinosaur. No so much a fan of the jousting itself. Too risky for the critters." Tabby's dislike for animal abuse ended up with a donkey living with them in the stables.

"Hey, wasn't Lemuria, the New Jersey to Antlantis' New York? So like ancient civilisation and stuff. Don't ask me about the medieval stuff. There's probably some like weird magical crap going on, or a book fell out of a portal somewhere." she ponders.

As their led through the city, Tabby's eyes roam. Time period differences aside, she knows street.

There's a few hmms as she notices a few things. "Either the local PoPo are on the ball, but starting to slack off, or we're like tourists in North Korea and the veneer is like peeking out like someone didn't sand over the paintjob." she says and tries to telepathically show the group a few things.

A kid that looks like they need a home and a meal and lacks both. A single pickpocket amid a lack of other would be crime. A tavern woman with a bit too much work on her makeup game for tending bar in a rowdy pub. <<I can't tell if this is like all a load of dino crap.>> How well the telepathic link works though, Tabby doesn't shrug in case it gives her away to their escorts.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Admittedly, given that she was one of the later arrivals Marie-Ange's uniform is not quite as... weathered as some of the others. Certainly not torn up (yet), and given that they're off to see the Wiz... er, Queen, rather, she's going to do what she can to keep her outfit as clean as she can. Not just for the sake of protecting the cards located in one of the pouches on her belt, either. Much like Emma, she'll also endeavour to show proper etiquette and respect. For her, however, that'll mostly mean staying quiet until and unless spoken to.

Her preferred state of being!

As they're lead along, Marie can't help but marvel a bit at the beauty she's seeing before her. It really is like something out of a fairy tale, and saucer-wide eyes do nothing to hide her thoughts on the matter. The Institute was an upgrade over the convent schools of France, but this? This is on another level entirely. The lack of present royalty wasn't a surprise: Kings and Queens wait on none, not even potential saviours of the realm.

"I... cannot imagine, but the number of potential answers is limitless. Aliens, hidden societies, the gods themselves? Much like the Egyptians and their pyramids, the answer may be long lost to time itself." Marie replies to Emma... though as ears catch wind of the conversation between Tabby and Negasonic, she can't help but quirk the slightest of grins. The idea of riding a dinosaur strikes a certain fancy... as long as she doesn't end up one. Again.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Twice she stopped to smile at children who hid from view, too shy to share a smile. The furtive looks they receive remind her of African villagers she has seen, shattered by war and invaders, ready to flee if need be. But nothing speaks of war in the prosperous farmlands and villages. It puzzles her.

In her tattered clothes, Ororo walks into the throne room like a foreign princess on a state visit to a royal court. She remains quiet, taking in the room's richness - perhaps a tale of where the riches of the surrounding countryside are spent. Emma's observations match her own; she sends her a sideways look, nodding several times as Marie-Ange expands on the subject. Still guarding her silence, Ororo watches the Queen's regent closely, her bland expression hiding wariness.

Rogue has posed:
With them setting off then with these new escorts, Rogue spends some of the journey buzzing around in the air, just flying around the group. She hasn't gone very high up in days though, since the fear of power loss is real now. Instead, she's just zipping around fairly low, sometimes right over others heads leaving a rush of wind in her wake!

When they reach the villages, Rogue comes to land on some of the stone walls, walking along them in her revealing attire as she eyes villagers back who eye her first. She does smile at them though, her spear even being given lazy twirls as if she's putting on some kind of a simple show... of course, she's always been a bit of a attention seeker, so this isn't anything new to those who know her well.

But as they draw closer to the castle, Rogue rejoins the others, and the sight of the dinosaur mounts has her pausing her walking on her dirty wedge-heeled boots to lean forward a little on her spear, clutching it with both of her hands. "Huh. Lizard mounts. God, some'a the students are gonna be so jealous when they hear these stories when we get back."

She glances at Ellie, and offers her a grin. "Your wish may come true, it seems." Rogue tells her, her southern flavored voice thick with that Mississippi charm.

