155/E Pluribus Unum: Building Tomorrow

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E Pluribus Unum: Building Tomorrow
Date of Scene: 27 February 2020
Location: Centennial Park - New Troy
Synopsis: Lex Luthor makes a not-so-shocking announcement. #Lex2020
Cast of Characters: Lex Luthor, America Chavez, Lois Lane, Cole Cassidy, Sebastian Winters, Oliver Queen, Carson Deschain, Hal Jordan, Vanessa Carlysle, Shuri

Lex Luthor has posed:
It's a bright and brisk morning in Metropolis and Centennial Park is already crowded with people, gathered around a stage set a respectful distance from the statue of the city's fallen hero, Superman. Though it's not the Man of Steel they're here to see today, but his greatest detractor, Lex Luthor. A screen is set up behind the stage featuring the stylized golden L of LexCorp, while in the crowd young men and women wearing white jackets emblazoned with the same logo make the rounds handing out free hot drinks and passing around tablets. The latter with the pledge, "Sign your name and Mr. Luthor will donate $10,000 dollars in your name to the crisis in Genosha."

As for Lex himself? He's already there, glad handing with a the VIP section, a gaggle of politicians from city hall, the statehouse and the senate and congress, all following along in his wake.

The press are given free reign of the event and past the VIP citizens of Metropolis file in to hear the once (and future?) Man of Tomorrow, speak.

A brass band plays off to one side, drawn from one of the schools in the Suicide Slums just beyond the park.

America Chavez has posed:
It's admittedly one of the more interesting universes America had visited. For one, it seemed to have twice the amount of heroes as the other ones did which didn't happen all that often. Not to mention there was a whole, glittering city right here where (as far as she remembered) it'd just been small towns. The joys of roaming the Multiverse.

In one hand, America holds a small guidebook with a picture of Superman on the cover that reads 'The Friendly Visitor's Guide to Metropolis' in bold letters across the front. She's still looking at it as she moves into Centennial Park, lifting her eyes from the pages to take in the crowd. She looks towards the statue curiously, furrows her brow, and then makes her way towards the hubbub.

"Oh, sure," America tells one of the white jacketed staff, signing her name on the tablet. A moment later she approaches another person with a tablet and signs her name again, then goes looking for another. She whistles innocently, stepping away as: Ms. America Chavez, Chavez America, Mac Chavez, and Heidi Punchalot all give generously to the Genoshan relief effort.

Lois Lane has posed:
Lois Lane doesn't settle in her seat right away. Right now, she's taking a slow route towards the VIP area. Mostly, she's listening--she's taking a pulse of the audience, how they feel about things, their general opinions and moods as she makes her way on by. She does stop for a moment, to look up at the memorial statue. She seems momentarily struck by it for a moment before she turns and moves on.

She slowly makes her way back towards the VIP section, keeping a careful eye on Lex.

Cole Cassidy has posed:
Gotham isn't that far from Metropolis, and despite the stark differences between the two cities, the hyperloop makes travel easy. Cackler has gotten himself dressed up for this event, actually wearing halfway decent clothes. Of course he's still a large half-hyena man, so he undoubtedly draws looks despite wearing a suit.

When one of the waiters comes up to him and hands him the tablet, he arches a brow, "Oh man a whole $10,000. I mean even if everyone here signs it that's what, thirty seconds worth of money that Lex makes?"

He still signs the thing, with his real name no less, but he figures somebody as rich as Lex could afford to buy houses for everyone in Genosha. Or invent time travel and go back in time and stop them from being killed in the first place.

Sebastian Winters has posed:
Sebastian Winters has been drug, almost litterally, to this event by his parents. Absolutely no powers Bastian! His father insists making him drop down from his normally enhanced state to his slightly more scrawny and less confident self... a rare sight these days.

