1647/Minding The Stores: The Attack

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Minding The Stores: The Attack
Date of Scene: 13 May 2020
Location: Avengers Secure Storage Facility, New Jersey
Synopsis: Juggernaut and mercenaries raid an Avengers storage facility, but are turned back by Natasha, Pietro, Thor and She-Hulk.
Cast of Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Thor, Pietro Maximoff, Jennifer Walters, Cain Marko
Tinyplot: Minding The Stores

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
A group like the Avengers tends to get their hands on some interesting things. There were a lot of dangerous items left over from the invasion of New York by Loki, with his Frost Giant and Dark Elf followers. Then any number of other battles against supervillains that might have had items that should be kept in quarantine. While some things were taken or turned over to groups like SHIELD or WAND, in other cases there were things the team felt safer keeping under their own protection.

The secret storage facility in New Jersey was a place for keeping some of these items. Located alongside a stretch of the Delaware River, the facility held a number of such items under heavy security. Above ground buildings held some of the cache, but more could be found in underground spaces, including a large open storage room with reinforced shipping containers, and then an entire series of rooms that amounted to individual bank vaults for extra secure storage.

Today an alarm went out that the facility was under attack. Another fight was taking place elsewhere in New York City, diverting some of the Avenger's strength there, and leaving only part of the team available to respond.

Upon arriving at the facility, a hole can be seen blown into the side of the building. There are signs of weapons fire, but normal and more exotic such as lines where searing laser blasts hit the building. Some of the security forces can be found, unconscious or worse, and by the time the Avengers arrive, the fight has already descended belowground into the huge open underground room with the shipping containers, with the high security vaults on the far side but still being defended.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    So they're a bit short handed. That's fine. That's workable. Short handed for the Avengers tends to be overqualified for most things, and Natasha Romanoff was used to working alone until fairly recently. Though not everyone has the balls to attack an Avengers storehouse specifically, nor the means to make the attempt last long enough to demand their attention.
    So Natasha stands near the closed back ramp of the Quinjet, one hand on a loop hanging above her for balance as she says. "We're almost on site. Remember, whatever you see in there, try not to swing blindly. We've hoarded some absurdly dangerous things."
    Hence the urgency.
    When the Quinjet hovers into place, and the back ramp opens, Natasha drops down onto the ground, her face blank as she observes the mess outside. "... Don't know if we want to risk leaving any heavy hitters on straggler duty on this one." She notes with muted concern, even if runners are always a worry.

Thor has posed:
    In the back of the Quinjet, Thor stands upon the loading deck with one hand wrapped around the ready-line strap and with Mjolnir held loose in his off hand. As the ship roars across the sky, the Thunderer turns and watches Natasha as she offers insight into the mission parameters. And, to be fair, Thor does tend to try and stick to the plan. It is just that sometimes... he gets distracted.
    "Very well then, Widow." The door opens and the go light flips to green, signaling for the departure. Thor takes a few quick steps and leaps out of the back, landing with a heavy /thud/ then gaining his feet and starting forward to the blasted opening.
    There's a low thrum-thrum-thrum as the hammer spins and lashes forward to pull him ahead at speed.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    As he is known to do, occasionally Pietro just...disappears. He had been incognito for the past couple of days, with only really Wanda having a clue as to where the normally crass individual is. So, it is a bit of a surprise when there is an answer over the comms...from a slightly annoyed voice.

    "Incoming. Will be on site shortly."

    So, yes...Pietro doesn't get to hear Natasha's thrilling pep talk in the Quinjet. However, as she drops to the ground, a streak of blue pulls up immediately alongside her, with the expected cloud of dust that always appears upon sudden arrivals. And...Pietro does hear the comment about heavy hitters. "Sorry. There was rough waters on the Atlantic."

    No comment as to where he was. But, Pietro is here now...and that's what matters.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer Walters has been summoned from the city and immediately answered the call from the Avengers. She has taken a short ride on the Quinjet thing and listens attentively to Natasha's words. She steps off of ramp afterward and eyeballs the ultra secret building, "Looks like it's not so secret anymore, huh?" she mutters apprehensively, asking nobody in particular that question.

