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Savage Land: Captured!
Date of Scene: 19 January 2023
Location: Southern Lake - Forest
Synopsis: On that day, after the disagreement on the shore of Gorahn, the battle of loincloths and potatoes, and the reading of the cards, the Fellowship among men, Aerian, and Pteron was forged. Next time: Sauron, for realsies!
Cast of Characters: Jean Grey, Rahne Sinclair, Emma Frost, Iara Dos Santos, Tabitha Smith, Kitty Pryde, Ororo Munroe, Rogue, Marie-Ange Colbert

Jean Grey has posed:
Previously, on X-Men...

Sailing the inner sea of Gorahn in pursuit of the kidnapped Queen Leanne, the Lemurian ship was attacked by an Aerian wingship. Its flying crew attacked in great numbers, while the X-Men used their powers as best they could - under the everpresent dampening of the Savage Lands - to try and sink the enemy vessel. While they did some damage, they were boarded quickly, and soon the advantage seemed against them. Storm flew to make a direct assault but was met in the air by the bird-people's leader- the missing Queen herself! Protected by some ancient Atlantean talisman, she bested the weather-goddess and soon set upon the ship, where the rest of the Aerians slowly overpowered the crew, with a now bird-winged Rogue the last to stand against them.

Meanwhile, seeing the way the battle was turning, a few might have crept below decks to hide.

After making repairs, it's been a half-day's journey since, with both ships turned not toward the great Aerie, but further south along the coast, toward territory held by the Pterons. The team is secured upon the deck of the Lemurian ship, which Leanne has taken as her own, attended by what seems her Aerian 2nd in command. She's a regal captain, dark hair flowing as she holds the wheel, and quite the opposite of whatever image they might have held of a captive. She's also proved rather hostile to the group - decrying them as outsiders and witches. Maybe there's been a misunderstanding in all this...

Whatever the case, the monotony of the open water is broken with a cry of "Land ho!" from above. Sep, the Queen's 2nd, soon shouts extra orders. "Careful of the mists, they conceal dangerous and rocky shores. Sails to half and steady on!"

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair slept through the whole event. It was actually kind of adorable watching her be carried, fast asleep, onto the Lemurian ship. Her complete lack of helpfulness was not exactly helpful, but at least she went an entire day without getting hurt.

She wakes up, kind of having been off to one side, the least threatening person on either team. She yawns, then stretches, and finds her arms tied. Loosely, because who'd bother with Coma Girl? She sits up and looks around blearily, wondering when we got here.

She wonders if water is an option, given the dryness of her mouth. It's like sandpaper, yikes.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost has been tied down over to somewhere near the others. She's disoriented, and is rather nauseous. Something which hopefully over in the winds and raging seas no one will happen to notice. But someone apaprently cannot go out to sea unless they have a lot of dramamine with them. She takes a moment to feel over the bonds she's tied in. Tight, heavy. The wood she's tied to is strong and won't give her any sort of thing to get some give in it to use to cut them on.

She might not be an escape artist, but she'd been through these sorts of rigamarole enough times to havea few tricks. She goes to close her eyes, and then moves to slowly extend her thoughts quietly, trying to locate each individual in the group.

<<Status report. What is everyone's location and situation? Try and briefly give where you are.>>

Start with the basics. Condition, location, and state of duress.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
With skin like sandpaper, Iara climbs the netting on the outside of the lemurian ship, waiting for night to fall and the guards to get nice and tired, not really having much of a clear plan, thinking her way through this very loudly in case someone can "hear" her thoughts... and Emma interrupts her bemoaning how her best plan is just a smash and grab in her own mind as she thinks <<Oh! Uh! Here! Ms. Frost! It's me, Iara, I'm uninjured, I'm hanging onto the side of the ship, I don't think anyone's seen me yet but I haven't risked climbing fully on deck yet... kinda reminds me of that scene in The Little Mermaid where Ariel's watching Prince Eric, you know? At the beginning? But uh, I can totes cause a distraction or rush to free one of you whenever, those ropes aren't anything compared to my claws or jaws...>>

     Iara's black, glossy shark eyes and big dark grey shark nose peer over the side of the deck from the direction she's thinking, almost looking like a muppet on the other side of the short wall ready to rise up for a bit.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Pirate Tabby did not have a good time when that fight started. Lots of Aerians might have had their eardrums popped and the equilibriums messed with but eventually this resulted in Boom-Boom getting beat rather soundly.

That is to say a bird person's talon slashing her midsection and only that dino leather corset saving her life. That said, it might not be as bad as the other injouries sustained over their quest. the broken arm from rocket boating and the hit that put her down for the count. A crack across her face with a hefty blunt object, a mace to rhyme it destroyed her glasses and left one side of her face painfully swollen from her eye to her jaw. Black and bruised, her orbital bone might have broken and numerous scratches from where her glasses broke apart in the impact. Her other eye bruised though not quite as swollen. Her eye barely able to open.

Bound up with the othert captives she finally starts regaining conscious. "The fu.... Owww, crap, ow!" she groans and starts realising she's bound and maybe placing extra stress on her injuries.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde hasn't been seen since the fight. She'd been on deck, fighting hand to hand and conserving her phasing power just to dodge blows at the last moment, as the power itself is a struggle for her to maintain for very long, and tires Kitty more quickly. Someone might have seen her sink into the deck at one point during the fight, but then she hasn't been seen during the voyage since.

Until a hatch below opens and Kitty Pryde steps onto deck. Her arms are pulled behind her as if bound, and an Aerian has ahold of her arm as he guides her up on deck. Though his expression for the X-man is one of piqued interest.

"Really?" the Aerian asks Kitty. "And that'll limit the loss during molting?" he asks her, his wings giving a little flutter before settling back down.

"Absolutely," Kitty Pryde replies with a nod of her head that sets a loose wisp of brown hair falling in front of her eyes. "Just spray the tea tree oil on, give it a really gentle rub in. Nothing too firm or they'll come out. Believe me, it really makes a difference. Your feathers won't have ever looked so healthy. Just once a week is enough, maybe twice if it's particularly dry." She blows at the wisp of hair again, and it falls back. Blows again, same result.

The Aerian reaches over and tucks it behind her ear in a nearly companionable way. "How is that you know so much about feather care?" he asks her.

Kitty gives a shrug of her shoulders as she reaches the other X-men. "I used to date a guy," she says simply before turning her attention to her friends. "Everyone ok?" she asks as she's added to the ropes holding the others.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Storm awakes with a massive headache and spends several minutes sorting through what happened. Her last memory was of Rogue fighting before she was grabbed by the Queen they were sent to rescue. She pretends unconsciousness while taking her bearings, pale eyes slitted against the sun. The bonds are tight enough to cut the circulation to her hands. The wound to her thigh still oozes blood. To add insult to injury, her magical sense of the world seems more muddled than since she first noticed it waning.

