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Discordants: To the matresses!
Date of Scene: 11 February 2023
Location: Hyperspace
Synopsis: The Ravagers meet Jn, a space do-gooder-goody-two-shoes. They also encounter a curious gang of bandits.
Cast of Characters: Thor, Kraglin Obfonteri, Yondu Udonta, Harley Quinn, Kora Johnson

Thor has posed:
    It had seemed like a clean escape.
    The Eclector's engines had roared and they had avoided the large cruisers that harried them. They had dashed from point to point with bursts of FTL, surging across the cosmos. Normally it only took a jump or two to lose the pursuing vessels. But for some reason every point that the Eclector came out of near civilization they were soon scanned and alarms would go off. Sometimes they wouldn't even get a sensor reading on the ship, the Black Fleet's vessels were so quick and had such a thin sensor profile.
    The crew, however, came together well under Yondu's leadership. It was a steady 71 hours of conflict, of tension, of harassment. For some of the crew they were able to maintain that high rate of activity, for others they had to be spelled by others. Yet all of the Ravagers knew that if they slowed up for one moment... then they were done for. Because the warriors of Thanos are not merciful. And they enjoy making examples of people.
    Until finally, the Eclector came out of warp pursuing a hint of a distant beacon. It was a small sign of a settlement on a rough looking death planet, just a hint of a possible place that might have supplies or a dry dock, while not being on any charts.
    When the Eclector made planetfall, their sensors had a hard time penetrating the living canopy of the planet. The settlement was discernible as it had ruins around it and a suitable landing area, complete with repair equipment and heavy cranes for the managing and moving of vessels. Yet the people living on the grounds were clearly not the ones who had created the initial settlement. They were furry souls with large ears and a marsupial look to them, yet they had some mechanical acumen and when Yondu negotiated terms for repairs and supplies... they had bartered well and fairly.
    With the havoc the planet played on sensors it was unlikely the Black Fleet would be able to follow them there, so at the least now it was a time of peace. The Redonds, the people who lived in the large structure, were friendly and had several gathering places for their people where tales were told, and drink was shared.
    Which was where the crew would learn of the greatest invention the Redonds had created. A fermented peach drink that was well worth the trip.
    And it was there that the man known as SteveRogers thumped his wooden mug onto the table amongst the many happy souls there. "Now this, is a beverage."

Kraglin Obfonteri has posed:
Snugged up against the bar, one foot on the rail, Kraglin points at Steverogers with his thumb and raises his eyebrows sardonically, "Was it worth the trip?"

The first mate's stiff crest of hair leans to the side as tired as its owner. It's been at least three days since his face has seen a razor, and it's as creased as his uniform. He takes a long quaff of the famous peach concoction, then bangs his mug on the bar. Then, turning to the captain, he leans and asks quietly, "Ya think we'll have time to refit and fuel before they find us?"

Yondu Udonta has posed:
Their arrival had not lead to immediate shore leave. First Yondu wanted to give it some time to be sure they weren't being followed again. When nothing had gone off for six hours, he had half the crew stand down but remain on the ship. They rotated each other out so they could get some rest if they had not.

After eight hours, he opted to chance it. Negotiations had been made, the ship was being checked over to be certain it was not damaged after their encounters. And the crew was given shore leave.

Yondu hadn't slept yet. And he looked as tired as Kraglin, with that scruff from the lack of shaving. Yet, he too needed a drink after all of this thus he had joined the crew in finding a watering hole.

At the question, he gave a shrug and eyed his half empty cup in confusion. He didn't remember drinking it. That couldn't be right.

"Hopin' so. Course, they show up anytime soon, we're dead. Cause ain't no way half of the crew could even make it back to the ship. What's in this shit?" He looked at the mug again then to his people within hearing range.

Harley Quinn has posed:
It had been an hectic time for everyone. Even for Luna Drake, the elusive new ship doctor and while she had been wanting conflict to happen against the Black Fleet (was she suicidal?) she had quickly taken to helping with the wounded as they came in after conflict with the black ships shooting at them. And somehow those that came to the medical bay would come out refreshed, and even if not physically so their minds would be sharp, ready. No morale faltered with the wounded.

Luna Drake medicine woman, seemed to be worth every credit spent on her!

Now that they were finally down on a planet looking for refuel it was time for some rest. To recover. The doctor had accepted to be there during drinks but 'only for one round' or so she had said. There was that hardened expression on her as she watched the proceedings. Happy souls? She might not be one of those. But she's there at least!

