13701/Talking with Tarot: It's All In the Cards

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Talking with Tarot: It's All In the Cards
Date of Scene: 30 December 2022
Location: Library
Synopsis: Marie-Ange is welcomed back to the Mansion. With what you ask? Chaos!
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Marie-Ange Colbert, Tabitha Smith, Jubilation Lee

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is currently sitting over in the Library of Xavier's Mansion. She for once doesn't have a goblet of wine in front of her. She's waiting for Marie-Ange to join her. The conversation is more of a casual one. Emma's taken the time to buy up some of those chocolates she remembers the young woman liking over as what is a form of bribery.
    IF you can take glimpses into the future and know that chocolate is ivnolved, why resist coming?

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
When Marie is summoned -- unless the cards specifically protest -- she goes. She's not the type to argue with a request, and even less so when that request comes from someone who the girl genuinely likes. So, it isn't too long before the redhead -- dressed on the casual side in a pale blue shirt and a floor-length yellow skirt -- makes her way into the library. It goes without saying that she has her purse with her -- inside are her cards, and she goes nowhere without them.

"Madame Frost!" she chirps upon spotting the blond, raising a hand to wave before moving hastily to join her. No sense in keeping Emma waiting. "It is good to see you again!"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
You would think being an X-Man would get you out of chore rotations. Fighting and dying for mutant rights and all that should get you some slack and some extra chance to be a mooch.

But since the whole X-Men thing is meant to be a secret thing and Tabby doesn't teach anything the New York board of education would approve of, she's gotta kick in with sweat as well as the blood and tear.

This time it leant lugging around a hefty vaccum. Luckily for the ears of people in the library, she'd also finished so people can clamber back in while she's stuck untangling that absolute rat nest of cord from winding around the place.

Faded but very clingy charcoal black jeans with rips in the well all over, a yellow cropped Xavier hoodie with the school name in red.

She always seems to have those spiky leather collars and wrist cuffs matching her belt. It might help push a punkish look, but there are benefits and safety bonuses when your neighbour runs the local vampire community. The red of the leather matching her wedge heled sneakers and glasses,

Those shoes carrying her around the shelved, the tables, even under.

She didn't even crawl under any till now.

Could she auto retract the cable? Maybe but it might knock something down and get her yelled at if snagged on a corner or something.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile over at Marie-Ange, "Hello there darling. It's good to see you again. I'm glad that you've decided to come back here. It gives me a reason to see you more often without having to go through all thsoe tedious bits of scheduling." Emma speaks as kindly and as fondly to Marie-Ange as she does anyone. Which is perhpas surprising over to Tabitha as the girl comes in. Emma dotes on very few. Marie is definitely one of those.

Emma's hand goes up and over to squeeze Marie-Ange's hand gently. "And I have missed you. It's good to have you about more frequently." As Tabitha would be entering in over she would glance over at the girl. "Greetings Ms. Smith. Is everything all right? You do appear to have changed your fashion sense. Has anything particularly pushed you to go the gothic punk route?" Emma would lightly qiup over at her. The blonde must be very relaxed if she was teasing so.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Emma was the one she came to see, so Emma has the priviledge of first greeting. "Had it been up to me, I would have never left." A pause. "Well. Moved out perhaps, as Jennifer needed me, but stayed in far closer contact." Of the people that visit or live at the Institute, Emma was probably the one who'd seen Marie most post-graduation. "This... this is home. They are family. Moreso than words can express." she admits, lips curving up into a small smile.

It's also Emma's greeting to Tabitha that draws her attention from one blonde to another, and the punk-ette gets a cheerful little wave. "Bonsoir, Tabitha! Comment ca va?" Marie's cheerfulness is far from out of the ordinary for the girl. She's always been an optimist at heart.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a brief thud when it's Emma's voice she hears followed soon by Tarot's. The younger of the blondes strill trying to unwedge the business end of the poqwer cord from a desk corner. Leaving mostly the back of those beat up old Levi's poking out for Emma and Tarot's view.

"Uhh hey!" she greets rubbing the back of her head. That long wild mane of blonde pulled into a ponytail really didn't cushion much.

"Hey Marie-Ange! Well I'm not dressing butch with flat soles and flannel. The spikes I've been wearing a while now." the wrists ones match the collar. Though they don't have a little X-Logo dangling from their rings. The belt buckle matches the pendant though. Custom uniform school merch if anyone asks. "So I haven't hit depression yet." Madripoor really came close.

Emma likely knows whey she's not talking about it. "This is just not wanting schutz all over nice clothes while I do that horible work thing. Luckily I also dodged stable duties so no bad smell. Unless a freshly hugged and groomed donkey is a bad thing." she answers with a grin. She takes very good care of that rescued burrow. The horses don't get that spoiled. And even Tabby in moping mode can't help but smile at the redhead. Some smiles are just that infectious.

Emma Frost has posed:
To Emma, few things that Tabitha wore could be considered 'nice', but it was the girl's definition of them. And there was no reason to needle her now after all. Emma would fold her hands together. "Well, so long as things proceed effectively." She would glance. "And where did you manage to.. PRocure them from after all?" POlitely. Who was she? That Monet brat or something?

Emma would smile over at Marie-Ange, "And I'm glad that you're in a situation where youc an return. And that Jennifer is hopefully in one now where she's in a better state." Roulette was one of the students that Emma hadn't quite kept as close track of as she should. And that she was reprimanding herself for having not kept up with the rather cunning manipulator. "I'm glad that you're in a state where you're able to return, dear."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie-Ange definitely knows what depression feels like -- the Hermit tormented her for months, turning an isolation from her friends into an isolation from basically everyone. While Marie may be more naturally the shy type, she likes being around people. Just not always talking and having the spotlight turned onto her.