On hearing Emma's voice nearby, she opens her eyes and slowly turns her head, hoping to locate the others. The errant Queen has tied her to the main mast facing the wheel where she can be observed at all times.

<<Awake, pissed off and watching the Queen we were supposed to rescue, Emma. Uh, at the main mast.>>

Rogue has posed:
Rogue wasn't knocked out for very long.

They started with ropes around her arms and legs. That didn't last long either. They switched to chains. That worked. They chained her back to a mast on the deck of the ship. That didn't last long either.

The Belle was cursing at them in their own language, any time one of them walked past her. She thusly got gagged.

She bit through the gag, and started cursing at them again. They found a better gag, and then bagged her too, putting a sack over her head so she couldn't stare at them.

She broke the chains and they had to restrain her again after another fight.

Now, Rogue is face first to the mast, chained, and roped, her wings are spread out behind her and waving gently as she moves here and there. Her head is still bagged, and she's still gagged inside it. Muffled noises come out here and there, her head turning this way and that, but overall it seems that the southern powerhouse has calmed down for the time being, after all of that...

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
<<I am alive, but hungry and thirsty. I have my cards. I am presently in the back of a closet.>>

Hearing Marie-Ange 'speak' over the telepathic link comes without many of her nuances. No accent, no random French words or stumbles over English ones. The slender seer has been careful to remain out of sight and even quieter than she normally is... waiting until a sign that she's needed to step out and help her friends. Fortunately, it sounds like she's not the only one (reasonably) free of enemy clutches!

Jean Grey has posed:
Emma's round of mental pings notably don't get a reply in kind from Jean. She's up there with them but still out, by the look of it: she took a whack during the fight, and has notably been suffering worse than most under whatever power-suppressive force grips the Savage Land.

Otherwise, the Aerians prove kind captors. Rahne asks for a drink, and one of the feathered people soon arrives to supply one, holding up a cup to her lips for her to have her fill. It's been a theme, in how they've fought and treated their prisoners alike: these seem an honorable lot, far from 'pirates,' despite their method of operation. Gentle captors... (well, Rogue aside. But she isn't precisely cooperating!).

This is reinforced as Kitty is led up, not only without struggle, but chatting happily with her captor! She's brought to join them, and soonafter loosely tied, with a murmured, "Apologies," as he remains near Kitty, securing the knot. "I am sure there is some misunderstanding in this. Trust in the Queen, she is just and will see the truth sorted, if you make an honest appeal."

The boat soon draws nearer to the misty shore, cutting visibility. Here and there, a great rocky spire will suddenly appear beside them, emerging from the fog alongside the vessel and then quickly sliding past, collision barely avoided. The Queen seems a capable sailor, though, adjusting the wheel just a little bit each time, in one direction or the other. Soon, it's clear to those with the better senses that they've not just closed with land, but that they've entered some kind of riverhead, leaving the inland sea behind. In this narrow going, one ship follows the other, with the captured Lemurian craft taking lead.

For Marie, the lower deck of the ship is a generally uninteresting place. There are the hammocks where they slept before, the galley that served them, and store rooms filled with barrrels and sacks. The Lemurian crew has largely been coralled to the sleeping area, under relatively light guard.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to slowly send over to Rogue <<Take care dear, we'll get you out of this. And your bethroned will be fine.>> Jean goes to focus over on the others, and goes tos end a light note to them <<We seem to be approaching land from all the cawing the feathered fiends are doing>> She would take a breath and then consider.

<<Katherine, Ororo, as you two are the more.. Properly distinguished visitors among us when it comes to negotiations, hwo do you suggest we go about these? And Iara, please don't eat any of them. Yet. Don't worry, the time may come for you to get an order with BBQ sauce>>

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair is just glad that she wasn't used as travel rations. She was basically not much good, but the water very much helps. She even tries to strike up a friendship, giving smiles when possible, which is often.

She's not really much of a thing, right now. But her honest openness has to be good for something. After all, she might need to use the potty at some point and a little good will will be VERY useful at that moment!

"Thank you," she says to the nice on that got her water. It was sweetly done after all.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara frowns as her amazonian body tenses, gripping the netting in her clenching fists as she loudly thinks <<I DON'T EAT PEOPLE IF I CAN HELP IT! Okay, like, if they're super evil sure, that's fun, like, as far as ways to murder people go and whatever, but when I ate people in the past it's because I was in a frenzy and lost control not because I totally wanted to! Besides, I've had plenty of fish on the way! Massive fish out here, don't know what they're called, but seriously, Emma, come on!>>

     There's a pause, and then an irritated, energetic <<DAMN IT EMMA! I wasn't thinking it until you said that and now you got me thinkin' about how they're delicious but FUCK you Ms. Frost, they're being nice and I'm not gonna fuck this up!>>

     The focused glare at Emma proves distracting for Iara, leading to one of the bird-men to exclaim "What the hell is that?" in Shark-Girl's direction, to which she thinks <<PORRA!>> and drops down into the water with a noisy, messy splash, disappearing under the water.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
"Trust in the Queen?" she thinks. What is trustworthy about attacking first and then not asking questions. Wriggling her hands, Ororo attempts to loosen the bonds.

There is a subtle change in the air and the not so subtle chop of waves, meeting the outgoing flow of a river. She pulls water from the air and works at the bonds, now dripping with water.

Chin raised, she pitches her voice to be heard over, wind and water, "I would speak with the Queen! We were coming in peace until set upon by your forces."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The presence of the blonde Boomie in the mindlink if probably a bit more scrambled that anyone would like. The mix of saliva and blood hanging from her chin and lips from where the concussed yound woman was left to doze in her bindings adding to the less than pleasant sight.

She'd swear more but it's not easy when your jaw might be dislocated. The pain kind of flares in the mind link but while she's tied up, hurt and with her powers fritzing out, she might also be very, very scared. That lack of ability to fight back getting to her. <<Wha I miss? This the victry party?>> punch drunk Tabby asks.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Ouch," Kitty says softly. "That's a little tight. Don't suppose you could loosen it at the wrists just a bit? Yeah, didn't think so," she says, letting out a sigh as he gets a commiserating pat on the shoulder.

She looks over to the Aerian as he finishes tying her, asking him quietly, "Any suggestions on that? We did come to assist her after hearing she was ensnared by a bad situation," Kitty asks the Aerian. Figuring she would be better on deck where she could at least free the others for a final stand if it was needed, she'd given a tiny cough so she'd be discovered. But then didn't fight and did her best to make good.

<<Well it seems there is quite a bit of misunderstandings going on. Maybe negotiating and explaining matters. None of you have been pissing them off, breaking free or any thing. Have you?>>

Yes, she heard the fighting below deck.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's bagged head is facing toward her right as she's bound to that wooden beam. Her arms are pulled around it, making her have to hug the thing, while her legs are bound to its base, leaving her standing there hugging away.

