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Devil Went Down to Rio -Conclusion
Date of Scene: 29 December 2022
Location: Ipanema Beach, Brazil
Synopsis: The team continues their brainstorming session and a plan is hatched or at least half baked.
Cast of Characters: Roberto da Costa, Tabitha Smith, Kitty Pryde, Marie-Ange Colbert, Douglas Ramsey

Roberto da Costa has posed:
The Story so Far:
    Roberto's Father was injured in an industrial accident at a protoype green energy platform off the coast of Brazil. Following the accident it was uncovered that Roberto's Father had been suffering from a neuro-degenerative disease, which he had been hiding, specifically by making a deal with Mephisto. Roberto's Father is in a coma following the accident and his prognosis is not helped by the disease. Mephisto wants to claim Emmanuel's soul under the act of God clause. Also with Roberto's Father (Emmanuel) incapacitated Berto is in line to take over the company but the company has been the target of a hostile takeover attempt. There is also a hard line group in the company who are undermining his leadership because of his progressive anti-corruption policies.
    Previously, Berto met with his closest friends to come up with a plan. Illyana pointed out that the divine plan was ineffable and undermined Mephisto's claim, giving Berto a basis to mount a counter-suit. Kitty found evidence of wrongdoing in the companies financials, a certain department that gave them a name to start tracking down to inside cabal and a place to start looking for malfeasance. Sam investigated the activities that day at the prototype green facility and found that some of the stories did not line up. Tabitha reviewed the explosion data and tried to figure out what happened, though it does not quite look like an accident.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa has reconvened the council with some new information to be reviewed and some new members of the Scooby gang to join in the fun. Same towels and umbrellas, same fruity drinks and chaise lounges but this time no demonic escort, not even the one they like. Berto seems tired but he's undeniably better, "So, it took me forever but I found an expert in infernal contracts who can write my appeal, and understands the basis of our argument, he seems to think we have a good chance. So, at least that seems wound up and Dad is doing better, he is stable but still hasn't come out the coma." There is tension in Berto's words and the way he tries to seem nonchalant in the chaise lounger. He is wearing a pair of swim trunks and the Magnum PI brand Hawaiian shirt Doug got him for Christmas. "So, now it's time for some payback."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Most of what Tabby had done is mostly been hogging danger room time, trying to recreate the explosions to match. While she sure as hell is as far as from any kind of qualified shotfirer or pyrotechnician. Or even forensic type.

She is black ops trained, a lifetime arsonist and maybe enjoys blowing places up far too much. So replicating how the whole mess could have happened had been taking time.

The dry ice blocking up pipes was a fun experiment.

So that's still in progress. Abd seeing how they match up against other reports.

Paperwork and cross referencing. So much of a drag.

"You know at least stable means hopefully he comes out of it. And hopefully not a potato either. Who needs responibility for a whole labor force and stuff. I mean make sure they're able to afford a home and food, yeah. Being rich is no fun if you like have to do stuff to maintain it and have everyone working for you hating you cause stingy on wages and stuff." she points out with what little economic knowledge she can muster.

Of course being in a tropical environment helps. Even if Tabby is dressed a bit down. Knee length cutoffs and her cropped yellow tank with BOOM! in magenta across it. Pink bikini peeking under while spiky collar, belt, and wrist cuffs in red leather accessorise. The designer sunglasses Berto got her on her nose. And a tablet with video of her tests back home and comparfison notes from the actual incident.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde went for a dip in the ocean. She's wearing a red string bikini, and totally planning to lord it over Rogue when she comes back with a killer tan while Rogue looks like pale white girl beside her!

A couple of local young men come over to see if she wants to boogie board with them. Which is really just their way of hitting on her, but they are in luck in that she takes them up on the boogie board part at least, skimming over the water in the shallows for awhile. But not in luck on doing more with them as she waves goodbye as she jogs back up the beach to rejoin the rest of the team.

She dries off with a towel as Roberto starts in. "That's good news, hopefully can kick a certain devil to the curb with it," she says, touching Roberto's shoulder gently at the news about his father then.