And then they're off again, heading inside... "Okay, now I feel underdressed..." She mutters as she clutches her spear a little tightly in her right hand as it brushes against her bare thigh while they come to a halt, and her left hand drops to her left hip.

She's looking around when that guy comes out from behind the empty thrones. Her green eyes blink a couple of times as she considers for a moment what he was doing back there, but... that's his business.

"Nice place." The Belle quietly comments while her left hand dips in to that leather satchel on her exposed left side, hanging just above her hip. She digs around inside it, then produces an apple she had picked earlier in the day...


Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie also thinks it is fancy, but well, she murmurs "I guess." then adds "If you like fuedal lords and ladies putting down the proletariat ... " she sounds faintly disgusted and judgy about the castle.

    "This looks like a disney movie more than a functional fortress though and the villages did seem pretty .. okay and the people didn't seem very abused... or ground into the mud... but it still isn't great." she is mostly snarking quietly just for Rahne and Tabitha at this point. Her eyes flicking slowly around the castle.

    "Mental note, look up Lemuria.... wonder if they have casinos." which is mostly a New Jersey reference to what Tabby said.

    She glances at Rogue "Nice... and they should be jealous."

Jean Grey has posed:
"Her Majesty Queen Leanne, I must sadly inform you, is... missing. The guards would have been quiet about this fact, as they are instructed to avoid stirring a panic," the Regent explains, answering Emma first and making a small gesture with his hand toward the empty thrones. "The matter is not yet public. We are considering our course of action, and in this regard, you are perhaps the answer we have been seeking."

He spends a moment, glancing amongst the group, perhaps noting the team diplomat's efforts to uphold her own sense of polite dignity despite the rigors of travel. Let alone the appearance of the Savage Rogue. Thus:

"I will have rooms prepared, baths, clothing of course, whatever you should require. You must be hungry as well, after your long journey. We will feast, and I will explain everything."


What is prepared for them is every bit as oppulent as one could imagine. Fine rooms with great large beds, wardobes with silken robes and gowns (and a suspicious lack of more comfortable or less gender-performative options!), and hand-drawn baths in free-standing copper tubs, complete with servants there to assist in pouring and refilling, and even dressing. There's spare jewelry, too, to match the outfits.

Eventually, dinner is served, the servants fetching them to the dining hall. There are great long tables, set out with course upon course of fine Medieval fare, as well as goblets and pitchers of spiced wine. The Regent is there, along with a slim few other court nobles, presumably ministers and the like. A small group, by contrast, for a grand hero's feast.

"So, as to the matter... as I said before, the Queen is missing, more properly held captive by our enemies, the fierce Pterons, a tribe of flying lizard people." That does sound familiar. "What they have planned for her, I cannot say- perhaps they will demand a ransom, or conduct some foul sacrifice, as the dark nature of their people requires. What is certain is that they seek to weaken us. And strong though we are, we are disadvantaged by their distance position, and their maneuverability. A war would be very bad, for the people. But a smaller mission, perhaps..." he trails meaningfully.

It pretty much sounds like what they're looking for, doesn't it? Well, they're looking for Tanya. Not Leanne. And the Aerians, not the Pterons. But maybe Sauron can be blamed for all of it?

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair sends a messenger telling the group that she's indisposed. Her tummy is upset due to the water. She will see them when they leave.

It is, of course, utter bolshevik because Rahne is taking some time to prowl. She's thinking that while most folks' powers are based in the present, scents last over time. And if she can get into some places, she can maybe learn something that'll be useful.

Scents like, say, the acrid tang of guilt where it should not be. She prowls into places that are commonly the Queen's, slipping past guards where she can. If the telepaths can find her, she'll be there. If not? Still there.

Or in prison. Prison is a possibility at this point.

Emma Frost has posed:
And Emma goes to talk with the guards. The talk does not go particularly well. The Queen was high up and over ona n open balcony, enjoying the view.. Even as Emma gets the impression that it was so simple, so fast. One of the flying pteras. Swooped in. Grabbed her. Knocked the guard off the balcony or simply cracked his neck. Flew off with the queen. The place had been under observation for an extended period or simply someone in the area had been compromised amongst the staff.