"Perhaps..." she trails off for a moment, green eyes twinkling, "...on a day when your chores do not demand your time, we could go shopping? I believe I owe you a Christmas present!" Her current employ certainly allows her to splurge more often than she once could, and what better to spend money on than one's friends?

"Which reminds me..." she trails off for a moment, digging into her purse. Velvet pouch is pushed slightly aside, and a red envelope is produced, and offered to Emma. "...yours, Madame Frost, is here! I do hope you will like it!"

The talk of her best friend tempers her spirits some, though. Eyes are downcast, voice softens a bit. "I pray she is safe. My heart longs to seek her out, to bring her here... but I cannot." Whether it's because the cards forbid it, or Jenny herself did, Marie's hands are tied on the matter. She hates it-- and hatred isn't really the french girl's flavor of emotion, but it's felt strongly here.

However, she's able to move on thanks to Tabby's mention of... "A donkey? When did we get a donkey?" She's missed out on a lot to be certain. "...but taking care of such a creature could hardly be called a bad thing." Mental note made: At some point, she must see this donkey.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
For a girl that always seems pretty broke, Tabby isn't always as such. She doesn't pay rent or utilities or food unless she's out. And considering how she looks. Tips come easy working at Harry's hideaway.

Disposable income!
at probably sets the collections of 'garments' that might find commonality between Tabitha and Emma is probably just the fact while it's possible Emma, or even Monet might go to the same store, those two can afford the custom fittings. Where as Tabby just has to make do with off the rack stuff and some help with the laces and buckles.

"Shopping, the blessed past time of our people!" she beams and clearly seems down for said hunting for presents. "I kinda cheeped out and bought booze and stuff. I was gonna buy people bongs but you really gotta hunt down something that fits. So I save that now for birthdays. I just got slack and bought bottles of booze."

The Donkey, that gets the sort of pride that seems rather maternal. "Jerome Badonk Smith. I rescued him from a life of abuse in the Cancun entertainment industry. He's settled in pretty nice. They kids all love him cause he's not as big and scary as the stallions. He's even started letting the smaller kids ride him even if he could probably carry Piotr. But that's for Jerome to allow. He's clever enough to know what he can and can't handle."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod gently, "I'm sure she is. Jenny is a very intelligent girl and can take care of herself." Yes, Emma could possibly put the resources in to tracking her down. Or Marie could use her powers to. But that would almost be certain to enrage Jennifer, well itnended or not. She would get in touch with them on her own time, her own terms. IT was her life after all.

Emma would smile over. "Why, thank you Marie-Ange. So thoughtful as always." She would fold her fingers together and gently take the envelope and move to softly open ti up. "Why darling, you remembered." She would lean in to gently squeeze the hand of Tarot. "I'll definitely make use of it. I don't think I've been there since our last visit." Emma goes to likewise reach over to the side to take out her own package to hand gingerly over to Tarot. "I do hope that you like it. It's hardly as impressive.."

It has the smell about it of mustiness and age. Ever so carefully wrapped and preserved, whatever teh contents were was something older than most things could remember.

Turning over to Tabitha, Emma would note over. "I see. Then you've found a most unique way to showcase yourself, Tabitha." The Donkey is not asked upon further. What happens in Tijuana stays in Tijuana after all. Particularly when it comes ot things that Emma has learned not to ask about experiences with Roberto. "And I"m glad that you've managed to give.. The donkey a place tos tay then and helped it adapt here."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"You needed not get me anything, I..." Marie trails off for a moment, clasping her hands together. "...have not been the best of friends." she admits, clearly feeling guilty about that as well. She doesn't mention that she's technically too young to drink -- she's French. She's definitely had her share of alcohol, mainly wine, in her native country, and if they don't tell... "...but you will tell me when you would like to go, oui? You will also have to introduce me to Monsieur Jerome!"

Emma's comments on Jenny bring Marie some more comfort. Emma's right, and sometimes Marie just needs to be /told/ that for it to sink in properly. When the gift is opened, she brightens visibly at the reaction. "Of course I did. It was the first time I had ever been to one... and I could never forget such kindness." When it's revealed that Emma had a gift for her, she blushes. "Oh, you didn't have to...." ...but this doesn't stop her from taking the package, and carefully opening it. When she sees what's inside, though? Her face pales in utter disbelief.

"Oh... my... this... this... is for me...?" She struggles to form the words, and struggles doubly to keep them in English.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Jerome wasn't the only rescue at the time. Tabby had actually led a kind of mission, it just also got parleyed into a Spring Break for the X-Men while waiting for an arrival. Monet might have taken a bit of a beating but kids and donkey all got to make a new home.

Finally the slightly darker clad of the blondes has the cord in all it's length un tangled. Returning to the main vaccum Tabby sinks down to a squat and hits and holds a button.

The sound of a spring and winch rolling and that cable retracting while a very satisfied grin is worn as Boomie watch the length return to it's spindled home.

For someone that has been exposed to many a very high or alien technology. Somehow a retracting power cable hits her in the ASMR response.

It's clearly not as happy as Marie's to Emma's gift but hey, that smile is infection so it gets close.

"Lemme guess without mind reading. It's an antique vintage tarot deck. The lay it out in a custom frame for the wall type so you can always look at it, but don't actually deal cause it's you know, fragile and gotta take massive care of it?" it's probably an ass pull of a guess.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile, "Marie-Ange, it does not matter whether you have been the best or not. We are friends. That is what matters. Your intent has always been pure. Your heart has always been sincere. That is your greatest gift. I cannot fault you whatsoever in it. You do not need to ask forgiveness." She would turn over to Tabitha then and smirk softly. "I do think that would be an amusing event. Do have fun when you two go to that."

Drinking underage had never been an issue. It was something that teenagers had done since the dawn of actually having age and ID requieremnts for it. "Yes, dear, they are for you. I wished to give you something special and personal. Something wiht history to it. Something with a story. Something you understand more than most. You appreciate them in ways no others could."