Someone walks on her left, and she leans her head back to snap it in that direction. She can't see through the bag though, and the potatoes that it once carried are rolling around on the deck around her boots, occasionally bumping in to the heels of them.

Even if there is a telepathic link, Rogue hasn't spoken on it. She's been quiet since they re-gagged her. Maybe that's for the best though.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Fortunately for Marie, going without was a recurring theme of her childhood. While she makes up for it in spades at the Institute, she's no stranger to hunger pains or cramped muscles from having to stay still.

<<If needbe, I can likely provide a distraction to keep eyes occupied, as well.>> Though she's not going to show herself without being told to. 'Free' people are something in limited supply, she's not going to expend the resource. <<I have not seen much activity down here... I do not think they believe the ship's actual crew to be much of a threat.>>

Or, possibly, there's something else going on. She may not have all the details of what's going on above deck, but she'll report what she can of what's going on below. <<I have not, Kitty. They are unaware of my presence, so there was no need to break free.>>

Jean Grey has posed:
Of course, the brief Iara sighting serves to attract the attention of the crew. The one who spotted her rushes to peer over. "I saw seomthing! Maybe a Tubanti! But fiercer than the average." Well, they've learned that there's a local word for 'Shark Girl.' On top of that, several more come toward the rail to peer down at the water, trying to spot any trace. The mist makes it difficult to even see the water, however, let alone someone swimming in its depths. "I did not think they ventured this far."

Ororo's demand soon follows, although unlike the other requests, it is not met immediately. She is focused, for several moments, on steering the ship, and seemingly trusts none of her Aerian companions to the task. They are birds. Even if they have a boat, one might assume they're not the BEST sailors...

Meanwhile, the one speaking with Kitty seems sympathetic, although like the X-Men, there are obvious gaps of information that limit his explanation. "I am not privy to every detail. But you sailed under her uncle's colors, so we took you as an enemy. And... well, I have heard her say, that she was warned by the seer, against interlopers from far off, with strange knowledge. Admittedly, you do not seem so sinister."

Their chat seems to provide the Queen enough time to finish her task, and once she is satisfied they have passed the danger of the river entry, she relinquishes the wheel and makes her way down to the deck, to stand before Ororo.

"Under peace? You sail for my uncle, who seeks to usurp me. Lackeys of a would-be tyrant, like so many. But that is soon to be over with." She glances toward her Aerian second. "And all three of our people will be free of such meddling."

As if on dramatic cue, a dark shape emerges from the mists, its beating wings throwing swirls through the soupy air, before it bursts fully into view. Green-skinned, scaled, winged, with long beaked head. Pteranadon-like. The Queen looks up. "Ah, just on time."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne uses her complete lack of acting-like-Rogue to do something. She calls someone over, then whispers something to the dino-person. And then?

She's freed, walking around the deck, out in the open. The dino is following her, sure, but she has shown such a low response that they're willing to let her do some small things. Like coming up just after the commotion with Iara!

The first thing on her agenda is checking all of you! She has a look at everyone, one at a time. She puts her hand on Rogue's shoulder, but doesn't get near the bonds. Just enough to know that she's not alone, during a possible attack. The sounds are probably frightening, and she whispers, "Sauron" as she passes.

She pauses at Tabitha though. Hunching down she smiles hesitantly, then says, "Fractured orbital, ah think. She needs tae lie down, an keep it cold. Or she could lose th' eye. Hey Tabby. R'lax, I gotcha."

"If y' gotta sneeze, try an use your mouth. I dinna want th' blood goin into y' orbital bone." She touches gently, just looking for more damage. She worries.

Is anyone else hurt?

Emma Frost has posed:
Ah, lovely. It's always the chancellor. Or the butler. It's almost never the regent. But the regent tends to just have everyone murdered, not banished. And then Emma goe sto look up and over in the air, "Bother." She would hiss over and give a warning.
    <<Sauron's just joined us. I don't quite think that we're capable of fending him off in such a state. I can anchor my own mind..>> Maybe. But she couldn't do much for the others.
    <<Ororo, do you think you could inflict something over on him.>> Then right as Emma's going to try and quickly organize a 'roast Sauron for dinner' party, things have to get complicated even more. Oh, lovely.
    Wait, with some further inspection over from things it's not Sauron. Emma goes to send a 'false alarm' signal mentally. <<So we have an alliance of some sorts among the native tribes. If only Shanna and Kevin were here>>

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Boom-Boom listens to the Queen talk about her uncle. "Like... yeah. We figured he was so doing a dodgy thing. Your subjects like love you. So we're like put you back on your throne. Probably smack your uncle around cause sudden, but inevitable betrayal." her words are slow and slurred as she has to make some actual effort to speak coherently. Not easy when your head was used as a teeball.

"I'd ask 'hands up who saw that coming?' but well..." she shrugs inside her own bindings.

Much unformfortable pained wincing ensues.

<<Big green chicken himself. Wanna take bets on who he feeds off, he still does th energy absorbsion thing right? Like Rogue but I was gonna say more pecking and scratching.>> she states and makes as much of a goofy expression she can before remembering how beat up she looks in front of Rahne.

"Hey Lassie! Where's in antartcia, we get plenty of ice in the way out! My daddy beat me worse than this!" That may or may not actually be true.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Victims of misinformation or a set-up? The results are the same. Ororo wriggles the ropes and feels them loosen slightly which goes a long way toward reducing her temper. Above them the clouds that had begun to thicken start to break up.

"We sail for no one but ourselves, your majesty," she replies, making every effort to appear calm and reasonable. "In fact, we looked on this as a mission to rescue you. Your uncle didn't make a good impression on us if that is of any importance."

The sound of large wings whuffing the air above the ship stop any other explanations. <<My bonds are coming loose, Emma. I just don't know. It's like I'm cut-off from the world. I can't see him well from here or feel him.>> And yet, the clouds had thickened overhead as her mood darkened.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara soon pops up on the other side of the boat, peering again, and thinking <<Whoa.>> as she sees the pteronodon man, looking from the others to him, and just asking <<Who's Mr. Shirtless?>> He's a seven foot tall pteronodon man and the thing that stands out to her the most is that he's shirtless?

    <<That's not the same dino-guy we fought in south america, right? Because like... He... He wouldn't have like, a mosasaur in the water, would he? Uh...>> She dips down, hanging off the side and then looking at the water, finding it rather useless, then thinking <<EMMA CAN YOU READ HIS MIND AND SEE IF HE HAS A MOSASAUR PLEASE?>>

     Of course with Iara's love of creature features she's seen Jurassic World, and what they used the sharks for in that...

     She figures she could probably outswim a mosasaur given her mutant powers and speed in the water, but it's still a dangerous threat if she were ambushed on the side of the boat or something...

Rogue has posed:
A potato rolls against Rogue's boot and she kicks it away, sending it over the railing and plunking down in the water near to where Iara is, ironically.