But in the interim, Emma enjoyed creature comforts. Hot water. Comfortable beds. Sheets. Cooked food. Clean water. Actual baths.

But for a short time while she would think and plan. ALl too simple to steal away the Queen. So now the question is how to go about getting her back.. And then she would muse, at some point..

"Sauron's plan. IF he is behind this. He'll put up a fight but ultimately the Queen will escape or we'll rescue her. And she'll be his." Time to be conditioned by Sauron or whomever has her. And here will be their's.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's spear leans against a stone wall, the sound of splishing water heard off to the side. The Belle's voice speaks up.

"You know, if ya'll end up needin' a new Queen... Heaven forbid... I'm available. Just sayin' that ya know, America is fun an' all, but I'm gettin' a little worn out on the daily rigmarole back there. I mean, I'm enjoyin' my first year as a teacher an' all, but god... there's so many fat kids. It just gets so exhaustin', ya know?"

As she prattles on toward the two serving ladies seated beside her tub watching her, Rogue has one long naked leg up out of the bronze tub as she washes it off with a provided scrubber, only to lower the glistening muscled length back down in to the water, to let the next one rise up and get the same treatment.

With her two-toned hair slicked back, nice and wet, behind her head, Rogue just lounges in the hot tub of water, her eyes looking over herself as she continues, the serving girls just quietly watching and trying not to show too many expressions at what they're seeing, let alone hearing.

"I'm sure your Queen is nice an' all, and we'll do everythin' in our power t'get her back. But, ya know, ya just can't predict the future, an' I got skills. The kinda skills I think could help this place out."

More splish.

The bath continues like this for awhile...

Eventually, Rogue is in the bedroom assigned to her, and the serving girls are helping wrap some new clothing around her, a belted dress that goes down to her calves, a pair of leather long boots that go up under the dress, and some gloves to pull up over her elbows, the dress a deep forested green hue, and the boots a nice dark earthen leather, and the gloves? Black satin.

"Ya'll just let me know how ya feel later, okay?" She asks the serving girls, while one of them is brushing out Rogue's hair, leaving it straight and shiny pretty behind her shoulders, with that white streak pulled back, brushed down and laying behind her back in a fan of snow-white locks.

Once the dinner is served, Rogue is just quietly attending, seated at her assigned spot, her black gloves up to her otherwise bare arms leading up to bare shoulders. She's enjoying a glass of provided beverage, and just listening... for once.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Like Marie, Tabby probably would not enjoy being a utahraptor once more. On the other hand, everyone knows firebreathing dinosaurs are the best thing ever.

Inside the castle and hospitality abound.

While she totally can see why the Queen is loved. First thing Tabby did when she saw a picture on a wall. "Woof!" some things will probably never change with that girl.

Bathing was pretty awkward, broken arm and hand makess some items difficult and she's unused to having assistance. For a change she didn't even flirt with the girls. That sense of helplessness and embarrassment kinda kills a mood.

But she did ask about life in the palace. And other than loving the Queen, she did get kinda frowny when the women were pretty shy and less than responsive.

Eventually she has some clean clothes. A long dress, puffy shoulders, blue tones. Rib brusing corsetry. It kind of fits the medieval fashions. It must have been a scramble to find stuff that fit each woman, let alone look nice. Even the slippers fit. She even picks out some jewely, a nice choker in what might be silver, and adorned with something that may or maynot be sapphires.

They go with her eyes.

The real time taken than probably got her rejoining everyone was probably brushing that long mane of blonde hair.

There might have been more than a hundred strokes and Tabitha the former homeless girl is really not used to any kind of pampering unless it's clearly paid for.

Spa days don't count. These people aren't being paid. As far as Tabby can tell. And as she might tell her friend when they all gather about her chat with her new servant friends; There's a feeling people might be less willing to talk even when it's clear the Knights of Xavier are there to help.