Kitty settles onto a lounger then. "Doug and I've been continuing the research into the financial leads. Definitely seems to be Archimedes Marshall at the upper levels of the corruption. And some of those supporting him to take the head seat on the board are part of it too. Wanting him there so they can keep funneling money off to the shell companies we found."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Not to mention an /old/ friend. Marie-Ange Colbert is not likely a face that's been seen for quite some time, but when fate calls, she the redhead obeys. When the demand is to reconnect with company she quite enjoyed, however? Not only does she obey, she dives head-first. Even if it means jumping on a plane with no prior notice and flying across the globe.

Really, anyone who knows her well enough should know she's perfectly prone to that. So she's ditched her coats and other layers in favor of a one-piece black swimsuit, a large, floppy sun hat and as much sunblock as she could get her hands on. The little purse that contains her precious cards, though? That remains as she walks over to join the group.

"I apologize that I am... late to the party, n'est-ce pas?" she states, lifting her hand to wave to those assorted. All familiar faces. Faces she's glad to see. "...but I bring tidings. I had the opportunity to do a reading of Monsieur Hammer last night... I believe him to be involved, though my cards have not quite revealed how as of yet." She pauses, digging into her the purse for a moment to withdraw a check from within, holding it out for the others to see. Some proof provided, with the name 'Justin Hammer' and yesterday's date emblazoned upon the paper -- and Kitty especially might notice that the routing number on said check is similar to those belonging to the companies she's talking about.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa nods and smiles he had going over documentation and texting as he talks, keeping a global organization running from the beach is not as easy as it looks. "Thank you, Tabitha I appreciate it. And your help analyzing the explosion." He smiles at her economic analysis and nods sagely, "Yes, that is sound advice." Berto turns to look up up at Kitty, "Indeed, that is the plan, hopefully he has overstepped enough to void the contract." Berto listens and his visage darkens, "Merda, Archie? I thought he was a friend." He shakes his head, "He thinks that he will follow in his Father's footsteps, and he might have but not like this. Thank you, Kitty."
    Roberto smiles and greets Marie, "Gracias, I appreciate you coming so quickly... when you said you had information I never imagined it would be so direct, the card do work in strange ways." He gaze slips to Kitty as he talks about the cards. "Justin Hammer? I- that does make sense, but he would never move openly against us. It was amazingly coincidental that in the middle of all this they unveiled a process to isolate the lithium in seawater and that the accident and investigation would allow them to be first to market but do we have proof? They are also buying a large number of rigs that Roxxon Oil had mothballed in Asia. It's a big risk on an unproven technology, very unlike Justin... "

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's more of that murderous bored look on her features as she skims stuff. She probably should have joined Kitty in boogie boarding but the guys might have ended up with more than a mere tan.

Sadly being a pyrokinetic, even slight damage that is tanning doesn't do much for the blonde so she remains her own pale freckled self.

"Cute redheads are never late, they always appear when the mean to! But you might wanna get some extra sunblock, Jubilee could probably last longer out here than a ginger. And she's a vampire." she half jokes.

"So okay, seems yeah, the sims are out of the chemical or separate device type scthick. Electrical failure. Oh shit, wow. Kitty! Have you been moonlighting?" she jokes at the brunette in the red bikini.

"So like looks like we have a match. Bunch of internal circutrie in control stations showing disruptions that kinda liike like what happens when Kitty phases through tech." she technobabbles as best she can. Kitty knows how her powers work after all.

"So like Gabby in her own black ops expertise. I mean, I dabble with X-Force but that's like super part time. So I don't get to meet many people a second time. Let me know about this chick called Ghost. Has phasing powers, does sabotage for hire, inductrial espionage. Sneaky merc shizzle. So like follow the money through the names?" she guesses with a shrug.

"Hammer wants to buy out, Archie and your hardline douchboard wants to sell. Hire Ghost to wreck shit, DaCosta the elder caught either as collateral or two birds one stone?" it's clearly an asspull of a guess but Tabby's behind has received m,ore than it's share of compliments so it's not implausible a guess.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
As Marie-Ange produces her documents, Kitty leans forward to peer over at them with interest. "Mind if I look at these," she says, motioning to some of it. Assuming she gets a nod, Kitty flips through a few of the documents, scanning them visually. She stops on a check and pulls out her tablet from her bag. After a bit of tapping on it, she says, "Thought that routing number looked familiar. The bank is one used by the shell companies. I'd already... um... accessed a few of their records. And the account is owned by one of the shell companies," she says, then passing the papers back.