She hears the wings up in the air and turns her bagged head over and up to look in the general direction of it before she muffled-moans something out from behind her gag.

Chains rattle against the wooden beam, pain peals away and falls to the ground amongst all the rest of the woode and paint chips already there. Rogue strains, and the wooden beam creaks ominously, but with chain and rope, her dampened powers are still leaving her very much restrained.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
<<SAURON?! Here? Now? Oh no. No, no, no, no, no...>>

Oh yes. Marie remembers Sauron. She never saw the dino-man, personally, but she remembers the time he transformed people into dinosaurs -- or apes, for that matter. She remembers almost missing Jennymas because of it. She even vaguely remembers the taste of the acidic bile she left on the walls of Dr. McCoy's lab. If that's not motivation for staying put and keeping quiet, nothing is. She's admittedly scared, but not so much for herself as she is for her friends.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's expression at seeing the pterandon could best be described as Rusty in Oceans Twelve when he realized Isabel stole his phone.


Yeah, that expression.

<<I can get maybe two of us out on the first go with phasing. Do we want to risk letting him but the blammo on our heads or try to negotiate?>> she asks.

Kitty settles down against the others. Stretching out and leaning against Tabitha as it turns out. She's stretching out her foot like maybe she's got a cramp in her leg or something. Her foot ends up poking Rogue in the butt. It also gets her foot onto the chains that are binding Rogue.

Jean Grey has posed:
Rahne is allowed about her task of mercy, another notch in favor of Aerian honor. Her escort watches her, but otherwise seems content to allow her to work.

As for anyone mulling over the dino-man's identity, or think they're sure of it, the Queen seems to settle it, just as the reptoid wings down onto the deck. "Phangor, well met." Who now? "We have come as promised, a now stand together, leaders of our three people." She turns back to look toward the white-feathered Aerian who has closely accompanied her. "True leaders, who stand for our people, and will not be puppets to meddling tyrants."

'Phangor' does not in fact sound much like 'Sauron.' Not as a name, nor...

"Likewise, Majesty," he gives in a slightly hissing response. Would Sauron ever be... polite? Soonafter, the creature turns his long head toward the mast where several of the X-Men are tied, and cocks it curiously. Very much as if they were unfamiliar to him. "And what are... theeeese?"

"Agents of my uncle," the Queen answers brusquely, turning about. "I am uncertain what to do with them. They are clearly outsiders to this land, and claim ignorance, but sail my uncle's ship, and with great readiness for war. They wield magic, as well, though not so strong to overcome an Atlantean ward." A hand touches to her neck, where that talisman hangs.

"Still, I am not one to stand in the face of prophecy. 'Those bearing the X shall be the downfall of the Princess.' My being Queen now changes nothing. They are foretold enemies." There is a grim resolution in the last.

Emma Frost has posed:
Well, apparently it is really hard for humans to tell members of different species apart. Even with the different pigmentation. Emma Frost goes over to move to fold her hands together and lets out a sigh. <<Lovely. Ah, Marie-Anne.. If you deem it useful could you perhaps give them a.. Slightly more nuanced take on the prophecy if you deem it useful? And if so, Ms. Munroe, if she needs it could you ensure some proper theatrics?>> Good to have some backup options in place if they needed it. <<The same with you, Tabitha. Let us remember that we're -likely- nota t cross purposes here. And we've not seen scales nor hide of Sauron so far and he's not the type to interact this much through intermediaries.>> IN other words, they'd gotten off track on a sidequest.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara, ignored by Emma, furrows her brow over those solid black eyes as she peers over the edge of the boat, though she's getting real tired of just looking and not doing anything. Still, she knows her patience is a small sacrifice to make for the good of the mission. Not sure if this Phangor or Sauron, she bides her time clinging to the edge of the boat, hanging so she's out of eyesight from the people on deck but within earshot, for what it's worth, waiting to see what Ororo, Emma, Kitty and the others will do.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Muted though the world might feel, it still exists. Ororo closes her eyes to feel the dynamic patterns around her. The slap of water against the ship, the freshwater currents meeting the salt tang of the sea, the life force of each of the sailor-soldiers keeping them captive.

Fog shrouds the boat, making the air dense with moisture. She draws water from the air, and her hands finally slip from the bonds.

Pretending to be tied, she makes another attempt to sway the Queen, "Wait! That is not the prophecy told us by your conniving uncle. We seek Sauron. We thought he had taken you. I speak the truth while you prefer listening to vague predictions that have nothing to do with us."

Emma's suggestions silence her for a moment. <<And how will that convince them of our good intentions?>>

At Ororo's behest, the fog thins, showing the riverbank and the land beyond.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's attempts to not look so pained at Rahne's attempts at first aid. The utility belt with all the stuff like first aid kits had been confiscated from Tabby's hips. "Fangor? Man that sounds as awful a name as Sauron. Like bad enough naming yourself after a Tolkien character, but to also grib off a horror movie magazne." she mutters and grins.

She really should so stop talking.

<<I dunno what I can add besides fireworks. I'm like drained and I can't feel the fire.>> like some of the X-Men. Tabby should be able to sink the Queen's ship, but the whammy done on the hidden land has kind of done a number on her. <<Do we even know what's messing with our powers?>> she asks while Kitty leans in on her. Odds are if Shadowcat phases her loose, Tabby is going to faceplant.


Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair tears her outfit to create a bandage for Tabitha. She wraps the cloth around the blonde's head, covering her most damaged eye, then says, "Stop talkin so much, ya goober. Gonna get someone mad atcha again."

Then she looks around, a last check for anyone else in trouble, then nods firmly. "I can be tied up again sir. Or whatever y' want." But she's mostly looking at the ongoing politics, she doesn't get loud about it. Be herself, it's her best play right now.

She is not wearing an X. Gave away her shirt a while ago, that leather top is all she's got on her uppers.

Rogue has posed:
The foot to her butt makes Rogue thrash around again, as she considers that an act of war from one of her captors! But with the sudden thrashing comes the sudden phasing of chains, and soon there after the ropes are broken, Rogue's mighty wings flap hard and send a rolling gust of wind over the deck! She's soon there-after soaring up in to the sky, her right hand coming up to yank that hood off her head, then the gag out of her mouth!

Up in the air now, Rogue flows her wings, flying high and taking in the sight of everything down below....

Kitty Pryde has posed:
<<She said an Atlantean ward. And touched that necklace around her throat meaningfully. That's our target,>> Kitty thinks to the others.

Shadowcat has never had to concentrate so much to phase such a small amount of matter. But the chains turn intangible long enough to fall through Rogue, and Kitty's own bonds drop free as well.

She lunges to her feet, jumping over one of the other bound X-men towards the Queen. Arm outstretched like Harry Potter reaching for the Golden Snitch. Only in this case Kitty's aiming for the talisman that hangs about the Queen's neck. Hoping if she grabs it she'll no longer be affected and can phase it easily from her neck.

