1423/Hunting the Faux

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Hunting the Faux
Date of Scene: 28 April 2020
Location: A Parking Garage Downtown New York
Synopsis: Two stolen ICERs and a suspect with a shot knee
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Achilles, Daisy Johnson

Bobbi Morse has posed:
His name is Pierre. He's been a regular customer for months now. A french guy, short hair and an expensive Italian suit. He always has a suitcase with him. He hired Myrmidon to protect him while he sold off "expensive family heirlooms" which he demonstrated with some lovely necklaces and diamonds. He seemed on the up and up. Now he's at his sale, like the last few this one is also being done in a parking garage. It seems a bit dodgy, but Myrmidon is being paid well. The guards for Pierre are asked to hang back as usual.

Her name is Agent Santiago and this is her first big mission. With her is Agent Mouseberg, in the ops van Agent Johnson and Agent Redferd. This isn't Daisy's usual team, but they're trying this thing at the Triskel where they get agents to cross polinate. Santiago and Mouseberg are at the meet, under cover. They have been tracking stolen SHIELD tech for months now. How it goes missing they're still not sure but they knew it was being sold on the black market. They eventually narrowed it down to this fellow named Pierre and set the meet.

Pierre opens the brief case to Santiago and Mouseberg, showing them the twin set of I.C.E.R guns, "So, do we 'ave a deal?" It's strange how things can go so wrong so quickly. There's shooting... suddenly Pierre is running to his hired guards; and at the same time Quake and Redfern see their agents drop, iced.

Achilles has posed:
    Dodgy is something Myrmidon tends to avoid most times. It's not a matter of how much a client pays. Achilles is quite wealthy and not prone to be a bean counter. But... he has empowered his middle managers to make judgement calls without him having to micro-manage everyone.
    So he is not always clued in on every detail of every assignment. Trust me, when these details reach him, he will be having a few words with his people.
    But either way, Eric and Rob are standing back as asked. They are doing their jobs, and in fact they are very -good- at their jobs. Well dressed and wearing discrete body armor woven into their business suits. They have good comms, and good communication habits. In fact, they are friends and partners like cops are partners. Eric is a large guy, a bodybuilder who actually competed before joining the army. Rob came to Myrmidon after serving as a police officer. He is wiry and both have excellent instincts for trouble. Which... if one were Spider-Man, there would be wavy lines all around his head.
    So there we go. Two bodyguards, thinking that they are about to be dropped into the deep end without floaties on their arms. Body language communication between them conveys this, and they were both busily scanning their assigned quadroants for trouble, trusting the other to scan his part.
    This is why they were ready when things went to hell. Out come the firearms, Belgian made Fabrique Nationale Herstal designs known simply as the Five-Seven. Why those particular weapons? Because they hold twenty rounds in a magazine, and punch through most standard body armor. Also, they use the same ammunition as the P90 Sub-Machinegun and they keep one of those on hand in the vehicle at all times. Easier to use two guns that use the same ammo.
    But I digress. Rob is already returning fire in a pattern that isn't trying to hit anyone so much as keep them honest... to make folks less willing to come out and shoot back, while the larger Eric grips the charge's arm around the bicep with a large meaty hand. His job is to get the charge to the SUV as quickly and safely as possible while Rob fires and falls back. They work like a well oiled machine it seems. Having practiced these tactics many many times. At this point they have no idea who they are firing at. Who is attacking them. They only know that it is their job to get Pierre out alive.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Back to the van she loves! Because Daisy loves those, working on the background, typing away on her keyboard while her monitors show off what's going on, sharp gaze following the monitors that display what Santiago and Mouseberg are watching.

"Alright, Santiago. Keep it steady.." she says. "Remember, we just need to identify if they are real or not and then we move in. No heroics guys." because she knows how Agents often like to stand out in their first assignments. Well, she had been one of those! Always rushing into danger. Well, she was still one of those agents...

But then her focus is on the mission, on the suitcase and then it's opened ... She runs a recognition algorithm and frowns. "Authentic.."

That's all she has time to say because then the cameras are pointing up, agents down. "Damn it!" she gets up to her feet, calling out. "Santiago? Mouseberg?" she is already putting on a portable comm.

"I am going in, Redferd. Keep an eye out on the comms, let me know whats going on." and she steps out of the van, gloves on and starting to approach the meeting point at a quick speed.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Redfern looks somewhat stunned and horrified. This was meant to be such a straight forward bust. Find our stolen equipment, catch bad guy, interrogate bad guy, find person thief, everyone is happy. "R-right! Got i!" He shuffles over in to the command chair, the one Quake was hogging and starts to type on the keyboard. "Pierre is on the move, he's left the suitcase behind, his two goons are shooting at... not sure. They have P90s be careful! We have vitals from Santiago and Mouseberg."