As Sebastian settles in with his parents in the VIP section he reaches out to snag a glass of champagn which is quickly whisked out of his hand by his father. "Thank you, Bastian..." then in a lower whisper, "This is not France. Soda for you." his father says sternly. Sebastian just frowns and settles for the sparkling apple juice provided by another server as it goes by while his parents 'mingle'.

As a tablet is presented to him he frowns a little but doesn't hesitate to add his signature along side his parent's. Though they all have given to the various charities for the humanitarian crisis. He returns to his seat, flops down, and lets his long dark blonde hair fall forward over his face seemingly completely diseguaged from his surroundings.

Oliver Queen has posed:
Not the type to miss this announcement, specially in a place that means quite a lot to Oliver, here he is. Not as Green Arrow though, nope, but instead as Oliver Queen. He has been curious about this for a time now. Having arrived on SUV, along with Vanessa and John Diggle as his security guard. He is dressed in a rather sober gray suit, for the occasion.

But his initial focus hasn't been on the crowd itself but on the statue of the fallen hero. He lingers his blue gaze for a long time on the statue, in solemn respect, then asks Vanessa. "Ever been to Metropolis before?"

But then it's time to start making way to the VIP area, he qualifies! When a tablet is proffered in his direction he doesn't hesitate, signing his name on it.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Monkeyboy Free-Running relies on being visible. So what else does a man needing exposure do? Sets up his van right on the edge of the crowd, with it's display of a man in profile leaping like a cat and a small set of folding tables set in the form of an L nearby. Pamphlets and gig information is in place, and he signs off for both himself and Monkeyboy Inc. on one of the tablets to donate half his the company's income for the month.

But that's the hope, to recoup it by getting hired by someone or another here. Carson Deschain is all smiles, hands jammed into his pockets.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Hal is here because...well, he's got a pretty damn good guess as to what the announcement today might be about. If he's right...well, there could be any number of things going wrong today. And it was poor Hal who drew the short straw to come and monitor things. Well, fine. It's not the job he'd have chosen, but it's the job he'll take. Why couldn't he be flying planes OVER the proceedings instead of sitting around listening to speeches? That would be infinitely more fun. Sadly, it is not the job he has, though. Hal is nobody special, just a fighter test pilot, so he sits in the normal seating area.

As for signing? Hal reads the fine print VERY carefully before any singing happens. Perhaps he'll wait for after the speeches to sign, just in case those signatures might have a second meaning.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa climbs out of the SUV, moving over to join Oliver and the tall dark-skinned man that is accompanying them. "I haven't actually. Gotham several times, but not Metropolis," she tells him quietly as they move their way into the area for people to stand or sit for the press conference.

She's wearing a long skirt and a sweater, with a warm jacket overtop, having dressed up for the event somewhat. Though she seems happy to follow Oliver's lead, definitely not used to such events, except maybe as seen on television. She glances over her shoulder to give John Diggle a grateful smile as he helps them move through the crowd and over to the area where Oliver has seats reserved for them.

Lex Luthor has posed:
The mood of the crowd is buoyant, for the most part, a few grumbles about 'another billionaire' running for office, a few about where Lex chose to hold the event, after all his views are well known, though for the most part the vibe is a positive one, Lex is a success story and one of the city's biggest employers. It also helps his public image is squeaky clean without a single hint of death rays or kryptonite powered robots to his name.

As for Lex himself, he takes a moment or two with the names in the VIP section, the doctors Winters, each get a word, as does Oliver Queen and his escort, "Good to see you, we should find a time to meet," then his escort, "Welcome, please enjoy the morning's event."

Then as Lois joins the VIP, Luthor catches her eye and smiles broadly, saying "Lois! Glad you could make it," before being whisked away by his staff as the festivities were about to begin.

The politicians that had been following Lex all take their seats either on the stage or in the front row of the VIP and Mayor Berkowitz takes the stage. The LexCorp logo on the screen vanishes replaced with a picture of Lex and the American flag behind him, the text below reading, predictably: Luthor 2020.

