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Strangers in a Savage Land
Date of Scene: 26 April 2023
Location: Fall People Village
Synopsis: Allies gather in the Savage Land before the coming storm.
Cast of Characters: Marie-Ange Colbert, Monet St. Croix, Franklin Richards, Clarice Ferguson, Mary Bromfield, Negasonic, Sharon Smith, Warren Worthington

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
The village of the Fall People has been a sort of safe haven for the outsiders that have been coming to the Savage Lands to combat the Brood threat. More and more strangers coming to a strange land, but for the most part the native people have been welcoming hosts.

The recent exploits of the 'Knights of X' in dealing with the triple threat facing the Lemurian, Aerian, and Pteron peoples probably helped in that regard. It's always a plus to earn reputation points when you're far from home.

One of those faces who's slowly becoming more familiar to the local populace is the seer of the so-called Knights, one Marie-Ange Colbert. She's doing her best to endure the heat despite wearing her standard New Mutants uniform, her tarot cards packed into one of the pouches attached to her belt for if and when she needs them. The modest redhead, afterall, is far more comfortable in ornate gowns than she is in... the local attire. So she's found herself beneath one of the trees in the village, where she's been enjoying the shade even from the setting sun-- though it was higher in the sky when she'd first gotten there!

Monet St. Croix has posed:
And there is Monet St. Croix. In somewhat of a more standard combat uniform consisting of a red bodysuit with a variety of yellow straps along it, and a belt with an 'x' at the center of it. She's moving along to haul equipment through the village, at the moment slung over her shoulder being a large section of wall paneling that would be used in rebuilding one of the residences damaged in the last alien dionsaur rampage.

She's muttering about having to do 'manual labor' under her breath in an irritated tone.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Invisably a ghost form floats over this city as they would most likely be on of the ones hit before anyone else. The choice was a hard one, and it might have some negative repercussions, so he was here to look at the people who are going to suffer if he does nothing. He frowns a bit at the people, and sees something he didn't think he would, there seems to be X-Folk here and he didn't realise it as he was lost in thought, or guilt over what may happen to the people of this village.

He doesn't approach, bbut instead floats for now as he was almost afraid to talk to the people lest he change his mind. He couldn't say it was for sure as when he decided to do something it made the future.. hazy at times. So he quietly floated though his form looked ghost like it was also invisable just a heat wave in the sky as he didn't want to attract attention especially here.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
The pinking Blink is helping the villagers pleasantly and seems to be enjoying working with them, especially since she can BLINK the sacks of crap across the village to the right spot. She walks with some of the people she met and they talk to her idly about their kids or something. She quickly catches up to Monet, who is hauling crap over her shoulder, and Blink says, "Monet! You're working too hard!" she lets out, "Here, let me help. Where do you need that stuff?" she says, raising a knowing finger like a magician.

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Suddenly there's another shadow over Marie, as Thunderbolt flies over to hover near the redhead, "Well, you weren't kidding about the Savage Land... I actually saw a triceratops today!" While she's not an X-Men, she /is/ dating Tarot so is X-Adjacent. Plus she appreciates the value of a found family, so when Marie mentioned the troubles in the Savage Land... well, of course Mary had to help.

Plus, did we mention the dinosaurs? Because Freddy was going to be SO jealous. And having the powers of Shazam were pretty helpful in assisting the villagers where they needed it.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
The fact that Mary was here made things a lot easier for Marie. The brunette gave her an inner strength that, on her own, she often lacked except in moments where she'd otherwise be panicking.

Ironically enough, her 'fight or flight' reflex tended to be skewed towards fight, especially when out with the X-folks. The people of Xavier's had been the first to care about her in quite a long time, and she values that immensely.

"It is a most marvelous place, non?" Marie offers to the landing Thunderbolt, moving to get up to her feet. "Do you remember when I disappeared for... a week or so, shortly before we had started dating?" she asks, a bit curious. "I had been turned /into/ a dinosaur that week. Claws do not work well for texting." ...it feels good to tell her other half about /that./ Spotting Monet and Clarice, she waves a hand in greeting to them and starts to move in that direction. "Come. You should meet some of the people we will be working with, oui?" Sadly, a nearly invisible Franklin doesn't stand out quite as much as a very pink Blink!

