14145/Operation WATCHFUL x Savage X-Men: Dr. Lykos, I Presume

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Operation WATCHFUL x Savage X-Men: Dr. Lykos, I Presume
Date of Scene: 23 February 2023
Location: Airfield: Triskelion
Synopsis: SHIELD takes custody of Dr. Karl Lykos from the X-Men as they return from the Savage Land. In human form, Lykos is repentant, but claims innocence in the plot to free him, and urges his captors to find Tanya Anderssen, who possesses equal knowledge of his work. Work that between the research and stolen physical samples could potentially be used to create a powerful genetic weapon capable of truly strange mutations for its targets.
Cast of Characters: Darcy Lewis, Natasha Romanoff, Rogue, Jamie Madrox, Jemma Simmons, Iara Dos Santos, Richard Stadler

Darcy Lewis has posed:
SHIELD is no stranger to handling difficult or dangerous prisoners, nor to the best tech the world has to offer. Still, even a team of personnel accustomed to taxi rides in Quinjets has to be a little impressed with the arrival of the signature conveyance of the X-Men: the Blackbird. It's no Hellicarrier, sure, but still? One slick ride.

It might also be overkill for their next-door Westchester neighbors, but for security's sake, they're flown nearly direct from nearly the bottom of the world, with just a quick stop between.

The sleek jet is already in VTOL mode, descending toward the landing area, when the team assembles. After its landing gear touch down, there is a short pause before a soft hiss of depressurization and then the landing ramp descends, to reveal the prisoner and his escort. The man himself is average in height and build, with slightly messy light brown hair. The X-Men have been kind enough to supply him with something more appropriate than his loincloth, and thus he looks the part of the 'mild mannered' human scientist. Only the heavy cuffs worn over his forearms suggest the danger he still represents.

Darcy is on sides with the higher-ups, ready as she always is with the data. Reading off her tablet: "Dr. Karl Lykos, MD. Dual specialties in molecular genetics and psychiatry, of all things." Even the astrophysicist sounds impressed. "Orphanned at a young age after an accident on the Antarctic Deep Exploratory mission based in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Raised by a Dr. Anderssen Sr., another member of the research team, alongside his daughter, Tanya, who took over the project after her father's passing. She's currently reported missing."

"Their expedition was among the first to explore the anomalous sub-biome located in the Antarctic, AKA the Savage Land, preceding the SHIELD listening post. During the incident that claimed his father, Lykos was attacked by one of the local... animals, and exposed to their anomalous genetic structure. This gave him the ability to drain energy from others. Generally, it only sped up his celluar processes and healing, but when exposed to another unique genetic pattern, he transformed, taking on a form related to his original attacker:" Darcy takes a breath, her expression suggesting she still can't believe what she's reading, even having reviewed it a number of times.

"Basically, if he touches someone with powers, he turns into a were-Pteranadon. Give or take." This causes a gesture at the cuffs, as well as at his warden. "The X-Men tracked and captured him in the Savage Land, after his escape from Rykers Island. Apparently his warden has abilities that can somewhat counter his. Though that shouldn't be necessary, so long as we mind the precautions."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff is there along wtih some of the SHIELD contingent that has come to task custody of Sauron. And hopefully tput him in a dark hole that he won't be getting out of anytime soon until they figure out a permanent way to treat him and suppress Sauron.. Or a mroe effective way to contain him without risk. Natasha has her arms folded over as she goes to listen to Darcy. She's spent the time to familiarize herself with the files on Doctor Lykos, and pays attention.

"We'll want to have secondary methods of tranquilizing him available that can be done quickly. Perhaps some level of sonics that can hit him as well. Something that can be done manually or by tripwire in case the personnel are disorineted by him at any point." Good to have multiple contingencies in place to cover things.

Her arms are folded while she nods over at the other members of SHIELD present. She also moves to the side - no sense in having themall be in direct line of sight just in case he does something. That way his gaze can't hit all of them in one arc.

Rogue has posed:
With the Blackbird landed, Rogue, in her green and gold bodysuit with a leather jacket worn overtop it, as well as a pair of aviator sunglasses, is there when the ramp opens up, escorting the prisoner down out of the Jet.