The telepathy still wonky not helping get a better read of the people.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie does feel really gritty and dirty. So she manages to let herself be spoiled, just a bit, with the luxury of being cleaned up and her gear freshened.

    She does it all with soft mutters and grumbles, not wanting to insult the poor servants trying to help her, but also not able to keep her discontent at the Princess Spa treatment solely to herself.

    Eventually she moves on to grilling those servants assigned to her about the general well being of the kingdom and the working class. Which gets her absolutely no where much like Tabby's attempts. Huh.

    She will show up to dinner with her gear, absolutely not a princess dress, though it is very freshened and cleaned up. She mostly focuses on eating and not snarking as well, it has been a long hike.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo has nothing against hot water poured into copper tubs and perfumed soaps after bathing in cold river water during their trek. The simpler life in Africa certainly prepared her for the rigors they lived through but doesn't lessen her enjoyment of a long bask in steaming water.

Apparently, she merits a maid who lays out a selection of clothing for her. The older woman is polite, unsmiling, and professional. At least, Ororo learns her name, Willa. She also learns that the missing Queen is universally loved and that Willa has memorized her script well. There is something artificial in the woman's lack of curiosity, and prompt replies.

Ororo stows the shreds of her clothing in the knapsack that has survived the trip. After the bath, she selects a plain forming-fitting white silk gown trimmed in silver cloth, dramatic against her dark skin. A bright bauble catches her eye, but in a moment of superstition, she lays it aside, tales of fairy magic dancing in her head.

The banquet laid out for them is sumptuous. How could the kitchen have prepared so much for so many in such a short time? Fairies and sorcerers come to her mind again: should she eat their food and risk enchantment? Armed with Emma's information about the Queen's kidnapping, she listens closely to the Regent, wondering if he will profit from the Queen's absence.

Looking pointedly at Emma, she then turns her eyes on the Regent and asks, "Who saw her being taken, sir?" While thinking loudly: 'Was it you?"

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
If being in the Savage Lands didn't do the job first, the talk of 'flying lizards' definitely brings Marie back to those memories of when she was a bit scalier and could spit... uh... something that it likely took Dr. McCoy quite some time to get off of the walls of the medlab, even with her help and apologies once she was of sound mind once again.

However, the hospitality... well. Marie came from wealth. Marie did not get to enjoy the majority of that wealth because her parents really didn't want anything to do with her. Recently, she's gotten the opportunity to indulge in a more lavish lifestyle and... well. While it's not something that she actively seeks out, when it comes to her? She's not even going to consider being rude and refusing. So she'll more than happily take the opportunity to clean the grime that did get on her, despite her best efforts. She'll change to be more in line with the local custom, asking the attendants assigned to her for suggestions in what she might look best in -- though adding the belt from her uniform atop of the gown she chooses, because she doesn't dare be further than arm's length from her beloved cards. She doesn't linger, though. They aren't here for pleasure, and beyond a quick clean-and-change, she uses the time between their welcome and dinner to ask questions of her cards. To try and glean some insight on what dangers the group might face ahead. The cards, of course, don't speak back -- even to her, or in her imagination -- but she's used them nearly all her life. She knows the signs and symbols to look for.

When dinner comes? Yes, she's definitely going to be there. As things stand, she doesn't dare let her friends too far out of her sight, though the lack of Rahne at the table concerns her.

Jean Grey has posed:
Rahne doesn't make it to dinner. Perhaps she too has been kidnapped by Pterons.

During dinner, the Regent seems oddly keen on Rogue's earlier musing. It's possible he's not familiar with American humor. Or just Rogue humor. Though by the way he looks at her, he's fond of how she filled out -both- outfits. "Fat children? Dreadful. And no doubt you would make any King a fine consort," he compliments her, reaching to idly stroke the length of the dark moustache that accompanies his narrow beard. This may be getting a little weird.