But not settling on that necessarily working, she's grabbing it to try to rip it free, whether by phasing or just brute force!

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
<<I... could give a reading, certainly Madame Frost, but only so long as I was able to reach my cards, and if I made myself known I would imagine I would be bound, would I not? Or have conditions improved above?>>

While Marie will do most anything she's asked without the slightest bit of objection, one thing she won't do is lie about the future. The future is what it is, and she respects that. This is why fate allows her these glimpses. At least, that's her belief on the subject.

<<They could perhaps use a better seer, though, if they do not listen to their current one.>> She's practically grumbling over the link, arms reaching up to look through the closet for robes. If she's going to need to play the part, she'd better look the part. <<'Her Majesty has great need of a band of wandering warriors and wizards, possessed of beauty and prowess alike.' So much for that...>>

Either their seer is a charlatan, or they won't listen to the real thing anyways, Marie figures, and yes, that makes her a little grouchy.

Jean Grey has posed:
The fog parts to reveal more of the landscape around them. Ahead, the river winds deeply inland, through craggy, rough terrain. It rises quickly, toward a mist-clad peak. Their home, perhaps, not so much unlike the rising tower of the Aerians to the north, but more natural, less constructed.

It also reveals a number of other Pterons perched nearby, or some even circling the ship. Phangor has backup.

Ororo has more than weather at her side. She speaks with a voice that demands attention, that carries with it weight and dignity. Not a snivelling attempt at deception, but a peer speaking to a peer. Leanne focuses, her brow knit. "I don't care what lies he told you-" she begins, as the uncle is brought up, but Sauron's name gives her pause.

And Phangor! Who jumps into the conversation with sudden interest. "They are enemies of the tyrant?" He sounds about as confused as the average X-Man, at this point!

But now, Rogue is free!

There's a sudden screeching amidst all those circling Pterons, while the Aerians on the ship quickly take to arms. Immediately, she's being pursued from both directions, bird-people rising from the ship and dino-dudes from above. Quite a mess, all of it!

"Treachery!" Leanne calls, as the escape begins, mid conversation with Ororo! Very rude, really. She reaches for her sword. And then Kitty lunges for her. The result of the whole thing is quite interesting.

Phasing free of her bonds, the young woman gets her hand to the talisman, and closes her hands around it...

...only to find it still solid in her grip. At first, the Queen looks triumphant, her artifact proving its worth. Moreover, as Kitty lunges forward, she thrusts that swiftly drawn blade straight into her.

It also goes right through, without effect. Which means Kitty's phasing is working in the moment, but the amulet remains very much anchored. And probably BOTH of them are a little confused by the outcomes.

Emma Frost has posed:
And then everything's going to ruckus. Emma hasn't -quite- managed to free herself yet from the bonds, even as she goes to coordinate the team <<Lovely, Ororo, please keep up the cover. Tabitha, stand ready to make some distractions. Nothing particularly destructive. We want to make this an opportunity for them. Marie-Ange.. Please, go ahead and play your role. I'll keep us all updated. Rahne, please ensure that Marie-Ange is safe. Iara, be on standby in case anyone goes overboard and help out however you wish.>>

THen there's the complicated bits. <<Rogue, please don't flatten everyone until we're off the ship and that Ms. Grey is safe.>> Dry land first, make ship a submarine second.

<<Katherine, any countermeasures or do you have the slightest idea what is going on here?>>

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     The pterons circling the ship can spot Iara easily, to which she verbally shouts "Porra!" as she drops and dives into the water, thinking <<You got it, Boss!>> back to Emma as she begins quickly darting through the water under the ship, deciding a mosasaur is probably not going to happen here, she stays a good fifty feet under the boat looking up at the water and waiting for any sign of the surface of the water breaking. From this depth, she has the space to build up speed and launch herself onto the deck if needed, as well...

Tabitha Smith has posed:
With her eye bandaged up, Tabby winces noticeably in front of the Scots werewolf. "If I don't talk then I gotta think of stuff and right now all I can think of is HOW MUCH SAURON SUCKS AND I WANNA KICK HIS BIG GREEN ASS!" she yells very loudly and winces again, slow words and wide open mouth are like not a smart thing to do.

It's never stopped Boom-Boom before.

When everyone else starts getting free or doing their thing. Tabby's stiill in hers just floats tiny little bombs over head.

BOOMs. But little power just seeking out head and eyes of anyone fighting back.

Including the queen.

"It's not treachery untill we're all on the same side, which we are but like damn, you aren't making it easy. If anything it'll be us turning on your uncle. All the tyrants!" she yells while using what energy she still has to pop and crackle those flashbangs while she can.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is in the skies, with both parties trailing after her. Her wild hair is sent around her face as she spares a look over her shoulder, past a wing, and to the groups that are hot on her heels in pursuit.

Good, she likes it this way!

Stretching her wings, the Belle dips her head down and starts on a fast arching swoop down toward the water, that leaves her zipping around the boat, bringing her tails following after her hopefully, and any shark girls in the water can enjoy grabbing some of the people should the desire strike!

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The tenuous moment when Ororo thought she had startled the Queen into really listening breaks apart like the fog around them. The collective X-Women might hear Ororo call imperatively through their linked minds, <<Wait. She was listening.>>

Kitty's clever attack on the amulet (she had wanted to annul its power, too) effectively made her into a liar <<Emma, can you reach her? Tell her the truth?>>

Without thinking of bodily harm, Ororo leaves the ropes dangling to insert herself between Kitty and the Queen. She grabs the Queens's hand. Only the faintest wisp of lightning englobes the royal hand, shocking the Queen.

The power of the storm fills her voice as she commands, "Stop this and listen. We are not your enemies!"

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne is standing to one side, in the entryway to downstairs. She is watching all of this chaos erupt, and sighing.

She notes Marie starting to come up, and offers the girl a fistbump. "Hey," she says thoughtfully. "Come for th' show?"

Then she turns back to watch whatever the eff is going on.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
<<As you wish.>>

A suitable robe is found among the clothes in the closet, and Marie snakes her way into it after sneaking a peek at, and securing her cards. Always seeking their guidance. It's who she is. Keeping them in her hands as she pushes the closet door open and emerges. The robe's hood is pulled down to obscure some of her face, but the French girl's paleness and red hair will still offer her identity to those who know her.

To her surprise, she's able to make her way back above-deck without harassment, and as she emerges from the stairs and into plain view, she brings a little of her own theatrics; about ten feet above her head, a brightly shining (although not blindingly so), eight-pointed star floats. Moving with her, but doing little else. Kinda like a Plumbob in the Sims, but shinier.

"STOP!" she commands; it may very well be the loudest anyone has heard her speak.

