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Nerd Culture
Date of Scene: 09 May 2020
Location: Comic Shop
Synopsis: A comic shop adventure.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
On those days where Rogue wondered what Remy was doing. Where she wondered if he was out there causing mischief, or maybe even chatting up other women? As much as he'd probably try to avoid admitting it, he was actually here. Phantom Comics. He'd discovered it a few days after he'd moved into the X-Mansion, and it'd been a mainstay for him ever since. There's still a poster on the wall of the Star Trek Convention that had taken a turn for the weird several weeks ago.

Remy nudges the door open with his shoulder, causing the little bell above it to jingle. The woman behind the counter has neon-pink hair and a pair of thick glasses as well as a white t-shirt bearing a screen print of the first Fantastic Four comic book issue - a family so famous, you better believe they started embellishing their story via comic book in the mid-1990s.

"Hi, Remy," she says in a sing-song voice once she sees him, sitting up a bit straighter behind the counter.

"Ah, Cee-Bee-Gee - ca va?" Remy's own reply has that air of overconfident flippantness to it as he strolls on in and moves to the rack with the newest issues, making a little space at his side for Rogue to join him.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had enjoyed the Star Trek convention even in spite of that strange moment on the bridge. It had all worked out fairly okay in the end, so she'd taken it in stride. Now, she'd convinced him to take her to the comic shop that she'd seen him bring a few things home from. As they approach it, she takes her hoodie off of her waist, untying it, and slipping her bare arms through it so she's safer to the public inside this place.

Her right hand is pulling the zipper up to her mid chest as they both walk in, her after him. She glances over to the counter and grins at the woman behind it, offering a wave with a gloved left hand before she looks around the shop itself.

"My god." Rogue says in her sultry honied voice. "This place is like a Youtuber's dream come t'life." She eyes all the nerd-culture items on the shelves and put on the walls on display!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The woman behind the counter returns Rogue's greeting with a polite smile, though seeing her with Remy draws out a bit of a thin-lipped expression of thoughtfulness. She's not exactly pleased to see the other woman, that much is obvious, and she returns to flicking through the comic she has open in front of her on the counter. There's an occasional glance up towards the pair, but she's almost making a point of not paying them any attention.

"Is good, non?" Remy asks, slipping as issue of the fictionalized exploits of the Avengers from the rack and flicking through it thoughtfully without looking up, "Y'know, you might show up in one a' dese someday. You fought with de Avengers, hein? Maybe they draw you?"

Rogue has posed:
A girl knows when another girl is not happy to see her, Rogue gives the clerk a smile and then makes a note not to look back at her. She wanders the store behind and beside Remy, her eyes roaming until he picks up the Avenger comic. She laughs at it softly and shakes her head. "I doubt it. I don't think nobody really even noticed me. I just sorta blended in with the chaos, I imagine." She replies, as she picks up one of them as well, trying to use her gloved fingers to flip through it though it's a /little/ hard to do that!

"My god, look at their boobs." She says as she spies the women in the books. "For real, I see why people buy this stuff. It's bassicaly softcore pornography." She glances to Remy and grins at him, she's teasing of course, it's not that bad and it's gotten a lot less so in the past 10 or so years for sure!

"I'd totally be /okay/ with bein' in somethin' like this. It'd be pretty dang fun t'be immortalized like that." She adds as she slides the comic back to where she'd found it and starts to meander/wander!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I dunno," Remy muses, looking at some full page artwork of one of the female Avengers and then holding it up alongside Rogue with a thoughtful look, "I seen you with dat spanedx suit of yours. I t'ink dey got de proportions pretty right, cher."

He puts the comic back on the rack, moving to look at another one. There's a whole section, it seems, devoted to comic stories about heroic mutants. Mostly independently published, as typically the big companies tried to stay away from the subject given how uncomfortable and politically-charged it was.

"A mutant who's got the power to fly, super strength, and is super tough," he says as he flicks through it, "Sounds like someone I know ... "

Rogue has posed:
Rogue peers inside the comic that he holds up to compare to her form and figure. She cracks a grin at what he says, always knowing the right ways to make her feel better about herself. "Maybe I'll just fly right over t'the comic factory and start knockin' on doors until someone sees reason and puts me t'page." She gloats for a second before she too wanders over to the mutant section. "Damn. I didn't know they made this stuff." She states, her eyes wandering over the flashy cover artwork.

"Maybe we should find some school appropriate ones and buy'em, put them in the foyer or somethin'?" She glances at Remy, but looks back to the books. She reaches for one with a muscled bound man not wearing a shirt. "Now we're talkin'." The Belle says as she gathers this comic up and starts to flip through it. "Oh yeah, look at those pecs. They're bigger than my boobs!" She keeps flipping pages. "He has a motorcycle that he can talk t'the controls of... /and/ a black cat that follows him around? This guy's got it all. Wonder if he's real, maybe I'll look him up online." She mutters, teasing Remy of course.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Hey, I had a motorbike once," Remy argues, frowning at the shirtless man on the comic Rogue carries, "An' if he's real, he probably has a pot belly an' a beard with its own ecosystem. I don't t'ink he gonna look like dat, cher."

The suggestion, however, raises his eyebrows and he picks up a few more comics. More tastefully done, with strong pro-mutant messages by the looks of them. He holds them out for the Belle to say.

