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When Kara Met the Clone
Date of Scene: 26 March 2023
Location: Frost Enterprises
Synopsis: Divine finally meets Power Girl and they talk through things. There is crying. There are girlfriends there to help through the worst of it.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Divine, Cindy Moon, Karen Starr

Emma Frost has posed:
So, she waits. Sitting over with a mug of tea sweetened with something considerably stronger. At times like these, Emma Frost occasionally wishes she had stronger vices. But those were things she had pushed out of her life after seeing consequences. One thing from herself she could never tolerate was weakness. Weakness begot vulnerability.
    But, for a meeting like this she had arranged.. It was still something she might wish she could indulge in. But.. Sitting and waiting for what was hopefully a meeting going to go well.. One could hope.

Divine has posed:
Divine is a ball of anxiety, though she doesn't look it. Her face is a mask, impassive and emotionless. Her stomach boils as it turns in knots from the nerves and, honestly, burning anger of all of these months ignored. She's actually not looking out the windows. In fact, she has her back to them, long coat brushing her ankles as she just stares at the wall. She's zoning hard, vision reducing to pinpoints before cycling back out to normal. She shakes her head, looking down at the shorter woman clinging to her arm. The mask slips a little, and she smiles gently, comforted by Cindy's presence.

The feelings still churn inside, though muted a bit by the comforting presence at her side.

She wants this meeting. She -needs- it to move on with her life, to start believing for real the things that she's been told so many times. That she's her own person, that she's not just a clone, that she's worthy of all of the things she has, and deserves the comfort of happiness and family and love.

Cindy Moon has posed:
Everyone needs a support system and in this case, Divine's is Cindy Moon. A demunative little Asian clinging to a much bigger woman like a security blanket. Is there inner turmoil in her? Sure... This is so very important to Divine. Possibly the most important thing that has ever happened to her up to this point, so it is every bit as much important to the woman with her.

A very rare public smile, glancing up to the black haired Kryptoniclone. "You know, I think I forgot to record Real House Wives of Gotham City?" It's a joke, meant to loosen the anxiety she knows the taller woman must be feeling without distracting her away from the importance of this pivetal moment. "It's okay. You got this."

Karen Starr has posed:
    When one has both hypersensitive touch and the ability to fly at impossible speeds, one learns to feel when one is close to the sound barrier. Power Girl is doing her best not to attract attention, so she's keeping it subsonic, even if she's still faster than most airliners.
    The Kryptonian knows that if it were her in that building, she'd be able to hear herself coming. If she were on the roof or looking out a window, she'd be able to see herself from miles away. She might not trying not to attract stray attention, but she's not hiding from Divine. Not anymore. She's put this off too long as it is.
    From the incoming side of things, Power Girl can see into all the open blinds/curtains of Frost Enterprises. With her X-Ray vision, she can see into all the rooms not lined with lead! She knows EXACTLY what room Divine is in, who's with her, and what position they're in. She approaches the building and slows until she's hovering outside the window, all in a few seconds from being a tiny speck against the bright sky.
    Shoulders back, chest out, expression as neutral as she can make it, she is as motionless as if she is an installation of the building. With her toes angled downward, one leg bent slightly, her cape billows in the wind. Everyone in that room can see it. Divine can hear it.

Emma Frost has posed:
This is going to be difficult. For Divine most of all. But she has Cindy here. Which will make it much easier. Emma Frost takes another sip of her sweetened tea to steel herself over, looks over to Divine to give her a glance of support, takes a breath..
    "Thank you for coming." As Power Girl would come on in to join them.
    "Would you care for something to eat or drink while you're here?" Yes, Emma was aware that Kryptonians didn't necessarily have to eat. . But, it was still polite to offer and part of etiquette. So, Emma would take a breath.
    Looking from Divine to Power Girl. This was the tricky part she hadn't figured out. How to actually have a conversation over this.

Divine has posed:
The very tall woman can hear the approach. She knows that sound. She's spent enough time lately with others of her kind to know it on first hearing. Cindy can feel her tense with it, but the joke makes her smile. "Wasn't it a rerun today anyway?" She is so incredibly thankful and lucky to have Cindy here with her. It will make this easier, if only because she will hold her temper in check.