'Play her part' Emma said, and Marie holds the keys to the future. The card she drew? The High Priestess. A card she relates with on a personal level. A card that brings her the kind of confidence she normally lacks... because if the deck told her this was her moment, then it clearly was -- and yes, her free hand is going to return the fistbump in kind. That's the power of friendship, folks.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde hears Ororo, and as Storm inserts herself between the two, Kitty reaches down to the hilt of the sword that is currently sticking through her body. The hilt suddenly becomes like touching water to the Queen and then her hand just passes through it as Kitty phases it and then lets go of the talisman and backs up. The sword is held down and off to the side in a non-threatening position.

"Rogue! Everyone! Stand down!" Kitty calls out, and sends a similar thought out through the telepaths if possible.

"We came to help you," Kitty says. "I'm sorry I did that right as it seemed you were willing to listen. If you are willing to talk," she says, and then reverses the sword in her hand, the hilt towards the Queen though not yet extended fully for her to take it, but the offer is there.

Jean Grey has posed:
In the air, both sides give chase. A few of the Aerians are shooting their anachronistically high-tech guns again, but with her combination of powers and ACTUAL WINGS, Rogue is a pretty agile flyer at the moment. The Pterons aren't terribly maneuverable by comparison (with either Rogue or the bird-men), though starting from positions above, they can dive with impressive speed, and several do so, streaking past her and making attempts with their sharp claws or stabby beaks.

Inevitably, a couple OVERDO the dives and can't pull up, hitting the water. That actually seems fine for them in a broad sense (Pteranodons mostly ate fish! That's what those pointy beaks are for!) However, it does put them in the unwitting reach of a Shark Girl, if she's feeling... uh, especially hungry a sentient evolutionary cousin to a bucket of fried chicken.

Belowdecks, whatever ruckus above is as much of a sign as anything for the crewmen held under Aerian guard to attempt an escape. So they do so! They outnumber their guards, although the latter are armed, and thus it turns into quite a chaotic scuffle. Past which Marie-Ange happily just scoots on by...

There's a bright flash on the deck that adds to the chaos, though Phangor holds up a wing-arm to shield himself, and then lunges toward Tabitha, grabbing her with a huge talon. But just grabbing, even as his rather deadly looking beak is inches away. "Speak! What know you of Sauron?"

In the same confusion, Ororo joins the melee with Kitty and Leanne, which becomes a proper jumble. For a second time, the amulet protects its wearer, and the little shock seems to slide over her skin without harm, while the talisman itself glows with a light blue. However, it doesn't seem to protect her weapon the same way, and so a second later, Kitty has it!

Of course, sight of a threat to the Queen draws other attention, with her Aerian counterpart rushing toward Leanne's aid with his own blade, ready to take Kitty on. Still, there's a moment where no one is ACTUALLY murdering anyone...

And then Marie appears! And her demand for a pause, for sanity, carries weight. Maybe just because it's what everyone really wants, despite everything conspiring the other way. Or maybe fate, destiny, whatever power... maybe it truly does play some special role here.

"Who is this one? What do you want?" Leanne demands, jerking away from Ororo and back off from Kitty, with the other Aerian maenuvering to try and intercede. Her tone is on-edge, tense, and yet... she waits, on whatever unspoken message hangs about the newly-arrived seeress.

Emma Frost has posed:
And Emma goes to focus now. <<Do forgive me for this, but we're all on the same side here.. It's simpler to show you>> SEnt up to Phangor along with a mental sense of apology. And Emma goes to guide him through things telepathically. THe team's own experiences with Sauron. Their fights against him in the past, in the Savage Land. The things that he had done to thier friends. THe barbarism. His containment and escape from New York. His mind control of Rogue.

Emma gives him as best she can a summation. The most important part being that they loathed the tyrant in equal measure, had stopped him before, and had come here to stop him again. All they needed to agree on hopefully was that they all utterly loathed the monster and wanted him dealt with. And Emma had enough expeirence with sharing mutual fury over distrust to hopefully get the point across.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara swims in a long oval around the ship, waiting... waiting... but nobody falls overboard... and so... there's nothing she can do?

     No, there is something she can do... There's pterons chasing Rogue in the air. Can she jump out of the water that high? Only one way to try it. She can see the general path they're taking in the air even if it's blurry through the water's surface. She dives a little deeper, then starts propelling herself... higher... faster... until two of them do hit the water... and her eyes focus. She reaches out an arm to slam into the back of one of them as she leaps out of the water, the momentum stopped by the side-grab forcing her to spin like a clipped plane through the air, but this was planned. She lifts the one she slammed into, hopefully putting him into enough pain to think twice about anything other than recovering in the water as she slings him down beneath her and lands feet-first into the water.

     Finning, that is, speeding just under the surface of the water with her dorsal fin breaking the surface until she is upon the other pteron, she leaps out of the water with a flash of teeth as she shouts "GOT YA!" as the second pteron is dragged under. There's a silence in the water as the first calls out for his companion, weakened but still able to tread water, before the second emerges, gasping, above the waves.

     They can almost reach each other before the second is dragged under the water too, for a frightening few seconds, only to emerge a bit later also gasping for breath, panicked and confused, with no sign of the shark-girl. On the opposite side of the boat, the Shark-Girl finally launches onto the deck, clutching... a loincloth and belt soaked in sea water in each hand. "NON-LETHAL TAKEDOWN!" she shouts with manic glee as she tosses them down at the deck like a football spiked into the grass after a touchdown, "They're not climbing back up without these, ha-ha!" Hands outstretched, hunched over with a predatory glance from side to side with that big, carnivorous head, she then starts chasing the nearest aeron or pteron she can find, shouting "WHO'S NEXT!?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a Tabby being grabbed and lifted and interrogated. What does she know of Sauron? There's the stuff in all the dociers everyone knows. "He's a goddamn asshole. Hurt a bunch of us. Kidnapped people we know, turned some of us into dinosaurs. Tyrant with a petty ass ego!" she states and tries to at least broadcast as much as she can and add a little personal feelings. It probably doesn't get as far as the other telepaths in the mind like like Emma or Jean wherever she is in all the mess. But someone can hopefully signal boost things like the memory of having her humanity painfully ripped away from inside her clothes. The imagery itself of Tabby twisting and mutating into a rather massive Utahraptor having come from Dani Moonstar who witnessed it. Long before Tabitha herself had telepathic abilities.

"I still lay eggs somemonths. Sauron is is a bastard with so many boots destined to kick his cloaca! Keeps trying to take over our world too!" she explains verbally while her current physical state and the problems with her powers probably spared everyone the body horror that hadn't experienced it themselves first hand.

