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Sisterly Feuds and Family Matters
Date of Scene: 13 April 2023
Location: Frost Enterprises
Synopsis: Marie-Ange, Tabitha, and the ever-amazing Sharon 'Totally Carol' Smith go to confront Adrienne Frost with Emma. The confrontation goes rather well for a squabbling family reunion. Of course that's going to be it! ... Totally, right?
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Marie-Ange Colbert, Tabitha Smith, Sharon Smith

Emma Frost has posed:
IT was sometime over in the afternoon. Emma had invited Tabitha and Marie-Ange over for lunch. Also to help ensure that Tabitha was there to 'encourage' any possible qualms Marie-Ange might have on Emma's gift to Marie-Ange and her girlfriend of them moving in together.

Namely a Manhattan Penthouse in a skyscraper. Marie-Ange wasn't the type to say 'no' to a present, but it was best to make sure there was someone as suitably enthusiastic as her to ease any psossible problems!

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
It's been a busy week for Marie, to be sure. School was back in session, so that took some priority. Marie and Mary had been looking at a few places -- namely the kinds of places the girls could be able to afford on /their/ budgets, given that they don't quite realize the surprise that Emma has up her sleeve. Time, however, was always made for dear friends, so when the invitation went out, Marie came promptly.

"Madame Frost!" the French girl greets upon seeing the blonde, quickly crossing the room to give the woman a hug. The little seer was dressed in her brand of casual; a red, silken blouse and a black, knee-length skirt. It had been a sunny day so far, so there were also a pair of cheap sunglasses perched upon her forehead, acting like a hairband when they weren't actively covering her eyes. "So kind of you to invite me to lunch. Everything is well I hope, oui?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"You know as far as gifts go. This totally probably top the list! And I say this with a very expensive Yamaha bike parked out on the street and a flamethrower in my wardrobe." Yes Tabitha is encouraging Marie to accept and enjoy the gift. While the blonde is fine with Marie and her girlfriend shacking up. Are they okay having a dinky dorm apartment in a school in Westchester?

Tabitha herself even dressing not so loud for the occasion. Dark bluejeans clinging to her while the weather still allows her that black leather lamsbkin lined bolero bomber jacket with BOOM embroidered in the back. Motorcycle boots on her feet. Raybans on her nose.

"Benefits of rich friends who actually care! Their idea of simple is like waaaaay bigger than an ex-hobo street girl's." she says encouragingly as she turns her smile to Emma. "You know competing with Roberto and Warren for best sugar-parent is gonna send you guys so broke!" she says playfully.

Emma Frost has posed:
It's the sort of thing that Emma has been applying pressure on to Marie-Ange. That means making sure to have Marie-Ange on the samge page as the rest of them just in case her girlfriend, an orphan from Philadelphia, has anys uch qualms as well. So she has to convince Marie-Ange, and do so enough that her significant other will have no choice but to go along as denying such a thing is so gauche and it makes Marie-Ange so happy..

"Yes, dear. Think of how happy the two of you will be.. And, I'm glad to haveyou two here for lunch." Ulterior motives/scheming can wait. They have food after all.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"It is an incredibly lovely book!" Yes, while Tabby might be well aware of what Emma's planning, Marie... is really none the wiser. They already recieved a gift, afterall! The redhead's been working on using it to teach her girlfriend how to /read/ French. She's already worked on the spoken parts over the years. No, reading it while Shazam'd does not count.

"I do not think I will ever get used to it, Tabitha... but I must have done something right to deserve such wonderful friends." she admits, giving Tabby a quick hug, too. Marie doesn't see people as pocketbooks, afterall!

Once hugs have been dispensed, she moves to take a seat. The not-quite-an-orphan girl isn't one to turn down food, either. Nope. Not at all.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile over and lean back, "Well, you have one another. You two will be very amazing together. And I'm so glad that you were able to reconnect after a couple of years away.." There would be a buzzing by Emma's side. She would look annoyed.

"I told them I was not to be disturbed.." She goes to take her cellphone out. Her personal one. Virtually no one has this number..

