1372/Elis Society: Checking with Ms. Frost

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Elis Society: Checking with Ms. Frost
Date of Scene: 25 April 2020
Location: VIP Lounge - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Alexander speaks with Ms. Frost to find out a bit about the Elis Society.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Alexander Aaron

Emma Frost has posed:
The VIP lounge is fairly busy this afternoon, and in the middle of it is Emma Frost, lounging on a couch with a glass of sparkling water, looking as pleased as one can look when not being bothered by others. She is in casual clothing, for her, white jeans and a white sleeveless blouse, curled up on the couch reading from a tablet. Her fingers flick across the screen's surface as she skims whatever she's reading, mostly ignoring the rest of the room.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    A rare sight in the club, this particular tow-headed youth makes his way from the elevator entrance, emerging with an easy step and sparing a nod for the server that notices him as he passes by. A few strides carry him across the way and at a glance it might well be clear that he's not there to socialize. At least in the normal manner.
    For that usually cultivated manner he prepares for the Hellfire Club is absent. Instead of the tailored clothing he wears the sneakers and blue jeans ubiquitous to people in his age bracket. A black t-shirt is upon his chest and bare of logo for once. And over his shoulder there's a backpack that seems to be carried with a casual aplomb as to likely be there so often he forgets about it.
    With quiet steps he advances upon Emma's place of relaxation and then stops, glancing to those in attendance of her, but then lifting his voice to gently speak, "If you'll excuse me, Ms. Frost."

Emma Frost has posed:
"Mm. Alexander." Emma looks up from her tablet. "Is there something I can help you with?" She slides her tablet aside, sitting up, a hand moving to her hair to smooth it down. She gestures towards the bartender to come over and take a drink order for the Legacy member, her feet moving to the floor instead of tucked up beneath her.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    A hand lifts to wave off the bartender, "Thank you,"
    But then he'll take a seat in one of the chairs suitably nearby, the backpack unslung and settling upon the floor between his feet. He smiles a little at the words given offering help and he nods once, "I hope so." He uncurls a hand to gesture toward her, "And hoping you might have some information or insight into a matter that's ongoing."
    Unless stopped he'll proceed to tell her, "I've gotten caught up in a small matter between two of my uncles. They're engaging in some form of oneupmanship and between them the focal point seems to be a group of influential people in a sort of social club." His eyes lift a little to glance to the side, then back to her.
    "I was wondering if you might have heard of a group called the Elis Society? Or Children of Elis? Or something akin to that?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma chuckles. "Ah, yes. You don't have to worry, Alexander. All those rumors about the Hellfire club... eating babies and... I don't know, practicing human sacrifice? They aren't real. Every couple of years people hear about some old Greek version of the Hellfire Club from when people still wore togas and they get worried and decide we're hiding some sort of evil cabal that controls the world." ...I mean, they are. But not that sort of evil cabal. "It's nothing to worry about. Our Legacies tend to be the ones worst affected by those sorts of fear tactics, and I promise you, there's nothing of the sort going on here, or in any of our clubs."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    The youth returns her smile, but there's a brief moment of trepidation as he works at his bottom lip with his teeth then nods. "I believe these people may be realish, but you've heard of this particular group?" He does sit forward a little and tilts his head, "If there's anything you might have of interest, or old stories about them in particular?"
    He glances away to the bartender, but then looks back to the Queen of the Hellfire Club and murmurs, "I'd appreciate knowing whatever you might have heard."
    There's a crinkle to his nose as he murmurs, "Apparently their founding is something of a hundred year old joke my one uncle is playing upon the other and he does not care for them worshiping him in this way."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma frowns. "I mean, I don't know any more about it than rumors I heard when I was your age. Ish. Some old greek cult. I think it inspired the Hellfire Club, to be honest, but there's nothing specifically indicating that in the founding documents. Lots of evil stuff, murder, cannibalism, sex slaves..." Emma shudders. "Nothing we do, but still. It's disconcerting to hear about. Maybe there is some other club that does such, but I've never seen or heard anything myself."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    The youth, normally so composed, does nod along with her words. Two fingers rubbing at his brow thoughtfully as he mulls her words over and those curious hazel eyes of his distance for a time. But then when she finishes speaking he looks back up and for once actually smiles a bit, then nods.
    "Alright." A breath is taken and held then he nods again. "M'glad it's not something that touches this. I suppose I had a vague worry it might on some level. But m'glad it doesn't." Trusting, perhaps. Or a passingly decent read of people. Or perhaps just arrogant assuming he's right about what she's saying.
    "Sorry to trouble you with this." He reaches down for his backpack.

Emma Frost has posed:
"It's no trouble at all, Alexander. I know how... disconcerting it can be to hear about this sort of thing." Emma gives him a wry look. "I'm just glad I could put those worries to rest."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    The backpack is slung and he nods once, "I appreciate your time." There's a brief moment of hesitation, but then he adjusts the hang of his pack and turns to start on his way, smiling again as another server makes an approach to him but waving it off. And after a few more strides he likely reaches the elevator and then is gone.