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When Stegosaurus and Savages Snarl
Date of Scene: 13 May 2023
Location: Dense Jungles
Synopsis: A herd of Stegosauruses are saved from the Brood by Kanga Riding Amazons and Mutants coming to the rescue! Dino-Gore is everywhere!
Cast of Characters: Monet St. Croix, Diana Prince, Kora Ikassis, Valeria Richards, Gabby Kinney, Clarice Ferguson, Negasonic

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Throughout the Savage Lands, loud shrieks of alarm fill through the air. Traveling for miles and miles, booming along. The sounds of warning, of danger. Birds and pterands launch themselves from the trees, heading away from the cries of alarm. Smaller beasts and dinosaurs flee. Like a stampede heading away. Other beasts moving to pass along the cries of alarm throughout the jungle, horns blaring.

And at the center of it all is a herd of Stegosauruses. Adult ones and juveniles. They're backed up over to the base of a high cliff that permits no escape, no evacuation.. And they have formed a line. Tails ready in defensive positions, spikes lashing out. Large, Brood infested predators attack the line! From the air, jag toothed avians that have jagged claws and teeth that make them look like sharks. Small and middle sized dinosaurs with multiple arms, like hellish beasts charging at them!

Diana Prince has posed:
Amidst the untamed expanse of the Savage Lands, a formidable contingent of Amazons gracefully traverse the rugged terrain atop their majestic Kanga mounts, their powerful feet pounding the earth in unison.

At the forefront, Diana Prince, the indomitable Wonder Woman, leads the charge with resolute purpose. Clad in her iconic armor, she exudes an aura of unwavering strength and resolve. The warrior women of Themyscira have ventured to these open grasslands, driven by a noble cause: to scour the land and quell the impending threat of the Brood infected dinosaurs. Their mission is to prevent the insidious disease from spreading beyond the confines of the known infected sections, fiercely defending the pristine wilderness they have grown to hold dear in recent weeks.

As the wind whips through their hair and their steely gazes scan the horizon, the Amazonians remain steadfast, ready to face any challenge that crosses their path.

One way of tracking the Brood has been rather easily determined via following the patterns of the wildlife within the grasslands being 'spooked'. All manner of creatures are afraid of the Brood, and a unanimous measure of them all running away from something together is where the Amazons travel toward...

Upon 'Jumpa', Diana grips the reigns and motions for the others to follow suit, her Captain at Arms calling out to make the order spread across the warrior women upon their faithful mounts!

Kora Ikassis has posed:
For all his newness to his rider, Floyd doesn't react to the noises of alarm rising around them. Pressing her knees into his side to urge him forward, Kora barely puts tension on the reins. His rider is among the youngest Amazons living in the New York Embassy. Months in the big city have accustomed her to 'modern' life enough for her to wonder if she would enjoy the simple quiet of Themyscira and miss the constant thrum of urban life.

She carries a shield on her left arm with a spear in its holder attached to the saddle modified for a Kanga's conformation. A short cape flutters from under a leather quiver of arrows on the back of her bronze and leather corselet. Her bronze hair is intricately braided into a long fish tail, swinging down her back and held in place by a braided band of metal.

At the Captain's command, she looks from side to side, confident that the Amazons in her platoon will keep in battle formation. All of them are eager to be fighting the evil threatening the world.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria had been pretty much running her thing suit and forcefield generator almost twentyfour seven. The strength enhancements good for some lifting or punching, and the forcefield itself as good as a hazmat suit and body armor combined.

The blonde had come across the herd in transit between sites, delivering more forcefield generators, tech and other relief items as needed. Clean Food and Water were as much a commodity as barricades were.

Coming through the jungle with a Fantasticar loaded with supplies and a few people. The herd of Stegosauruses under attack by a swarm of Brood and a hunting party of Amazons with them.

If they're fighting, she can at least provide the safe zone for the quadrupedal dinos.

This via using the forcefield generators install in the Fantasticar, a dome of energy soon surrounding the animals, expanding enough to encompass a lot of the area. Communications over earpieces on a shared channel carrying her voice. <<I'm setting up a space for any wounded to be brought in and be tended. Watch for those goopy explosions. They're an infection vector! Burn any dead Brood as soon as possible to avoid spreading.>> she gets all science and HAZMAT while she starts setting up. The next site will be down some resources but Val can probably afford it.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
<<Copy that. 411 on what to anticipate from infection if we get nailed? For those of us who can't feel pain and might not notice at first.>> In Gabby's case it's a valid question and one to be cautious of. She would defintely try to avoid though -- She had read files on the Brood before as well as their apparent interest in her bloodline in the past. Best to avoid. Hopefully.