She leans down to kiss Cindy atop her head, drawing strength and nerve for what's coming. She draws a deep, steadying breath, and then turns to face the window. Meeting eyes with Power Girl. Her stare is not exactly cold. It's hurt. It's pained, and there is anger in it. Deep, unresolved anger. She says nothing and makes no further moves beyond one of her hands clenching tightly into a fist.

Cindy Moon has posed:
Cindy shrugs indifferently about the status of Reruns because the reality is she doesn't really care about the show, "I just love watching those catty bitches slap fight." She can't make out the approach as can Divine, but when Divine turns, so too does Cindy. An arm snakes around her waist wto squeeze a supportive hug, and then she slips back a few steps.

This isn't about her.

"I'm right here." She says with her arms crossing over her chest when she comes up nearer to Emma.. Peering sidelong and glancing up at the blonde woman. "Hey, I'm Cindy." They hadn't officially met. A brief smile, a glance back, and her hands settle on her hips.

Karen Starr has posed:
    It's like looking into a mirror. The hair might be darker, and the choice in clothing is definitely different, but that is her face. At first, she was upset at someone having stolen everything that makes her her, but that was no excuse for treating HERSELF as any different than any other person.
    Karen looks at Cindy, gives her a polite smile of greeting and raises a hand.
    Karen lowers her hand and looks directly back at Divine. She can see the hurt--the anger. She's not trying to be stand-offish with her neutral expression; she's just trying not to be provocative. She knows how hot-headed she can be, sometimes, and she assumes this is just her, slightly removed in location and circumstance. However, seeing that pain and anger and knowing she caused it turns her expression to an echo of that pain. There's some sympathy, there--compassion.
    "I'm sorry," she says. She's speaking in her normal, indoor voice. Divine can hear. She knows that. "I put this off too long. May I come in?" she asks. It's a politeness to ask, but she's not asking anyone but Divine. She is there specifically to talk to this other version of herself and to make things right, at least hopefully that's how things go.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to wind her fingers together, "Of course. Please do. Thank you for coming here. It.. Is appreciated." Emma's being polite and formal here. She's normally the one for directness, but this sort of meeting requires as much tact as possible. And she's not here to be a participant. She's just a facilitator.
    "And the famous Cindy that I've heard so many wonderful things about. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm very happy you two have found one another and you each make the other happy." SHe would give a true smile to the two.

Divine has posed:
That fist clenches and unclenches a few times, the tactile and physical nature of the motion helping her keep calm and focused. There is a small voice in her head that tells her to blast through that window, to get nose to nose with her Other. To take a swing, and then another, and another and not stop. To vent all of these feelings. All of the alienation and rejection that she's taken to heart since she was set loose on the streets of New York that have only recently truly begun to heal.

She does not do this.

Instead, she says in a rigid, controlled tone that says she can't decide whether to shout in a fury or just cry, "Yeah. Sure." Her words are sullen. Detached. Emma can feel the conflict because she's a telepath. Cindy can tell because they are so attached. Power Girl can probably hear the anxiety and turmoil in her heartbeat.

Cindy Moon has posed:
Whatever outward expression Cindy might be wearing, her insides are turning in notes. There's a conversation at the window because she can see Power Girl's lips moving, but she's only prevy to half of it. Which is distraction, only because Emma speaks up and she looks over with a grin. It's not as friendly as she might wish it to have been, but it isn't anything to do with the woman herself. Things are tense. "I'm just glad I can be." There for Divine.

In life /and/ right now.

Her fingers worry over themselves. Brown eyes on Divine reflexively clenching her fists. She knows her physical ticks. What she wants to do is walk over and give her a hug.. maybe stand in the way to shoulder something that she /can't/ fight for Divine. What she actually does as watch. Be a presence in the background. One glance back from Divine and all she'll find is a smile, a nod, and a mouthed 'You got this'.

