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Date of Scene: 06 May 2020
Location: Burger Joint
Synopsis: Rogue, Mustang and Jubilation Lee meet inside of the Burger Joint!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Mustang Hawthorne, Jubilation Lee

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had come to the burger joint specifically to find Jubilee, but Jubilee t'weren't here to be found. So the young woman is standing in front of the counter where one places their order. She's off to the side though speaking to Steve the Manager. She has a green tanktop on, with black gloves that go up to her elbows, a pair of blue jeans with the knees torn out and a flannel shirt of white and black thin/soft material tied around her waist. Her two toned hair is wild and loose around her mostly bare shoulders and she's holding a cup in her gloved hands.

"So when did she leave?" Rogue asks Steve, her southern accented voice naturally sultry by default. "An hour ago?" She replies to Steve. "Did she say where she was goin'?"

Mustang Hawthorne has posed:
The door to the burger joint swings open, briefly letting in the overly warm air outside. It's a warm one. The handsome teen glances about as he hoists his skateboard up under one arm, and adjusts the strap on his backpack over the other. He peers about the place for a moment.

His gaze lands briefly on Rogue, and he checks her out for a moment before he crosses the joint towards the counter. "Hey," he offers the person behind the counter. He glances up at the menu before he turns towards Rogue, offering a lopsided grin.

"What's good here?" His accent isn't local, but it's certainly New Englandish. Gotham, perhaps, for those who know the sound of it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has a straw and a spoon inside of her drink, because it's a strawberry shake and she's poking at it with the spoon when the teen with the skateboard strides up to the counter. She glances over at him when he talks and shows him a soft smile before she looks back down at her drink when he asks about the menu.

Naturally Steve the Manager (aka Curtis) rushes over to help the new customer giving a rundown of everything on the menu, apparently believing that it's /all/ good.

Rogue shakes her head at Steve. "Nope, none'a that is true." She chides Steve and looks up to him with a big smile. "It's all bad." She says, a big knowing playful grin on her lips. Her eyes go back over to Mustang and she raises up a spoonful of strawberry ice cream and places it between her lips. She shakes her head again as she draws the spoon back out.

With a full mouth she replies. "You'll wanna go t'the burger place across the street if ya want real food." She says with a full mouth and a suppressed smile.

Mustang Hawthorne has posed:
He laughs softly as he glances from Rogue to the manager and back again. "Well, how about one of those shakes then, huh?" He reaches into his pocket and fishes out some crumpled bills, sliding them across the counter with tattooed fingers.

With that done, he glances back over to Rogue, watching her and her spoon. "Buuut...if you're -here- I think I'll stick around this place. Real foor or not.."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue dips the spoon back down in to her drink and she glances down at it for a moment before she looks back up at the customer and smiles again at him and his compliment to her just being here. "You're trouble." She says at him then, looking once more down to her drink. "Like me. Usin' my kinda tactics on people, I can see it already."

She looks yet again to him and grins this time. "I like your tattoos." She says then. "What made ya wanna get them all over your and arm like that?" She has to ask while stirring her drink.

Steve goes to get the customer a large strawberry milkshake, operating the machine and not acting like he's listening to everything they say - which he of course totally is.

Mustang Hawthorne has posed:
He grins and makes his way over to her. He leans down to rest his skateboard against the wall before he straightens and looks back to her. He holds out one of his hands to show her, and he peels his short sleeve up to roll it to his elbows. She can see the tattoos better now, covering his tightly muscled arm.

Keen eyes and occult knowledge would recognize the symbolism and power hidden among more modern imagery, but to other people they look a lot like pretty typical Millenial or Zoomer ink choices. Still, they look rad on him.

"I like tattoos," he says. "Your body is a temple, right? You should decorate it."

Rogue has posed:
The eighteen year old Rogue enjoys a good look at a muscular male arm, so she watches him display it. She just grins lightly though and when he speaks she looks away from the inked patterns. There's a lot of ways to approach that retort from him but she knows it's best to just be straight forward. Plus, with her powers she's not really afraid of any possible negative retribution from an anti-mutant person.

Rogue raises one of her gloved hands, the black skintight glove going up to just past her elbow. "Can't do it." She tells him, wiggling her fingers a little. Her green eyes are locked on his. "I'm a mutant." She says in a loud whisper, her stare intense with super seriousness. Then she smiles and looks away again. "Needles wouldn't be able t'penetrate my skin. Just like people can't touch it either without gettin' hurt. I'm walkin' talkin' no fly zone, my handsome new friend."