Franklin Richards has posed:
Floating Marie, and Mary would hear Franklins voice whisper though it sounds sad. <<You two should not go. It is... worrisome>> then he falls back to silence. They had just accepted them as friends, and did not want to lose them already. Though he says nothing else for now watching again quietly not making a sound as for now he thinks it is best to stay up here. He will listen for any replies so is not worried about not hearing them. The Brood were an opponent you only brought a small highly specialized group for as the larger the group the higher the chance they are going to get into someone. He trusted them, and their power, but still it was something he did not want either of them to face.

He begain to wonder why they were working so dilligantly, but did not want to ask. If they were watching already then he could not interfeer here in Savage Land or they might notice. He smileed to himself, as he was cheating the system a little so chances were they didn't see him, but it wasn't the Brood he was worried about alerting.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Oh, they have a flier here and a reality warper (or whatever Franklin is). They can handle things. Monet goes to take the large slab she was carrying and move to thump it down over wherever was convenient for her out of the way. As Blink offers,s he goes to move to then reposition it to where Blink was gesturing. She would give the others a somewhat stiff nod, and then watch about. "Do not underestiamte them. They can be.. Surprisingly quick in close combat and hard hitting." Spoken as the person that had done hte mistakes with hte various large lizards of the Savage Land and was still healing from all hte bruises of the recent melees.

"Are we any closer when it comes ot finding out just what has the local monsters up in a tizzy so that it can be promptly leveled?"

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Thunderbolt smiles a little, though the whispered voice makes the smile slip a little bit as she glances around. But, well, seeing nothing, she grins at Marie, "Care for a lift down then? Figure that would be a little quicker." Seeing her girlfriend point out Monet and Clarice, she also gives them a friendly wave. "I'm just glad I can help out down here where I can."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Hearing telepathy in her head is nothing that's abnormal to Marie. Hearing it from Franklin is a little newer, but, it's not so much of a startling surprise as it is a pleasant one. <<Fate dictates I must be here, Franklin. Do not worry... it is not my first stampede.>> She means rodeo. Idioms. She just can't with them.

"If you would not object, beloved?" Marie asks, extending her arms to try and make herself easier to grab hold of -- not that Thunderbolt particularly /needs/ help carrying her, but still. She's always thoughtful like that.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Again to just Marie as he thinks Mary doesn't get the signal she might have some protections in place. <<Marie I know both you and Thunderbolt are strong, but do not underestimate what you face. I mean only mean to warn, as I can no-longer help you... and I consider you both friends.>> then he thinks about sighing then realises this form doesn't really breath. Sometimes he wishes his Telepathy was stronger so he could see what the heck these people were thinking, but for now would have to settle with messages.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The item turned over to Clarice, Monet goes to let out a sigh over. The talking of Marie-Ange and Mary Bromfield gets just a look of minor irritation that seemed to be M's eternal default to everything, but nothing is spoken. She would go to pick up some of the thoughts being sent by Franklin and then goes to speak to him mentally <<So what then are you going to do about it to better prepare them?>>

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Mary accepts the help, easily carrying the redhead down as she just floats to the ground, "Always glad to help, you know that." She hrms a bit, not reacting or noticing the mental conversation going on around her as she looks at Marie, "You seem a little distracted." She notices the look from Monet, but doesn't comment on it.

Instead, she says to Monet, "Hey, any more that need moving? I was busy on the other side of the village, but could always help move a few more." Her lips quirk into an easy smile as she regards Monet.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
<<I do not disobey fate.>> Marie replies, a statement that's not /entirely/ true anymore. <<But I will be careful, and I will watch over her, Franklin. I promise... why do you not show yourself and join us properly? These people will not harm you.>> she suggests.