She walks on thigh-high tall boots of a soft sunlight yellow hue, her hands gloved in matching yellow, holding on to one of the prisoner's elbows as she escorts him down to the waiting SHIELD folks.

"Hello, greetins'." Rogue says in a thick Southern accent. She sweeps her eyes over those who've come to receive the Doctor, and she glances at him, then back to them.

"Ya'll got a big one here. Take heed'a him, he's as much of a trouble maker as they come." She warns, of course leaving out the part where she's a wanted criminal herself. Surely these guys won't just 'recognize' her and her past injustices to the likes of Carol Danvers, or those ... other things, back in the Brotherhood days.

No, Rogue just lets the prisoner's elbow go, and puts both of her fists in to her leather jacket handwarmer side pockets, smiling all friendly-like, with her white and chestnut hued hair flowing around her shoulders.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Following Rogue, but hanging a little bit behind, Jamie Madrox stands in his mostly green kinetic dampening suit, dotted with yellow circuitry that absorbs kinetic energy before it can get to him, because if it gets to him...let's just say it's Gremlins all over again. He keeps a watchful set of eyes on the SHIELD types, and a watchful set of eyes on Rogue's backside. Where are those eyes? Secreted away.

Inside the Blackbird at the cockpit sits Jamie Madrox, NOT in his colorful green kinetic dampening suit. Prepared to take off if needed in a hurry. Or to smack himself several times if that is needed instead.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
Nestled off to the side is another medical doctor, though she might not look the part completely right now. Jemma stands close by, listening to the debriefing that Darcy is giving. She knows at least somewhat what is going on, considering she did the examination of the so-called genetic bomb. And, it is because of that particular experience that has Jemma dressed in a more unique fashion. She has on a dark green tactical suit, similar to standard SHIELD issue, but very apparently not normal. For, it is one of a kind...and only tailored to her. On her wrist is a mini-computer and a tactical pack is upon her shoulders. It looks like it could carry a portable lab, which is good...since that is exactly what she has in there. Perhaps with some other things.

"If a tranquilizing agent is needed, it is quite probable that I can come up with something that will fit Dr Lykos' unique physiological makeup rather effectively." Translation? Jemma could knock him out if push comes to shove.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     One of the newer X-Men the Shield half of the gathering probably haven't seen before (Except maybe in reports or personnel files) comes out of the blackbird after the Jamie, a literally monstrous woman that appears to be half-human, half-shark ducking under the top of the door at six foot seven inches tall, towering over the southern belle and multiple man. "Hey." she says with a brazillian-portugese accent and a raised, webbed hand covered in gray scales and a mouth full of triangular teeth. Her long shark face points at each of the shield members in turn as she looks at them with those glossy black doll-eyes, saying "I'm Shark-Girl." as if that wasn't immediately obvious.

     She looks around at the others, saying "So, uh, I had an idea, like... what if we... you know, didn't try to suppress Sauron? Tried to get them to, you know, get along better? Like, as somebody that has two bodies effectively myself - uh, I can turn back into a human when I wanna, but anyway - trying to suppress Sauron seems to just make him worse, where if we... y'know, tried to find a solution healthier for both of them... maybe Sauron wouldn't be so evil? Like, isn't The Hulk kinda like this?"

Richard Stadler has posed:
Normally, Stadler would be balking slightly in incredulity at the rap sheet that was read off, but today was a day he could simply give a bit of a nod and accept it. He /was/ getting better at taking on some of the... strange stuff that happened in these circles, though he doubted he'd ever be fully used to it, but he was surrounded by people who were much smarter than he was, so he was trying to keep the sarcastic grousing to a minimum. Besides, he had a bit of time for prep work on this one. He'd had access to review the report on the findings from that little raid, and it had put in a few missing pieces into place. Was it the doctor in the OD green suit and the fancy portable electronics? The others on the SHIELD side he'd worked with before a few times.

He minuately adjusts his glasses, his own sport jacket and tie threatening to whip themsleves into a frenzy with the landing of the rather sleek looking aircraft. Fast-looking too, far faster than anything he'd had the oppurtinity of riding in. And with a... young set of people escorting the prisoner. Young looking at least. Some of them couldn't be older than their 20s.

