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Meeting the Minions
Date of Scene: 25 January 2023
Location: Frost Enterprises
Synopsis: Emma's minions Divine and Marie-Ange meet. And share gossip about their dating lives.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Marie-Ange Colbert, Divine

Emma Frost has posed:
Marie-Ange has put in a request to drop by and see Emma. Having nothing which can't be delegated over to underlings, Emma Frost has cleared out her schedule. And put in a request for Divine to drop on in. It would be lovely for two of her favorite minions to get to meet one another. Emma's spent the time to put out several platters of Divine and Marie-Ange's favorite foods. For Marie-Ange, it all imported from her favorite bakeries and places in Paris and flown over by plane, still reasonably hot.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie-Ange Colbert has been walking on air lately. Not literally, that's Kitty's thing, but metaphorically. The problems that had crept into the French girl's life have been seeing their way out, being replaced by all of her favorite things... and a desire to share that happiness with the people around her. So of course she's going to turn to Emma, who the redhead considers a good friend!

Ever-polite, Marie certainly doesn't just rush into wherever Emma's agreed to meet with her; she'll knock, wait for the secretary to buzz her in, or whatever else traditional decorum requires of her. Today, she's dressed in a light blue sweater -- the fuzzy kind that's good for winter, and black leggings that tuck into snow boots. Her hair's worn freely, the straight locks not bound by any manner of adornment that she might normally opt for.

Divine has posed:
It must be a theme for the Minions of Frost. Things have been looking up for the clone, recently. First a meeting with Superman, then a date! And it went well! She's had every reason to be pretty happy and put behind her problems. For the most part. Some of them won't go away until a certain meeting happens, but that's out of her hands.

Divine arrives a bit after Marie, but she does not wait to be buzzed through. She just pushes the door to the office open and strolls in. She's dressed like usual, more or less. Leggings, calf high combat boots and an oversized black hoodie. Her hair is artfully disheveled, so it's hard to say if it's styled that way or she just let it happen. Her fingernails are painted a deep violet color, though, which is different.

Emma Frost has posed:
The two minions have each seemingly been doing quite well lately. Emma Frost sits back over in her seat while letting hte two come in, "Marie-Ange, Divine.. Lovely to have you two here. I don't think you two have met. This is Marie-Ange, an old friend of mine that I've known for a few years. Marie-Ange, this is Divine. She's a lovely thing, isn't she?"
    Emma would look between the two, and then over at the table. "Please, do enjoy yourselves and relax some. I have no p urpose or intents for either of you today."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Divine's entrance -- and dismissal of decorum -- leaves Marie-Ange speechless for a moment. The other woman is vaguely familiar from the time they trained together with the Amazons... but did she know Emma? Was she here to hurt Emma? After that recovery, she skitters in after the clone.

...of course, then Emma is making introductions and, well, that makes Marie relax again. She even goes as far as to extend a hand towards Divine. "Enchante, mademoiselle. Are you a friend of Madame Frost's as well?" As introductions were made, it was only polite to greet Divine first. Once that's done, she'll walk over towards Emma to give the blonde a quick hug. "Pardon, Madame, but I fear I cannot relax, but enjoy myself I most certainly can!" There's palpable excitement in her voice, though her eyes are also starting to drift towards the spread. For a skinny girl, Marie can certainly eat.

Divine has posed:
Decorum is not in Divine's wheelhouse. Sure, she's polite most of the time, and honestly pretty nice, but she doesn't have social niceties on her radar, really. She's been here many times, and was specifically asked to be here today, so why bother? The staff know her and she barely makes them look twice anymore.

Maybe she should dye her hair blonde as a gag. Note that for later.

Regardless, she takes stock of Marie-Ange, peering down at the much shorter woman. She shakes her hand, it's a good firm grip, but nothing extraordinary. "A pleasure, miss."