Snapping back into 'reality' a bit as Mary points out her far-off gaze, Marie smiles up at the brunette. "Pardon, Thunderbolt." she replies, a bit apologetically. "Monsieur Richards is here... but not here at the same time. I can hear him." she taps her forehead. "In here." Which may or may not make sense if Mary hasn't experienced telepathy before!

Once properly down by the other mutants, Marie offers Monet a bright smile. "M, have you met Thunderbolt, yet? She will be assisting us with dealing with those... monsters out there." The Brood.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin chuckles, as someone else enters the conversation <<Better? You are talking about the smarts of the whole Shazzam group there. I am just afraid if either gets into enemy hands we will be in a lot of trouble>> though he gives an invisable shrug, and realises no-one can see him shrug before finishing <<I can not fighting them. and that would include healing meaning..>> then considers cutung off the connection as he was done talking for now. He didn't want to have to consider either of them being stuck that way.

He though about what Marie said. He had a lot to consider. but he had given them the warning it was their choice now like it always was, and had been as Marie would know. He looks at Marie, and tries Mary one last time, but of course Monet might pick it up like the other ones <<Good luck, be careful.. And know whatever happends I am on your side. I just have to play my role like everyone else. If you wish to see me I will come down.. Do not panic it is me or at least the me that can be here right now>>

After a moment a young man wavers into sight ground level just a little to the side. He looks more like a ghost then te person as he has no real feet it is tapers down in a ghostly mist. He looks a lot like he normally does though his features look wavey, and the black outfit he is wearing doees the same. It waves slowly at Marie, and then disapears again as though she said it was alright he wasn't entirely sure as 'ghosts' can be a bit taboo in some parts.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would give a nod over at Mary, "Whatever of that.." She gives a general wave around the area that's not helpful over at all. "And you do not have to make yourself that way all the time, Mister Richards. It can be q uite disconcerting. And given the current state of affairs could be taken with some alarm. Which we do not need." She goes to let out a sigh over and rubs at her temples.

"And I would say something about coming in on your own feet but present company seems to barely do that after all."

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Thunderbolt smiles slightly, "Ah..." She glances over at the vague direction, sees about a dozen different things that really need doing, then considers after a moment, "... I think I'll take care of that in a moment. I haven't had much of a chance to meet too many people that I've been working with." She gives Monet a good-natured smile and seems to take the tone in stride, though when Franklin appears she glances over and gives him a nod, "Oh, so it was you that I heard... I thought that might be it, but I didn't see you so wasn't sure what it was."

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie disappeared pretty much as soon as the X-men got to the village.

    She had things to do, and that was not being put to work hauling heavy stuff around. She hasn't got flight, super strength, or teleportation. She is good really at one thing as far as she currently knows.

    Blowing shit up.

    So instead of manual labor she meandered and chatted with locals and leaned into the Knights of X reputaton from her previous trips down here. No dinosaur riding to be had though so eventually she meanders back over to the clump near Marie. "How's everything going?" no one looks like they have chores to hand off after all.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
It's much easier to see Franklin now, and Marie's pretty grateful for that. While telepathy is nothing new to her, there is something a little awkward talking to a voice you can't see. It makes her feel a bit like she's in trouble. "Much better. Bienvenue!" she welcomes Franklin, flashing a slight grin. Then to Mary she adds, "My apologies that I did not prepare you better for that..." Telepathy, that is. "...but, while we are here, should you hear voices in your head... it is likely friends speaking." She hasn't /found/ any enemies with telepathy here, afterall.

"Mademoiselle Negasonic!" she greets. "Just getting settled in. Grateful that the sun is going down; and yourself? Have you been finding ways to keep yourself occupied?"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Never let it be said that M made an attempt with things she declared beneath her. She was not exactly the most outgoing person. The approach of Ellie, surprisingly enough, gets some acknowledgement as Monet gives the girl a nod. And an actual response.

