14128/A visit of Doom!

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A visit of Doom!
Date of Scene: 13 February 2023
Location: Penthouse - Latverian Embassy
Synopsis: Doom, and Franklin have a discussion about Val, Space, and multi-dimensions without anyone blowing anything up!
Cast of Characters: Victor Von Doom, Franklin Richards

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     The Latverian Embassy doors are guarded by two Doombots on either side, both of which turn to look at Franklin but do not move to stop in any way before their gaze turns back to the street. Glass doors slide open, and once inside the boy finds a mixture of grey stone flooring, natural wood, and the classic latverian bring brought in by works of art and tapestries depicting the events the public knows of Doom's life, from a beautiful, artistic interpretation. A blonde haired woman in green is the first to greet him, giving a short bow and the polite words, "Master Franklin. Doom has already permitted you entry, the elevator will take you to him if you wish."

     A short elevator ride later will bring Franklin to the penthouse where Doom stands with his back to him, gazing out upon the city, metal-clad gauntlets behind his back. "Master Franklin." Doom speaks in his warm, dulcet voice as he turns his head, and then moves to face him with a slow nod in greeting, "What brings you to the presence of Doom today?"

Franklin Richards has posed:
No-one stopped him walking into the Embassy though he got a bit of wierd looks. The young adult has a hoodie, hat, shirt, jacket, and even pants of black and blue Fantastic Four merc. His hoodie is pulled up, and he looks down as he walks through the embassy, but depsite the dirty looks as around here it was not a popular brand he was invited in, and to the elevator itself. The shirt he wore today had Val on it smiling with the victory sign, but as is for now it was covered by the jacket.

After making his way to the elevator thinking about the bedazzeled doom bot Val had and how much it actually looked like the doom bots it made him chuckle a bit as the doors opened and he looked out to see the original, or at least what could be the original. There were so many bots now a days this could just be another one though he could find out if he really wanted it wasn't the point so he left the question unanswered as he walked in to the place with a whistle. "Wow.. not bad.. Better then the Wakandan embasy at the very least." and chuckles a bit as he had wondered through it halls as well though invisable as so no-one would spot him.

Reaching into his jacket he pulls out a piece of paper. It looks like a card as he tosses it over to doom as he goes to look around the penthouse a little "It is about that time.. Doc." he grins, as it was prob rarely when someone would adress him with such lightness though Franklin smiles a bit not too worried yet.

The card was a birthday card, though unsigned when opened it had a dog singing happy birthday with barks. It was super-cheasy, and who knows if it was something Doom would ever get himself, though Franklin knew his sister would get a laugh out of it so that is why he bought it even though it wasn't for him.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     There is a squint to the visible eyes through Doom's mask, but it's impossible to tell if he actually smiled behind the metal facade. "Valeria will love it." he declares, as he sits down at his desk chair, grabs a quill and sparkling green ink, and perfectly writes "Victor Von Doom" in large, calligraphy letters directly under the words "Happy Birthday," no doubt to give no room for Reed to put his name above the latverian monarch's. "Was this the only thing you came here for? I have been monitoring your development closely, Franklin, and if there is anything I can assist with, I would be keen to hear it."

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin smiles, and looks back. "Well that was one thing, but I ran into something and I wanted to check." he walks back into the room so he can talk normally giving up his general look around the penthouse. "Though that you are always watching can be taken a bit creepy," and chuckles a little bit as he really didn't care but he had been told stalkers were no good. "Have you been to Nowhere lately?" he asks a bit curiously, as he had just recently returned to space. This might of been normal, but the fist-fights in Gotham where he was not using his powers might not be. When he looked up at him Doom could tell he had bruises, and a black eye was just going away which were obvious signs of fighting though Franklin doesn't mention it.

Franklin approaches to get the card, but gives it a minute to let the ink dry as one should when dealing with quill's and special ink. "I ran into something out there, a fragment of a different reality that had dropped into ours." he shrugs a bit, "I sent it back of course, but there are only a few people who could do that, and I know it was not me, so I thought I would check as to not get wrapped up in foiling any plans." he chuckles again as he left foiling doom to others such as his dad, and family as he really did not see the Doom as is as much of a threat just a neccessary evil as the universe required balance.