For her part, the half-Kryptonian just snags a drink.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would gesutre at Divine, "Do relax darling, I want you to enjoy yourself and get to know Marie-Ange here. Marie-Ange, I do hope that you have a good time meeting her. Divine's had a.. An unusual and rough upbringing." Which is part of why Emma took the girl under her guidance. There's a soft look of pain on her face that Divine might not pick up, but Marie-Ange definitely would.

"Please, enjoy yourself darlings. I had some of your favorites after all." She would gesture over to the spread. "And indulge. I had them brought in from Paris."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Little surprise that Marie's attention goes straight to the pastries, piling a couple on a plate and grabbing a drink for herself -- and, as a guest, allows herself to sit without waiting for Emma to do the same. A decade in a convent school will beat -- literally -- the niceties into a girl!

Emma's look does not go unnoticed, and Marie's energy fades for just a moment... but then she perks right back up again. Happiness is contagious, and Marie's always been much more future-focused than the kind to dwell in the past (...or even the present, sometimes). "I hope things have been going better for you now, Mademoiselle Divine?" she asks, inclining her head. Marie suspects that, if Divine knows Emma, Emma has done wonderful things for the other woman too. It's just in (Marie's view of) Emma's nature.

Divine has posed:
"Life is, honestly, pretty good right now," the clone says with a nod, taking a sip of her drink. "Met Superman, gonna meet my template, had a really nice date," she says, smiling slightly. "Can't complain at all."

The fact is, she doesn't really need to eat food, she just does it to make people comfortable. ... Maybe she's actually a plant.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile over at Divine and reach a hand up to squeeze at her shoulder. Yes, Emma knew that the girl didn't need to eat. But still, pizza and cookies were still pizza and cookies. She was very sure that the goth girl's resistance only went so far.

At the 'meet my template' Emma would go to laugh, "Oh, that will be hilarious."

Her nodding and smiling over at Marie-Ange, "You said you had something you wanted to discuss, dear. And you seem so radiant."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"You met Superman?" Color Marie a little starstruck there. Even the girl who lives under a rock like Marie tends to knows who THAT is. She's about to ask what a template is before the date is mentioned, and Marie squeals excitedly. "You too?!" she asks, clapping her hands.

Then a look over to Emma, "Oui! That. Actually. A date! With Mary!" Emma had met her before, a time or two. "Fate has allowed us to come back together!" ...and Marie could not be more excited about where things could go next.

Divine has posed:
"I did. I thought I should at least meet someone tangentally related to me," Divine says with a shrug. She takes this moment to look directly at Marie, meeting the other woman's eyes. She doesn't say a word, just waits for the recognition to cross her face about who, exactly, she looks like before she moves on.

"Yeah. Her name is Cindy. We had noodles and I flew her home. She's hysterical." Much, much much quieter. "We kissed goodnight, it was the best moment of my life so far."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile, "That sounds like a wonderful time. I'm very happy for you, Divine." THen she would swivel over to Marie-Ange, "Oh, that's wonderful darling. I'm so happy taht you've found someone that makes you feel good and happy." She would smile at Divine. "And that's amazing. You've earned someone to make you happy. Both of you."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Now, Marie's not all that in tune with the who's who of superheroes. Superman she knows because... well, even those living under a rock know Superman. She doesn't realize that he's related to Power Girl. HOWEVER. She has met Power Girl! Green eyes go wide. "Wait. Are you..." she pauses and shushes right there.

Emma might realize that Marie's decided that Divine is Power Girl's secret identity. Which she's not about to reveal, even to a friend like Emma! Because, well. it's just not something you do.

"That sounds like a lovely evening indeed, Mademoiselle Divine, and a kiss on the first date! A perfect ending." Marie's the type who has a much easier time focusing on someone else than herself. "Will you be seeing Mademoiselle Cindy again?" Signs point to yes, but confirmation is important.

Divine has posed:
"Yeah. That's right. I'm Power Girl's clone." Oops. Poor Marie. She's going to be so let down. Just a clone. Well, not just a clone. She promised Cindy she wouldn't think like that anymore.