"There's always the more coercieve methods to put someone down. Less than Lethal, but I imagine enough voltage would shut anyone down if needed." Pharmacuticals weren't synththized in a day, either... Or, well. Not to his knowledge.

"In any case, If we need to handle him, might be best if the grunts take point. I know he's not going to get anything from me but sore joints."

Darcy Lewis has posed:
Despite any concerns or warnings, whether from Rogue or Darcy's tablet litany, Karl walks along quite meekly. Unresisting!

The case file on him has plenty more, which Darcy reads off as the others handle security details: "Psychological profile suggests that Lykos and the 'Sauron' -- really? -- dinosaur personality are semi-distinct, suggesting a dissociative co-disorder." This draws a glance toward Iara, who seems to be suggesting the same thing.

Oh good, a shark person to go with the sometimes dinosaur person. In the meantime, the Doc himself speaks up. "I'm... right here, you know. And I assure you none of that will be necessary. I'm happy to cooperate fully. But, yes... that's mostly correct. I don't have a full grasp of what happens when 'he' takes over, but there is great deal of 'me' still in him. Both my scientific knowledge and my love of the father of modern fantasy." He won't fight Rogue, but he will fight for Tolkien's honor!

"And I want to say..." He shakes his head. "That I'm very sorry. I never thought he'd get out again. They held me in an isolation ward, so I was able to concentrate on my real work. It was such a relief."

"Ah, erm, sorry." Darcy doesn't seem sure how to take all that, and thus awkwardly glances at her pad again. "Right. During the break-out, he, er, you came into contact with Aleksei Sytsevich, aka Rhino -- what is this, zoo day? -- whose Gamma-altered physiology triggered the Sauron transformation. Prior to that, the Department of Corrections reports you were a model prisone, and were allowed to work remotely on your medical research." Her attention shifts to Stadler and Simmons.

"It's those last items that interest us, Doctor. The WATCHFUL AI has correlated the escape at Rykers with the Hospital break-in, and human intel seems to corroborate." Darcy looks over at Nat, and then curiously toward Rogue. "Our report indicates you were at the prison, Miss, erm, Mighty Woman? We wanted to confirm that alien transportation technology may have been used at both sites; to deliver weapons to the prisoners at Rykers, and to extract the enemy asset Agent Romanoff encountered at the hospital."

And then the final piece: "Once we examined the sample extracted at the New Jersey pharma site," another glance to 'their' docs, "its contents confirmed the link. So basically, the same 'someone' that engineered the break-out that freed Lykos also stole samples of his work from the Hospital."

And Lykos has a simple answer: "Yes, I told you. She's the one he -- well, I -- was raising the army to fight, in the Savage Land. She has Tanya. She has my work."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would look over at Iara, "That's something to be done after he's safely contained, and there's a way to permanently ensure that his abilities are restricted or removed. He's an incrediblyintelligent and devious individual, anything that puts him in a positionw here he can trick his way to freedom is toob ig a risk." She listens over to Jemma and gives a nod and a 'well done'. "Do you have access to his work and records?"

The X-Men are given an appreciative nod by her in the transfer and elaboration as she turns her attention over to Darcy, listening. Nodding to Rickard, "Yes, Colonel. WE want to have as many redundancies in neutralizing him in a non-lehtal manner as possible." He's still a prisoner but they're allowed to mitigate risks.

Then she goes to watch Lykos speak, and then turning over to Darcy. She reads his facial expressiosn carefully. THey do seem to be geunine to her. However, that's left unsaid.

Rogue has posed:
"Hulk is different." Rogue says to Iara on her right. "He doesn't wanna do the things he's doing when he turns inta that Jolly Green Giant. This dickhead is the same dickhead whether he's a scientist or a pointy faced dinosaur." Rogue notes, motioning with her left hand toward Carl, and not keeping her voice low.

But, it's Darcy's voice who draws the Belle's eyes back, and she smiles at the pretty SHIELD lady asking her that question. She nods once. "Yep, I was there at Ryker's. Saved a whirlybird from bein' at the bottom'a the East River after..." She once more motions to Carl. "This charmer knocked it outta the sky on his way out..."