Karen Starr has posed:
    To human eyes, the impressive, imposing figure of Power Girl is there one moment, then gone the next. The windows are designed to stand up to high level winds, they can handle the shock waves of a humanoid shape accelerating that fast.
    To Divine, Karen rises until she's out of view. Of course, if she landed on the rooftop, Karen, like any Kryptonian, could easily run fast enough to do what she was doing, but given the friction and traction forces that would come into play, she opts to fly. Compared to her, every other object is standing still. She flies to the roof door. She has to be very careful at those speeds, but she gingerly opens it just enough to get her juggs through, squeezes in, then closes it very carefully. It'll be loud, but the door won't be harmed. She dives down the center of the stairwell to the appropriate floor then repeats the careful opening and closing of the door.
    Now inside the Frost Enterprises building, Power Girl carefully moves through comparatively stagnant people, mostly just going overhead, though she is fully aware that the gust of wind she's creating will rattle the tiles in the drop ceiling, at least, and there will be several people who have to fix their hair.
    Karen knows what room it is. From the point of view of the people inside the hallway, there's a bang from the door at the same time a gust of wind slams against everyone standing between that doorway and the room the boss is in. Power Girl was not, then suddenly, she is there in their midst.
    From inside that room, Power Girl disappeared outside the window, then the door is calmly opened. She closes it behind her, but keeps herself facing Divine. She maintains solid eye contact, not breaking it even to blink. As much as this particular moment has been on her own mind, she has remarkably little to say now that she's actually here.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance over at Power Girl, and gesture, "Do sit. And would you care for something to eat or drink?" Her expression likewise going over to Divine and mirroring that of Cindy while Emma would sit down. "We're alone here, it's just allof us. There are going to be no interruptions. So we can take all the time we need." The window likely has some damage, but Emma doesn't care. It can be replaced rather simply and it's nothing she particularly has any concern over.
    Glancing at Divine gently. This is her conversation. Cindy is here to support her. Emma is here.. To facilitate things, and to accomodate the two as needed if they need an intermediary or a buffer.

Divine has posed:
Divine's eyes flicker towards Cindy, her silent encouragement, and once more she just wants to cry. She's been better lately about accepting her own personhood, about accepting that she is worthy of things and not -just- a clone. The presence of her Other, of the donor of half of her genetics makes all of the old feelings come back. She's not good enough. She's not strong enough. Unworthy.


She keeps it bottled as Karen Kryptonian Teleports. She turns from the window to the door, almost perfectly timing her shift to when the handle clicks and it swings open. The same eyes stare at each other, and it's a long, long moment of silence. Longer, likely, to the Kryptonians. She looks mad, but more than anything, she looks hurt. Wounded. The long moment passes, and Divine ends up speaking first, skipping the niceties that Emma is throwing out, completely aware of Cindy behind her and using her presence to keep her courage.

"Why? Why haven't you tried to seek me out?" She pauses, her voice going small and quiet. "I know...I know I'm not worth your time, but...I didn't ask to be made to hurt you. I didn't ask to be dumped on the street as a useless failure. But...why do you hate me?"

Cindy Moon has posed:
Someone once said that there are moments in a persons life where they are called upon to be a hero. Five, as the words go. Cindy is fairly sure that she's missed opportunities galor, at least with regards to saving lives or being there for people who could have benefit from her unique set of skills. One truth, however, is that she's always there for Divine. Be that as a stoic rock or a loving support structure the clone can lean upon to express her fears about who and what she is.

Divine isn't a clone to Cindy.

She never has been.

She's a person. She's a person that Cindy loves explicitly regardless of her heritage. And she can completely understand the deep seated feelings of unwanted that radiate from her own experiences. Is it the same? No... it's not... but it's close enough that empathy doesn't require a test tube or telepathy.

So this moment is one in five.

Cindy tilts her head to look at Divine and smiles. What she wants to do is walk over and comfort her. She wants to wipe those hard feelings away and make it so everything is right again. This is more important than that. She needs to voice what she feels... she needs to work through her hurt.

She does /not/ however, have to do it alone. Then back to being a wallflower. An abstract tree in the happily little forest with the happy little clouds. Titanium white.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen steps forward slowly, taking deliberate steps to not trigger any fight or flight instincts. "I messed up," she admits. "I felt like my identity was being assaulted." She gets within punching range of her twin. "I let my own feelings become anger. That isn't fair to you. It took me longer than it should have to realize that," she concludes, metaphorically putting a foot up on her own slain personal demon like Captain Morgan.
    Karen can hear all the biorhythms emminating from Cindy, broadcasting her emotional state more clearly than words ever could. Power Girl slowly raises her arm, extending her hand in a very human gesture. She's trying to make things right, and doing so without a fight is harder than just punching until they both feel vindicated. This isn't a time for vindication, though. "Can we start again?" she asks.