Maybe to keep tabs on those that didn't go to medical bay. Is she eyeballing Kraglin again? COULD BE!

"Fruity and sweet? Thought you'd be the type for something harder." She comments of SteveRogers. And then she takes a sip from the famous peachy drink. So fruity. "Peaches." she answers the Captain, "Lots and lots of peaches." is she trying to make a joke? Hard to tell with the deadpan delivery.

Kora Johnson has posed:
This is a town that has a rhythm to it. The furry little creatures carry about their payloads, pull hovering carts, and generally seem to live somewhat peaceful lives. The primarily currency seems to be broken shards of recovered scrap from the ruins that surround the town - but they also seem happy to accept other kinds of currency too.

That calm and pulse of society suddenly changes though when bells begin to ring out across the settlement. The reaction from the local furballs is quick and swift. The streets are abandoned, shop fronts are shut, doors are locked. Some hover carts are left abandoned where they stood.

One of the patrons of the tavern kicks his feet up on the table. With a drink in his hand he lifts it up in cheers; an off worlder with a broad brimmed hat who clearly isn't fussed by the noise and action. "Here we go again - enjoy the show it's a good'n," he says and takes a sip giving a salute over to the new offworlders who have settled in. The owner of the place rushes over to unplug the music machine and pull down metal sheets to over the windows out the front, his tail twitching underneath his long coat.

Thor has posed:
    The good SteveRogers had been as active as the others, though his role had been much more... limited. He stood and was a stalwart soul, grim and dour as he provided his presence on the bridge. Though there were two times when he rushed to join a damage crew, and with his aid they were able to repair the ship as quickly as possible.
    Yet he had not had the weight on his shoulders the others had. But during the whole mess he had felt powerless, and wished he could have done more. It ended with him feeling restless. And why he had three mugs of the peach drink downed already.
    He took a deep breath, then eyed Luna sidelong. "I am... a man of broad tastes." He offers. Smiling slightly, though it is a weary smile, with a hint of exhaustion.
    Though in that moment is when the bells go off.
    The response is almost instantaneous with how quickly the Redonds respond to the sound. The sunlight is hidden behind the heavy shutters closed, the tavern owner slides a heavy sheet of metal in front of his door. One of the barmaids scoops up her young'un and carries him quickly up the stairs, using the ceiling rungs in places to help her swing up and out and above.
    Soon enough there's a hint of silence...
    Then the silence is broken by the whir of some sort of repulsor engine that churns outside in the middle of the road for the town, something heavy and thrumming with a 'whir-whir-whir-whir' to it that as it starts to pass by causes the metal shutters to rattle.
    "Captain?" SteveRogers gets to his feet, moving in the direction of the sound. He does not emerge from the bar, though he does perhaps try to open a shutter slightly to peer through.
    And for those that do go take a look...
    They'll see what looks like some sort of heavy squarish transport carrying 8 armored figures in full black exo-suits.

Kraglin Obfonteri has posed:
Muttering a blue streak under his breath, Kraglin pats the gun at his hip and pushes off the bar to join Steverogers and peer out the gap he holds open.

"Nope, nope, nope. It's not looking good. We've got bad company, Cap'n." Not many in the galaxy equip themselves like that and Kraglin is not taking bets on whether he is wrong.

Back to the wall, he pulls out his comlink to the ship, keeping a steady focus on the captain, he says in a crisp voice. "This is the First Mate. Bridge, we've got company. Have engines on standby. Power weapons on and wait for the captain to give firing instructions. Later, ya wanna tell us why you didn't see them coming?"

Yondu Udonta has posed:
At first there is concern it's the Order but the armored figures don't look familiar. They could be but they weren't the exact types of uniforms those beings utilized. "Not sure these are the ones that've been after us," Yondu drawled as he moved away from those slats and back to the bar itself. "Take up positions. Act casual." Since of course his crew that were sober would have a clue what he was saying and move to points where they could cover entries and exits but while sitting at tables or standing in small groups looking like they were just enjoying a night out. The drunk ones? Who knew how that would go.

Yondu settled in leaning against the bar. "Refills for the crew." Then he adjusted his jacket ever so slightly to be sure the Yaka Arrow was unencumbered should he need to fight.

