1521/Let's Try the Triskelion tonight

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Let's Try the Triskelion tonight
Date of Scene: 05 May 2020
Location: SHIELD Triskelion
Synopsis: May gets Mysterious and Enigmatic. Debrief occurs.
Cast of Characters: Achilles, Jessica Drew, Melinda May, Bobbi Morse

Achilles has posed:
    He doesn't have a SHIELD issue car or anything right now. But Achilles has a nice company car from his own office. So he pulled up having finally figured out the SHIELD issue comms and unfortunately being too late to help catch the rogue Agent. He was just on time to pick up Jessica however, and to buy her Starbucks on the way back to the Triskelion.
    So when a Lincoln with a large bronze 'M' logo on the hood and each side door pulls in and parks in the underground garage (thanks to Jessica's SHIELD ID and all), Achilles has her holding the coffee and he gets out and heads around to open the door for her. And that's what walks in the main lobby, Achilles in his tailored business suit, and Jessica, post-operation... "You used your bio blast to reveal a cloaked target? That's brillaint!" he says, expressing admiration.

Jessica Drew has posed:
Setting down the cups to pass through the list barrier with a hand print check, Jessica nods to Achilles to walk ahead after the gate opens for them. With a quick grab of their hot drinks she walks in behind him.

"Not so brilliant, believe me. Stop, you're embarrassing me," she answers in a hushed voice. "I had no idea if it would work because that cloaking technology is above my grade level." She looks up and down the hallway reflexively because the conversation is about tech that she suspects is quite a bit higher than both their levels. Belatedly, after clearing her throat, she adds, "Thanks though."

Melinda May has posed:
Agent May had been notified about Agent Drew and 'driver' entered the Triskelion garage. While she's not part of Security, Drew is just returning from a mission, so it's not entirely inconceivable that a senior would be waiting to speak with her.

Well, whatever the reason, May is standing by the entryway from the garage to the Triskelion proper and ... waiting. She watches the honestly rather gaudy Lincoln park and the driver, clearly a chattty individual, disembark and then open the door for Drew. At least he has something vaguely resembling manners?

Achilles has posed:
    Smirking at Jessica's reaction, Achilles reaches into his pocket and pulls out his own ID. "I guess I get to use this for the first time." He grins and looks for an ID scanner. But instead, spots May. His brows raise and he says, "I think it's for you." to Jessica as he steps back to let her take point. Chivalry? He was born before that silly concept.

Jessica Drew has posed:
Some long forgotten phrase comes drifting back from childhood as she rolls her eyes at the blond Greek. 'Do that often enough and they will be stuck that way.' It may well be the case with Achilles. The eye roll is exhanged an abrupt shoulder straightening and attentivenessstraightening and attentiveness. "Agent May, what can I do for you?"

Melinda May has posed:
"Debriefing in ten minutes. This way." Agent May, as verbose as always, doesn't offer them any more information. She simply turns and leads the way once Drew and Achilles are close enough to follow.

She leads the pair to a conference room, knocking twice before opening the door to let them enter ahead of her. Then, as she steps through the door last, she says without a hint of surprise (or anything, really) to her voice, "Morse."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
"May," Bobbi replies without looking up from her tablet. She's typing furiously, trying to finish these reports. After a moment it dawns on her.. why is May here?. She looks up and sees Drew and Tampambulos, then shrugs and smiles, locking her tablet and closing its leather lid. "Agent Drew, Trainee Agent Tampambulos." That has to feel good, shiny new credentials and all.

Jessica Drew has posed:
There is a still a part of Jessica that comments on being an adult. She attributes it to the huge hop and skip she had to make between being ten and waking up at seventeen, a grown girl physically but not mentally. The older she gets the more she suspects that even people who grew up more or less normally are self-conscious about having to behave like a grownup. Well, here she is, following Agent May into a conference room for a debriefing. It feels rather grownup. Morse's presence reassures her.

"Ma'am," she says and seats herself with hands folded calmly in front of her. Starbucks coffee carefully out of range of being knocked over. She tries not to side eye the agent trainee.