Curiousity wins out as she goes, "Excuse me a moment ladies.." Then she speaks into it. "Who is.."

THen her eyes flash, "Cordellia, what the /hell/ are you doing calling me?" Has either woman ever heard Emma's voice come to such a chill so quickly?

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha isn't so much a co-conspirator but more a wing-person at any given time. So while loops are in it was pretty on the spot as she joined the others for lunch. Which when expensive and free, Tabitha almost never says no to.

She had to actually learn to break a lot of habits.

The hugs from friends are always accepted. "Well being a sweeetie yourself. You bring that side out of everyone. Even when we're not exactly experienced with it!." she states and grins. "Though I think Mary might possibly be so sweet I could get diabetes." which is saying something.

The arrival or more accurately intrusion of another woman over the phone gets a chuckle. "Big Business never sleeps." she says quietly, it might actually be real shit the way Emma's voifce changes.

Emma Frost has posed:
There's a look of actual anger in Emma's eyes before it's pushed back. "Cordellia, tell me why you're bothering me or I'll have you flayed.." There's a twitch over in her as she would listen to the other side. ANother twitch as she would rub at her temples.

Then her tone goes to raw acid, "Give me one reason why.." There's more garbling over on the phone and Emma hisses, "Fine. In a half hour."

Emma would turn to the two, "Forgive me, darlings, but family has decided to intrude." Didn't Emma.. hate her family?

"My sister has informed me that my father is up to something and she needs to /talk/ on it. Ugh. If you two wish I could use the support so I don't strangle her." Very, very blunt language.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie can't help but blush. "Merci beaucoup... yes, we are most determined to fight for what we have, if we need to. I still feel foolish for having let her get away the first time... but fate found another way." A little smile to that.

Tabby's making her blush further, eyes going downcast. "Merci... I try to be worthy of your friendships." It's true. Marie actively tries. She doesn't see 'being herself' as enough. Of course, when the conversation turns to her partner? There's a grin. "She /is./ But it is a risk I'm willing to--"

...and then Emma gets that call, and Marie goes silent. Listening. It was not the kind of way she usually heard Emma talk to /anyone,/ so it had to be something serious.... and when asked for support?

"Of course, Madame Frost. I would not wish you to be alone in a time of need."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Family emergencies get a nod. Dspite bailing on her own, she did understand the concept and kind of learned to deal with her adoped family. That being the Xavier School and the X-Men.

She still terrible at it. But she tries. "Just if you need to go upside her head. I'll even hold her down." she suggetss and grins.

At least she does have Emma's back.

"So you want me to follow, or just ride with you guys?" she asks and slips her keyring from her jacket pocket. "I've got the bike stashed where it won't get towed so it's up to you but I'm probably a bit too butch for limos right now as well!" she admits despite looking well... Biker Barbie.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would shake her head, "Come along. Cordellia is many things but among them is a coward. She's not going to give us any trouble. So better to just be there with sufficient force that whatever little game she's playing that we can quickly batter her into cooperation and be done with it. I tshouldn't take too long."

Emma sounds irritated but certain. "She's a brat and wouldn't contact me if she didn't need something.. But I'd rather not chance it just in case my -father- is up to tricks."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie's admittedly quite pleased that it sounds like there won't be any violence going on -- it's never the redhead's first choice when it can be avoided, although she'd hardly above it for the sake of her friends.

"Very well then, Madame. I do not know how... intimidating I can be," spoiler: not very. "but I will at least be present." she agrees. With Marie and Tabby, Emma has good cop, bad cop at her disposal!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby grins to Marie and chuckles. "I'm sure Emma's got that down. But we're there just in case." she reassures and gives the redhead a side arm squeeze as they head out to make the trip.

Tabitha totally riding in the same vehicle. She can always collect the bike later. And hopefully there's a good show. At least untill the first chair gets thrown then it's on.

Emma Frost has posed:
There's a short drive over to where Emma is meeting her sister, with Marie-Ange and Tabitha in tow. They go over to the restaurant where it's packed to the brim.