Harley Quinn has posed:

That's what Luna does when all the locals go find cover. She doesn't seem too worried. Specially when it seems like it's not the Black Order. "You seem to know what's up." She asks of the off worlder that doesn't seem too worried either. Yet eventually she turns to go have a look at the figures coming their way, her expression tightening in concentration while she continues to look over each in turn.

This doctor can be so weird sometimes.

Kora Johnson has posed:
The offworlder smirks at Luna and says, "Just the usual ruffians demanding free stuff to avoid violence. They don't much care about tourists. Just the scrap and the booze."

This kind of hussle has played out across millions of towns across millions of worlds across millions of galaxies. The shake down, the protection racket. It's probably a scam some of the crew have pulled more than once in their careers. These guys are no different. They're geared up to dominate and this town does not have the defences needed to counter their aggression.

And yet, one key component of the shake down is compliance from the locals. The owner of the tavern keeps peeking outside. He's hedging his bets. He has a crate full of that peachy goodness that would certainly go to the raiders and yet he's holding back.

The quiet streets belong to the either armored invaders now. And yet one person, clearly an off worlder, wearing nothing but rags and a cloak steps out in front of them. "Good evening," she calls out to the raiders. "I'm afraid there's been a change of plans. The mayor of this town does not wish to pay you a tithe anymore."

The far building, an administration building, has its door open and an important looking furry man waves a fist in to the air, then quickly shuts the door before him.

The leader of the raiders presses a button on the side of his armor and his helmet snaps away revealing the face of a man with pointed ears and a pinkish skin. He also currently wears the face of someone confused and annoyed. "You what? Who are you meant to be?"

With a small bow of her head she says, "I am Jn. I must politely inform you that I can't let you harass these lovely people any more."

The leader laughs, points his big gun at the woman and pulls the trigger. The blast should have vaporised half of her body but an energised sword has been revealed. Having deflected the attack, a small smoking crater behind her tells the story of her tactic. The leader of the raiders frowns, taps his helmet back in to place and commands his crew, "Kill this slat-crunger. Blast the buildings. Let's teach these Redonds a lesson in OBEYing their BETTERS."

Thor has posed:
    The other armored figures deploy off the personnel carrier with a heavy _thud-thud-thud_ as their suits are set down. They are squat things, with one arm composed of some sort of vibrating blade, while the other arm has a four-barreled cannon of some kind. Heavy and strong, they seem to waddle partially as they advance, now at the behest of the leader with the pointed-ears. The armor seems intricate with its work being deep and detailed, yet there is no denying the severity of their weaponry.
    Turning back to look at the others, SteveRogers frowns for a moment, shaking his head. "This situation seems ill, Captain." His good eye flicks from one to another to another, gaze wandering before he looks back to the small opening in the shutters.
    An accented voice is heard from the speakers of one of the armored suits, "To defend one's home is an honorable thing. This is not your home, there is no honor here. Withdraw."
    Only for the point-eared bandit to growl, "Shut up and shoot her!"
    Which has those armored suits conferring with each other. Then one seems to shrug and levels his cannon in her direction.

Kraglin Obfonteri has posed:
Sourly, Kraglin squints, "Ain't no way, I'm letting them shoot her. She ain't even armored."

It isn't the first mate's first fire fight. Comm closed but still in his off hand, Kraglin unholsters his gun. "This is about all I'm carrying, Cap'n. Leastways, it ain't who I thought it was. So, we gonna let 'em know we're here or go out the back and flank 'em? Say the word."

Yondu Udonta has posed:
And hearing someone talking back has Yondua casually moving back to the window to join those peering out between the slats. Though he does keep his drink in hand and takes a sip of it. Then when things go to hell, a few thoughts go through is head.

They are Ravagers and honestly, they aren't angels. Not even close. Basically from what Peter Quill told him, they were more like pirates. Which meant they served their own interests. They weren't heroes. They didn't fight for causes. It was about the credits. Sometimes that involved salvage. Sometimes it involved other activities. But no matter what, it was on their terms.

So a brawl between local thugs and locals wasn't a blip on the radar for them. Normally. Until one took in the rest of the equation.

They were going to do a lot of damage to the town. Again, wouldn't matter. Except the Eclector was in that town at the moment. With all their equipment, their M-Ships, their belongings. It was their only way of getting off this mudball of a planet and it was their means of escape if the Black Fleet showed up which could happen at any moment. So if these hooligans went nuts and moved far enough up the street, Yondu's ship could be in danger.


