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Bad Choices HoloTheater
Date of Scene: 12 May 2020
Location: The Danger Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Kate takes some of the prospects and Titans on an adventure in the Danger Room. Mistakes were made.
Cast of Characters: Kate Bishop, Kian, Terry O'Neil, Kyani Kohanna

Kate Bishop has posed:
    "Okay… I think I have it just about figured out," notes Kate to the others as she looks over the controls for the Danger Room.  "I mean… I'm not Vic but… I think it is pretty straight forward."  She is typing and selecting and dragging things around now.
    "I mean… it is just like a video game."  Which may or may not be inspiring anyone with confidence as the young woman messes around in the command area with controls.  Her bow is leaning against it by her now as she fiddles, fully geared up.  "You know.  It just struck me we could run one hell of a Quest for the Golden Trophy in here…."
    Choices choices.
    "Okay, buckle up everyone…" she calls out louder and grabs her bow, running around into the Danger Room proper.  I mean yes it would probably be advisable for someone responsible to be in the control area, but what could go wrong.  There are safety controls right?
    Kate is watching her watch.  "Got thirty seconds then it should start."  Of course she hasn't explained yet what scenario she cooked up or started yet.
    Tik Tok.
    I mean it is a good question as to how much Kian even understands about this room, Kate just pronounced Training and dragged anyone along who didn't dodge really.
    All in the name of playing in here with an excuse.

Kian has posed:
    Kían genuinely expects nothing more than a complex aerial maze.  That's all he's used the Danger Room so far—it's an exercise area, nearly as good as the practice zone near the clan's qihár space.
    Sure, the ceiling could be higher, but for an indoor facility, it's not bad.
    He's already airborne, warming up.  Of all the people on Earth, only Terry can have possibly seen these moves before—they were part and parcel of how the birdman stayed limber in the air while choosing a target, in the vision of his homeworld's most popular game that he'd shared with the felinoid.  He's constantly in motion, capable of darting off in any direction, a winged mass of nervous energy waiting for the tiniest cue for action.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Well, that depends, Hawky… are you the kind of person who makes a spreadsheet crash?  I'm just trying to gauge your expertise with technology here."  Vorpal is, of course, in feline form.  He has already performed his warmups and is standing at the ready.  Just in case.  He has never tried the Danger Room, but he has seen enough Holodeck episodes to know that sometimes what you ask for and what the computer churns out are two different things altogether.

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani was here at the Tower, he missed Victor so when asked to join Kate and the others for training he does.  He was pretty excited to be led into the Danger Room.  "Hey you will have to teach me how to use this thing," he says to Kate as he looks to her.
    Once she has everything set up, he looks to Kian and Terry.  "Nice meet you all again."  He waves.  "Uhhh… yeah, I will try to not go too fast so that my clothes don't burn off."  He frowns a bit.

Kate Bishop has posed:
    "Thanks Vorpal," she notes with a snort as Kate still watching the countdown on her watch.  "Well you need a full set of team permissions but once that is sorted out I'll be happy to show you how I think this thing works," to Kyani
    Then there is a pause.  "I mean honestly reserve that request until after to see if this thing even works the way I think it is going to work."
    Which is right about when the scene shifts.  It isn't Star Trek good, this Danger Room, but it is still pretty well tricked out.
    The scene that unfolds seems to be all of them on a battlement of a huge castle.  Kian up in the air above of course.  There is a general roar from below and armored troops running in a flurry of motion.  Nerds probably are just starting to get a clue about this scenario… right about the point where siege ladders slam down and the first Uruk Hai haul themselves into view ready for the slaughter.
    "Ahhh yisss…."  Okay Kate obviously just wanted to recreate being an elf.  "Game on!… and yes we are totally keeping a tally!"

