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Fire from the Heavens: Enter Despero
Date of Scene: 13 March 2023
Location: Downtown - New Troy
Synopsis: The Justice League and their allies comes face to face with the Third Eye at last and are left reeling as the might of Despero is unleashed upon them in his quest to reclaim the Flame of Py'tar. How long will the the League be able to keep the alien despot from reaching his goals?
Cast of Characters: Hal Jordan, Clark Kent, Audra Meridian, Shayera Thal, Monet St. Croix, Meggan Puceanu, Victor Von Doom, Zatanna Zatara

Hal Jordan has posed:
After two recent alien incursions Metropolis has found itself in the middle of a brief respite from more attacks, despite the promise of forthcoming fire and brimstone to be rained down from the heavens by the still mysterious Third Eye. At least if the Kalanorians still held captive are to be believed. Unfortunately that is about the only thing that they have provided as far as information, spouting off about the glories of the Third Eye and how the entire galaxy will bow down in gratitude once the Flame is returned to them.

On this particular day one could mistake Metropolis for Gotham. The weather has warmed up incrimentally and the recent fluries have instead transformed to a drizzling rain that is quickly clearing away the snowy reminders of winter, but still leaving the usually shining city a little greyer than normal. But still as busy as always. People bustle about on the streets and heavy winter coats have been replaced by a sea of umbrellas instead as the crowds hurry about on their businesss, shopping, rushing to appointments or grabbing a late lunch.

Another incursion was always inevitable of course, but when it finally arrives it is... considerably smaller than expected. This time when the rift in space opens above the floating blue gem that is Earth only a single craft passes through. No menacing battlecruiser this time, it is a simply shuttle -- clearly of the same design as the Kalanorian fighters and warships. But this ship does not bristle with armaments or weapon emplacements. Indeed, if the craft is armed at all they are not visible.

Looks can be deceiving of course and despite the seemingly innocuous craft when the Justice League's space-based early detection warning system goes off the alert is automatically passed on over the emergency frequency -- as well as being forwarded to the civic authorities in Metropolis.

"Here we go again," Hal reports over the Justice League comms, already rushing towards the teleporters that will transport him down to the surface in a flash.

That lone craft drops rapidly through the atmosphere, plunging downward towards the North American easter seaboard, sweeping in over the Atlantic Ocean before coming to a stop in mid-air, hovering over the Hall of Justice itself. A hatch in the bottom of the shuttle slowly slides open and a moment later a towering figure steps out, beginning to float down towards the ground below. More than eight feet in height with the same ponkish-purple skin as other Kalanorians he would tower above them. A fin runs along his head like them and a blue cape with a gold-clasp is draped over his shoulders and his back. But aside from the huge size difference from the rest of his race one other distinction stands out, unmistakably, even at a distance. The glowing third eye in the middle of his forehead.

As all nearby eyes turn heaven-wards a great booming voice rings out accross the plaza that sprawls out around the Hall of Justice. "I bear you glad tidings people of Earth. I am the Third Eye. I am Despero. And I have come to free you of your burdens."

Clark Kent has posed:
Superman was support this time aroundm as Hal, aka, Green Lantern took point. "Let me know where you need me Green Lantern, and I will be there," Floating nearby Superman eyes what was ahead of them, and regards the "peace envoy" with suspicion.

Crossing his arms across his chest, his cape billowing in the background as the wind moves it, Superman waits for what was to come next.

Audra Meridian has posed:
It had been quiet. The weather had been improving. But after the last close encounter with the invasive kind Audra has stayed close to her hometown of Metropolis. So she was again conveniently in range by the time the ship made its appearance over the skyline. That was enough of a sight for her to get geared up, and shortly after Windrose was flying her way onto the scene while Desparo makes his presence known.

"... Well that explains the whole Third Eye deal," she mutters to no one in particular.

Shayera Thal has posed:
And now we are in the third act climax. Hawk Woman has been on guard, knowing that the zealots would try again so she been keeping schedule free. Of course that means she isn't mixing it up with other crooks and bad guys that roam the street. Grabbing her hawk helm and hastily securing it to her head and then unaffixing her warmace she makes her way towards the teleport with Green Lantern. "Oh good lord, just how many times are they going to come at us again." She steps onto the teleport and then waits for Hal to join her so they can beam down to the surface for this little jamboree.

"Has Zantanna figured out what that glorified matchstick does yet?" She asks. "Something that they are going for this much trouble for is not something they are using as a camp fire.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Oh lovely, it's going to be one of those days. Monet has been flying along over on patrol, spending more time in Metropolis as of late due to all the constant catastrophies. So when this flying unsightly -thing- is coming through the air, she goes to halt several kilometers away, and then goes to call out over in a loud, booming voice despite the distance.

"If you're here to announce annexation plans, there's a queue. Please ensure that you have the appropriate paperwork, and then take a number and stand in line. It's incredibly rude to the rest o fthe invaders that were here before you if you jump your place." Her hands would be in front of her over in a casual stance, even as she evaluates Despero form a distance.

All right, see how the thing handles itself to the bait.

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
After the repeated incursions over the city, Meggan has taken to managing her heavy social media presence from Metropolitan cafes, benches, and city parks. She also keeps tapped into the Justice League comms, even if that means politely asking for her own device to be of some use. The incoming spring remains a week out, but the promise already shows in the streaks of pale green around her fingertips and the returning flaxen hue of her hair. Therefore, she looks mildly different when emerging from the relatively cheap cafe where her presence has remarkably improved the indoor plants for a two building radius. Proximity to the Halls of Justice means tourist mark-ups, so she's empty-handed except for her phone.

<I'm getting tired of people tellin' us how we go about our business. This part of Space Conqueror Basics at uni?> she asks bluntly over the comms, still wrapped up in winter ice for now. She hasn't got the benefit of an incredibly cool uniform change that some people manage to do, so ambling to where she can get an eye on the latest would-be conquistador takes priority. It doesn't help she's wearing the Union Jack. "Hey, mate! 'Scuse me! Do you have a flag?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     TWO Alien Incursions in a short period? Suffice to say, this has gotten the attention of Doctor Victor Von Doom. These meddling fools at the Hall of Justice can't be trusted to do anything right, especially when it comes to defending the earth. SHIELD and SWORD are supposed to handle these sorts of things, or the Watchtower, but obviously the Latverian Space Program will need to have it's funding increased if this continues.

     The Green-cloaked Monarch of Latveria strides forward through the lobby of the halls of justice, setting off the metal detectors without a care as he slams his palm on the booth of the security desk. "YOU WILL BRING ME SUPERMAN!" he declares, "I need to speak with him of this Kalanorian threat! Why have I not been included in the..." Doctor Doom suddenly looks to the desk where he slammed his hand down, eyes drawn to the crack in it as he says "Is this Vinyl covered particle board? You *disgust* me. Cheap furnishings such as this is illegal in Latveria..."