Kitty grabs some tanning oil and begins to apply it as she listens. "Definitely wasn't me," she agrees. "I don't know much about this Ghost person. Could go digging. We might be able to check with some allies who might have files on such people, see what they know," she suggests. "Avengers, maybe one of them with ties to SHIELD wouldn't mind checking there without us having to go to them directly, too?"

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"Fate crossed our paths once again for a reason, Roberto. I am glad to be of service." Normally, such things would be entirely confidential. But between the fact that she still feels indebted to the Xavier's crew for rescuing her out of France, and the fact, that a man's very soul is on the line? It felt like a rare occasion where speaking up was necessary.

Besides, she consulted her deck on whether or not she should. She got a 'yes'.

Then Tabby's speaking up and, well, Marie's face reddens a bit in response. "Merci beaucoup, and o--" A pause. "A vampire!?" Yes, she's been away for quite a while, apparantly. Still a lot of news to catch up on. Though she's left looking at the blonde as if it's some sort of joke -- it feels like a Jenny sort of joke, even if this isn't that particular blonde saying it.

"Of course you may," to Kitty, handing the paperwork over, and then taking them back and storing them again once she's done looking them over. "A good idea. Between all of us... we must have someone who knows who this person is and can point us in the proper direction."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Yeah, Vampire, fangs, blood akll that. Engaged to Noriko, which is like awesome! I mean being a vampire, I can't compare it to that time a bunch of us were dinoaurs cause we were dinosaurs. But still pretty cool. Don't tell Jubes I said that." she states to the redhead precog.

"Well if you ever gotta go undercover as a bad guy, you got your disguise. Unless she? they is a she? Turns out to deal out of costume and isn't like a barely but nicely tanning jewish girl from Illinois. I mean, if anything gives you away it's gonna be that booty Kitty!" she points out.

Game recognise game.

"You know maybe, maybe that gives me an idea. You keep looking Berto, and cleaning up and proceeding, maybe these assholes step up and put a hit out on you. We intercept the Ghost person. Dress up as bad guys and negotiate a job. Kinda like when they make cops undercover as hookers and stuff to entrap johns."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa watches Kitty as he considers all this information, "Yes, that's a good idea. I can at least clear the investigation to give us a fighting chance. Get our rig back online and maybe even make a competing offer to Roxxon, not sure they'll go for it, but considering it may slow things down. Or at least tell me how deep in bed Roxxon and Hammer are... then of course there is the matter of our friends Archie, Reggie and Jughead, stupid nicknames. That is a brilliant idea, Tabitha, I can confront Archie and let slip some of what we know." He nods, "So, make myself live bait as it were?" There is a wry chuckle.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Oh yeah," Kitty says of Roberto making himself a target. "Because that -never- goes wrong for us," she kids, though not in a tone that seems meant to actually dissuade him from the idea.

She thinks for a few moments. "Any chance of accelerating things so you can also beat them to market?" she asks Roberto. "I mean know it was set back, but is there anything that could help cut through the delays? Or just not technically feasible?" she asks.

Kitty laughs over to Tabitha. "Hey, when in Rio," she says, giving a little twirl of her fingers, before reaching for her drink. The ice has only melted a little while she was in the water, slightly watering it down but not too badly. It's a fruity red drink which she doesn't remember the name of, but it's tasty!

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa smiles as he considers. He sips from a pineapple magarita, considering, he nods, "Well, it would require me to make some phone calls and call in favors, may be make a pay off or two the sort of things that Archie would have done as par for the course, but in this case to beat them at their own game, in a time when we know what the problem was and there is no risk... honestly for a bit more I could have them leak that there is a problem with the process, they green light us on the down low but leak to the Hammer or an intermediary, that the process was flawed, it was a good thing this happened so DI found out before they went fully active. This could work.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There is a hmm for a moment. "How many folks working for DI know you're a mutant? Let alone what your powers are?" Tabitha ponders. "Cauee yeah, if we have to, you and I could fake your death by fire or explosion. And make it look good for the camera.

There's a snap of her finger and a brief little pop of a tiny boom like a firecracker above her hand.

Her own drink is sipped. It's a mimosa. And maybe also half consumed already. Whether or not it's her first is a question only she will answer.

"Figure when we do this we go flashy, or no one will buy it. Can't exactly bring a head back but a video of an allegedly charred body might work." she considers.