Wearing her white and black X-Force suit Gabby is tagging along in the Fantasticars. All the easier to see potential injuries against the white. There were other reasons as well. This suit meant she was going to kill if she had to. Brood were killable in her book.

As soon as they near she steps up to the edge of the car and leaps off to her feet nodding at the contingent of Amazons and their kangas. Claws drawn already she just starts out running without any sign of the impact of landing causing her issue. Nor does she seem to get very winded just running toward the approaching Brood either.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
With a BLINK, the teleporter Blink appears with some others next to her. They are in the middle of the jungle and within sight of the Amazons, the oncoming dinosaurs and others nearby. Two others from Fall Village appear with Blink and the others as well. These two women cross their arms and look at the approaching dinosaurs with some worry, then Blink reassures them by saying, "Don't worry, the Amazons are here and won't let these things go any further. Look!" she lets out, pointing helpfully in their direction. The two women look at the formidible Amazons and nod to what Blink says, maybe a little less worried about the dinosaurs rampaging their way out of the jungle for a visit to their village.

Blink looks up as the Fantasticar zooms past overhead, "I think the backup supplies have arrived," she mentions to them, "Right, we should go jump in and help out. But now that you've seen the danger, I can send you back to Fall Village," she comments to those nearby. She raises her hand and sends off those who want to go back. After that is done, she looks at the others with her to see if they are ready.

Negasonic has posed:
    "I am... getting very tired of this alien invasion picking on dinosaurs." Negasonic Teenage Warhead mutters sullenly as she finishes the BLINK into the scenary with Clarice and others. She has been down here for a while like an extended spring break helping with it.

    The young woman has her X-Gear on though, blacks and golds with some extra charm. Like the extra reinforcement on her joints and layer of McCoy designed armor woven into it. She is not bullet proof when she isn't doing her thing and a brood claw would be awfully nasty in the jugular. She thinks the outfit and the vibe goes well with her general stompy demeanor, which explains the boots which practically look like Doc Martins, if designed by the X-men.

    She gives her neck a crack though and then asks Clarice. "Blink.. can you give me a port over to flank the Brood .. like over yonder..." she points to a spot on a touch of high ground off to the back and left of the line attacking those poor Stegosaurus.

    Request made, she starts a charge, the air after a moment starts to glow and warp around her with energy build up.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
There's something awesome about coming to the rescue of a group of Stegosaurus that are under attack by predators. The heroes go to slam into them from the flanks! The Amazons move to charge them along from the sides some of the large, brood infested predators turn over to face them! They let out screeches of the alien swarm that fill the air! Like insectoids chittering amongst themselves, three of the large Tyrannosaurus Wrecks would turn to face them! Each of the big three letting out a large cry as they would turn to face the phalanx headed by the Captain and the other Amazons! Charging forwarsd to meet the Kanga-ry over wtih a brutal attempted counter-charge of leviathans and roo riders!

There do not seem to be any sorts of wounds so far amongst the STegosauruses. No signs over of them having taken strikes from the Brood that might lead to infection. They let out cries as they maintain their perimeter, Thagomizers slashing out at anything in tehir way even as the force fields go to protect them from battle! Backed up against the edge of teh cliff is an elderly, heavily sweating man wearing a shredded lab jacket and tweed suit with a bow tie, a set of thick rimmed glasses cracked!

Gabby has a Stabs-Eye view of the battle form the Fantasticar as large Pterans that looked almost like demons would go to move in dive bombing runs, attempting to rake the Fantasticar over with large talons the size of scythes, bouncing off the shields arrayed along it!Blink's rapid teleportation helps get anyone over in the area that was at risk out of the way, even as those that were caught without cover and cowering - some of the local villagers that had no place to run in the fight quickly look over at her wiht thanks before dashing to the portals!

Negasonic TEenage Warhead has something, perhaps, so awesome that she might actually be giving her full attention to it beyond her Phone as she would charge up. There are huge dinosaurs moving to snap along. What look like a herd of Triceratops that look almost like skeletons - large chunks of flesh gone, replaced with ichor and plates of Brood membranes along them. Just a few minutes away!

