1554/A Cat meets a Lyon

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A Cat meets a Lyon
Date of Scene: 07 May 2020
Location: VIP Lounge - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Cat agrees to play 'Robin Hood' for the Lyon family.
Cast of Characters: Shen Kuei, Alanna Lyons

Shen Kuei has posed:
Having very recently secured his VIP status, Shen 'The Cat' Kuei is wearing his finest for the sake of good first impressions. His black trousers and sports jacket are a cashmere silk blend finely tailored to house his warrior's physique. A green tie divides a straight forward dress shirt, a silver silhouette of a cat pinning it neatly in place. He casually lounges upon a small couch, a leg draped over the other, as he enjoys the view of the Grand Edward Ballroom. The VIP area certainly catered to a sense of superiority.

He lazily sips from a tumbler containing some amber coloured liquor, a large sphere of ice clanking in against the glass. He sighs contently and happily people watches, casually observing the 'coming and going' of some of the most influential people in the city. In a way, he was hunting. Actively looking for his next job, he seeks the right employer, one who would appreciate his talents and trust in his methods. Someone not -too- violent. Indeed, there are some monsters that Shen Kuei would not work for. The kind that ask for more brute force than art. His eyes narrow momentarily, a mirthful grin tugging at his lips. He raises his hand. An attendant slips by and wordlessly take his glass replacing it with a fresh drink. One could afford to be patient when waiting in this sort of luxury. No need to rush things at all.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Heading inside of the VIP lounge, Alanna's expecting most of the usual crowd. Some people did all their business in places like this which meant there was always a strange mix of people mingling for business and for leisure. Mostly, it tended to be business for her--it was exclusive enough that the guests were limited to people who she at least felt could be mostly taken seriously. Her dress for the evening isn't a stunning gown meant to get attention, it's a comfortable navy-blue A-line dress that rests at her knee, something elegant but there more for the wearer's comfort than the viewer's pleasure.

She stops by the bar for a moment to order a drink, fingertip tapping lightly on the bar's surface while she waits. Once acquired, she bears her whiskey sour to go find a seat, looking for somewhere with an easy view of those around.

Shen Kuei has posed:
"And there she is." Shen murmurs to himself in Cantonese. He takes a sip from his glass and rises from the small couch. He appropriates Alanna with obvious intent, he gaze locked upon her. A pleasant smile remains upon his lips with the intention of being disarming, not that an experience individual like herself would be fooled by such a simple display. His intentions, indeed, are not harmful though.

After closing to a respectful distance, he offers a momentary bows. His English rolls off the tongue easily enough, impressive for a native son of China. His English codas are not perfect, it's clear where he is from. Though he is easy and pleasant to understand. "Miss Lyons, if you would do me the honour, and assuming you do not have pressing business, please, let us sit together. I am certain such a conversation would be profitable for both of us."

He steps to the side and offers an arm in a very formal gesture, his hand gesturing to a pair of small couches situated nearby. His free hand carefully clutches his tumbler.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna's gaze falls upon Shen, not with a disarmed or flattered expression, but a calm and relaxed one. She's certainly at ease in the environment, even if she's not certain she fits it. The offered arm is taken, shifting her drink to her other hand as she glances over at him. "I always have time to listen to profitable conversations. Especially if they're /interesting/."

The last sentence is said oddly, but purposefully so. Interesting is a word with many meanings, so it's anyone's guess what it is she means by interesting. Which, it appears, is exactly the point.

Shen Kuei has posed:
Shen politely escorts Alanna to the afore-gestured couches and guides her to sit. He will then turn and most gracefully sink into the other, a comfortable distance apart for conversation without any implied forwardness. "I am Shen Kuei.. I hope my representation precedes me. I am most interested in Lyon acquisitions & Holdings." He pauses to take a slow sip from his tumbler.