     Before he can berate the bewildered security guard any further, the televisions switch to the Daily Planet report on the UFO in the sky, another Kalanorian threat. "Your services are no longer needed." Doom tells the guard, "I will meet him outside." Soon, Monet and the others can see that green cloaked metal figure rising up into the sky to meet them via jetpack. Touching the side of his head, a Latverian submarine rises out of the water some distance from the coastline as Victor makes a beeline for Clark. "SUPERMAN!" He shouts over the wind with a mechanically magnified voice, "I DEMAND to be included in whatever extraterrestrial affairs you have going on here! Doom is the fate of this world, and I will not see it ruined by your airheaded arrangements with these aliens!"

Hal Jordan has posed:
The latest invader to appear in the skies over Metropolis certainly cuts an impressive figure, that huge form and fluttering cape perhaps daunting to the average person. BUt it's not quite as impressive as an armada of battlecruisers firing lasers down upon the city, is it? It certainly begs the question why someone with those sort of resources at their disposal would leave them back at home waiting.

Perhaps their enemy has made a mistake? Or perhaps there is more to this Despero then meets the eye.

Emerging from the Hall of Justice, sheathed in that emerald glow Hal takes a moment to study the situation, eyes narrowing behind his mask. "Negative. We're both still working on it. The problem is that while it seems to have some mystical elements, it is not truly magic. And if it's technological based it's no technology that the Oans have ever encountered. About all we know is that it's still giving off huge amounts of extra-dimensional energy. Whatever it can be used for I'm pretty sure we don't want Mr. Tall, Big and Three Eyes getting his hands on it. Keeping him out of the Hall and away from that Flame remains the priority, but standby to start evacuating the civilians. Actually, we might want to get a start on that now until we find out just what this Despero is capable of," Green Lantern suggests.

While there might not be any invading armada of ships this time most people nearby have the good sense to start vacating the plaza sprawled out around the Hall of Justice. Most, but not all of course. The threat this time seems far less and besides, most can see Superman and other heroes already taking to the skies to deal with any danger. Even in Metropolis it's not every day that one gets to see their idols in action, so for every person that begins streaming towards the streets, others stand with cellphones held aloft, recording the scene playing out in the skies above.

As the first figures begin to rise up to meet him, the self-proclaimed Third Eye turns his attention towards them, sweeping his gaze over Superman, Meggan, Monet and finally even Victor von Doom. "So you are the protectors of this insignificant planet? The ones that have attacked my people, crippled their ships and stolen the Flame of Py'tar from me. I expected... more." he says, a cruel smile sliding over his features. "I need no symbols girl," he says contemptuously, his attention turning towards Meggan momentarily. "And Despero takes what he wants. Even people," he adds, glancing Monet's way as that third eye begins to pulse brightly.

Down in the plaza below an answering pulse alights in many of the onlooker's eyes, expressions growing blank for a moment, cellphones dropping to their sides as a fervant zeal slowly spreads over their expression. Almost as one hundreds of civilizans turn and begin to mark towards the entrance to the Hall.

"Well that's not good," HAl mutters over the comm. "And I think things just got a whole lot more complicated," he adds as Doom rises up into view, demanding the attention of Metropolis' greatest hero.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Oh -lovely-. Monet has heard -stories- about DOOM. Some of them might be exaggerations. Some might be true. Some might be fairy tales. Others might be understated (what -was- the thing wiht the purported 'send the Baxter Building Into Hell' one anyways). Monet goes to crack her knuckles together over towards Despero over as her eyes would narrow. The attack.. SHe's not sure exactly what it is.

"All right. Since you insisted, you cang o to the back of the line." Monet goes to pull her psionic energies, and then goes to try and unleash them over on Despero. He's a living, giant optic nerve.. So M goes to try and hit him with something that's hopefully at least somewhat disorienting, presuming she can go to bypass his no doubt formidable mental defenses - or even figure out if and how he thinks (focused on the 'if' there).

Monet goes to try and hit Despero with a sense of disorientation and blindness. The moment where one is first entering zero-g and being smashed back from acceleration and that total sense of dizziness. It's the type of that even many with good mental defenses might let slip through. And hopefully just a little disorientation might disrupt -whatever- he's doing over to the crowd. Maybe.

Shayera Thal has posed:
Shayera flies out with Green Lantern and then engages the Nth metal wings, the armor starting to layer itself over her feathery wings and giving them a metal coating to protect them from any damage that they might incur. She activates the anti-gravity harness and so she floats not far from Green Lantern as she looks at the man who has decided to grace Earth with his presence. Still one can't help but notice Victor Von Doom harassing the metropolis wild life and just stares for a moment. She can't help but notice him. "Didn't I see him on Times? Victor Von Doom?" She read the article but didn't believe much of it.

Turning her attention to the three eyed fin freak, she stares silently before finally stopping as she notices the civilian now starting to advance with glassy eyed expression. "Well he has a way with people." She just kind of turns her attention to Despero and so she gets her mace ready and decide to greet him in standard Thanagarian fashion, AKA club him like a baby harp seal. She gives her signature 'Heyah' battle cry as she shoots towards Despero and attempts to wack him upside the head with electrified war mace.

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
The announcements of would-be sovereign showing up earn a curl of Meggan's very British upper lip. Albeit she represents all Britannia, and not a jocular crescent bounded by the Thames and myopic to the existence of any unwashed, untitled peasant. Call it the collective opinion of 60 million people has a strong impact on a girl more or less bonded to the Sceptr'd Isles. But that building zeal from civilians nearby cuts both ways, lapping at her mind, and the empath shakes herself. For a moment, all she can latch onto is that passionate flash of Shayera's cry -- hopefully some flavour of focused wrath or justice, because other emotions can taste rather horrible.

Monet's scinatillating mental attack doesn't register so well as a lightning-licked Thanagarian mace held aloft. In a moment, her flesh becomes gaseous and all but invisible, her entire body blown away in an icy northern wind that flows in a great circling stream to get behind the large red Kalanorian. Were any citizens yet capable of admiring their idols, she sure as heck isn't likely to win points by fleeing the battlefield.

Albeit the likes of Superman or the Green Lantern can possibly track the currents moving counter to the rain, though she drives that in eddies in her wake. Her upward ascent seeks the clouds, the friction in the clouds at that.

Audra Meridian has posed:
To say Doctor Von Doom's presence is impossible to miss would be an understatement. It's enough to actually get Windrose to look away from three eyes for a moment. "Wow, even he's here." And without the Fan Four doing something to get his attention, either. So now they have two bigger than life guys posturing in the same vicinity. "Ugh, the combined egos are like a pressure front..." she utters under her breath.

But her attention is quickly drawn back to Desparo, and then the crowd below as they seem to go into some manner of trance. Then march towards the hall like mindless hordes. "Of all the... This isn't good!" She glances back at Desparo for a moment, but there's enough big hitters here to hopefully deal with him.