Valeria Richards has posed:
The warning signs and symptoms get explained when gabby asks. <<Hive mind. Encroaching thoughts to do bad things. Actual bad things. Murder, eating people, sadism. As opposed to things like petty theft and alcohol consumption. Lots of voices all wanting to do that. Mutation will come eventually. Chitlin, arm tentacles, extra legs, tail. Pronounced skull crown. It's not instant and can be reversed when the changes start but there is a point of no return.>> Valeria warns

The onboard weapons, mostly high yield plasma and particle beams can track and blast some of the Pteran bugs take a shot at the Fantasticar, creating some space before it can land the protective forcefield barricades can do their thing. A jumping feral mutant can likely even manage a jump to the ground with minimal damage to heal and slash a few of the fliers on the way down to slow the decent.. <<I'll monitor the shields and create openings as needed for injured. Gonna have to start bringing more HERBIEs to do triage.>> There is one in the trunk that emerges and starts setting up an impromptu aid station and medical area.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana observes the others arriving from other heroic teams. She rides fast upon Jumpa's saddle, her right hand =clutching a golden javelin tipped with a gnarly jagged spearhead. When she is leapt at by one of the Brood infected creatures, it finds itself soon impaled upon the javelin, only to get twirled around and thrown from it! Used as a projectile, the stabbed creature limply slams in to another of its kind looking to break out toward the warrior women!

In a swift and synchronized motion, the Amazon Kanga riders split apart, their formation dispersing across the grassy expanse. As the rear line separates, they raise their bows, arrows aflame with fire, ready to be unleashed upon their target.

At the forefront, the Captain's voice booms through the air, commanding her warriors to release the flaming arrows. With a resounding cry, the archers let loose their fiery ammunition, the burning projectiles streaking through the sky towards the Brood dinosaurs that appear to be spreading out, venturing away from their larger infected counterparts. The battlefield is illuminated by the blazing trajectory of the arrows, creating a breathtaking spectacle of light and heat as the Amazonians defend the land they swore to protect for its local inhabitants.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Blink looks at Negasonic and nods in agreement, "Be careful," she says quietly as she raises her hands. With a BLINK, Negasonic is gone and totally in the perfect, strategic position, which is very helpful to the attack. Blink herself has also appeared behind Negasonic some yards, maybe to monitor everyone and assist in some way.

Blink glances around for where the backup supplies went to and the Fantasticar she saw earlier, then spots the impromptu medical area the robots are setting up. She pops in with another BLINK. One of the cute HERBIEs almost veers into Blink because she appears with no warning. "Do not worry, I can teleport the injured and you can attend them," she tells one of the robots. She looks worried that the thing doesn't understand her, "Yes, you understand?" she asks it.

Kora Ikassis has posed:
Others, strangers to her, but welcome to the fight, blink into existence. Kora catches sight of a clawed woman striding with the confidence of an apex predator toward the Brood. There is no time to stare. Floyd's ears swivel to track the sound of the vehicle flying above them. The kanga tenses under her as she urges him forward and around her riders lower themselves, giving their mounts free rein as they leap into action.

Kora's throat dries; this will be her first battle. Some of the newly awakened women in her unit are already blooded veterans. Swallowing, she raises her hand urging them forward and hefts the spear from its holder. Overhead, flaming arrows streak toward the infected beasts, the fire setting panic among the strange beasts. She aims for the tender skin under a beast's throat, stabbing underhanded. Floyd instinctively slows, allowing her to pull the spear from the monster's thoat. Goo decorates the flat double-sided blade of her spear.

Negasonic has posed:
    The space of... several seconds went by before the BLINK and then once there, little pops of explosive energy start to intermix with the energetic flame around her form as she just slowly breaths in and out and lets it build further. Except it isn't fire, it's nucleokinesis.

    Her name is very appropriate if most mistake it as a teenager being Exta AF.

    The best part of this dinotarian mission, is the brood turned monstrosities are something she can actually cut loose on and no one is going to be like, oh no Ellie, you explodiated the poor enemy.

    So before any of her Allies get into the scrum with the baddies and limits her to more surgical strikes ... she does her thing, charge her charge, and then with a very dramatic two handed sweeping gesture she launches energy into the flank of the Brood Dinos like an explosive Scythe and when it hits there is a gigantic explosion. Like. Mother of All Zombie Jesus Booms.

    Not at all subtle.

    She starts another charge immediately, if for no other reason to get her shield up for the inevitiable hive mind retaliation to her announcing she is here.


Gabby Kinney has posed:
<<Negasonic on scene, FYI.>> Gabby informs just after that ... massive explosion. She recognized her old roommates' powers from a mile away. It would be safe there at least.