Her green eyed gaze goes back to Darcy then, her left gloved hand up beside her face to pull some of her white strands of hair out of her vision. "That Prison break was a mess, ya know... but, it coulda been way worse."

Rogue's stare then goes to Jemma and Richard, she openly eyes the both of them up with one hand still in her jacket pocket, and the other hanging down beside her thigh covered in emerald synth-leather.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
There is a quick shake of his head as Jamie hears Iara's suggestion. "Look, you don't know this guy the way we do." He nods his head in the direction of the would-be Middle Earther. "One time, he was going on and on about his dreams of turning the planet into his own little genetic wonderland. And we're like, 'Come on, man, you're brilliant! If you wanted to, you could use your powers to cure cancer!"

He takes a few steps forward and glares at him before looking back at Iara. "And you know what this guy says?" He makes a squawking sound, kind of like a chicken. "I don't WANT to cure cancer," he says, flapping pretend wings and doing a horrendous version of whatever accent Sauron has. "I WANT to turn people into dinosaurs!"

Jamie waves his hand in the air as if to blow the Doctor off. "So, he can talk a good game now, but when he gets all green and scaly, trust me. Not the kind of guy you want to have around."

Jemma Simmons has posed:
An answer is given to the Avenger in the room. "I have what SHIELD has access to." Which is to say, Jemma is not going to say just how much access she has, considering that Dr Lykos is indeed in the room, but considering Nat has just as much access, if not more, than Jemma, that should give a pretty clear indication as to just what Jemma is privy to.

The not-so-good doctor is given a nod. There might even be a smile there, too, possibly to quell him. But, it does seem practiced. After all, Jemma is a medical doctor. There is training specifically on appearances. And Jemma's bedside manner has always been top tier.

Still, she pays no mind to the stare from Rogue. Jemma instead engages with the wrist computer, tapping in data to prep for different scenarios. Jemma may not do improvisation often, but what she lacks in that she excels in preparation. And that includes having the formula for a dendrotoxin-induced sleep at the ready should the scaley alter-ego decide to make an appearance.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Seeing a shark emote is a little weird given how blank their faces usually look, but Iara is definitely wincing as Rogue says that. "I... don't think that's true..." she says under her breath behind Rogue to her comments about him being the same dickhead in either form, but stays behind her, looking away in a bit of a defeated fashion. "I think it would be fun if there were more dinosaurs..." she then continues to speak quietly in response to Madrox, "Just... y'know, there's people that would pay good money to be a dinosaur I bet... But oh well."

     Iara's tone betrays that she knows she's being overly hopeful and optimistic, even if Sauron nearly killed her a short time ago during his apprehension.

Richard Stadler has posed:
Stadler cocks his head toward the Doctor himself as he comments on his own particular mental state. He gives a quick indication to Rogue when she mentions exactly how Karl thinks (and, perhaps, to give her a quick once over at the look she provides. Lord, she looked young). "That's certainly a concern, Doctor Lykos. I suppose my own concerns would be that you and... Sauron might be different personalities, but share the same general goals. Or at least the same scientific meglomania." He shurgs. "But you're the psychatrist, not me. What I can say is that, from the analysis that the team here's made," Here, he nods to Doctor Simmons. No need to use her name in case the Doctor decided to do some research if he got out again, "Your work is rather brilliant. Retrotransposons transcription looks to be exceedingly rapid, certainly more than any of the exogenous one's I've taken a look at, and as dangerous as any of the other oncoretroviruses people might have heard of. Which is why I'm rather glad the damn thing doesn't have any sort of payload." He notes.

Jamie gets a nod there. "And I have to say, that's... a bit damning. So.

Natasha gets a firm nod. "I certainly agree. But... well." He pauses for a moment. "I might trust someone with a loved one in danger a bit more. Mind telling us who 'She' is? And who Tanya might be?" He asks, before turning to Darcy. "His daughter? Wife?"