Emma Frost has posed:
And there they go. That's an admittance. And a small step. And with those sorts of openings at least some level of reciprocation goes. This level of pain, however.. Never fades. But now at least there's acknowledgement of it. Emma gives a light glance over to Power Girl of thanks.. But it's subtle from her. The statement is accepted.
    But it's not Emma's place to have any say int he matter. That's for Divine to judge.. With the support of Cindy. The other girl is Divine's anchor. Emma doesn't have to read either of their minds for it. And she tries not to ever.

Divine has posed:
Cindy approaches, and Divine trembles, feelings rapidly growing overwhelming in her head and her heart. She appreciates her presence so much, she likely would have broken by now if Cindy wasn't here. Broken into violence, anyway, the deep feelings of anger and worthlessness and self-loathing causing her to lash out. Instead, she takes the comfort, looking down at her favorite person on the planet with a quivering smile.

She looks back up at Power Girl when she approaches, the overwhelmed trembling rapidly going to tension. She listens, her breathing basically stopping entirely. It's an olive branch. One she knows had to be difficult to offer. They're so alike, ego and arrogance making admitting wrongdoing a hard thing. She looks at the extended hand, letting her breath out. She's hesitant, almost timid. A far cry from her usual confidence and forceful personality. Of the assembled, only Cindy knows the truth. This is her. How she is in her heart. Scared. Terrified of being rejected and abandoned. Craving acceptance. The rest is just a mask.

Her own gloved hand lifts slowly, full of trepidation and doubt, but it completes the course, clasping with her golden mirror.

"Y-yeah. That...I'd like that, I think."

Her eyes flicker towards Cindy and Emma briefly, unshed tears glittering in them. Her attention back on Power Girl then as she tries to hold herself together.

Cindy Moon has posed:
With her little portion complete, Cindy leans against the wall near Emma. Watching the interaction between someone she loves and the woman from who she was created. There's not much she can offer, that will come later. She can be there and, in fact, is. A fact fo which she's eternally grateful. If only so she can share in a very special and important moment in the life of the woman who she loves.

So much better than Real House Wives of Gotham.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen is trying. She's trying so hard. It sucks to lean on other people; it sucks to let yourself be vulnerable; it sucks to have to admit you were the one in the wrong. Not only can she see herself in Divine's form, she can see her emotionally leaning on Cindy instead of trying to stand alone.
    As their hands part, Power Girl takes one last step forward. She reaches up slowly with both hands and cradles what might as well be her own face in her hands. With her thumbs, she wipes the tears from her sister's cheeks. "You matter," she says. She doesn't know how much impact that will have, but it's the opposite of the nonverbal message she's been screaming by staying away for so long and how she talked to Emma when the two spoke of Divine before. "You always did, and you always will."

Emma Frost has posed:
There's wariness as Power Girl approaches Divine. In case Divine lashes out or is resistant to the contact. But a hug is the exact right thing to offer. And something Divine needs. The effort is at least going to be appreciated, whether or not it's accepted. A step down the road to hopefully.. Not making amends, necessarily, but acknowledgement and trying to resolve things.

Emma gives a low nod of approval, but does not approach Divine herself. This is something for her, Power Girl, and perhaps Cindy if she wishes.

Divine has posed:
Divine was honestly fine with the handshake. It's neutral, completely businesslike. Not intimate or feeling at all. A good choice, honestly. Then her face is cradled, thumbs brushing her tears away. She grits her teeth, but the look on her face isn't any kind of anger. It's not disgust or fury or anything pushing her twords violence.

She's trying not to dissolve.

It's only vaguely working. This is catharsis. Resolution. THe closing of something and the beginning of another. The words, though, they get her. The gentle, sisterly touch of comfort was bad enough. The kind words just rip her heart in two and she sinks to her knees in a sea of black leather coat. The tears fall freely now, silent sobs shaking her broad shoulders as her entire life comes full circle.

Cindy Moon has posed:
Cindy isn't crying, you're crying.

The small Asian hasn't shouldered all of Divine's emotional turmoil revolving around this moment, but she's played a pretty intimate part in it. Seeing how this plays out? Okay... it's selfish. But she deserves to be here. She deserves to see the woman she's invested herself into finally facing the woman from whom she was created. Her hands come up and cluch over her chest.

Whatever she'd expected?

This is better than that.

So she stays quiet and watches with little trails of rain drizzling from her brown eyes. A swell of affection radiating out towards Divine.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen drops with Divine. She embraces someone who shares her powers and looks and struggles but has managed to find love and rely on other people and be so many things she is not. Power Girl doesn't know how long she'll be allowed to hold the other her...no...not her. She's her own person, despite her origins. Karen doesn't know how long she'll be able to hold her twin, but she lets the embrace linger as long as Divine needs it to.