"Though we must endeavor to do everything we can to return our Monarch to her seat. If perhaps the worst should occur, then, well..." He shakes his head, looking very sad. "Of course, council would then be called and the matter of irregular succession discussed, as she had no husband or heir."

Ororo he answers, almost as if distracted from eying Rogue, "Hmm? Oh, well, no one in the instant, that it happens. Or rather, her bodyguard did, but we found him slain upon the balcony. A few scraps torn from the Queen's dress, as if by claws. You could take a look, I suppose, but I doubt it would inform you of much we do not know, when the perpetrator is so obvious."

He continues along. "If it is your goal to launch a rescue, I see nothing but benefit in cooperation. Perhaps the woman you are looking for is there as well? And we can arm you however you may need, give you a ship, supply you well."


Somewhere below: Rahne tracks and sniffs, sniffs and tracks. The Queen's bedroom door is guarded, even when she is not in residence. But there are scents of her everywhere, in the place. She follows them here and there. Most lead nowhere of any special significance, though here and there, she may find one that leads to a locked door, and continue no further.

Emma Frost has posed:
And then Emma is over inquiring, "In the interim, Regent.. Presuming there is some sort of unfortunance and the transition is more than temporary.. WHo is to take over the line? As a regent, you are likely an intermediary. Is there a shift to a more permanent replacement possible/ OF course we will do all that we can to get her bakc.." She muses while thinking over with Storm and Marie-Ange.. And not sure where Rahne has gotten off to.

<<Simple then to simply have her replaced with a puppet. If the puppet is her or her replacement. IT does nto matter. Only that the individual or individuals that come into power are influenced. OR even not themselves directly. A newcomer will rely upon the established system for support and advise for the transition after all.>>

THen a casual smoothing over <<He's rather charmed by you dear. And seems rather smitten and seems to be intent on taking you up on your comment. Do take care>> That's sent over to Rogue. Emma can't get very much from the man - there might be nothing to him, it could be the power weakening.. OR any number of things. But he definitely has the.. Intent for Rogue.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
If the regent twirls the moustache, then evil bad guy confirmed. Tabby mibght not know which fork is for what shen she eats but she at least tries to do her best attempt at table manners. The blonde looking about curiously. Listening for any chatter from servants or anyone else at the table talking amongst themselves.

There is an absence from the meal that does earn some worry. A few whispered queries to her friends "Hey, where's Poochie?" she asks. Obviously her friends know she means Rahne. Probably sniffing about.

At least she doesn't have to worry about eating with both hands using cutlery. Though she does make some effort on some of the stuff that can be eaten with just a fork or spoon.

She's still hungry and all that. Rogue's fruit might be tasty but limited supply.

Rising to stand she waves her good hand at the Regent making time with Rogue and her friend. "If you would excuse me. I fear I need to answer the call of nature. I may be a while. One working arm. Back soon!" she says and makes a mad dash.

Right back to her room, where her utility belt is stashed and can be reattached. The yellow totally gonna ruin the blue color scheme. But hey, you never know when you might need tools and stuff.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Nibbling on a piece of bread, Ororo's gaze lingers on Maria-Ange and Emma while she thinks, 'Notice how he is not launching an expedition to find her? It is -not our- goal to rescue the Queen.'

Aloud, she tips her head formally to the Regent, not above playing on his self-importance, "Cooperation will certainly benefit us all. It will hasten our trip and our return. Rogue among us," she says with a smile and a lift of her eyebrows at the Southern Belle.

She follows Tabitha leaving the table, wondering what she is really up to.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue merely sits and stares at the host of the evening, using her silver utensil to spike food and lift it gently up to her mouth to enjoy it. She sips from her drink with her other black gloved hand, and then looks back to the man. She speaks something to him in French, perhaps testing if he speaks it or not, but either way, she just gives him a predatorily seductive stare.

What is her goal here? Who knows.

She smiles a moment after she speaks those words, and then nods her head softly. "Anything that you can provide would be greatly appreciated for our mission here." She says then before her green eyes look over to Ororo for a moment...

