1562/Hunting the Wild Loli

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Hunting the Wild Loli
Date of Scene: 07 May 2020
Location: Cafe
Synopsis: Achilles, Daisy, and Jessica have a moment to relax while setting a trap for Gothic Lolita.
Cast of Characters: Achilles, Daisy Johnson, Jessica Drew

Achilles has posed:
    The location that was under observation has a van out front with a team on duty. They are due for rotation out in an hour or so. So it was Agent Trainee Tampambulos's idea to meet up with members of the team for the next shift ... which will likely be resolving this one way or the other today.. to meet up at a local cafeteria down the street from the designated location.
    It just so happens that he selected a Mediterranean cafeteria that has Turkish coffee as a draw. And he is there early, enjoying some rice dish with citrus blend flavor along with a -strong- cup of black coffee. God, coffee... how did he survive three thousand years without the stuff?!

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Having arrived to the designated observation spot is Daisy. And she even came early! She isn't yet dressed up with the SHIELD uniform, just the usual jeans, shirt, leather jacket atop. The only unusual touch to her being the fingerless gloves underneath that help focus her powers.

Being called up to a cafeteria to meet up with the team she approaches, opening the door inside, that 'ring' of a bell announcing her arrival. Soon enough she finds Tampambulos and begins her approach. "Hey." she tells the man, lifting her chin in a greeting. "Didn't turn off the phone this time uh?" then a glance over to the counter. "We should get ready to go tap in soon. The reports are telling that we are dealing with something quite serious over here. We will need to be careful."

Jessica Drew has posed:
Coffee. Jessica was too young for it when the lovely people that her father associated with and by default, her mother, too, had her put into a coma and faked their deaths. On awakening, she was put on a 'pure' diet which didn't include any stimulants. HYDRA had definitive ideas on how to raise a super mutant.

She cradles her cup with both hands, tennis shoes hooked into the rung of her chair. It's celebratory drinking coffee, a mark of having grown up, more or less, or at the least being free of HYDRA and being on her own. This coffee is so strong it almost has a mind of its own.

"Greek coffee, is it?" Jessica eyes the man and then her cup before answering Daisy. "Serious as can be from the way I'm reading," she says agreeing with her.

Achilles has posed:
    "Turkish to be specific. You can tell from the flavor. The specific bitterness of the beans is quite easy to tell." says Achilles in his trademark accent. But he smiles to the two ladies, "A guy could do worse than to be having coffee with such lovely young women." Sure, he's just playing the smooth card for now because it's fun. Not because he is seriously trying to flirt with two women at once.
    Either way, he leans back in his seat and takes a sip. "I figured that if we were to be on duty soon, we should have a good meal and more importantly, good coffee first. So, how are you two doing today? Any word on that Leopard thing? Oh.. were we going to ask little miss Compu-wiz here to help with it?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
There was only one diet for an orphan running about foster homes and then later on the orphanage. Fast food! Soda! Then coffee! Specially when she started to delve into the mystery that was technology, computers and hacking. Long nights with her good, old friend Mr. Coffee. Ah yes, she remembers..! So no stranger to this indeed. She gets a straight black coffee, a sandwich. Yes, she is ready.

A brow quirks as they go about coffee. Coffee is coffee! She tells them just that. "What's the difference?! Caffeine is what matters." she tells them with a grin. But then she focuses. "What leopard thing?" that makes them look between the duo. Just before she takes out a tablet and puts it on the table.

Jessica Drew has posed:
"Turkish," she repeats, taking another sip to zip it into her memory. "Do you drink the grounds? And you have to eat something sweet with this." Daisy's matter of fact approach to caffeinating yourself before ops sparks a smile. With a click, she puts down her cup.

"I suppose we could distract ourselves with that while we wait," she replies, in her crisp Oxfordian accent. "Did you hear about the theft of a rare snow leopard from the Temperate Zone exhibit at the Central Park Zoo, Daisy?" She leans forward hands thrust into the pockets of her black hoodie.

"That was an odd day, whoever it was, rigged the security cameras to repeat so surveillance didn't pick up on someone opening all the enclosures letting out the cranes and monkeys, too. I think they were going for maximum confusion. NYPD has no leads. I thought I did because the rumor is that it just isn't rare animals being collected but DNA. That's on the black net." She shifts in her seat, "We thought you might be able to do some reverse engineering on the hack that was done to the security cameras. The feed had to come from somewhere."

Achilles has posed:
    Smiling as the women get into technical chat, Achilles just observes and listens for the moment. It's nice spending time with folks who KNOW who he is and who don't stare with awe and pin all of their hopes on him. As Jessica explains -her- case to Daisy, he just sips his coffee once more.
    "In the end. I may have had more chances to ... sample different types of food and drink than anyone else alive. Maybe. I happen to enjoy the subtle differences. But if you're just in it for the caffeine, I think there is someone experimenting with a blend of espresso and red bull somewhere."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I .., yea. I read something on this." Daisy replies to Jessica, brows knit together while she watches the other Agent. She remains silent for a few moments while she listens and looks to Jessica, not looking at her tablet where this is a brief red light starting to blink. Talk about visual cues. But Daisy always liked those. She nods. "Yes, depending on how good the hacker was. But I should be able to find something. I will let to be on site to figure it out though." then a pause. "You think it's someone selling those animals due to their dna? They are very rare right? Maybe someone put them on sale on the dark web. I can check too."

But then her attention goes to her tablet and she almost spills her coffee. "Frack. Something is going on." she leans over her tablet, starting to tap on it in a quick succession. "This is a bit dated, but I feel we have our target poking about the site I set up." a lift of her brow. "Ooo, you are good..." as if she had just received a challenge.

The site was set up to be mostly isolated, at least from connection to SHIELD, just the resurgence, a small link to the old company that used to run it. All top secret, an old lab focused on gene splicing and DNA mixing. Very loose ethics.

Jessica Drew has posed:
"Very good! What's it look like? Someone that knows what they are doing?" Jessica purses her lips watching Daisy's reaction to something on screen. Eyes wavering between the other two agents. "You baited that hook rather nicely if you've got nibbles already. Back to the van and then do I slip into my going-to-the-lab-for-another-boring-day-of-playing-with-reagents-and-DNA identity? Or do you have something else in mind?"

Achilles has posed:
    The whole.. action call has Achilles pausing in his coffee. He sets the cup down carefully and calmly as he keeps his heartbeat in control. "So, is this a call to arms, or just... knowledge that there may be such a call soon?" he asks as he remains seated, waiting.