Achilles has posed:
    Debriefing. Got it. Achilles nods his head and gives Bobbi a bit of a grin. Sure, he's done a lot of things, but this -is- his first time joining a super secret world saving organization where he is helping people behind the scenes, or even out in the open. Hard to say which from day to day. But either way, May is brusque and intimidating. I mean socially intimidating. He's past the point of fearing for his life for anything. But he -does- fall silent and follow the procession down the corridor to the debriefing room.
    He himself sits down wherever seems appropriate and just waits.

Melinda May has posed:
May is the only one without a beverage, and seems completely unperturbed about it. She claims a seat as well after closing the conference room door then looks at the other two women who where involved in the recent mission. She knows Morse was already drafting her report, so she puts the pressure on Jessica.

"Drew. Start with your response to Morse's alert about Franks." Begin at the beginning. And when you get to the end, stop.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi takes a sip of her cafeteria coffee. She actually doesn't mind it. She does get breakfast.. lunch.. most dinners there after. That's the life of someone who lives on campus. But, her job has always come first, no matter how much that pissed off Lance. She taps a finger on the side of her jaw as she looks over to Jessica. A debriefing by May. She wonders if May knows something she doesn't, or perhaps has started connecting some dots that she missed. Time will tell, May does like to hold her cards close to her chest.

Jessica Drew has posed:
Jessica takes a long, carefully curated inhale as she frantically tries to arrange her thoughts. Clearing her throat, she nods briefly, staring at her hands as though she had written everything out in tiny tiny letters on the back of her hands.

"Ma'am, I was at home in Chelsea when an alert on SHIELD coms was broadcast saying that a pursuit was underway on Riverside Drive and that the target was a SHIELD agent in a red Ferrari." Her eyes swerve once to Bobbi but she knows better than to ask to be seconded on what she says.

"I armed myself and went out on my bike thinking that I could make better time on it than being stuck in traffic. I notified HQ of my joining the pursuit. Almost simultaneous with sighting the target, I spotted another of our agents, Agent Crofts, who was driving a Jeep and had just crossed the median strip in a bid to catch our target."

Lips pressed together in thought, she nods to herself before gathering up the threads of the events, "The agent we were following was stopped by some adroit driving on Agent Croft's part after he had fired an Uzi at us, possibly wounding civilians in the area. He fled on foot shielded by some sort of technology, I've never seen before, into a Magic Theatre and we pursued. Inside the theatre he seemed to be able to see through walls. He then fled to the roof." She can't stop herself and does glance at Morse before going on.

"Ah, we flanked the target Crofts going up through the stairwell, me going up the building onto the roof. A quad drone came and was turned around. I stunned the suspect and then a brief fight ensued in which he was captured. Ma'am."

Achilles has posed:
    Indeed, Achilles wasn't aware of the full details of the situation. He just heard how she neutralized the cloaking field. But his part in all of this was pre-chast. Investigatory and all. Oh, and interrogation, financial, you know. The legwork that didn't involve high speed action and the like.
    He sips his coffee and glances to Bobbi before sliding his eyes towards Jessica and finally to May. He's seen a thousand drill sergeant types. Disciplined people who wish that they could -will- everyone around them to function by their rules, their order. Truth be told, this one is more impressive than most. Though... he played that role back in ancient times, forging the Myrmidons into a cohesive force second to none. That -was- looooong ago.

Melinda May has posed:
May listens to Jessica's rundown of what happened, not interrupting the young woman or insisting on any clarifications. "Thank you, Agent Drew. Please do also submit your report while all details are still fresh in your memory."

She then turns her attention to Tampambulos and Morse. "Morse, explain the events leading up to your sending out the alert received by agents Croft and Drew." While she's addressed her words to Bobbi, her eyes -- as seemingly expressionless as a Vulcan -- are focused on Achilles.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi tilts her head and glances back to Jess. She smiles a little to her and nods to her encouragingly. "Agent Johnson requested help when Agent Santiago's mission went south. They wished to track the location of a Myrmidon client and the easiest way to do that was to talk to the owner of the company. They brought him to me for an interview, at which point we discussed his involvement and position in the case. After a background check on him I deemed him a useful asset to aid in the investigation."

"I had the suspect Pierre Smith moved from Mercy Hospital to the Triskelion for questioning once his doctors told me he was stable for transport. I supervised while Agent Johnson checked Pierre Smith's phone and traced the origin of the stolen ICERs retrieved from Santiago's mission. I allow Mr. Tampambulos to play 'worse' cop to Agent Foster's good cop when interrogating Pierre Smith. After some questioning, Mr. Smith capitulated and gave us a name, which Agent Johnson was able to confirm was the same identity as Agent Franks."

