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Op. 25 in Limbo Minor
Date of Scene: 27 December 2022
Location: Sion - Lounge
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Illyana Rasputina, James Proudstar, Emma Frost, Douglas Ramsey, Tabitha Smith, Roberto da Costa, Samuel Guthrie

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Sion on Boxing Day doesn't heave with tons of people, but more than other clubs in New York might. Not everyone patronizing the place has someone to spend the holidays with or elsewhere to be.

Thanks to all that, the night club is lovely and active, music thrilling with a definite Euro beat. Absolutely no one is going to play a Christmas carol within 500 feet of the place. Drinks and food might be generally confined to the corner of the lounge. Tables and chairs moved back allow room on the dance floor where Jumbo Carnation in all his towering glory might be making an exit from a rather excellent samba, the Ibiza-drenched techno music shifting into something equally suited for guests to participate in. It's got a beat. Join and move, it's that simple.

Illyana is a cold, chilly lily in the midst of all this, partly because the snow on her boots hasn't fully melted and she actually wears gloves. Then again, her outfit is typically unsuitable to winter, so warming up by drinking something hot is only a momentary pause before throwing herself into the moment.

James Proudstar has posed:
In terms of wardrobe, James isn't particularly stylish in his choices. He wears a pair of black jeans, comfortable black boots, and a red button down. He lets his intimidating stature do the talking, and as a result, he sticks out like a sore thumb as he towers above the other club go'ers.

Fortunately for James, fighting and dancing have quite a bit in common. There's a degree of rhythm to a fight, and a whole lot of coordination required, thus he holds his own.

Ultimately, he extracts himself from the festivities. Most seem to avoid him like he's one of the bouncers. He finds himself soon near Illyana, but instead of reaching for something hot, he orders a cold beverage, while airing out the collar of his shirt.

He exchanges a glance silently and then sips, ice cubes clacking in his glass.

Emma Frost has posed:
It's not often that she goes clubbing. Actually, almost never. Not since the days she and Ms. Dyne were at boarding school, before they became bored rich women who occasionally setup dueling murders for entertainment. Janet had since gone up in society to drugrunning and Emma had gone into cuort with the Hellfire Club.

Emma's own taste in things would be rather milder than the Russian, than the Native American would have. She wasn't even trying to make herself match thier caliber. Life had taught her that much at least. So, she would take a sip over while glancing over at Illyana. "My, I thought that you would hardly notice the temperatures outside. Are you going soft as you get older? I'm not going to have to worry that you'll melt like the permafrost am I?"

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug, on the other hand, has been told that despite his well - *white boyness* that he dances like a freaking butterfly. He's wearing black slacks and shiny shoes and a robin's egg blue button-down shirt, sleeves rolled up. At the moment, he's off the dance floor, and he's nursing what's left of a shrimp cocktail.

He's gravitating toward the others, and then he mutters "Ms. Frost. I didn't know you'd be here. I guess it's the lack of guys dressed like they wept for a week when International Male shut its doors." He stirs his cocktail sauce, and affects a blandly innocent look.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There is a somewhat feeling of slightly less fun in being over twenty one and using real ID to enter a club, but then also knowing the owner helps. Plus you know the fun comes back when you're hanging out with friends.

And amazingly her clothes aren't that loud. The jeans are still a vibrant red and corduroy, but with a bolero cut bomber jacket in black, with BOOM! and an explosion embroidered on the back. Enough cleavage from black halter top, lambskin lined kne high lace up wedgeheeled boots, a black spiky leather collar, belt and wrist cuffs. Plus her usual red with yellow lenses to her glasses.

It's totally toned down.

For Tabitha.

