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Freelance Peacekeeper
Date of Scene: 17 January 2023
Location: Midtown - New Troy
Synopsis: T'Challa comes face to foot with a giant out of towner in the forth of a Freelance Peacekeeping Agent.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, T'Challa

Emma Frost has posed:
In the Avenue of TOmorrow, something is amiss. That looks like it just came from the Jules Verne Museum. But is big. Very, very big. A ten or so meter tall robotic.. Entity that seemed to be made up of mismatched parts. A flowing cape, shield on his back, and festooned with enough weaponry to make someone from a 90's era thing give a thumbsup.
    The robot would pause, looking over at a large window in a biulding. "What sort of messed up planetoid have I ended up this time? Aiming for somewhere civilized, like Chandrilar's Murder Den. Never teleport trans-dimensionally third class again." The bulking robot would speak to itself.

T'Challa has posed:
Standing by the road as he is leaving the buisness districk walking in his fine black and purple suit, and fashionable backpack of a bag over his shoulder that is T'Challa king of Wakanda. Though looking at him, other then being well dressed, and kept he might not look like it right now as he was visiting Metropolis to try to find the Justice League as he had missed his chance to catch up in Diana's meeting. As he felt the shake he looked up thinking maybe it was Superman, or some other super-strength individual though as he looked up he just kept looking up, as he slowly took of the sunglasses on his head. He says something in Xhosa to himself, something on the lines of Great Spirit.

Shaking out of the shock his mind kicks into action as he is moving back into the store he looks at the lady behind the cashier in side. "Is there a changing room?" he asks her accent thick as usual. As the lady points he moves to 'change' as he tells her. "Get out of the Store! Take everyone with you and go." as he swaped his other suit the one he had in the bag. The bag was actually a highly secure container that was made to look like a normal back-pack, though he put his normal clothes in it just the same.

Now the Black Panther ran out again to look at this thing, and consider what might be the best avenue of approach. Warning people was just a start, he knew he would have to get closer, and perhaps climb it, though he sighed. "I should of brought a bigger suit."

Emma Frost has posed:
The huge robot goes to continue muttering, "So unless this planet has a working inter-galactic teleporter, I'm going to be marooned here, aren't I?" The query rhetorical in some manner. Not bothering to draw any sort of weapon ro make a threatening gesture. Even as several of the locals were taping him with camera phones.

"Such limited technology. Just a couple standard derivations away from chasing one another with sticks getting friction burns to make sparks. What a world to be on." HIs shoulders would slump over, even as he would simply go to take a giant step -over- the crowd. WHich would have them scatter some. But still, he wasn't stepping on them or threatening them.. Though he certainly had enough weapons to do.

Of the Black Panther, there was no sort of awareness of T'Challa's presence as the large robot would keep on walking along. "No trans-galactic telecommunications.. They probably use something barbaric here for exchange, don't they? Couldn't be something simple like barter system, could it?"

T'Challa has posed:
As he follows the street runing at full sprint he hears in his ear. "You don't plan to just run up and hit it do you?" as he keeps running he puts a finger to his ear "That was the general idea." he talks to his sister over Comms routed through his Embassy of course, but with the suit she can see what he can. She starts explaining by the size and weight of just normal metal it should weigh more then any damage he could do and how her brother is a neanderthal, in which T'Challa interupts. "Remember I am your king." and gets a chuckle back as they obviously had this discussion before.

He watched the distruction as the creature moved, cars swearving, though the creature being way to big to even notice most likely. As he approaches the Black panther leaps as a leg is swooping by him to move forward. He tries to sink his anti-metal alloy vibranium claws into the foot hoping he can hold on as he is about to go for a ride.

Emma Frost has posed:
The jump and pounce does get a reaction, "Guh! Just had that boot reattached! What you hitting it with? Some sort of corrosive agent? Interesting!" He goes to lift up his foot with T'Challa still attached (possibly) and then goes to simply stomp on it with him over ot the ground. Presuming it's not stopped clean, it would send a small shockwave around! "Also, have to look through local datanets to see if there's any payouts for you. So do be helpful and stay still enough so I can get a solid picture, yes! Appreciate the favor." He would go calmly like he was discussing something totally normal.

His body would be -weird-. Parts in it from dozens of different planets and technologies, like someone had put them together on haphazardly over time as replacements had been put in again and then had new ones. Spare parts, kludgery.. The robot must be very old or in constant combat. Possibly both.

T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther realised they had stoped as he climbs to the spike that is predruding out the ankle, and swings up on it as the foot is lifting. He says to the air, "I am a bit busy.. What do you need me to do to hack it!" instead of standing there though he jumps using the extra lift to get higher on the other leg, as it smashes down.

He looked down as it was a long ways now, but he could not stop the destruction that followed not sure what this thing was, but sealing it in his mind he had to stop it. "Sister.. we need to stop it.. Where do I need to drop the bead." and listens for a moment as she explains to him how this thing was so many different parts of different things she would not even know where an access point is but to keep scanning with the eyes of his suit, and keep moving as it seemed to know where he was at and did not want him there. Looking up at the thing, he had hoped just plain phyisics would alow him time to move if the thing came at him again as that was a lot to move.

Emma Frost has posed:
The robot looks annoyed. It had a surprisingly articulate and expressive face for a giant robot. "Stop trying to put whatever your grubby hands are after inside me. Annoying, yes. No matter what you think, flesh is very hard to cook out of my frame. So don't have bits of you torn out and stuck in it. But, since you're making a general hassle of it.." He would go to reach over onto his back and move to take off a large.. Funnel. Which he would just as smoothly move to swap off on his left hand. "Suppose this may put your retail value down. Presuming you're worth anything. Hate doing freebies, but self defense. So get off."