Emma looks irritated. "Brat couldn't even be bothered to clear it out to give us some privacy here.."

Emma's eyes searching about for her youngest sister.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie, meanwhile, stays in tow of Emma... a couple steps behind and slightly to the side. Letting her eyes scan over the crowd of the restaurant as they step inside. For the moment, she's not going to speak. Many people have called her accent 'adorable', so speaking might end up detracting from what she's trying to do, here!

Besides. Body language is very much a thing.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The restaurant is loud and noisy on the psychic side. But Tabitha is being coached by one of the best. "I can keep things kinda quiet. So sister got any powers we should know about? Telepathy run in the family?" she asks quietly as she looks aroud the place.

She'll make sure if anything does get wild no one will pay attention. Like an everyday ordinary lunch.

"Think we may all need mimosas during and after this." she adds. At least she's not driving herself any more. So that stopped being a worry.

Emma Frost has posed:
And then Emma goes still. Fully, fully still. Her body posture turns to a rage that Marie-Ange has likely never seen. And Tabitha perhaps rarely has if at all. The thing closest to it might be upon those of Xavier's encountering something over of Sinister's make.

Sitting over at a table is a woman that's taller, more statuesque.. And has black hair. Wearing a too-expensive blouse, loudly sipping on a mimosa.

"Adrienne, what the -hell- are you.."

Adrienne Frost would wiggle two fingers, "Emmakins. It's been too long."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
When Emma Frost freezes like that, Marie instinctively reaches out to place a hand on the woman's back -- just a subtle show of support and reminder that she's not alone right now. Then as she spies Emma from around the older woman and sees the object of her friend's rage, Marie frowns a bit.

Tabitha gets a look, and a somber nod. Mimosas -- or at least some sort of alcohol -- will be a must.

Sharon Smith has posed:
Sharon Smith emerges from the "Employees Only" door, brushing off her apron. She finally found a set of clothes that mildly fit, with a nametag of "Carol" that was close enough. She didn't have the elaborate shifting powers of Mistique, but the restaurant was busy enough that noone really batted an eye at the idea of a new employee.

Catseye was terrible at her new waitress role, being handed a tray, which she put down immediately. The tray was handed to her several times, and gestures were made to the dining area. She eventually took up the tray and blindly walked to the dining room, leering directly toward the most familiar faces to set it down. "Take it" she demanded from Emma, setting down the wild order of fries, burgers, and other things that weren't ordered by the group.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
While Tabitha is normally one for being loud and mouthy. This is not one of those times and she does actually know when to keep her mouth shut. Benefits of street training and waay too many black eyes Admittedly even she can't help but check out the darker haired sister. But the way Emma gets extra hackled up and the way Adrienne greets the blonde it kinda kills the urge to flirt.

<<So wow, no getting in that mind? Maybe I should have swiped a portable cerebro bucket. Out of my weight class. She's telepathic?>> she at least establishes a mind link among Emma, Marie and herself.>> the blonde giving Marie another reassuring smile. It's clearly going to get verbally nasty at least.

Sharon being undercover gets her a smile. "Oh god you need a smoke break and some actual decent tips." for waitstaff. Tabitha working at Harry's Hideaway, she plays off Sharon's tone and expressions as one she's actually worn herself many a time. Help sell the disguise.

Emma Frost has posed:
Adrienne Frost sits back, "Aren't you going to introduce me to your friends, Emma?" Her voice so cavalier and taunting, in the same Boston accented English that the hoitie-toitie blonde had. Sharon's extremely effective stealth coloring is for now left unobserved.

That is of course as Sharong oes to -deposit- the tray over with Emma, who can just stagger and.. Pass it over the side to Marie-Ange to hopefully catch.

Adrienne Frost would go, "Or maybe don't. Better for you that way."

Emma would hiss, "Tell me why I shouldn't find whomever here has the sharpest knife and have them start to cut off sections of your skin to make a throw rug."

One of THOSE families!