Pietro and Thor are already zipping past as Jennifer is frowning at the building and looking down at the fallen security, "Uh there's several people hurt here," she advises and sighs, not sure what she can do for them. The wind kicks up and blows her green hair back super-dramatically, but she balls up her fists in grim determination and stalks after her teammates to face the inevitable threat.

Cain Marko has posed:
    The sub levels are ..indeed something out of a full on Kaiju-Themed Disaster zone. A gigantic hole in the facility leads down to it as if some monstrous meteor decided to plunge straight through and make its way down. Various grappling hooks and ropes show where the mercenaries followed in after but overall ..the place is a mess. Massive holes in the walls, entire collapsed sections and gigantic sink holes are the elements of the day and considering the massive footprints embedded into the reinforced floors of the facility..it's probably not going to be hard to pin point why.

"Live and learn, soldier boys!"

The deep bellowing brooklyn-brawler style bass voice of The Juggernaut resonates through the entire sub level as the behemoth strides forward through an array of laser firethe first of the vault doors. He ignores the efforts of the security officers though the mooks that were hired to accompany him do turn their attention to that effort.

"Everybody out whose gettin' out! I aint warning again!" thunders the titan before he reaches the reinforced vault. It's probably of some reinforced super metal or alloy of some sort but..does it really matter? Fingers as thick as tree branches plunge forward and sink into the metal as if it were clay. There's a horrendous wrenching sound as the entire vault entrance and walls connected begin to warp and twist as the behemoth pulls back and begins to wrench the entire contraption free with all the effort of ripping wet tissue paper.

Juggernaut's unstoppable nature is not merely momentum but an expression of his incalculable strength. If he wants somewhere, no physical force is stopping him from getting there be he pushing, pulling, lifting or punching.

Or so he claims at least.

"I TOLD ya idjits! Can't stop me with guns! Can't stop me with tanks! Can't stop me with anything! So beat it!"

The vault doors and walls wrench with accompaning earthquake, rolled and hauled upward by the giant and held overhead, casting shadow over the staring guards.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The signs of the fighting can be seen all the way down into the large open underground room. And given how the building was reinforced in part to withstand assaults by supervillains, the holes that were made are evidence of Hulk-levels of strength being employed even before the Avengers see who is responsible!

A pair of security men armed with heavy weapons from Stark Technologies try to fire on the Juggernaut as he breaches into one of the series of secure vaults, but the team of mercenaries accompanying the behemoth villain have something to say about it. One aims a futuristic looking weapon at them and a sonic blast shoots out at them, taking both men off their feet and bouncing them off the wall, leaving them unconscious on the ground.

There are six of the mercenaries visible, each armed differently. One of the men is watching their back, and calls out an alarm as he sees figures arriving through the hole in the Juggernaut has torn in this part of the facility. "We got Avengers incoming!" he warns. The other mercenaries turn to face them, bringing their guns up to fight.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha looks on the injured with what could be perceived to be coldness, her expression betraying little more than consideration as she says, "Rescue services are on the way. Right now they're in the safest place they can be. It's anyone inside that we'll have to worry about bringing out."
    The deeper they go, the deeper the cause for alarm, and Natasha firmly stops devoting mental resources to making human facial expressions, focusing all of her senses on just being ready for whatever could do this. She puts her back to a corner, peering around it and taking in the situation at a glance, and... briefly wishing she hadn't, allowing herself a brief shake of the head before she speaks.
    "Quicksilver, do something about their weapons. Thor, be unimpressed by their weapons. She-Hulk, find out if you're stronger than whoever that is. Rally with Thor if you're not. Start moving when that guy starts screaming." She says, fixing her goggles over her eyes, letting it turn into a full head encompassing hood, before she wheels around the corner and fires a metal ball from her wrist-gauntlet that impacts against the chest of one of the guards before bursting into a distracting and disorienting hail of light and sound like a miniature flashbang, likely harming and burning the core target a bit in the process.