Mimosa in hand Tabby grins. "Just don't tell Betsy we're trudging in ice and snow on her floors. But long as I'm around nobody actually freezes through." she points out playfully.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa is involved with two models, on the dance floor, moving easily between them. Dancing in a way few men will, actually enjoying moving to the music. He teases hos way back and forth. The women, girls really, are devotees of his Mother. Models of some reknown, Berto is dressed in black on black. with a silk button down and a vanta black tie. He doesn't seem to have a drink. Whether he came with the group or has wound up on his own isn't yet known.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Shocking probably no one, a twist on a classic is Illyana's preferred poison. "You don't expect to find a Hot White Russian in here?" she deadpans to the White Queen, the edge of her mouth furled in a smirk that could almost be this side of fond of Emma. Fond in that way one appreciates glaciers; beautiful, and very likely to crush someone in their way. "Better than a hot toddy. Vodka over rum at this time of year." Whatever other liquor rules apply to someone determinedly on the legal side of ordering whatever, she keeps to herself.

The way she leans occupies a thin slice of space where others might not want to crowd too close. Reputation works for the likes of Emma and Berto; James has sheer size. She exudes the barely bridled prospect of something going ever so wrong. "Happy holidays," a greeting goes up to James, her head tilted in his direction. "You were having a good time out there. How is?"

Sliding a finger up her cheekbone to her temple, she flicks a loose ice-blond strand from her face. Toned-down Tabby is a rarity, but a welcoming gesture indicates nearby. "You can vaporise it all if you need to, da?"

Well, when in doubt, trust her or the Brazilian cutting a show over there. "No want wants me animating it to walk out the door." That's probably a joke. Probably. But look! She can tell a joke!

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would muse over at Illyana, "Well, the term historically did refer to exiles and expatriates. From the White Russians after the first world war during the Russian Civil War that wished to restore the monarchy and were mostly backed by the Entente with weapons and support." And one knows how well that went historically after all. "Not having both at the same time? Or multiple liters of it? I suppose that I should be somewhat disappointe din you. One might think you were starting tos ober or try to wean yourself off things."

Bad Russian. No getting blood in your alcohol system!

James Proudstar has posed:
James glances between Illyana and Emma. His eyes narrowing slightly, head cocking to the side. The same glance snaps toward Doug, and then the big guy rolls his eyes then mutters, "We going to go heavy on the snark tonight? I thought we were dancing."

Tabby gets a grin. He clinks glasses with her. "I know people have tracked much worse in here... but they all disappeared mysteriously."

He sips from his gin and grunts, "Though, I'd never have allowed all that snow when I was bouncing. People bust their asses enough out here without slipping in a puddle."

His eyes falling upon Illyana once more, he offers a faint smile. "Better. I need to let off some steam. This works. How about you? Having fun?"

Looking toward the dance floor, he frowns lightly. "Let's treat the place nice. If favors get called to clean things up, I'm going to be the one holding a broom."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"I had to get in a little bit of it." Doug says, finishing up his shrimp cocktail and setting it aside. "Besides, it didn't land. What good is snark that doesn't land?" He brushes a speck of snow out of his hair, and then he looks around, before he puts his hand on his hip. "I can't remember the last time so many of us were in one spot." He murmurs, his face going briefly wistful.

"...Dancing would be good." He says. "Speaking of, I think Berto just made those moves up. How does he DO that?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby grins and totally lets some small streams of plasma thaw those iced up boots. "Yana, there's always a hot White Russian when you turn up." she points out and grins.

There's a brief plume of steam wafting up. A glow under the tables.

It was never Tabitha's control of her powers that worried folks. Subtlety is not always her favorite approach.

"I always found it funny that Snarks don't like puns. So if they don't land, keep doing it. It's like all that combat training we did as kids. Pick your shot, lead as needed." she reminds the mutant linguist.

"Berto does love to pull things from where the Sunspot doesn't shine." she states. "The ability to impromptly improvise impishly." she points out.

At least when she finally reabsorbs the heated plasma there's no mess for Jimmy to complain about.