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
It takes every ounce of willpower not to burst into giggles at the sight of Sharon, well, doing what Sharon does. She meets her desires halfway by quirking the slightest bit of a smile, and then suddenly has Emma passing a tray towards her!

Fortunately, she's got that grace of a dancer and the quick reactions that have been tempered through combat training, so none of the plates fall. Instead, she steps over to place it down on an empty table... albeit not before snatching a few fries to chew on herself. Hey, they missed their lunch!

<<Oh my. I have never seen Emma so... so...>> Malevolent? The right word isn't coming, and it's not just because she doesn't know the English version, this time. She also doesn't realize that Emma's in the link.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha might know how to dance but she saves the grace for thos ethat deserve it. Hips miht sway anyway but that isn't always the same thing. she helps Marie set the tray down and claims some seats for herself and the two women not pretending to be staff at the restauraunt.

She'll even pick at some of the fries. She is hungry and could eat after all. <<So she be all looking for dirt and shit on us the second she leaves? I can't exactly be embarrassed over a lot of the stuff I've done. And ain't like I don't have people trying to kill me or worse.>> she states as she takes a seat and gets comfy, legs crossed at the thigh.

Emma Frost has posed:
It's Tabitha sliding over that has her leaving Emma's side and over towards Adrienne that also has Emma seething.. And going over towards Adrienne.
    Adrienne goes to pass over the fries, "You look like you haven't eaten. Please.." Then going to push a large bottle of alcohol over towards Tabby. "You look like you need it."
    Then 'awwing' over at Marie-Ange, "And aren't you too cute for words? You're the most adorable thing.."
    Emma's eyes looking like she was hoping to spontaneously manifest Scott's abilities. "So what do you want, Adrienne?"
    Adrienne would sigh, "Emmakins, where's the joys of things in life? W here's the banter? You have other settings than threats, don't you? But very well. Daddy's grabbed our lovely brother. Again."

Sharon Smith has posed:
Sharon Smith bounced on her toes "Tips... tips, tips tips!" the purple haired woman eagerly beckoned upon her delivery. It was a great idea by Adrienne. Sharon wouldn't let it go to waste. It was a wonder if her antics were some subtle way of diffusing the tension in the room, or simply that the feline inclined Catseye was happy enough with her own world not to care about human drama.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Tabby gets a /look/ from Marie. Was someone eavesdropping on their mindlink? Marie tries to keep her thoughts as clear as she can, just in case. Deciding to follow Tabby's lead, moving to take a seat as well, and work on stuffing her face. Because if she's thinking of food, it can't show any of Emma's cards!

Adrienne might seem more than nice enough to /her,/ but Emma's the known quality. If Emma thinks this poorly of her sister, well, there must be something there to give reason to the palpable hatred.

As for Sharon? Well, Marie's going to dig into her purse for a twenty to offer the girl. "Here you go, Mademoiselle... Carol." she adds with a sincere smile. The girl's levity was very much welcome right now.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
<<So how many siblings do you have?>> Tabitha asks, grinning at Adrienne at the offer of alcohol. The younger blonde even pouring a drink for her friends between fries. Tabitha might actually have some curving to give Emma some of those body image issues. But those powers chew up a lot of calories so while she is very visibly fit as well. There's usually a look of needing to eat more nd she could be curvier.

It's not a speester metabolism but not that far off. At least she can get drunk.

<<She's probably done her reasearch already. I've been outed as a mutant, LBGTQ, Doctor Madame McSplode has been on the news doing the hero thing. I've been doxxed, kidnapped, there's some very nasty fake video of me as well Marie. We hang out with Emma, she probably already has plans for us.>> she points out.

Sharon getting a tip gets a grin. <<Catseye? Another fifty if you accidentally on purpose spill something messy on Emma's sister.>> and the image of such a thing happening and destroying that very expensive blouse.