Tabitha had been the one to mourn when she had turned 21 and got a real ID. It took all of the fun out of things. "And dare I ask Ms. Smith what has you fightign such a war of attrition with that while you clean?" She would inquire. "Or is there a story to this that I most certainly do not want to be aware of?" Her making sure that said power cable isn't going to snap up in all of their faces.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie? She's recovering from shock still, so the first thing that she does? Is nod excitedly in Tabitha's direction, with the package clutched against her chest. Easier to confirm by not using words, even if it doesn't tell the whole story, there's always time for that later.

"Merci beaucoup....- Thank you very much, Madame Frost. For everything." The gift, and the words that accompanied them. Like the deck itself, Marie had a certain fragility about her. Sometimes she needed kind words to hold her together. Without saying another word? She launches herself forward to (attempt to) hug Emma. Because, well. It feels like the right thing to do at this moment, even though it's mostly a one-armed attempt with the other safeguarding the package.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby, can sometimes read people even without her telepathhy. She's not Doug Ramsey but it did keep her alive on the streets. Safe was not always a thing but she can tell some tales. The guess seeming to be right gets a wide smile. "I think that's Emma being grateful for you starting her on a better path. Considering what I hear about Shaw sometimes. That first step to a new life is a doozy." That Doctor Madam MccSplode knows well.

"Just don't get too far on becoming a nice person Emma. Gotta keep some of that edge or you'd be no fun." Yes she might actually be amused by some of the barbs the White Queen swings at her.

"When you're a dirt poor kid. Stuff like retractable cables is like fun high tech. Yes I've been to space. It smells like farts up there by the way Marie. Recycled air. Next time I go up and do anything with the Shi'ar I'm raiding every pine tree and naked lady car air fresher in the county and handing them out to everyone." she states and nods. "There's just some things that when you hear it as much as see it, feels relaxing. I'm a simple creature sometimes." she states and grins. "Plus if I accidentally pull down shelves. Xi'an gets scarier than Jean switching to Dark. About as weirdly sexy too though."

Emma Frost has posed:
And Emma accepts hte hug and returns it. Careful as well to make sure to not do anything to risk the precious package as she would smile. "I'm glad that you do like it, Marie-Ange. It seemed a rather fitting thing to give you as well for a welcome home gift. Something to appreciate." Emma would let Marie-Ange pull close her while smiling openly. A rare, rare thing.

Emma would then sigh over at Tabitha and go to shake her head. "I see. So between the two of them which do you think is more prone to retaliating against you for such thoughts? Xi'an for the risk you give to her library? Or to Rogue, for what you might think of her bethroned?" No, the two aren't -quite- that yet. But as far as EMma is concerned, it's pretty much an inevitability.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Tabby's talk of Shaw brings a bit of an arched eyebrow -- granted, it's more because she tends to live under a rock unless personally involved in things, but she's surprised his name is widely known beyond the Club's walls. However, a smile follows. "Any assistance I may provide is my duty and honor. What kind of person would I be if I did not, how you say, 'pay forwards' what the Professor did for me?"

The comment about space gets an odd look also. Not for the fact of having gone to space -- that's not as much of a surprise. But the idea of it smelling like farts? That... certainly takes some of the allure out of the idea. "I-- will be right back, I must put these where they will be safe, oui?" she asks. "Do not go anywhere, I will return, I swear it!"

And, with that, she's off! Darting out of the library at a speed that would almost certainly get a dirty look from Xi'an.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Rogue knows full well I'm as likely to crush on Jean as much as herself, or you or Marie here or anyone. And I had dated Xi'an. So like she actually knows what stuff to scare me with. And the opposite. The others just roll their eyes. I'm trying to be mostly better about that stuff anyway. The occasional mental broadcast slip aside." she states. "Plus you know Librarians." she points out solemly. "We're in her world now. So like shushes can come form anywhere with a telepath." she explains. "Jean and Rogue really should just stop trying to hide it. Like really, we all ship those two."

The cable winds in, that spindling sound punctuated by a few clunks and bangs against shelves but nothinbg is snagging and bringing instant Karma down on Tabitha.

The redhead dashing off gets a grin aimed at Emma. "Think the smile you put on her face just then might just be the better gift for you right now Miss Frost!" she says playfully. "Like I said, don't go too soft." she brings a little tease in.

Emma Frost has posed:
As Marie-Ange skips off for a few moments, Emma Frost returns her attention to Tabitha, "That is a series of rather specific references to bring up, Ms. Smith. So what has you so preoccupied with them as of late?" Emma would idly inquire while not being particularly phased. Her own journeys to space had been rather minimal.. But, fortunately in enough comfortable circumstances to not have to bother with such things like 'stale recycled air'. The beneifts of having Shi'Ar technology put into the Blackbird paid off dividends. "And she's one of the brightest spirits I've met. Such things are to be treasured."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Out in the hall, the sounds of wretching can be heard. Someone is either getting very sick out there or, perhaps, they got an early start to the weekend and are now paying for it. The wretching stops abruptly, just in time for the heavy wooden doors of the library open slowly. Jubilee enters the library from the hall, slipping through the small opening in the doorway.

    The doors slowly close behind her, as though there was an invisible doorman working out in the hallway. Though convenient in this case, it's a product of the unsettling discomfort her presence can bring, risking exposure and suspicion.

    Still, it's not even close to how suspicious it is that Jubilee would dare enter the library at all.

    Jubes walks a few feet in from the door. Walking. Totally walking, no doubt about that, with one foot hitting the ground after the other, but her body isn't bobbing up and down, giving the effect that she's gliding. The creepiness catches the eye of a few younger students, creating a brief panic that interrupts their clandestine Dungeons & Dragons game. "Oh..." is Jubilee's only reply -- a quiet one meant just for her -- before she looks down at her feet. She begins to walk sloooowly, awkwardly, like a little girl wearing her mother's heels. Normally graceful and balanced, like a ribbon in the wind, Jubilee looks like she just learned to walk. It takes a couple steps, but she manages to get her body to bob up and down a little -- all for the benefit of those younger students peeking out from the row where they set up their secret game.