He nods to the card, "I ran into a talking dog up there... so gave me the idea for the card." he admits, "So it ended up being a good trip though folding space is so fickle at times."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     Doom squints at Franklin as he explains his story, his gaze stern and serious as he responds, "This is unrelated to any of my plans. My focus is on this reality, and not any others. I will rely on my counterparts in their respective dimensions to do their due diligence there... but if you have any information about a possible incursion into this reality, it would be of great interest to me." He leans back in his chair, forming a steeple with his metal-clad fingers, saying "This... fragment, if you could detail what you saw, it would be... appreciated."

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin nods, and listens as Doom had no reason to lie to him as both should know Franklin wouldn't step in unless Doom was doing something that fundemently shook things on a much wider scale then his current goals. "humm.. perhaps you are right it was an attempt by another one of us from a different place. Though there are still some out there that could do this," he considers as space was vast, and the people up there power varied just as vastly. He sighs a bit at that thinking about it. "Well whatever it was was about hand sized." he considers, "Whatever it was it had been chewed on by said dog, and nothing bad had happened to them so I am assuming it wasn't hazardess though I did not touch it myself of course." they both know that handling things from other dimensions could be very dangerous unless studied first to make sure it would not harm the person holding it.

He thought about it and nods, "By the time I got to it it was a mess, though something like that... I fear it was just a test." he could be worried overtly, but it is something he would do if he were testing the borders. "Small, non-harmful, maybe some sort of recording device? Though nothing like I had ever seen before." he took a hand out of his pocket, and nodded down as there is a wobble in reality though a very small one as a small metal tube like thing with several dents in it. If it was tech it looked forign, but even the material looked wierd as if it had been warped by something looking like it had just started to melt.. Though it may look like Dooms own metal he would prob be able to reconise it wasn't his, or at least nothing he has made so far just simmular.

"This is just a model of it, made to look like it the real thing was too dangerous to keep in this reality of course as even a fragment could lead into other things if left alone for too long." he chuckles a bit and considers, "If this was another you, the world can only hold one Doom, but be careful.. If they somehow figure out how to break in.. If I know you well enough they will not like there being two of you." and he grins a bit at that. "There can only be only one right?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom had started to reach for the tube as Franklin had procured it, but slows once he explains it is only a model of it, a harmless copy. "This would not be sent to test for an invasion by a counterpart of mine. If they are to call themselves Doom, then they would be focused on their worlds, not mine. Any counterpart of mine would be much more blatant, they would send a message first, not simply a... nondescript object. Unless the object was more akin to a message in a bottle than previously thought?" He picks up the partially chewed tube, looking upon it, saying "I trust you have made a copy for your father as well? I would advise at least a third if you have not done so already, the size and shape of it reminds me of reports from Doctor Pym and his ilk. While I can find the time to give rudimentary investigations for messages contained within, Pym Industries has the time and equipment to spare for the longer, more mundane task of checking this device on a quantum level."

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin sighs, "Look, I believe you, but if you are messing with dimensions.. For some reason the border on getting out of this one is very thick. It would not be suggested that you attempt it as while I am not saying you couldn't just that out of all the realities out there this one is the hardest so would be extremly dangerous." he looks at Doom, "If you did this it is okay, as I said I am not trying to accuse you, or prosicute you for messing around with pushing the borders of science." he held a hand up. "You are important to my sister, and I personally hold no anamosity towards you as I hope you would understand. If you are in danger from another one of you please know I will help." and nods to him. "My father... would not like it, but that is between you two and I rather you then some stranger from a different reality that messes up the balance."

