13754/Talking out the Trask : The Problem with Aquiria

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Talking out the Trask : The Problem with Aquiria
Date of Scene: 20 January 2023
Location: Trask Medical facility Aquirra
Synopsis: One of the missing investigators is found and a new plan to enslave mutants and make them super soldiers is uncovered. The Trask facility is investigated and a presence unearthed.
Cast of Characters: Roberto da Costa, Emma Frost, Raven Darkholme, Franklin Richards, Tabitha Smith, Douglas Ramsey

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Aquiria is a small Middle Eastern country surrounded by larger richer neighbors, they have always wanted a seat at the been willing to do what it takes to there as long as that has been low effort and morally dubious. They have a long record of human rights violations and if anything are even worse on mutant rights. Which makes them a perfect pilot study for X-Corporation. They are also home to a recently constructed branch Trask Medical, advertising themselves as Medical NGO providing experimental treatments to the people of Aquiria at the expense of the US Government. X-Corporation has come here to advocate for mutant rights and provide desprately needed services to mutants and providing aid to others in addition to education on mutant issues.

    There have been a string of disappearances since X-Corp opened, number in excess of the regretably alreayd high number for this area and for that reason Berto sent in two operatives to investigate and report back. They have not been heard from in a few days and that brings Roberto, his head of security and their entourage to Aquirra to investigate. In a unique approach, Roberto has requested a tour of the facility that the operatives were last reporting from. An NGO to NGO in the region favor, instead of the usual smash their way in X-Men MO. So, that were we find out intrepid team on this sunny hot afternoon. At a state of the art Trask warehouse facility built in a remote location, looking at what their uides want them to say and trying to make their way to the place they actually want to investigate.

Emma Frost has posed:
And as the group goes in Emma Frost goes to simply brute force her way through anything in the area around the location. She moves to first try and sort through the minds of the guards if at all possible, then through the minds of anyone else over in the area. They might of course be friendly or merely not caring.. But better safe than sorry. And even the innocous and innocent might have something of use.

And they all knew the name Trask. Any sort of association, faint or otherwise, definitely triggered all sorts of alarms. Emma, at least herself is going for something lower key than her usual of a business slacks and blouse.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique may have turned over a new leaf and be working to improve mutant lives in a more legal manner, but her identity as a blue mutant was still known throughout the world. As a result of this, she is not herself today. Instead she is a beautiful black woman with her black buzzed hair short, wearing a lovely pants suit in beige, and a serious looking demeanor that means business. Because she is in a foreign country, there is no indication of weapons, but anyone who knows her at all knows... she's not unarmed.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin had been talking to Domino, and she had brought up that an organization had been hunting her. Though electronically he had run into a dead end, he had a simple yet effective idea. If they are after Domino for being a mutant perhaps they are after others. So after a bit of investigation he found a story or two about some X-Corp, and decided to look into it. He had learned from Damian was to surveil a place first, not just tear roofs off, and assume whoever is guilty. So floating above the place in an invisable shell floats Franklin.

He had been watching quietly deciding when to act, hoping if the disapearaces kept happening he would stumble across it, and if not stop it at least find out who was doing it, and stop them. Franklin didn't really care about govermental lines, or who was in charge of what as he was more interested in stoping it.

Today was interesting as two people had showed up, as Emma could tell his thoughts were here with her scan, he would be looking down on her from above. For now though he just watches as perhaps they would shake something loose, and show him the way. As he felt the scan in his mind though he smiled a bit. Either way this should be interesting.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Much as Tabby had to really really not scrunch her face up when she heard about Aquiria and it's fun times for humans or mutants. The rest of the effort was having to wear a pantsuit ish outfit as part of Roberto's accompaniment.

Of course she did also keep an X-Suit under the clothes but black jeans, white blouse buttoned to her neck, black blazer, it felt dull no matter how well she could rock it. Blonde hair in a way too severe bun and red cateeye glasses with yellow lenses kept any glare out of her view.

Telepaths, thieves and explosives experts are handy and Tabby does cover all three.