It's performance art!

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Blink. Blink. Marie has so many questions right now, but shakes her head; they have more important business to attend to at the moment. There will be time to catch up on all the news from around the Institute. This is not that time. Although the mention of the time they were dinosaurs has the redhead self-consciously touching her throat. She remembers that, too.

"Do you think that we would be believable as villians, Tabitha?" Marie asks; she can't picture it, but she tends to have an overly positive opinion of people. Then, her gaze turns to Kitty and Roberto. "I know not much of the nature of business," Although she's gleaned a bit through her recent work efforts, "however when I hear of it, I hear far more of it being slowed down than sped up. There are a number of different reasons the deal with Roxxon could be slowed... protests, the government, scandals... which might allow time for providing an alternative offer from you which comes free of such things, Roberto?"

Tabby's suggestion about faking Roberto's death, though? That has her eyes widening once again. This has trouble written all over it... but then again, so did many, if not most of her best friend's ideas, which usually worked out in the end. So she keeps quiet on that.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Hey! Hey." It's Doug ...Hooray? How did he get to Brazil? How does anyone get to Brazil? But he did bring a big bag of Japanese snacks.

"I'm trying out a new snack box." He says, as he shifts how he's holding the box. "So. What're we talking about?" He asks. "Also, hello everyone. ...Long time no see. Tabby." He's still dressed in a button-down shirt and slacks, but he's traded out his shoes for a pair of flip-flops, so he's made some concession to the weather.

"Sorry I couldn't get here sooner."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa considers, and nods slowly, "So, we get them to the point where they ... oh hey Doug. Well, my Dad is in a coma, long story involving demonic contracts, green energy initiatives, industrial entrprise, corporate culture and faking my death. Right now we're trying to get Justin Hammer and one of my VPs to conspire to hire a contract killer to off me. We fake my death and hit them with the whole rap?

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
If this were a drawn panel, Doug would have little black dots for eyes.


Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a grin to Marie-Ange and a nod. "I grew up stealing and... stuff on the streets. Used by powers a lot. Technically I was a supervillain already. It's pretty much just social engineering to get us what we want anyway.

The blonde telepath might not be a precog but is very difficult for at least friends to suprise Tabby.

Japanese snacks however do fine, just not so much on the sneaking up surprise. "Doug, we live at the same school. It's been like a minute!" she points out with a chuckle. But she does accept snacks when they are offered.

"I'm gonna incinerate Berto on camera. Hope they don't know that he's mostly immune to my blasts is all." she explains.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"Monsieur Ramsey." Marie greets the male blonde, green eyes giving him a skeptical glance. Even without her best friend by her side, Jenny's warnings about Doug were plentiful. Of course, their interactions were far more limited, so there's always room for improvement there! "It is... more important that you came, than when you came, oui?" Because more help, in any form, is always beneficial!

Her attention back towards Tabitha, she nods slowly in understanding. "I see -- then for this plan to work best, I will be... how you say, the strong, silent type and let you do the talking when the time comes." Because, really, if Marie opens her mouth the plan would probably be blown instantly. Even she knows that.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa nods, "My being solar powered and super strong is pretty widely known but the heat resistance is a more recent development, not as well known. Actually, Doug. I need you to talk to to the investigators, convince them to give us the go ahead for the Energy platform, but also release to the public that they've found an issue with the system. That DI is lucky this came out before we went full scale or we could have lost millions." Roberto nods, "you can sell that right? Hammer is trying to steal our process and we want to slow them down make them think they went through all this trouble to steal a lemon."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug looks up at Tarot and his mouth compresses into a line. Old ghosts. Things stupid kids did that you regret, but you don't know whether or not you'll ever get the opportunity for a candid "I'm sorry I did that" or if it will even matter. Not asking for forgiveness, just *apologizing* because it's the right thing to do. The moment passes.

"Tarot." He says, before he sets the box down in the sand and lets everyone have at it. "I can do that. I know the right places to leak that info. As for convincing them to go ahead - sure. But... in what capacity am I doing that, Berto?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"I can see that. We'll need to come up with some like supervillain costume for you. Something tight and skimpy enough Emma might think is a bit much. Or just something black and leather. Maybe with like a playing card motif. And teeth. You can be the Cardshark!" she suggests and gets that big bright crazy idea look that Doug and Roberto might have learned to be nerfvous about. "You'd look hot! I can already picture it!" she states and winks at the redhead.