Pierre is tight lipped as he lets his security service do their thing, but he's rattled. Once in the SUV he puts on his seat belt and gets on his phone, "It was a set up." His accent, no longer French at all. "I don't know, but they knew what they were looking for. I'm getting out of here now. No I lost them.. I'm sorry!" Sounds Metropolis style accent.

Redfern is on the comms again, "He used a phone, tracing..."

Achilles has posed:
    Indeed, as soon as Pierre is settled into the SUV, Eric does indeed break out the P90. He leaves his door opened and uses it as cover while aiming downrange and covering Rob as he falls back.
    It's a simple operation... it -was- simple. Right up until it wasn't. They are calling in to home office, calling out a red alert.
    Meanwhile, back at the office... the New York office that is, managers are in a flurry of near panic. Not quite there yet, but rapidly approaching as the calls come in from Eric and Rob. Backup is being organized, police being called because if firearms are being discharged, it will -have- to be reported. That is company policy.
    Eric explains that they are withdrawing and under fire from unknown assailants. "We are returning the charge to the nearest safehouse." He pauses as he receives a an alphanumeric code in reply, "Correct. Echo Tango One Five." he says. It's not encrypted, but it -is- encoded to a degree.
    And it's only a moment before the tires squeal while Rob dives in. Though they are not away -yet-. Just starting the process. SHIELD could -easily- intercept.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Running into the area of the meeting Daisy frowns when she sees the two officers down, the suitcase. Then the sound of tires squealing away. She taps on her comms. "Redferd, can you track where they are going?" perhaps something that will decide whether she will pursue or not. Yet there is still the case of -who- shot the agents. She gives a cursory glance about the area but is already running to move in to intercept.

P90s, deadly perhaps a while back, but now that she is a good hold of her powers ..., a lot less. She steps out and lifts one hand, pointing it towards the car, waiting for Redferd to tell her whether to go ahead or not, already her powers gathering on her palms while she focuses.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Over the comms Agent Redfern says, "What the.. hang on.. Quake hangon." He listens in to the chatter, "We have police on the way.. they're talking in code.." He looks at the car in he vision coming from Daisy's head gear and zooms in on the license plate. "I.. yeah, I think there's an easier way than chasing them, or stopping them." He chuckles excitedly over the comms. "Yeah.. yeah I got this. Pierre is using Myrmidon for his protection. We can just.. call them, right?"

    The radio chatter continues as Myrmidon goes in to high gear. The team is scrambling, their client is under attack. The police have been called, the safe house is ready, they have another team in a car ready to go.

Redfern, "Yeah don't hit them, those guards of his probably don't know he's a thief."

Achilles has posed:
    Vroom goes the SUV, the team zoomin' along the streets. Police are responding and it's all above board, legit and all that. It's only a few minutes before they reach the safehouse. And by safehouse I mean a small warehouse only a few blocks away. It was set up in advance when they learned where the meet was going to happen.
    And then comes the part that New York Director Franklin York dreads more than any other. He makes a call...
    In Metropolis, a call is transferred to Director Tampambulos's office and Achilles, aka Angelo picks up.
    In a few minutes, the situation is explained to him, and he closes his eyes, "Frank." he says in his barely English Accented voice, "Why did you not clue me into this earlier? You didn't think that a meet in a parking garage sounded just a touch... off?" Another pause and he adds, "Alright, I'll be there as soon as I can." He hangs up and makes arrangements for the Hyperloop up to New York.
    Meanwhile, the charge is safely ensconced away and backup arrives. It's all done by the book, following the proper codes. And much to Pierre's disappointment, Eric and Rob are replaced and go to file their police reports.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Just the minor vibrations were starting to make that hair of hers begin to undulate yet when Redferd calls out on the comms for them to not go ahead with the intercept Daisy frowns. Lowering her hand. Which means she runs right back to where their Agents are. "Myrmidon security? Put me through.." she calls out in a firm tone. Dropping to one knee she checks on both their pulses. Alive. Just ICED. By who or what though?

She reaches out for the case and opens it to see if the ICERS are still in there. "I am bringing the Agents in. Don't feel like staying back and talking to the police."

And she goes about doing just that, bringing Santiago and Mouseberg back to the van, along with the case. Back inside, while she waits for the call her eyes go to the monitors. "Good job, Redferd."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The case is missing one ICER. Redfern shuffles back over as Quake re-enters the van. "Right. It's calling."