So Windrose disengages her thrusters, switchs to hover mode, and lowers herself towards the front spread of the Hall where the enthralled mass is gathering. "Gotta do this without hurting anyone..." she mutters, even as she engages her weather manipulation system into wind mode and unleashes a stream of rushing air. Trying to use it in the same manner a riot response team would a fire hose and push the people back without harming them more than the light bumps and bruises of being pushed around.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     Doom's attention is stolen from Superman to this Magenta Monster and the view of the zombie-like denizens of Metropolis below... well, more zombie-like than usual. A protective bubble-like barrier forming around him as he rises to this foe of Earth, he again he reaches to his ear to activate his communicator, saying "Have one third of my Doombots begin teleporting just outside the Hall of Justice. Set them to stand by and protect, public demonstration mode. Send as many as possible. I shall explain later. Ready the submarine to fire weapons on my command." Mere moments pass before, on command, Doombots begin teleporting into existence outside the hall of justice, walking forward to meet with the citizens of Metropolis and form a barrier.

     Doom rises to Despero's level, confronting him directly and looking him in his two normal eyes, righteous indignation in his echoing, projected voice as he says "You speak not only to its protectors, but its DOOM. I know not what this flame of Py'tar is, but if you came here to invade this Earth, you will need to deal with ME."

     This is, actually, an excellent opportunity for the others to stall for time if they need it. Doom has proven himself extremely resistant if not immune to mind control in the past, and the two of them talking... they could well be there all day.

Hal Jordan has posed:
It is ever a danger in this line of work. That their foes will trun the very people that they are trying to save, trying to protect against them. To make use of them for their own ends. Usually that doesn't take quite so literal a form as literally hijacking the minds of other people and turning them into his fanatical soliders.

Apparently Despero can pretty much bring his own army with him wherever he goes, no troop transports required. Maybe coming on his own wasn't such a tactical blunder afterall.

But they are still the Justice League. Arguably the most formidable force of good on the planet. With others leaping into the frey headlong, Hal hangs back and instead lets the glowing green light from his ring grow brighter before a beam of light shoots down, encompassing the Hall in its glow as well even as the first of those on the ground reach it's doors. As they reach for them, they are repelled, unable to pass by that force field that envelops the mission implanted into their minds.

"I've got Hall security. They're not getting through that," Hal reports over the comms. "See what we can do about maybe disrupting his hold on them. I don't want to hurt them, but I worry they might end up hurting themselves," the Green Lantern suggests, splitting his attention between both the ground and the skies.

It is a logical gambit. Clearly this latest alien invader has a measure of psychic ability to so easily snare hundreds of people in his grasp with a mere glance. And it potentially answers some questions that that the Green Lantern Corp has long had about just how Kalanor descended from a peaceful, agrarian society to a xenophobic, fanatical society in mere years. Of course, if he is capable of reshaping the minds of an entire planet it begs the question of just how powerful a psychic Despero truly is?

As Monet lashes out at him with that psionic energy he turns and glances her way once more, a sneer curling over his lip. "You fancy yourself a telepath, do you girl?" he asks contemptuously. "Let me give you a taste of my psychic might," he says. And in Monet's mind's eye the world around her suddenly bursts into flame, the people in the plaza below consumed in a firestorm that washes over them, washes over the Hall of Justice obliterating it and reaching into the sky towards her as well.

Hal Jordan has posed:
While Meggan's efforts seemingly go unnoticed as she becomes little more than the air itself, shooting past the floating tyrant in a rush, the same cannot be said of Hal's below as that glowing green field of energy keeps his newest minions at bay. "You Green Lanterns refuse to learn your proper place. Fortunately I can assist you in seeing the true light. Even your will is no match for me, Servant of Oa," the fin-headed alien tyrant states coldly.

A moment later just what he means becomes clear as a bright emeerald beam shoots out from the opening in the bottom of his shuttle above, lancing down and striking Hal head on, knocking him flying. In an instant the green force field encompassing the Hall of Justice is wiped away, dropping and the crowd of mine-controlled fanatics begins to stream inside.

"A fellow Lantern was sent to stop me when you transmitted your warnings to your feeble Corps. But I have seen that they have had a change of heart," Despero says, smiling cruelly once more as another emerges from the shuttle, that saming burning zeal appearent on his alien expression. Skin black as night is marked by white, geometric patterns and a green cloak shrouds the rest of him.

"Oh shit," Hal exclaims. "We have really big problems," he adds ominously. "That's Torquemada. Before he was chosen to join the Corps he was the Master Sorcerer on his world."

Even as greater chaos begins to spread on both the ground and in the skies above the Hall, Hawk Woman is there to offer up her own, direct sort of solution. Between commanding his ever growing number of minions, dealing with the upstart telepath in Monet and mocking Hal with just how easily he has co-opted one of the Corps' most powerful members, Despero is in no position to stop Shaeyra as she swoops in and hammers the alien despot with that mace. His head rocks back and he drops several feet before he catches himself -- the assault fortunately breaking his mental assault on Monet though it does not otherwise seem to alter his hold on the crowd below. "Thanagarian," he says, one hand lifting to wipe away a small trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth. "This planet has quite the motley collection of protectors, doesn't it?"

That mace has taken down countless foes in lesser strikes then that and Despero floats there looking, well, much like Superman might look if struck with that mace. Hurt -- slightly -- but undaunted. And definitely with plenty of fight still left in him.

Of course it is not just Shayera that confronts him, but swiftly Doom intervenes as well. It's not often that one is grateful to see Latverian's monarch put in an appearance, but this might be just such a time. "Aliens, Lanterns, child-telepaths and now metal men. Perhaps this world does have some surprises afterall," Despero comments. And while that sneering smirk might still mark his face, patience must clearly be running thin as that third eye suddenly burns brightly once more. This time he does not reach out to try and seize Doom's mind for his own. No, this time that psychic force manifests itself very visibly, a beam of yellow streaking from that eye to slam into Victor's protective force field.

While Hal's protective barrier might be temporarily out of commission, it would seem that the Hall is not completely lacking in defenders fortunately and as those fanatical mind-slaves begin to rush forward they are met by sudden, powerful currents of air, driving them back, knocking them aside or to the ground. Indeed, every bit as effective as a hose -- without the watery mess to clean up. But there are a whole lot of people streaming towards those doors and more seem to be arriving every moment, streaming out of nearby buildings. Just what are the limits to Despero's mental reach?

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The psychic blast hits her. Nerves aflare. Body in total agony. Searing rending through her. MOnet St. Croix howls over in pain. The work of Despero is perfection. She can feel her blood bubbling over, skin blistering. Then the bubbles superheating over on her like acne and popping like blisters! Then the flames blast through her body. She convulses.

Like she's having a seizure. LIke she's being boiled alive. Like her skin has been ripped off and she's being bathed in salt and acid. And she can't even scream over as her form would twitch, spasm, and hemmorhage over in midair from the psionic onslaught hitting her!

Feeling like she was disintegrating again and again, body being rended apart and kept over in that moment of total, unending agony!