As it is the remembered pain might at least be almost as bad as the current fresh pains.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde continues to stand in a non-threatening way, not even reversing the sword's hilt back into her hand as the others run to put themselves between the X-man and their queen. She does stand in a well-balanced stance, ready to react if it turns violent, but doesn't make any moves that would further that happening.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo steps back from Leanne, beaming approval at Emma's summation of their feelings and past events. <<Couldn't have said it better myself.>>

Tabitha's rage and pain reaches her. Turning back to the Queen, she faces her, saying with quiet dignity, "Sauron did many of us great harm. This is the truth. We did not intend war. Nor did we know that we flew under an enemy's flag. We were suspicious of your Uncle but had no background to judge him. Can we talk and set aside all hostilities? We return your weapon to your hand. Your actions will decide what happens next."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue appears at the front of the ship again, flying up and landing down upon its wooden railing much like where she'd been when this had all started originally. She flares her wings out, and then drops down off the railing. "Stand down?!" She shouts. "I'm not the one shooting that laser shit at people!" She adds with a finger thrusted behind her toward the lines of people who had been chasing her through the air.

In fact.

With her lip curled up in a angry expression, Rogue crouches, picks up an arm load of potatoes and starts to lob them at the men and dinos that were chasing her! One potato his a winged man in the eyeball. Another hits one of the dinosaurs in its crotch!

The Belle just keeps throwing the potatoes. "You stand down!" She shouts whilst flinging spuds!

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Still standing in the doorway, Rahne is not engaging. Marie said so! She does, however, have something she's found to do. She's sitting down, and helping people with their wounds.

Potato eyeball? Gotcha covered. Burst eardrums? I'm here. Need a loincloth?


You're on your own, buddy.

I mean, there are limits. But she's helping, and we need a med station right now.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie most certainly would say it's fate. Then again, as most of the 'Knights of X' know, she says everything is fate.

She's here to play her part, though, which means less of the demure, reserved girl who wouldn't raise her voice to anyone. More of the act of confidence that she puts into place at the Hellfire Club. The clinetele there? They need the showgirl, and the French girl has worked there long enough to weave her tales into something less plain-spoken, more fantastical -- but still entirely truthful. She does not cut corners.

"The time of prophecy is at hand!" she announces, eyes scanning the deck to choose her targets as she starts to shuffle her cards in her hands; there's a little flourish, though not quite Roulette-levels of shuffling.

A sharp look is shot over towards Iara who makes a rather epic entrance of her own. "Stand down!" she barks. <<Please, Miss Iara?>> is added over the link. Rogue, she suspects, will be a little harder to convince.

Turning her attention back towards who she believes to be the Queen, she continues. Voice carrying that French accent as usual. "Your Majesty," She knows to use respect. "My name is Marie-Ange Colbert. I am what your people call a seer; I am given glimpses into the future to help guide those who need it the most. It is a gift that has been passed down along my family line for generations, and with your permission, I would like to offer you a look into the future, as well. Fate holds no secrets from me, nor will I from you, no matter what consequences it brings. A wise ruler will listen, and that is all I ask of you."

Assuming she's not stopped -- by either side -- she continues. The star above her fades back into the ether, here, and she holds up the first card for all to see. It's the Strength card in upright position.

"The Strength card drawn in the upright position means bravery. It represents these women before you," She motions with the card towards the assorted X-Women. "who came from a far-distant land with the express purpose of bringing defeat to a great evil. That evil is..." This card is put back into the deck, and a second card is drawn. She's expecting something representing Sauron. Maybe the Regent.

It's the Justice card; reversed, however. She holds it up, unblinking. "A woman of royalty. Powerful, but corrupt and--" she trails, because the card in her hand? Splits, or seems to. Two cards had stuck together, and behind it? The Two of Cups. "...she does not stand alone. She stands with two others, who must be overcome for the land to prosper. You know now why these women are here, what they most do. You hold them captive, you have presented a threat. Fate must judge you, as well, and I deliver her message."

Taking a breath, she slides those two cards back into her deck, and withdraws another. Once again, it's held up. The High Priestess, reversed.

"The High Priestess in the reversed position signifies a woman who has lost her way. Much as I speak as the voice of destiny itself, you, Majesty, have been misguided. You are no foe." She throws her head back to let the hood fall and her face show. "...and fighting you will not further our cause," Our, instead of their, this time. "I suspect our true enemies attempt to turn us against one another, confuse friend and foe in an effort to halt destiny herself... but they will find such a task impossible. We move according to prophecy, each step pre-determined." She speaks with the kind of conviction that, if nothing else, it's extremely clear she believes every word.

'Prophecy' delivered, she replaces the last card back into her deck, and lowers her voice. Looking down. "I have played my part. You may render what judgement upon me as you see fit, Majesty."

Jean Grey has posed:
Phangor is pretty terrifying up close.

To lead the Lemurians may mean royal blood and ancient symbols of lost Atlantis. To do so among Pterons? It means dominance and will. He may be a little more 'polite,' and lack the crazy powers, but underneath? The raw material is every bit as scary as Sauron himself, no less strong as he starts to lift Tabitha from the deck...

...while Emma meets his mind. It is, unsurprisingly, a brutish and savage place. He is a predator, every bit, and a tribal upstart, looking to increase his own power. His is a dubious ally. But the hatred for Sauron is palpable in his mind, and tangles with the images she shows him.

Looking back toward Tabitha, she shows him more of the same, managing to mingle some in with Emma. He gives a screech, trusting her back roughly onto her feet (but at least not throwing her aside) and looking around. Maybe it's not clear to him WHY he's seeing what he's seeing. Reptile eyes scan the deck of the ship, as if seeking clarity.

Is it enough to pacify him, to convince him?

In the mean time, the Aerians show more discipline, taking their lead from their own representative, who in turn seems fixed on Leanne. Though he stands close to make sure she is protected, Kitty backing off leaves him to lower his sword, and by the time Ororo starts to speak, he goes so far as to sheathe it.

"We are reasonable people," Leanne replies. Perhaps it is debatable, if one includes her Pteron allies, but she seems willing to hold off as her once-foes do the same. "If you are truly foes of Sauron, and no friends of my uncle or the false cult..." (that's a new one) "Then mayhaps we are meant to be friends."

Also, did a couple of dino-dudes just get pantsed and hit with potatoes? It is silly, though it does demonstrate a certain commitment to the peace. Victory without blood. The Pterons may not actually care that much for their loincloths, but when they claw their ways back up onto the deck (hello!), they are wet and exhausted, and spare nervous glances in the direction of their prior assailant.

Plus Rogue's aim with those spuds is pretty good!

Ultimately, though, all of this is to set the stage for Marie. Hers is not just a show, it is a message, delivered, and must be heard. While the others have managed to earn a lull, she commands a silence.

Because the Aerians seem very interested. As does Leanne. Phangor, less so. Can't win them all.

From there, the ceremony sells it. It would be convenient for the woman to arrive and declare herself a seer, and dispense words. But the cards add a layer to it. Could a magician stack the deck? Perhaps. But these people seem inclined to belief. At length, Leanne turns from her prior confrontation, and steps forward. There is a mild frown, as she's matched to this final card, and she reaches out a hand, to examine it.