, Mayor Berkowitz grins as he looks to the audience and says, "Ladies and gentlemen it is my very great pleasure to announce the next President of these United States, Lex Luthor!"

The crowd cheers some even shouting "We love you, Lex!"and Lex takes the stage dressed in a wool long coat over one of his customary tailored suits, a black ribbon pinned in memory of Genosha pinned next to an American flag on his left lapel.

Lex grins, taking it all in stride as he shakes hands with the mayor then takes the microphone in hand. "Thank you to our esteemed Mayor Berkowitz, running for his fifth term this year, so don't forget him when you turn out to vote; and thank all of you for coming and braving the cold this morning. I hope you've all got drinks?"

Scattered replies come back from the crowd, "Good, good, so I know this announcement was supposed to be a big secret but seeing as the race is already running, I figured why bury the lead and confirm what Mayor Berkowitz has said, that I Lex Luthor want to be your president."

America Chavez has posed:
America is in the middle of taking a warm drink from one of the waiters when the fanfare starts, and she moves to take a spot at the edge of the crowd. Despite the cold weather, she's sporting only a red, white, and blue hoodie with short-shorts and a pair of boots. If she is feeling the cold, it doesn't seem to bother her all that much. Still, she lifts the cup to her mouth and takes a sip while the announcements are being made.

"Another balding, rich verga wanting to be president," she mutters to nobody in particular, though someone with a 'We Love Lex' t-shirt standing next to her looks horrified, "Big deal."

That said, she doesn't go anywhere. She gives the 'We Love Lex' lady next to her a look: "What?"

Hal Jordan has posed:
There is one American Fighter Pilot in the crowd who is NOT jumping up and down for joy. The nearby memorial is a potent reminder of why nobody should be jumping up and down for joy. Also, is the American Presidency really that for sale? Well. Can't be helped. Both Tony and Lex will absolutely destroy the likes of the current candidates, and they're likely to lead the waves of the future regardless.

Still, the cheering all around him tells him Stark might just have a hard race ahead of him. Presidential races are about images and speeches more than facts, and Lex's polish might be tough for Tony. Hal just...sighs.

Lois Lane has posed:
For now, things are on the up-and-up. Lois slips towards the VIP section. A hand is raised in greeting in Lex's direction, "I wouldn't miss it, Lex." This is old hat. She's used to events like this, the game of pleasantries. What she isn't used to is seeing Lex's influences play out on the stage of the Presidency.

She groans slightly. "He /would/, wouldn't he?" She mutters. Pulling out her phone, she takes a few notes down as to the details, making sure to snap a few photos with her phone as well. "Stark's gonna have a run for his money, probably in more ways than one."

Oliver Queen has posed:
"I don't come here as much anymore unfortunately." Oliver says with just a brief sigh escaping his lips, a grimace when he looks up at the statue of Superman once again. Someone certainly hasn't been able to process what happened to his former friend that well, even after a few years have gone through. But then his usual smile is back and he leads them towards the VIP area.

He has a sweeping look across the VIPs gathered, but then there's Lex approaching and he dips his head to the man, a firm handshake given. "Of course, thank you for having us here today." his tone is rather neutral, expectant of what will be happening.

He notes Lois as well, specially when Lex greets her, a respectful nod given in her direction along with one to the Winters. He is all manners. But finally they arrive at their designated seats and he gestures for Vanessa. "Here we are." he waits for her to be seated first before doing the same, setting to contemplate the crowd. And he certainly DOESN'T join in the 'We love you' crowd. Hell would have to freeze over before that. But he comments to Vanessa. "I never expected to hear those words said about Lex."

But it's when Lex announces his run for presidency that Oliver's expression turns to one of study, watching the Man of Tomorrow thoughtfully.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Looking up when Lex moves up and announces his intention to be president, Carson's brow raises. Cracking open a can of zesti and sipping at it, he leans up against the side of his van, watching with lips drawn into a tight line.