Shayera Thal has posed:
Its the small things in life that make Hawk Woman happy and the resounding ring of someone head getting wacked by the war mace is nice. Still this one seems to be able to walk it off so she is just going to have to hit him harder, that always works. Shayera decide to keep pressure one him while waiting for big Blue to show up and the other justice league members to gain control over the situation. Heck even that Doom fellow is at least calling in something so she isn't going to shirk her responsbilities.

Gripping the war mace in both hands she begins to lash out in a serious of blows using the full weight of her technology and rather impressive strength, the crackling energy field of the mace capable of disrupting magical abilites, but psionics, that is another story, still the electricty has to count for something and the fact that when that mace prepares to impact a small gravity field that increases the weight it deals with struck should be known to floor him if it hits. Well we hope.

Audra Meridian has posed:
It's working... but it's not working well enough as more and more people flood onto the streets. Just how far through the city can this guy reach? Maybe someone can break his concentration.

"I can't keep them all back myself..." But that doesn't mean Windrose is not going to keep trying. She drops to the pavement, digging her heels in, and shifting her vectors from hovering to providing counterforce. Which allows her to open up with more power from her gauntlets. Though she uses the additional force to spread her blast out wider to try and catch more people, and spreading it across a wider berth keeps it from hitting too hard.

What the entranced crowd might not notice in their blind zeal is that the wind is doing more than trying to push back against the throng. It's gotten rather cold, enough that a light layer of frost is starting to form in patchs on the ground. A slip hazard and possibly twisting an ankle or bashing a knee is ... well Windrose doesn't like hurting anyone but there are times that a minor injury can't really be avoided, to avoid having to do more severe things to others.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     Doom's force field strains and flickers as the blast dissapates, his blue eyes glaring with unflinching fury at the alien as he raises his hand to his ear once more, and simply states "Shoot." Missiles launch from the submarine as Doom engages his close range teleporter to get behind this magenta menace, attacking from behind as Hawk-Girl attacks head-on, blasts of electricity aimed for the small of the alien's back as the Latverian monarch engages the enemy at close range... Not his specialty, but in tandem with Hawk-Girl, it's a calculated risk...

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
Higher. Faster. Certain freedom can be found in letting go and becoming one with the wind. Unlike Audra, Meggan does not technologically alter the ambient weather patterns. She is almost indistinguishable from the weeping clouds and the sighing breeze dispersing waves of rainfall at peculiar angles. Rattling pain from Monet bubbles hot orange like an electric shock to the system. There, the flax-gleamed spark of surprise out of Hal knocked aside. Rust and gold strobes where Hawkwoman fights. Every course is a meal to her, rich and unpleasant by turns, and she swallows it all against Desparo's general aura.

A gust emanates from high overhead, running contrary to the generally westerly direction common over Metropolis. Enough force follows to send any random detritus in the air billowing away, thrown about by a vortex only visible when it gets considerably closer to the keenly cut craft harbouring unknown passengers and responsible for delivering the poncy red telepath. It may be capable of enduring a transition into the Earth's atmosphere at high speeds, but all its fancy engineering gets put to the test when the Tuath de Danaan slams into the tail at a fairly oblique angle at considerable speed. Given she looks like air and Desparo's craft is presumably metal, the maneuver could be ineffective.

Even if the tail end doesn't immediately crumple, Meggan whips it around wildly to throw off its trajectory and force whatever stabilizing methods it uses to overcompensate. Doombots make an impressive showing, Thanagarian wrath a splendour of its own. Her methods profess their own lyrical violence, a synchronized exercise intending to eventually force the craft to the rebelling earth or meeting the vicious sea, and a certain Latverian sub. He wants to shoot, she's giving Victor one heck of a target.

Clark Kent has posed:
Superman watches from the sidelines. he was doing his best to be the backup to the heroes fighting this fight. It was going to be a long night.

Hal Jordan has posed:
It's a good thing that Windrose is there to keep the mind-controlled bystanders at bay because Hal certainly is not in a position to do so at the moment and it looks like he's going to have his hands full with his fellow Corps member for the foreseeable future. Fortunately for them all Windrose is proving more than up to the task and while the flood of people pushing against her wind barrier might be considerable, that added cold touch is just what the doctor called for, the ground growing increasingly slick underfoot, the drizzling rain falling from the cloudy skies overhead only adding to that slickness, making footing perilous indeed.

Of course it's not just the mind-controlled minions on the ground that will need to regain their footing. Hal Jordan is going to have to do much the same. Shaking his head to clear it, he turns his attention toward Torquemada once more, this time barely managing to whip up an emerald shield to catch the equally bright beam of green energy that streaks down at him, hammering into that barrier and knocking him several more feet back through the skies above the hall. Again and again those strikes rain down, but Hal's will is equal to the task, meeting each in turn and directing them aside. "You're better than this Torquemada. Stronger. Fight him," he calls out through gritted teeth.

And his fellow Green Lantern shows that he is indeed stronger, lashing out once more -- this time not with his ring but instead with a quick gesture that sends an eldritch blast hurtling downward, piercing straight through Hal's shield and slamming him into the ground.

The psychic assault on Monet might have ended, but the aftermath clearly remains. The sensation of being burned alive, consumed in a firestorm that raced around the entire city might have all been in her mind, but try telling her nerve-endings that. For now at least, Despero has other distractions of a more pressing nature.

Like say the fact that his shuttle has just been quite literally hurled from the skies by seemingly nothing but the wind itself, the winged craft soaring towards the coast. The tail crumples under the force exerted by Meggan, one of wings ripped clear free as the ship begins to drop towards those cold, Atlantic waters -- and the sub that lurks beneath the waves. It also has the side benefit of distracting the mind-controlled Green Lantern as well, and Torquemada narrows eyes as the alien sorcerer begins to reach out with other, mystical senses as well.

That distraction also aids Hawk Woman and Doom's efforts as well, momentarily distracting Despero enough to miss Victor's sudden disappearance -- and to allow Shayeera to strike home with another blow, this one bringing a grimace of pain and more blood. But as she goes to lash out again, the alien despot reacts with almost shocking speed, reaching out to grab the winged woman, catching her hand as she starts to bring that mace down for a third time. Holding her by the wrist, his crushing strength is immediately apparent. Not just the sheer durability of a Kryptonian it would seem, but the strength of one too. "Insect," he hisses, that sneer gone now, replaced by a burning rage. "Let's see if you can swing that weapon of yours when I remove your arm from it's socket.

Before he can do that however Doom's attack hits home, waves of electricty washing over him, shreading that blue cape and making him arch in mid-air, rage turning to agony momentarily. Shayera is released before he can follow through on his threat and he whirls, one powerful arm lashing backwards at his tormentor. "Enough of this!" he bellows angrily.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Magical baubles. The downfall of many civilization, Zatanna muses. Protected from the mind control above, she catches flashes of the battle through her connection with Meggan. One foray into Meggan's kingdom marked the homo magi deeply and for all her remaining days.