Mustang's shake is brought to him by Steve who also includes a complimentary 99c cup of chicken nuggets! Steve is very nice, too nice really.

Mustang Hawthorne has posed:
"So, she's like Azalarien. Lethal flesh?," comes a voice from his partially unzipped backpack. It's a small, male voice with a thick British accent. Aristocratic sounding. Mustang clenches his jaw when he hears it and glances back before turning back to Rogue. He ignores the voice, hoping she didn't hear it.

"Oh, cool. Well, not cool bout not being able to be touched. That...really sucks. But being a Mutant. I knew a couple growing up," he says. "No big-names or anything. Just folks struggling to get by, like the rest of us."

He pauses. "I'm Mustang."

Rogue has posed:
She definitely heard it. Her eyes even glance back to where the voice came from, then dart back to him. Once Steve steps away, Rogue grins and points with her little pink plastic spoon toward his back.

"What was that?" She asks him, having to ask after all. She also didn't really expect him to be anti-mutant but you sometimes can't really tell.

Steve comes back and offers Rogue a cup of ice water with a lid and a new straw for her, but well... he knows her well since she's Jubilee's friend and Jubilee is the most flamboyantly awesome employee in this place.

Mustang Hawthorne has posed:
He seems to consider her question a bit before he finally nods. He waits for Steve to depart before he swings the backpack off gently and leans it towards her. He unzips some more so she can peek inside.

It looks like there are some folded clothes in the backpack, and some basic toiletries beside a very old looking leatherbound book or two. Curled up on the clothing is a small black and white cat, with the sort of haphazard 'bed head' to make him look both adorable and cranky. "Oh. Um. Hello there," the cat says, peering up at her.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue thanks Steve before he goes toward the back again, and when the backpack is set down she averts her gaze to look inside of it at the... cat inside that is talking to her. "Well hello there." She says back down at it and then up to Mustang she grins at him. "I didn't expect that." She tells him. A look is given between both of them. "I'm Rogue, and I'm happy t'make your acquaintances."

Rogue reaches her gloved hand out to take one of the chicken nuggets and she raises it up and puts it in to the top of the backpack. "Here ya go, Mistah Fuzzy." She says then, rewording the cat with a free nugget.

Her green eyed gaze goes up to Mustang then who gets a grin. "Should I even ask about him? Or is it best t'just accept it and move on, like most things in life seem t'be best approached as such."

Mustang Hawthorne has posed:
Mustang lets out a small, held breath when she doesn't panic at the sight of the talking cat. The cat leans in and sniffs the nugget before be begins to nom on it, his tail swishing a bit as he leaves the two to their conversation.

He turns and grabs his shake off of the counter and sips at it, turning back towards his new, beautiful friend.

"Rogue. Coooooool name. And his name is Fury. Well, his nickname. He's my...um..." He leans in and whispers the word, "...Familiar." However, he's quite close to her when he whispers it, his breath on her ear.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue doesn't shy away from the close whisper but she does hold herself ready to catch the man if he touches her skin and might get knocked out before she can push him away. But he doesn't, he just gets real close!

When he leans back, Rogue looks up at him again. "That's like a wiccan thing, isn't it?" Rogue asks him. "You in town for that occult shop down the street?" Though she notes his skateboard. "Haven't seen ya around town before, at the skatepark or nothin'." She states before looking back up at him.

She picks up her empty cup and turns to walk to toss it in the waste bin, then grabs up her new ice water and pop the straw in to it's lid. "I used t'skate all around here, till I got my new car." She glances out to the front window, a green Porsche parked out in front of the restaurant.

Mustang Hawthorne has posed:
"Well, kind of. Wiccans believe in them, but mine is more..." He considers the word and waves it off. "...It's magic stuff. I do magic stuff." He decides to keep it simple for now. No reason not to.

He shakes his head, then, glancing at his skateboard and then around the place. "I'm not from here, or living here. Just kinda passing through, really. Pretty glad I stopped in, though," he says, trailing off.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"~He's a wiccan boooooooi...
Maybe not the very classification of a wiccan,
But nobody's perfect. Probably one of those weirdos
That believes in Gods mysterios
And leaves a magical bundle under his pillow for luck.