Kian has posed:
    "Iss p'laces hyu not wan't win'd bur'n," Kían says to Kyani, with a grin.  "This, I am know."  He sounds like he's speaking from experience.  Probably best to just not ask.
    At least his pronunciation is improving… a little.
    And then… the simulation starts.  "Ki-AI!  Hwat iss?" he asks, startled, incomprehending.  Nerd, probably.  Terrestrial nerd, not so much.  The amount of sense it makes is close to zero, and he goes even higher, just short of the physical limit of the ceiling.
    And stays there, in bafflement.  'Orc' is just another flavor of 'Terran', so far as he knows.  He can't tell the good guys from the bad.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "We haven't gotten to the point of introducing him to the books yet, Hawky."  Vorpal smirks and gestures to the bird.  "Those guys," he points at the Uruk'hai coming over the walls, "are the… dickheads."  Because Vic introduced the bird to such a wonderful shorthand, why not use it?  "Nitro, you're super fast, think you can play whack-a-mole with the ones coming up on the parapets?  Knock 'em back as they come sort of thing?  With luck you can get them to fall back on their buddies and disrupt a whole ladder.  I'll go and find us weapons… there's bound to be a cache and since Hawky is playing Legolas, that makes you her Gimli."
    He turns around and tries to find a weapon rack he can raid for goodies and bring back.  Fighting The Uru bare-handed was not a good idea.

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Nitro blinks as he is at the Tower of a Keep.  "Oh hell no, Lord of the Rings?" he asks with a bit of a smirk.  Though as plans are laid out, "Oh I get to be Gimli."  He shakes his head.  "Sure I can do that," he states.  "I just hope I don't wear down the pavement up here."  He sees the ladders hitting against the wall.  Nitro looks to Kate.  "Hawkeye, get to your perch and I will start," he says to her and he looks at the others.  "Ready when you all are."

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Kate laughs a bit manically "I said game on… and yeah what Vorpal said Kian… these are the bad guys."  Even as she says it she shoots an arrow right into one of the Uruk'hai charging at the top of a ladder sending him back into his buddies below.
    She starts to run and fire the bow again, then again, trying to find a better perch to shoot arrows as everything gets very crazy.
    I mean there is a literal unlimited number of the bad guys vs. defenders right now from the look at the army down below and it is about to get very chaotic on the battlements as they just pour up there now.
    Vorpal has no issue finding weapons racked up on the battlements for people to use in this scenario.  No problem at all.
    "Kian… also… those guys."
    It isn't canonically but one of the Nazgul on their flying mounts totally roars into view above Helms Deep now.  She must have been mixing battles in the system to get to this point.
    It seems intent on heading for Kian too.

Kian has posed:
    Kían looks shocked.  "I am… nnh.  I can not use rhy'thar agains' other sen-ti-en's.  Even if they are 'dik-hed'," he says, quite firmly.  "An'—kya!!"
    Evading the flying mount is not actually a challenge, and the birdman flits to one side, taking up a position behind and above it as much as possible.  Its invasion of Kían's airspace, that's another matter entirely: it's almost an offense to his sensibilities.
    The problem is: what to actually do about it?  Were it just a beast, that would be one thing, but it has a presumably sentient rider, and Kían absolutely cannot bring himself to harming him.
    For the moment, it remains an aerial stalemate.  Smaller, faster, and specifically trained in aerobatics, Kían is should be virtually untouchable… but the question remains, what to actually do about it?

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    As Hawkeye begins laughing like a crazy woman an letting loose arrows, Nitro focuses on his speed and his connection to whatever it is powering him.  He shoots off, running rapidly from one end to the next going back and forth creating like yellow lightning blur as he throws punches and kicks at the Uruk Hai as they climb up the ladder.  His fist and feet hurt, that armor is no joke, but still this is training and he has to do his best.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Vorpal comes back, covered in chainmail (because why not?) and carrying two blades.  "Nitro!" he shouts, and tosses a blade into the air, confident their super-fast team-mate will get it.  But when he spots the Nazgul playing Kite The Bird with Kian, the Cheshire cat frowns.  "Right, he's a total pacifist…" he says, as he turns around and swings his sword to intercept an incoming Uruk'hai.  He is no swordsman, so after blocking the blow he opens a Rabbit Hole under the creature's feet and dumps him from a height over the other side of the wall.
    And then he gets an idea.  "KIAN, FLY STRAIGHT FOR A SECOND!" he shouts.
    God, he hopes Kian will heed him.  He will try to open a Rabbit Hole to intercept the flying Nazgul just before it closes in on Kian—only to open the hole right over the wall, angled so the Nazgul will torpedo straight down and, ideally, squashing a few of the ladders and the Uruk'hai therein before it pancakes on the ground.
    That is, if Kian understood what he was saying….