    She gets about six feet or so before she tumbles to the floor. Instead of a quip or pop culture jab, Jubilee just quietly stands, not even looking annoyed about it. She's too busy looking absolutely, positively, sick as all hell. Her hair is the definition of bed head -- a rare accomplishment for someone who doesn't sleep in a bed -- and her face is paler than normal (if that's even possible). Her mouth hangs open a little.

    "Tabby," she mutters, eyes half-lidded. "Say something rude to Emma for me, please."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"In was comparing potentially scary is all. Angry librarians, sun eating head mistresses." Tabitha points out. "And you know, both of them had a hand in making this place a home for me." there's a look back to the door where. "Familiar story. But probably more with the French that people ask to pardon." she jokes. Sort of.

The sound of wretching gets a hmm. "I swear if someone hurls. The rule is you spew, you mop if there's no internal organs in it." of course when Jubilee enters the blonde grins. There are very few ways to not get wigged out. I mean there's a sense but Tabby's no stranger to supernatural weirdness. She dated Illyana. No one ever said Tabitha was the modicum of mental health either.

the Chinese girl's unhealthy appearance and the fall almost gets her out of her seat. But she does look to Jubes and then to Emma.

Then Jubesilee "I did earlier. She's been alll sentimental with Marie-Ange now Tarot's moved back in. Kinda sucks the fun out of pointing out that if she tightlaces any more they'll snap and we'll see that I'm still bigger." hopefully that does the trick.

"The fuck is with you? Nori stuck busting hump and you haven't had breakfast yet? Do we need to raid the fridge in the med-Lab for a blood bag. Damn, is this like a hang under or something? Cause evening instead of morning. "Stop feeding on homeless that aren't cute." she suggests. "You don't know what they might be on."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would just give a slow nod, "oh, Xi'an has her ways. I'm sure that anything she can inflict will be a much slower burn. One fears Doctor McCoy than they do Robert when things are afoot in the Mansiona fter all." Because where Iceman ahd instinct and theatrics, Hank played hte slow game and had such a sense of buildup and the ability to make completely anything happen..

Emma would turn around to glance at Jubilee, "Why, Ms. Lee, you look like you just rose from the grave." Low hanging fruit. If Jubilee's going to delegate her sense of dignity, then Emma's going to respond in kind. "You do seem rather miserable. Are you all right?" Emma's voice has a smalla mount of concern to it. But the vampiric girl isn't on fire and isn't raging about how she'll murder them and devour thier blood. So perhpas it's just a bad start to the day?

And then as Tabitha rapidly figures out the situation, Emma Frost rises up. "Come then, we'd best be getting you there before you fall through the floor and end up on the other side of the world, Ms. Lee."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation slowly nods at Tabby, giving her words the half-dazed attention of someone who might not make it to tomorrow. "Oh, that's nice..." she quietly replies, lacking the usual vim and vigor that has become her trademark, as she continues nodding her head half-heartedly. The guess that she just got up is a good one, considering her attire. If anyone ever wondered what a vampire wears to coffin, here's your answer: bright pink, fuzzy pajama pants with white polka dot print, a blank tank top, and... Well, no shoes tonight. Instead of shoes or slippers, Jubilee is wearing a very strange item: a pair of those over-sized 'loose socks' that come part and parcel with any Japanese schoolgirl sailor outfit, with the bunched up bits pulled over the pajama pants. Very strange. Very suspicious.

    "Oh, Marie's back..." Jubilee replies softly, eyes half-closed. "...That's two Marie's..." Instead of following along with Emma and Tabby's suggestion to go bring her somewhere, presumably for 'food' of some kind, Jubilation flops down onto the chair that Emma herself just abandoned. "No, no, no," she insists, just as she leans forward and gently rests her face on the table.

    "I don't go out of the room if I'm hungry," Jubilation mutters into the wooden table. She makes a point to say that clearly and distinctly, as though it's a detail that would be very important should there be a sudden case of anemia among the students this evening. "...It's Roberto..."

    Jubilee lifts one of her hands into the hair, still keeping her face pressed against the table. Pinched between her thumb and index finger is a tiny white stick with dark red chunks of hard candy clinging to one end. "/Roberto/!" she almost shouts. "He gave me these candies for Christmas. But... Ugh." She stops right there, goes no further, and instead focuses on making sure only words come out of her mouth right now.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"I stopped pranking Beast after, well. No I just haven't come up with a good idea for him. Kinda hard to be sneaky too, sniffer is as good as telepathy and this is a man that literally messes with DNA for funsies. I worry he may undo the cure on that Sauron virus right when I'm menstruating. I don't have the hips for that kind of ovulation." she says and shrugs. Nice hips they are, they are only human shaped.

Attention goes right back to Jubilee as she looks very much a hot mess while face down on the table in her seat. Then there's a name that makes her squint. "Goddamit 'Berto?" she frowns. "I think Amara wants to go upside on him too. She's back too but she's been hard to pin down." she states.

Blue eyes look at those candies. "Did he try and get blood infuse candy for you?" she states and eyes the stick. "Oh god, I bet it tastes like literal diabetus. Or did he mix up the delivery and you just ate like compressed Molly instead? Got any left?" she asks.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
It took a little while to find just the right place to secure her gift, Marie wanting to give it the place of honor it deserves -- at least without, in fact, going out and getting a display case to put it in. Which admittedly, may end up happening in time. Just not tonight, when she's expected to come back. She might disappoint someone, and we can't have that!