Emma Frost has posed:
It takes Tabitha's questioning to force Emma to focus. <<Three. Christian, Adrienne, Cordellia.>> Oldest brother, younger sister, older sister. Those sorts of things come implied over along by the way she thinks of them. Christian - thoughts are of fondness, love. Cordellia - apathy. Adrienne - near psychotic level hatred.

Adrienne would coo, "You can speak out loud. You're doing the thing where you think to everyone around you, Emmakins. Just think of what happened when you did it with poor mommy."

There's a shiny coin put out for Catseye. But the atmosphere is relaxed a bit.

Emma forces herself to focus. "And what /has/ father done?"
    Adrienne would hmph, "Same thing as last time. Grabbed him and thrown him in a loony bin to get treated. You know how well brother dear handles stress and the last couple years have broughta bout oodles and oodles."

Sharon Smith has posed:
Sharon Smith gave a rather mechanical "Ha, Ha!" like a truely trained super-villian. Her victory was short lived as she stared at the twenty. It was a lackluster reward for the mutant, who understood or cared little about money. She set it carefully back on the tray for decoration, setting the coin next to it.

Her cordial attempt at diffusion was soon upended by the telepathic thought put in her head of accidently spilling a drink. "Yes... I nearly forgot." she admitted aloud. The purple haired 'Carol' very menacingly took a glass filled with coca-cola to wildly throw it in the direction of Adrienne and everyone in close proximity with the call "April fools!" She was far off from the date of April 1st, but was either stubborn or ignorant to use it as an excuse. She quickly backed away, wild eyes darting between them all, expecting a chase to ensue.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie, meanwhile, dresses to obscure herself. To look 'cute' if anything. She rather likes fitting neatly into the background at most times. There's some exceptions, like her party where being the 'star' of the night was expected. On a regular day, though? Nononono.

<<There is not much to get on me unless one goes overseas... but even then I do not know how forthcoming the convent would be to a stranger... which reminds me, if you would like to get ahead of stories... I know a reporter who focuses on superheroic dealings.>> ...by reporter, she means podcaster. By podcaster, she means Mary's little brother. ... it's still an audience!

...and while she's about to give Emma a sympathetic look at the sound of what's goingg on with her brother -- a loony bin is not that different from her old situation, afterall -- that's about the time Sharon makes Tabby proud, and Marie? Marie's mouth just hangs open. Speechless.

...not that she didn't think Sharon would do it. It's Sharon. If it's fun for her, she's more than likely to go for it regardless. /Marie/ follows the expected nicities of elegant places like this, though, so it's practically a rule to look surprised.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"It's Tabby that actually chimes up while she chows down. "Yeah, you definitely got some middle sister over compensatiing going on." she guesses playfully at Adrienne. "This whole thing." she waves a french fry over the older sibling. "So seems like neither Daddy's favorite, or Daddy's least favorite. So low key older sibling bully to feel like they have some status." she puts out. Looking to see if it guarges a response. One of those times she probbaly shouldn't open her mouth but hey, if it gets the woman more pissed at her instead of Emma it might shift the balance between siblings.

<<You do need to work on that poker face while we mind link Emma." she points out. Smiling at Adrienne.

The concern and love she got for Christian from Emma gets picked up on though. "I expect having you as a sister alone would stress anyone into a depression worthy of medical help. But throw in a shitty father..." That gets Emma feeling returing concern for Emma as much as her brother. "So the plan is dump getting real care for your brother on little sister's lap? Cause no one talks like that when they really give a damn. Classy!" she gives some sarcasting sounding encouragement to the older of the siblings.

The thrown glass of coke. Tabitha was expecting if it happened to be pretty wide but she's not mad. she even tilts her head just as Sharon's launch leaves the glass, getting between it and Emma, sparing the White Queen's dignity. No stains on her. It was Tabby's idea and some cola in her hair and running down over the spiky collar at her neck and down further was a possible outcome as long as it did hit the darker haired of the Frosts.

"Like this is the worst thing to ever splatter your pretty face!" she points out to Adrienne. A napkin taken to clean herself off.