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Kate bounds up onto a slightly higher piece of ground and then ducks suddenly as an Uruk'hai spear goes right over her head where she was a moment before.  "Yipe!"  She waits until the next spear is thrown at her tempting target before twisting to catch it and then completing the twist and stepping into it she hurls the spear back and into one of the many invaders.
    Huh it isn't just bows.
    "He is a what now!?"  There is a pause then she yells up, "These aren't real Kian it is just… holograms that have a punch… pack a punch."  She shoots another arrow now at one getting too close to her perch.  She isn't breaking out the fancy arrows for this scenario, at least not yet.  "That one is also dead, it isn't alive it is undead… a Nazghul animated by evil magic of the Dark Lord…."
    I mean that is sort of accurate right.
    She glances over to see what Vorpal is planning, then has to focus once more on her own problems.
    So many Urok'hai despite all of Nitro's efforts.  This is a swarm scenario.  Very similar to the demons in Rachel's dreamscape just mutant orcs instead.  "Good shot there Nitro… though I think a tally might not have been a good idea with someone with a speedster."  This she regrets already.  Which is why she switches arrows now and fires an explosive arrow at a large cluster of the Uruk'hai.

Kian has posed:
    Kían shakes his head, and then remembers they can't hear him thinking at them.  "If I do har'm to fake sen-ti-en's, I may do har'm to real sen-ti-en's.  No," he says firmly.
    Flying in a straight line, though, that he can do.  He's completely confident in his ability to evade such a large and unwieldy pursuer, so he can even raise the temptation by slowing down a little bit.
    After all, it's not his responsibility what Terry may or may not do to his pursuer….

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Nitro is beginning to get a feel for fighting at high speeds something until the other day he hadn't done before, using his skills with parkour and martial arts, Nitro is dashing back and forth, keeping that constant barrage going.  He begins going down each ladder knocking half the the Uruk'hai off the ladder before rushing back up.
    He isn't super strong but the speed behind his punches and kicks lends him that added strength, at the same time he channels lightning from the speedforce into his strikes which are causing electrical jolts to the orks as he strikes them, that combined with what metal is on them, yup that hurts.  As an explosive arrow hits an ork he slides right underneath the arrow to jump up doing a tornado kick which slams an Uruk'hai off the ladder completely.  His friend is able to slam it's shield against Nitro's side sending him flying and skidding into a wall.  "Ouch!"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    It's not pretty, what happens to the Nazgul and the Uruk'Hai.  But, then again, neither are the Uruk'hai or the Nazgul.  Vorpal is about to elicit a shout of celebration because those ladders are going to have to be replaced, buying them some time, when—
    "Hawkette, I think we've got an injury…" he says, running to Nitro.  "Dude, are you okay?"
    Fortunately, it will be a bit before the ladders are back up and the Uruk'hai start coming up.  They have to maneuver around the Nazgul pie.

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Kate calls out over the roar of battle.  "End Simulation!"
    It can't be a super bad injury, there are safeties in the system for that after all.  Though sparring bruises and thunks are probably totally within the safety specs.
    The whole system flickers and everything but the real people vanish leaving Vorpal and Nitro now over there on the floor and Kate landing with a ufff as the thing she was standing on vanishes too.  Kian is free and clear now up above.
    At this point Kate is hustling over to Vorpal and Nitro.

Kian has posed:
    Kían wheels about, his pursuer already out of his mind, and dives for the ground when he hears Kate's shout.  "Did not see… hwat has hap-pened?"  Of course holograms disappearing is normal.  They have holographic displays on his world—they don't use them for violence like this, but they have them.  "Iss hur't?"

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    A grunt is given as the simulation ends, "Ouch… that hurt," he says as he looks up from the heap he was in.  Slowly getting to his feet, his chest hurt a little bit.  When Kate gets over to him, "Sorry about that," he tells her.  "Fighting while moving that fast is a first for me," he says to her and the others.
    Stretching and wincing a little bit.  "I need to get used to moving like that," he says.  "Are we allowed to use this or do we need permission to do so?" he asks.

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Kate stops up short.  "Wait you haven't ever fought going superspeed before?"  She blinks a couple of times.  "Okay… this is my bad.  I kind of tossed you both into the deep end."  She actually does sound sorry looking up to Kian.  "Come on down… he is going to be fine.  The safety settings won't let anything really dire happen to anyone."
    Looking back to Nitro though she tucks her bow away.  "You need full membership to access the programs.  That said I am happy to work with anyone on training and helping people figure out how to protect themselves and use their powers.  Sorry I made assumptions…."
    At least it isn't a lethal situation in the danger room.