The extra time also gave her much needed moments to recompose herself after the shock of previous events. She's moving hastily to rejoin the pair of blondes when the sight of a newcomer catches her eye. A newcomer that looks familiar. Memory works in concert with recent tidings and...

Well. Marie's not sure what to do for a moment. Is Vampirism something you pity like a sickness? Congratulate like a new job? Accept like mutation? She doesn't know, and rather than ask one of the people there who might know the proper reaction, or talk to a girl who she considers a friend, she does what the aptly name Tarot always does. She draws from her deck.

The card that appears makes Marie's skin go sheet-white, and her eyes as wide as saucers. The look on her face? Absolutely priceless, face twisted in an expression that falls somewhere between discomfort and constipation. There's not a lot of time to really consider the card's meaning beyond the superficial, and the only thing she manages is the softest of squeaks.


Behold, the wild Marie in her natural habitat. Be careful! Any sudden movement may cause her to flee -- or curl into a ball and pretend she can't be seen.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost has been giving Jubilee her full attention. "Ms. Lee, you are clearly not at your best. You look like you're about to fall through the floor and collapse a few stories underneath." Emma hasn't quite caught up on the school gossip train yet to have heard -what- happened at Roberto's. She looks over at Jubilee with concern over as she finally gives in and goes to speak.

<<I'm going to try and sort this out the simple way>> And she goes to simply try and poke her mind over into Jubilee's consciuosness to try and get a quick glimpse of what exactly has the younger girl so.. Off. Of course, vampires were tricky things to read.. Much less mutant ones. And whatever innate way that Jubilee's powers worked often made it even harder to scry things from her.

Tabitha's comments aren't making the situation much better as Emma's mood is bordering now on the murderous for what she's considering doing to ROberto if it's got one of the students at the point of near collapse. And then Marie comes in voer and seems to be petrified, and Emma glances over at her. The card itself has no real meaning to Emma, but it seems to be understandable enough from the state of Marie's face. "Haven't you missed this, darling?" Emma goes to quip at her. This state of chaos is.. All too natural.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "He's so wound up," Jubilee mutters into the table. It's her assessment of Hank, given as a response to Tabby's comment about Beast. It's not a response in the strict sense, certainly not something one would consider a great contribution to a conversation, but it's all she has right now. Jubes lifts her head long enough so she can turn and frown at Tabby. It's the frown that comes from hearing her go on about Lord of the Rings and ovulation. It's the kind of frown that can only come being left behind when everyone else is off doing exciting things and having zero context. She says nothing.

    Jubilee's mind is a weird place to be these nights. She's dead. Dead dead. As a door nail. And yet, here she is, walking and talking like it's not weird at all. Emma won't find anything similar in structure to the thoughts and memories she might be used to finding inside people. Instead, what lurks in there could be described as imitations of memories, of thoughts, of plans. Her mind just plays pretend, but all that really remains are emotional responses and an over-active id. Still, there are flutters of excitement and joy, relief that someone remembered her this year when they did their Christmas shopping. Surprise. Surprise that it had been so thoughtful. She unwrapped Roberto's first gift -- a pair of very nice, very expensive sunglasses -- and that was fine, but... The next gift was what has seared a spot in Jubilee's mind, clear as night, just ready for Emma to find it. Lollipops, bespoke and artisanal, made of blood. A clever gift to honor her life in a way that she can still enjoy. But... Emma would get her answer the old fashioned way. With words. "...I think there was something else in them," she groans into the table.

    Jubilation's other hand slips into the floppy pockets of her pajama pants with a supernatural grace, moving quite normally, but in such a way that just seems magical and alluring. She can't help it. She pulls out a set of identical lollipops, still in their clear wrappers, each with a brilliant white stick poking out of ruby red 'candy'. Jubilee flutters her fingers like they're wings, purposely losing her grip on the candies, which fall at Tabby's feet.

    "They're all yours," Jubes mutters. "Ugh..." She practically sinks into the table. Just, pitiful. She remains like that until just before Marie makes herself known with that timid noise. Jubilee's darkness took notice much earlier. She sits up suddenly and turns to face Marie-Ange just in time for the 'eep'. Her mouth hangs open, giving the other mutant a peek at those four razor sharp canines, but it's not meant to be a threat. She's just sick.

    "Sup..." is all she says. "I heard Emma gave you a Nintendo Switch or something." She didn't hear that.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"See, when Emma gets all caring and crap giving it kinda sucks the fun out of all those playful barbs." she points out and grins. There is a slip of a hand into the front opf Tabby's pants and her phone extracted from a pocket. One of those all in one wallet, phone cases keeping things from being scratyched by the spiky red leather belt looped through charcoal black Levi's.

"I'll send Berto emojies of anger. Not mine, I mean I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed." she states and starts thumbing at the screen with both hands. "Scowly face, poop emoji, facepalm!"

"My money is you still probably need like someone to eat to feel better Jubes. That was you hurling out there right? You are mopping up. But I may make Berto do it his fault." she states and hits send. The phone set down on the table in front of her.

This allows Tabby to then lean down to scoop up the lollies that were dropped and then most of them are set on the table.

One of them is unwrapped and then Tabby in totally scientific ways. Sniffs, and then flicks her tongue at the lolli before holding it in her mouth.

Worst case it tastes horrible. If she gets high she can sleep it off on a couch.

"Hey Marie, Wibbies!" welcomne back abbrievaled to WB. "So Jubes ain't doing so hot. I'm pondering if Roberto can take a full speed punch from Noriko now."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Inside Marie, a war rages with each passing second. On one side of the battlefield, the side of her that is terrified. Marie has never considered herself a strong person. Not strong of spirit, not strong of body, or strong of powers -- though there would be people who would disagree with all of the above. Defense is her first instinct. Self-preservation, from her years at the convent. It's been drilled into her like a root canal, about as painfully too.