Emma Frost has posed:
Divine letting the embrace go on is a powerful moment. Emma takes a moment to dab over at a tear in her eye that is most assuredly not going to be admitted that it's happening. A reach out of a hand to give an approving squeeze to Cindy's shoulder.

This is Karen and Divine's moment together. Something that Emma will be quiet for no matter how long it takes. And be eternally smiling over as soon as she was alone.

Divine has posed:
The clone cries it out. This is what she needed. What she wanted. Her vision swims as her twin follows her to the floor and hugs her. She hesitates for a moment before returning the embrace, just letting these long months of these feelings go. She doesn't have to hold them anymore. She doesn't need them anymore.

She lingers in this for a moment before the tears start to slow. She looks up then, first to Karen and then over to Cindy. She smiles at her favorite spider, her favorite person. Her eyes are red and, well, her fly makeup is now a streaky wreck, but she seems...lighter. Happier. Like a weight has been removed from her titanic shoulders and tossed into the sea.

She just mouths, not speaking, 'Thank you for being here. I love you.'

Her attention shifts back to Karen. Her voice is shaky when she speaks. "T-thank you. I know this couldn't have been easy, but ...I needed this. To...move on. To be the person she," her head drifts in Cindy's direction. "Believes I can be. That I want to be. For her and everyone."

Cindy Moon has posed:
Cindy is crying, despite what was suggested earlier. She's not crying because she's sad, she's not sad. This is the exact oposite of sad. She's not crying because she's finally gets to speak and embrace the person she was created from... she got to do that. They may be gone now, but the memories are there.

She's crying because, despite Divine's tears, she looks happy.

And there is nothing more important to Cindy.

She clutches her fingers together in fists over her chest when the Kryptonian looks at her and smiles through the streaks running down her face. 'I love you too.' It's all she can manage. Even moving her lips to form words makes her throat constrict.

No, Cindy is crying because she's happy.

She doesn't say anything when Divine points her out.

There will come a time where she has words with Power Girl. That time isn't now. This time, this is for them. So instead she holds her thumbs togethr and looks her fingers, pointing a heart out to the raven haired of the twins.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen nods, her focus only on Divine. She tries to give her a smile. "Sisters?" she tries. It's a strange thing to offer, and that's evident in her voice, but what IS the protocol for interacting with your own clone? Yeah, that term is definitely filled with enough emotional baggage and weirdness in and of itself. Sisters could be there for each other, but there was also an expected 'it's complicated' in any family. One thing's for sure, Power Girl is done trying to pretend like the situation doesn't exist. Will she tell this other version of what she might have become that she's envious of the absolute and total love that woman in the background is gushing at her? Probably not. She's still trying to not make this about her. This is for Divine.

Divine has posed:
The word Karen says rings in her ears. 'Sisters'. She knows what the word means. She just doesn't know what the experience is. She's never had it. She barely knows what to do with it. It still sounds like something she could live with. Something she might want. A step forwards.

"I...," she says, voice a little shakey. "I think I can live with that," she says with another pause. "Sis." It comes out a little weird, her mouth trying out the unfamiliar word.

Cindy Moon has posed:
Cindy squats down where she's standing and clutches her fingers in front of her mouth as the evolving drama plays out. She's smiling, from where she's kneeling down, but quietly. A spider on the wall. A casual observer. So much joy in her eyes, so much love in her heart.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen nods. She's not really a 'sisters' kind of person, or she hasn't been, but this is her trying her best to make things right. "We need to get together more often than this," she says, sitting on her heels and putting her hands on her thighs. Rocking back, she stands to her feet, then offers her hand to help Divine up, though the other Kryptonian could be without legs and still get up as long as she had enough sunlight recently.
    Whether Divine accepts the offered gesture up or gets up on her own, Karen finally turns her attention toward Cindy. "You," she says, pointing. "Come hug her," she says, gesturing at Divine, "before your emotions explode." She's a bit stern on the surface while giving those 'orders', but Karen does allow herself to smile at the shorter woman.

Emma Frost has posed:
It's what feels right. Tentative steps over, one at a time. And Emma sits back. Smiling wiht quiet approval so as to not interrupt the two working it out over. She would fold her hands gently on her lap, giving a soft smile to them and moving to take a gentle and silent sip of her tea (well, silent to those that did not have super hearing). Approval.
    Healing for them all. And a fresh start over trauma and assumptions.