She frets and paces outside the thick doors of the vault, doors made thicker by the spells woven over the course of days, while keeping com silence which makes her nerves all the worse. Protection, deflection, adamant that can not be pierced by weapon or will or so is Zatanna's intent when she wove her magic.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
And even as Monet goes to spasm back to 'rightfulness' as the bubble bursts around her, all she can feel is weak. Weak. Vulnerable. When she had been beaten before it had been by brute force. In her mind? In her mind, never. Her sanctuary. Her place where she was above all else. Whree it was her domain. And it had been shattered and overpowered over like a sledgehammer to an eggshell.

She goes tos cream.. Something that is lost in the chaos and the explosions of the battlefield. Something that's an obscenity. Faded away. And Monet seethes and screams. She can't match Despero physically. She can't match him mentally. HSe's useless. And she has sworn to herself she will never be useless again. She screams. Seethes. Rages.

And then she goes to unleash all of it over at Despero. To the alien overlord, it's likely nothing. Just a fumbling effort at a psionic attempt from a low powered, poorly trained upstart to get lost in the onslaught of everything going on.

Shayera Thal has posed:
As her attack is caught she register a look of surprise before grimacing and holding in a scream of plain as the vice like grip begins to bear down on her. Thankfully Doom, All Hail the one true ruler of the world, comes in and breaks his hold on her and like any good pitcher when they are at bat she keeps swinging. However she mixes things up by streaking away and trying to graze him with that Nth metal wing of her. As she goes for some altitude she turns on a dime and then tilts herself for the downward death dive hawks go in when they are swooping for a attack. With the, so the audiance has called it, Xena War cry she comes down using her momentum and that mace raised up high she swings it down as she tries to brain the man once more and then streak pace before he can once again grab ahold of her.

Audra Meridian has posed:
Windrose grits her teeth, her own hair flicking about in the backwash of her for lack of better description minature hurricane. She has to occasionally turn herself or shift one of her arms to direct the repelling force at a different angle to get people trying to swarm around her. Thankfully she's between them and their target and doesn't need to change her actual position so they're going to just march into her range to be blown back or slip and slide around again.

The corner of her gaze glances at a readout on the HUD inside her goggles. She's only going to be able to amp out her gear for so long at this intensity. The technologist side of her realizes this, and there's not really a lot that can be done about it. She's too determined to give up. The heroic spirit beyond that won't allow her to. Also won't allow her to resort to more drastic measures. These people are just as much victims, their will taken away from them. They don't even really deserve the knocking about she's giving them as is, but that part is unavoidable.

Clark Kent has posed:
Everything Superman did was to protect his comrades in arms, the civilians, and to prevent death and destruction as best he could. Taking hits, using his powers to serve and protect, and to ensure no one, on ether side, was hurt too badly.

Strangely enough, Superman was in the background. Not at the forefront. The big guns were taking care of business, and Superman was there to make sure they were victorious. Zee, Shayera, Monet, Meggan, Audra, Hal all of them. They were the heavy lifters tonight. Even..Doom.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     The alien is tough. Strong. Similar to a Kryptonian, but obviously not. With the Thanagarian attacking directly, Doom begins to cast a spell of binding as he summons arcane rings that home in on the Magenta Monster's body, seeking to wrap themselves around the extraterrestrial's legs and trying to trap the alien's arms by his sides, sliding over either side of him like hot iron rings over a barrel. All the while those missiles get closer, and a second volley fires from the Submarine. Three missiles go for the alien's ship, while the other three... seem to be headed straight for Despero, Doom, Hawk-Girl and Monet...

     On the ground, the doombots teleporting in do their best to push back the hordes from the hall of justice building. They aren't perfect, but they do seem... well programmed to handle civillian threats.

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
If the alien sorcerer opens his eyes too wide in Meggan's direction, Torquemada might experience blindness that his cruel master endured at Monet's hands. She is in function and reality a very bright light while savaging a perfectly nice spaceship. "Keeper of the Light" may be her actual title in Gotham and the honest truth. Chunks of metal rain down onto the sea, apologies to her second citizenship there, and a significant portion of the wing stub goes hurtling end over end once she tears it away.

Of course, riding a falling airplane is not how she will learn to love the Bomb. Or Doctor Despero. Zatanna and Doom are both well-placed to feel that instinctive tug on a leyline out of her, yanking to infuse her somehow as she drives the spaceship into the Atlantic's steely embrace. Not nearly so many interesting hits await as everyone delivers upon the magenta menace, but only once the newest sub for the Atlantean Near-Shore Navy rests several fathoms deep will she ascend again and go looking for a target.

The loudest emotional resonance wins. Wrath and pain? Hal's steady calm? Doom's Latverianness? Someone feel hard, because they have an incoming bogey. At least she's friendly.

Hal Jordan has posed:
For a moment, just before he lands, it is questionable if Hal Jordan is even still conscious, body limp as he hurtles towards the gorund. But if he momentarily lost consciousness, that green, protective glow envelops him once more an instant before he plows into the soggy ground, leaving a long furrow of torn up grass and shattered planters. It takes him a moment still to regain his footing and he spares a quick glance towards the Hall, checking out on just how Audra is managing with it's defense. But with things well in hand there -- or at least seemingly better than in the skies above -- he doesn't hesitate to streak skyward once more, launching himself towards his fellow Corps member again. He might be down, but he's hardly beaten. Not yet anyway.

While the battle in the skies above Metropolis is hardly finished, it does feel as if the tide has turned. Coordinating their attacks, Shayera and Doom are clearly making some inroads against the alien giant, keeping him off balanced. But it would seem that he is not completely out of surprises. Even as they battle, Despero begins to... grow. Already a towering eight feet tall, the alien despot begins to expand even more quickly shooting past nine feet, that alien physiology swelling right along with him, muscles bulging. More ominously? Those wounds inflicted by Sheyara begin to close as well, that trickly of blood ceasing as he seems to heal right before their very eyes. "Now do you see?" he says, that sneering arrogance back, darting and whirling as he meets each of Shayera's blows with one of those heavy arms, knocking each mace blow aside before they can find their way to his more vulnerable head or torso. And if each one draws a small grunt, a grimace of pain from him? Well, it's still seems more like the annoying buzz of a gnat then the deadly weapon that it normally is in Hawk Woman's hands.

At least until other distractions begin to assail him at any rate. The mystic murmurings from behind him attract Despero's attention and he starts to turn back to Doom, to reach out and grab him in that same crushing grip that so recently assailed Shayera when Monet's psychic scream of rage hits him. He might have derided her telepathic abilities, they might not be able to cripple him like they would do so many others but in that moment it is just enough. He freezes, taking a second to erect mental barriers to protect his mind. And to take care of those psychic defenses he loses that precious second. That second in which Victor von Doom's spell reaches out and snares him, beginning to bind him in place. Enough so that he has no defense the next time Shayera's mace strike hits home. Nor the neck.

But despite that magic, it is possible to see those magical bands strain under the strength he exerts, the spell dangerously close to fraying. Despero never panicks and instead simply glances towards his Green Lantern slave with the slightest of nods.