Thor has posed:
    On the comm frequency Thor hear's Widow's words even as he rushes past broken door and shattered wall. Down the hall in a rush, blurring through the repeated great gaping holes in the walls, the cry goes out from the mercenary soldiers, the voice lifting to shout the warning even as it's echoed by another of the men only for the sudden cries to be cut off abruptly accompanied by a hissing crackle of energy as an electrical blast bursts through that last hole, sizzling and playing across the ground, the walls, into several of those mercenaries and blasting some back...
    Leaving only the silhouette of the Mighty Thor standing there, electricity playing across the mallet head of Mjolnir, over his hands, flickering from eye to eye. Then it's his turn for his voice to lift as he calls out, "It seems thou art a master of bluster as well as demolition. Villain."
    The hammer begins to whirl, humming as it picks up speed, "Smashing walls is easy, face an opponent that will strike back."

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    There might have been a rolling of the eyes as Natasha orders Pietro to 'do something about their weapons." But...with it comes a slight smile as Pietro answers in the affirmative. "On it." Then...gone in a streak.

    While running, Pietro chuckles softly, humming softly to himself as he dashes along. Oh, look, this one is trying to aim at Natasha. How cute. A hand reaches out, pulling the gun out of the hands, while he moves on to the next merc. Oh, this one has a hidden knife in a boot and a handgun in a holster. Not anymore.

    In normal time, all that is really visible is a bluish blur, while, in the highest corner, on the Avenger side of the pending battlefront, a pile of weapons starts to appear, one after another. Completely dismantled and, if one cares to look, missing the firing pins on each and every one. Not to mention the ammo.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer Walters heads downward into the broken building, descending carefully and ducking more than a few times under rock and crumbling rubble, "They're gonna have to be pretty darn strong to deal with us," she spouts off as she reaches Natasha, though as she stalks past, she notes how many there are and slows her pace. Natasha tosses a little tiny gadget thingie past her and impacts someone, sending off an ear-piercing distraction but Jennifer isn't too taken aback by it due to the warning she received from her helpful teammate. She lurches forward into a sprint, so as to not be left behind by this quick Thor guy, and scoops a huge boulder off the ground, over her onto her shoulder, without losing a sweat.

Jennifer eyes the huge Juggernaut and he seems to be unimpressed by his weighty presence, especially as she goes, "ERF! Fastball incoming!" she says as she throws the BOULDER using her running momentum and her muscley shoulder to pitch it. The concrete rock zips through the air toward Juggernaut dangerously. Jennifer dusts her hands off and eyes one of the mercenaries smirkingly after Pietro takes his gun. She thumbs in the other direction, trying to helpfully tell the guy to run away.

Cain Marko has posed:
    "Hmmm..feh..not here."

Juggernaut tosses the vault door up and then catches it with one upraised hand while he uses his other to shield his eyes as he peers into the room, looking for...something.

"All yers, boys! Have fun! Next!"

He turns, swiveling around like the movement of some monstrous tank and with heavy *TOOMS* sending seismic disturbances, probably detectable by nearby seismometers, begins walking away from the vault entrance with the earth caving in around each footstep.

Only to be interrupted, rudely he might add, by the arrival of Thor and then the intervention of the rest of Avengers. He had been warned..

"What's this! You the local good guys?" he rumbles, feigning unawareness of their identity. "Cute suit. Nice cape, blondie.

He grins and begins to ball up the vault door, rolling it into a massive scrap of compressed super alloy as his muscles swell and creak audibly.

And then - face full of boulder from the arriving SHe-Hulk.

It shatters violently into him, sending sharpnel spraying in every direction and shaking the room horribly from the shockwave of its impact. The dust billows up around the giant, clears, and shows him just standing there..unphased but fuming.

"So that's how it is eh? Cute, now my turn!"

The Juggernaut leans back, rolling the vault door along a industrial piston sized arm into a waiting palm..and then with a loud *KATHOOM* shot puts it in the direction of She-Hulk -and- Thor. Proximity and size of it and all. The fight is on!