"You're just absorbing my plasma. I have to dial down the blast power. It's still gonna hurt though Berto. Umm and I'm way more with the BOOm this last year." she warns.

Only fair, she has been training. A lot.

"Doug, how many female assassins out there use fire powers? Or plasma. If we're going to get hired at least Kitty and I should at least swipe a known name. Ghost already in our scopes since she cause the incident thgat put Berto's Dad in ICU. But a hit on Berto might need a known quantity to apply for the job."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie listens as more and more of the plan starts to come together. Roberto pitches a potential role for Doug, and green eyes shift over. When he not only agrees, but agrees and offers snacks? Well. The blonde boy has earned himself some points. /Without/ Jenny around, opportunity to change the redhead's mind could exist.

Glancing back towards Tabitha when the other girl's talking again, well... it's not sunburn, but her skin starts coming close to matching her hair the more the blonde goes on. There's an audible gulp. "I..." Marie closes her eyes, fists clenching for a moment. Remembering why she's doing this. "--yes. I can reach out to some designers en route back to New York..." There's just a hint of dread in her tone, but also some resolve to go with it.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa rests his chin on his hand as he listens, he nods to Marie, "She works a shopping trip into every plan. I am not sure how but that is her gift. And this one wants a job." He smiles and shakes his head stil smiling, "Doug, tell them you are the Director Special Project. It's generic enough no one will question it. If this all works out I'l bring you on to X-Corporation as Director of Communications." Berto glances sideways at Kitty, "I guess having Kitty phase me through the explosion undermines the whole scene that we're going for?" He sighs, "Luckily I learned how to take a hit pretty early and I have had a lot of practice.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"If the explosion's powerful enough, and if there's rubble, it'll cause confusion and no one will be immediately looking for a body anyway." Doug says, as he slips off his flip-flops to get the tactile sensation of the sand between his toes. That's nice. Doug loves Rio. He'll have to get out his budgie-smugglers and go for a dip in the ocean later.

He gets a bag of crispy snacks out of the snack pack, and tosses one into his mouth, before he rolls it back and forth. "...Well Berto, the one who jumps immediately to mind is Volcana - she has powers like Amara's, though I think she'd be willing to do wetwork for the right price. These are squid chips. Actually if you wanted someone who'd be really *into* trying to kill you, I could *just call Amara*." He offers the bag to Berto.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"We'll see how well we can push your luck as a tank back at the mansion. Use the danger room, it'll contain most of the blasts. See how far we can push things. My safeword is Dichotomy by the way!" she half jokes but giving Berto an out is important. "Gotta make the work look like a shoot after all" she states with some wrestling parlance.

"I wouldn't worry about designers. I'm not bad with the Shi'ar replicators these days. Unstable molecules, climate controlled. Feels damn amazing on your skin. Like leather and latex and trust me on that." she points out and winks at the blushing ginger again.

Other than that bright yellow and pink uniform, she does tend to be more subdued and flys the New Mutants colors.

"I can't fake that much of a transformation. I can do a good Human Torch. The kids love my Phoenix aura. Wait, Doug?! Amara's back? What did you do Berto?!" she states and grins while also beaming an accusatory look at Sunspot.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Dipping a hand down, Marie collects one of the snacks from the box: a pouch of gummies with oranges emblazoned on the packaging. A corner is torn open, and fingers dip in to collect a piece and bring it to her mouth. There's a moment to chew, a satisfied 'mm!' sound and a swallow that comes afterwards. Then, she holds it out for the others to try if they like.

"As you wish, Tabitha." Marie relents. Even she has to admit that it'd probably make more sense if they all had similar garb, so having Tabitha flex her design muscle probably wouldn't hurt. "I suppose, then, let me know what you need from me."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa frowns, in consideration, "I mean, if you wanted to involve Amara I'm not sure we'd even need a new codename, Magma isn't that well known one way or another. People would probably just assume she was Volcana. Hey, we could bring Rogue and have her dress like Titania, make it a female Masters of Evil. The last time I saw Amara we were fine." Roberto takes one of the squid crisps and takes a bite, nodding, "Not bad, bit too umami." He sighs, 'Well, we should get started, hopefully we don't accidentally kill me while figuring out how to fake my death."