Gabby for her part mentally berates herself for not trying to get one of those flying Brood on her way down from the Fantasticar. It didn't matter too much though as she moves to attack a few of the stragglers that might try to come closer to the 'safe' area Valeria had set up. They weren't easy, sitting targets, but for those few who thought they might be she was happy to prove otherwise. Claws slice through them sending limbs flying in piles of gore and ooze, while she's quite glad she opted for the face mask with this version of her suit. All the better not to end up accidentally inhaling something potentially contagious.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
It's a charge into the midst of the Brood infested herd! The Amazons go to slash, spear, and stab their way through as they hammer into the gap in the alien lines to separate the Brood out into clusters! Kora goes to stab all the way through a neck, the huge beast going to slowly roll off the edge of the blade, slumping down onto the ground with a large chunk carved out of it! Even as the Brood parasite upon it seems to shrivel away, burning into the ground!

Flaming arrows strike, cutting down beasts as they go through reinforced frames! Brood parasites seem to almost melt off from the strikes, Amazon arrows cutting through them in numbers!

Blasts from the Fantastical chew through the fliers, going to just detonate among them like heavy flak cannons! It might very well have Val humming music from Star Wars as alien fliers would smash over into the shields, rolling off it as they would be blasted away, leaving chunks of meat up and into the air!

A Brood goes to leap through the air at Diana, the Amazon deftly catching it over on her spear and then goes to crush it on the edge, slamming it into another as there seem to be more and more of them! Now what are coming are small ones. For those that have seen Jurassic Park, the small acid spitters. The size of rottweilers, looking like something out of a bad horror movie, scales all black, acid and poison dripping down the edge of their teeth to hit the ground and start to sizzle through it! They're going to try and swarm towards Diana, up on her kanga and spread to hit the rest of the Amazons as well!

Blink's gotten the supplies in place and evacuated everyone. Now she can go join in the fun and get in the fracas and enjoy herself - and portal some heads, in a physical sense if the Pinkette wants to go ahead and join in the stabnation!

And there is Negasonic, having had the time to fully charge up and build up her energy. She has no need to hold back, no need to worry, no need ot control. She just CHARGES and her energy disintegrates everything in it's path. Every second a one ton charge of TNT goes off, blasting goo up and over into the air and rocketing it in every direction! Hopefully not an exposure hazard.. But fun!

Poor Gabby! There are other ways to get herself launched up. One of the Amazons could hurl her. Blink could port her. Or if she wanted to live truly dangerously.. For reasons unknown someone had left a large lasso open and out amongst the supplies that had been brought in. If she wanted to try and go full action movie and get her /own/.

Valeria Richards has posed:
The HERBIE that bumps Blink and gets queried does a little pseudo LED eye blinking gesture with it's face display. Circles turning to lines and back. "Ms Blink, I have been programmed by Doctor Reed Richards with multiple additions by Ms Valeria. I can communicate in most languages currently used on this world and several others. Ms Valeria will adjust the frequencies of the forcefields to allow your teleportation to function through them." the little mecha says and gets to work. It won't be long before one of the Amazon's will need medical help.

The explosions ringing out get a grin from the blonde mostly all in Fantastic Blue. <<Someone brought, Boom-Boom?>> Val queries as she spies Negasonic. <<She's cute! Those pyro powers should be great for decontaminating the environment. A little scorched earth but we can regrow things with time and effort.>> she points out the tactical advantage of massive explosions against a virulent opponent!

One advantage to Fantasticars is that they can actually separate into four component vehicle s all autonomous. Which allows for those energy weapons to continue being deployed.

rIt's actually some high energy Dazzler track playing over the car stereo that Val humms to while she juggles remote fire and shiield integrity from her wrist computer on the ground.

Kora Ikassis has posed:
With a yank Kora's spear comes loose and her battle Kanga leaps sideways trying to avoid a pack of spitting black dinos. In a matter of seconds, she slides the spear into a loop next to her quiver, on the diagonal and grabs her sword. The first dino to spit at her loses its head but not its impetus, grotesquely foundering into the line of riders behind her. Cries and roars fill the air. Floyd turns, tail lashing at another. Kora hangs to the side of her saddle and slashes downward, cleaving its head in two before she turns to aid another woman fighting two at once.

The young Amazon looks up, fear forgotten in the heat of battle, searching for the source of the music floating above the roars of battle. But another group of spitters attacks her unit and she forgets it as Floyd flinches from acid scorching his smooth fur. Booms punctuate the chaos as her unit wheels to face the new menace.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana keeps a watchful eye on Kora, the young warrior riding alongside her on her Kanga mount. With a focused care, the Princess guides her mount closer to Kora's, ensuring their proximity on the battlefield. Aware of Kora's relative inexperience in such intense fighting, Diana positions herself strategically, ready to provide support at a moment's notice. Diana tries to move in unison with the young Kora, to help defend the other from incoming attacks, at least until just about everyone regards the explosive wave that rocks the land...