Hal Jordan has posed:
The timing is fortuitous for Torquemada it seems, as before he can find Meggan with all her glowing brightness those unseen commands compel him. All at once he crosses his arms -- and vanishes.

Down on the ground Windrose receives some much needed reinforcements as those Doombots drop from the skies, beginning to surround the Hall of Justice and keeping the mind-controlled bystanders at bay. Just in time to give her a well deserved moment of respite. But even as Doom's robotic minions take up the task of safeguarding the Hall -- who would have seen that coming? -- she might feel the sudden rush of wind as something unseen races past, further into the depths of the Justice League's headquarters -- and the vault that awaits there.

A moment later the corridor where Zatanna stands is no longer unoccupied as the alien Green Lantern Sorcerer fades back into existance, an emerald shield etched with magical runes springing up between him and the League's resident magical expert. "Surrender the Flame," Torquemada orders. "Bow down to the Third Eye. Or have your light extinguished. Forever."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
That little bit from Monet St. Croix seems to do something. Or maybe not. She's well past that point in awareness she could tell as she rages at the alien sorceror and his third eye. At htis point,s he has somewhat more ability to focus now. She looks over, sees a broken off lamppost. She takes her hand over to it, and crushes the end. Then takes it over to a burning fire, moving to take it and burn the point to a flaming, almost melting edge. Even as Despero taunts, Monet goes to hiss with fury back.

"THen let's see how well you do when we cut one of them out." She has a bit of an eye as to what Meggan may or may not be doing. Monet's addition to it? she goes to launch herself up into the air like a dart, going to use those lessons learned from Amazons in combat.. And she goes to sling the javelin at Despero's third eye atop his head.. With the intent of spearing i tlike a fish!

It will almost undoubteldy -not- work, but a being with as huge an optic nerve as that is -still- going to have some level of automatic response to protect it when a flaming, stabby thing is hurled right at the middle of it. All she needs is to make him blink once..

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
A sorcerer looking down on Metropolis will see the ley lines ripple from the war being waged above the city. Meggan's magic gooses them to glow to the naked eye. Many of lines cross under the Hall of Justice, making it a fortress against magical intrusions and vulnerable to those with the arcane knowledge of how to manipulate them.

Zee has carefully 'mined' each line, laying traps to spring on the unwary, sapping their magic. If unwary they will lose their life force which skirts the line of Zatanna's injunction to not kill or lose her magical abilities.

The first line of defense springs into existence, a transparent bubble glimmering with rainbow colors, clashing against Torquemada's arcane shield.

"I bow to no one, sorcerer. Nor will any of us. Begone!" she commands, hand outstretched willing the shield to hold.

Audra Meridian has posed:
The Doombots are a much needed reprive. "Backup appreciated," Windrose remarks, though she's not certain the robots actually transmit anything back to their master. The important part is she gets a chance to step back and cycle down her manipulation hardware before it overloads from the constant high end use. Though she expects it won't have long and tries to fiddle with the settings to find a middle ground... when something whooshes by. Wind whips her hair, and it isn't of her own generation either. "What the.." She glances a moment. The Doombots seem to be handling holding the line for the time being.

This might be important.

Not wanting to immeadiately strain her hardware yet, Windrose instead engaging her Zephyr Boots and taking off at a speedy dash after the gust that had burst past her.

Shayera Thal has posed:
Well she might not be able to deal much damage to him, but there is that third eye of his and the fact that he has grown so amazingly large makes it a even more obvious target. Hawk Woman swoops up and then elevates higher and higher until she is just above alien despot and takes a moment to beat her wings a few more time before taking that mace in hand and once more doing th infamous Xena Warcry and coming crashing down in a move that would give the infamous samurai a nod of respect. She power dives straight down and tries to bring that sparking warmace directly into the mans third eye with all her might.

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
Do such injunctions apply to other members of the Justice League? Meggan is a little foggy on those rules and in no state to ask. Doombots bear cloaks whipping in the wind that streams by, a fly-by swizzle best that Meggan can safely do with the entranced civilians. Headed inbound, the great flaming arrow points her directly at Despero's fuchsia bulk.

Wind shifts and brightens into searing light. Torquemada didn't get an eyeful of it but that doesn't matter when Meggan herself flashes bright. Really bright. Not exactly harming anyone by amplifying brightly.

Just a nice sleight of hand for the bride of a conman as she shoots the lighthouse mana beam at another of those eyes on her strafing zigzag past Doom and Shayera beating on His Miseriness.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     Three of the missiles explode into the side of Despero's crashed ship, the second volley starting to come down to the same target as the first at a high angle. The first volley of three missiles that were headed towards Despero and crew... are getting close, too close. As Monet's makeshift projectile and Hawk-Woman's mace collides with Despero's third eye, the alien is knocked backwards into the waiting grasp of Doctor Doom. "Doom cares little for these fisticuffs." he snarls to the alien with an impatient reverberation. "So he will now seal your fate."

    Doom's short-range teleporter disapparates both the Doctor and Despero, and they reappear... a few dozen feet away from one of the missiles, directly in it's path. "Witness oblivion, Alien!" he calls out as he fires a repulsor blast into the magenta monster's back, blasting the extraterrestrial towards the missile and him away from it as he reactivates his force field, hopefully shielding himself from the blast of the three missiles and catching only Despero within that explosion...

Hal Jordan has posed:
While the skies above Metropolis might still be awash in conflict, in some respects the more important battle is taking place out of sight beneath the public sections of the Hall of Justice. It seems that Hal's description of his fellow Corps member as a master sorcerer was not an exaggeration and for a moment Torquemada and Zatanna remain locked in their mystical duel as the black-skinned alien tries to push that runic shield towards her, and Zatanna counters just as capably. But the mind-controlled Green Lantern is not trying to win a mystical duel -- he's trying to gain access to the vault beyond her and the Flame that lays bound within. So abruptly he begins to fade out from view entirely once more, that emerald shield still hanging there in the middle of the corridor, still pushed towards the League's magician. A moment later his intent becomes clear as he appears at her back, rebounding off the magical wall of protection raised up in front of the vault's entrance, his insubstantiality dispelled as he's knocked heavily to the ground, surprise on his features.

Not so easy then, it would seem? And the odds are about to turn even more against him with Windrose racing through the Hall towards them.

Hal curses audibly -- such shocking language! -- as Torquemada fades from sight, doing a quick scan before he turns his gaze back towards the Hall, beginning to race back towards it. "Heads up Zee, you might have incoming," he offers up in such a timely manner. You think?

Under other circumstances Hal might hesitate, might join the frey against Despero as well. But even with the phenomenal strength, durability and power shown by the Three Eyed menace it seems that the rest of the League and their allies have things well in hand. But it is still no foregone conclusion. Things look good though as Shayera batters the defenseless Despero, mace blow after mace blow landing home until she rears back and goes for that third eye. Then suddenly he intervenes.