Presuming he was not stopped, a streak of -very- hot flame would come out of the nozzel to spray around in a wide arc!

T'Challa has posed:
Climbing he sees the thing reaching for something. "Any time now Sister." he adds as he did not like the look of that though he listened to only typing as the thing put the funnel on its arm. "Fine.. Plan B." he sighed as he used his claw to other then grab cut a large hole, and reaching in with the suit tear out pieces as fast as he could grab, and yank.

Not looking at the flame thrower behind him he sighed a bit as tries to pushed himself under the metal into the robots leg itself to usie the Robots own hide to protect him from the flame..

Of course sensors of pressure warnings would go off as it was not ment for this kind of thing, but at least he wasn't burnt to death though it would get a bit warm. He mumbles to himself waiting for the flame to stop, and them to try something else before he would cut his way back out again mumbling to himself, "I hate plan B."

Emma Frost has posed:
The flame goes over the robot's leg, who hisses, "Oh, we have ourselves a squirmer, yes?" He doesn't seem -that- phased by the extreme heat. Maybe there was some sort of coating on him or something? The flame does stop over and then there's anotehr click as the robot goes to switch out the flamer for a very, very big glowing axe attached to his hand.

"Don't' know who you are or why you care, but you're not worth anything." The large axe glowing a solid blue over even as it would flash in the air.

"So, little man, get out of the way or I'll make an exception to my rule of 'no freebies' just for you. Understand, y es?"

T'Challa has posed:
T'challa hears it, but looks up and has to say.. "You want me to what." he is coming back out of his leg-hole looking at it now armed with an axe. He reaches into his belt, and pulls out.. a white sheet. He hoped it  it was large enough, as he cranked up the speakers. "We of earth wish parley.. Trade... Speak!" he watches that axe though. as he waves again

He hoped this would work, but it was unknown did it even know what that was, though if not there were other options.

So for now he waves the white sheet yelling through the speaker, hopefully high up enough, and loud enough to maybe just be heard. If he was perhaps he could get closer. If it doesn't work though he planned an escape route from that axe as he did not wish to be wherever that thing was going to land.

Emma Frost has posed:
The axe is lowered even as T'Challa makes a point of speaking to the robot. "Ah, better." HE would grumble, "So much better than your local languages. Enough to make someone want to bleed a database for how many there are." Presuming T'Challa does no longer attack, the axe is then put over on the back of the robot, and the hand is reattached.

The robot then goes to speak in Mandarin, "THis one is acceptable. It has some logical syntax to it. Not like the one everyone is jabbering here which sounds like they're stuffing together random noises and hoping someone gets what they mean, yes?"

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa starts talking "I wish to.." then turns down the speakers, then back up. "Do you ace.." back down. Inside the suit he smiled a bit, as it was him controlling the speakers. He had to get closer, so the best way was to make it difficult for him to hear. So as he tried to talk he would purposfully lower the volum at the most important part. Not out the speakers, though inside the suit he tells his sister.. "Your timing can not be off, send it, and be ready." then turns the speaking back on.

Finally in broken Mandarin he says.. "Can't speak.. too far." not suggesting an answer instead waiting for the thing to come up with its own answer as he waited to see if he could even pull this off.

Emma Frost has posed:
There's a sigh over from the robot, "Very well." Then it begins rattling off the same, trite phrase in one language after another if not stopped. Shi'Ar. Trade Majedestian. English. Spanish. Cantonese. French. Spanish. Presuming not stopped, the robot would then start going through the major languages of Africa, speaking things as if using a rapid upload of Google Translate.

THe robot is however, not going to try and step on him or squish him while also muttering something in an alien language -that- T'Challa does know about stupid little people on Dirt.

T'Challa has posed:
As they are talking T'Challa is messing with one of the beads he is letting them talk, as he fiddles with it and then stops. He says outloud. "I apologize for the false pretense." and hangs by one claw he throws the bead up, and up, as it hits near the chest area other then cut it just sticks there the adhesive he put on the side holding it in place, as it sparks once... then twice. Black Panther explains. "See you had a lot of different parts so it got us thinking.. How does he keep em all working together." the sparking would start spreading, "Welcome to Earth.." the simple sound of 'whoooo' coming in from behind the giant robot.

As he says that the program should already be seperating the different parts that make him, a virus of his sisters design ment to start a wave of failure that even the largest creature would fall to. Size in this case wouldn't help as one would lead to another and another as pieces would then start falling off with a fist over his chest salute Black Panther would release his grip, and start falling backwards through the air away from the robot. As he gets just to the top of where the buildings would be that sound shows itself as a small arrow shapped jet like plane flies past the creature. As the wing covers Black Panther he does not reapear from the other side as he had mid-fall grabbed onto the waiting line to cary him away in the shadow of the plane.

He did look back as it should keep working till the thing was in pieces and the local department of whatever took care of giant robots should take care of it.

Emma Frost has posed:
The robot is for now holding back while muttering, trying to find a language that works with T'Challa. The axe is back over then even as the Black Panther elaborates. "Wha?" The robot goes to take a step forwards over towards T'CHalla. Even as his hand goes to fall off. Then the arm does at the elbow. Then the shoulder. THen all of the other parts of the body are falling down and over to the ground as they would roll off in various chunks and nuggets. This just leaves the head which would glare over at T'Challa with near murderous intent (well, if robot optics could give intent).

"Gave you the opportunity to negotiate when asked. WOn't do so again." He would hiss over even as his vocalizer would go to fall off, dropping to the ground along with those horns a moment later. It was a win. A messy one.. But a win was a win!