Or property damage.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa sends the logs into anyones brain that can hear it when Emma starts lecturing <<ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz <snort> ZZZZZzzzzzzz>> "Leave the lectures to Monet, Emma." Berto calls over still doggedly in flirt with the two ladies on the dance floor. Any puddles are drying with amazing briskness and the entire place seems warm to the point where the door opening is a relief. He does improvise spectacularly, moving with grace of years od dancing beyond even what Stevie showed us all to do. He does seem to target one girl over the other though it isn't readily identifiable why, until the other moves closer hoping to remain competitive.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie may work here on occasion, but tonight he is here more to meet up with his friends, and let the worries of the normal days and nights fade away. He is wearing a pair of black dress shoes, and dress pants. His shirt is a purple and black shiny button up with the colors swirling. It looks custom made to the man, which to those who are in the know, probably means Berto got it for him when they were going somewhere in the past. He steps into the room and looks about. While he does not have the advantage of James; height to find people, he is on the tall side, and spotting James is not hard. So Sam is starting to move towards the others. He nods to the bartender, and makes a motion with his hand, and a burbon is set on the bar at the spot Sam walks up to.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
The blonde Russian tips back the liquor, taking a level sip that fails to diminish the contents much. Her tongue scathes over her lips to remove traces of the drink. "Da," she tells Emma. "Belarus, Byelorussia, White Russia. We come from much further east." Stock that set off the war, though, with her surname.

Her smirk widens into a grin for James, though she taps the glass. "More now. Good to see everyone, da? I enjoy the company on cold, dark nights. What's new?"

Watching where Doug mentions, she utters that dark little chuckle. "It's a talent. Like futbol, all in the footwork. Watch how he turns. Imagine him kicking some ball or evading."

The terms of football -- the non-American kind -- are clearly familiar enough. She thumbs the last of the drink and nods approvingly to Tabitha.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance at Roberto, "Why, darling, the point is to show one's education." She would glance over at the girls he was dancing with idly before shrugging over. "I'm sure that you're all enjoying youreslves." The New Mutants would do what the New Mutants would do after all.

"So where's the harm in actually knowing what you're doing and paying attention to the facts? I know they can be rather dififcult sometime." Seh would qiup over and glance at Tabitha. "So why don't you give Mister Guthrie a hand then?"

James Proudstar has posed:
"Culture." James answers Douglas. "And it helps when you don't suffer from Caucasian rhythm disorder. Though, I think you lucked out and didn't catch the bad dancer gene."

Eyebrow raising as his senses detect a bit more humidity in the air, he eyes both Tabby and Roberto. He huffs a soft laugh and shakes his head. "Guess that works. Let's just not start any fires."

Sam is tall enough to get a notice from James. He raises a big hand in greeting to the Guthrie.

"We going to go out there or just sip drinks and be wise asses?" James looks between Yana and Tabby. "Been awhile since I danced with either of you."

Emma gets a dubious look. His attention shifts back to Yana, "Mmm. Well, I could use your company, though for more then staying warm on cold, dark nights. I'm exploring shamanism. I'd appreciate comparing notes. I'm... out of my depth still."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug raises his eyebrows. He looks between everyone, and then says, "It's action-reaction. Knowing how people are going to move gives me the intuitive ability to respond. After that, it's training in all those dance classes in order to know where to put your feet." He snorts, and then he pats James on the arm. "Jimmy, you could command the attention of any woman in here by dint of sheer animal magnetism."

He flashes a big grin, and says, "Me, I have to make a studied approach." He makes his way out onto the dance floor, and finds a girl, and after a brief introduction, begins dancing a smooth Bachata with her.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Think I remember a bit of that from History Class. The White Russians were like a side party that got their knees taken out by the Red Russians in the Party. Bolsheiviks and stuff. Big Party, Little Party." She says and hmms as she racks her brain.

There's a grin as Emma points out Sam at the bar and that gets a grin of evil plotting. And some major bolstering of her psychic defenses. The blonde trailer park girl gets up and in time with the music bounces her behind towards the bar. "Jimmy, we'll totaly make sure you get some nostalgia dancing with your exes. I'll have to also make sure Sam does as well cause I dated like half the group here."