Divine has posed:
Divine's ego almost makes her reject the outstretched hand. Almost. Instead, she takes it and accepts the hand up. It's a little awkward, she has to move her feet just so to not step on the long trail of her coat, but she makes it work. The clone is still a little shaky as her emotions start to fall back towards baseline. A little unbalanced, but getting steadier every second.

When Karen points to Cindy, ordering hugs, Divine doesn't even wait. She crosses the room in long strides, scooping the shorter woman up and squeezing her fiercely. Well, not that fiercely. Fierce enough that Cindy can feel the relief that this went the way it did and her boundless, endless love.

Cindy Moon has posed:
Is Karen sure she wants this smoke right now?

Cindy furrows her brow at the 'order'. "Okay lady, listen. You mean a lot to her, so I've been holding my tongue... I will hug her, but it's got fuck all to do with you telling me to." She pushes off from her crouch and crawls forward a few shifts and then gets scooped up by Divine. Arms and legs wrapping around her.

Whatever seething anamosity she's harboring for someone who would abandon and ignore someone this amazing? It's gone the second she's in Divine's arms. "I'm so happy for you, Div.." Stroking hair back from her face. Smiling in that radiant face, hands on either side squishing it between her palms. "I'm sorry I said bad things to your sister."

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen smirks and shakes her head at Cindy's castisement then apology to her beloved. She looks at Emma. Putting her left hand out, palm up, she touches the fingers of her right hand to her chin, then lands the back of her right hand into her left hand. Sign language to thank Emma for her part in this.
    This meeting was about Divine, and right now is about Divine and Cindy. "I should go," the Kryptonian says. "We should fly together, sometime," she offers Divine. "When you're ready," she adds. "Don't let me push you into anything. You're your own person."
    She looks at Cindy and says, "My sister is as bulletproof as I am, but you hold the most vulnerable part in your hands. Take good care of her, okay?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would give a low bow of her head over to Karen and smile in acknowledgement. A light tweak of her fingers back in 'you're welcome' as the motion is quick. This is for them to heal some on, just a little bit. Sisters they are. In blood and body, in a way. And a sense of belonging.
    Good. Divine needs a fresh start and this is just one more thing along the way. And this is a big one.

Divine has posed:
As always, Cindy is more or less weightless to Divine, but it always makes her giggle when she gets the full body hug. She leans down a bit, rubbing noses with her, her smile just a bit goofy. Just a bit lovestruck. "I couldn't have done this without you, Cindy. Thank you." Her head shifts ever so slightly, and she kisses her once, gently and sweetly. Her head lifts, looking to Power Girl once more. "That sounds great. I'll try and keep up, I'm not ... all you are, but I look forward to it."

She looks at Emma then and just nods. "Thank you. For everything you've done for me. I...I wouldn't be half the person I am today without your help."

Cindy Moon has posed:
"Go looking for a safer place for Divine's heart than my hands..." Cindy challenges Karen, but not in a cruel or directly confrontational manner, "I'll wait." There's a level of confidence, but it's heart felt. If she's aggressive, it's because she's fiercely protective of Divine. If she's curt, it's because she's been there putting the pieces back together. It's not egotistical to know how important you are to someone.

She rests her forehead against Divine's and smiles.

"Yes you could have." Done this without her, "You're strong. Fierce... incredible. You don't /need/ anyone. I will, however, always be here for you. Always." She rests her head on Divine's shoulder and smiles. Wiping her tears off on her shoulder because it's her fault they're there anyways.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen shakes her head at Divine. "No," she agrees. "You're right," she continues. "You're exactly one Cindy better than I am."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile over at Cindy and Divine. A gentle look from her. They were made for one another. And kept one another going. Emma would let her hands rest over on her lap and just observe the group. And one more step in Divine building her life.

Divine has posed:
Divine grins a bit, the confidence entirely back by this point, undisturbed by the light public displays of affection. "No, I couldn't. If I had been here without you, I would have opened with a punch to the nose, I think. The anger would have won instead of ... everything else."

She squeezes her again, resting her head on her shoulder. "You make me want to be better. You believe in me. I want to be what you think I am."

She looks at Karen then, her smile almost beatific. "I know, and I am so lucky to have her."