On the other side of the battlefield? Her earnest desire to be a good friend. The more she stares at the card, the more she remembers what the Tower means. Chaos. Upheaval. Its presence when considering Jubilee's condition doesn't necessarily mean that she herself is a threat, it could mean that she's in danger by some sort of a threat, and wouldn't a good friend stay by her side to help her face what comes, regardless of how terrifying it might be?

The internal struggle rages for long moments, Emma recieving a slow nod -- while the expression never changes. It's when Jubilee greets her, that she moves. The sudden movement and baring of fangs is enough to make her jump. However, the lack of, say, actually lunging out of her seat is enough to tip the battle into a decisive victory.

She has to be strong. She owes it to them.

Swallowing a couple times, she clears her throat to make certain she can produce proper sounds, and then speaks. Words slow, measured. "Madame Frost gave me a most wonderful gift, oui." A pause, and a nod towards Tabby's comments. She'll ask what wibbles means later. "I apologize for my reaction, but... you are most different than when I saw you last, Jubilation. Is there any way I may help?"

There's probably part of her, internally of course, that's begging Jubilee's next words to be 'I want to drink your blood!'

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is clearly not going to stop in the way of Tabitha going to try and bite down over to candy flavored blood. "I do hope tha tyou've had your shots, Ms. Smith. I believe that you'll be included in our trip down to the medbay as well now." she would tsk over while picking things out from the scattering of brains. And let ou ta sigh.
    Whomever said you couldn't play with your food.. She would glance at Tabitha. "Ms. Lee, as much as it might irritate you to admit it, you are not feeling well and given our lack of any alternatives, we will have to take you down to the medbay until your fiance comes to claim you or a reasonable alternative presents itself." Her tone would be gentle but firm.
    "And I merely own the company, Ms. Lee. I can't be bothered to review every single product they make. That's what I have minions for." Sighing at Tabitha, "Come, it appears that we'll have to be ready to help her." Unless Jubilee would flatly decline the assistance, phase through the floor, or be stolen by a Noriko going faster than a high powered locomotive given there was candy around.. Sensing the distress from Marie-Ange, Emma holds up a hand reassuringly.
    "It's all right. She's likely sick but we'll be able to treat her. Thank you for being here, Marie." Emma's tone soothing to help the girl ground herself some. Sending approvla in her tone for the younger girl doing the right thing even when confused and scared. "Come Ms. Lee, we'll have to get moving with you unless you've managed to manifest the ability to float and Ms. Smith can use the vacuum cleaner to take you down to the sub-basement."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "No, no, he didn't know, Tabby," Jubilee protests into the table. "It's real... O Negative, I think, but... I dunno, I guess it has all the sugar and candy stuff in it, too..." She moans a little and then thump-thump-thumps her forehead against the table. "He didn't know. And if he did know... " Telepaths undoubtedly might pick up on flashes of rage, blood, and war boiling inside Jubilee. There's a monster in there, no matter how much she works to keep it at bay. But, it's only flashes, and the moment passes. Explosions of memories come to the surface -- one she hasn't been able to recall until now. Her first night after escaping from the morgue. Alone and scared, hiding in the laundry room at Xavier's. Noriko brought her an ice cream cone, causing Jubes to vomit blood all over everyone's newly washed clothes. The memory fades away into the ether once more...

    Jubilation has already made her desire to stay known simply by sitting down, resting her head, and so on. No matter how much good might be in Emma Frost's heart, fueling her concern and motivation to care for the sickly one, Jubilee's stubborn attitude in life has been amplified exponentially in death, as she flits through night after night driven solely by her desires. Her existence is one that is concerned only for the flesh, the material, and tonight... Jubilee's flesh stays where it is.

    "No," is her response, said with strength and conviction. The pathetic, tired Jubilee from a moment ago is gone, at least for a few moments. She's staring at Emma, right in the eyes, though it's not exactly clear when she turned to face her. It's just a single word said in the most mundane fashion, at least for a vampire, but they have a way of being supernaturally charismatic, beautiful, and difficult to resist. Some call it a 'glamour' but, if asked, Jubilee would just call it talking. It's not a power. Still, people find themselves being told to give up that oh-so-perfect seat in the movie theater -- right in the middle of the row -- just because that pale, beautiful creature asked them to...

    Not that any of that should be a concern for Emma Frost, one of the strongest telepaths alive. There's no way Jubilation's supernatural influence could even come close to reaching its target when its target is Emma Frost. Still, it's no secret that Jubilee wears her sunglasses inside to hide her eyes and ensure she's not accidentally convincing her friends to do things by accident. And, this time, she's not wearing them, which should send a message, at least, that she's serious with her 'no.'

    And just like that, Jubilation turns her head in Marie's direction, apparently slipping her Ray-Ban's over her eyes while her head was in motion. "So, like, what's the deal? Are you back-back? Like, teaching a class or something?" she wonders. Jubilee's eyes go up and down, as if trying to figure Marie out.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
It's probably the fact that Tabby's digestive tract functions normally that maybe keeps her from reacting the same way Jubilee does. "Yeah, okay. Doesn't taste much more like just sugar and pennies. Which is like weird cause why would iron in blood make something taste like a different metal." A response comes back confirming it's really just blood flavored candy.

Doctor Madame McSplode, FoC.

Full of Crap.

"Med-bay be best yo. I'm fine. I mean like I used to east literal garbage Emma. Street life. I bet this is just like far too much food, and not enough blood. So now you've thrown up, Jubilee hon. You just need to fill your tummy. Should be some spare Nori Blood as well so you don't have to whine about eating someone else. Since sometimes we all need surgery cause the Mutant Life yo. Nice effort, but epic fail 'Berto!" she states and starts pocketing phone and candy.