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
A number of epithets are given as the bluish and white blur that is Pietro disarms the mercenaries. One of them is blinking and doing that open-mouthed thing that people do to try to clear their ears when they are ringing after Black Widow hit him with the flash bang. For now he's going to have trouble fighting. Another is staggered when hit by rock from the rubble boulder that shatters on Juggernaut's body, but he gets back to his feet. Bleeding from a gash on his face, and bruised, but still up.

One of the mercenaries calls out to the rest, "Back up plan boys. We don't get the goods we don't get paid, don't hold back now!" Four of the mercs respond to the presumed leader by pulling small flasks off their belts and quaffing the contents.

Those four men shudder and convulse for a few seconds, but after the shaking passes, they each grin malevolently towards the Avengers. One of them reaches out and rips the door of a super-strength steel shipping container, and launches it towards Natasha, the door whirling at just above waist height as it flies towards her.

Two others rush towards Pietro, moving far faster than humans can move. Though short of what he's capable of moving, their reaction times are on overload, enough they can at least follow the speedster's movements to react to them. They try to rush him and take him down bodily.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    With the weapons disarmed, and the men scattered by the arrival of the heavy hitters, Natasha steps into view, seinging her her elbow into the closst man's jaw, and then kicking his leg out from under him when he's off balance.
    The actual balling up of a vault door is... distracting, however. Concerning. The eight red 'eyes' of her goggles almost seem to widen, and she brings her wrist to her covered mouth, sending out the communique "... Elevating the threat level on this one; if anyone can respo-"
    Suddenly there's a shipping container door flying at her body, and Black Widow pitches forward and rolls under it, coming to a stop on one knee and firing an electrical widow's sting from her gauntlet at the offending mercenary, even as she draws her pistol from its holster with her free hand and aims for the next nearest man's kneecaps.

Thor has posed:
    The hammer still whirling in his hand, his frame limned by the light behind him, Thor causes Mjolnir to crackle as electrical energy begins to become infused throughout the weapon, arcs of lightning lash back and forth even as he steps forwards two clean strides, the last ending with the hammer snapping into his palm to be gripped with both hands.
    There's a crackling cacophony of power as it manifests around the man himself, lightning lashing up and over the legs and chest of the Thunderer, dancing down the arms, blasting into life in the head of that hammer.
    And as Thor brings it around, timed perfectly with the hurled shotput of a twisted contorted vault door, the Uru hammer /crashes/ into the great weight of metal snapping it back sharply straight a line drive down the tunnel back toward the Juggernaut now seemingly charged with a slowly increasing nimbus of electrical energy that sees primed and ready to /explode/ upon impact.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    Oh...that's something new.

    The fact that these humans are able to actually react to Pietro gets a raised eyebrow from him. "Wellthat'snotsupposedtohappen." The words are all a jumble as Pietro forgets to slow down...and really, it is the only thing keeping him from getting completely tagged. He is faster. But there is only one of him...and two of them...and the room is somewhat cramped in terms of really using that speed to his advantage. Pietro dodges one...two....and *almost* three punches...but that last one tags him and sends him reeling.

    Damn, they hit hard!

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer Walters frowns in determination as her boulder fastball just disintigrates and cascades off the Juggernaut in pieces. She then smirks as the jerk sends his own fastball at her and Thor, probably thinking that this Juggernaut guy needs to be sent back to the minors. She puts her hands up, like a catcher, and turns her head slightly as if half-expecting the impact to be massive. But then the helpful Thor steps in and whaps the huge metal ball back where it came from.

"Sheesh, this isn't ping pong," Jennifer mutters, in another helpful sports metaphor. "C'mon Thor! Let's go! He's got no shot takin us both!" she lets out, motioning Thor on with a few waves of her hand, then pauses just briefly for Thor's massive explosion and CHARGES. She rumbles toward Juggernaut! Balled-up fists! Angry face!

Cain Marko has posed:
"What is this? Golf??" quips and complains The Juggernaut as he sees Thor wind up and then send the boulder hurtling back his way.