Emma Frost has posed:
Sharon is definitely earning her tips tonight. And there will be much tuna fed to her later. And no doubt many headpats and belly rubs from Tabitha, Marie-Ange, and Emma even. And much, much tuna. Carol is definitely getting tips of another flavor tonight for her excellent work!

Emma looks like hse's going to choke before she goes to break out over to total laughter. NOdding over at Marie-ANge. Smiling over <<Yes, she is a darling. Please do meet her sometime. And thank you very much. We'll need to take you apartment searching. That was my plan for today..>> Priorities Emma.

Adrienne would just glare over at Sharon, "I'll have you thrown in a /dumpster/ for this!" Emma goes to get up.

"Thank you for having wasted enough of our time tonight Adrienne. And reminding me that everything's a game to you even when you try to 'help'." Coke dripping dwon Adrienne's blouse. "Thank you for telling me what's up with our brother. I'll get right on it."

Adrienne goes to rise up in rage. "How -dare- you dismiss.."

Right as Emma would go to swing her purse around -HARD-, klonking Adrienne on the cheek and dropping the purse.

"Come ladies, let us go. I believe that Carol will be in need of a new job and I do have an opening available. If you'd care to come with me for happier times?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby grins as Emma leads the charge to make the escape. The bottle of alocohol is kept, Emma's purse is grabbed and a challenging wiggle of her behind and the abuse of a mostly clean pair of Levi's aimed at her. If Emma can hit hard with a purse, yoiu should see Tabitha kick. But there's only time to grab the purse itself. No point leaving that or anything for big bad sister to rifle through.

"Let's bounce. Carol should get a pay rise. Every one working here is already cheering her in back." she states and grins.

While most of the people around will likely forget Emma, Tabitha, Marie and their part in things. When they look at Adrienne, soaking on coca cola. And really. It's not a bad look. Tabitha isn't much better with her own mess. But the crowds. They might suddenly feel very squiffy.

To the point one woman staring jfrom a table across, starts dryheaving till it stops being dry. On Adrienne's shoes.

The soup was amazing though. A shame.

There's soon more.

Sharon Smith has posed:
Sharon Smith stood up proudly "I will land... on my feet." she claimed about being thrown in a dumpster. It was a cat trope, but all too true for the dextrous mutant, who thought how she landed was more of a comback than where she was intended to be thrown.

Catseye's glory was short lived, as the restaurant manager yelled at her for throwing a drink at a customer. Her eyes darted across the dining room to the threat.

Catseye had proudly seen enough sitcoms to know the trope "You can't fire me. I quit!" she claimed, tearing off her 'Carol' nametag and tossing it to the floor. She hadn't been hired or fired in that instance, but it seemed fitting enough to her in the situation. The purple haired mutant then dashed quickly out the door to avoid any serious consiquences.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
As for Marie? The redhead doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She'll defend herself, sure... but this wasn't one of those sorts of situation.

What she does is simple. She picks up a burger from the tray and brings it with her. Again, hungry hungry redhead.

What she doesn't do is more poignant, at least to those who know her. She doesn't apologize for her friends. Doesn't try to make up for the things that happened to Adrienne. No, she just leaves, in tow of the other women... and for her? That's mean enough.

Emma Frost has posed:
Oh, Adrienne goes to take a tumble from the kick, even as things go flying over from the blow. There's plenty of room for the trio to go to 'book it' mode as it is for lovely, lovely Sharon to escape to thundering applause from the rest of the staff (even if they hadn't been her co-workers at all). Emma Frost leaves Adrienne..

"You look like you could use something to clean up with. Let me." Emma goes to throw a kerchief over at Adrienne's face as she goes to leave, her lovely minions in tow. And as the group departs..

To pointing over at Adrienne, laughing, photos.. As Tabitha goes to leave their departure in a grain of fuzziness..

Adrienne catches the kerchief and stands up. "Oh well. Not as dignified as I would have hoped.." Grinning sadistically.

"But all's well in the end." Her hand holding the kerchief as her eyes would metaphorically glow at the essence she was picking up from it.

"See you soon, sister dear. See you soon."