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie blinks and looks around and then looks sidelong to Tabby "I don't see her.. haven't in a bit." she confirms softly. Rahne is probably just exploring. Still. Splitting the party in these fantasy adventures is risky.

    She takes in some more food then watches Tabby head off to go to the 'bathroom' and all. She frowns a smidge and drinks something she is probably underage for in the states. Safer though since god knows what bugs the alchohol might be killing down here in the Savage Lands.

    Will Ellie be able to resist following Tabby. Time will tell.

    Not much time honestly she levers up and makes an exit, not even making a bathroom excuse, she is just quiet about it as she lets the adults have adult time talks, drink in hand, and heads off to find Tabby or Rahne. The scooby gang of meddling kids and their pupper or something.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne isn't willing to break into anything. These are our allies, at least so far. Still, it's a bit odd. And she's not the one to suss out the suspicious, she's just a sniffer. A sniffer who's missing out on baths, rest, and the feast.

A few minutes later she approaches the room, and with a newfound caution she peeks inside. The endorphins that come when she realizes that it's someone she knows are almost a high. But then she appears beside Tabitha, totally unwashed and still dressed for work.

"Hey," she says softly. Her eyes say a lot more, and she leans in and whispers things.

They're still guarding the empty quarters, no idea why. Her smell is all over, need to know how long ago she got taken. If she really did. And there was this door, with no guards. I really want tae know why her smell went there..

And this, is all that Rahne has learned so far. And she has no freaking idea what to do about it.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
<<I took a moment to do a reading before dinner, Madame Frost -- your instincts seem to be correct. There is something rotton in the state of Denmark.>> Marie thinks, hearing the mental cue from Emma; wordless is how she'd definitely prefer to communicate in what could very well be a dangerous situation, despite the opulent setting. It's easy for someone like her to be overlooked, even forgotten about by the upper crust, if she doesn't make herself known. That could work to her advantage, here. The thoughts she picks up from Ororo recieve a physical nod -- she's not entirely used to psionic communication yet, so some visual cues are still going to happen. <<I suspect it may not be his goal, either, Madame Munroe.>>

So she sits. Sits, sips, and eats. She'll respond politely when addressed by any of their 'new friends', and try not to look too concerned at Tabby excusing herself. She's really hopeful one of the others is able to keep track of the splitting party -- she most certainly cannot!

Jean Grey has posed:
"Oh, there are several possible candidates by more distant relation," the Regent informs Emma. "Though it is true I would have some say in the matter. I suppose, being her uncle, I am also on the list." See? Rogue totally has a shot at being Queen. "But we should not think about that now, and instead focus on her security."

Despite this re-iteration of his duty, he is quite happy to make eyes at Rogue throughout the night as she indulges. It seems that Lemurian is not considered a Romance language, however.

Jean, also, is still here! Fancy green dress. But she's making a point of not paying much attention to the guy's sleazing over the other woman. In fact, at this point, after a glance off between Ororo and Emma and back, before the former departs, and seems content to 'accept' the status quo of the moment. "Whatever you can offer to help, we would really appreciate it. I think transport would be the most important thing. It's a long way, even for our ah, magic to carry us, over the inland sea."

In turn, he's happy to tell them all about the wonderful boat he has for them. The best boat!

After that, well, it's polite chit chat over dessert, enjoyed by a rapidly decreasing number of them, which doesn't seem to garner as much concern as it ought from the distracted Regent. "This has all been wonderful. But if we're to set out promptly, we ought retire early," Jean eventually demures.

<<And see where everyone else ran off. My telepathy is still being fritzy, I already lost Rahne.>>

"Yes of course, of course. You will want to go immediately, and not dawdle," he reminds himself, glancing again at the Belle of his eye. "Well, please do continue to enjoy our hospitality. My suite is, ah, on the floor above yours, should you need anything." Real subtle there! But this means the rest of them are excused, and soon free to make their way 'back to their rooms.' (Or not. Can't let the Scoobie gang get too far!)