Because on top of all that, the crew had been running for days. They hadn't been able to really fight. And they were itching for one. Here one just rolled up and said 'please' and there was no calming them down.

"You got a back door in this place? Anyone wantin' a piece of this, head out the back and flank the assholes. Those are the ones in the armor," he added, just to be sure. The crew had been drinking. "Those that don't want a piece of this can stay in here or head back to the ship."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"That doesn't seem like a local." Luna points out about the one named Jn that is going against the thugs. All alone. Rather impressive considering she only has a sword and they have blasters and ..., is that a cannon? But Luna knows the strongest weapons are those hidden.

Like the mind.

The good doctor focuses as she continues to look through those slats, one hand being brought up to the side of her head. Eyes close momentarily as a wave of mental vertigo is sent to a couple of the armored thugs to throw them off balance.

The word from the Cap'in seems to be flanking though and so that's what Luna does, stepping from the slats to follow the rest of them to the outside. And still no weapons for the good doctor. Whatever will she do to help out there?! Give them a stern, sour look, that's what. Because those drinks are just way too fruity and sweet and someone needs to deliver on hte sourness.

Kora Johnson has posed:
Jn seems remarkably calm for someone facing down cannons and thugs in heavy armor. She finds it curious how one of them seems reluctant to follow the order and supposes it takes all kinds to be a ruffian gang of naredowells. Their most vocal proponent seems more like a problem at the moment so perhaps she'll be less kind to him.

A foot scuffs in to the dusty ground and she begins to run at them. She does only have an energy sword after all. Her free hand extends out and with a push from her mind she knocks that arm canon up so that it will fire harmlessly away.

With a slide on the dusty ground she dodges past another blast from a raider, letting it hit their comrade. The heavy armor seems to take the brunt of the blast, knocking the poor guy off his feet. Her energy sword sweeps up and is met by one of the raiders blades, slicing through it cleanly.

"You might be wondering about now - just what are they paying me to do this hm? Not a cent," she says having experienced the mercantile mind before and how it struggles to grasp the notion of 'doing the right thing' without renumeration.

Thor has posed:
    There's a rush of blades and the hiss and sizzle of weapons fire as well as the sword slicing through well-crafted metal. It's all a blur of motion as she's able to stagger one of those heavy armored suits that stumbles back on its stubby feet. The others fan out and they start to bring fire down upon Jn around where she moves and stands. Shields flicker to life over the egg-like shaped armor, causing blue flashes of light to emit as the suits are knocked back and knocked around.
    The point-eared warrior roars, "Stop playing with her, destroy her! Idiots!" He hefts his plasma gun to his shoulder again to take another round in her direction but she moves so _fast_. It's frustrating and it's clearly writ so on the bandit's features.
    Though the battle seems to be going somewhat ill, and as Yondu issues his orders, Kraglin makes ready, and Luna drinks...
    SteveRogers perhaps commits his first act of insubordination.
    As out of nowhere the metal shutters suddenly fly across the distance and _slam_ into the side of one of those armored suits, knocking it hard onto its back. Its small feet kicking in the air as it struggles.
    Leaving SteveRogers to turn back and look into the eyes of his crewmates where he has the wherewithal to at least look... chagrined. He clears his throat, and then gathering all of his time amongst the Ravagers he explains his actions...
    "It slipped."

Kraglin Obfonteri has posed:
When Kraglin closes his mouth, he looks around at the Captain and gestures widely outside with his gun, encompassing Steverogers and his targets.

"So much fer flankin'."

He doesn't even try to hide how impressed he is, "Shit, man. That's one way to open a winder. Well, come on."

He fires out of the window opened the hard way, aiming for the weapons being pointed at the woman. A second shot pings a newcomer's weapon, trying to provide cover.

On the second shot, he goes over the window ledge, laying down fire. Over his shoulder, he hollers, "Some cover be appreciated."

Yondu Udonta has posed:
There is that momentary look from Yondu that is purely a disapproving father. He eyes SteveRogers for a few long seconds then shrugs.

"Have at 'em, boys!"

And he is heading out onto the street just as the others are. He purses his lips but no sound is heard. Yet.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Hard eyeroll out of Luna. Not because Thor just barged out the front 'door' and kicked the ass out of one of the guys. But that he turned to explain himself! Never apologize for kicking ass. The doctor stops on her way out the back and then just shrugs at the captain in that 'what can you do' manner.