Iara is turns to, and he opens his mouth... before doing a very poor job of not staring at the woman. How the hell hadn't he noticed she was a shark by the time she walked off the plane!? It took him a second to click back into place, his hand finally moving to lift his glasses and rube the bridge of his nose. "We all wanted to be dinosaurs, sure, but people sell us apes short. Do you know how long we can chase prey? You tell me if a goddamn deinonychus can do that."

Darcy Lewis has posed:
"-He- is devious, you're not wrong," Karl answers, not even sounding insulted, despite the continued amount of talking past him... or outright verbal abuse. He's got it coming, and seems to accept that. "There's a level of animal instincts, that go with the transformation. Certain parts of the mammalian brain vanish, and with them, some of those things that make us more social creatures. Empathy. Cognizence of right and wrong."

However, something Jamie says gets to him, of all things, and he turns, in frustration, perhaps provoking a bit of worry from the jumpy security types as he shouts: "That's what I'm tryting to do!" Cure... cancer? "To make up for it. To give something back. That's why they've let me keep working from prison. It was showing good progress, my treatment."

Darcy looks toward Jemma and Richard again, for confirmation. "That... is possible, given what we saw of the sample, right? That it could be used for a cancer treatment?"

After a moment, Karl shakes his head, looking down. "I don't expect forgiveness from any of you. And there's no cure for my conditition. Trust me, I've tried, and I'm as good as anyone in the field. All I've been trying to do is give something back, but... they took that as well. So put me in isolation. Better security this time. It's the only way to make sure he doesn't get back out. I won't fight it, won't bother with the lawyers this time, even though I have a perfectly viable psychiatric defense. But..."

"...you have to help her. She's innocent in this." Lykos continues staring downward, voice full of apparent guilt. And Darcy doesn't have to answer about Tanya. "She's too good for me, I know, but she- she must feel guilty. I was protecting her, when that thing bit me. That's why she keeps helping me. Keeps hope that I can be cured, and we can be together."

When he looks up again, his gaze is suddenly both accusatory and shrewd. "Even if you government types don't care about one woman's life, you should understand that while we couldn't share a life, we shared our work. Why do you think she kept up the expeditions? To get samples, to help me find a cure. But that means, to the people who took her... Even if they wanted ME originally? she'll suffice."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would gesture over, "Everyone, let's be polite and remember that we're also trying to work with him here." It's best to not openly belittle the man that in general has tried to be cooperative despite his circumstance. So she can give him that much credit - the breakout and transformation by all the records she's seen at least weren't his idea. They have his notes, and she trusts Jemma's judgement on it.

She would listen over as LYkos would speak over about Tanya and go to watch over at him and then mm. Now she goes to read his expression ever, ever so carefully now. SHe doesn't respond.. Just reads him. If for this moment the Sauron personality is taking over..

Natasha pays attention to thsoe very, very samll shifts if there are any in body language. Position of face, lips, eyes. Any minor changes that might indicate that his alter was speaking now while trying to maintain a facade.

Rogue has posed:
A look is given to the Doctor when he flips out at what Jamie had said. Rogue sends a look to Jamie, along with a little grin. "Ya got a way with words." She says to him, in a low voice this time, before her look goes back toward the SHIELD folks. "This lady he's talking about, I haven't personally gotten a chance to speak with her. I wouldn't really be inclined ta outright believe him in how he talks about her. Some parts'a all'a that kinda sounds like a guy who got rejected more times than he could handle, if ya ask me. But... stranger things have happened, after all."

Rogue then looks to Natasha, she doesn't recognize her... she doesn't keep up on the faces of the Avengers, save for say Thor, Rogers or the Hulk, for obvious reasons related to impressive muscular physiques.

"I'm just sayin', Red." She says to Nat now. "Be careful. I would wager this Doctah is gonna say whatever it takes ta get the dinosaur back out...."

Jemma Simmons has posed:
Darcy's inquiry is answered with Jemma's unique manner. "Indeed. Given the samples that we had analyzed, the particular retrovirus was designed to deliver specific genetic material to targeted cells in the express intent of reprogramming them. This can certainly be used for practical applications, such as curing forms of cancer. However, the retrovirus was also determined to be missing its genetic payload, and the composition of the retrovirus, coupled with the transport cannister it was found it, could lend itself to other, more nefarious intentions. The aerosol deployment method is a little too imprecise to truly work as a targeted medium for cancer therapy. If I had to venture a guess, it was more designed to inflict the genetic change on a mass scale. Think people rather than a singular person."