"It was great, and we will see each other again, I'm sure of it. She's just busy with a day job and I'm ... uh not." A pause with a glance to Emma. "Power Girl is going to have a cow, I'm sure of it."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would take her hand up to squeeze at Divine's shoulder. "And you're a good person." She goes to add gently. Picking up on Marie-Ange's own thoughts and recollections and giving a gentle smile to Divine. She would glance at Marie-Ange and smile over.

"And you'll be seeing Mary again as well I hope. I do hope that she's.. As enchante with you as you are with everyone in the world, my dear. And it does sound entirely romantic."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie's face doesn't falter. "Oh, how interesting!" There's two instances that Marie can think of that she'd been around clones. One was last night, with the multiple Jamies and Rogues. The other? Well... that was a darker time that she doesn't like to talk about, and will especially avoid with Emma in the room.

However, Divine seems nice, and is happy like she is, and a friend of Emma's so that clearly means she's a Good Person(TM). "Oh, wonderful! Well, if you have more time than she, it means you can set up a grand surprise for your second date, oui? I have seen these things done in TV shows." ...most of Marie's knowledge of romance comes from books and TV. Along with a little first-hand knowledge. "If it helps, I know of a good florist?"

Then turning her attention to Emma, she just beams from ear to ear. "Yes!" A rare speaking of the word in English. She's too excited to think entirely straight right now. "Mary is the most wonderful person I have ever met, and I just know the future holds great things for us." She's /decided/ it. Not consulted her cards, just decided. It's a first for Marie.

Divine has posed:
"We've sort of made plans already. She's ... I don't feel comfortable disclosing a lot, but she's in the Life, if you know what I mean."

They're psychics. They can probably pick up that Cindy is some kind of superhero.

"Flowers though... I wonder what she likes."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod and smile, "Of course. I suppose that flowers are always a good place to start. Flowers and chocolate. Always safe things. Find out what she likes, and you should be set for awhile." Emma doesn't ask anything else when Divine says 'the life' and smiles.

And then Emma realizes that Marie-Ange has decided it for herself and not that the cards told her to.. And hse breaks out into a radiant smile.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie isn't about to ask more when Divine mentions not being comfortable talking about it -- though she doesn't quite put the two and two together about the life. She's not that kind of psychic and doesn't have her cards out! Now taking one of those pastries to take a dainty bite, she nods, "Roses would be most traditional. Although, perhaps ask if Mademoiselle Cindy has allergies, as you would not such a sweet gesture to give her hives, oui?" Mary, fortunately, was not allergic to roses.

"Oh!" She pauses before she was about to take a second bite of the pastry, waving it around a bit. "Very important. Make sure you make time in your life for her." A nod. "It was a lesson which I learned the hard way... but fate has allowed me a second chance."

Divine has posed:
"Asking ruins the surprise, though," Divine says with a shrug. "I'll figure something out." She nods at the second part. "Time is something that I've got in spades. My position here doesn't eat up a lot of time, so I'm available a lot."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile over at Divine and laugh. "Yes, knowing what things to get ehr when it comes to buttering her up and buying her off are high priorities when you're entering into a relationship. Make sure that you have some ideas as to her personality and what she enjoys. I'm sure that they will lead to many more late night kisses for you."

She would smile over at Marie-Ange, "And you darling are a very wise woman. A very, very wise one. That deserves someone to make ehr smile so brightly. I'm glad that you've found her."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"Perhaps as a general question." Pause. "Or... well. It is romance. Throwing caution to the wind can be part of the fun, non?" Not that she would have ever said that about anything before. Marie's that girl who normally has to know the ending before she's willing to watch the movie.

"Merci beaucoup, Madame Frost." she accepted a compliment! There's a light blush at it, but she didn't try to refute it. Mary being back in her life is doing wonders for her self-esteem: she actually has a sliver of it! "I suppose it all makes sense that romance would be on the horizon as the calendar makes it's way towards Spring." A pause, and a look towards Emma. Curiousity. "What of yourself, Madame Frost? Has anyone special made their way into your life?" she asks, taking another dainty bite.