They used to date but now they're just good friends.

At the bar, that grin is flashed to the person behind the counter and orders are made.

It'll seem at least for a while Tabby is making it look like Emma is footing the bill.

Tabby got it already, don't ask where she got the money. Probably swiped a racist's credit card on the way here. But the invoice will look unpaid whe it's handed to Emma later after the drinks are brought back with the blonde Southerners.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa smiles, and raises his eyebrows at Emma. He speaks in ancient greek, "The harm is in angering a Lord of Hell, but it seems marriage has mellowed her." He grins at Yana and dances with both girls moving back forth, like an electron caught between hydrogen nuclei.
     Takes a pair of champagne flutes from the tray of a passing server, handing them to each of his partners.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Tabby as she walks over to him. He does give James a nod in greeting and to the rest of his friends who happen to look his way. Once Tabby is within speaking range he will say "Hey you, how you doing?" He asks her holding his drink up in greeting and takes a sip of his. "Looks like everyone is having a pretty good time."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"I am a queen, we do not do 'wiseass,'" Illyana declares rather flatly, but rich in the subtle tones of amusement that take highly profound senses to catch. Alas, no psychic ability can pry open the Limbo-threaded skull of hers to expose the other undercurrents. She sets her drink aside, emptied of the Hot White Russian.

The frost-pale quality of her eyes turns almost crystalline as she raises her hand, an incantation ransacking the literary depths of the Otherworld and three branches of lost tongues from the Fourth Dimension. A turn of her wrist sketches a semicircle and the spell sets, lifting her aloft with the trace of a persimmon-red cloak superimposed over her shoulders. Motes float around her in sparks.

"You need to hold two to float, and the rest is on me. Don't leave the building or you might go hurtling off into the nearest skyscraper."

If no one else wants them, then she'll be the only one dancing.

"Tabby has the better moves, remember." She holds out a hand to James, and trusts that the explosive blonde won't stay too far out of reach.

"Sam," an upnod accompanies the greeting.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance over at Illyana, "Of course you do dear. That just makes it all the pettier when you do as you lower yourself to the common denominator of the masses. So that makes it all the more appealing to, doesn't it?" She would watch over at Illyana pulling things out from nowhere.

She still however makes not the slightest attempt to rise or engage in teh festivities giong on. "Just try not to burn down the place. Elizabeth will get cross that she's the one who didn't get to start it."

James Proudstar has posed:
"Animal magnetism, huh? Well, your studied approach might be better for the long haul. I'm very talented at making exes." James quips, nodding as Tabby points out this fact on her own.

"When someone picks you up for a hook up based on your height and forearms, it's not going to last." James spies a random woman in the crowd who makes eye contact with him. "But... there are worse ways to spend a holiday."

The random gets a smile. He mouths the words 'maybe later' then turns his attention back to his friends.

He points at Tabby, "Damn straight, I am. And of course, drag Sam in."

A light frown tugs at his lips at the display of sorcery. He watches as the motes form. In a mild act of defiance, he floats off the ground under his own power. However, he lacks the precision for aerial dancing. He acquiesces and takes hold of Illyana's hand and relies on her power to remain aloft.

"Guess we are going to make a scene." He laughs.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug easily moves through the steps of the dance, and when it finishes, he steps away - he was speaking French to the girl the whole time, and even if he was just reciting the contents of a menu to her (he'll never tell), it raised a blush. He watches Illyana lift James into the air, and then he rubs the back of his neck. "We have an ex in common, remember." He muses.

He looks over at Emma, and then says, apparently all sincerity, "Refresh your martini, ma'am?"