While Emma might be doing the mind scans, Tabitha mostly keeps everyone linked. And uses those thiefy skills taught by Vanisher from even before she joined the New Mutants to work, treating the whole location as something to case for a break in. "Ugh, swear it's worse knowing that these assholes are looking at me like I'm property to steal and sell." she says softly to Ketzia while the dark skinned woman watches over things herself.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa is walking hand in hand with his chief of security and bodyguard, makes it easy to keep him close at least. He wears tension in his shoulders but his face seems neutral and pleasant. He wears a fedora, sunglasses those high tech ones that Stark has been offering and a light colored suit that looks good against his dark skin. He is using his charm to get them in to places they shouldn't be assisted by a quick telepathic download of the local dialect and with nudges from Emma. The base seems a pretty open book but there is a lot of security and high end security for what is ostenably a medical warehousing and distribution facility.

    As they are moving about Mystique, Franklin and Tabby notice a subtle pattern, the security for one particular warehouse is not the same as the rest of the compound, different patterns, different patrols and some of those folks don't read right, their minds are shielded and there are several more on station in the building.

    "It's a large facility, thank you for showing us around. You certainly have enough security have there been break ins?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma is simply going through all the minds in the vicinity, leaving it to the others to do somewhat subtler work. SHe listens through the comms and the mindlink as information goes back and forth. She's simply going around here, speaking like she's in charge. Being able to telepathically speak the local language thanks to a quick mental brain drain makes it much easier to be authoritative.

She muses over and speaks along the link and the comms (for Raven's benefit) ~So, where shall we be starting with then?~

Raven Darkholme has posed:
She may be holding Berto's hand, but Mystique's eyes are scanning everything. Every place they move, her currently brown eyes are already finding the flaws and mistakes in the security, as well at taking note of the overly active security around the one warehouse.

Whispering in an undertone that can only truly be picked up by the comm units, she says something in German first, then switches to English to say, <"Have a low orbit satellite scanning the warehouse, if it can break through any blocking agents that might be in place, should have a lay out of the building shortly.">

Canting her head slightly she offers Berto a smile before looking over to Emma with a nod, acting as if nothing at all was wrong or out of the ordinary, but letting Berto do all the talking to the people who ran the place. Apparently she was security, bodyguard and something more, why else would she holding the man's hand.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin floats looking down quietly as he observers as they go in he floats in behind them in the parking lot to quietly putting the devices on the cars outside. He smiles a bit as this means he has to drop his shield to do so, but he was actually pretty sneaky and the devices small as they were just trackers so later he could follow up on them and perhaps find a lead to who was behind things. He returns to his original spot with the consideration on how exactly he could follow them in there. He then returns to scanning the grounds around the building to check if this was the place itself.

He did not think the new people were part of it, more like bait then anything, but how could a simple place like this take down mutants, I mean humans were good, but for the scale they would not stand a chance unless it was surprise.. So unless it was an inside job Franklin was missing something, and that is what he was looking for as they are on the tour.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There had been teasing about Roberto's hat. At least it's not a trilby. Tabby at least puts that aside. The man's funding the trip and she's not gonna complain at clothes that can survive her. But one of her normal uniforms underneath is handy if things get dicey enough.

The checking of guards and watching their movemnets gets plenty of frowns hidden as best she can behind her glasses. "I suppose that's gonna be a big red flag. Guards on different patrol cycles from the rest. They got psi shielding or something. I can ping down lower but not anything readable. They're probably expecting trouble from mutants. Probably a visit from X-Force." she keeps her voice low enough so it sticks to the comms.

"Shame we couldn't rope anyone in that can snoop the wifi." she laments.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa smiles and makes his way towards the warehouse with all the added security, smile in place head tilted, "We haven't looked at this one, yet. More bandages?" The reaction is subtle but immediate as the patrols and security take notice, focusing on the group for the first time. Patrols shift movements placing themselves between the group and the target while other move to support. Roberto keeps walking talking to the guide, as if he doesn't notice anythings amiss.

    The woman seems stressed but doesn't stop Roberto, "It is a research facility, advanced medical devices for trauma victims, implants and artificial limbs. We are not supposed to allow outside interests into the building." She is hurrying to keep up. It throws the guards off their game a little the confidence the lack of authorative push back. Franklin picks up on increased comm chatter. Emma and Tabby can hear it in the thoughts an inspection who are these foreigners?

    Franklin can feel someone (something?) press up against his shields, he's been sensed as the group walking towards warehouse seems to trip security. The sensor isn't nearly as powerful as Franklin but they know he's present.