"Well it looks like my signature's gonna be shown as a supporter for the presidency." looking through the crowd at the various faces, getting his expression back to cheery and hire-able.

Shuri has posed:
While here in America, and especially when attending an event like this, Shuri has chosen to dress a little bit differently. She is wearing a simple red top with blue sides and over it a simple jacket in black leather. Her legs covered in a pair of black leather pants that flare over a pair of boots. On one wrist is a thick bracelet and a pair of studs in each ear. Behind her, a woman dressed in something of a business casual suit simply stands there, watching Shuri with some dissappointment. The girl looks back briefly before rolling her eyes, "What? My brother gets to go see one candidate announce that they will try to become leader and I get to see the other. Fair is fair." The woman has a long suffering look still as she looks away, sure she will be in trouble for this.

As for Shuri, she could not care less about who will be in trouble for what. She is not going to sit idly by as her brother prances about the planet looking for danger and trouble while she is left in the care of their uncle. She is no child. When all the announcing goes off, she pays attention, moving curiously through the crowd with her head held high, having a difficult time to fully hide her bearing. She laughs a little at his words and looks back to the woman with her.

"He is truly one of the politicians already, pretending like some secret was spilled when this was likely all planned out to the minute." She smirks and looks forward, having played many of these games.

Cole Cassidy has posed:
"Great." Cackler shakes his head at the announcement. Honestly he should have predicted something like that. Of course more rich folks are planning on trying to buy the election. He honestly is already sick of politics and the election is like 8 months away.

As much as he would REALLY like to boo this man, he also knows that he won't do that at the moment because that's the quickest way to get kicked out of an event like this.

Sebastian Winters has posed:
Sebastian Winters is not surprised. But then hardly anyone is at least in his youthful demographic. Speculation on the net has been filled with Lex2020 posts all over along with the Stark ones. Though many have wondered if voting for either Billionaire is something anyone wants.

Sebastian himself cannot vote as he is yet underaged. Though students like himself often involve themselves in other ways to support candidates like by joining and volunteering at campaign offices collecting signatures, spreading campagin buttons and leaflets, and the like. Would Sebastian support Lex Luthor in such a way? He simply hasn't decided yet... though the rollout for Stark's campaign was a lot more cooler and he even got some beer and t-shirts out of that one at least.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa Carlysle moves to take the seat that Oliver directs her to. "I admit I'm not very up on the whole corporate figure... world. Which you probably realized when I didn't recognize you," she says to Oliver very quietly. "Though, obviously heard of," she says as her eyes go to Lex. "I'll have to ask for the scoop on all of this later, I think."

She smiles over to Oliver and then crosses one knee over the other, resting her hands on her knee as she listens quietly. Vanessa alternates between looking out over the crowd, and watching the podium.

Lex Luthor has posed:
Having given enough time for his confirmation of the rumours to sink in Lex continues., "I know what some of you are thinking, but Lex, we read the Daily Planet, aren't you a heartless corporate raider who only cares about winning?" he turns down to Lois and gives her a little wink. "And I say that they're right, well except about being heartless, but the rest?"

Lex pauses drawing out the moment a little. "All true. I used every trick in the book short of breaking the law to get the best for LexCorp, and do you know why? That was my job. As President and CEO of LexCorp I had one duty, look out for my investors, and sometimes that meant I had to be not very nice. I don't make excuses for it but like to think I did it well, but I like to think I did it right; did I send jobs away from this city? No. I brought them here, so all of you could enjoy the benefits of a better life,"

Cheers come up at that and Lex gives them a moment before contiuing. "And LexCorp made a profit too, I won't deny that, but, again that was my job, I always look out for my investors. Which brings us to now, I'm asking all of you to invest in Lex Luthor with your vote and if you do , I will fight just as fiercely for this country and her interests as I did for LexCorp, and as my investors, all of you will reap the benefits."