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa smiles at the others as they arrive, "Finally, holding it down out here alone has been exhausting!" He laughs, "Ssaamm! You made it. This is Madison and this is Elise! They are models with the same company my Mom started with and they're huge fans! They have done Fashion week twice and just did Victoria's Secret's winter show!" See, he listens. The girls nod sipping champagne and breathing a little heavy solar powered dynamos being a little hard to keep up with apparently. Berto laughs and shakes his head at Yana's display, grinning, "Show off!"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Tell ya Sam, it's a nice break from Harries." she states and grins to the Kentuckian. Tabby's second Mimosa claimed and sipped at before she smiles.

"Emma, as the lowest common denominatrix here. I gotta say, sometimes lowering to these levels is just what some folks need. Can't be 'On' all the time or the stress will just turn us evil. I think it's probably someone else's turn anyway. Probably Kitty's." she points out.

Dancing is planned and Sam gets fingers crooking to get him out on the floor with everyone else. "Think by now we've all dated at least half of us. I'm half expecting Dani and Xi'an to turn up." she states while watching Jimmy lift Illyana, the man could lift all of the New Mutants and not break a sweat.

"It probably says a lot we haven't murdered each other!" she adds and grins as she gets into the rhythm of the song piping through the PA system, arms over head, hips swaying, midriff flexing, all that serpentine goodness.

For a trailer park girl, she might have doubled down on some of the propor training. Twerking makes Tabby cry when not done as a gag.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie sees Illy and James taking to the air, and smirks. He leans over and whispers something to the bartender before downing his drink. He walks over to Tabby, pulling her close for a moment to ask her something, and as she steps up to stand on one of his feet, Sam shows off a bit. He has been working on his blasting and he lifts himself and Tabby into the air with just a dull roar, that is drowned out as the DJ kicks on a Song Sam requested. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdkBs0VCSX0 ) He looks over to his friends with a smile, as he "Well if we are going to draw attention, why not do it right."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
The Demon Queen gives a subtle shake of her head. "My only three exes all in one place. This almost feels like something will happen. A tribunal. My ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future?" The wry turn doesn't hold any rancor, partly due to that whole accelerated sprint through adulthood in collectively ten seconds tops relative to her peers. "In that case, we should go on a quest to find the missing pieces of me. That's how the story goes?" Right? Really.

Still, she rolls her shoulders and smirks at Jimmy's disapproval for just a moment. Her hands stay clasped in his as she listens to the beat, and like him, it's all a matter of footwork and rhythm to fight with the beat. Doug and Berto know what they're doing naturally, but she walks the path of violence, a pirouette without blades but in mirrored feints and fearless orbits. The magic that holds anyone aloft carries them not super high, but enough to breeze above the mutants on the floor. Telekinetics assemble.

"Madison. Elise." The greeting is perfunctory; Berto's models might well be glad for the briefest brush with Illyana, or her restraint is turned elsewhere. "Only the best for friends, Berto." Then that song plays and she mutters, "...and Grandpa."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug, in the meantime, has come back with a French 77. Emma got her Martini and then took a phone call, presumably to telepathically make someone swallow their own tongue. He sips it, after pushing the lemon peel into the drink, and then looks up at his friends in the air, a small smile on his face. "Gosh." He says. "It really is just like the old days."

He's on the ground, but seems to be OK just watching - though eventually he does get his phone out, and provided Illyana's not creating too much ecto-interference, he snaps a few photos.

James Proudstar has posed:
For a man so very large, James can certainly move. The bulk doesn't dampen his grace. Excellent senses, excellent reflexes, he doesn't disappoint as a dance partner. He synchronizes with the unique combination of the beat and Illyana's own movements.

Since those movements are steeped in violence, a discerning eye might notice the mock bloodshed hidden within them. Where an imaginary blade might be, he evades. Where his partner presents an opening, he advances. Intentionally or not, just the 'hint' of violence banishes any reservation James might have in his displays.

Incorporating their unique aerial circumstances into the dance, he moonsaults through the air as if struck a mighty blow, high fives a random dancer on the dance floor, and then casually reaches out at Doug to swoop him into the heavens.