    The satelite scan shows a fairly typical high security warehouse but theres is one section that seems like a medical treatment area and an elevator down to sublevels. There is a breif ping when the scan is increased to try and penetrate the basement, it reads one of the investigators.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost goes to take a moment to wait for the woman, "Of course. And I do appreciate what you're workign on. And spekaing of that, you do an excellent job." Emma goes to try and push over into the woman's mind that was their 'escort'. "WHy don't you go ahead and take an early lunch break. Go ahead and take yourself to relax and get something to eat. And some alcohol." She goes to try and press into the woman's head that she was doing so well, she could take an early break.

Shut down security on the way out for the day so no one else would have issues with getting in. The place could do with being open for one short period without her about. Even as Emma goe sto pause.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The movement of the security has 'Ketzia' moving in closer to Berto, going from holding his hand to sliding her arm lightly around him. The neutral smile that reads nothing is wrong, everything is perfect remains on her face, even her eyes seem to hold up the act of not showing any signs of trouble. A hundred years of acting, of being other people, of learning what is expected of people in certain situations... Mystique was an expert.

Once again she speaks in that slow, almost sub-vocal tone. German first, just as she had before then she switched to English. <"We have a standard warehouse on the inside, though one area appears to be medical treatment with an elevator to the sublevels..."> here is a brief pause, as if she is hearing something the others can't hear and then she continues in English.

<"Basement level, one of our investigators is there. I will be staying with Roberto, but the tension level of the security guards just doubled, be ready.">

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin is hearing this wondering if he has the right place. Maybe he wasn't good at this investigation thing, and was wondering if maybe he should of brought someone better at looking into these things as he feels it. Something just detected him as he raises an eyebrow. That didn't happen often what exactly was that, as he looks out expecting something to jump out at him though when he doesn't it makes him worry a bit more.

But this didn't mean he should stay in place as he starts moving closer to the roof of the structure instead of standing still. He keeps the shield up for now as even though they could detect it he was safer with it then without it.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a scrunching up of her feature as the others relay theur information. "So like, I'm expecting guards with cyborg limbs with rockets and gats in them? If I get rocket punched though I probably gonna feel conflicted about these guys." the more explosive of the blonde women whispers through the comms.

"Think they'll have powerdampners on when they get down? Get your nutshots ready!" she suggests and hmms while she ponders a good way in.

With security getting ansty. "So umm, wait. Ketzia, you staying up here? With 'Berto?" she asks in hushed tones while the sudden feeling of Oh Crap! Is she picking up Franklin's presence. Is she reflecting the feelings of everyone on guard that don't want these mutants here? Probably.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug... is in Maine, sitting at the monster computer he has in his attic. He's "borrowed" a DoD satellite among other things that people shouldn't be able to do... and he's having a milkshake.

"All right everyone, overwatch online. How is everyone today, are we good? I think we're good. I have a cutting edge computer system and a lobster roll and it's cheat day and I've got my comfy slippers on, so let's do this."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
The woman goes glassy eyes and nods at Emma, "Yes, yes, break, nap, Alcohol? I will turn off the security net, it is overkill. The super soldiers are more than enough." She giggles, "and so strong." And as if on cue three large military types step out of the warehouse, they seem authorative and serious and are all over six feet causing Berto to raise himself up to his full height. The one in the lead is clearly from the Dusk skinned Captain America collection but with a sneer and a swagger, "You are not allowed in this area. It is restricted, you will leave now." The other two are a bruiser built on the same lines as Jim Proudstar but light skinned and a dark skinned woman whose sleek form and wary gunslinger stance has energy wielder written all over it. They are in less of a uniform and more work coveralls and both have collars.

     Roberto frowns at the man and shakes his head, "But we're invited guests, right Emma?" The man grabs Berto by his expensive shirt and lifts him off the ground, causing his hat to fall off. Berto seems mildly annoyed, "Infidel do, ou will leave. Our people do not need the help of your kind, Trask will raise us up."

    Now that you can see them you notice the collars on he other groups as well, four soldiers, two mutants, 2 groups so 12 in all plus two. The humans are pretty well shielded from reading their thoughts or maniulating them but brain blasts can over load their psi shielding.