"Adequately. I would presume there's likely to be some sort of strike soon." By them or against the village once more. That was the way things normally went.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin disapears a Negasonic arrives, too many people to see him it was just better he had said what he needed to say, and could not stay for too long or he worried for the worst. Invisably he floated up close to Mary so only she could hear him. <<Remember.. The Fool. It will disobey fate, only tell Marie that, And I trust it to your wisdom.>> and with that he starts to fade out not saying goodby just letting them wonder was he still there, was he gone. He grinned a bit though he figured with Monet there they would figure it out quickly.

He had a lot to do before tomorow, and he trusted his friends to their own fate he had to get ready for his role. It would be interesting at the very least. why walk into the fire when you could run right?

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie is used to a passable amount of strangeness with the various x-ers around the mansion. So she just nods to Monet in return, quirk of a smirk, and thne her attention shifts to focus in on Marie. "Good enough. Chatting with the loclas. Getting an idea how they are feeling."

    There is pause thne she deadpans "Raising moral."

    HEr attention bounces back to Monet. "Why a strike soon, did you see something or just a hunch?"

Sharon Smith has posed:
Sharon Smith sprawled miraculously over Marie's shoulder like a pirate's feline parrot. It was a very painful journey for Marie, consisting of small, sharp claws bringing the small black feline to its happy destination. The question of where the cat came from was a wild mystery, but a small, dark frame was difficult to spot, even with heightened awareness.

The cat stood proudly atop of Marie, staring off at the group with glowing, yellow eyes. It seemed as though the feline was posing for a sculpture who's base was: uncomfortably placed claws on the side of the head of an unfortunate mutant.

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Mary blinks over at the suddenly appearing feline, "Well, I think that's the first cat I've seen down here that doesn't have saberteeth." She arches a brow, looking at the cat with a curious expression, though she does wave at Ellie when she arrives, "Hello there." Currently, Thunderbolt is dressed appropriate for the name, as she has the crimson outfit with the lightning bolt common to those that Ride the Lightning.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"...and how are they feeling? Better after speaking with you, I hope?" A little grin. "Did you regale them with tales of your prowess in the arena of jousting astride dinosaurs?" Marie asks of Ellie -- yes, she saw that! "By the way... have you met Thunderbolt? She will be aiding our efforts here."

A smile to Mary, "Thunderbolt, meet Negasonic Teenage Warhead," Then, there's a little grimace as Sharon's claws dig into the side of her head. "...and this is Catseye." motioning to said cat. "She is far more than she appears."

Of course, Ellie asks the question that Marie had in mind for M before she gets to it, so she won't repeat it... but will look towards the other mutant for the answer!

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would cross her arms to NEgasonic, "This village has been targeted by alien symbiotes multiple times that are possessing a large number of dionsaurs that is under the protection of some unknown supercomputer system. One does not need to have a 'hunch'." Monet does not have 'hunches'.

But she feels fairly certain given the sheer number of -adjectives- that she's had tpile on to explain their current circumstances makes it simple enough.

Sharon Smith has posed:
Sharon Smith flashes teeth! They weren't sabre teeth... they were just regular, pointy cat teeth. She proudly displayed the devolution of massive, sabre tooth fangs to pointy little toothpicks only dangerous to small, modern rodents.

A hiss was added, but that also seemed more adorable than threatening.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Appearing first as a swiftly moving shadow over village center, Angel descended from the sky, backlit by the setting sun in a series of graceful wing buffets. Only when he had touched down to earth where the panels of cerulean blue, titanium white, and angelic gold visible on his uniform: a material so thin that it almost seemed painted on.

He strode toward the group of friends and teammates, his wings arcing into high shapes over his head before closing and setting themselves down. He paused there and nodded his greeting to all. He refusws to interrupt the verbal intercourse, instead taking a long slow breath.

Negasonic has posed:
    There is a small, very small, quirk of a smirk at Catseyes climb and settling in.

    The deadpan continues, stoicly. "I mean, other than that Monet. You said soon, like that was me asking if you meant in the next five minutes... or if you meant tactically it is logical that they will be assaulted again 'soon'." she smirks a touch. "Gotcha though don't worry."