Meanwhile, the Captain of the Amazons observes the colossal explosion triggered by Negasonic at the opposite corner of the battlefield. The ground trembles beneath their feet as the powerful blast ripples through the earth itself. Awe-struck, many Amazons momentarily divert their attention from their own battles to witness the magnificent display of power. Recognizing the potential to exploit this explosive force, the Captain issues a directive to the Amazon Kanga riders, urging them to draw more dinosaurs towards the site of the immense detonation. The hope is to utilize the overwhelming power output to incinerate the Brood and bring an end to their insidious spread.

The Amazons, mounted on their swift Kangas, adjust their course, their eyes fixed on the explosive beacon, ready to unleash their might and turn the tide of the battle.

Look out Negasonic, because you got Amazons pulling nasty spitting dinosaurs toward you now! Way to make yourself look useful!

Negasonic has posed:
    Is, perhaps cute, in that punk prickly sort of fade hair cut type of way. She would absolutely deny and deflect if she had heard the compliment from Val though.

    The air around her doesn't charge up as much the second time, because she doesn't hold it, not that the first time was her upper limit. Dr. McCoy told her to not charge past certain points because of... concerns... but right now not a problem. There are a lot of brood re-evaluating the whole quick addititions of those poor Stegasaurus for the existensial threat that the groups of heros provide.

    Which was the whole point of the boom. Get their attention.

    She focuses on the ones closest because they will get to her position that Blink put her in first, and starts to snap off smaller blasts, one to two seconds between charges. Which to be fair is still a ton or two of TNT equivilancy in your snout.

    Which is great for the Amazon Captain's plan, at least until the Brood change tactics.

    "Why ...is the jungle so ...damn hot..." she mutters sweating as she works. "Stupid fucking brood..." which may slip over x-comms at least.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
With the scant few that had attempted to double back taken care of, and the majority now going toward the aggro source, Gabby ducks into the tree cover of the forest. Not for long. A quick climb up a tree thanks to claws used to stab and pull herself along have her cresting the large tree soon enough. Just in time for a few of the Brood pteradon... pteradac... Birds. To fly over.

A sudden shot rings out as a grapple gun fires straight into the chest of one of those beasts. It falters in the air with a shriek but the grapple gun is pulled up and along. It helped having toys from various teams on occasion.

Gabby ends up flung into the air hanging onto the grapple zooming higher until she can flip herself up onto the back of the creature. A quick whip of the rope lassoes around the creature's neck to be steered toward another of it's number, crashing and flailing to bring several down before they could enact an aerial strike of their own.

<<I could introduce you, we were roommates for a few years. Don't know if she's single or not though,>> She quips back over the radios to Val. <<Any sign of more coming this way?>>

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Blink helps the HERBIE with the supplies as she listens to the explanation, "Okay right," she comments. She nods to what it says about the forcefields and then looks back out at the battlefield of jungle. She steadies herself as Negasonic explodes everything and looks surprised, "Whoa!" she says, "I will go check on those nearby," she tells the cute HERBIE.

With a BLINK, she appears near Kora and anyone else who is nearby. Kora flies by and Blink watches as the Amazons wheel around to face the attacks. She picks up a SPEAR off the ground and frowns at it, wondering which one of the Amazons dropped it. She holds it up and waves to them but admist the chaos, it is probably hard to get their attention. Also, that attracts the attention of two of the smaller kid Stegosaurus, who eye Blink annoyedly. They charge at her! She teleports to the side! The two Stegosaurus fly by the empty space and look confused, like a beagle who lost its bone. They spot her again and CHARGE! Blink looks exasperated. She teleports a huge amount of the ground just away and the two dinosaurs CRASH, falling into the hole, struggling like cockerspaniel to become taller. Blink chuckles as some other dinosaurs eye her. Uh oh!

Monet St. Croix has posed:
It's a charge into the midst of the Brood infested herd! The Amazons go to slash, spear, and stab their way through as they hammer into the gap in the alien lines to separate the Brood out into clusters! Kora goes to stab all the way through a neck, the huge beast going to slowly roll off the edge of the blade, slumping down onto the ground with a large chunk carved out of it! Even as the Brood parasite upon it seems to shrivel away, burning into the ground!

Flaming arrows strike, cutting down beasts as they go through reinforced frames! Brood parasites seem to almost melt off from the strikes, Amazon arrows cutting through them in numbers!

Blasts from the Fantastical chew through the fliers, going to just detonate among them like heavy flak cannons! It might very well have Val humming music from Star Wars as alien fliers would smash over into the shields, rolling off it as they would be blasted away, leaving chunks of meat up and into the air!

