14816/Ever Mutants Need Groceries

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Ever Mutants Need Groceries
Date of Scene: 01 May 2023
Location: Bushwick <Mutant Town>
Synopsis: A shopping trip leads to an icecream run! Gabby, Kurt, Robert Marksman and Aimee Alexander run into one another and share some icecream in Mutant Town.
Cast of Characters: Gabby Kinney, Kurt Wagner, Robert Marksman, Aimee Alexander

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney didn't live in mutant town, but she had spent enough time here over the years. With things as they were she actually had a few much nicer places to stay than this place. Yet... It was still a community that needed help. Sometimes help in this case meant driving just a little further to spend money here at the bodega for groceries. Giving money to the community helped. Of course, there were some things she opted NOT to buy here so it takes some time to pick and choose. More because she didn't want to clean out the fresh veggies and other items that might run out before others could get it. Not everyone had the luxury of choosing where they got to shop like her.

With a canvas shopping bag tucked under her shoulder, and another draped from her arm, she steps out from the bodega to take a large, deep breath of the 'fresh' city air.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Things are...not good. To say the least. And one mutant who is abundantly familiar with just how much anti-mutant sentiment can feel and be found is Kurt Wagner. While there are many mutants whose abilities have altered them in a way that makes them recognizeable as /something different/, there are few so dramatically different as he. And of course, he has a leg up - or a tail up - on some of the younger ones. He has been on the run or in hiding most of his life, or literally a side show freak.

So as tensions have risen, Kurt has taken to spending some time on his own little foray into the world. He has chosen not to hide - there is technology which can do it - other than keeping to the shadows as he clings to the side of buildings, his own little patrol to protect the safety and security of his fellow mutants.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman is one of the folks who live here in the area. He does a lot to help out be it the clinic or the money he has put in trying to help get things up to code and better where he can. This evening he has the day off someone else is working the clinic. So he has decided to take a bit of time for himself and is headed to Mootant Milkshakes for a bit of a treat.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Walking down the street and looking probably a little out of place is Aimee. At a glance she might seem like a tourist with the way her gaze flicks all around, ignoring the people and taking in all the buildings. A closer examination might have her seeming a touch more suspicious. She wears a slightly narrowed and thoughtful gaze, for one, to say nothing of the fact that Bushwick isn't exactly a thriving tourist destination.

Pausing in the middle of the sidewalk, (and causing a bit of grumbling from those walking behind her when she does), she looks across the road to stare thoughtfully at a building that has caught her attention. A seemingly abandoned storefront that has certainly seen better days.

"Hm... could be useful..."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The smell of the city was hard to miss on that breath. But with it came a few familiar scents as well for Gabby: One of lingering sulphur and a familiar individual. It causes her to pause in the middle of the sidewalk herself with her head raising up to scan around the street spotting Aimee, and Robert, and looking for another figure she doesn't see.

Kurt was probably better at sticking to the shadows than she was.

Another deep whiff comes as she starts to walk forward seeking out the source. Her path takes her toward Mutant Milkshakes because... well that's in that direction. If she doesn't find one, the other was a suitable reason to go down this way to begin with.

She finally looks at what MIGHT be the right direction and gives a wave to apparently no one along with a grin trusting her instincts on this. Worst comes to worst she'll look like a dork waving at no one.

"Man I could *really* use some icecream on a warm night like this!" She says aloud perhaps in invitation to the hidden one. Of course Robert was already there so she flashes a grin at him as well. "See you got the right idea."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
There is a bit of a sigh and a reluctant laugh from the shadows. "Used to be only Logan could sniff me out," comes a voice from the darkness, a heavy but understandable German accent to the words. "But I suppose there are worse things."

A figure moves in the shadow, leaping from the building, twisting as it starts to come into view. Arms and legs out as it seemingly drops towards the sidewalk, only to get held up by a streetlamp, swinging around it as if by some external force, as limbs are clearly in the air.

When it drops down beside Gabby, the flicker of a tail can be seen, explanation for the acrobatic dismount, perhaps. "What night is /not/ a good night for ice cream?"

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Seemingly engrossed in her staring at a dilapidated building, Aimee startles at the sudden voice behind her. Her head turns in confusion, her mouth already open to respond in confusion, before she spies the speaker still walking and clearly not talking to her.

A faint flush rising to her cheeks the empath glances in the direction Gabby is heading and spies the milkshake place. With a self-deprecating sigh and shrug, a small smile, and a muttered "Well... she's not wrong..." she makes her own way towards the building; grabbing and popping a lactase pill from her purse on her way.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman nod to the young lady, it has been a while since he saw her, but he thinks he does remember her from when Cheyenne was trying to start up that business deal. "It is a pretty good one yea." As the other man comes Vaulting from above Robert will give him a once over and nods in greeting to him as well. He sees the small crowd gathering and will lean in to the window a bit and tells the person working the window, foods on him tonight.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney watches the acrobatic arrival of Kurt. The bags slung under her arm are tugged up a bit tighter as they began to slip a bit. "Well to be fair -- You were still sniffed out by him in a way. I mean he's my dad and all," she points out with a little laugh. Related to Wolverine or not she was at least of better cheer than he usually was. Usually.

"Been awhile since I saw you last, good to see you're doing well. And of course icecream is excellent any time."