"I checked Franks roster and saw that he had left work early, two hours prior, roughly the same time we brought Mr. Smith in for questioning. I initiated the alert, sent through paperwork to freeze the illicit bank account, sent through paperwork to void Franks' ticket he had booked at JFK airport, then got on my bike and attempted to catch up to Franks myself. I arrived on scene as Agent Drew and Agent Croft entered the building in pursuit of Agent Franks. Agent Croft suggested he may try to escape through the back alley, so I went there to cut him off. Instead, Agent Franks had ordered in a stolen quadcopter drone as a means to escape. Upon seeing it approach the scene, I accessed it and instructed it to return to the triskelion, then gave the order for Agents Drew and Croft to engage Agent Franks. I climbed up the fire escape in time to see them incapacitate him. I cuffed him and informed HQ of the arrest. Another crew is currently cleaning up the scene." She is rather matter of fact as she recounts the events leading up to, then past the events of her alert. Her head tilts a little as she lifts an eyebrow to May, silently questioning where she's going with all this.

Achilles has posed:
    over the years, Achilles has used a variety of 'poker faces' as they are currently referred to. I mean sure, when he was a young man, poker wasn't a thing. But as long as there have been people with money, there has been gambling.
    As long as people have gambled in a way that required bluffing, poker faces have existed. But more importantly, they are useful in real combat. To give nothing away to an enemy. Or a potential one. Some people look at others that way, like potential enemies. It's just who they are.
    So, Achilles has in the past responded with a number of methods. For long centuries, he used what modern people might refer to as the 'shit-eating grin' because, if you grinned like that, not only did it imply you knew something they didn't, and that you were confident, but it unnerved many people across a battlefield, dueling field, or poker table.
    However, for this moment, he decides to simply use calm self-assurance. Not showing fear, nervousness, but not showing cockiness. Merely sipping his coffee and meeting May's gaze in a manner that one might use when meeting a total stranger in a bar and finding them... interesting, but not too much so. But his brows -do- lift at her scrutiny.

Jessica Drew has posed:
"Yes, ma'am," she nods to the request for a report, her least favorite part of working with SHIELD but inevitable. The full story which she hadn't been privy to is now stitched together from Achille's agency being involved to the stolen technology. Franks will be going away to a dark place for a long time, she amends that, to prison. Attention on Agent May she waits, trying not to speculate on how Franks had managed to breach security so well and for so long.

Melinda May has posed:
Where is May going with all of this? That's above your security level. She nods to Morse's rundown of her part in the mission, and then turns her attention to Achilles again. This time, at his unruffled reaction to being stared at, she raises a single eyebrow.

"Tampambulos, your assistance in gathering the intel needed to make this happen has not been overlooked and will not be ignored. Do you have anything to add?" It sounds like she might be ready to end this interrogation. She does, though, reach over and lightly nudge Jessica's drink a bit closer to the young woman. Drink that before it gets gross.

Achilles has posed:
    "Ma'am, I am sure that you have enough information to tell me what I had for breakfast on your first birthday. SHIELD is surprisingly well informed. I can say that your agents here, in addition to Agent Johnson and Doctor Foster have shown incredible adaptability and dedication. I wish that I had operatives of their caliber in Myrmidon Security.." A pause and he inclines his head, "That -could- be something of a cover for some of SHIELD if they need to get close to anyone who might be hiring personal security... but that's a question for later. I have enjoyed seeing such professionals at work, and it inspired me to ask to be evaluated as a potential agent."
    He leans back and takes a sip of his coffee. "I hope to provide service to the best of my ability so long as SHIELD has need of me."
    Nope, not talking himself up. Not telling May about things he may have done. He assumes that she knows all of that already. "You should have my full file, and as such, you already know that I have a unique... skillset."

Melinda May has posed:
May just looks at Achilles for another long moment before standing. "Someone will be in touch, Tampambulos." She really does manage to say the man's name without stumbling over it even a little bit. "Morse, Drew. Good work."

After delivering the most deadpan acknowledgement ever to the two women, she turns and leaves the conference room. Now, why did she call them in here in the first place? She never did actually say, did she?