Yet this is an actual fight now, and Luna doesn't want to see the Ravagers dead. She is here for a reason after all! Which is why when she steps out of the Thor-shaped door she focuses again. Power shields. Armors. All very good and fine against conventional weaponry. But not against the mind.

Which is why one of the attackers that was currently taking pot shots at Kraglin suddenly reaches up to their head and screams, dropping to their knees. All while Luna is looking his way. That's giving cover, right?!

"Might as well own it and go out there and kick their ass, Rogers." She tells SteveRogers.

Kora Johnson has posed:
"Truth is," she says as she backflips out of the way of a large metal sheet suddenly flinging in to one of the raiders. She looks down the road catching eyes with Thor as she flicks her hair back. Her sword moves behind her and blocks at blow from one of the raider swords without her even looking.

A smile upon her lips, the aid certainly welcome, which she rewards with a wink. Spinning around, she cuts away a corner of the radier's armored boot, just out of his shield radius, so that he stumbles to his side as his cannon blasts just past her.

"You killed my cousin's pet Gnug a month ago during one of your raids. So I suppose, in a way," she says as she rolls out of the way as the pointy eared one gets more and more furious, "this is about revenge." She doesn't deliver the line like someone seeking revenge though. This is not 'six fingered man killed my father'. She is too cool a customer. She has that holier than thou air to her.. 'hero' nonsense.

And then suddenly she has all this backup. It warms her heart that others would put themselves in dangers way for the right reasons. One of the raiders is screaming, another was taken out by that sheet. The battle has broadened and 'get her' is no longer the highest priority. She turns her sights back to the one barking orders. "His name was FluffGnugget."

Thor has posed:
    At the reaction of his crew, though the disappointed look does get him... right in the heart place, SteveRogers smiles ever so slightly to the others...
    Then _leaps_ through that hole. He makes it onto the street and without breaking stride he picks up one of the wheel barrows with a heavy stone wheel and hefts it almost as if it were a sword, swinging it around once and building up some momentum as he sends it flying into another of the armored suits, knocking it through a wall into the heavy mire and mud of an animal pen where the large two-legged pig-like creatures squeeak and rush out into the street.
    Now the mayhem is truly a wonderful thing.
    The point-eared bandit glares at Jn and brings his weapon up aiming at her, firing blast after blast that proves as ineffective as the first. Yet some of the armored soldiers are now backing up to that APC, metal claw arms start to reach out and scoop up the little egg-shelled armored warriors, getting ready to evac.
    Though several are still lying on the ground, unable to reach the vehicle.

Kraglin Obfonteri has posed:
"Holy shit," Kraglin mutters to himself when Thor picks up the wheel barrow. He stands and takes a bead on the guy commanding the group.

"Take that. Messing with my drinkin'."

A shot kicks dust up at his feet, another one takes a nick out of a cuff on his Ravager gear. Kraglin takes it personally and redoubles his firing rate, driving the marauders diving for the vehicle back inside.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
And now that the fray is truly joined, that perfect note followed by another. And Yondu's Yaka Arrow takes to the air, beginning to speed toward the fighters that were starting to back away toward their APC.

A shift of tune modified the target though, instead going for the transport itself instead of the people trying to get on it. Cut off their retreat. Or force them to retreat on foot.

Kora Johnson has posed:
Before pink-ears knows what's up, she's in his face. That blue shield the only thing keeping her from him. She presses her energy sword to his shield and there is a dazzling display of special effects. The two energies battle each other as she manuevers away from his aim.

"What are you!?," he demands. Smugly, she replies, "Trained." His shield collapses and she taps the helmet release on the side of his head. Sword in his face she states, "You can surrender or you can die. I don't much mind which you choose."

The battle has drawn out many denizens, cowering behind door frames, just to see who it is that is actually winning the fight. It seems they hedged their bets on the winning side though as pink-ears lifts up his arms in surrender. His expression is extremely displeased. From inside her cloak she takes out energy cuffs and moves behind him, drawing his hands down and cuffing them behind him.