"Think the only thing I'd need is a toothbrush much less a vaccination. You should let Nori have these. Might make makeout time more fun for you two. Might have been the intent?" she states and probably has blood and candy breath herself now.

Tarot's worries get a smile as well. "The vaccuum might be handy if the absolute worst happens. But you always hear how Dracula always comes back. We can try dropping blood in the dust pile. Maybe find virgin blood. Difficult around here." she jokes. Tabby long since disqualified.

The reluctance to head downstairs gets an eyeroll as Jubilee stares at Emma. Would that even work on an experienced telepath.

Instead Tabby just does the logical thing <<Hey, someone head down to the medbay, grab a bag of Nori's blood, or at least like well. Mine. Consent and stuff. Bring it up to the library. Jubes is hangry and hung under. Or something like that.>> she sends down to the nearest person she can ping down in the basements with access. "What, I'm not starting a brawl to drag her downstairs. You heard what I said about Xi'an." she points out. Shoulders shrug and arms bend in a whatever gesture.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"Oui, Madame Frost. It is the least I could do." Truthfully? She could do more, but she's not entirely certain how or even if it would be desired. So she'll put her trust in the older blonde when it comes to helping Jubilee, and if the vampiric one needs her more unique talents? Well, she'll be here.

At least the kind words and tone helped somebody! Marie seems a fair bit more relaxed, now. Words help her. So does a history of Weird Shit. When you've lived a week as a dinosaur and almost literally see the future, it's a little easier to accept the supernatural that occurs around you.

Rather than try to force Jubilee to the med-bay -- perhaps also fearing Xi'an's wrath -- Marie focuses on the other part of the girl's words. "Oui. Back-back. Roberto had mentioned that the Institute had begun to offer college classes..." A pause, and her smile comes back. "...and I wanted to come home. Any way I can serve, I will." A fluent French speaker would probably be a solid TA in that class, if nothing else.

Then her attention shifts back to Tabby and... did she just put that in her mouth!? Marie starts to pale again, and for a moment it looks like Jubilee might not be the only one getting sick tonight, but it passes.

Emma Frost has posed:
The offer of assistance has been made repeatedly and denied. Emma gives a look to Jubilee with a 'really' statement in her expression. " Ms. Lee, I do believe we've had this discussion about attempting to telepathically command some of the other students here. However, you're not at your best form so we can let it slide. You are an adult and you are not an immediate danger to anyone around, and you control your own body. So I haven't the slightest authority to take you down to the medbay. I would encourage you as Ms. Smith said to.. Get something more satisfying to eat, however I will leave the details of that to her and to you to handle if you wish." Emma looked fairly calm about everything as she would pass around the buck to Tabitha, that seemed to have an idea of what was going on, and that Jubilee at least seemed willing to go along with.
    A look is given to Tabitha of 'can you handle this' as Emma goes to confirm it and then goes to watch the exchange.

"And yes, it is excellent to have you back now with us at the Institute, Marie. It hasn't been the same without you here." Not exactly that Emma's presence had been consistent either. OR which side of the fence she had been at of varying strengths in these last few years. But still.. And as Marie goes to stare over at Tabby, Emma's lips would twitch upwards <<Yes dear, she does that sometimes>> A qiup sent to Marie's mind.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "C'mon, I'm fine, really," Jubilee protests, now lacking that unsettling presence from a second ago. She slumps her shoulders and sighs. Anyone intimately familiar with her would know that she can't sigh, not in the traditional sense, and is instead expelling a little pocket of air she kept saved in her dried up lungs. Each 'blush of life' as the vampires call it requires careful practice in order to appear convincing. Jubilee's chest rises and falls, her eyes blink, and her cheeks flush... when she remembers to do all those things. If she feels like it, anyway. A sigh means she had to plan ahead for it. A manipulation? Maybe. But, is it really that different from when the living sigh mid-conversation?

    "Listen, I just wanted to come down and have, like, a normal night for once. You know, try to sneak in and rearrange the books without getting caught by Xi'an... Or see how many stupid things Tabby does... "

    "Five, by my count, so far," Jubilee adds quickly.

    "Can't we just, you know, just pretend like I ate some of the... " She hesitates, squinting as she tries to find that long lost memory. There was a cafeteria meal that was famous for making students barf. But, like the rest of Jubilee's life, many of her memories are vague and difficult to recover.

    "...Salisbury Steak!" Jubilee cries out, a huge fangy smile on her face. It's not clear why she's so happy about those two words, but she is. She found the memory.

    "Let me just, like, have a normal night with normal problems, you know? Just... a normal girl with normal barf in the plant in the hall. Normal," Jubes adds with a nod. With a newfound energy, Jubilee perks up, looking back and forth between Emma and Tabby. 'Leave the details of that to her and you to handle' Jubilee's expression sours at that. "For the last time, I'm not doing that with you," Jubilation announces, scowling for good measure. "C'mon, listen, it's not like the movies. You wouldn't be, like, doing me a solid or whatever." She might be dead, but she's still a valley girl at heart. Like, you know, whateverrrr.

    She doesn't elaborate, though, on /how/ it's not like the movies... or what the implication might really be. Jubilee just lets the comment hang alone in the air. "I'll go if things get bad, okay? I'm pretty good at controlling it now," Jubilation insists.

    Tell that to Sergeant.

    With that handled, supposedly, Jubilee turns her attention to the back-back Marie-Ange. "Right, college. So, like, school but on purpose..." Jubes replies half-heartedly. Her tone suggests that she's not enrolled herself.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha isn't gonna wast the lolipop in her mouth. Even she needs a sugary pickme up. And it's not the worst thing she's tasted.

Eventually a kid not much younger than seventeen or so brings up a blood bag. Runs in hands it to Tabby and then runs back down. "I was killing at Gauntlet Tabby! You suck!" the Elf needed food.


Tabby however sets the 'juice bag' down in front of Jubille and takes up a seat.