"Nice lightshow!" he compliments while looking, perhaps surprisingly, unconcerned about the incoming meteor strike. And strike it does. The impact creates a resounding explosion that fills the area around Juggernaut up with a blossoming blue fire flower and sparks of electrical energy that races outward in jagged forks and explodes into other, previously untouched, areas of the high security area.

When the smoke begins to clear, The Juggernaut yet stands. The area around him is a scorched mess but he staggers, briefly distracted by the blinding flash and force of the Thor sent explosion and thus holds his ground to await their charge.

"Hrngh! Alright you maggots, that tears it! Now you've gone and made me mad! I'm on the clock here!"

And indeed there is another vault door nearby with the intervention of Thor and She-Hulk likely being the only thing to keep him from it.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The mercenary who threw the container door at Nat is grinning and flexing his hands after doing so, as if reveling in the power that he's feeling after drinking whatever it was he drank. It's a moment he should have spent otherwise, as the Widow's Sting hits him and the man twitches as the electricity courses through his body. As the current stops, he stands still for a moment and then slowly tips forward, going over like a felled tree and hitting the ground heavily.

The two mercenaries facing Pietro grin. "I just took out an Avenger!" one crows, lifting his hands like he were receiving the decision of boxing match in Vegas. The leader tells him, "He's not out, you'd better- ARGH!" The exclamation wasn't part of the message, but instead is the result of Natasha shooting the man in the knee. He goes down, gripping at his leg and uttering words that would not pass in polite society, most of them directed at Natasha and her heritage.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    With her first target fallen, Black Widow rushes toward the two men near Pietro. The wounded man on his knees, she grabs by the head. As if using him for balance, she leans her weight into him as she lashes one leg upward and outward at the standing man's head, then straightens up enough to pull the first man's head forward as that same leg snaps back to drive her knee into his face.
    The cacophany from Mjolnir's impact on Juggernaut is deafening and disorienting, however, and Natasha is forced to sink to one knee, covering her ears and gritting her teeth.
    Her voice strained, she says "Gah... get him out of here! Do *not* do that again!" she orders, concerned that another backlash like that could have a bad reaction with the various dangerous and potentially delicate objects in storage they're all standing near.

Thor has posed:
    At Jennifer's behest the two leap forth, rushing ahead. With her upon the ground and the Thunderer high, the great monolith that is the Juggernaut is beset by the powerhouses of the Avengers. At first giving her room, Thor instead sends the hammer flashing forward where it lashes out at the X-men's nemesis, likely striking and simply bouncing off those quick three times at most perhaps giving some small distraction.
    Then he lands before the tall crimson warrior and his arm draws back, the hammer making a sharp /WHOM!/ noise as it's readied and he calls out, "Ware She-Hulk!" Only for him to bring that arm forward and send that hammer /flying/ straight at the Juggernaut.
    Or perhaps almost straight as it veers slightly to the side, narrowly missing and flashing through the air right past the gamma-irradiated lawyer.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    Natasha giving his two charges her attention is the opening that Pietro needed to do his thing. After all, now it is two on two....and that is the edge that Pietro needed. The two enhanced mercs may have quick reflexes...but Pietro is quicker. As Natasha tangles with one, Pietro is on the other, faster than an instant. A punch, then an uppercut and the second merc finds out just how not out Pietro was.

    And then...a quick survey betrays that there is one more merc standing. With a shrug, Pietro slows down, just enough to point at the lone merc....then at both Natasha and Pietro. The statement is clear. You best be running if you want to remain standing.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer Walters looks up at the ceiling of the cavern as it shakes again and frowns, about to give out a cute quip to amuse herself but she's a bit too busy running at the Juggernaut like a freight train, "Hit em Thor!" she says as Thor flies in with the HAMMER. Oo, the HAMMER.

Jennifer wrenches back and throws a punch of her own! Right at the Juggernaut! But just as she recovers for another blow, or to perhaps deflect one, the HAMMER streaks by! The HAMMER! Ooo! Look! Thor's words inspire her Hulk reflexes and she grabs it! But it doesn't stop! "Erp!" she lets out as the HAMMER veers in the other direction like a buzzing bee, flying away from the Juggernaut down the tunnel. Ha ha! She's easily escaped his reach. Ha ha! She clings to the HAMMER with one hand and soon becomes part of the missile, "Uhh...Thoooooor...!" she lets out. Ha ha?