"What about dese? Doctor Chuck'll probably say dey rot de mind but better'n all dose stories about a kid gettin' doused in radiation an' becomin' a superhero. Real mutant stories written by mutants."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins at Remy as he picks up a better-tasteful selection. She sets 'Muscle God' back to where she'd found him and then leans over to look at the one's the Cajun had selected. "Yeah, those look pretty down t'Earth." She takes two of them and lifts them up to flip through them. "I don't have a lotta cash. I could buy five or so of them. These are like, techie kids, like Kitty. I bet the Professah wouldn't mind them."

She glances over to Remy then and smiles at him. Her brown hair is tied back into a ponytail and her white bangs are loose and framing her face, save for two braids, one on either side, of white hair that she twisted together this morning.

"So we'll get the nice comics for the kids and we'll get the adult Japanese ones that I heard about for us, yeah?" She grins at him and leans over to lay her left side against him affectionately then. Her head goes to his shoulder for a second before she spies something.

"Captain America's Shield!" The Belle rushes over to pick the plastic shield up off of the rack. "It's a backpack too!"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Don't worry, I can cover us," Remy says, fishing a wallet from the pocket of his coat. This one, funnily enough, has a photograph of himself and Rogue in it - taken at a mall photo booth. Along with that, there's a rather thick stack of crisp bills. He pulls out a few, grinning as Rogue runs towards the shield-backpack.

"You oughta buy it," he suggests, reaching over to pull a plastic Iron Man helmet down off a shelf and slipping it over his head once he's removed his sunglasses, "How 'bout dis? I am a robot, beep boop beep."

Does he really think Iron Man is a robot?

Then he takes it off, tucking it under his arm and pointing towards the back room of the place behind the beaded curtain: "You gotta brave de back room if you want your sexy comics, cher."

Rogue has posed:
The Belle holds the famous shield (the plastic version) in her hands as she stares over at the man wearing the red and gold helmet. She grins at his robot impersonation, but doesn't call him out on that... she fully believes he thinks Iron Man is a robot though. "That is exactly what he was sayin' when I was at that Expo fight." She replies with a grin before she turns and glances back at the rack she'd taken the shield from.

She drops the shield. "Oh. My. God." Rogue says right after Remy speaks of the sexy comics area in the back.

She lifts up now a plastic hangar with a red gold and blue outfit that has star spangled undies and a model with dark hair wearing the spandex one-piece suit, her hands on her hips, a golden lasso hanging from her wrists that are wearing little plastic bracelets.

"I'll trade the Shield for this one." She tells him, holding it up in front of her now and looking down at herself.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy pauses to regard the costume that Rogue shows him. He doesn't even check the price tag, simply nodding his head emphatically and inviting her to drape it atop the small pile of loot they've now gathered.

"I got an envie to see you in dat, cher," he murmurs under his breath, leaning in close but staying clear of her bared skin

Once he's at the counter, he smiles at the clerk who smiles at him and gives Rogue another 'Look'. She begins to tally up the stash on the register, while Remy leans against it with one hand and flicks through the flyers and advertisements on display.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lays the costume across the stash that they'd gathered up already and she smiles at him as they start to make their way to the counter. "We'll do the creepy Japanese comics next time, I say." She tells him.

A big big big smile is shown to the clerk behind the counter who gives her a 'death glare'. "I love your store." Rogue tells her, trying to be nice. Trying to be the better person! "I love your hair too. It's pink, like cotton candy."

She glances at Remy, her green eyes going over and up to his red ones. Does he knows this girl totally digs him and wants Rogue to drop dead? Probably. He reads people better than she does really.

Her eyes watch him hand over the money, that came from lord knows where, but she doesn't question that! She has before, like with the Porsche that's parked outside... but she trusts in his stories about this stuff coming from 'bad people'. She'd do the same, if she was into taking stuff from folks (anymore).

"I'm gonna make Halloween come early, just t'have an excuse t'wear this thing." She quietly says at the costume when it's rung-up. Which probably doesn't make the Clerk woman like her any more than she already didn't.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The clerk smiles that tight smile at Rogue, doing her best to look mad but finding very little to actually be mad at. In the end she just kind of mutters 'thanks' before she tallies up the total for their haul.

"We can throw a costume party, hein?" Remy suggests, handing over the cash to a wistful sigh from the clerk before helping to put all the goods in a big, white plastic bag, "It doesn't have to be Halloween, does it? Merci, cher."

The last is offered to the clerk as he turns to carry the bags towards the door, glancing sidelong at Rogue as he does.

"You wanna go for a drive or straight back home?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue pointedly gives the pink haired clerk another smile, she tried being nice, the woman wasn't interested. "Sounds like a plan." She says to Remy about the costume party. "I'll wear this, and you can figure out how t'take it off." There, take that you pink haired beeeetch!

As they turn around to go, the Belle offers a wave to the woman with a big smile and a blown kiss from her covered fingertips. "We'll be back, I'm sure!" She adds before she moves for the store's exit and looks over to him, backing up backwards out of the store. "I totally wanna go for a drive. It's the last week'a classes, I dun wanna be around there unless I gotta and this mean it's my last week as a student. Then it's suuummah time, before /college/." She grins as they get outside now and she pulls her sunglasses up to put them on again. "I gotta figure out where I'm gonna go for that too." Xavier's has college courses! But does she want to go to them!? Who's to say!