    Doug's voice over the comms, how did he get access to the comms? Is accompanied by the low whine of a large military drone coming on scene. (Your call Doug if its observation or assault, prefer guns to missiles).

    Frankie can see what's going down and how this is playing out but these are not who reached out and touched him.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The reaction is immediate. Collars, no collars, big, little, it doesn't matter. The darker skinned man made a horrible, horrible mistake. He touched Roberto da Costa in front of his head of security, and bodyguard, but more importantly... in front of his almost, sort of, could be girlfriend.

The movements are quick, graceful, and deadly. The one that made the terrible mistake of touching Berto will most likely find the desire to let him go rise up as Ketzia, aka Mystique, swiftly brings her foot up to meet the man in the groin. No, not directly, he likely has a cup, instead this is the area right beside and on the thigh, still hurts like a mother hummer... and to insure he lets go of Berto, the heavy stun batons appear almost literally out of no where and are brought down with amazing force and strength on the man's wrist.

It's all one movement, foot to groin, batons to wrists, with a twist to catch Berto and land back away from the man, "That was a mistake, you do not touch him!" she hissed, as slowly... like a magnet drawn over metal sand, her form changes from the black skinned woman to the blue skinned mutant. "But if you're lucky, you may get to live."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
The drone - which Doug has named "Doober" is currently circling and providing a closer-in camera feed Doug can use to get a view of the situation. Its cannon is armed with rubber bullets as a primary armament.


He rubs his chin and narrows his eyes. "...Bolivar Trask."

"Those collars have to be giving off some sort of radio or wi-fi signal for their self-destruct function to work. Maybe I can disable them. Let me see..." He turns and goes to work.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin looks in as things and frowns, but doesn't move yet. They are asking them to leave and while it was rude, and the others a power move they didn't immeditly attack so perhaps they could just walk right out again. What could Franklin say he was an optomist, and besides he did not want to play his hand yet. Being detected made him worry, and these very large looking people did not have that capability. Which made him wonder what could do that.

Then Mystique moves, and Franklin sighed looking around hoping he had enough time to hold. There were a few of them, and only three though the now blue one seemed to be very serious so maybe the odds were not so bad. He would wait for now, as he needs to see who is behind this, and well if it got worse for them perhaps then he would step in. For now he decides to reinforce his shield as he focuses on it, floating in place as he closely watches the action inside. He doesn't notice the drone just yet, though thankfully their is a lot of room in the air so the chance of collision is low.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"You better at least be wearing pants, Cypher. Just cause Maine is like pretty much Canada and frozen enough to overclock your tech don't mean you can work in your undies. Unless that lobster roll is like extra messy. Laundry days are dangerous in the great white north." Says the girl that was raised on the chilly Appalachian Blue Mountain ranges of Virginia.

She's using made up names now so she's at least in serious business mode. Mostly.

When the Guards start trotting out Tabby just eyerolls. "Well clearly they have some really good microphones." she mutters quietly. The collars get squinty eyes. Especially the woman. "Hey there, what ya think about you and I bailing on this place and grabbing something to eat and stuff. I know a great place in New York that does some good halal." It's worth a shot but if mind reading is fuzzy trying to de-escalate the old fashioned talky way.

When Mystique decides to emphatically do her job there's more eyerolling and nose punching around Tabby's glasses.

"Better work fast Cypher, I don't think I can override and redirect the blasts if they go off, definitely not all the same time? Also, should I still try for the original plan while we have a distraction? I mean it's pretty much smash and grab right now." she asks to everyone.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa drops to the ground and rolls to the side, moving behind the other two, grabbing the collars and pulling the energy from them, draining them, as his form shifts to vanta black, cracking them open. "Everyone who wants goes home with us." The big man blinks looking around, but the woman, screams, "No!" Apparently a true believer thought what she has suffered to bring her there no one wants to know. And she lashes out with energy whips as her boyfriend goes down like a sack of potatoes. Berto grabs one of the whips immune to the energy but not the physical attack as it wraps around him. The other whip strikes out at Mystique. The larger man screams out, "Lasher! No, we can go home!"

    The other groups open fire on the small contingent but it's obvious from the accuracy that the mutants hearts aren't in it.

    "Tick tock Doug, we need some back up." The security team stationed at the gate is holding their own and waiting for orders to hold position or move to back up Mystique's team.