Cain Marko has posed:
The Thunder God's hammer flashes straight and true. It explodes into Juggernaut with the sound and fury of repeated asteroid impacts, shaking the area and bringing ruin to the immediate combat zone around the power houses.

Juggernaut just stands there.

She-Hulks fist lands with all the concussive force of a dozen high powered bombs going off. The impact such that truly on the likes of her and Thor could stand toe to toe with Juggernaut and withstand the force of the blows. The area rips apart, further into a growing sinkhole cratering from the shockwave that resonates back out again.

Juggernaut just stands there.

His grin is maniac now. The bruiser grounded in his own sense of invincibility and he hasn't even put his hands on them yet. That soon changes as he lifts a massive hand up, casting shadow over She Hulk with the promise of strength that could crush the bones of a Hulk if given the chance.

But then she's gone! He blinks in surprise. Well..Thor's a good enough replacement.




..Ah one gets the point. Juggernaut's fists come raining down with each blow likely measured in increasing magnitudes of earthquake levels with no immediate end in sight until a final blow plows the Thunderer into a crater shaped around his body.

"I'm THE JUGGERNAUT, you nerds! Aint you learned -nothing-?!"

He steps away, turning towards The Vault and She-Hulk forgotten about. "I'm on the clock here!"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Five of the six mercenaries are down. The remaining one, while currently enhanced thanks to whatever he drank, saw two of his enhanced brethren taken out by Pietro and Natasha. He shows discretion in not thinking he'll fare any better by himself.

There's an item on the ground near him. Veterans of the fight against Loki will recognize it as a Dark Elf weapon. He scoops it up and runs off, traveling at faster than human speeds, if less than Pietro speeds. And zig-zagging as if anticipating being shot at after seeing what Black Widow has done to take to his comrades down. He runs for the hole that was the entry point to the underground vault, moving fast enough he can just hit the wall and jump upwards to escape if not stopped.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Torn between the madness behind her and the subject in front of her, Natasha opens fire on the fleeing mercenary; though there's only so much even her considerable training can do against a target moving at that speed, with everything else going on.

Thor has posed:
    The blows are powerful, titanic in their sound and fury slamming hard into the Mighty Thor as he endures as he can. At first there are some trades of blows. But then one strike forces the Thunderer to /reel/ as his head snaps around only for the Juggernaut to land another blow. /KATHOOM!/ And another.
    The shockwaves are heavy, resonant, sending a crackling of spider-web fractures through the very metal of the walls and doors surrounding them as that crater expands around Thor from the force of impact. And when the small cascade of debris from the ceiling falls around him it ends with Thor on one knee as the limitless force that is the Juggernaut turns away.
    There is a splatter of blood spit upon the ground as Thor shakes his head, perhaps the first time some of his comrades has seen his blood. But he slowly rises, wiping a forearm over his dusty face now, smeared with crimson as he scowls, "Strong you are, villain. I will give you that."
    Then his hand lashes open, out and to the side behind him as he says with a severe growl in his voice, "But that is not all I shall give you."

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    Though, there is a lot that the aptly named Quicksilver can do with a target moving at that speed. Simply put, he moves faster, using his enhanced reflexes to attempt to meet the escaping blighter before he gets out. There is a lot of ground to cover...but, with some luck, Pietro manages to reach the exit point just as the merc is jumping upwards. A hand reaches out for the sword....if Pietro can't stop the guy from escaping, he will at least be able to recover the nearly stolen item.

    At least, that is the plan. There is no attempt at trying to go after the big red behemoth. Pietro has seen that fight. He knows he has nothing for it.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer grows wide-eyed as she thinks she can see Juggernaut punching and pummelling Thor, watching them over her shoulder. Oh no! She should be there helping! Trading blows with that jerk! She's so far away, clinging to a darn HAMMER. Hmmf.