"I am treating you like normal. You think you the first girl here who I'd hold back hair for when she's puking her insides up. That I'm ordering takeout cause she needs something to eat for the hangover. Girl, ain't by first goatfuck. I'm just more experienced at this than you. Just adjusting cause you got fucking dietary needs now. Like Kitty and Monet can't eat bacon. Poor girls, missing out." she points out.

"This is totally all normal Squad shit. Mostly." she points out. Somehow the tone is actually reassuring.

The same warm tone is even aimed at Marie. "I'd probably use the word help instead of serve. I gotta start like trying to get better with some extra languages too. I could cheat and telepathicaly learn Russian, Portugese, French, and Vietnamese. But it doesn't feel like the same as learning it all the old fashioned way and the old fashioned way is a pain in my shapely round ass!" she states.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"I am pleased that most," all so far, but she has her worries. "have been most welcoming in my return. It is almost as if I had never left, n'est-ce pas?" With obvious exceptions, like various students who have graduated and haven't come back, staffers who've vanished, and, of course, the arrival of the almighty Jerome Badonk Smith. We can't leave him out!

Then back to Jubilee, just in time to hear 'Salisbury Steak'... and make a face. While Marie doesn't have the most refined palette, as she'll dine on burgers and shakes like any teenager would, even she draws the line somewhere. However, the whole 'normal girl with normal problems' part resonates, and so she offers a solution along those lines. "Perhaps ice cream, then? That has been my solution to 'normal barf'." And most problems. The list of issues solved over a carton of ice cream? There isn't enough paper for it.

"School, oui, but... non? College is different. It allows... more choice and time. I do not mind it." But, Marie didn't mind high school, either. Granted, it helped that she had hitched a ride with the apex predator.

"Help, oui." Marie corrects herself, offering Tabby a smile. "Language is a constant learning. I find few words that I do not /know/ in English, now." Though, she still has a little trouble with idioms and choosing the right word at times. "If you would like, Tabitha, I could offer you help learning?" French, that is.

Emma Frost has posed:
Well, the mutant girl wanting to have a sense of normalcy is something that Emma can respect at least. And understand on some level. "Very well, Ms. Lee. I'll see to it that next time we discuss things with Henry that he look into ways to help you barf like a normal girl. Call it a late holiday present. I'm sure that he'll find the research for it fascinating and will pursue it as he is able. If that's what you would wish I'll see to it that it's done." Emma's on a roll tonight, apparently.
    Emma's leaving Tabitha at least to handle Jubilee to whatever level. The two girls have much more in common with one another than she, and.. Well.. There's a level of respect that is likely not present with Emma just due to differing life experiences. The two girls had a life of struggling for whatever they could get to keep thier heads above water and take care of htemselves, and Emma was born of the old rich families.
    An amused look is given over to Marie-Ange, "I suppose that ice cream does not quite cure all ills, but it can cover a great many of them. Perhaps next time before Roberto gets you a gift you ask him if he can find such a thing for your palette, Ms. Lee?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "And, like, I appreciate it, Emma, I really do," Jubes insists. "I can take care of myself, so can't we go back to how it was? Like, go back to when Van Helsing was starred in your phone's contacts...?" She's joking, surely, but is she? Jubilee and Emma Frost have not, historically, got along so easily over the years. Emma's venomous courtesy offer to submit her for Hank's poking and prodding, to improve her barfing technique, surprisingly lifts her spirits a little. It's normal, at least. "...There it is," Jubes announces, shooting a finger-gun in Emma's direction. Back to normal.

    Her attention shifts to Marie, the prodigal daughter returned. "We left your butt groove in the couch just like you left it," she jokes, even finding the energy to smile a little. The mention of ice cream, though, nearly turns Jubes green. "No!" she tries to interrupt. "No ice cream. Never ever." She collects herself, even pointlessly filling her lungs and then emptying them for maximum effect. "...There's just one thing I need..."

    Which promptly gets delivered. To the library. Wow.

    Jubilation stares up at Tabby, her mouth hanging open a little, Ray-Bans holding on for dear life on the end of her nose. Her eyebrows are hiked over the top, peeking out to properly express Jubilee's astonishment. Tabby's right. It's a horrible thought, a weird one to have, but there it is. Tabby's right.

    "Thanks," Jubilee says. Her eyes lower to the bag that's been plopped in front of her. It's the kind of eye-avoidance that only comes when someone's experiencing true gratitude. The moment is brief, though, because Jubilee's eyes immediately snap back to watch Tabby. She's suspicious! Jubes picks up the medical-grade plastic bag and carefully inspects the label to confirm what's inside. Who's inside. She looks up at Tabby again, squints briefly, and then relaxes. Jubilation pulls off the little plastic straw that have been specially taped to these bags, as the ones reserved for transfusions don't come with one, and jabs it into the bag. She leans back and puts both feet on the edge of the table. Jubilee pushes with her knees and leans back in her chair, rocking back and forth, balancing carefully, and enjoys her meal. Whatever conversation might continue, Jubilee will just let it happen and not participate. She's just balancing on the back legs of the chair, feet pressed on the edge of the table, sucking the contents of that plastic bag through a little yellow straw. It's like a Capri Sun but better. But what's inside?

    "Mm, Nori..." Jubilee mutters under her breath. It's not the kind of 'mmm' that one would use while eating something delicious. It's a different kind of 'mmm'. Slower. Quieter. Private. Before she knows it, Jubes has her index finger curling around a lock of her hair, eyes closed. Eventually, the bag is empty, curled into a used up husk of plastic, and Jubilee is in another world. A private one that only has two people. She lingers like that, leaned back in her chair, eyes closed... until...

    "Oh!" she cries out, eyes now wide open. She reaches back and starts rowing with her arms to keep her balance. She does.

    "I, uh, I gotta go," Jubilation nearly shouts.