Lois Lane has posed:
Lois Lane folds her arms over her chest, shaking her head a bit. She doesn't look annoyed, more /amused/ than anything. "I stick by the heartless descriptor," she mutters to herself with an overly pleasant smile in Lex's direction. She glances over next to her, then remembers that Clark couldn't make it, before she looks back to the stage.

She's waiting for the other shoe to drop. An outrageous campaign promise? That seems the most likely thing he can throw into the works.

America Chavez has posed:
America, for her part, is only half-listening to the speech being given. She looks like just another bored teenager who has somehow been drawn into a political rally - she's not even old enough to vote here! She thinks, anyway. The cup, quickly drained, is placed back on a passing waiter's tray without looking up and she once more fetches out the 'Friendly Visitor's Guide' to flick through the index.

"Lex Luthor," she mutters to herself, flipping to a page detailing Metropolis' homegrown mogul and his business holdings, "Huh. Sure likes his own name."

Hal Jordan has posed:
Hal wants to mutter something about Lex spending all his free time farming kryptonite everywhere he could get it. But...he wasn't going to say that out loud. Maybe somebody else would. He can imagine the entire White House being lead lined in every wall with kryptonite in every room if Lex actually won. There's time enough to point that out later. Maybe over twitter, because he isn't verified and doesn't stand out amongs the masses. He's just any old random dude.

He can't help but smirk at 'short of breaking the law' when Lex brings that part up. Well...yeaaaaah.

Oliver Queen has posed:
Oliver Queen folds one leg over the other as well, his hands resting on his lap and he exhaling slowly when Lex starts on his speech. His expression is mild, trying not to be judgemental. Second chances, everyone deserves one. Though he does start wondering how many second chances Lex has had already. The heartless part does bring a faint smirk out of him but for the rest of the speech he simply studies Lex.

To Vanessa he says, "He always liked his speeches..." then leaning forward a bit, perhaps expecting something more out of Lex as well.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Zesti consumed in a chug, Carson tosses the can into a recycle 'bin bag' hung under one of his tables, brows still raised at the sales pitch. "You know in the bad movies, or the comics on the stands this is the time someone hurls a fireball, shoots a missile, or ninja-robot-zombie-dinosaur people show up.

His grin goes ear to ear though. That'd be sweet. That last part. Dinozomninjbots. For sure.

Cole Cassidy has posed:
The big hyena is fighting the urge to boo, but he manages to restrain himself and clear his throat a bit instead. He wonders if Lex is going to do a Q&A. That'll be fun.

He manages to work his way into the VIP area, glancing around at some of the folks. Oh man, there's some big names here. Of course other billionares are going to be supporting billionares running for office. He gives Queen a dirty look for a second, and then half wonders if Bruce Wayne is also going to throw his hat in the ring at this rate.

Sebastian Winters has posed:
Sebastian Winters had his doubts before. But now... Yes definitely that speech right there has made up his mind. Even as his own parents applaud enthusiastically Sebastian himself feels completely turned off by the prospect of a nation run like a business. Tho that could just be because he's a teenager, and Stark's potential to run things like a 24/hour partyramna is just soooo much more appealing to him. Still, in a good way its great to be here because once again he is in the presence of History being made! Even if he doesn't support Lex personally it might be something he'll say to his own kids one day "I was there when..." and that much at the very least makes being drug here by his parents worth it.

Shuri has posed:
A sigh and she rolls her eyes. Shuri looks around at the people here before saying to herself and kind of to her guard (watcher), "He openly admits to breaking rules in order to profit and yet he wishes to be leader. A leader should be an example to the people. Should everyone go out and cheat and steal and then hide behind a title to save themselves from reproach?" She then sighs and shakes her head, "It is no wonder that..." She trails off and then shakes her head and puts a hand to her forehead. She then turns and looks around to the VIP section to see who is there.

Stepping back and to the side a little, she scans over the various people there.