Thor has posed:
    As the brawl continues, Yondu's arrow slices through the air, a blur of motions as it seems to instantly disappear into one of the ground-effect engines, causing it to burst into flame and sputter out a stream of black smoke. The vehicle lists to one side as the arrow comes out of the other end of the engine, flashing into the air once again.
    Some of those armored warriors get brought onto the vehicle and once the last mobile one is secured a blue flicker of light activates in a shimmer around the vehicle. Those engines key up and then start whirring as the vessel lifts and starts to beat a hasty retreat.
    Which, for now, leaves the heroes in command of the battlefield.
    SteveRogers looks over toward Jn and the cuffs being placed upon the bandit. He nods once then looks at the three fallen armored figures, one still struggling to right himself. He plants a heavy boot on the chest of the figure then leans over to dig his fingers into the helmet as if it were clay then tears the helm free with a creak and the squeak of metal.
    Revealing a pale-skinned bearded face who struggles to disengage the locks of the exo-suit. He quickly says something in a hurried tone in a language the others aren't familiar with, something which causes Thor to lean back slightly, surprised. He looks at the others, "Is there local law enforcement?"
    A question asked, then angled toward Jn, "Beyond yourself?"

Kraglin Obfonteri has posed:
Head craned back, Kraglin watches the vehicle lift off with a satisfied air. "Good'un, Cap'n. Those arrows are somethin'. Bet cha they don't make it into orbit."

Puzzled he flinches, watching Steverogers grab a helmet, half expecting him to rip the guys head off. Relieved but still confused, he yells, "Hey, who wants the law here? We're the good guys. Is she the law?" He waves his gun in the direction of the woman with the mean energy sword.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
As the craft takes off, Yondu does a final note and the arrow flies back to him at speed. He catches it out of the air with his right hand then places it back into the hook at his waist where it stays in place.

He doesn't hide his surprise at how easily SteveRogers took that helmet off the man. Admittedly, he'd thought the same thing that Kraglin had. That the guy's head was going to be coming off. "It's okay, Kraglin." And he gave a sharp toothed smile to his first mate. "We're the good guys this time."

At the last question, he looked to Jn as he awaited the answer.

Kora Johnson has posed:
Jn looks at the strangers who came to her aid. She gives the pointy eared one a kick in the back of the knee to drop him down to the ground, then reaches in and turns off his weapons and armor defenses. "Excuse the fingers big guy," she says to which he grunts angrily.

She looks to Thor as he asks about local law enforcement and there's an amused shake of her head. She glances around the town, "They quit months ago. That's why my cousin called me. For right now, I'm all there is. Unless you lot intend to stick around."

She eyes that arrow of Yondu's. What a wicked weapon that is. Her gaze moves over to Luna briefly, then to Kraglin. "Why? what did he say to you?"

Thor has posed:
    SteveRogers frowns markedly, then looks back down at the bearded man in the armor. He hefts the armor up by a useful handle in the chest piece, then he sets the armored figure aright and points at him.
    "You lead us to your camp, and your debt to me will be paid. If the others wish to hold you I cannot speak for them." To which the armored figure nods again and eyes the others suspiciously, but whatever it is he says it's clear he agrees.
    "Captain, I would ask for you to spare me for a period of..." He looks to the armored figure, who holds up three fingers. Then SteveRogers looks to Yondu, "A period of three hours. Perhaps slightly more. Is this acceptable?"

Kraglin Obfonteri has posed:
Kraglin eyes the woman with the sword, shaking his head. She isn't nearly as cute now that she says she's the law. "Hey, you might be big and strong Steverogers, but are you going to go alone to these yahoo's camp? Camp? I mean, do you know them?"

Kraglin looks back at Yondu and shrugs a question at him. "Cap'n, you gonna let him go? Not that we need him around to get ready for lift."

Kora Johnson has posed:
Jn can't quite figure out what's going on here. These people clearly have an agenda - but it's not her problem. A shrug of her shoulder as Thor seems to need something from the prisoner. "Hey, if you want to go meddle with the rest of them I'm not going to get in your way. Have at it - try not to kill anyone."

She starts to walk to the rest of the downed bandits and de-activate their armor by removing the powers sources. They won't be going anywhere for a while and the locals will enjoy having prisoners instead of feeling like hostages for a change.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
Kraglin read his mind. If Yondu realized, he might know Luna probably could too. But instead he was stuck pondering about this Jn person who was apparently the only law in these parts. Good information to know. If they just avoided her, things might go better while they were in town.

"Can't say that we're the types t'take up the cause of law. We just wanna get our ship fixed and head out." When the coast was clear but no reason to verbalize that.

He does look to SteveRogers and considers. "Not good with you goin' by yerself. Yer gonna have to deal with some company. We're goin' with ya. At least a few of us that volunteer." Meaning other crew can stay behind or head back to the ship.