If it seems like this song has no purpose it's because Avril Lavigne already sent a stop and desist letter when I tried to cover Skater Booooy...~"

"Steve the womens toilets clogged!"

Strum strum strum.

Jubilation comes out of the womens bathroom with her ukulele, where she had been practicing rather than working, so she was here the whole time see? Now she's really here, I can't believe there was a scene at my job without me.

So upset.

The tiny Asian hops over the counter with a grunt. "So what's the deal.. Lucas, have we already given them food? Have the kissed yet? I'm feeling left out and shit."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue raises her ice water up for a sip from the straw and she stares right at the young man in front of her. "Magic stuff." She repeats him, then shows a sly grin. "I've seen some magic stuff before. Can't say I can really wrap my head around any of it, but hey, still fun t'see."

She smiles at his insinuation of being happy he stopped in because she was in here, she glances down at her water and then walks over to her stuff she'd sat down in a chair and on the table closest to the counter. "You goin' very far?" She asked him then. "I could probably give ya a ride somewhere, I like gettin' out and drivin' on these nice days. Plus I gotta stop by a place here in a bit t'work on somethin'. With... my mother." She frowns at that last part, not really happy to say that, but saying that is easier than saying the truth, that's for sure.

Rogue's eyes go over then to the resounding arrival of the woman she'd come to emet here originally. She grins at her as she sets her water cup down on the table. "You've been in the bathroom for like an hour?" she motions to Steve. "He said you left an hour ago."

Mustang Hawthorne has posed:
"Pretty far," he says. "Happy Harbor. Not that I'd mind your company on that kinda road trip, but I figure you're not up for it." He grins a bit. "Though I guess I could crash at a local motel for the night and we could take that road trip on the weekend..."

The inked skater trails off a bit. His skateboard is leaning against the wall beside them. The etched words 'THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS' marks it. He looks over to Jubilee and blinks before he peers between the two of them. "Uh. No...we haven't kissed..."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Well, he lied." Jubilee says of Steve, "He has a chronic liars tongue, it's typical of his indigenous people: straight white males." She's not wearing her usual apron, hair up in spikes, as per uses, tanktop short shorts, heeley sneakers.

"I have two questions." Jubes holds up two fingers, extending them out towards Mustang, "Do you /want/ to kiss her?" One finger down, "How much is it worth to you to kiss her?"

"I've been looking for a new hat and I think I could make a killing as a Pimp."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's own backpack is picked up off of the chair she'd claimed at the table and she reaches in to it pull her phone out. Said phone is stuffed in to her front pocket and to Mustang, Rogue grins lightly. "Not sure I could make a whole weekend out've it, sadly got a lotta stuff goin' on. But hey, drivin' that car is pretty damn fun though, so who knows."

She raises her backpack up and slings it over her right shoulder before she looks across the counter to Jubilation. She grins at her friend and shakes her head. "We gotta get you the hell off'a Twitter, girl. That website is ruinin' you." Her water is picked up again and she nods over to her friend then. "When is your shift actually over then?" She asks. "I was gonna see if ya wanted t'go t'the airfield with me." Airfield? uh oh.

To Mustang, Rogue smiles then. "You wanna go work on a fighter jet with me?" She asks him, out of the blue.

Mustang Hawthorne has posed:
"Of course I want to kiss her," mustang says to Jubilee before he chuckles. "But she told me about her skin...thing. About how it's bad to touch her and such." He glances between them and then arches an eyebrow at rogue.

After a moment he smiles and nods. "No idea how to fix a fighter jet but...sure? It's something to do and more time with you two hardly seems like a bad thing to me.."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Steve I'm feeling sick after being in the stall with a clogged toilet..." Jubilee shouts back at the manager, who is basically ignoring her now since she'd already left early once today, so it's a waste to try and convince her that she can't leave early again. She's going to do it anyways. He's really messing with the flow, the back and forth, the chemistry of the whole Burger Joint experience!

Instead of offering any kind of worthy arguments, he just grunts.

"I can go now." Tenative glance back over her shoulder, "Yeah, I can go... let's go before he changes his mind!" Back over the counter, after grabbing her ukulele, coat, and backpack. When she lands on the otherside, she takes two steps towards Rogue and Mustand, turns her toes up, and rolls on her heels towards them.

"I have /two/ questions." Holding up two fingers for Rogue. "How am I suppose run a successful Pimpin' ring if you tell people about your skin before I even get here..." One finger down, "And can I fly the fighter jet."