    She looks to Marie and Thunderbolt. "Nice outfit." is the comment she says to Mary, it is so exceptionally hard if she is appreciative or not. Like is that snark, sass, or genuine. Vague on purpose just to a brat would be what the wisdom of solomon says.

    Warren gets a fingergun, but no explosion, good times.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Looking over at Sharon, M can't help but mutter 'How did you get down here'? That's audible if one has enhanced hearing or is staying close enough to her to pick it out. Just why is the little cat thing all the way down here?

"And in the next five minutes? Unlikely. However.." She would gesture up and over in the direction of Warren. "I'm sure if there is something, he'll spot it."

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Mary takes Negasonic's ambiguity in perfect stride, looking unfazed by the tone as she seems used to far more burning levels of sarcasm. "I'm sure they'll be testing defenses before long, considering what's been happening so far." She nods over towards Warren as he arrives as well, "At least this is on Earth and not halfway out of the solar system. Nice view, but a super long trip. Though I suppose that's nothing new to you guys."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington gives Warhead a fingerun in return, winking one eye and plumping his lips, he leaned rakishly as if his fingergun had recoil. Then he returned to his elegant posture, "Put me where you need me." he said amiably.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Reaching a hand up to try and scritch Catseye between the ears, Marie giggles at the hiss. "She is most friendly, I promise. Although... perhaps be wary of where you leave clothing laying around." she advises Mary, knowing Sharon's proclivity for borrowing. Monet gets a nod as she answers, then Marie looks toward Ellie. "I would ask my cards to tell us... but we must be wary of being too reliant upon our abilities here, oui?"

Warren gets a cheery wave, "Monsieur Angel!" she chirps. Yes. She's studied the roster so that she knows not to use real names around allies who might not know them. Like Mary, though she's the toughest of all to keep secrets from. "I fear this is the most exotic location I have been to, Thunderbolt... never have I left the planet." She's, admittedly, very curious to what's out there.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix takes a moment to look down over at Sharon, "And what are you doing here?" Ah well, she can't mind that much. "Just do take care what you borrow here, just as.." She would gesture at some of the large skinning knives that had been left out from meat being butchered from hunting earlier.

"They might want to make a replacement."

Sharon Smith has posed:
Sharon Smith could have replied to the incoming questions, or shifted forms to speak properly, but the scritch behind her ears seemed to be crippling to her efforts. Instead, the small feline slouched on Marie's shoulder. Instead, the answer... or lack of answer, was left slumped over Marie's shoulder, very uselessly.

Negasonic has posed:
    "I am also still waiting to go off planet sometime. Been all over this planet. The dinosaur jousting here is probably the best thing that I've done though. 10/10. Would joust again."

    She pulls out her phone, is she even getting reception or wifi, regardless she is typing something on it. "You've been to outerspace?" that directed to Mary.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"She has, oui!" Marie confirms, happy to sing her girlfriend's praises. "Out to Jupiter, if I remember the story correctly. I can only imagine how awe-inspiring it must have been..." Of course, the battle being fought there at the time? Would've likely had Marie shaking in her proverbial boots. But that's besides the point.

"You know... I still regret not doing that myself when I had the chance. Perhaps if we have time once the Brood have been defeated..." Because really, where else are you going to find dino jousting, right?

Of course, it might be the heat finally getting to her, or the added heat of a furry shoulder-warmer, but she can't help lean against Mary a bit. "I think... I likely need to retire for tonight. Save my strength for when battle comes." Possibly change. Possibly. It might mean the difference between survival and the opposite. She'll have to consult her cards. "We will see you all soon!"

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren shifted his weight, looking from face to face with a reservation that bordered on aloof. His epicene features catching the last rays of sun as if they belonged to him alone. He lifted his arms from his side, every movement was an ballet of elegance and form.

He produced a small package of some sort of fig crammed cookies from a pound on his belt, and offering it around. "Newtons?"