The call comes through to Myrmidon on the police channel, skipping reception entirely. Redfern moves up to the drivers seat of the van and turns it on. "Are they going to be okay?," he says glancing at their fellow agents.

In the back of the SUV, Pierre keeps his hand in a coat pocket, holding the gun. They take him to the safe house and his security gets replaced. He calls again on his phone, but it doesn't pick up. "Shit.. shit shit," he paces nervously and tucks the ICER in to his belt behind his back.

Achilles has posed:
    Of course, Angelo Tampambulos always has his phone on him. Calls are answered when they come in of course. The new guards are Tony and Bridget. Most folks think of female bodyguards as lesser. Not Myrmidon. I mean come on, Achilles was almost beaten by an Amazon at Troy. He KNOWS women can fight just as good if not better than men.
    While the new guards watch the guy pacing back and forth, reporting this to home office... the phone is answered, "Tampambulos." he says into the phone as he picks up. After a few moments of listening to the voice on the other end, he replies simply, "Please forgive me for being a bit less than forthcoming over the phone. But even I know that anyone can claim to be anyone on the phone. If you will excuse me, I am on my way to New York City to speak with the police there about a matter that my people have been involved in. I would be happy to speak with any members of SHIELD if they showed up there and presented official Identification. Again, I apologize if I seem rude, I am merely a bit... distracted of late."
    That said, he hangs up and steps onto the train to be rushed to New York.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
At the dismissal on the phone Quake takes out her comm, tossing it to the table. "Remind me to give a wooping to this Tampambulos when we meet with them." she states over to Redferd with a mumble under her breath, settling back down on her perch while Redferd gets to drive. As for the others, they are set as comfortably as possible on their seats, seatbelts on.

"They were iced. One of the weapons is missing, and we did not see anyone else there so ..., probably our friend Pierre that did this. We are losing precious time. He won't be staying put and will most likely take those guards down and flee." she switches up the police channels, keeping on the lookout for any news on where that safe house may be but then picks up her phone to send a message, in this case to Bobbi. "Needing backup before this turns into a bigger incident than it is."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Pierre yells, "Fuck!," and smashes his phone to the ground. The safe house is the last place he wants to be right now and his boss isn't picking up the phone. He stops his pacing and calms down before he takes a shot at Tony, icing him. Bridget responds quickly, shooting him in the leg. Two more shots from the ICER narrowly miss her before she's on top of him, wrestling the weapon away from him and pinning him to the floor. With him starting to bleed from the leg and her partner down, she calls it in.

Bobbi picks up the phone and doesn't even get a chance to say Hello. "Okay," she responds, her eyebrows raised. Daisy sure sounded perturbed about something. She brings up the duty roster and checks out what she's working on. Her eyes widen as she reads the action logs pouring in from Redfern, "On my way." She jumps out of her chair and rushes to get out of the triskelion.

Achilles has posed:
    Okay, now he -is- micromanaging. Achilles is ont the phone with the NYC office the moment he gets a text saying, 'operative down'. The good news is that Tony was only disabled. Turns out he's alive. Bridget can be forgiven for thinking a shot to the chest is death.
    "So you are telling me that our client shot his own guard with a weapon that functions like a firearm, but only disables targets?" he asks, "A weapon like that would... revolutionize our business. Imagine being able to fire at attackers without worrying about killing bystanders." It's... an amazing idea to him at least. "I will be there very soon. The loop moves quite rapidly as you know. Keep me updated. Oh, and see what you can find out about this agency... SHIELD's involvement in all of this. Someone who claims they are a part of SHIELD called me moments after all of this went down." A pause, "Yes, forgive me for assuming you already had legal not only called, but on site. Director York... may I speak with Subdirector Jenkins?"
    Another pause and then Achilles says, "Jenkins. Good to hear your voice. I see here that you have been with us for seven years. I am promoting you. Please be good enough to tell York that once he files his reports for the police, he is to clean out his desk and that he will receive the proper severance package." That said, he hangs up and shakes his head, "You should've known this was something we didn't want to get involved with York." he mutters mostly to himself.
    But Bridget is delighted that Tony is alive. She has EMT's on site along with police, and Pierre is... for lack of a better term... screwed.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With a brief sigh Daisy picks up her commlink again, setting it on and starts typing on the keyboard. A glance to Redferd. "Should had went with my instinct and stopped that car right there and then. Live and learn, I suppose."

But right now all they can do is wait to find out where to go.