Looking back toward the fellow in front of her she blinks a moment, then snaps her fingers together to point at him. "Oh, right! Been ages since I saw you too, how's things going?" And of course there's the new, unfamiliar woman who is coming over already popping a lactaid pill. "Excellent decision," she points out with a nod. "Some of the best icecream you can get here."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
"Big difference between him and you, though," replies Kurt, sniffing a bit at Gabby. "You smell a lot better." Does he have an enhanced sense of smell too? No. But Logan /does/ have an enhanced sense of odor, so...

"I have been keeping busy, as I think we all have. But good to see you as well." He glances over towards the others that are arriving, not exactly being familiar, but defers to Gabby's opinion and ease on the matter.

"After you, milady," he says, bowing deeply and extending grandly with both arms towards the door. Then as if "suddenly realizing" he forgot to open it for her, that tail snakes around the handle and pulls it open.

The elf grins up at her, briefly.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee finally reaches the milkshake place, looking a little sheepish as Gabby compliments her decision to come given it was the other girl's talking out loud that motivated her to do so. Kurt's politeness gets a bemused smile in response, along with a slightly teasing "Thank you, good sir." Though she does try to make sure to flash him a genuine smile, wondering if his politeness comes from trying to reassure people about his intent despite his slightly spooky appearance.

Peering at the the menu options once she's inside and chewing her lip, she glances back over her shoulder and clears her throat softly to get attention. "Uhh, sorry to bother you guys, but do you know if the chocolate's good here? Or am I better off going with a different flavour?"

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman says, "Pretty much everything they got is pretty good, I don't get chocolate myself unless it is in something with peanut butter like the turtle shake. " He admits "Really though I have never had anything not good from here.""

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney flashes a grin back toward Kurt when he gestures forward, and uses his tail to open the door for both herself and Aimee. She lets Aimee slip in first before doing so herself with a polite, "Why thank you, kind sir!" As if she didn't know who he really was. He called her milady though so she was certainly playing along.

Aimee's question of the flavors just earns a quick nod of agreement from her. "Yeah, there's two kinds of chocolate too. The dark chocolate and the milk chocolate, and white chocolate but that's more like an awesome creamy vanilla flavor to me? It's still good and great with any mix ins you might like. If you want them anyway," she reasons.

"Honesetly I eat anything though. I like trying new things and figuring out what I do and don't like." Glancing back toward Kurt she asks, "What about you? What's your favorite?"

Kurt Wagner has posed:
There is a warm and earnest smile directed back towards Aimee as she replies, and if anything Kurt seems to dip deeper as she passes by. He waits for all three to enter before following along, pulling the door closed to cut off the release of the air conditioning, slipping his tail in at the last moment to avoid getting it caught.

"I am afraid I have to disappoint all of you," offers Kurt, who once under the fluorescent lights of the ice cream shoppe is clearly a vibrant blue and not just a darkness. He nods over towards a corner of the display. "I tend to like peanut butter." He flashes a grin with fanged teeth. "It goes well with my particular tastes and predilections." He heads over towards the counter and points down at a peanut butter flavor with pretzel mixed in. "That, at least, very German." The pretzel, of course.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Nothing wrong with peanut butter..." Aimee reassures, though after frowning at the options a moment longer she decides "I think... I'm going to go with... milk chocolate with a... raspberry syrup?"

She peeks back at the others as if to get confirmation she's not making a terrible mistake and, once reassured, prepares to step up to the counter to see about buying; only hesitating to dig through her purse for her debit card.

"So, you three know each other then? Do you live around here?"

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman looks over and says "I have met the young lady here and her Dad at a community event here in town the gentleman here is new to me." He explains. He offers his hand to Aimee, and then Kurt, and says "Robert Marksman, I run the clinic here in town."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I tried this peanut butter thai chili pepper icecream once--Not here, but it was pretty good." Gabby flashes a grin again with a shake of her head. "No assumptions here, people get what they like and everyone has different preferences." Speaking of which she nods in approval at Aimee who seems a bit uncertain. "You'll like it."

"Yeah, I know Kurt here," she explains with a tip of her head toward the elf in question. "And met Dr. Marksman, too. I'm Gabby. Nice to meet you!"

The exuberant greeting is given while she bounces on the balls of her feet only to finally step toward the icecream case to nearly press her face to it. She's not that uncouth but she IS perusing all the current options.

"I'll haaaave.... Oh, graham cracker icecream with chocolate sauce and mini marshmallows." S'mores icecream? Heck yes.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
"That sounds a bit too spicy for my stomach," replies Kurt, to Gabby's chili pepper ice cream. He nods in agreement as she peaks of their acquaintance. "I'm a teacher," he offers to Aimee, as if that is some explanation for it. Teacher of what? He doesn't say.

He turns his gaze towards the good doctor as well, inclining his head. "Good to meet you both," he says, before turning his gaze back towards Aimee.

"Chocolate with raspberry is a great combination," he affirms, moving over to adopt at spot at the counter as he waits his turn. "And nearby, at least. Westchester."

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee gives Robert a firm handshake. That's a greeting she's readily familiar with. Gabby's level of exuberance however does throw her off slightly, but the sheer bubbliness of emotion she can't help but pick up from the girl forces a grin to tug at the empaths lips nonetheless.

With a nod and a smile to all three, she declares "Well, it's nice to meet you all. I don't want to ruin your ice cream with business talk, but if any of you know of any abandoned buildings around, or any that are for sale, or perhaps just big empty lots? I'd appreciate it. My Dad's business is looking to expand, and I'm trying to scope out a place."

Before she can begin to ramble about said business despite her words, a clearing of the throat from the counter has her sheepishly turn back to it and hand over her debit card.