Jennifer holds onto the HAMMER tightly and is surprised by it's sheer will to do whatever the heck it wants to do, "Come on, left turn, stupid! Hey! Alright! There you go!" she says as the HAMMER turns around and streaks back toward the Juggernaut and Thor.

Jennifer reaches out carefully and grabs onto the HAMMER with both hands now, as it picks up speed. Faster and faster. It's really going! Yikes! Emerging from the dark, the GREEN HAMMER soars toward its intended target and Jennifer grits her teeth, now an able-bodied fastball of her own! She has wind-streaked hair. With all her strength, Jennifer swings her legs from behind the HAMMER back to the Juggernaut as the missile seeks to impact this guy with a lotta force! It's a lot! Ouch! Bang! Boom!

Cain Marko has posed:

That's about all Juggernaut has time to get out.

This is followed by a "WHAT THE-" as he sees the incoming attack an instant before it arrives.

Few are the forces capable of taking him off his feet. This particular combo succeeds and Juggernaut, a being so strong his backhanded swats have sent foes of strength hurtling across city skylines, is up ended and sent hurtling away as uncontrolled flailing meteor.

"Graarrrgghh!" is his unintelligible roar, somehow audible over the devestating sound of the impact of the hammer and the blast of lightning and She-Hulk's own physical strength. An instant later and he's full across the room and then into a wall, through a few already weakened support pillars and then drowned out as that entire section of the sub-basement caves in and brings down the upper floors in a thunderous plume of debris that violently shakes the ground long after Juggernaut has vanished from sight. It creates one massive mess to be sure. One so great that there is no sign of Juggernaut attempting to burst free and into the open. At least yet.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The fleeing mercenary hits the wall and then suddenly has the weapon wrested from his hand by Pietro. It sends him flailing and flipping, the sudden tug, bouncing him upwards off the wall, but he manages to grab hold of the hole at the top and with his temporarily-enhanced strength, pull himself up.

He speeds away, instinctively ducking at the sound of a massive impact from down in the storage area, when Juggernaut is knocked through the wall and the area around him starts to collapse. The merc pulls a satellite phone from his pocket and says into it, "Avengers arrived. Think the mission is a bust," as he runs away from the fight and the facility.

Cain Marko has posed:
The collapse continues. That entire half of the facility, already compromised by Juggernaut's previous actions and then the titanic confrontation between himself, Thor and She-Hulk, dipping inward violently. It'll be..uh...awhile before this place is back on its two feet again.

But eventually the quakes do stop although it might require some coordination to attempt to dig for Juggernaut ..if they even -want- to. Time passes though and it seems that he's either unconscious, dead..or simply gone.

Any attempts to dig for him would reveal that the final option is the correct choice. A huge tunnel has been carved. A massive Juggernaut shaped depression that goes down deep into the depths of the collapsed rubble and then into the ground itself. The behemoth having literally dug himself down and into the earth deep beneath the facility and then further away, making his escape. You can follow if you -want- to but ..do you -really- want to?

For now..he seems to be gone.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer Walters is on the ground for a moment when she lifts her head and frowns, maybe wondering what happened, "That...was a ...fastball," she mutters, then looks at her hand and rubs her neck. She looks up at the ceiling of the cavern as some rocks start to come down and she picks up the pace to avoid them. She tries to be quick about it but the whole place is coming down sooner than she thinks. She looks around for anyone else but can't see, can't find them, and makes her escape just before she's buried.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The rumbles gradually stop and the Avengers stand victorious on the field of battle. The facility has been heavily compromised and large sections of it reduced to rubble, yet the heroes have managed to keep anything from being taken from the facility as far as they can tell. A later inventory after items have been dug up, confirms nothing has been taken.

Yet questions remain by the score. What was the Juggernaut after? The mercenaries spoke of specific targets they'd need to get paid. What were they after? Who is the person that Pietro and Natasha heard the fleeing mercenary contact if it was not the Juggernaut behind it? Why was Pietro on the other side of the Atlantic? And what does Thor think of the surprise return of Stefano DiMera to Days Of Our Lives?

Questions that need answers.