Jemma shrugs. "It certainly can be used for good. Of that it is certain. However, it could very easily be converted into a genetic weapon. Such things often are."

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Nodding slowly along with Rogue, Jamie sighs quietly. "Yeah, I know that feeling." What feeling, exactly? Not entirely clear, but the point is he is firmly on Rogue's side in the "this doesn't add up" corner of the room.

When Jemma makes the point about the delivery method, he snaps his fingers and point at her. "See, yeah, listen to the girl with the big brain." He casts a frown at each of those who were, in his mind, buying a prehistoric conjob. "Not everyone has cancer, but as he said, 'I want /EVERYONE/ to be dinosaurs."

He never actually said that, but Jamie figures if he does it in that voice again it will sound more convincing that he did.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Shark-Girl is not only a giant shark girl, but wearing a bright yellow and black X-Men uniform. Subtle she is not. Nor is she subtle when she leans in intimidatingly to Richard Stadler. "Do you know how hard I can bite?" she asks with a darker tone to that portugese accent. "How fast I can swim? How far I can throw a car? I'd rather die than be a human again."

     Y'know, throwing cars, what sharks are famous for doing. She probably means being a human permanently as well, given she last changed back into human form *yesterday.*

     There's a gutteral, breathy snarl between her triangular, serrated teeth down at Richard before that long snout turns towards Dr. Lykos. "We're gonna find your Tanya." she declares, "Eu sei que nao posso assobiar e chupar cana. But I can still hope for the best. So... we'll see. I can't get close to you obviously, but even if nobody else wants to help, I gotta take that stupid chance. Just out of principle."

     There's an additional "Porra" muttered bitterly under her breath as she puts her hands on her hips and looks to the side, frustrated with the whole situation.

Richard Stadler has posed:
The movement of the Doctor in such a quick manner has Stadler's hand moving to the small of his back, holding there as his other comees up. "Easy, Doctor. Easy. I'm..." He says, moving his hand away, before looking over to Jemma as he asks his question. "I... suppose it could; Outcompete PTLVs, perhaps, or repair lympocite damage- I'm sorry. I'm afraid that my speciality, my... experience in this sort of work gravitates to worst case scinearios. Maybe when this is all over, I could refer this to someone I know in Atlanta, but," he notes, hooking a thumb Simmons way. "She probably knows quite a bit more than any of my own contacts. But I'd want to make sure that it's use as a payload for some... targeted genetic change was eliminated first. The sort of evil one can do when working on the genetic level frightens me. Should frighten anyone."

A quick look to Rogue as Karl mentions his stategy of atonement. "She makes a good point, but... it might just be first impressions. Granted, I assume we'll do just that to make sure nothing else happens, but it does sound like we have other... problems to worry about if they have someone who knows all about this already. So. You can expect us to look for her, and handle this."

The doctor might be able to catch the tinge in regret in Rick's tone; they were government types after all, and it was true; they may not have had the luxury of being able to care about the life of one woman. Esspecially if the only option would be to make sure her knowledge couldn't be usedd under duress.

He could remember why he retired.

When Iara leans forward toward him, however, he takes a step back, his hand keeping it's reflexive distance away from the holster behind him. "You-" He starts, before taking a breath. "Look, I appreciate the strengths. Certainly. My apologies. I'll try not to demonstrate the primate advantage of tool use if you could take a quick step back."

Darcy Lewis has posed:
Darcy's job here really has nothing to do with Lykos. Locking up colorful supercriminals is useful, but in the grand scheme, a waste of her not insignificant credentials. He's here because he's a piece in her bigger puzzle. And several of the others are as well.

"Lykos was unfamiliar with the prisoners who tried to break him out, would you confirm?" she asks Rogue, taking a side-angle. "Did you notice anything about their coordination? The electrical systems were also shut down remotely, and the DOC report suggests one of your teamates helped bring them back on-line."