A Brood goes to leap through the air at Diana, the Amazon deftly catching it over on her spear and then goes to crush it on the edge, slamming it into another as there seem to be more and more of them! Now what are coming are small ones. For those that have seen Jurassic Park, the small acid spitters. The size of rottweilers, looking like something out of a bad horror movie, scales all black, acid and poison dripping down the edge of their teeth to hit the ground and start to sizzle through it! They're going to try and swarm towards Diana, up on her kanga and spread to hit the rest of the Amazons as well!

Blink's gotten the supplies in place and evacuated everyone. Now she can go join in the fun and get in the fracas and enjoy herself - and portal some heads, in a physical sense if the Pinkette wants to go ahead and join in the stabnation!

Blink is having fun with portals as two of the small Stegos go to take her as a threat and go after her! Or are just caught up in the confusion and are going at anything that moves! And there Blink is now alone facing comingup behind her a huge infected dinosaur. Not a T-Wrecks, but one that has a heavily armored head, a large club for a tail that has spikes coming from it.. It's a huge Maiasaur!

Valeria Richards has posed:
It's like a frantic game of Tower Defense for Val, The holodisplay on her wrist computer has a motion tracking haptic so it can register hand movements. Directing the blasts from the Fantasticar's weapons at any Brood getting to near the shields and the herd of Stegosauruses.

The heat from the directed plasma effectively cauterizing the ground much like Negasonic's high end blasts. The display tracking Brood, Amazons and their Kangas. So cute and fierce. Diana, Kora, and the other Amazons too. And the contingent of Mutants.

Which is what allows her to direct a blast at the armored head of the infected Dino stomping after Clarice. Noise and distraction to give Blink time to react.

The shield takes more than a few hits, but the kinetic absorbsion functions that can recharge the generators only get a mild workout. It does look like a windshield after driving through a locust swarm though.

Diana Prince has posed:
One of the Amazon moutned warriors rides past Clarice, apparently the spear owner, as she shouts out to Blink. "Keep it! Use it!" The woman's voice booms as her Kanga carries her past.

Diana fearlessly engages the colossal armored Maiasaur, leaping off her Kanga's saddle and onto the creature's head with agile grace. Employing her lasso, she swiftly ensnares the infected dinosaur, while her Athenian sword becomes a blur of steel, hacking through its arm with relentless precision. Strike after strike, she relentlessly assaults the creature, defying its attempts to shake her loose from its naturally fortified hide. The Maiasaur thrashes and writhes, its massive form attempting to dislodge the Amazon!

Chunks of that natural armor, mixed with the infected Brood chitin.

Finally when Diana has enough hacked away, she pulls tight on the golden glowing lasso, her muscular thighs holding her still on the back of the beast, as she plunges her sword in to the back of its head, piercing its brain and leaving it groaning loudly as it topples to the ground, with the Princess dropping off of its back on to her armored boots upon the grassy floor.

Kora Ikassis has posed:
Floyd shies when a woman with unusual colored hair snaps into existence next to them. The young amazon throws the woman a quick grin, then reassuring Floyd with pats on his muscular neck, they leap back into battle. Aware of the Princess flanking her, Kora reins Floyd, spinning him in a circle to protect her from an attack. She hits an armored hide, the blow reverberating painfully up into her shoulder. A second stab takes the dog-sized dino in the eye.

At Diana's call she rallies her unit behind their leader, flying in leaps and bounds toward the other side of the field. Kora glimpses the Princess riding atop a raging dino with consummate grace, an example to all her warriors. The unit fights cohesively, their long hours of training paying off. They form a wall of sharp spears and flashing steel taking down a giant dinosaur with sharp knives on its back, its tiny eyes blazing with fury as they harrass it from two sides.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Blink glances over her shoulder and then wheels around when she sees the giant Maiasaur eyeing her, "Uh Amazons? Amazons!" she lets out as the spikey thing starts to advance toward her with a THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! She looks at the spear in her head as the fly-by warrior gives her some advice, "Right! I got this!" she lets out confidentlly. She throws the spear at the Maiasaur and it bounces off the dino's armor with a PLINK and lands in the dirt comically, "DANG!" she curses frustratedly. She sighs.