Emma Frost has posed:
And as everything goes to chaos, Emma Frost goes to work and sets up a mental link over with Douglas and the rest of the group. <<If you can share anything at the tip of your fingers wiht us.>> A tricky proposition, mind linking with someone halfway around the world wihtout Cerebro. But attempting brute force psionic attacks in a melee was a dangerous thing. When the groups here were enslaved against their will, it meant holding back. Not doing something that could render them permanently brain dead.
    So Emma ducks for cover, leaving to the rest to fight while she goes to share as much information as a telepathic network can handle as she shares thoughts, analysis, and data.. So much data from Cypher to the rest of the group as bests he can to look for weaknesses.. And to hopefully give Douglas better 'eyes' on the target than just a drone could handle.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Still trying to break into the signal those collars are giving off, it's pretty tightly protected," Doug says, as he works one keyboard with his left hand and one with his right.

"But maybe I can JAM the signal. Okay." Doober moves into position, and then uses its secondary weapon - there's a *PHUNT PHUNT PHUNT* as tear gas grenades are lobbed into the shooting mutants - and then the drone begins to lay down suppressing fire on Lasher. *BRAKKABRAKKABRAKKABRAKKABRAKKA*

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Come alone? Never. Back up team? Always. Mystique did this for a living after all, tactics and planning, with contingency plans A through Z most of the time. <"Move in."> Is said to the waiting security team, even as she performs a triple black flip away from the whip of energy, enough that is only catches the edges of her foot as she goes.

Managing to land near Berto with a curse in German over being shocked, she falls backwards a few more steps than she planned from the shock as she blurts out, <"Tabby, get yourself into the basement, you'll have full back up from the Asteroid in less than a minute... small team, you command them.">

No more batons, they were nice, but they aren't enough and get tossed as she reaches for her thighs. The automatic pistols she uses are her favorite, though a sniper position is always preferred... she's in your face body guard today.

"Leave while you can," she says as she opens fire on those who opened fire on the group, she has better aim but what she is trying to do is force them into cover, not kill them. "I'm serious, head for the gate and if you want out, wave your hands above your head and you'll be free of this place!"

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin frowns as he see's the whip, and didn't like that but the power leaves it. He smiles a bit "Interesting." as an energy absorber could be very useful, but doesn't act yet as he doesn't know what the colars are for, but gets it is something really bad when one of the first attacks was to drain the power from it. Though as nothing is happening as is so he sighs.. "I guess I should let them know I am here." he pulls a coin out of his pocket and uses his TK to crush it into a small ball. He holds it up and using that same TK launches it directly at the woman with the whips.

When he did this he would appear, and be visable to all again as he floated there watching this he sighs a bit as he had to move first, but afraid if he didn't then whatever that was would not make their move. He glances over at the flying drone and hopes it won't shoot him as he waits for whatever it was to make a move now that he appeared. After launching the ball of metal he just waits again to see if that was enough.

Franklin thought about making comunications with the group now that they could see him, and he had not returned to invisibility, but they looked a little busy right now.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
People shooting. Well Tabby can at least return fire. Almost literally as she sweeps an arm like she's about to tell everyone those aren't the droids they're looking for. Orbs of bright glowing plasma form enough for as many of the shooters that she can see.

They can at least then float and fly at their targets with enough force, light and noise to leave them stunned. Ands not shooting her when she makes the run for the warehouse and sub-basement. "Keep them up here, I'm not staying still down there long enough to fight any more than I need. Last thing I need is having to duck friendly fire on exit." she states and at least ditches the blazer and blouse as she pops buttons on her run. "And have them pick these up for dry cleaning back home!" she yells. The jeans stay but the top half of her uniform is visible in that cliungy shiny black faux leather with Yellow padding at the shoulders, chest back and arms. Better movement and she can at least replace that or the denim.