"Speaking of him, and this he doesn't know anything about it.. yet. I wanted to make sure this was not you first, as if it was involving him could get me in the middle of the two of you." he moves over and seeing the card is dry now carefullly picks it up. "Perhaps I will now that I know it isn't though a message in a bottle is not the worst of ideas." he considers a bit as he puts the card safly away as he was going to have to hide if from others as he snuck it to Val. "I will look into it more, but this is my thing not his, so for now I think I will keep it between us until I know more just remember what I said." he starts to go letting Doom keep the model.

"One last warning.. It is dangerous to mess with other dimensions like this, for you, me and even Val, and if you put my sister into danger." he holds up a hand like he is going to snap, but doesn't as he is sure Doom knows what he could do with just a snap. Though he smiles as he lowers his hand, "Nothing personal, anyone who threatens her would get the same thing, but I believe this isn't you just messing about so there is no reason for threats right?" and chuckles a bit, "Besides you are way better at them then I am." he admits with a shrug as he was talking to Doom here. He stops about to go but not yet "And it was the tenth, just as a reminder. Though you might be a bit dangerous to some of us I am sure Val missed not seeing you." he nods as for some reason those two seemed to get along. "Try not to upset her again okay?" he asks though it was more of a request.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     Doom stands, his demeanor darkening as he walks over to the college-aged mutant, confronting him directly as he says "Franklin *Richards*." with a pause. "You offer implications and accusations without proof, when Doom has denied any involvement and demonstrated that it is not in his character to have any part of this. I have a vested interest in seeing you succeed, and it is important to me that you do not make the same mistakes as your father."

     Doom looks over the boy, and turns his head slightly, saying "Have you spent time with your contemporary, Peter Parker? He has a quote that he has put into several of his papers, that with great power comes great responsibility. It is a good message. One that I do not have to be reminded of, but it seems that you do." He turns to look out the window, saying "We are in positions of power, Franklin. Mine that I have wrestled into submission, and you that you have born with. When you act, when you speak, you must do so with the certainty that you are right, and not simply assume. I can forgive a theoretical link between myself and a foreign object by yourself when you admit you know nothing about it... But Franklin..."

     Victor Von Doom, Monarch of Latveria, turns his grim metal visage back to Franklin as he says "How DARE you imply that I would forget Valeria's Birthday."

     Doom turns to the young adult, his brow furrowed and eyes smoldering behind his mask, saying "I do not ask for your apology. Doom does not need it. But let this serve as a lesson to you. Do. Not. Assume. Richards. Have your facts before you make threats or implications, or you will be a danger to this world thanks to the power you possess." He then turns back to the skyline of New York, saying "I do not want to have to defend this world from you one day, Richards. If you need a tutor on methodology or the scientific method, perhaps Parker can educate you where your father has apparently failed."

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin sighs as he looks over at Doom, "See this is why we can't get along sometimes Doom.. I am not here to accuse you but ask to make sure as I would a friend. You have actually given me more details no less about this, and I mearly wish to warn you as it is one of the few things I know a bit more securly then you or my father." he sighs with a shrug, "But I get it, you see acusations in warnings, and that is fine. We are who we are and that will not change, as it is it shall continue to be."

He looks over at Doom though silently, "And I know my position, and my duties as well.. Consider this a personal visit, as strange as it maybe you too are a part of my life, and I wish not to be in conflict with you." he doesn't say this out of fear, but a sadness as he isn't sure if Doom could even understand it. "Maybe it is because I believe you can understand me.. or your connection to my sister." he shrugs a bit then looks at him with a smile.

"I am glad though you do not accept an appology.." he says as he pushes the button. "Because no-mater what the threat even one as large as you when it comes to my sister I will face all comers and beat them down or make sure the reality they face is not this one." his tone serious though he stops and chuckles, "And besides,, We both know if that day ever came where the world needed protection against me.. the first person I am coming after is you so you would never see it." and he actually chuckles a bit as the doors close. Doom would be on the top of his list followed by his Father as he knew his dad would hesitate though Doom would not. Though he ignored the obvious insult he thought about it though as he took the card out to read it and listen to the dogs. It was nice that Doom had someone he cared about even if it was his sister, and by poking just a little bit he had figured out that those were genuine not just some shallow act.