Blink then dismisses her Amazon tactics and gets back to business. She raises her hands as if ready to teleport herself or maybe parts of the dinosaur to parts unknown, but Diana LEAPS into the picture like a vulture to meat. "Whoa!" she lets out as the Maiasaur thrashes around and is soundly stabbed in the brain before Blink can even do anything about it. She teleports Diana's sword (with brains on it) through a portal into her hands and she looks at the weapon in amazement. She glances around for Diana and raises it in the air for her retrieval.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie lets out a long slow breath and looks around for a quiet moment, as the charge starts to flicker up around her once more. There is a radius around her of chewed up earth and scorched sizzling remains and ground. The jungle has definitely seen better days and this scarring to the terrain will take a bit to overgrow again.

    It probably won't glow though, she isn't pushing herself that hard or far after all.

    She steps over the chewed up terrain advancing slowly now, taking in the remaining infected beasts. She can't let out this blast like she did earlier ones, not withe Dianna and Blink and Gabby in the fray. So she pivots footing, squares off at one of the bigger problems left and launches herself with the explosive force like a missile, or a warhead shoulder first, the shield of energy around her protecting her as she hits the big infected alien lizard right in the chest.

    Which is when the explosion happens, it wasn't the blasting energy, and it sends it ... or bits of it sizzling off the tall cliff, and Ellie bounces back the other direction to land on her ass in the dirt.

    "OOOFfff.... fuck my tailbone is going to hurt omorrow...." another charge already building though as she sits there.

Valeria Richards has posed:
While Valeria might have stopped humming, the Dazzler playlist continues. Loud enough the music can be heard somewhat over the fighting. Communications through ear pieces can still get through so it's not drowning out anything important.

But good music can help improve moral, and some of those uplifting pop ballads Alison Blaire is famous for can be up there with playing heavy metal to more conventional modern militaries.

The blasts even work in time with some parts of the song.

A shame the Brood are so uncultured they can't even stop for a convenient dance number.

Gabby Kinney has posed:

It's not quite an explosion, but it is loud. The shriek of two wounded Brood infested avians as they crash into the ground skidding right into some trees that had been left not much more than broken shards of the tree trunks. Which nicely impale them further making their limp twitching and writhing inevitably come to a stop.

A wing lifts up, thrown aside so the smaller figure of Gabby can come out still on-guard, and wary, and possibly with some blood staining down the left side of her white suit.

"Hey," she greets simply to the nearby Amazons and Ellie, Blink, etc. while momentarily recovering herself and gaining a sense of what the hell was going on around she could jump in to help.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Up in the sky Valeria can see what look like a large group of infected quadrapedal dinosaurs. With spikes over thier backs, reinforced armor plates, and large tails over on them that might remind her of an armadillo. Ankylosaurs - that are armored enough to look like horror movie turtles, coming to advance towards the group even as the remainder of the dinosaurs are being cleared out! It looks like the last gasp for further coming ones now!

The Maisaur is be-stabbed and be-speared on all sides as the Amazons go to charge around it, flanking and striking at it as it tries to smash out over at the nearest one with the heavy dome on it's head! It misses over, even as the tail swings about to try and bash over at someone! Thanks tot ehir quick movement they're able to keep it well distracted! The golden lasso goes to smack up through the air to notch and wrap around it, even as it goes to tumble to the ground with a roll and SMASH! It goes to lash out, struggling over as it's armor is cracked, large holes appearing in it! It goes to try and roll itself towards some of the corpses of it's fellow Brood-asaurs. But all is for naught over as the rapid paced teleportation of Blink goes to catch it! Diana's sword flickering, returning over to her covered oer with goo! And hopefully Blink is also not covered over with goo and brain-material! That would look horrible on her outfit!

And Negasonic goes to charge out and blast out over with her energy! She's actually blasting herself along, even as she goes to give a brutal hip-check over to one of the remaining huge dinosaurs, smashing down over into it and exploding with it around her! It detonates over in a massive blast of goo in every direction as she does not -quite- go to pull off the superhero landing. But, all that matters really is that it looks cool!

Gabby ends up right over near Ellie that has landed on her tailbone. Her own landing, including crashed bird, isn't quite on par wit the whole 'exploding in middle of giant dionsaur' that Ellie's did, but it's far smoother as the melee goe son!

Diana Prince has posed:
It isn't but a pair of seconds after Blink holds up Diana's sword, and calls out to her, that Diana snaps her eyes over to the young Mutant. What comes next is not the Princess' hand to take the mythical blade from Clarice's grasp, but instead the golden glowing Lasso of Hestia itself. It lashes out at the sword, it sweeps around it several times before Blink will feel a powerful tug that just pops it out of her hand!

The sword is not brought to Diana's hand either. No, instead it is swung via the divine twine toward an incoming Raptor covered in Brood hide scars! The sword spins through the air so rapidly that it actually buzzes up to the last second before it stabs directly in to the side of the Raptor who was bearing down upon Diana!