Hey, if Sauron is the villain, why is SHE getting the 3rd degree?

The answers get tap-tapped as entries back into her tablet, as Darcy glances vaguely toward the other interrogation, such as it is. It goes a little off the rails with emotional content, but predictably, the nerds drag it back. She 'hmmms' back at Jemma. "Right. So targeted cure or... mass mutation, give or take? Pardon the layman's." As ever, she's not that kind of doctor!

Lykos speaks up here. "Obviously, it can accomplish either. The mass approach was how he formulated the original, ah, 'dino-virus.'" A quick look toward Rogue and Jamie. "I do wish you'd pass on my apologies to the poor lass who turnd into a t-rex." But then he's back on task. "However, I've improved the underlying retrovirus a great deal. The idea is to allow denser genetic loads, more complex changes. Previously, for lower-evolutionary targets, that wasn't necessary. Dinosaurs are early evolutionary models. But improving human health without altering the organism? That's more subtle."

Well, he's not shouting about how much cooler dinosarus are than humans, at least.

He continues: "But it also means that the new version is more versatile. With the right donor DNA, it could program things entirely outside the human genome, things unfathomable in Earth's genetic record." Richard he acknowledges with a nod. "With the hospital, my work was carefully monitored. I was a contributor to the project, and had no direct physical access. The harm I could do? Quite minimized. But in the wrong hands? It could write unimaginable changes... And without doubt, it is now in the wrong hands."

It does seem that Iara remains his one true believer in all of this, and so her promise encourages a small smile. "I hope so. I only wish I could tell you more. My cognition is impacted by the change, and I only remember his recent time in the Savage Land in flashes." Which the X-Men have already seen, in telepathic form! "Some strange angel, or whatever else. That's how he perceived her."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would watch over at the back and forth. She would give a low nod to Rogue's comments. Then over to Darcy as she would speak, "He seems to be telling the truth." From his own awareness and perspective. Then again, with a biologically shifting min dcontrolling entity within him that could rewrite genetics, that might not necessarily mean once.

As Jemma would elaborate that it could work or be turned into a biological weapon of mass destruction, she would shift her posture in a small way to be the equivlaent of a shrug to those that could read it. Most things could be used both ways in her experience.

Now, she listens. And analyses. He's cooperating and giving them information. So long as they can confirm it from other sources not tied directly to him, that means that there's some level of accuracy to it. So long as they have him safely contained, then they can cooperate with him.

She does, however, listen to the X-Men. They're the onet hat have fought with him most of all.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sweeps her right gloved hand out of her jacket pocket now, pressing the back of her hand against Iara's covered stomach inside her own X-Men uniform. "Easy, girl. We're all friends here." She says in a soft tone for the Sharknado of a teammate.

A smile is flashed toward Richard then. "She's passionate. I'm sure you understand."

Once more though, Darcy draws Rogue's attention back to her, and now her right hand goes up to adjust her aviators where she'd pushed them up on top of her forehead over that green bandana she has tied around behind the back of her head. She adjusts the aviators as she has a look of thought fall across her youthful facial features...

"Ah... the prison break was awhile back, and it was pretty wild mayhem by the time I arrived on-scene. What I can say, for sure... what I found when I got there was prisoners rushin' to some crate'a weapons on the exterior grounds. They were runnin' for them like guns in Fortnite. Someone dropped a crate'a weapons on the lawn'a the place, and boy were they not your normal run'a the mill kinda gun either. Advanced shit. Tech shit. By the time I dealt with that, an' got inside, he was already in Sauron form, and was makin' for a hole in the wall, which is when he burst out inta the air, headed for the sky, and clipped that choppah that I had ta go'n help settle back down on the ground safely." By which she means she caught the thing, and they both crash landed in a park on the edge of the East River in Manhattan... but the crew lived, so that's something.

"I can't say one way or another if he was workin' with anyone else on the inside though, sorry, Cupcake." Yep, Darcy Cupcake Lewis.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Cupcakes. Jamie's stomachs rumble. As for all of this? He is just there to stand around and look cool.