A cocktail may be harmed in the making of this dance.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Low yield blast fields make it easy to get air and not destroy the club. Tabby does not have that much control to replicate Sam's experienced use of his powers with her own so she just happily hangs on and restricts most of her movement to bouncy shoulders while she isn't on the ground.

The music gets a giggle. "I'm so much a better machine than that guy. And I have a Russian Queen to confirm among other sourses of information." she states. She might be re-writing the song in her head to be about her.

The fact that most of the group leading some of the dances can fly just amuses Tabby while Illyana's spell does it's thing.

At least it's not the worst height she's fallen from if she makes a dumb move.

And thanfully she can hang on to Sam.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa shakes his head and pulls Doug into the fray. grabbing an orb to toss him as he collects an errant orb himself. He even shares some of his moods with with the Doug-ster, " Come on AV Club you're not sitting the one out." He says good naturedly, then a pause, "Wait, you and Kitty weren't a couple? You didn't even hook up? Sam, I owe you ... fifty? a hundred? What was the last bet?" He shakes with laughter and dances casually with Doug.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
SOMEhow Doug manages to keep hold of his drink. It's a *French 77*, man, a drink of distinction and class. It has elderflower liqueur in it! He does this by draining it and then giving the glass away to someone as he's scooped up. "Whoof!" He finds himself lifted, and he looks at James, who scooped him up.

"See?" He beams, wide. "Absolutely swooning. No more self-deprecation, Proudstar! Also! Also." He holds up a finger.

"You have amazing hair."

Doug catches that orb, and then he raises his eyebrows. "...Well if you can believe it, she once told me that Piotr was despondent because he didn't think he measured up - to me! I was *flabbergasted*. But no, the second the Russkie hit the scene, that ship sailed and I was left waving my hankie on the dock."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to the other and smiles. Sam it seems has learned to dance, be it the lessons from Stevie, that most of them have, or influence from some of the girls he has dated Sam has learned some moves. He makes sure to keep one foot under Tabby's foot so any moves she decides to pull she is supported, and his hand there to hold onto hers, or grab her if need be if she needs to let go for a move. He would not let her fall, it is just not the type of guy he is. He looks over to Berto, and says "Ah told ya man, if that had happened, there is no way we would not have known." While Doug and Kitty may have been able to keep it quiet, Sam is sure their missing Alien friend would have let it slip for Doug.

James Proudstar has posed:
Proudstar releases Doug into the clutches of Illyana's spell as the orb gives him his own form of aerial locomotion. He laughs in response to the amazing hair comment, "Don't over-wash. Condition often."

"Well. I'm pretty sure Kitty is in the process of getting over Warren. Might be your chance to swoop in." He encourages Doug, "I recommend you start by bribing Lockheed."

James resumes his dance with Yana and coaxes the dance toward the others until the group is a mob of aerial dancing.

"We should make this a tradition." He adds after a flourish that is probably a mock finishing move with a pair of non-present vibranium knives.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"I know a place that sells bulk Cheese Puffs, Doug. And the good kinds too!" Tabitha offers while using the small surface area that is Sam's feet for an elevated dance floor.

Most of the wiggling happening while Tabby hangs from shoulders with hands gripping them and flexing under the sleeves of her bomber jacket.

"I gotta figure out how I can fly before I make any habit of aerial dancing as a habit, let alone a tradition. Fly and not destroy anything or myself." both very real dangers.

The models dancing and flaoting get winks from the blonde from Virginia but Tabby seems to observe the bro-code for now. At least as long as they seem fine to behave relatively well with Roberto. So that means even she gotta wingman for now.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug sighs, and ends up going through the motions of what looks like an improvised jazz-tap routine in the air that involves a flourish and a spin.

"Ahhhhhh, and here I am, not sure if I'm in the right headspace to be in a relationship with ANYBODY right now! Damn the luck." Doug spins the orb on his hand as if it was a hat, and mimes putting it on his head and then taking it back off.