Lex Luthor has posed:
"But I know that's not the end of your questions, and that some of you are thinking, what about Superman? How can I vote for a president who didn't like Superman.

Lex glances behind him to where Superman's memorial stands there a silent witness to this announcement. Given the forced perspective, the Man of Steel and Superman seem to stand eye to eye.

"It's true Superman and I didn't always see eye to eye."

He looks back out at the crowd. "I always felt he prevented us from solving our own problems. Now, no denying that he's done a lot of good, he's even saved my life on two occasions, but what are the long term effect of his help? I think it's made us weaker. Ever hear about the Superman Factor?"

He pauses a moment then goes on. "

What's that? It's American government and business trying to take Superman into account in order to save costs. It's people seeing a god in our midst and reacting accordingly. It's them saying,'do we want to take out the more comprehensive policy on our planes to ensure crash victims get paid out? Nah, let's take the cheaper one, the Superman Factor will cover us'. Or it's saying 'do we spend the mountainous sums to use technology to defend our world from threats like Loki, or the Dominators? No, the voters are on our case about the budget, lets buy some cheap robots from Trask Industries, and let the Superman Factor make up the difference'"

He looks out at the crowd and shakes his head. Lex looks out at the crowd a sympathetic cast to his face, "I don't blame them for it, I get it, why spend money you don't have to if some helicopter parent in cape is going to solve it for you? It's a natural way of looking at it, a very human way of looking at it. But unfortunately it's left us weak. Superman has left us weak. But it's not his fault, he had the best of intentions but now that he's gone and we have to undo the damage, using all of our native intelligence and ingenuity to better defend our world and make our lives better. To go from a nation hiding behind one Superman to one doing all that it can to make all 327 million of us super in our everyday lives!"

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa looks back from Lex towards Oliver to give him a faint grin at his comment. "I'll have to see if anyone else I know is like that," she whispers to Oliver softly. Likely getting a slight grin from John Diggle as he stands nearby, watchful.

Vanessa looks back to Lex, listening as he slowly lays out his rationale for why he should be in office. She hrms quietly and leans back over to Oliver. "Is there any particular rivalry between he and Tony Stark? I mean, is there some one-upmanship going on or, did they both decide this was the course of action to take?" she whispers.

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Miss that's how 'merica works, don't you know?" Calling over to Shuri, hearing her grousing. Lifting up one of each of a can of Soder and Zesti as his gaze remains on her, "Thirsty, ma'am?" back to leaning against his van, one ankle crossing over the other - engaging Full Slouch now that Luthor's speech is really ramping up.

Hal Jordan has posed:
...And then there's THAT part of the speech. Hal's hackles are very raised...but he's also got one of the strongest willpowers around, and puts it to good use to keep his mouth shut. Besides...the Superman Factor? Isn't that all heroes, really? Why single Superman out specifically? And why refer to Superman as a god when the Avengers have a bona fide Asgardian running around with a hammer?

Still, of everything Lex said, this probably the part of the speech that'll raise the most hackles of the American public, so Hal's glad he said it. As much as it addresses an elephant in the room...it still reminds the voting public of what ELSE Lex stands for.

Lois Lane has posed:
Lois is watching like a hawk now. The section he starts talking about Superman she turns her phone's video on to capture the speech. She definitely looks like she got a mouthful of sour grapes. She scowls a little, shifting in her chair a bit. "Pretty sure that's not how that works..." She's at least glad she's positioned where she is. It's hard not to want to clap back with something. There's no Clark there to vent her frustration on.

"I'm sure the American people love hearing a beloved icon disparaged in front of the very memorial erected following his death... sure, keep going with that." She mutters to herself.