So he is standing around, looking cool.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
The biochemist in the room without a preference to prehistoric DNA can only collaborate what Dr Lykos said. Simmons states, without any shadow of a doubt, that what he says is correct. "The retrovirus is able to deliver whatever genetic payload is loaded within. It is truly a wonder of science. It is also borderline unethical, for it is almost too easy to implement."

Too easy? Perhaps for Jemma. After all, if there is anyone that knows how to do genetic manipulation within this particular group, it would be her.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Shark-Girl does back off further when Rogue puts a hand on her fellow mutant's stomach, but bitterly says "Dinosaurs use tools too."

     This is TECHNICALLY correct in an obtuse way, in that birds are dinosaurs and Iara is a Gen Z-er that has seen many a youtube video of crows using sticks to solve puzzles and get treats, but it's enough for her to feel like she's right.

    "Feel free to kick my ass when we get back to the danger room." she tells Rogue, feeling like she deserves it, shaking her head as she looks to Madrox, and then back to Dr. Lykos.

Richard Stadler has posed:
Stadler untenses slightly, nodding again. "Never-" said they couldn't, nope, not going there. "Never mind, in that case. Again, sorry. Jumped the gun." He gives a quick look to Rogue, and the hand she has in front of Iara. Looks like she might be the one leading the detail here. "And I can understand passionate. Obviously." Enough for a rueful smile at his own mistakes in needling the situation.

Jemma had been the expert here, of course; certainly with a broader range of knowledge than a jumped-up biology teacher, and someone to defer to. "I'd agree. Not about the easy part; you'd need... well. An organization like SHIELD or a rather large research hospital. But organizations like that exist that don't furthur the interest of mankind, so, yes. It's concerning, and to have the ability to change humanity into something it isn't... again, frightening. To the point that, despite your looking to atone, despite the abilities this offers, I would much rather have this locked up somewhere like Detrick or cast into burning thermite."

Rogue's account of the incident is processed. "That sounds like a rather effective distraction... and a high cost one, with those sorts of weapons. Speaks to both resources, capabilities, and a disregard for collateral damage. But the-" He starts, before stopping himself. "No, wait, right. Videogame. Got it. Sorry, just- Never mind. Again." The last time he had sat in front of a console was what, half an hour in the Green Zone on an Xbox to see what all the fuss was about.

Darcy Lewis has posed:
Darcy is very curious of these Rogue details. "Dropped?" she double-checks. "I believe no aircraft were identified in the area, other than law-enforcement hellicopters and your own aircraft." A gesture at the spiff-looking black craft sitting there in the background. But really, this does just seem like a reporter running down the facts of the case, double checking for any irregularities.

...Or like a cop. It is SHIELD. Especially considering she's double checking stuff Nat would have told them! Poor Rogue, never escaping her criminal rep!

"High tech toys. Mhm." Tap, tap. She looks up from the screen, blinks wide-eyed at 'cupcake', and then looks back down hurriedly.

Meanwhile, it seems they've reached an end of sorts, with the 'Good Doctor.' Some people are convinced of his good intentions, some are not. And through whatever jumpiness, he maintains a generally resigned attitude toward his fate. "I assume this is only a stopover until I'm transferred to whatever permanent residence - hopefully somewhere a little better than Ryker's, this time. I can't do much about behaving myself if muscle-bound maniacs are allowed to barge into my quarters and make contact."

Blaming it on the jailers for insufficient jailing!

"Until then, when I'm burried far away from the light of day and denied all human contact, I'm happy to cooperate in any way I can. Anything to help Tanya, and keep my work from being perverted." With that, he holds up his bound forearms and gestures vaguely from one side to the other, as if waiting for someone to lead him onward.

But before he's escorted away, he makes one last suggestion, finally acknowledging the conversation Darcy and Rogue are having, somewhat removed from the rest. "Not to tell all you specialized security people how to do your jobs, but maybe you'd do well asking the people who broke me out who hired them? Because it absolutely wasn't me."

Not long after that, they're ready to take him away, to whatever temporary holding, be it here or off-site. The X-Men fly off in their fancy jet. Once they're gone, cue Darcy: "Well. I'm pretty sure it was aliens."