"I specialize somewhat in acquisitions myself, as you may have heard. Though I rarely acquire anything for myself.. but on behalf of my benefactors." He pauses and tilts his head, "I feel that my situation has stabilized in the city. I will be accepting jobs in the very near future. I hope this fact might interest you."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"Shen Kuei," Alanna settles into a comfortable position on the couch, crossing her legs and settling her tumbler atop her knee. "That's a name I've heard in conversation a number of times." He's right in his assessment of his notorioty, for good or ill. "I'd say the skills in your wheelhouse are certainly of interest."

She sits back, taking a small sip from her glass. "It's good to hear you're becoming available. That's certainly something I'll have to take into consideration when handling business in the near future. I take it that there aren't any complications that need handled before you can set about your business?"

Shen Kuei has posed:
Shen seems very pleased his notoriety has not failed him. While confident it would not, reinforcement of his fame is always a pleasant brush to the ego. He unbuttons his sports jacket and carefully unfurls the panels. His tumbler mirroring hers by resting on his own knee, he continues the conversation. "The only complications I face are with the Ministry of Security Services. My homeland is not pleased that one of its sons has abandoned the cause of the 'People'. However, this is my concern and not yours, and I am always one step ahead of them, for I know everything they know and more."

He raises his glass to her, "You have a reputation for doing well by your people. Thus I hope to give you priority on my availability. Many of your peers consider.. assets.. to be most expendable. While I always rise to the challenges before me, I appreciate long-term mutually beneficial business relationships. I wish to succeed with my employers, not in spite of them."

He watches her for a moment over his tumbler, as the ice sphere makes another clink, the rim of the glass brought to his lips. He lowers the vessel once more, "But I could talk about myself all night. Please, if my skills interest you, perhaps you are already thinking of how they might be applied. I am most curious how I might help you."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"Sadly my family hasn't done much in the way of international business, though I'm starting to wonder if that's a direction we're missing out on," Alanna lifts her glass when he does. "I'd say that attitude towards business is an appealing one. This business is my family, my life. When you value something, it makes you consider the quality of the things you put into it."

She sips her from her glass, looking at it almost appraisingly before she sits forward. "Mr. Kuei, are you terribly familiar with the story of Robin Hood?"

Shen Kuei has posed:
"While many western legends are likely to be wasted upon me. Robin Hood is not one of those. I could not help but learn about the legendary noble thief. I admit though.. the majority of what I know is from movies.. and that cartoon with the foxes." He leans back in the couch and swirls his tumbler. "If you are asking about my familiarity, no doubt you are considerably more informed. Is there more to tell than a tale about a knight turned bandit? Stealing from the rich to feed the poor?"

He takes another sip and sets the tumbler on a nearby end table before folding his hands in his lap.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"The movie with the foxes is lovely," Alanna can't help but smile just slightly. "There's a lot of argument over if there was a real person who Robin Hood was based on, but for the most part the story is the same." She tips her glass to the side to swirl the liquid around in it. "Most people summarize it to 'rob from the rich and give to the poor', but I don't believe that quite captures the spirit of the story. It's not always the rich, it almost feels more like the undeserving."

She lifts her glass and takes a sip. "So, I am aware of some undeserving people. They have some items that are, in fact, already not theirs. If I were to get ahold of those items, I have a few charities that might suddenly be able to get an influx of cash."

Shen Kuei has posed:
"Ah, Miss Lyons. If these items you are describing... are challenging to acquire." He tilts his head to the side and once more raises his glass to her. "Then I would be delighted to be your 'Robin Hood' for the occasion." He hums in thought, "Especially if the existing owners are so undeserving. I won't pretend to be the most noble of individuals, but I do believe that 'the ends justify means'. In my case, I do not mind breaking a variety of laws to make a point or spit in the eye of those who.. act in poor faith."

He finishes his drink and sets once more down upon the finely polished surface of the end table. His legs unfold as he leans forward, hands resting upon his knees, his fingers drumming in anticipation. "I'm would be eager to discuss particulars at your earliest convenience."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"Oh, believe me, I wouldn't suggest it if just /anyone/ could do it," Alanna offers a legitimately warm smile at the suggestion. "I never claimed to be the most noble either. I find it hard to find someone whose slate is still fully clean, but when there are opportunities to take from someone who doesn't deserve what they have and give to someone who does? I like to think a little karma is restored to the world."