As Hawk Woman's fatal strike descends that weapon is suddenly seized by an invisible force, a telepathic wall rising up to turn the strike aside. Then a second. Then a third. Those magical bindings suddenly blow apart, shattering in an explosion of little shards of light as the inhuman monster shrugs of those bonds.

Just in time too. As Monet rises up with her improvised weapon in hand that huge hand reaches up at the last second -- that firey, jagged end just mere inches from his vulnerable, glowing eye -- grasping the shattered lamppost in one powerful hand and wrenching it from her grasp. Then -- still holding Shayera's mace in his telepathic grasp, he turns to ram it straight through the mutant telepath.

Before he can do that however Meggan is there in all her blazing glory. The power of Despero's mind might be able to stop Hawk Woman's mace blow, the power of his mutant body might be able to physically wrest Monet's weapon from her grasp, but apparently there is nothing that can protect him from sheer, blinding light. He cries out in pain, that lamppost falling from his hands before it can strike home on Monet, Shayera's mace freed from his mind's hold.

Hal Jordan has posed:
And then Doom is there. Grabbing him, teleporting him across the sky, right into the path of those missiles. Shot forward by that repulsor blast, Despero's vision clears just in time to see that trio of projectiles strike home and explode.

For a moment he vanishes from sight, engulfed in the explosion. Is that it? Is it over? The fiery cloud begins to dissipate... and there the alien despot hovers. His cape is shreaded and burns and scratches cover his body, streams of blood leaking down in little rivulets over his torso. His third eye is clenched tightly shut. But he towers a full fifteen feet tall in height now, a look of absolute, unadulterated rage marking his expression. "You and your world will burn for this," he hisses.

No more Mr. Nice Tyrant.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
And that explosion of light is.. Monet is charing through the air with hte power, the others are hitting him and then there's an explosion.. And Monet sees stars. And debris. And.. Blood. ... Her blood.
    And herself as having been flung along and skipped like a stone over the ground and having left multiple impact craters. The blood is from her jaw, which is shattered like someone took a lsedgehammer to it, a rib which has been fully torn -out-.. And then Despero is there over at his all towering height. Monet can't afford to scream. Not when part of her body has been hit so hard that a chunk of it has -vanished-.

There's Despero, all big and tall, towering and over five meters.. And there is Monet, covered in blood and gunk and looking at chunks of herself. She doesn't scream. She shuts off the part of her mind responsible for feeling pain. For expressing it. For doing most other things. All that she can do is channel herself into one blow.

There's not much behind it. In a war of men and gods and aliens, and those blessed by willpower, magic,a nd bravery.. She is but a mutant monster in the midst of such a clash. What drives her now if not more than stubbornness is a sense of -needing- vengeance. A show if only ot satiate her own honor, her own dignity.. Her own retribution.

She goes to charge over at the towering alien juggernaut, fists raised together.. One clasping over the other as she's going for a double fisted uppercut, charging in towards Despero at merely hypersonic speeds.. Fist over end one another.. Impact being hpoefully targeted up right about Despero's waist level..

Well, to paraphrase the veteran close quarters combatant of many a dangerous alien threat James Tiberius Kirk..

All aliens had to have their junk somewhere on their body, right?

Shayera Thal has posed:
And the Hawk and the Hawk goes down as she bounces off that force field and lands on natures mattress the four door sedan. Funny how those thing are always exactly where you land. She blinks her eyes a couple of times tries to make sense of why there are two Desperos now instead of one. Rubs her head for a moment and then stands up and then mutters to herself about how this guy has the resistance of a fridge. Still what was that she heard over the communicator, something about company? She looks to the Hall of Justice and just kind of wonder if the Mistress of Magic might need back up or not. Still buddy just threaten her planet and she doesn't take kindly to that. So after getting a good grip over the wacking stick she uses her wings for a propelled take off and up goes Hawk Woman and down comes the mace hopefully on the head of three eye blind.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
"You think, Hal?" Zatanna replies through gritted teeth. "Our friend has already arrived and is inside my shield."

<<Meggan, dear heart, bring your magic to bear.>> is fervently winged to the child of Gaia.

Zatanna sways as the shields no longer clash and spins to face the alien. "We will not let you wreak this world for your petty goals," she talks as a distraction, taking a step forward, hoping to push him into one of the magical traps laid along a ley line passing under the vault. Advancing another step, "Leave here or you will regret ever having found this planet."

Audra Meridian has posed:
There was only so many things one woman can do in one amount of time.

Windrose pauses, checking her readout. Not as cooled down as she would like, but... well, time was running short she figures. She re-engaged the system, drawing electrical current into her gauntlets. And then slaps them together. It's not the deafening thunderclap she did before, that would surely overtax her hardware too much.

But she does manage to reproduce the sudden and bright flash part of lightning, in hopes of it being blinding and disorienting enough to stall the wouldbe intrusion long enough for the big hitters to put that alien out of the fight.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     Doctor Doom's cape is also in tatters as the second volley of missiles heads for the now fifteen foot tall tyrant as the second volley of three going for the ship collide into it and explode. "A worthy foe." he mutters, "I will cherish defeating this one..." Doom's jetpack takes him quickly back to the magenta monster as Monet and Hawk-Woman re-engage him, once again flying around to put a hand on the alien's back... but this time it is no simple blast of electricity.

     This time Doctor Doom attempts to turn the alien's flesh to stone with a touch of his metal gauntlets, using himself and his armor as a conduit on that magical Leyline Zatanna has pushed them towards to supercharge his spell, and hopefully quickly spread through Despero's flesh...

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
"Noooo," Meggan drawls back at Despero in a sibilant hiss, not terrible as a mimic, imbued by enough kookaburra and mockingbird inspiration. "You and your eyessss will burn for thissss. Dissssco inferno!"

This would be terribly frightening were it originating from something other than a ball of iridescent light who probably has forgotten how to assume her human form.

She floats higher to avoid being Doom-vaporized, if it's possible to vaporize her with her own energy. The leyline pulled by Zatanna into the nemesis of the Fantastic Four carries an extremely life-aspected overlay since the extra oomph in the line comes directly from said glowing ball. Open secret to every caster in sight: Meggan is essentially a mana battery. This is not a good thing to be.

"Run along then." Her chime pitches higher and brighter, gratingly sparkly in the susurrating vapors of the aether. "We're the nice onessss. See the green one in the masssk? He'll chasssse you right off the edge of reality. Besssst to leave."

Another twinkly ping. "You know you've got to sssssleep right? When your ssssoul goessss walking, you're in our hunting groundssss. Sssnip-ssssnip. Then you've no body left at all and that alien of yoursss... Think of all he'll want to do to you. All that ssssweet, ssssweet jusssstice."


Hal Jordan has posed:
Despite his towering size, it is clearly by now that Despero has been pressed hard. He might not be at his limits -- indeed, even now some of that burned flesh looks as if it is becoming purplish and healthy once more, some of those wounds beginning to close. But they do so more slowly now and the trickles of blood still roll down his body.