Then she looks back. First to her white-feathered companion, and then to blustering Phangor. "Three foes. Sauron. My uncle." And finally, the bird-fellow, who has mostly played her shadow to this point. He now speaks up.

"And the goddess of the false cult. Each of them, misleading our people." Around the deck, there are murmurs.

Emma Frost has posed:
The theatrics are important. The message has to be given and taken at value. While ever so naive, sincere Marie-Ange will always be truthful and give readings as the cards tell her.. Emma will also be the one on the side to help nudge understanding and appreciation. So Emma has with the others set this stage to build up to an emotional climax..

Of rage against Sauron, the sense of betrayal against those that had tricked thema ll and played them so far, and unity against a common enemy.

Things would likely fall apart later, as far as allies of convenience went.. WEll.. That was why they always had an escape plan ready when it came to such things. Emma Frost watches, even while she would keep track of the buzzing bits.

While wondering how exactly Anna-Marie turned into Missus Roguetato-Head.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Behind, people start to exit the door, becoming visible on deck. Bandaged, taken care of. Washed, helped. Visibly medic'ed, they walk out

People from all sides of the conflict, taken care of without judgement. Without any holding back, and taken care of well. Still inside, Rahne continues helping, then sending out these examples of what OUR team wants.

She uses no words, but there is no denying it. Not without looking like a total asshat anyway.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde offers the sword hilt-first, returning it to the Queen. And giving a little bow of her head as if in apology for the earlier kerfluffle.

The young woman turns to view how everyone is reacting. "It's good to see everyone come together against common foes," she says as she shines a look of approval on everyone. She walks over to Rogue and slips her arm about her friends shoulder. "Nothing like having a Fellowship to defeat Sauron."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
A detente then. Thanks to Emma's powerful telepathy, Tabitha's raw truth and their wielder of the Tarot and seer extraordinaire, Marie-Ange. Will they hear her?

Ororo sweeps her hand between the assorted forces, Lemurians, Aerians and Pterons.

Diplomatcially, Ororo ignores the unfrocked dino-dudes, and the bruises blooming from Rogue's exceptional aim. "Together we can be a united front against a common enemy. We came seeking to return you to your rightful place, your Majesty. We can help."

Dare she mention the loss of their powers? <<I think the Queen knows what her amulet can do. If we can reach a real understanding then I will tell her about what I suspect is happening. What do you all think?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
It's probably a miracle that Tabby doesn't throw up on the sot. Phangor is pretty scary and the male can probably tell Tabby is at least trying to hide her fear. Everything in her head was real but that doesn't always help.

Shoved back, she turns about to try and pivot and not fall back over, not easy when her head is still throbbing and she can barely see out of one bruised eye, let alone the one puffed out covered by former clothing supplied by Rahne.

<<I think we kinda like got our point across finally?>> she asks her friends and looks for something to lean against.

There's some dry heaving but thankfully her stomach is empty already so no ick. "So, one more bad guy? False goddess? Deets, name, looks, logo and branding, phone number, address? Powers? Goddess of like what?" She asks the real questions. Ororo gets a nod. <<I just wanna know when I can get my powers back.>> she states over the mind link.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara had just managed to hoist one of the potato-pelted pteronodon people up onto her shoulder and had just hooked her webbed fingers into his belt when Marie does her thing, the entire fight seeming to slow to a pause to listen to her speak. "Wow." she says, her blank shark face blinking in amazement, before speaking aloud in a completely earnest, genuine fashion, "I wonder what her mutant power is..."

     Seeing the fight seem to end she sets the flying reptile man down on his talons, brushing him off and... holding him by the shoulders for a moment, looking across his face and chest as if deciding something, like he's a menu at a cafe. She shakes her head as she lets him go, and then peers across the deck, at Phangor... and bites her lip.

     A little awkwardly, the colossal carcharodon sidling with her hands behind her back as she tries to unassumedly approach the queen and her ally... until she gets to the Pteron leader. "So..." the six-foot-seven amazonian shark says, hesitating for only a breath as she looks him up and down and can't completely hide her triangular-toothed smile. "Is there a... Mrs. Phangor?"

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie, for her part, will allow the examination; the card itself is very mundane, carefully illustrated and old. Probably over a hundred years, but not more than that. She does keep her eyes on the card while it's out of her head, and gives a small nod of thanks once it's returned. As her prophecy rings true with their captors, she looks up, offering a faint smile.

"If you have further questions, your Majesty, I would be happy to delve further into the wisdom of destiny at your request. I swore a sacred oath to present the future as it is given to me, with no additions or omissions, and if fate has foretold you and your allies to be friend, I am honored to serve."

Afterall. The deck said she was misguided; perhaps she can offer guidance to set the Queen back on the right path.

Although, right now? There's a part of her that definitely wants to go find the nearest corner to hide in, and take a nap. Marie-Ange Colbert is not a creature made for the spotlight, but when fate demands? She obeys, however personally uncomfortable it is for her.

Jean Grey has posed:
"It is decided then," Leanne echoes Ororo, the hard look that has rested on her features finally softening a touch. "All of us together, fighting to restore what has been taken from each, to remove those who would rule unjustly, for their own purpose rather than the common good."

"We are agreeeed," Phangor chimes in, almost overly eager, and taking the momentum of the moment, like a hot updraft of air. "Together, we will overthrow the foul tyrants! And conveniently..." His webbed arm sweeps back across the deck, toward the great mist-shrouded mountain vista behind them, "One of them roosts nearby. I say there is no reason to delay. The prey is near. Let us hunt!"

Well, the X-Men will certainly be happy to get off the damn side-quests, right?

Even should they have to wait their turns, neither Leanne nor her Aerian counterpart seem to object, while the latter takes a moment to glance aside at Tabitha. "They call her Arrash. My people... like the Lemurians, we live among the ruins of the old. Many relics of the great ancient ones lie in our care. But the knoweldge of them, save the simplest," and he glances meaningfully toward one of the soldiers armed with those surprisingly high-tech guns, "has long been lost. The cult, however, claims their new goddess has given them knowledge of these things. And so they follow her teachings. The power of such things..."

"... will cause great strife throughout these lands," Leanne adds, glumly. "Compared to it all, my struggle seems small. But I suspect my uncle may play some part in all of it, stand to profit."

And so it all seems decided. With their most immediate objective ahead of them, the Aerians return to work, making the ships ready again, and cleaning up loose potatoes. The news has evidently reached below, interrupting the ongoing prison-break among the Lemurian soldiers, who are soon given leave to return to their posts... all save the former Captain, who Leanne takes as a likely pawn of her uncle. The Pterons scatter back the air, following the ship on wing... save for Phangor, who gives a long, beak-y grin to Iara. "I have no chosen mate."

Meanwhile, a 'rogue' potato rolls its way along the deck, ending its route when it bumps into Jean. She blinks awake, looks around, and up around. "Um, what'd I miss? Hey. What's a girl gotta do to get untied around here?"