Its momentum continues, even as its eyes roll in to the back of its skull, with the sword plunged in to the side of its cranium... It falls to the ground and slides toward Diana's armored feet.

She tugs the sword from its head, now gripping it once more in her hand as she sweeps it back over her bare shoulder to slide it in to her sword sheath.

The Princess spins around then, to face the jungle itself, with a few more glimpses of more infected Raptors coming from the tree line. She begins to run, her powerful stride carrying her through the tall grass blades that sweep across her bare thighs, the Raptors in-turn begin to charge toward Wonder Woman... but before the trio can meet the Princess in battle, before their wide-open jaws of gnarled spiked teeth can even dream of tasting the Amazon Princess, she kneels upon one plated knee, and slams her forearms together.

What follows can only be compared to Negasonic's explosion earlier. A massive kinetic wave of golden energy pours from Wonder Woman's wrists, and smashes right in to the incoming dinosaurs. All three, and several more behind them are sent flying back in to the jungle. Branches are torn from trees, birds take flight before the kinetic wave of Diana's 'Aegis attack' can reach them, and the tidal wave of power washes through the jungle itself.

With a light exhale, Diana stands back up, her hands dropping down to brush bare fingertips over the blades of grass that wave side to side beside her knees. She stares at the aftermath of that attack, before she turns back to the battlefield, to watch her Kanga mounted army of warrior sisters riding in lines around the field to finish off what is left of the infected creatures.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val is still blasting away and Brood, aiming for the next wave of bugged Ankylosaurs. The shields are really going to take a beating so hopefully the ground forces can eventually ward the Brood off or nuke them.

Kora Ikassis has posed:
Infected monsters fall from the sky. Explosions spook Floyd who trembles under her while the cute girl with the odd hair flashes in and out of existence nearby.

Kora gawks open-mouthed, being far enough behind Diana to see her snatch the sword in mid-air with her lasso. Her back is to her when the tremendous wave of kinetic energy worthy of the previous explosion flattens the field. She wheels Floyd away to ride in formation with the other Amazons mopping up the field. In twos they finish stragglers, giving the coup de grace to the wounded.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie holds a hand out to Gabby in a help me up gesture, her other hand making this sweeping cut gesture past her towards some lingering fliers. There isn't a wwave of energy, this time it just pops off in the middle of them all and the boom and blast is more of a daisy cutter up i nthe remains of the ariel swarm.

    "Hey Gabster, sup."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Blink looks at goo oozing down off the sword onto her hand as she waves it at Diana, "Gross!" she lets out. Suddenly, the sword flies away like a bird as Diana flips it through the air back where it belongs, and she smiles, "Cool!" she lets out. She waves to Diana but not before dusting off her hand.

Blink seems less anxious now that the Amazons have taken serious charge of the situation and stabbed and split most of the remaining attackers. She turns in the direction of the medical base but see some small spikey dinosaurs starting running randomly, dangerously close the HERBIEs and the supplies. Uh oh! The dinosaurs might be defeated or running away, but some still are dangerous. She runs toward the danger and only a second later, some of the dino heads are missing off their bodies, with a BLINK and a wave of her hand. She joins the HERBIE again she met earlier and has another smile, "Great job!" she tells it.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney doesn't relax so much as simply react to Negasonic being down by striding over to grasp her friends wrist to yoink her back to her feet. No sooner has she done so than the giant CLAP of kinetic energy from Diana's bracers causes her to stumble forward into Negasonic. It's that classic drunkard A-Lean that keeps them both on their feet this time.

A step away is taken, and she nods in quiet thanks to the fliers being obliterated far easier than she had managed. At least she kept them from trying to chew on Val and the other medics. Mostly.

"Hey. Val thinks you're cute if you want an introduction," she offers in a friendly, cheery manner not befitting the battlefield even as she turns away to scan around taking in the carnage. A bit of bloody goop is shaken off her opposite arm just in case.

"Looks like things are wrapping up for now. Now we just have to worry about stressed out stegos."

"... They probably wouldn't like me hugging them, huh?"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The Amazons and the Mutatns have managed to fight off the rampaging Brood and save the herd of Stegosauruses! The apparent lead Stegosaurus goes to give a glare over at Gabby with a 'no you don't expression on it's scaly face from however far off it is from her as if it can tell /exactly/ what is going through her mind!

There's a stomp over from it's tail on the ground as it goes to snarl, letting out a cry of victory as the area is littered with corpses of Brood infected dinosaurs and other beasts that were a field of carnage!