Soon, later: A hallway, where the grownups are catching up with those meddling kids. "I feel like I need another bath, after that," complains Jean, along the way. "Rahne, do you think she's here? As suspicious as this all is, I don't know what we can do."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma can at least keep in telepathic contact with the ones that she's aware of. She's not going to ask Marie to do readings for such small things. She would send along to Jean in a few moments <<This is being played for a local palace transition of power. I presume likely with some degree of coordination amongst our erstwhile mad transmogrified saurian and the local Regent or someone along the power structure. One can tell the level of ambition by the amount of inbreeding in the family tree.>> Just like European nobility, so forthright in that degree!

<<But these sorts of palace games aren't exactly our problem. We are the ones being volunteered for this after all. A little too convenient>> Of course it is. Emma would be playing affairs much the same in the other position. Slightly more subtle.. But outsiders are far too convenient to not rope into things.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair is in the quarters. She's let herself be seen by the staff, so they know where she is, but not where she's been. Because that would be stupid. Her expression says it all: she believes not a word that anyone has said.

"I smell dino people," she says softly. But then lets Tabitha explain the rest. She doesn't like talking, and she's already explained once.

Also she needs to eat, and hopes someone brought a burger or something for her.

Rogue has posed:
The Belle just offered the Uncle a sweet smile at the end of dinner when he indicated where his room was. But beyond that she'd been mostly quiet. She had her opinion about what was going on here, but the telepath link was showing her that her companions were well on their way to formulating their own ideas... and perhaps, much like in The Walking Dead, they'll tear this whole place apart after arriving to it like the gang on that show always did to new places they arrived at...

Once they're gathered up in the hallway, Rogue is just standing there near to Jean, showing her a faint smirk, but keeping her thoughts to herself for the time being. She does glance down at her dress, putting one black satin gloved hand over her stomach which has four leather belts buckled over it and the dark green dress beneath it. "I really like the fashion here..." Rogue quietly says before she looks up to the others.

"This place is totally up to somethin' though. I feel sorry for this Queen, wherever she is." Her eyes go huge then.

Just HUGE>

She reaches out to put one gloved hand on Jean's forearm, and speaks in a loud whisper to everyone. "Do ya'll think we ate the Queen, like... t'night, for dinner?" She asks in that super loud whisper. Her green pupils bounce from one of them to the other, darting this way and that. "That'd be totally -fucked-, right?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
It's not easy to run in long skirts. Let alone those slippers. But she kind of makes it to her room. It wasn't a complete fabrication to extricate herself. So she makes sure she's good to go after going. That utility belt strapped onbut she might have a bit of struggle fastening the buckle. "Stupid ass arm, stupid ass powers not working." she pouting till Rahne and the others find her.

She'll need help for that. It'd probably look as funny as much as sad.

With Ororo and Ellie catching up. "We are so going to get made if we all sneak around." she half jokes. "So find anything fun for us Rahney hon? Healing potions? Please say healing potions." she states hopefully but alas. Rahne's answers while interesting totally mean Tabby still has her hindrances and source of discomfort.

At least she can put her glasses back on.

Jinkies! <<So I think we're about to do the Scooby Doo search and chase montage.>> she tries to beam to the group. Three telepaths gotta be able to manage some kind of link.

Like less than full bars of signal

"Dino people, wait they hiding or like oh god, are they just human shaped?" she says and starts checking herself for scales and feathers.

"Rogue, gross? You know that'd make you next on the menu Queen Anna!" she points out.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
"Tomorrow, we will work out our plan. Let's make sure the boats are really seaworthy." Ororo doesn't finish the rest of her thinking aloud. She stifles a giggle at Jean's observation, saying in a low voice, "Maybe I'll brew up a different sort of tempest in his bedroom than the one he is imagining with our Belle. I should like to check in with Rahne before bedtime first if I can. I imagine she can tell us a lot."