Heading for the elevator she's still talking. Swearing. "Crap, crap, crap, you had to be all lone wolf. But what? Command people, you get them killed Boom-Boom!" Minions are a huge responsibility after all. Everyone can probably hear her being worried. And to be fair, anyone not worried about Boom-Boom leading a team probably doesn't know the woman currently checking if she's taking an elevator or having to jump down the shaft. That might need outside network access to confirm.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa is freed from the grasp of the whip as Lasher collapses under the projectile. Berto looks at the crushed dime and then at Franklin, nodding his thanks <<Tabby, put the USB dongle into one of the computers so Doug can access and see what's going on here. Doug, download all the records and scrub everything, no record we were here.>> The security team lets people flee on their bosses instructions. There are purple spots of light as the collared mutants and the big one Berto freed are ported out of sight by NPCs unknown. Emma gets a sense that something is happening as the elevator doors open and Tabby is met with a non-botherhood security team, the operative is one of the team, wearing a collar. Both sides are surprised but it's really a question of who respond first. It's Tabby but we need to build up suspense.

     Roberto gets to his feet slowly, between he lashing and the close call with the rubber bullets. But he also heads for the door as the people fleeing and the peole knocked unconscious start piling up. It seems that the other security perimeter has no responsibility and no interest in helping out these teams. as the big out when the shooting gets heave. The area seems to be cooling off enough for Emma to come out of hiding, I mean cover.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma is most certainly in a position where she's not at risk of having any of her attire damaged over by anything remote. Or worse, her hair an dher nails. If anyone wants to continuously have most of thier wardrobe vaporized, they should be Ms. Walters, attorney at law. Emma Frost goes to continue coordination with the team, even as she's falling back and hissing.

<<This is going wonderfully>> Sent to those that are on the telepathic network. Even as she keeps the group connected as she passes along information.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"These records are doctored." Doug says, after barely a glance. "With time I can figure out how, maybe retrieve the data that was altered, but I can't do it while people who're shooting at you." Doober fires another tear gas grenade as he tries to cover the others.

"Bobby - get me as many of those prosthetics as you can." Doug takes a sip of his milkshake as Doober pivots to lay down another spray of rubber bullets. "Other than that, the pathway should be clear for Raven to extract all of you."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique moves with Berto like his shadow, keeping her gun raised and hopefully keeping any of the 'still wants to attack' people from getting a shot at Berto or herself, aka... she will shoot to kill if she has to.

Over the comm the commands go from German to English and back again, as the cobalt mutant directs the security teams that pop in through a haze of purple, even as others around the area are disappearing in the same hazes of purple. In English she continues with... <"And if you come across any humans or mutants who seem like they do not want to be here, offer them the chance to be removed, use native language and English, but do /not/ assume they all want to go. We aren't here to kidnap anyone, even if mutants shouldn't stay here.">

When she finishes that order, she looks toward the location Emma is emerging from, then back to Berto. "You get to call the evac this time, we seem to be in decent shape, but the teams are going to do a 'check and secure' sweep now, since Tabitha didn't want back up."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Because of course there's someone to meet her at the elevator when it opens Tabby just tries to be all distracting and nonchalant as a blonde in way too tigt clothing in a place that really hates her on multiple levels can be.

"Oh Hai!" she greats and does a little duck and spin as she scrambles into the elevator with a shove of her hand to let a light plasma blast stream from her fingers "Go play with your friends!" she says as the blast knocks the guard and his team forwards out into the warehouse proper. The young woman hitting buttons to get the thing descending. Probably not as fast as they like. Blasting from inside the elevator car likely didn't do it any favors. <<Emma, Roberto, tell Cypher to put some pants on and then keep them on. Gonna be radio quiet cause reception. Wanna place bets I'm gonna be staring at a whole bunch of enslaved mutants when I hit bottom? I love a nice tight collar on my neck as the next girl but dude, not like these people. I'll try and get people out.>> she mentally sends.

<<Also if I balls it up, you might wanna start getting everyone the eff out cause no way I'm leaving this place standing if I'm captured. Better we umm...>> Of course once the elevator starts moving she's going to be counting the amount of time the descent takes.

<<It'll be fine. I've done this stuff before!>>

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin gives Roberto a nod as well before he looks at what is going on, and nods "fine... you want to hide." and looks at the building he reaches in with his Tk again but this time to pluck one of the super-soldiers out dragging him the ground crumbling in the grip as the pull is just too much as he is yanked out the window and held infront of Franklin. As he shoots it hits the construct and Franklin smiles, "It can be invisible." talking about the shield as he holds him there in the air. "Hold on I hate repeating myself.."

Franklin continues though as he does he is already pulling another solder out the same way.