It does not help that there is absolutely no letup in the attacks either and if none of his foes have been able to land the telling blow -- hey, he shruged off three of Doom's missiles! -- there seems to be little occasion for the alien tyrant to return to the offensive either.

Increasingly, the three-eyed beast seems intent of keeping the League and it's allies at bay, one of those now huge hands swatting at Shayera, swatting her aside and keeping her from his vulenrable eye again -- though at the cost of more cuts as those Nth metal wings slice into his hand.

monet is not so easy to keep at bay this time however and while he preoccupies himself with the seemingly larger threats of Doom, Hawk Woman and Meggan. So he never notices the speeding bullet of a mutant. At least until she slams into his junk. He does notice that. An inarticulate scream of rage errupts from him as he almost doubles over.

But that Third Eye does snap open once more, blazing with it's own light. Light enough to fire another blast of psychic force, knocking Doom back and away from him before he can grab hold once more and he whirls -- turning this way and that -- as the glow of Meggan's form seems to come from all around him.

"Enough of this!" the alien despot bellows. "Do not think this is done. I will make this world pay for your intransigence!" he screams, straightening in mid-air once more.

The sneering, confident figure is gone and only a towering, raging ball of hatred seems to remain. It's hard to tell just what's more scary. Cool, calculating Despero or the rage monster that stands before them now.

But not for long. With one last stare of fury, the mutant Kalanorian suddenly vanishes as if he was never there.

Within the Hall of Justice itself the mind-controlled Green Lantern finds himself between a rock and a hard place. He may have circumvented Zatanna, but now finds himself caught between her and the magical wards he can sense at his back. Wards that repelled his efforts to breach them. Wards whose power he can feel, ready to snare him in their magics. Bolts of emerald green fly from him, trying to batter her back. And then she's not alone. Windrose is there too, launching those bolts of lightning down the hallway, striking home. Staggering back under the barrage, seeing the tell-tale green glow of Hal Jordan approaching as well, Torquemada gives into the inveitable. With swiftly chatted words, he too vanishes, teleporting away.

Rounding the corner to the vault's hallway just in time to see his mind-controlled collegue vanish, Hal lets the emerald glow fade around him as he slumps against the wall ever so slightly. "I think we have a problem. I think we have a real problem," he says. Understatement much? "And I think it's time that we figure out just what this so-called Flame of Py'tar is. And how we're going to deal with it and Despero."

Audra Meridian has posed:
Is that it? That's got to be it. The three eyed alien has disappeared and... a lot of other stuff happened.

There's an audible *GWSSSSH* as she engages multiple emergency cooling systems at once, several plumes of steam and even a few sparks spurting out of various vents, and then Windrose just slumps against the nearest wall. Pulls her goggles off with one hand so she can wipe sweat off her brow. Barely avoiding having to push her hardware to a potentially disasterous limit. This superheroing is getting to be quite intense.

"Maybe someone can finally explain just what the hell is up with these guys," she grumbles.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
And MOnet is once more sent skipping along the ground like a stone thrown into the river idly. She impacts roughly. Bouncing off the street. Over the hood of a car. Crushing through the wall of a parking garage over on the impact as it doesn't quite collapse down around her. Whatever sort of effect the blow had on her opponent.. His psychic slam did more over to her.

Any sort of effort now that she can take to restrain a scream is gone. The only reason she doesn't is that most of her throat has been crushed to barely let her breathe. Gagging, she goes to prop herself up on an arm to turn her head downwards. Just to make sure she won't choke.

She's clearly lost something along the way. The upper third of a lung, judging by her breathing.

Shayera Thal has posed:
Shayera is knocked back again, yeah she can be a rather persistent threat. Still as the attack is called off she stand up and then rubs her back. "Ok...I'm going to need a heating pad that smarted.." She decides to check on Zatanna and the people indoors. She come around just in time to hear the comment about finding out about it. "I agree. I am rather tired of the aliens showing up and wrecking metropolis and I am certainly sure that Super Man is getting tired of his city being used as their personal stomping ground.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Of course, sometimes the only recourse is retreat. Zatanna will credit the alien sorcerer with enough intelligence to know when he is beat. Still, it leaves them with a problem.

"Perhaps a small convocation of sorcerers can look into it, Hal?" she offers, pushing an errant lock of hair back into place. "I don't think it is going to drop a user's manual on us."

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
Meggan Constantine, being a floating ball of light, could be rather furious that her words fail to hit home. However, she has not her husband's wit or the typical snarky skills of the average teenager. Therefore, make the most of what she can.

She hovers there, swaying back and forth a bit, bobbling higher. The psychic blast most certainly clips her, leaving her in a tailspin.

"It's alive," she chimes drunkenly.

Hal Jordan has posed:
"I agree. I would like something cold and alcohol-filleed to drink. And then I want to sleep for a day," Hal agrees somewhat wearily. There's not much that can beat down a Green Lantern, but this fight has clearly taken a toll. On just about all of them it would seem. It probably doesn't bearing thinking about how much worse things might have gone if Dr. Doom of all people had no come to their rescue. Or at least risen up to make his claims on the world known at any rate. Thank go for the compelling power of 'dibs' in this particular instance.

"But yes, I think a little confab about what we have on our hands and what we're going to do with it can't hurt. Maybe all of us putting our heads together can finally get somewhere. At least we now have a name to go with our little floating ball of fiery energy," he says. The Flame of Py'tar. Yeah, they're much further along now.

"Okay, lets see what we can do about cleaning up a little. I'll go out and check on Despero's little thralls and see if his compulsion has broken or if we have hundreds of more fanatics we're going to have to hold. And make sure no one needs help."

Like say a mutant who might be missing half a lung. That should probably be looked at. Or maybe Meggan. Definitely better check in with her.

Ahhh, a day in the life of the Justice League and friends.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix goes to use one hand to slowly, slowly brace herself. She's not going to ocllapse over on the ground in a wreck now and them have to drag her out and use magic to prevent her from collapsing in a bloody crater. She's going to keep her dignity about her. As much as she can, as she goes to stumble. One foot. Other foot. Pushed on by less than sheer stubbornness and moreso out of desperation fueled vanity.

She will get out of here under her own power. She will not need any help or support.

Even as she retches in motion.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
    Doom is blasted backwards from the alien as he disappears, but quickly catches himself with his jetpack, allowing himself to sneer "Coward." quietly at the alien's disappearance. Then he hears Monet's scream. He points to Hawk-Woman, saying "The blood on your mace, you will bring it to Doom!" before he quickly flies to the source of that scream, teleporting once he gets within sight of her. "You will not die here." he says, a healing aura eminating from his hand, "So says Doom."

     Despite any protests, Doctor Doom lifts the mutant with Telekinetic force, raising a hand to his ear as he says "Prepare the doom-marine for emergency medical evac." Soon, Doom and Monet are both floating floating towards it, one hand behind his back and the other over Monet, keeping her stable with his magic until they disappear through an open hatch in the submarine.