Her own drink is set on the table as she looks over at him. "Certainly could be interesting if the pieces in question were supposed to be auctioned and then they just disappeared."

Shen Kuei has posed:
"That is a very clean way of liquidating already stolen goods. After all, the original pilferer cannot go to the auction house and complain that their trinkets have been re-stolen." The man muses and then nods, "Indeed, I find those in my line of work can benefit from the occasional karmic balancing. I have a little bit of a debt I wouldn't mind paying off."

He adjusts his jacket and then reaches up to loosen his tie, the feign warmth of the alcohol and a sense of anticipation making feel a little hot. "Are the present holders of these items.. dangerous men and women? Do they employ.. less than satisfactory methods of business? I would very much like to know who I would be pissing off." He pauses, "Or are those details too sensitive for a place like this? Should we arrange a later date to begin preparations? And perhaps discuss my retainer?"

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"I find that they might be a bit opposed to their goods being stolen, so there is a certain amount of hazard there. I'll certainly add to compensation in that case. I'm very fair when it comes to these sort of things--like you said, it's breeding relationships versus people you hate who pay you," Alanna rests her hands on her knee.

"I'd consider them enemies of the Lyon family, but I don't think I'd say they're bitter enemies. Just people with a touch of a cold relationship. No feuds, so you wouldn't be making things worse."

Shen Kuei has posed:
"Well, if you turn 'The Cat' on them, you may ultimately turn it into a feud.. But.. I believe that is ultimately your concern, and it is impossible to operate in my line of work without making enemies." He offers a shrug. "Are there any time limitations I should be considerate of? These things are best done methodically. There will be details to collect. Location. Security Measures. Exit. I can collect these important facts myself, but assistance is always appreciate in the initial legwork. My skills are best applied at the moment of execution."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna looks amused. "Honestly, they started it if we're getting to the nitty-gritty. There are certain standards that I feel like shouldn't be crossed, and when people do they end up becoming enemies. People say there's no honor amongst thieves and I /absolutely/ disagree." She looks back at him. "If you're trying to get it before the auction, the sooner the better, though I believe the auction itself is in approximately a week, I'd need to check for the actual day. I can get you some of the information you need. Locations and security measures, certainly."

Shen Kuei has posed:
"Oh, a week? Well, I'm glad I approached you this evening." He chuckles at the mention of honor amongst thieves. "There is honor in a job performed per the spirit of an agreement. Not technicalities, but true intentions. If we cannot honor our contracts, then we are left with only deceit. It is not an environment conducive to good business. And, speaking of good business environments, I agree, there are indeed boundaries and lines which should not be crossed. If one does not respond when they are, it projects weakness.. and weakness can lead to an opportunity for a conflict."

He shakes his head, "I'm rambling to someone more than aware of these intricacies. I merely wish to demonstrate.. that I believe I understand the situation, and I look forward to balancing the scale.. so your family may save face."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"You have impeccable timing," Alanna says, looking back at him. "And I appreciate the assistance in advance. My family certainly appreciates it as well. I find that it never hurts to create that karma." She smooths the hem of her skirt on her knee. "I also appreciate the future opportunities. Having reliable associates is something that I find worth more than money."

Shen Kuei has posed:
He raises and offers a polite nod. He reaches into an inner jacket pocket and produces a business card. He will deftly place it in her hand, the paper containing a few contact details and a familiar silhouette of a cat. "Let us arrange a meeting for tomorrow then. Please contact me, and I will meet you at a place of your choosing.. where we will finish planning. We shall make sure this auction is.. an absolute delight for both the charities and the bidders. Now please excuse me."

He then begins to make his way toward the elevator as he readjusts his tie and collar. It's not long before he's disappearing between two sliding doors and descending further into the club.