He had given up on investigation as he was no good at it. He would collect these people and ask them about the boss. One of them would tell him as he had a special way to convince them.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
As the doors close and the elevator descends it opens fairly quickly to what is easily recognizable as a surgical suite, pre-op prep rooms and post op recovery rooms. There are actual surgical theaters very high end with cameras and galleries for remote viewing. The whole space is remarkably eerily quiet. It's empty, there is a small security office where the team was apparently hold up. There are computers down here.

    As the security team pours off the elevator they are met in the crossfire of Tabby's plasma and Berto's bolts, throwing several of the big troopers back while Mystique targets the rest.
    Franklin grabs the soldiers and pulls them towards him. The interrogation leads to their commander "Jerich Sammra" and to the man they report to at Trask, "Cameron Hodge."
    At this point a security team arrives to protect Emma and another penetrates the building to hold the first floor while Tabby finishes her investigation. They collect samples of the prosthetics and place a usb in one of the computers to get Doug past the security. And that's when Doug and Franklin feel it. Something big, powerful and inhuman moves, it moves quickly leaving the network knowing it's home isn't safe. The twins feel/see it too and alert Mystique. Then it's gone with no visible trace it was there.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug narrows his eyes. "...How was something that big present in the network without me immediately seeing it. I'm gonna need to do a deeper dive into this data I pulled. Well, I know what I'm doing tonight."

"I've notified the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai that you've been checked into Emma Frost's penthouse there with your entourage the entire time. Just in case anyone asks. You should swing by, just for appearances' sake." Doug says. "They advised me of the menu: Dinner is Cocombre a la Menthe, cassoulet, potatoes dauphinoise, Bollinger La Grande Annee and some Mike's Hard Iced Tea for Boom-Boom, and a Poire Avec Orange for dessert." He takes a sip of his milkshake.

"Bring me a doggy bag." He types out a command on a keyboard. "And one of those hard iced teas."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The portals that appear for each member of the entry team are white swirling, rather thick cloud looking. Berto and Mystique are first, and whether Berto is fully ready or not, he is taken through the portal by Mystique.

The next appears seconds later for Emma, and those near her. Then one appears near Franklin, not that he was part of the originally known team, but apparently someone did some reporting or there are cameras at work.

The last one would be for Tabitha, when she finish kicking ass and taking names, it would appear for her and the investigator she was sent to the basement to get.

Franklin Richards has posed:
As Franklin smiles at the two super-soldiers he has held into the air calmly explaining to the both of them. "We are going to play a game.. It is an easy one. The first one that tells me where the boss is or how to find him.. Is the one I catch. And up you go." and with that both of them launch up.. way up, and getting higher every moment as they looked pretty tough he was sure they could get into some low oxygen before they passed out. So as he launches them into the air he turns as he feels something coming. "Ahh... there you are." he says with a smile though that didn't answer his question as he doubted it was the boss though maybe.

As he considers he suddenly exlaims.. "Oh shoot.. almost forgot." and stops lifting the two, and the fall begins. He would watch their mind carefully and see if either one says something. No matter the distance he would hear that from them first other then the standard.."ahhh!" of course. Though he does turn to look at what the others are going to do as what was coming was a bit dangerous even for them. As he gets the names he is as good as his word and slows that person letting the other fall, and fall.. Sooner or later they will be close to the ground, and he will stop them.. It will hurt that suddenly, but it was better then hitting the ground and mushing. One can be lived through, so that is what he does as he tries not to murder anyone.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby's work down in the sublevels gets done and while she has a little time with the remore uplink being established she takes a monet to try and free as many people as possible.

"Anyone not wanting to be stuck down here when it blows, better be on through those opening portals when I get back through myself." she starts charging a bomb. It's big, it's bright and it clearly means Tabby is not screwing around.

"Anyone wanting to die for the cause, think again. This is not holy fire, I once dated a demoness. And these people running the show do not care about you. They hate you, double for the women. Triple for me, maybe more cause Blonde, Genoshan-American, Mutant, not heterosexual. You stay, you won't be remembered, you won't be mourned. You will be forgotten! I won't care either if you stay." she warns with way mopre seriousness in her voice than most ever hear normally and starts the walk to the portal.

That bomb has leveled many a hidden lab in the past. On this world and others.

It'll go off eventually when everything has been uploaded to doug and no more peoplle need teleporting out.