Oliver Queen has posed:
Oh, bit of a low blow that one about gazing over to Superman's statue and using it in his speech. But then again Oliver was already thinking he'd do some connection back to the fallen superhero. That makes him shift on his seat, lips pressed to a grim line for a long instant though then Vanessa is talking to him and his attention goes to her and he is able to ease another faint smile into his expression, "Fine, you got me there." then a brief glance over at Diggle when the man does indeed grin briefly. He simply shakes his head. "Using Superman's memorial is of a bad taste though." he comments, clearly it being a sour spot for him.

About Vanessa's next question he ponders briefly before saying. "No, I do not believe this is rivalry. I actually think Lex truly believes he is the solution to our country. The same way Tony Stark does."

Cole Cassidy has posed:
A mention of Superman. 'Superman Factor'. Sounds like a freaking marketer speak. The hyena grunts and grabs a drink from a passing try, downing it in one go, "You think he actually believes all that stuff? I wonder when the last time somebody like Lex Luthor saw what people in this country are really worried about."

Sebastian Winters has posed:
Sebastian Winters frowns. Himself intending to become a 'cape' one day even if his parents insist he go into one of their own lines of work and stay grounded in the so called 'real' world. Not that he ever found what his parents study not interesting, its facinating, but for him it always felt more like a hobby than a job.

Now saving people. Thats a job worth having! And this rich guy just stood there giving a speech about why that was a bad thing? Preposterous! Money and missiles aren't the only thing people need to become safe... but Lex sure made it sound like it was. He shifts in his chair restlessly waiting for the speech to be over so that he can be discharged by his parents needing him here as their literal poster kid. This is one of those times when he's felt more like one of their accessories rather than their actual son and it is starting to wear on his patience. (Oh the source of so many teenage angsty arguments!)

Shuri has posed:
A blink over at Carson, she stares at him for a moment and then smiles, "No, thank you though." She states simply enough and then looks forward as she consideres Lex's words before chuckling to herself, "Then what about all the other heroes?" She looks to Carson questioningly before looking forward and standing up straight, "I wonder if there will be a question and answer portion." She laughs a little to herself before looking back at the now very disapproving glare of her bodyguard whom she gives the brightest of smiles.

Lex Luthor has posed:
"... How do we do that though? Well, the details of that aren't fit for speech out in the cold, but the short version is investing in you," he points at the crowd. "Making your lives better through education, infrastructure, jobs and medical care so that you can do more than struggle to survive and reach your full potential. We'll be investing in companies too, getting our best minds and most innovative companies," he nods to Oliver Queen. "Together to help design the tools we need for ordinary people to help keep the planet safe,," a slight smile then. "But those of you who have powers, or come from distant worlds, don't think I am talking about excluding you from any of this, if you want to protect the world with your gifts, if that gives your life meaning, then do it, I won't get in your way, all I am promising is that when I'm President, you won't do it alone, you'll have America's full technological might behind you and the support of millions of your countrymen given the tools they need to weather the very real dangers faced by our planet."

"It's a big task, and the squabbles of the two party system bog us down, and stifle progress so, to that end I am creating the Tomorrow Party, to help break up the log jam of legislating change..."

The screen behind Lex shifts to a stylized rising sun with the words Tomorrow Party underneath. As it does Lex glances to the politicians behind him and in the audience and they stand. "But a President can't do it alone, which is why these men and woman," he gestures at the politicians. "Have all decided to join me, running as our first ever Tomorrow Party candidates in civic, state and federal races."

The politicians wave as the crowd applauds, fewer than before the Superman section of the speech, though a gesture from Lex brings the cheering to a halt and the politicians return to their seats. "I want to thank each and every one of them for joining me in building a better tomorrow," Lex says before his attention turns back to the crowd. "And I hope you join us too, because if you put your faith in me and together we ensure a better tomorrow becomes a reality."

"Thank you all for coming and god bless America!"

With that, Lex shakes the hands of the politicians on stage the descend to mingle with the crowd.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa Carlysle continues listening to Lex after Oliver's comment that Lex truly believes it's for the best. As he reaches the end, she claps appropriately and then looks back over to the man sitting next to her. Vanessa gently leans an arm onto Oliver's shoulder as she points out, "So... Tony Stark head of Stark Industries announces he's running for President. Lex Luthor, head of LexCorp announces /he's/ running for President..." she says.