"Also man, you're suggesting I go on stage after *Warren*? Mr. Charisma 20? You severely overestimate my capabilities." He does seem to be enjoying himself right now, going through the steps of footwork remembered but otherwise long-unused.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
The models seem enthused enough by the floating and the short dresses give the crowd a thrill. Berto keeps the circulating about him but it seems like the girls are taking longer to get the hang of this than the rest. It's like they all had advanced zero g training or something. Still Berto manages to keep them distracted and entertained, "Sure, tradition sounds fun. Maybe make it even more regular?"

James Proudstar has posed:
James laughs, "Aww. Come on, Doug. He might have charisma 20, but you've got hacker skills. Have you seen how Kitty looks at computers? Start as her BFF and the rom-com the rest of the way. The script writes itself."

He gives a thumbs up to Berto, "Just hedging my best. Never know where anyone in this crew is going to be on a given day."

James points at one of the floating orbs that Illyana conjured, "Just borrow it for now. I'm not relying on my own 'omph' right now either."

He spins in the air, flips over and resumes his dance upside down, long hair hanging toward the ground.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Sam eventually gets a call that drags him sadly away and that leaves Tabitha to start floating on her own. Despite having some of that same training as everyone else.

Tabby still has instincts when Gravity is not doing what it is expected to.

But she manages to not boom anything and just adjusts to the floating. This ends up with her upside down as she just gets on with dancing. Thankfully her jacket while midriff showing is done up and buttoned just enough to make sure that nothing spills out of her halter top where anyone can see unless they get a specific angle.

Even then Tabby uses some of that telepathy of her's to make sure no one leers on the girls with Berto and what's under their skirts.

The instinct that there's a very bright light under those skirts that you don't linger on in clase you blind yourself.

The Booming one really wishes she could have done that as a kid.

Doug gets a grin. "Warren's not the be all end all of Mutant Chads you know. Bought me a very expensive bike for my birthday. Didn't sleep with him. Though Deadpool also got me a flamethrower as well which while redundant is pretty awesome. Him I have seen naked but haven't slept with him either. You got game Doug. Just don't be a playa with Kitty." she advises.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Do they have white cheddar and cracked pepper flavor?" Doug asks, "That one's my favorite." He does an aerial cartwheel, while somehow retaining hold of that orb and not going arse over teakettle. "I cannot imagine seeing Deadpool naked leading to sex." He wrinkles his nose. "Actually just the sound of his voice is an anaphrodesiac, at least to me." He gives a little shiver, before he does an aerial handstand - not that he needs to use his hand, it's just fun to do so.

"...I appreciate that you guys are rooting for me. Really, I do." Doug says, smiling. "But I just want to take a little while and learn *my* language a little better. And maybe reconnect with my friends a little bit."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa smiles easily, "Kitty isn't looking for anything serious, but she never is. So, just have fun with it Doug. Don't put the pressure on and what happens happens... Hack the Gibson man!" He laughs and then shakes his head, "Wade naked? You poor child." He shivers but as Yana wnd Sam seem to dissipate he slips back down to the dance floor letting the gorls have their modesty back as he trirls and dips them with delight.

James Proudstar has posed:
"Fair enough, Doug. Let's focus on reconnection. I'll stop poking at your love-life." He ends the aerial faux-combat with Yana in a flamboyant draw and then glides back down toward the dance floor.

"I ate sometime today. Let's not talk about Wade." James raises an eyebrow then as his boots land formerly on terra-firma, he strides over toward the bar and orders himself a new drink.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Eventually even Tabitha floats to the ground and she even manages to look graceful. Benefits of tight clingy clothes, dance training, and wedgeheeled boots. There's bouncing in spots but no one is making a tabloid page.

That is a benefit of a little telepathy. No scandals for Roberto to juggle. No extra messes to have James and Sam try and have cleaned up.

There is a mimosa finished off though.

Fun night!