14331/Blonde and Blue All Over

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Blonde and Blue All Over
Date of Scene: 06 March 2023
Location: Frost Enterprises
Synopsis: Sue and Emma talk about aging.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Susan Richards

Emma Frost has posed:
It was another of their occasional games of chess. Whatever had gone in the direction of Shaw's schemes was for now quiet for the moment. But the two women had still at least maintained something of a light friendship even with it would all seem that Shaw's little schemes were on hold. Emma, for now playing black, idly glancing around the board.
    "Do consider me impressed at how you manage to maintain your family."

Susan Richards has posed:
Sue's finding the chess match a touch more absorbing that the plotting and scheming about Shaw's recent maneuvers in the Inner Court. Perhaps because opening Earth to space didn't have nearly the sweeping, dangerous impact to the world that Sue originally foresaw, the Club has been... surprisingly stable. Even the more mundane and public-facing galas have slowed down.

She laughs softly and shakes her head, murmuring out. "Oh, that's hardly my doing. Everyone gives Reed too little credit. Yes, he's in his lab often, but he inspires Valeria, he keeps an eye on Franklin. And he can handle Johnny and Ben better than me. I simply handle Reed, and it all works out. Remind him he can get out of the lab more often."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would lean back, "Well, I've heard that Valeria is the responsible one. I've seen Franklin at the school and he's a nice boy. I'm surprised that you can keep Johnny and Ben from breaking everything, but you have had a few decades of practice I assume." SHe would go to move a piece across the board.

"I suppose that Reed jus has to make suggestions and they all go quiet? Or is his reputation merely vastly exaggerated?"

Susan Richards has posed:
Sue considers, head tilting, lips pressing in a thin line. "Oh, she's responsible. But perhaps mainly from being... sheltered for so long. She fell into science as easily as her father and... uncle. But she's beginning to take her first steps into the world." She grins lopsidedly, "Hopefully more responsibly than her parents did."

She makes her own counter move and laughs out, "Oh no, Johnny and Ben listen to him because they know if he bothers to step out of his lab to quiet them down, whatever he's going to say is considered and important. Me? I just bonk them with forcefields. It doesn't hurt, but it makes them pay attention, and that usually makes them realize they're out-childing my children." She perks her eyebrows, "Have you considered mentoring the next generation? It can be very rewarding."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would lean back over, "And do yout hink that she's mostly done her own thing? Or that she's still a bit too under your influence? Sometimes with younger ones it's best to throw them off the eddge and see how they fend for htemselves. However, I'm not sure that there's much that can be done that would phase her given her godfather." Emma goes to lightly tease over while she goes to scan across the board.

"I'm a horrid teacher. By reputation and experience. I can lend my thoughts, but mostly of an example of how not to live your life. I'ev made too many mistakes and I'm too harsh on children."

Susan Richards has posed:
Susan laughs and shakes her head, "Oh no, I think she's her own woman. She's not under my influence, or Reed's. Not even Victor's deep down. She... idolizes him to a degree. He did save our lives, so it's natural she'd take a kinder view of him than..." She snorts softly and rolls her eyes, "Everybody. But I don't think Valeria would let her affections for Victor blind her to his faults."

She grins lopsidedly and murmurs out, "Well, if it makes you feel any better, it seems like every year, your most famed previous attires barely rate as more daring than what college kids wear around campus. I think maybe we're just... being outpaced by the world, Emma."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would mm over and move to advance around the board and examine the pieces. "Well, then it sounds like she's well on a position to make her own way. That can be hard with children. At least, I've heard." She would deadpan over. "And we all have our flaws. I don't presume to make light of a king after all." Or whatever the reigning monarch of Latveria cares to call Doom-self.

"And the world is moving ahead of us. You're well beyond myself in what you've done, I've barely made a mark or impression after all. I think that you've earned your acknowledgement. you and your family ahve saved the galaxy how many times?"

Susan Richards has posed:
Susan's mind is clearly only partly focused on the game, every move a little less optimal, her defenses slowly opening and faltering as she laughs out softly. "I will make light of a king who has a themed coffee shop. Like I will forever tease Batman about that burger chain in Gotham. It might be hypocritical, me running an entire multibillion dollar business based off my family's own branding. But still."

She sighs out and nods her head, "Sometimes I wish we had some sort of fountain of youth, but if anyone's ever found a real one, they've kept it secret. Well, short of vampirism. But I like sunbathing too much to be a vampire."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would lean back over, "Well, far be it for me to judge." She would lean back over. "I'm sure there are ways. There are plenty of things after all. But I'm hardly one to say, with all the work that I've had done. If it's really something that needs doing.. I'm sure there's osme sort of galactic fountain of youth out there if you're really worried." She would lean back.

"And obviously it exists. Someone has it and keeps it to themselves and just charges a fortune even by our standards to access it."

Susan Richards has posed:
Susan laughs and sighs out, murmuring dryly, "Well, I feel like some sort of fountain of youth or... exotic particles from space or something would be more what I'm looking for. I'm not worried about looking like I'm in my twenties again so much as... more time. We never have enough of it." She clicks her tongue and murmurs dryly. "I mean, I'd like at least five or six extra months to offset how many times Reed's been stuck in some dimensional portal or somesuch."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would lean over and go to look at the board, "There are ways around it. Even in the traditional ways. Age before grace, but never beauty. But you do seem teh type more that wans the direct method then, Mrs. Richards. Rather than the workarounds. Is that something you truly want or are you making a game of it wtih someone like me that's far beneath your standards?"