Eyeing Rogue with a faint smile, "It suits you. But, mercy, your thinking. Girl, you frighten me sometimes. Yes, totally. Lock your doors this evening."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Admittedly, while Marie has her suspicions about the regent's motives -- and the motives of everyone in the castle, he certainly seems willing enough to cooperate with their own efforts. Maybe he isn't responsible? Admittedly, the (French) redhead isn't thinking about the fact that the 'wonderful' boat might very well end up a trap... or that it might just be offered in hopes of currying favor from a particular member of their party, royal plots be damned!

Marie is the picture of politeness and grace. She causes no stirs, and gives no arguments. However, she's visibly relieved once they're left alone once again. Rogue even gets a bright smile. "Oui, it is quite nice! I wonder if they would allow us to keep some..."

...of course, then she's talking about the possibility that they really had a royal dinner, and. Well. She lurches forward a bit, cheeks puffed out. Trying her hardest to hold in her meal. There will be a reading done about /that/ at her soonest opportunity.

Any other thoughts she has on the subjects on hand? Thoroughly derailed at the moment.

Negasonic has posed:
    The skirts does make it a lot easier for Ellie and others to catch up to Tabby and Rahne. That much is true.


    "Okay so lock the doors, batten the hatches, and maybe some light B&E?"

    Cause well honestly it seems like something must be behind the locked doors. She sighs and sips her purlioned mug of beverage. Her judgement may be suspect.

Jean Grey has posed:
<<Pterons, Aerians, Lemurians, it's honestly a bit hard to keep straight,>> Jean echoes back as Emma thinks through it. <<We think the bird-people took Tanya. Lord Creepo says the flying lizard people took Leanne. Even if it's true... can we really even take the fight Sauron and a whole tribe of Sauron-lights like... this?>> She gestures at her own forehead, emphasizing the extra strain even in their usual mental communication.

In fact, she stops with the mind-chatter, because it's increasingly stressful to keep up. And Sauron gave them all a good fight when their powers were working well.

Glancing back at Rogue, she makes a grimacing face, though not as severe as Marie-Ange. She's a little more Rogue-humor adjusted! "I really, truly hope not. But if the guy could get away with just killing her, I don't know, I can't see why he'd get up to all the song and dance." She shakes her head, brow etched in frustration at all of it, before looking around the group of them. More minds are better than one.

"We can snoop, or," she glances between Ellie and Rahne, "even go for the room Rahne found, bust in there. But I think the odds of getting caught go way up either way, especially now that we're all supposed to be back in bed. And I think the chances of me or Emma cloaking us are pretty bad right now. So if we go looking, it might mean a fight and then, well- so much for our nice soft beds." She glances sidelong over to Ororo. "The other option, is, yeah, we play along. If he's playing a long game, maybe we can too. Take the boat and... find whatever we find. We could even divert course, once we were aboard."


After discussion, the 'maybe fight the whole castle' vote loses. Not that they don't seem to seriously consider it. For this night, at least, they get beds to sleep in. There are no assassination attempts in the night, nor untoward visits to Rogue's chamber. They are greeted by a beautiful morning, biscuits and jam and other breakfast favorites. And when they have had time to dress (some less grandiose traveling clothes are brought, this time, for any who need a change). After eating, a guard captain comes to show them down to the docks.

And there waiting for them is, in fact, a fine-looking sailing ship, again more fanastic than historically accurate. It is large enough to come with a small crew already assigned. At the docks, the Regent is there with a small party of guards, all very official like, to bless the journey. "Today, I name you champions of Lemuria, and grant this vessel to your use, that you might engage in the noble quest to find and return our beloved Queen. May the Ancient Ones watch over you."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair sniffs the regent one time, when she's close enough. Because she can, because she has questions that need answering and because she's still suspicious. Also she missed the damn feast and her tummy will never forgive her. Then she gets on the boat, with everyone else, and shuts her mouth. Whatever she learned she can deal with later.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie? She's less-rested than the others come morning? Why? Well. You all know why.

She had to not only ask, but confirm, and DOUBLE-CHECK the confirmation that she did not actually eat people last night. Gee, THANKS ROGUE.