John Diggle sees where Vanessa is going and cuts in. "Anything you need to tell us, Oliver?" he asks. Vanessa looks up at John and grins, and the two fist-dap. When did /that/ start?

Sebastian Winters has posed:
Sebastian Winters looks at the rising sun motif and cringes a little. That is not the first time in history that symbol has been used. Or has everyone forgotten what he studied in history class 'ages ago' when he was wrapping up his normal history courses in elementary school... the Land of the Rising Sun used that symbol to its fullest in their propaganda too and they were members of the Axis, one of the most devistating armies in modern history. They were the ones that bombed America bringing the colonies into the war and awakening a sleeping giant... Sebastian wonders idly what sleeping giant will be awoken next time?

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Ugh... and he plays up, of course, to the so called 'Moral Majority' now..." Carson shakes his head, "The best snakes duck back into the tall grass to avoid such. He'll never allow anything other than the structure of a debate, or he'll only answer plants playing the part of independent questions. It's how this works." setting the cans back in the cooler as he speaks.

"As for the other heroes, they aren't deputized by the US - so any evidence acquired to be used against him is inadmissible in court - since they're vigilante."

Lois Lane has posed:
Turning off the video, Lois returns her phone to her purse. She'll need that later. "And now everyone's going to start their own political party. Fantastic." She's no pro when it comes to politics, but she does know that if everyone running decides to create their own party, the whole country is going to be split. "Like this is some kind of game..." She gets up from her chair, glancing around for a moment.

She's scoping out if there's anyone in particular she needs to talk to.

Cole Cassidy has posed:
Okay well now he's all done, so Cackler can finally release the resposne he's been holding the entire speech, "Booooooooo!" He's been waiting for the right moment, and now seems good enough. It's loud enough that he'll probably attract some unwanted attention from security. He grabs another drink, figuring he'll get as much free booze as he can before he winds up getting thrown out.

Sebastian Winters has posed:
Sebastian Winters gets up and walks over to talk with his parents briefly. Gaining some nods as well as some dissaproving frowns he is released from the event and he quickly makes his way out of the VIP area and into the crowd. He wastes no time bringing his wrists together. There is a subtle but noticable change in him. His clothes fit more tightly and he is walking with more confidence as his gaze which is perpetually cast groundward is now up and looking people in the eye.

Moments later he finds himself some public transport and he makes his way back to his new home in Happy Harbor.

Oliver Queen has posed:
Yes, when did that happen!? Oliver looks between Diggle and Vanessa briefly, a brief tsk, but then he tells to both of them. "No, Queen Consolidated won't be announcing that they are running too. Worry not. I have always been more focused in Starling." this last part he says while looking directly at Diggle with a meaningful look, though then he claps appropriately as well to the end of the speech.

There are no effusive reactions out of him, either for or against what Lex said. Something to contemplate later certainly. But it does not mean they won't mingle. He gets up to his feet to greet a few VIPs that pass by.

Shuri has posed:
Stepping over toward Carson, Shuri smiles at him and then looks forward, "Your fourth admendments exclusionary rule does not apply to evidence obtained illegally by private individuals and is therefore admissable." She shrugs and then then starts to move around the crowd and toward the stage. She looks back to the woman who is with her and states, "I'm going to see if I can get closer to those VIPs. I am curious about a couple of them." She nods her head and then just casually starts making her way through the crowd.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Carson Deschain mrmmms and nods, "Well, you should be a prosecuting lawyer, a lot like him have been able to play the vigilante card to get things thrown out miss." He's not a law student himself. Hell most probably wouldn't believe he's a minor league physicist... Very minor league. Maybe he'll go back to his studies. For now he watches Shuri move off, eyes surveying the crowd again.